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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MRadford

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 07/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    +                          ACE COMBAT 05:  THE UNSUNG WAR                    +
                               VERSION 1.45
                               LAST UPDATE : 17/07/06
                               BY MICHAEL RADFORD
    When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself,
    First as a dark demon,
    As a demon it uses its power to reign death upon the land;
    and then it dies.
    However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns.
    This time as a great hero...
    Introduction =================================================================
    Welcome to my AC05 walkthrough for PS2. Some of you with unnecessarily good
    memories may remember my guide to AC04, that was my first ever FAQ and this is
    the first one I have done in a long time. So, buckle up your harness, arm your
    ejection seat and, if you are reading this part after you have read the rest of
    the guide cut off your oxygen supply, for shame!
    Although this FAQ is taken from the PAL game, I decided to put the subtitle as
    the Unsung War instead of Squadron Leader for a number of reasons, one being
    that the JAP / US title is much better then the European one and also because it
    makes slightly more sense in game if you take the title The Unsung War. With
    that said, there is almost no difference between the two, so you can easily use
    this guide for which ever version you have.
    TABLE OF CONTENTS ============================================================
    TITLE ------------------------------------------------------------> CODE
    1. UNNECESSARY SELF PROMOTION ------------------------------------> IN01
       1a. About the Author ------------------------------------------> IN02
       1b. About the Guide -------------------------------------------> IN03
       1c. Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------> IN04
       1d. Version History -------------------------------------------> IN05
       1e. Contact Information ---------------------------------------> IN06
       1f. Blurb -----------------------------------------------------> IN07
    2. THE BASICS ----------------------------------------------------> BC01
       2a. Aircraft Terms --------------------------------------------> BC02
       2b. Aircraft Basics -------------------------------------------> BC03
       2c. Combat Training -------------------------------------------> BC04
       2d. Wingman Control -------------------------------------------> BC05
    3. CHARACTERS ----------------------------------------------------> CH01
       3a. Kei Nagase (Edge) -----------------------------------------> CH02
       3b. Alvin Davernport (Chopper) --------------------------------> CH03
       3c. Hans Grimm (Archer) ---------------------------------------> CH04
       3d. Jack Bartlett (Heartbreak 1) ------------------------------> CH05
       3e. Blaze -----------------------------------------------------> CH06
       3f. Marcus Snow (Swordsman) -----------------------------------> CH07
       3g. Hamilton --------------------------------------------------> CH08
       3h. Orson Perrault --------------------------------------------> CH09
       3i. Peter N. Beagle (Pops) ------------------------------------> CH10
       3j. AWACS (Thunderhead) ---------------------------------------> CH11
       3k. AWACS (Oka Nieba) -----------------------------------------> CH12
       3l. Capt. Anderson --------------------------------------------> CH13
       3m. President Vincent Harling ---------------------------------> CH14
       3n. Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor ---------------> CH15
       3o. Major Natashya --------------------------------------------> CH16
       3p. Genette ---------------------------------------------------> CH17
       3q. Kirk ------------------------------------------------------> CH18
    4. THE STORY SO FAR ----------------------------------------------> SY01
       4a. The Background --------------------------------------------> SY02
       4b. Osea and Yuktobania ---------------------------------------> SY03
       4c. Belka -----------------------------------------------------> SY04
    5. THE AIRCRAFT --------------------------------------------------> AR01
      5p1. The Weapons of the Game -----------------------------------> AR02
      5p2. The Aircraft of the Game ----------------------------------> AR03
       5a. F-5 Family ------------------------------------------------> AR04
         5a1. F-5e Tiger II ----------------------------------------> AR05
         5a2. F-20a Tigershark -------------------------------------> AR06
         5a3. X-29a ------------------------------------------------> AR07
       5b. F-4 Family ------------------------------------------------> AR08
         5b1. F-4e Phantom II --------------------------------------> AR09
         5b2. F-4g Wild Weasel -------------------------------------> AR10
         5b3. F-4x -------------------------------------------------> AR11
       5c. MIG-21 Family ---------------------------------------------> AR12
         5c1. MIG-21bis Fishbed ------------------------------------> AR13
         5c2. MIG-21 -----------------------------------------------> AR14
       5d. A-6 Family ------------------------------------------------> AR15
         5d1. A-6e Intruder ----------------------------------------> AR16
         5d2. EA-6B Prowler ----------------------------------------> AR17
       5e. F-16 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR18
         5e1. F-16c Fighting Falcon --------------------------------> AR19
         5e2. F-16 Block60 Fighting Falcon -------------------------> AR20
         5e3. F-16XL -----------------------------------------------> AR21
         5e4. F-2a -------------------------------------------------> AR22
       5f. F/A-18 Family ---------------------------------------------> AR23
         5f1. F/A-18c Hornet ---------------------------------------> AR24
         5f2. F/A-18e Super Hornet ---------------------------------> AR25
         5f3. EA-18g Growler ---------------------------------------> AR26
       5g. Mirage 2000 Family ----------------------------------------> AR27
         5g1. Mirage 2000 ------------------------------------------> AR28
         5g2. Mirage 2000d -----------------------------------------> AR29
       5h. MiG-29 Family ---------------------------------------------> AR30
         5h1. MiG-29a Fulcrum --------------------------------------> AR31
       5i. A-10 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR32
         5i1. A-10a Thunderbolt II ---------------------------------> AR33
         5i2. YA-10b -----------------------------------------------> AR34
       5j. F-14 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR35
         5j1. F-14a Tomcat -----------------------------------------> AR36
         5j2. F-14b Bobcat -----------------------------------------> AR37
         5j3. F-14d Super Tomcat -----------------------------------> AR38
       5k. Tornado Family --------------------------------------------> AR39
         5k1. Tornado GR.1 -----------------------------------------> AR40
         5k2. Tornado GR.4 -----------------------------------------> AR41
         5k3. Tornado F-3 ------------------------------------------> AR42
         5k4. Tornado ECR ------------------------------------------> AR43
       5l. MiG-31 Family ---------------------------------------------> AR44
         5l1. MiG-31 Foxhound --------------------------------------> AR45
         5l2. MiG-31m ----------------------------------------------> AR46
       5m. F-15 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR47
         5m1. F-15c Eagle ------------------------------------------> AR48
         5m2. F-15e Strike Eagle -----------------------------------> AR49
         5m3. F-15s/MTD --------------------------------------------> AR50
       5n. Su-27 Family ----------------------------------------------> AR51
         5n1. Su-27 Flanker ----------------------------------------> AR52
         5n2. Su-32 Strike Flanker ---------------------------------> AR53
         5n3. Su-35 Super Flanker ----------------------------------> AR54
         5n4. Su-37 Terminator -------------------------------------> AR55
