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    Hidden Aircraft FAQ by ShibuyaYakuza

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    Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
    Hidden Aircraft FAQ
    Version 1.0 final
    Copyright 2004 ShibuyaYakuza
    Email: harajukuyakuza@yahoo.com
    Latest Update: November 24, 2004
    Copyright Notice:
    This document is a copyrighted piece of material. You may print it out for
    your own use, but you cannot republish this guide in any context in any 
    media without the author's written consent. Violation of the law will 
    result in severe legal actions.  Thanks.
    Version History
    1.0 final (Nov 24, 2004)
    General user requested corrections.
    Aircraft Family Evolution added.
    Falken coordinates added.
    X-02 requirements clarified.
    Branch planes revised.
    Medals requirements added.
    0.4 (Nov 9, 2004)
    X-02 additional requirement added.
    F22A unlock procedure confirmed.
    FALKEN explanation revised.
    Named Planes details revised.
    Plane list nicknames revised.
    General minor revisions.
    0.3 (Nov 8, 2004)
    FAQ major text formatting problem fixed.
    Branch-specific plane details added.
    Named planes intro description revised.
    0.2 (Nov 7, 2004)
    FALKEN parts details revised.
    F22A details revised.
    X-02 details revised.
    Named Planes descriptions revised.
    Plane list reference data added.
    0.1 (October 27, 2004)
    First version.
    Some of the hidden aircrafts can only be accessible after clearing the game.
    Information is based on my experience in addition to Japanese AC5 online 
    resources and players on GameFAQs. This FAQ pertains primarily to the JP 
    version of Ace Combat 5. Content presented here contains information from
    players, none of it is official from Namco, so please only use this FAQ as 
    a basic guideline because it may contain inaccurate information.
    Thanks so much for everyone's feedback, much of this update reflects
    changes requested by users and overall clarification of confusing parts.
    This version should more or less cover everything it is meant to cover,
    unless there are substantial errors or new discoveries, this is the final
    version of this FAQ and no further update is planned except for the Branch
    Mission planes. If you have verified information regarding which mission(s) 
    unlock the F22A and YF23, please indicate it in the title of the email. 
    Ever since this FAQ went up, my email account has been bombarded with endless 
    spam and viruses, so please be patient if you have a legitimate question or 
    suggestion, I will try my best to get back to you eventually once I sort 
    through all the junk.  Unfortunately, I can only support this FAQ until the 
    end of this year (2004), at which point my email account will probably have 
    become totally unusable due to spam.   
    A lot of players have emailed me about this, so I decided to put this in
    the FAQ for easy reference.
    Most of the basic planes can be "evolved" into advanced models.  In order
    to do this, you need to fill up the "kill bar" under the basic plane. Not
    all planes can be evolved, the ones that can will have an empty bar when
    you first buy it and the more you kill, the more the bar fills up. The 
    planes that cannot be evolved will already have a full bar when you buy
    it. You can also verify this in the shop, the planes that can be evolved 
    will have empty boxes labeled with their evolved models. 
    Basically, to evolve a plane, simply use that plane to destroy as many 
    enemies as you can until the bar is full, this is obviously easiest to do 
    in Free Mission mode on missions that have a lot of easy kills.  Once the 
    bar is full and you finish the mission, the game will tell you that new 
    models have been unlocked and they can be purchased from the shop.  
    You need to have a campaign open with the shop available in order to 
    buy the plane(s).  
    Please see LIST OF PLANE DATA below for model listing.
    In order to assemble the FALKEN, you need to collect 5 parts of the plane.  
    Any difficulty level is OK.  The coordinates given are based on a 8 X 8 
    grid of the game map. X and Y coordinates start from the top left corner
    grid as homepoint going right and down. For example, top left grid would 
    be (X1,Y1). Third box from the left, fourth box from the top would be 
    (X3, Y4), and so on.
    The parts are located at:
    Mission 12A
    Fly towards the Northeast from the starting point along the river, when you 
    are near the hangar it will appear on radar.  Where the river branches 3 
    ways, the hangar is located on the south bank of the Eastern branch.
    Coordinate: (X6, Y5) bottom right corner of grid.
    Mission 12B
    Among the ground facilities after you destroyed all the radars. The hangar
    is not easily identifiable, bomb all the ground targets.
    Coordinate: (X2, Y5) top middle area of grid.
    Mission 16A
    Destroy the hangar in the middle Northwest part of the map near the command 
    center and airport.
    Coordinate: (X3, Y2) near bottom left area of grid.
    Mission 16B
    Destroy the warehouse in the Northwest near the top branch of the river.
