Where can I find the Falken hangars?

  1. I tried to find them in 12B, 16A,16B, or 27. i really need that falken!

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    Thanks a lot! ive been waiting for an answer all morning.

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Accepted Answer

  1. The answer to this question is essentially the same as the answer to the question "How do i get the falken?"

    The Falken hangars are in missions 12A, 12B, 16A, 16B, and 27. The Falken is unlocked by destroying the Falken hangar in each of those missions missions, and then successfully completing those missions. This can be done on any difficulty level and using any combination of Campaign and Free Mission.

    You have to get close to most of the Falken hangars before they will show up on your radar, but this is typically only an issue on Mission 12A. The Falken hangars are labeled "Hangar" on the HUD and have a reddish-orange band on their outer walls. Shortly after they are destroyed there will be some radio chatter about "mechanical parts", and if it is the first time a particular hangar has been destroyed there will be an additional message in the debriefing that says "Acquired part of enemy prototype aircraft."

    On Mission 12A the Falken hangar is well to the east of the main group of targets. Follow the river that extends to the east. The hangar will eventually show up on radar along with an enemy aircraft. Note that there is also a hidden SAM next to it.

    On Mission 12B you have to clear the radar network before you can reach the munitions factory. The Falken hangar is at the northeast corner of the munitions factory area, but it does not show up on radar with the first group of targets. You have to destroy several other TGT targets before the hangar shows up on your radar or HUD, but it turns out that you can also just destroy the Falken hangar immediately. In this case you will probably have to use machine gun fire or special weapons, but it will still work. Note that after the mission script detects that the transport planes have been destroyed SAMs and AA guns will be activated and show up on your radar. One of the activated SAMs is next to the Falken hangar.

    On Mission 16A the Falken hangar is northeast of the enemy airfield and will show up on radar as soon as you get close enough to it.

    On Mission 16B the Falken hangar is north-northwest of the enemy oil field and will show up on radar as soon as you get close enough to it.

    On Mission 27 the Falken hangar is among all of the other initial ground targets, toward the eastern side of the group. Finding and destroying this hangar should not be difficult, but be wary of enemy fire in the area.

    Once you get all of the Falken hangars destroyed, you will also get the "New aircraft is available" message in the debriefing, and the Falken will be available for purchase.

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