       5o. F-117 Family ----------------------------------------------> AR56
         5o1. F-117a Nighthawk -------------------------------------> AR57
       5p. JAS-39 Family ---------------------------------------------> AR58
         5p1. JAS-39c Gripen ---------------------------------------> AR59
       5q. Typhoon Family --------------------------------------------> AR60
         5q1. Typhoon ----------------------------------------------> AR61
       5r. Rafale Family ---------------------------------------------> AR62
         5r1. Rafale M ---------------------------------------------> AR63
         5r2. Rafale B ---------------------------------------------> AR64
       5s. F-35 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR65
         5s1. F-35c ------------------------------------------------> AR66
       5t. YF-23 Family ----------------------------------------------> AR67
         5t1. YF-23a Black Widow II --------------------------------> AR68
       5u. F-22 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR69
         5u1. F-22 Raptor ------------------------------------------> AR70
         5u2. FB-22 Concept ----------------------------------------> AR71
       5v. Su-47 Family ----------------------------------------------> AR72
         5v1. Su-47 Berkut -----------------------------------------> AR73
         5v2. S-32 -------------------------------------------------> AR74
       5w. MiG 1.44 Family -------------------------------------------> AR75
         5w1. Mig 1.44 ---------------------------------------------> AR76
       5x. Hawk Family -----------------------------------------------> AR77
         5x1. Hawk -------------------------------------------------> AR78
       5y. X-02 Family -----------------------------------------------> AR79
         5y1. X-02 Wyvern ------------------------------------------> AR80
       5z. FALKEN Family ---------------------------------------------> AR81
         5z1. Falken -----------------------------------------------> AR82
    6. THE WALKTHROUGH -----------------------------------------------> AC00
       6a. 01. Shorebirds --------------------------------------------> AC01
       6b. 02. Open War ----------------------------------------------> AC02
       6c. 03. Narrow Margin -----------------------------------------> AC03
       6d. 04. First Flight ------------------------------------------> AC04
       6e. 05. Rendezvous --------------------------------------------> AC05
       6f. 06. White Bird pt.i ---------------------------------------> AC06
       6g. 07. Front Line --------------------------------------------> AC07
       6h. 08. Handful of Hope ---------------------------------------> AC08
       6i. 09. Lit Fuse ----------------------------------------------> AC09
       6j. 10. Blind Spot --------------------------------------------> AC10
       6k. 11a.Chain Reation -----------------------------------------> AC11
       6l. 11b.Reprisal ----------------------------------------------> AC12
       6m. 12a.Powder Keg --------------------------------------------> AC13
       6n. 12b.Four Horsemen -----------------------------------------> AC14
       6o. 13. Demons of Razgriz -------------------------------------> AC15
       6p. 14. Ice Cage ----------------------------------------------> AC16
       6q. 15. White Noise -------------------------------------------> AC17
       6r. 16a.Desert Arrow ------------------------------------------> AC18
       6s. 16b.Desert Thunder ----------------------------------------> AC19
       6t. 17. Journey Home ------------------------------------------> AC20
       6u. 18. Fortress ----------------------------------------------> AC21
       6v. 18+. 8492 -------------------------------------------------> AC22
       6w. 19. Final Option ------------------------------------------> AC23
       6x. 20. Ancient Walls -----------------------------------------> AC24
       6y. 21. Solitaire ---------------------------------------------> AC25
       6z. 22. Closure -----------------------------------------------> AC26
      6aa. 23. Ghosts of Razgriz -------------------------------------> AC27
      6ab. 24. White Bird pt.ii --------------------------------------> AC28
      6ac. 25. Heartbreak One ----------------------------------------> AC29
      6ad. 26. Sea of Chaos ------------------------------------------> AC30
      6ae. 27. Aces --------------------------------------------------> AC31
      6af. 27+. The Unsung War ---------------------------------------> AC32
    7. ARCADE MODE ---------------------------------------------------> AD01
    8. ADVANCED ------------------------------------------------------> AV01
       8a. Free Mission ----------------------------------------------> AV02
       8b. Hard and Ace modes ----------------------------------------> AV03
       8c. Advanced Manoeuvres ---------------------------------------> AV04
       8d. More Planes -----------------------------------------------> AV05
       8e. Medals ----------------------------------------------------> AV06
       8f. Personal Records ------------------------------------------> AV07
       8g. Time Line -------------------------------------------------> AV08
       8h. Music / Lyrics --------------------------------------------> AV09
       8i. Movie Transcripts -----------------------------------------> AV10
           i.  Prologue ("Their Nameless War") ---------------------> AV11
          ii.  Shorebirds #1 ---------------------------------------> AV12
         iii.  Shorebirds #2 ---------------------------------------> AV13
          iv.  Narrow margin ---------------------------------------> AV14
           v.  First Flight #1 -------------------------------------> AV15
          vi.  First Flight #2 -------------------------------------> AV16
         vii.  White Bird (Part 1) #1 ------------------------------> AV17
        viii.  White Bird (part 1) #2 ------------------------------> AV18
          ix.  Front Line (no dialogue) ----------------------------> AV19
           x.  Handful of Hope -------------------------------------> AV20
          xi.  Blind Spot ------------------------------------------> AV21
         xii.  Demons of Razgriz #1 --------------------------------> AV22
        xiii.  Demons of Razgriz #2 --------------------------------> AV23
         xiv.  Ice Cage --------------------------------------------> AV24
          xv.  White Noise -----------------------------------------> AV25
         xvi.  Fortress #1 -----------------------------------------> AV26
        xvii.  Fortress #2 -----------------------------------------> AV27
        xviii.  8492 -----------------------------------------------> AV28
         xix.  Fortress #3 -----------------------------------------> AV29
          xx.  Ancient Walls #1 ------------------------------------> AV30
         xxi.  Ancient Walls #2 ------------------------------------> AV31
        xxii.  Heartbreak One #1 -----------------------------------> AV32
        xxiii.  Heartbreak One #2 ----------------------------------> AV33
        xxiv.  Sea of Chaos ----------------------------------------> AV34
         xxv.  Aces #1 ---------------------------------------------> AV35
        xxvi.  Aces #2 ---------------------------------------------> AV36
        xxvii.  Dead Ahead (no dialogue) ---------------------------> AV37
        xxviii.  The Unsung War ------------------------------------> AV38
        xxix.  Epilogue --------------------------------------------> AV39
       8j. Unlockable extras -----------------------------------------> AV40
       8k. Gliches ---------------------------------------------------> AV41
    9. DYK / FAQ -----------------------------------------------------> FQ01
       9a. DYK -------------------------------------------------------> FQ02
       9b. FAQ -------------------------------------------------------> FQ03
    10. ENDING NOTES -------------------------------------------------> EN01
       10a. Thanks and Credit ----------------------------------------> EN02
    1. UNNECESSARY SELF PROMOTION ------------------------------------------- IN01
    ---   1a. About the Author ---------------------------------------------- IN02
    My name is Michael Radford, at the time of writing I am 19 years old and am
    currently sorting out finance to start my aviation training, in the hope of
    becoming a commercial pilot. Since Ace Combat 2 wayyyy back on the old
    Playstation, I have been a big fan of the series. In my opinion, each one has
    got better and better.
