Blaze/ Jenette?

  1. So, I had a question. In the cutscene where Blaze, Pops, Grim, and Nagase are considered traitors to Osea due to Captian Hamilton convincing the Base Commander that Pops went AWOL, when Pops, Jenette and Blze go to the base commanders' office, there is a redhead guy in a flight suit, and a black-haired guy in regular clothes with a goetee. Is that Jenette or Blaze? I think the red head is Blaze, but I just want to make sure. And if your character in the game is a guy and they show him in a few cutscenes, why doesn't he talk in missions? You know what I mean?

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    TheMercMaster - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Except for the answers to the YES/NO questions, Blaze is never seen or heard from anywhere in the entire game. Namco went to a great deal of effort to make sure of that. Never showing the player character is part of Namco's Ace Combat formula.

    In the sequence you refer to, you are told (but not shown) that Blaze and Nagase went to talk to Hamilton. Pops and Genette went to talk to the Base Commander, and Grimm joined them after they got there. The person in the flight suit is Grimm.

    The official web site still has brief biographical entries for most of the named characters in the game. These entries are in the World / Osean Fed. section, and they include "photographs" that may help you to correctly identify the characters in the cut scenes.

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