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"Final Fantasy Seriers never got any part 2."

Final Fantasy X-2 which I mistakenly taken as the 12th installment, it's rather a sequel of the Final Fantasy X game. The game is relatively based on Final Fantasy X lady characters which might brought themselves to the hype much like the last sequel did to its fans. True, the FFX is great but will the part 2 will be good enough? or does it only take advantage unto how people think about FFX? Let's go on to find out.

Basically, after sin's vanquished 2 years ago in FFX that's when the game comes into play. This time Yuna'll be the lead, accidentally viewing a sphere that contains what it looks to be Tidus. Intrigued with what she found out, Yuna then set off to her own journey to uncover this mystery, on her way she'll meet familiar faces and most importantly go into missions to hunt for the spheres along side trust worthy companions Rikku and a new character Paine.

Anyway gameplay time! The game brings back a very familiar type of battle system which is the ATB or Active Battle System. This active battle system now requires the gamer quick and precise judgement or they'll keep on taking damage from the enemy. Though you may think of titles such as FFV7/8 or perhaps Chrono Trigger it actually is a bit different than that but overall the very same battle pace. The game also features a job system from possibly the whole Final Fantasy Series, though most would look like from the FF Tactics game, this time they call it as ''Dress Spheres''. The class system is pretty much how your character could do in a battle since most useful atttacks are from such spheres. You'll simply have to open this class before being able to use it. Anyway such spheres are either found during the lenght of the story or hidden along the way. To make things rather simplier, if you haven't spent as much time figuring out this part of the game system then you'll have a hard time dealing with it. You ought to be used to it early on and to understand it though it won't be hard simply time consuming but anyway you'll learn and get familiar with it later on. Also, classes affects your stats as to equip a very physical class making you to increase your strenght faster. There are 15+ total jobs in the game so you could knock yourself out with the it. Abilities are learned much like having a GF learn a skill. Though the AP system is rather new. You gotta keep using a certain job to max out every skill from it. Okay now if your asking about what replaces the limit breaks/trance mode/overdrive there's this Special Dress Up feature that is a bit of a transformation. Think of Breath of Fire 3, when Ryu turns into a bigger dragon he'll be the only one fighting and so as how the system works. About the Grid System you gain pretty much the usual experience and level up rather than the FFX's style of leveling up.

Okay, about the story. The story of the game is rather uh average or above average though I must say that it'll pretty much depend on you to how you rate stories. If you're thinking of Square's very addictive/fun/I-wanna-replay it again type of formula then I don't think you'll see it in the game. The storyline is rather not that great as the last FF Series or maybe I'm just tired of the FFX story and the part 2 goes the way I don't expect. Anyway, the story is somewhat a bit fresh and still have a some drops of the ol' Squaresoft ways. Character development is rather as great as always. Story ain't that dragging or boring but maybe if you've played through it over like 3 or so straight hours then it'll probably take its toll(well for me that is). Storywise, people have a very different way into giving scores to it as they may see things that others don't so I usually don't add this to the average. BTW, watch out for the cool poses and some funny antics in the game.

GRAPHIXZ... Hm... If In my opinion It looks very much the same as that of FFX but I must say the FMVs are rather better. Smooth and beautiful two words to fairly describe the game's graphics. Expressions of character are well defined so as their movement though at time it would look rather overacting. Anyway the interface suits the theme well and the texture are rather better. Menu are a bit easier. The characters are great featuring a modern/futuristic/somewhat old world so I'm not sure how to rate their dress ups. Battles are great probably just the trademark of Square to make it very amusing at this parts

Now the Audio. Perhaps the game's BGM are better than FFX though I'm not sure if otehrs would agree, just my opinion. The song are very pleasing and suits the theme itself. Really, they've done a great job here. Perhaps the only thing that would make me look for a soundtrack other than NBA Live 2003's hip/hop tracks. Anyway, different moods are suit very well though it'll perhaps give you the classic Final Fantasy themer here. Anyway about the voice acting, well what about it? It's pretty much developed and clear. As good as that of Xenosaga I believe. If you try listening a bit harder try noticing some of the familiar faces' voice as some would have a new tone as for the characters.

I've had almost all of the FF series(I even had the compiled one for a PC version). And perhaps it wouldn't be complete with out FFX-2. You gotta have this game as for collection and gaming purposes as well. Anyway you would't look for any other game rather than that of Square as their logo alone would earn your respect. Buy it or not... it's up to you - nuff' said.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/17/03, Updated 04/17/03

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