    I have written numerous FAQs in the past for games such as Ace Combat 04, Metal
    Gear Solid 2, Sega GT 2002 etc. I specialise in writing guides specifically for
    the PAL market, although the games are generally so similar it makes no
    difference which format you play on.
    ---   1b. About the Guide ----------------------------------------------- IN03
    This guide is your 'basic no-holds-bared announced spoilers, and read at your
    peril' class guide. Basically meaning, if you see: !!SPOILERS!! then  (for the
    slower one in the audience) there are spoilers. These are relatively few and far
    between though and normally if you are following the guide then that part of the
    story would have already happened and you're okay to read on.
    As a last note, if you see anything that you would like to see elaborated,
    moved, improved, removed or any other kind of 'oved the please contact me,
    contact information supplied below.
    ---   1c. Disclaimer ---------------------------------------------------- IN04
    This guide is protected under copyright law, reproduction of any kind apart from
    personal use is strictly prohibited. No money is allowed to be made through this
    guide, and it is not to be shown on any sites except the following:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com    --------------------------------------- GameFAQS
    http://www.gamespot.com    --------------------------------------- Gamespot
    http://faqs.ign.           --------------------------------------- IGN
    http://www.cheatcc.com     --------------------------------------- Code Central
    http://www.neoseeker.com   --------------------------------------- Neoseeker
    http://www.supercheats.com --------------------------------------- Supercheats
    http://www.1up.com         --------------------------------------- 1up
    Publication in any other form INCLUDING online is not permitted, if you see
    this guide anywhere where it shouldn't be then please contact me on
    mike8580@googlemail.com , putting the subject as something with the words Ace
    Combat 5, or something similar.
    ---   1d. Version History ----------------------------------------------- IN05
    This section indexes the history of this guide, stating: version number, file
    size and any amendments, credits and other information.
    === Version 1.43 - MOVES AND HOSTING === Size: 381KB / Date: 30/03/06 ===
    Updates this time include a new manoeuvre and 1up on the approved sites
    === Version 1.43 - REFUELING INFO === Size: 380KB / Date: 17/03/06 ===
    thanks goes to Ryan for his information about the refuelling terms, also a
    few more DYKs about the maps and planes have been added. You know, I've had
    this game since the PAL release, completed it more times then I care to
    remember but only a few days ago did I find there was a quick select on the
    plane select screen O.O; that's been added to as well as some incorrect info
    about Belka.
    === Version 1.42 - CORRECTIONS AND STUFF === Size: 379KB / Date: 13/03/06 ===
    Today we have several updates for named pilots, advanced manoeuvres and
    other good stuff. Thanks to every who made suggestions / improvements.
    === Version 1.41 - NEW EMAIL     === Size: 368KB / Date: 25/01/06   ===
    Since I managed to get a Gmail invite, my new email address will be:
    mike8580@googlemail.com - Sorry to the few people who emailed me over the
    last few days that I couldn't get back to because of the change, I'll do
    my best to reply to all future mails.
    === Version 1.40 - GAHH, MY EYES!     === Size: 368KB / Date: 13/12/05   ===
    Ah ha! hahaha the proof reading is done! There are probably a few mistakes
    but they have been reduced. I told you the size would go up a lot. In
    addition to the guide's now semi-coherent nature there is now a section in
    the missions walkthrough detailing exactly where to find the named pilots
    and the best way to get the S ranks. Now a certain individual has no excuse
    to do his: 'wayyh the guides are more interested in telling us how tall Chopper
    is and not how to get the S licences' anymore :p
    That arcade section my come, of course the Belkan War will probably be out
    by then (o_o);
    === Version 1.33 - CUM HISTORIA...    === Size: 339KB / Date: 07/09/05   ===
    There are Final Fantasy guides not updated as often as this you know! Extras
    this time include and are limited to :( the rough translation of the song The
    Demon of Razgriz. And not surprisingly it is just a repetitive version of the
    poem The Demon of Razgriz. Oh well, back to the proof reading.
    === Version 1.32 - INTRESTING THINGS!  === Size: 332KB / Date: 05/09/05   ===
    Today with have scores, some tips on certain missions and an interesting fact
    regarding Oka Neiba. Despite the game has been out for a while now, the guide
    still is racking up over 140 hits per day and just under 25000 a year. So
    thanks for everyone who has found or is finding this guide interesting.
    === Version 1.31 - A SMALLER UPDATE    === Size: 331KB  / Date 17/08/05  ===
    Two updates in two days? Not too much added this time, at the bottom of the
    guide there is the captions that appear on the epilogue, I think they make a
    good way to end the guide. Also added the Pacman ghost to the DYK section and
    Neoseeker to the permissions list, like not having their name on it would stop
    them hahaha.
    === Version 1.30 - A LARGE UPDATE      === Size: 330KB / Date 16/08/05  ===
    Hurrah! I finally got around to doing an entire description of every plane in
    the game. There's a lot more stuff then ever as you may have noticed from the
    size of the file. So what is there? Well, there is as mentioned before all of
    the planes available, a transcript of all the CG movies, more scores and some
    finishing touches. What's that? Arcade section? hahahah. I really, really will
    do it when I get a controller with all working buttons. Right now I've been
    reduced to playing without the ability to accelerate, yaw, fire missiles or
    change targets.
    === Version 1.24 - LOTS OF GOOD THINGS    === Size: 176KB / Date 01/07/05  ===
    Don't you love it when Gamespot keeps you informed? Me too, this guide has been
    up on gamespot for a while and I never saw it *smacks self*. I'd  also like to
    apologise for not replying to the several emails I got, anyways everything is up
    to date now as far as I know. So what's new, well... We have a new advance
    manoeuvre, more scores, a poem, release updates, more damn spelling mistakes.
    === VERSION 1.23 - SCORE, SCORE, SCORES    === Size: 174KB / Date: 10/06/05 ===
    Yep, more scores for the hall of fame, keep 'em coming! I also added the lyrics
    to the song Blurry, as well as a few new FAQs.
    === VERSION 1.22 - MORE SCORES         === Size: 173KB / Date: 17/05/05 ===
    I have added some scores that people have submitted and I'll update my own soon
    === VERSION 1.21 - MORE ADDTIONS        === Size: 172KB / Date: 17/03/05 ===
    I will get the plane and arcade part of the guide done, honest. For now though
    there have been a few more corrections made, thanks to Robert Morgan and Neil
    for spotting them.