    Coordinate: (X3, Y4) left side of grid.
    Mission 27
    In the area where the enemy facilities are concentrated.  Located at a 
    left-turning bend.  You should have more than enough time to clear all the 
    ground targets before the tunnel opens even during the first time through 
    the game, its easiest to just destroy all the ground objects you can target 
    before engaging the planes.  If you have not cleared the game, it is 
    recommended that you get the part your first time through because after
    you acquire the part, you still need to fly through a very annoying tunnel 
    to complete the mission, with high potential to mess up towards the end -
    this is not one of the missions you want to do over and over again.
    Coordinate: (X4, Y6) near middle of grid.
    Clearing Expert Mode with the FALKEN will unlock its SP color.
    An easy strategy to get the parts: 
    FALKEN parts can be acquired in any difficulty level, so enter the mission
    in VERY EASY mode to give yourself 99 missiles and full special attack
    capabilities. Follow the FAQ's directions to the approximate designated area, 
    destroy ALL ground targets and you will be sure to get the part.  If time 
    allows, destroy all ground targets on the entire map, it shouldn't pose much 
    of a problem in Very Easy, except clearing the tunnel in M27.
    Becomes available once you bought all aircraft types except for the Falken. 
    Whether you have the Falken in stock or not will not affect your unlocking 
    the X-02.
    Note: You will need to clear the game once, then go through the coin-flip 
    branch missions in Free Mode you didn't do the first time to acquire the 
    missing stock planes. Once you have all the planes in your inventory, play 
    through one mission in Normal or above (any mission in Free Mode OK) to 
    unlock it in the shop. Rank S is not necessary.  
    With the X-02 in possession, playing through a Hard campaign will unlock
    its 2nd color, playing through Expert will unlock its 3rd.
    Apart from automatically appearing as the story progresses, there is another 
    way to get the F22A earlier on in the game.
    - Start Arcade Mode, clear 1 stage, save your data, quit Arcade Mode, go into 
    Campaign mode and the F22A will become available in the shop. 
    Clearing Arcade Mode will unlock the F22A's SP color.
    The first time you play through the game, you will not be able to get the
    full list of aircraft available in the game because some of the missions
    have branches and you can only do one or the other (heads and tails missions).
    Except for the Falken and the X-02, most of the the other planes are 
    automatically unlocked through story progression.  Here are the planes that 
    each branch mission makes available to you.  After you have cleared the game
    once, you can just get all of them in Free Mission mode.
    12A F-15C
    12B SU-27
    16A Typhoon
    16B Rafale M
    ??? F22A
    ??? YF23
    M3, protect the fleet, must not lose a single ship.
    M9, successsfully protect ground troops.
    Destroy 5 planes using machine gun only.
    Destroy 15 planes using machine gun only.
    Destroy 50 planes using machine gun only.
    Clear M16A or M16B.
    Shoot down all named aircrafts.
    See list below for locations.
    Destroy 200 planes.
    Destroy 500 planes.
    Destroy 1000 planes.
    Provide cover and save wing plane more than 10 times.
    Get Perfect on all landing and refueling missions.
    Can do in Free Mode.
    Normal Mode all Rank S.
    Hard Mode all Rank S.
    Expert mode all Rank S.
    Must have cleared campaign mode and play in NORMAL difficulty or above.
    Accessible in Free Mission. Shoot down all Named Aircraft to unlock 
    additional colors and to acquire the "Grand Falcon" medal.
    Mission Number
    Aircraft Model
    Name of Aircraft
    Shoot down 12 planes and it will appear with a MIG-21 in the 3rd wave of 
    planes towards the back of the squadron.
    Shoot down the MIR-2000 and the 4 F-4E's in the 2nd stage (at sea).
    Appears behind you in the Northeast area before the fleet escapes.
    Destroy the first 2 F-4E and the B1-B, it will appear behind you.
    Shoot down the 2 F-16C at the left in front of you.
    Shoot down the2 F-20A that appears after. 
    The Zaharada will appear in front of you.
    Destroy any 6 TGT's, after communication with 8492 squadron, DUNE will
    appear in the Southeast area of the map. 
    Appears in the Northwest after you find Nagase and shoot down the E-767.
    Within the enemy squadron after Mission Update.
    After the long-range missile squadron and battleships appear, go to the 
    Western middle part of the map.  Destroy the oil facilities and the airport.
    Within the enemy squadron south of the stadium after Chopper dies.
    Will fly in from North of the Fortress. Note: if you destroy the ground 
    enemies too quickly, it may not appear.
