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    Song Lyrics by The_Patriot007

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    Song Lyrics FAQ Guide  
    ***This FAQ is NOT INTENDED to be a full walkthrough of ACE COMBAT 5.
       This is simply for those who love the music in this game.
    No one except the honorable people at GameFAQS or GameSpot shall post this 
    guide.  Anyone that posts this guide without my permission will result in the
    offender being in some serious doo-doo!  All of the sites and trademarks I use
    in this guide are copyrighted by their respective owners.  Credit will be 
    given when I do use a particular site.
        1.  Version History
        2.  My Introduction
        3.  "Blurry" by PUDDLE OF MUDD
        4.  "Journey Home" by MARY ELIZABETH MCGLYNN
        5.  THE PATRIOT'S Final Thoughts
        6.  Credits
    1.  Version History
        March 3, 2005:  We're off and rolling with this guide.  "Blurry" Lyrics
                        will be present at this time.  If anyone could send me the
                        lyrics and artist info for "Journey Home", please e-mail
                        me at:  maverick53100@sbcglobal.net.  Anyone that helps me
                        out will be given full credit for their assistance.
        March 4, 2005:  The first version of this FAQ got rejected as an 
                        "incomplete".  Oh well.
        March 5, 2005:  FINALLY!  This FAQ is finished!  The "JOURNEY HOME" Song
                        Lyrics will be on here!  So don't worry about sending me
                        the "Journey Home" info.   
    2.  My Introduction
        This FAQ is all about the lyrics of the two theme songs in the popular
        PS2 hit ACE COMBAT 5:  THE UNSUNG WAR titled "Blurry" and "Journey Home".  
        I am THE PATRIOT, but for "logical" purposes, please call me JJ.  Besides
        contributing to GameFAQS (I have a life, ya?), I'm taking 14 hours
        this Spring Semester at Navarro College, which is 60 miles southeast of
        Dallas, TX.  I will transfer to Texas A&M-Corpus Christi with a plan to
        major in HISTORY.  This is my first FAQ in my life, so please don't give 
        me any grief, OK?
        My major pet peeves are COMPUTER VIRUSES and TROJAN HORSES, so please 
        don't send me any of those!  Also, I don't like a lot of PROFANITY in my
        e-mails either, so please go easy on the language.  Anything sent to me
        in any language other than ENGLISH will be summarily ignored.  My e-mail 
        for those wishing to help me out is:  maverick53100@sbcglobal.net.  Please
        write "ACE COMBAT 5: JOURNEY HOME" as the SUBJECT.  
        Please respect my wishes as stated in the paragraph above.  Without any
        delay, let's get on with the show!
    3.  "BLURRY"--PUDDLE OF MUDD (From the album "Come Clean", 2001)
        *Credit goes out to the cool Web Site AZ-LYRICS (www.azlyrics.com)
         as well as to those people who helped contribute these lyrics to
         AZ-LYRICS in the first place!  Thank you!
    Everything's so blurry
    and everyone's so fake
    and everybody's empty
    and everything is so messed up
    pre-occupied without you
    I cannot live at all
    My whole world surrounds you 
    I stumble then I crawl
    You could be my someone
    you could be my scene
    you know that i'll protect you
    from all of the obscene
    I wonder what you're doing
    imagine where you are
    there's oceans in between us
    but that's not very far
    Can you take it all away
    can you take it all away
    well ya shoved it in my face
    this pain you gave to me
    Can you take it all away
    can you take it all away
    well ya shoved it my face
    Everyone is changing
    there's noone left that's real
    to make up your own ending
    and let me know just how you feel
    cause I am lost without you
    I cannot live at all
    my whole world surrounds you
    I stumble then I crawl
    You could be my someone
    you could be my scene
    you know that i will save you
    from all of the unclean
    I wonder what you're doing
    I wonder where you are
    There's oceans in between us
    but that's not very far
    Nobody told me what you thought
    nobody told me what to say
    everyone showed you where to turn
    told you when to runaway
    nobody told you where to hide
    nobody told you what to say
    everyone showed you where to turn
    showed you when to runaway
    This pain you gave to me
    You take it all
    You take it all away...
    This pain you gave to me
    You take it all away
    This pain you gave to me
    Take it all away
    This pain you gave to me
                        (from the OST to "ACE COMBAT 5:  THE UNSUNG WAR" as heard
                         in the game's end credits; 2004)
        *Credit goes to NAMCO for hiring the right people to produce this track. 
         I don't know who wrote this song, but he (or she) deserves a lot 
         of thanks!  
        *It is also noted that I had to play the "EPILOGUE/CREDITS" cut-scene 
         seven times just so I can jot down these lyrics! 
    "Journey Home"
    The journey begins
    Starts from within
    Things that I need to know
    The song of the bird
    Echoed in words
    Flying for the need to fly
    Thoughts endless in flight
    Day turns into night
    Questions you ask your soul
    Which way do I go?
    How fast is too slow?
    The journey has its time within us
    If a man can fly over an ocean
    And no mountains can get in his way
    Will he fly on forever
    Searching for something to believe
    From above I can see from the heavens
    Down below sea the storm rages on
    And somewhere in the answer
    There is a hope to carry on.
    When I finally returned
    Things that I learned
    Carry me back to home
    The thoughts that I feed
    Planting a seed
    Where time will begin to grow
    The more that I try
    The more that I can fly
    The answer in itself will be there 
    5.  THE PATRIOT'S Final Thoughts
        I seriously thought that the themes from ACE COMBAT 5 served as a cool 
        back-drop to the story.  It amazes me that one of the characters can fly
        a plane while thinking about his favorite music!  The themes tend to tell
        the story very well, even better than my favorite Tom Cruise movie,
        "TOP GUN".  
    6.  Credits
        My personal "shout-outs" go to the following people that made this FAQ
        A.  First and foremost, I should thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
            without His wonderful teachings, I wouldn't have enough strength to 
            write this guide.   
        B.  GameFAQS and GameSpot (You guys rock!)
        C.  AZ-LYRICS; www.azlyrics.com (For posting the "BLURRY" Lyrics)
        D.  babyblue_99_18@yahoo.com--Without your grateful assistance in helping
            AZ-Lyrics with the "BLURRY" Lyrics, this GameFAQS FAQ wouldn't be 
            possible!  I owe you one someday!
        E.  To epyon700:  Thanks for the "JOURNEY HOME" Artist Information    
        F.  To the writers and translators of "JOURNEY HOME":  This song is an
            excellent backdrop for the AC5 story.  I wish y'all the absolute best
            in the things to come!    
        G.  NAMCO for producing this masterpiece!

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