    === VERSION 1.1 - SMALL CORRECTIONS      === Size: 169KB / Date: 16/03/05 ===
    A couple of typos and mistakes have been corrected. The mission 8492 is now
    accurate (thanks to Kaj-Nrig Thao for spotting it), also cheat central has been
    added to the listed sites.
    === VERSION 1.0 - MOST OF THE GUIDE NOW UP === Size: 168KB / Date: 15/03/05 ===
    All of the mission data is now up as is the rest of the guide. Only the plane
    and arcade database, as well as a few odds and ends until the guide is complete.
    ---   1e. Contact Information ------------------------------------------- IN06
    If you have ever written a FAQ before, then you will know that this is the part
    most of us dread. If you are writing for a game that is extremely popular like
    GTA: SA then you will literally get hundreds of emails from people who haven't
    read the guide, and instead go straight to the contact info. They also normally
    post the exact same question on the forums. It is only a minority but as you can
    imagine it is extremely annoying to have your work undermined by people who
    point blank, refuse to read what you have put for their benefit. So please check
    that your question is not answered anywhere in the guide, thanks.
    On the other hand, if you want to ask a question about the game that I
    have not put in the guide, then I will be more than happy to help and put credit
    in when I do an update. Also if you wish to add you
    scores to the hall of fame, or have constructive criticism then please write in.
    Email: mike8580@googlemail.com
    Subject: Ace Combat 05 Guide
    ---   1f. Blurb --------------------------------------------------------- IN07
    For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of blurbs, it is a small section
    of the guide that is changed with every updated and is designed basically for
    me to rant about stuff regarding AC, guides, people and just about anything
    else. Or in other words: Like a Blog only not like a Blog.
    13/03/06 - We will survive Galm One!
    Woo, the new Ace Combat is a'comin' soon, although a release date or seemingly
    necessary subtitle change for the PAL version has still not been forthcoming.
    Other news, I've been looking forward to getting Fahrenheit and an Xbox 360
    over the next few days. But it's good to see good old AC05 still attracting
    interest so long after it's release. :D
    2. THE BASICS ----------------------------------------------------------- BC01
    ---   2a. Aircraft Terms ------------------------------------------------ BC02
    Chances are that a lot of people know something of aviation already and know a
    lot of this. However it is extremely frustrating for someone to come into the
    game and have no idea what people are rattling on about. And hey, everyone's got
    to learn some time. So here's a list of all the things you will hear, and what
    make of them.
    ALLITUDE - You height relative to the ground, normally measured in feet.
    ATTITUDE - What your plane is doing, pointing up or down, or in a roll etc.
    PITCH - This tells you the angle that you have your nose raised or lowered. A
    pitch of 10 degrees means that you are pointing up 10 degrees, whereas negative
    10 would be pointing down 10 degrees etc.
    ROLL - How flat your aircraft is in relation to the ground. No roll would be you
    flying with the wings level. You roll the wings when you want to turn (or miss
    two objects that are very close together O_o)
    SHACK ON THE TARGET - Missile impact on an aircraft.
    Fox 1: A missile with semi-active radar guidance, like the AIM-7 Sparrow. (SAAM)
    Calling this out on the radio communicates that you have fired one.
    Fox 2: A missile with infrared guidance (heat seeker) like the AIM-9 Sidewinder.
    The generic missile in the game I guess is analagous to the Sidewinder since
    short range and fire-and-forget, but in real life the Sidewinder cannot be used
    against ground targets.
    Fox 3: A missile with active radar guidance, like the AIM-120 AMRAAM (XMAA) or
    AIM-54 Phoenix (XLAA)
     -- Thanks to Ryan for the info
    PICKLE - It just means bombs away!
    TRASHED - Missile was evaded.
    BAIL OUT - To eject from a plane
    FLASH CODE / SIGNAL LIGHT - A form of Morse code only using light
    not sound, it's used by the military to communicate with each other when
    radios are not an option.
    CALLSIGN - Every aircraft, ground unit and sea vessel has their own unique call
    sign. This makes identifying people and yourself possible over a busy radio
    channel. It was either that or call people by the first names and you can see
    where that's going. Normally Callsigns are grouped for instance Rapier 1 and
    Rapier 2 are two separate units within the Rapier Callgroup and are probably
    working together. Your call sign in the campaign mode is Blaze. Your fellow
    pilots are known as Chopper, Edge, Heartbreak 1 and Archer or (which is
    rarely used Wardog 1, Wardog 2, Wardog 3 and Wardog 4).
    BOGEY / BANDIT - A bogey is the general callgroup for an enemy aircraft.
    Basically, these are the guys you shoot at.
    FRIENDLY - Abbreviated to FRND in the HUD these people are on your side and are
    not to be shot at. Unless you're a fan of Court Marshals and firing squads, if
    so blast away!
    WINGMAN - The other plane / planes flying with you. They will help you attack
    enemy aircraft as well as keep them off your back and help out around the
    battle field, the wingman however are not nearly as good as a human player
    and they will rarely mark up more then three kills per mission.
    WHISKY MARK - A small W shape in the centre of your HUD, this is telling you
    which way the nose is pointing.
    HUD - (Heads up Display), just as in a real fighter, you have a heads up display
    that projects your instrument readouts onto the cockpit front window. This gives
    all vital information including: airspeed, altitude, attitude, weapon status and
    a map of the local combat area.
    NUGGET - Term for a rookie pilot, instructors tend to keep calling them this
    even after they become fully certified fighter pilots.
    BEARING - Imagine a compass, it has 360 degrees on it. 090 would be ninety
    degrees and would mean that what ever is been pointed out to you is east. Other
    points you should memorise are 180 - south, 270 - West and 000 or 360 - north.
    O'CLOCK - If something is marked as an o'clock bearing, imagine a clock
    face, it works in the same principles as the bearing above but it isn't relative
    to the ground, for example: "Bandit closing at 3 O'clock" would tell you that an
    enemy aircraft is approaching to your left (not necessarily east.)
    ---   2b. Aircraft Basics ------------------------------------------------- BC03
    If you are a seasoned player of Ace Combat, nothing drastic has changed with the
    basic controls, however the R3 button now changes the camera and the directional
    buttons give wingman orders and replies. I suggest looking at the wingman
    control section (BC05 in find) and if you want to look at some of the advanced
    techniques or to send in your own then you should head over to that section
    (AV08 in find).
    If you are going to get anywhere in Ace Combat, it would help if you knew how to
    fly the planes you are in, so here's the basic controls to all the planes in the
    game for anyone not already on the know.