    Shoot down 2 E-767 and around 11 other enemy planes.  It will appear in the 
    Southeast area of the map.
    Destroy 20+ enemies, when there are only about 5 or so left, Swordkill will 
    appear around where you started the mission.
    After mission update when the enemy air fleet appears, Distant Thunder will 
    appear at where you started the mission.
    After shooting down 2 SU-27, 2 SU-32, and 2 TYPHOON, it will appear around 
    the middle of the mission in the West.
    Within the 2nd wave of enemy planes flying towards you in the tunnel.  
    After SOLG appears, destroy the 2 Belkan squadrons, then go towards where you 
    started the mission in the Eastern middle area of the map.
    The list is organized into plane model families and their evolution ladders 
    in the game.
    F-5E Tiger II
    SPD 62 MOB 32 STB 60 DEF 43 AIR 22 GRD 47 MSL 52 UGB 12
    - F-20A Tigershark
    SPD 73 MOB 43 STB 60 DEF 46 AIR 60 GRD 25 MSL 60 SAAM 10
    - X-29A
    SPD 73 MOB 71 STB 47 DEF 49 AIR 76 GRD 40 MSL 60 QAAM 10
    MiG-21bis Fishbed
    SPD 73 MOB 35 STB 29 DEF 42 AIR 22 GRD 47 MSL 56 RCL 08
    - MIG-21-93
    SPD 73 MOB 74 STB 59 DEF 63 AIR 82 GRD 46 MSL 72 QAAM 12
    F-4E Phantom II
    SPD 63 MOB 32 STB 46 DEF 56 AIR 25 GRD 50 MSL 62 NPB 10
    - F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel
    SPD 63 MOB 25 STB 55 DEF 68 AIR 17 GRD 63 MSL 64 LAGM 10
    - F-4X
    SPD 83 MOB 54 STB 61 DEF 60 AIR 73 GRD 37 MSL 70 XMAA 10
    A-6E Intruder
    SPD 44 MOB 25 STB 51 DEF 68 AIR 15 GRD 61 MSL 60 UGBL 10
    - EA-6B Prowler
    SPD 49 MOB 54 STB 60 DEF 60 AIR 50 GRD 55 MSL 66 ECMP 05
    F-16C Fighting Falcon
    SPD 73 MOB 44 STB 46 DEF 46 AIR 30 GRD 55 MSL 60 UGB 14
    - F-16C Block60 Fighting Falcon
    SPD 73 MOB 65 STB 60 DEF 49 AIR 76 GRD 40 MSL 68 XMAA 12
    - F-16XL
    SPD 66 MOB 52 STB 64 DEF 61 AIR 34 GRD 80 MSL 68 XAGM 14
    - F-2A Viper-Zero
    SPD 63 MOB 55 STB 70 DEF 62 AIR 40 GRD 85 MSL 72 LASM 12
    F/A-18C Hornet
    SPD 68 MOB 44 STB 53 DEF 57 AIR 27 GRD 62 MSL 64 LASM 10
    - F/A-18E Super Hornet
    SPD 78 MOB 58 STB 63 DEF 61 AIR 68 GRD 43 MSL 68 XMAA 12
    - EA-18G Growler
    SPD 78 MOB 75 STB 74 DEF 52 AIR 65 GRD 69 MSL 74 ECMP 06
    SPD 86 MOB 44 STB 31 DEF 46 AIR 59 GRD 23 MSL 60 SAAM 08
    - Mirage-2000D
    SPD 86 MOB 54 STB 38 DEF 59 AIR 36 GRD 60 MSL 64 UGBL 14
    MiG-29A Fulcrum
    SPD 73 MOB 45 STB 39 DEF 49 AIR 30 GRD 55 MSL 60 UGB 14
    A-10A Thunderbolt II
    SPD 39 MOB 34 STB 65 DEF 94 AIR 17 GRD 74 MSL 64 XAGM 14
    - YA-10B Thunderbolt II (2-seat prototype)
    SPD 39 MOB 59 STB 83 DEF 99 AIR 37 GRD 93 MSL 71 FAEB 14
    F-14A Tomcat
    SPD 68 MOB 46 STB 56 DEF 59 AIR 72 GRD 26 MSL 68 SAAM 10
    - F-14B Bombcat
