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"'s something new for the series"

Almost anyone can relate to Square. There two biggest series: Chrono Cross/Trigger and Final Fantasy are viewed as one of the biggest series of it's time. The one thing they are not know for, though, is sequels. The only sequel they have made is for Chrono Trigger. No Final Fantasy game has ever had a sequel. Two years ago, Square announced Final Fantasy X-2, the follow-up for FFX. Many people have shunned the idea of a sequel, especialy one like this.

For the most part, the combat in X-2 is vastly different from FFX, only having the enemies and backround that is similar. The combat is now active time, similar to nearly all FF games before it. The main change, though, is the class system.

The class system is the main replacement for the layout of the game. Instead of one character being good in a certain area, all three are equal in status in both HP and MP, but the biggest difference is what class they are in. For example, all three girls can be a warrior type, and pretty much be the same in attack and HP and MP, but a team of a Warrior, Theif, and Black Mage will have different Results.

Another main difference in the game play is the fact that there is only 3 playable characters. Nearly all other FF games had at least 4 characters, but due to the class system, there is only 3: Yuna, Paine, and Rikku.

In terms of gameplay, everything is now mission based. Although you can still freely walk the overword of Spira on your own free will and battle all you want, the main story is with the missions. The question is, what is the story? Well, the game takes place 2 years after the fall of Sin and the old order of Yevon. *Major spoilers from FFX* Tidus and Auron are gone, and Yuna and Rikku have joined a group of sphere hunters. After finding a sphere
with, what appears to be Tidus, Yuna goes in search of more spheres to see if he is realy gone or not. Along the way, many things have happened. The once shunned Machina (Electronics in FFX and X-2) are now a major way of life, and the order of Yevon has been destroyed besides the ones who are still loyal to the order. The story pretty much goes from there.

Somewhat of a rare site in the gaming world. Most sequels that take place in the same area are usualy completely re-did, but not with FFX. Everything is pretty much the
same, besides the addition of some new areas and enemies. The thing about it, is the actual backround is completly taken from FFX and slapped on FFX-2 as the layout. But
anyways, the graphics are beautiful, and well worth the time from FFX.

~Music and Voice Acting~
Unfortunatly, the worst part of the game is the horrible ''New-Age'' type music they put in the game. Although some may like the remix, the game itself would have been MUCH better with the old music. Another bad point is the boss and fanfare themes are rather poor.
This is pretty much a lesson in itself: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The voice acting, though, is pretty much the same. The voice actors that were used in FFX are also used in FFX-2, although some of them sound quite different in the time frame between FFX and X-2 release.

The control in itself is very different from FFX. In FFX-2, one of the key parts of gameplay now is the ability to climb ledges and jump over areas. Although you never
realy can fall to your death or anything, it can slow you down in a few of the timed missions.

The game itself would have been better with the old music, but thats beside the point. The game itself is wonderful, and does warrnet a buy. The only thing I recomend before playing this game is to buy or complete FFX, since the game is loaded with spoilers from the previous game.


~Graphics~-Just as good as FFX. 10/10
~Music~-Absolutely horrible for a RPG. 3/10
~Voice Acting~-Top notch and perfect in many ways. 10/10
~Story~-Somewhat of a Charlies Angels feel mixed with everything from FFX. 8/10
~Control~-Can be somewhat better. 9/10
~Length~-Pretty long. Can span quite a few weeks. 10/10
~FINAL~-8.9 OUT OF 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/03

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