    Left analogue stick up -------- Pitch down / turn left (easy only)
    Left analogue stick down ------ Pitch up
    Left analogue stick left ------ Roll left
    Left analogue stick right ----- Roll right / turn right (easy only)
    Right analogue stick up ------- Look up
    Right analogue stick down ----- Look down (not in cockpit view)
    Right analogue stick left ----- Look left
    Right analogue stick right ---- Look right
    SELECT button ----------------- Change between missiles and special weapons
    START button ------------------ Pause game
    Directional button up --------- Wingmen order attack
    Directional button down ------- Wingmen order cover
    Directional button left ------- Wingmen order disperse
                                    Reply 'yes' in a question
    Directional button right ------ Wingman order allow / disallow special weapons
                                    Reply 'no' in a question
    Cross button ------------------ Fire cannon
    Circle button ----------------- Fire missile / special weapon
    Square button ----------------- Display local area map
    Triangle button --------------- Change missile lock targets
    L1 ---------------------------- Decrease thrust
    L2 ---------------------------- Yaw left
    L3 ---------------------------- N/A
    R1 ---------------------------- Increase thrust (hold for afterburner)
    R2 ---------------------------- Yaw right
    R3 ---------------------------- Change view
    L2 and R2 --------------------- Autopilot (gets you straight and level)
    When you start the game, you may, or may not think something along the lines of:
    GAH, WHAT'S ALL THIS ON MY SCREEN!?! Well if you do here's what all of those
    crazy lines mean. Cue ASCII art!
                      NE        E            SE
      |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | <-
                                                  Compass, this
    SCORE                     090                 TIME  tells you what
    0000                                20'00'00  direction you are
                                                  flying in.
        =         15___               ___15      |=
        -                                        |-
        =                                        |=
        -         10___               ___10<-----|--Attitude indicator.
        =                                        |= this tells you your
        -                                        |- pitch angle. Solid
        =         5 ___               ___ 5      |= means up, broken means
        -                                        |- down.
        =  SPEED                          ALT    |=
        -  3500                W          500    |- <-Altitude indicator.
        =                                        |= This tells you how high
        -        -5  ---             ---  -5     |- you are, don't let it
        =                                        |= hit zero.
        -                                        |-
        =        -10 ---             --- -10     |=
        - <--------------------------------------|--Airspeed. This tells
        =                                        |= you your speed
        -        -15 ---             --- -15     |- surprisingly.
    +------------------+                      +------+
    | \      |      /  |                      | GUN  | ..... <- Gun ammo,
    |  \     |     /   |                      +------+     normally infinite.
    |   \    |    /    |                      | MSSL | ..70  <- Missile ammo.
    |    \   |   /     |                      +------+
    |     \  |  /      |                        SAAM   ..10  <- Special weapon
    |      \ | /       |                      +------+     ammo
    |_______\|/________|                      | DMG  | ..0%  <- Damage indicator
    |        |         |                      +------+
    +------------------+                         /\
     ^                                        |  ||  | < Visual representation
     See 'Map' below                          | /  \ | of damage and missiles.
                                               /    \
    There are several other things that you will see in the HUD. Here is a list of
    all of the information:
    BLUE FRND BOX - This is an allied plane
    EMPTY GREEN BOX - Enemy non-target, you also have to lock on to fire missiles
    at it, to lock on press triangle. However, there is a wee glitch in the game
    that sometimes means that the game looks over a target and doesn't lock. Get
    around it by flying off, coming back and trying again.
    GREEN BOX WITH NUMBERS AND AN IDENTIFIER - This is the target you have locked
    onto and when you get in range will missile lock if you have your regular
    missiles armed. Switch with the triangle button missiles will lock when you
    get to 2500 meters.
    RED BOX WITH A SOLID TONE - This is a target that you have in missile lock.
    Press circle to fire and it will try to hit it, if the enemy is doing some
    Fancy flying you missile may not turn enough to compensate and in turn miss.
    MAP - This map shows the combat area immediately in front of you. There are
    several shapes that appear there that you should recognise:
    WHITE TRIANGLE - Enemy aircraft, the longer sides of the triangle indicate which
    way it is pointing, however it does not give altitude, the aircraft has taken
    no damage.
    CIRCLED WHITE TRIANGLE - If it has a circle around it then it is a target and
    must be shot down to complete the mission, or go a way to completing it.
    YELLOW TRIANGLE - This is an aircraft that has been damaged and is anywhere
    between about 20-89% health. If it is in a circle then it is a target.
    RED TRIANGLE - That's right, it's an enemy aircraft on it's last legs. A couple
    of rounds from the old Vulcan cannon will be all it takes to finish it off. As
    normal, if it is in a circle then it needs to be shot down, probably had it
    coming anyway.
    WHITE, YELLOW OR RED CIRCLE - Same as a enemy aircraft only this is a ground
    target. A larger circle means that it has to die.
    RED LINE - A red line indicated a missile. Use the display to gauge where it is
    and the best way of avoiding it, these are sometimes quite difficult to see.
    All of this is very nice if you want to fly in a straight line, but if you
    Have thoughts of completing the game you are going to have to know some
    Techniques of Flight. Although there is a tutorial in the game, you can never
    know too much, right? Right!
    Straight and level flight - Does exactly what it says on the tin, make you go
    straight forward at the same altitude. All you have to do is aim the whisky
    mark in the middle of the screen with the wings level. Or hit autopilot to
    get the game to do it for you.
    Turns - First, roll the wings left or right until you get to about 45 degrees,
    then pull the nose back to increase the angle of attack and the plane turns in
    that direction. To alter the rate in which you turn, try different bank angles
    and the rate you pull back. You can also turn by using the rudder. Press and
    hold L2 for left or R2 for right to move the rudder position. This is known as
    yaw and is not suitable of large turns, only small changes to direction.
    To turn tighter also try to slow down, for fast wide-angle turns speed up.
    Stalls - This is something that you are better off avoiding normally, if you
    slow down too much then your wings no longer generate lift and your aircraft
    becomes a very aerodynamic rock. Speed up and pull up to get yourself out of
    one, although that won't help too much if you are close to the ground.
    There are several points in the game where you will have to take off before a
    mission, land after one and refuel on the way to or back from engagements.
    These are all relatively simple and once you know how to do them they will be
    done in no time.
    A takeoff from land rather then some sort of touch and go.
    To takeoff from any ground base, simply power up the throttles, get the speed up
    to about 85-100MPH depending on the type of plane you're flying and pull the
    up. When you get to around 2000 feet the takeoff is complete.
    Just as simple as a ground takeoff, only faster. Hit the afterburner and wait
    for the catapult to blast you forwards. When you are off the end, pull up to
    climb and get above 2000 feet to complete the takeoff successfully.