    SPD 78 MOB 54 STB 61 DEF 60 AIR 47 GRD 61 MSL 70 GPB 12
    - F-14D Super Tomcat
    SPD 87 MOB 58 STB 64 DEF 61 AIR 81 GRD 35 MSL 72 XLAA 14
    SPD 63 MOB 40 STB 63 DEF 90 AIR 27 GRD 73 MSL 68 BDSP 10
    - Tornade-GR.4
    SPD 63 MOB 51 STB 71 DEF 92 AIR 37 GRD 82 MSL 72 SOD 12
    - Tornado-F3
    SPD 73 MOB 59 STB 60 DEF 91 AIR 74 GRD 37 MSL 68 XMAA 10
    - Tornado-ECR (Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance)
    SPD 68 MOB 67 STB 69 DEF 80 AIR 59 GRD 63 MSL 70 ECMP 05
    MiG-31 Foxhound
    SPD 97 MOB 53 STB 49 DEF 85 AIR 77 GRD 30 MSL 70 SAAM 14
    - MiG-31M Foxhound-B
    SPD 97 MOB 63 STB 56 DEF 87 AIR 84 GRD 37 MSL 74 XLAA 14
    F-15C Eagle
    SPD 83 MOB 54 STB 61 DEF 60 AIR 73 GRD 37 MSL 70 SAAM 10
    - F-15E Strike Eagle
    SPD 73 MOB 55 STB 77 DEF 75 AIR 42 GRD 87 MSL 76 SFFS 14
    - F-15S/MTD (Short take off and landing/Manoeuvre Technology Demonstrator)
    SPD 83 MOB 89 STB 81 DEF 66 AIR 94 GRD 58 MSL 80 XMAA 14
    Su-27 Flanker
    SPD 73 MOB 57 STB 55 DEF 61 AIR 74 GRD 38 MSL 72 SAAM 10
    - Su-32 Strike Flanker
    SPD 63 MOB 67 STB 79 DEF 78 AIR 51 GRD 96 MSL 80 XAGM 16
    - Su-35 Super Flanker
    SPD 83 MOB 85 STB 73 DEF 66 AIR 93 GRD 56 MSL 80 XLAA 14
    - Su-37 Terminator/Triplane
    SPD 83 MOB 93 STB 76 DEF 66 AIR 96 GRD 59 MSL 82 QAAM 14
    F-117A Nighthawk
    SPD 39 MOB 38 STB 81 DEF 75 AIR 39 GRD 91 MSL 54 GPB 16
    JAS-39C Gripen
    SPD 78 MOB 68 STB 61 DEF 60 AIR 40 GRD 75 MSL 68 RCL 12
    SPD 86 MOB 85 STB 69 DEF 65 AIR 91 GRD 54 MSL 78 XLAA 14
    Rafale M
    SPD 71 MOB 79 STB 68 DEF 63 AIR 50 GRD 84 MSL 74 LASM 14
    - Rafale B
    SPD 71 MOB 81 STB 70 DEF 65 AIR 51 GRD 86 MSL 76 SOD 14
    F-35C JSF (Joint Strike Fighter)
    SPD 68 MOB 87 STB 79 DEF 66 AIR 57 GRD 91 MSL 76 LASM 14
    YF-23A Black Widow II
    SPD 83 MOB 83 STB 80 DEF 66 AIR 94 GRD 58 MSL 80 QAAM 12
    F/A-22A Raptor
    SPD 83 MOB 88 STB 82 DEF 66 AIR 96 GRD 59 MSL 82 XMAA 16
    - FB-22 CONCEPT
    SPD 73 MOB 73 STB 89 DEF 78 AIR 54 GRD 99 MSL 82 SOD 18
    Su-47 Berkut
    SPD 83 MOB 91 STB 75 DEF 66 AIR 96 GRD 59 MSL 82 SAAM 14
    - S-32
    SPD 73 MOB 98 STB 64 DEF 67 AIR 97 GRD 60 MSL 82 QAAM 14
    MiG-1.44 MFI (Mnogofunktsionalny Frontovoi Istrebitel)
    SPD 76 MOB 96 STB 70 DEF 61 AIR 64 GRD 88 MSL 80 UGBL 18
    SPD 73 MOB 41 STB 34 DEF 42 AIR 51 GRD 16 MSL 56 QAAM 06
    X-02 Wyvern
    SPD 78 MOB 99 STB 90 DEF 67 AIR 94 GRD 67 MSL 84 XLAA 14
    SPD 83 MOB 99 STB 82 DEF 67 AIR 99 GRD 93 MSL 84 TLS 14
    NAMCO, Shibuyayakuza, Berion, HN ikki, 2ch, Mitoro, 
    GameFAQs, Don "Gamera" Chan
    Ace Combat 5 Hidden Aircraft FAQ v.1.0 final
    Copyright©2004 ShibuyaYakuza

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