    To land is the correct position you must get those crosses lined up in the
    centre. Do not roll to turn, instead use the rudder (the to back shoulder
    buttons) get the vertical line in the middle of the screen and your heading in
    the right direction. Then pitch down slightly to align the horizontal line in
    the centre. Then slow the plane down to about 100 keeping the plane on the
    correct decent path. When you get to the runway guide the plane to the ground.
    **NOTE- you cannot flare the aircraft so you just have to hit the ground.
    TIPS ON S RANK - To get the 'Needles Eye' medal you have to get the 'perfect'
    dialogue on the Land Landing, Carrier Landing and AA Refueling.
    To get the S rank you have to hit the afterburners. Line up with the runway
    then when you are close hit L1 to break and head down. You have to stop using
    as little runway as possible (ie still being on the threshold or 'those arrow
    things' as it's sometimes called.)
    To make sure you got the best score, look at the debriefing screen, if you have
    scored anything less then 1000/1000 on the Landing Bonus then you will have to
    redo it.
    Exactly the same as a land landing only this time the runway's slowly moving.
    Hit the carrier as early as possible to avoid rolling off the end.
    To get the S Rank on the carrier landing, all you have to do is accelerate all
    the way to the carrier, wait until you get to around 200 feet and slow rapidly,
    hit the carrier and keep trying until you stop in time.
    This works in a similar way to landings. There are two squares, a smaller one
    inside a larger one. As you get closer to the refuelling craft, the inner square
    gets bigger. The idea is to get both squares to the same size and touching each
    other perfectly. When you do this, the game takes over and the plane refuels.
    After it is completed the refuelling is over.
    It's very simple to get the S rank on this one, as with the rest it involves
    charging at the target and decelerating, wait until you are 200 meters away
    and hit L1, try to slow to the same speed of the target in front of the stalk
    or pipe out of the back. When the game takes over, the refuel is complete.
    #4   - Ground Landing
    #13  - AA Refueling
    #16a - Ground Landing
    #16b - Ground Landing
    #18  - AA Refueling
    #20  - Carrier Landing
    #21  - Ground Landing
    #26  - Carrier Landing
    	(Thanks goes to Jason Horsley for the above list)
    ---   2c. Combat Training ------------------------------------------------- BC04
    Now it's time to put what you know to the test. Here are the basics of dog
    There are many ways in which those evil bandits can try to take you out of the
    sky, so here's what you should expect to see:
    WARNING: If you see the word 'WARNING' flash up on the top centre of your HUD,
    don't panic. This used to mean that the enemy had a missile lock on you,
    however, sometimes in this game you can get this sign, even when it would be
    impossible for them to lock on, for instance when you are a long way away or
    flying through a tunnel. So it just means that there are enemies present in your
    location, or they have a lock on one of your wingman (who incidentally cannot be
    shot down, although can be hit).
    MISSILE ALERT: This one should be taken slightly more seriously. Someone has
    decided you're in his view of the sky and would like to remove you. If you are
    going to get shot down in the game, this is more often then not, how it's going
    to happen.
    DAMAGE: This is what happens if something hits you, try to avoid it ya?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    There are of course ways of avoiding being blown to smithereens. Here are all
    of the normal ways. If you feel more adventurous, or want to contribute some of
    your own, head to the advance techniques lower down (Hit find and type in AV08).
    THE COWARD'S WAY - That's right, check the map and if there is no enemy plane
    (a triangle) or missile (a very small dot) in very close range hit the
    afterburner and run away, well fly away!
    LOOP DE LOOP - Point the nose to the sky and when you get about a third of the
    way through the loop, hit the power. Missiles have a very poor ability to turn
    (around 90 degrees sharp in any direction are their limit). As long as it
    doesn't get you on the way up then it will never hit. Also mind the ground at
    the other side.
    SHARP TURNS - Roll the plane a whole 90 degrees and hit L1 to slow down. The
    slower you go the shaper the plane turns, so you are well out of the way by the
    time it gets to you. Don't try this when the missile is too far away as it will
    still hit you.
    DIVE OR CLIMB - Not always guaranteed to work, but if you turn 90 degrees in any
    direction and put on some power, the missile (as long as it is not right behind
    you), should miss.
    There are other things that can shoot you down, some only in specific
    missions and are explained more in the walkthrough section. The other most
    common form of fire is AA weapons. These are similar to your cannon and, like
    missiles, have a very limited range. If you are being targeted from the ground,
    then, you can for most difficulty settings ignore it as it does minimal damage
    and rarely hits. If you want to avoid them however, fly far enough in any
    direction and it will stop firing, that or insert a missile into it, that works
    well too! If the target is firing from the air, then just use missile dodging
    techniques to escape, after all, it could be worse, if you are in gun range then
    you are also in missile range.
    One last point about ground AA guns, the higher you are the less accurate they
    get. Simple maths/physics, if you are flying low to the ground you present a
    bigger target and less distance, thus your aircraft becomes Swiss cheese, when
    there are a lot of AA weapons, try to stay above 1000 feet to avoid being hit.
    Flak guns were designed in WWII to shoot down enemy aircraft (mostly bombers).
    They work by firing like a shotgun, hurling small bombs into the air which
    detonate at a certain height, spraying shrapnel. In the game you don't have to
    worry about the splash effect from the explosions (the bits that fly out and cut
    you plane into small parts), but the explosions can damage you, and quite a bit
    too! The solution, fly underneath or over the top. Flak guns pose their biggest
    threat as mentioned before, when attacking any bombers you may be escorting.
    In this case it is far easier just to take out the offending gun itself.
    Of course, these blinding levels of violence and human carnage is not all one
    way. So what's the best way of shooting down other planes and destroying ground
    MISSILE LOCK: The normal way of destroying the enemy is through your standard
    heat seekers, and the way to get them to hit is to achieve a missile lock. If
    there are numerous targets in front of you, the game automatically selects one.
    This is not always the sensible one such as a TGT, press triangle to switch
    through available targets.
    **NOTE- The game has a slight bug that sometimes makes it impossible to target
    the thing you want, you could keep pressing triangle forever and it would not
    select, even if it is the only target on screen and is perfectly legal with your
    active weapon. To get around this, either simply ignore it and come back later,
    or circle around, come back and have another shot, the last option is to get up
    close and give it a damn good gunning.
    You will know when you have a missile lock as the target will turn red and a
    rhombus appears in it's box. Hit the circle button to fire a missile (**NOTE- it
    normally takes two missiles to destroy a enemy plane and anything from one to
    three missiles to destroy your average ground facility. Missiles come in range
    at about 5200 feet (one mile).
    GUN RANGE: Unlike the missiles, your gun is unguided. Get within about 2600 feet
    and a small circle with a dot in it's centre will appear. Get the enemy plane
    inside this dot and hold down X to fire. This way takes longer, but it also has
    infinite bullets providing you are not playing on Expert or Ace. There are also
    some medals you can get for destroying enemies just by using your guns.
    (Thanks to Ryan for the more accurate distances)
    SPECIAL WEAPONS RANGE: There are several special weapons, each with a
    different way to deploy them and are covered in their relative sections in the
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    So that's the basics of destroying enemies, but if you want to try something
    more adventurous then heading for their six and shooting then read on!
    BIDE YOUR TIME: The second a bogy comes in missile range doesn't mean you have
    to fire at it you know, follow its movement, turning in the same arc and stay
    behind it (don't try to overtake GT fans!). Eventually the enemy plane will
    level out use this opportunity to launch a few heat-seekers his way, or blast
    him with your guns.
    INTERCEPTION: Sometimes you will see a plane flying straight for you, capitalise
    on this and match their altitude. When they come in range of your missiles let
    rip and turn away at an angle to avoid the wreckage.
    DUMMY SHOTS: If your enemy is red on the radar you probably only need to
    lightly spray bullets his way to have him ejecting in fear. However, for some
    reason you can't get him in your gun range. Fire a missile at him to make him
    evade it a steep turn, follow his bend and fire your gun to bring him down,
    (fire at the wings remember, you don't want to kill him do you?)
    **NOTE- Don't do this trick on long missions where you need all the missile you
    can get.
    ATTACK: One pilot being evil and not letting you kill him? The remedy, switch to
    attack mode and instead of one plane after him, he has four, laugh wildly at his
    expense as he crashes to earth in a blazing ball of death. Then remember the
    children you just robbed of a parent, you monster!
    WHIRLY BIRDS: Helicopters as you are no doubt aware have the annoying ability to
    hover, sometimes if you are going fast or there's a group of them you can fly
    right past them without firing a shot. Instead switch to your XLAAs and take the
    group out at once.
    From Ryan:
    6) I came up with a rather interesting strategy that, for people who are truly
    the ace of aces, could be slightly rewarding for Mission 13: Demons of Razgriz.
    Select the MiG-31M for your plane (simply because it has more regular
    missiles), and after the mid-air refueling, fly towards the sub at
    approximately heading 305. It should be noted now that for this to work, you
    MUST stay on the Afterburner the entire time until you shoot the Hrimfaxi the
    first time. After destroying the first picket sub, fly north and get the next
    picket sub, and then get the next two picket subs that lie counterclockwise
    from there (all-in-all, you should get 4 picket subs before heading for the
    Hrimfaxi). After the fourth picket sub, fly straight towards the Hrimfaxi, and
    when you approach it, line up the target so that you can hit it with guns while
    still flying at full speed. If done right, you should be able to fire 2
    missiles and strafe with guns to "kill" the Hrimfaxi with 1-2 seconds to spare.
    Also, once you start attacking the Hrimfaxi when it fires back, you can use the
    XLAA's to attack it, just make sure there are no UAVs within lock-on sight, put
    the Whisky Mark dead center on the Hrimfaxi, and fire the XLAA's at the sub, 4
    at a time. It should do moderate damage with a little luck. What makes this
    strategy a challenge is now you've only got regular missiles and guns to deal
    with the SAMs and AA Guns on the Hrimfaxi.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    There are a lot of ground targets in the game, the most efficient way to
    destroy them is to use missiles, still there are a large amount of special
    weapons that can be used to get rid of either large groups of ground enemies, or
    single ones from a distance. These are all explained in
    the aircraft section. However do you know how to bomb targets? If no then
    welcome to the bombing master class!
    The first thing to do is make sure you are using a plane that carries bombs,
    not air to surface or air to air missiles. The code for an unguided bomb falls
    into three categories:
    UGB    - Your standard unguided bomb these will destroy any targets underneath
    or in the immediate area.
    UGBL   - You guessed it, a big bomb for big damage, anything near it is
    PGB   - Precision guided bomb, the piper locks onto a target, acts a bit like a
    air-to-surface missile only without the range.
    But how do you use bombs? That's the easy bit, hit select to use your special
    weapon, a small dotted line with a large circle and a dot appear. The line is
    the bombs decent path, make sure that there are no obstructions along any of it.
    The small dot in the middle of the larger circle is where the bomb is estimated
    to land, the big circle itself is the splash zone (or the area that is affected
    by the bomb). When using them, try to aim for groups of enemies for the best
    ---   2d. Wingman Control ------------------------------------------------- BC05
    One of the major changes from previous Ace Combat games, is that this one
    allows you to have wingmen instead of you being just a lone fighter. This all
    may seem unnecessary and there are hundreds of ways they could have got this
    wrong, but Namco have pulled it off perfectly. At the start of the game you are
    not the leader of your squadron and are playing wingman to your commanding
    officer Capt. Bartlett with the callsign Heart Break One. You cannot give any
    orders at that point,  but fairly soon into the game you get promoted and have
    full control over the squadron.
    Your wingmen are all far superior to the other AI aircraft and cannot be
    They are also very good at taking down the odd fighter and although by
    the game's end you should have a kill rate in the hundreds and they will be
    lucky to get past twenty they are still very useful and shouldn't be neglected.
    There are several orders you can give to your wingmen these are given by
    pressing any direction on the D pad, then pressing the order you wish to give.
    **NOTE- These orders with the exception of SPW can only be used one at a time.
    ATK (Attack) - Press any D pad button and then up, you wingmen will now become
    aggressive and attack any planes in front of you or them, then continue to
    attack other targets.
    DSP (Disperse) - Used when there is a large combat area, your team stop covering
    each others backs and move off to separate parts of the map and destroy stuff.
    Activate this command by hitting left on the order menu. Remember that this can
    leave you with no one shooting down aircraft behind you and as a result you get
    more missiles thrown at you (just).
    CVR (Cover) - Handy for battles against small amounts of fighters and the
    opposite of attack. Your team will engage any targets that get a missile lock on
    you. This is very much over looked in the game put can be an extremely effective
    way of luring planes away from something you are escorting and then have your
    wingmen pick them off as they follow you.
    SPW (Special Weapons) - This can be used at anytime with any other formation
    order. Activating this allows your wingmen to attack with either bombs, air-to-
    ground missiles or whatever other special weapon their aircraft carries.
    Some people are not fond of using there wingmen and often leave them on cover
    or disperse since they only manage about one kill each per mission. This is
    fine and there are no negative effects for not using them.
    3. CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------------- CH01
    The first AC game to actually have interesting characters* (one of the things
    definitely lacking in previous instalments), and pulls it off extremely well.
    Here's a short synopsis of each of the main characters and even their mysterious
    first names (if they have them then I'll find them eventually)
    * - This statement is true only if you didn't get to play the JPN AC03.
    For reasons best known to themselves Namco saw fit to remove the story from the
    other releases. Thanks Namco :?
    ---   3a. Kei Nagase (Edge) ----------------------------------------------- CH02
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 23
    Height: 167cm
    Weight: 47kg
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Blood Type: A
    One of your wingmen for the game, Edge is an extremely skilled fighter pilot and
    was the only trainee to survive the surprise attack on Sand Island. Kei
    blames herself for the downing (and possible death) of her Captain, and refuses
    to take a promotion to squadron leader in favour of staying the number 2 plane
    (the guard for the number 1) to prove to others and herself that she can guard
    her wingmen. She has a love of peace and a strong supporter of President
    Harling's anti-war policies, which is presumably why she joined the airforce :?
    ---   3b. Alvin H. Davernport (Chopper) ----------------------------------- CH03
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 29
    Height: 185cm
    Weight: 89kg
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Blood Type: B
    The number 3 wingman, Alvin H Davernport is set in to rock and roll (hence
    'Chopper'). He looked up to Captain Bartlett a lot as a 'bad mouthed, good-
    natured leader'. He seems to like Blaze, but not respect him as Captain of the
    ---   3c. Hans Grimm (Archer) --------------------------------------------- CH04
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 19
    Height: 163cm
    Weight: 52kg
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Green
    Blood Type: AB
    Only a trainee pilot in reserve at the start, Grimm becomes a member of the
    squadron early in the game. His is the youngest survivor in the squadron
    (although he was on the ground at the time of the attack), Grimm has an older
    brother in the army which was his cause for signing up. Grimm is a shy
    and his in flight emotions seem to range from mild panic to absolute trauma.
    ---   3d. Jack Bartlett (Heartbreak 1) (obsolete - Kid) ------------------- CH05
    Nationality: Osean (fine, he's Osean, happy!)
    Age: 42
    Height: 178cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Hair Colour: Black / Grey
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Blood Type: O
    One of the OADF's (Osean Air Defence Force) most notorious pilots. He made his
    name as one of Osea's top aces in the Belkan war 15 years ago, where he quickly
    rose to the rank of captain.
    Now firmly set into his ways, Bartlett has never been promoted, and fifteen
    years after the war ended, Bartlett is more notorious for his lack of respect
    for the chain of command, and his inability to follow orders.
    At the end of the Belkan War, Bartlett was shot down by a mysterious Belkan
    pilot named Ashley, along with another Belkan aircraft. He and the Belkan
    defector, known by his callsign 'Hukbien' made it back to the allied front.
    ---   3e. Blaze ----------------------------------------------------------- CH06
    Nationality: Osean
    Our mysterious pilot, all we know about Blaze it that we almost defiantly see
    him in the crew quarters at the start of the game, there is a shot of the entire
    room with every surviving trainee and a few trainers with Bartlett. Blaze has to
    be one of these. We never hear him talk in the game, although judging by the
    answers that your wingmen give you, Blaze seems to reply more then the generic
    'Yes' or 'No' that we pick out. Blaze is the Squadron Leader for most of the
    ---   3f. Marcus Snow (Swordsman) ----------------------------------------- CH07
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 34
    Height: 190cm
    Weight: 85kg
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Blood Type: A
    From a squadron of the Naval Air Force, Snow now flies alone after the slow
    destruction of his team-mates. Snow is an extremely talented pilot who is loyal
    to his commanding officer, but will not blindly follow orders and is not afraid
    to answer back if he doesn't agree.
    ---   3g. Allen C Hamilton ------------------------------------------------ CH08
    Nationality: Belkan
    Age: 28
    Height: 178cm
    Weight: 65kg
    Hair Colour: Blond
    Eye Colour: Green
    Blood Type: AB
    After the first war between Belka, and the rest of the continant, Hamilton was
    recruited by Osea into a secret squadron of Belkan Aces to strengthen their Air
    Force. The Squadron, named the 8492nd never officially existed and when the
    ruling of the country changed hands, the knowledge of the squadron went with it.
    ---   3h. Orson Perrault -------------------------------------------------- CH09
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 48
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 106kg
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Green
    Blood Type: O
    Chubby, rash and unsubtle, the Base Commander of Sand Island is not well
    respected and he knows it. He is a warmonger that prefers to have the air force
    working in combat rather then being there for defence. After the Cirern-Pacific
    war begins, he tries his best to increase morale.
    ---   3i. Peter N. Beagle (Pops) (obsolete -- Hukbien)--------------------- CH10
    Nationality: Belkan
    Age: 56
    Height: 170.5cm
    Weight: 73kg
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Blood Type: B
    Formally one of the most skilled pilots in the Belkan Air Force, he refused to
    drop a nuclear bomb on a civilian city in Belka, for this he was marked as a
    traitor becoming infamous and hated throughout the Belkan
    military. Sentenced to death he escaped in a stolen fighter, but was shot down
    along with Bartlett who was also in the area, by the Pride of Belka, the Grabacr
    Squadron. Pops is still a brilliant fighter pilot, however spends most of his
    as the Sand Island Base Mechanic. He looks after all of his planes dearly, large
    or small.
    ---   3j. AWACS (Thunderhead) --------------------------------------------- CH11
    Nationality: Osean
    As head of a battlefield the people inside this AWACs observe, give and relay
    orders. Most pilots believe them to be slightly incapable and insensitive. He is
    the type that will always follow the order of the most superior officer, even
    against his gut feelings.
    ---   3k. AWACS (Oka Nieba) ----------------------------------------------- CH12
    Nationality: Yuktobanian
    Translated as 'Sky Eye' or 'Eye of Heaven' this aircraft's name is a nod to the
    AWACs from AC04.
    From Thomas Kaluzny:
    "Oka Nieba" is actually a Polish word (yeah I'm Polish) and is really translated
    to "Eye of Heaven."
     -- This is interesting, I actually thought Oka Nieba was just made up, it shows
    how much detail is put into the game.
    From Neil H:
    A more likely explanation for the 'Oka Nieba' AWAC is that Yuktobania was part
    of the ISAF during the war in AC04. Sky Eye's lack of an accent in that game
    could simply be because he is talking in his own language; after all, we don't
    know what the spoken language in Usea is.
    ---   3l. Capt. Nicholas A. Andersen -------------------------------------- CH13
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 61
    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 72kg
    Hair Colour: Grey
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Blood Type: A
    The Captain of the OMDF (Osean Martine Defence Force) / OMS (Osean Martine
    Service) Aircraft Carrier Kestrel. A veteran of the Belkan War, Anderson follows
    his heart and instinct more then the orders he is given. He is thought of as a
    skilled captain, and respected by his crew, although disliked by airforce hawks
    like Perrault who claim he shies out of combat.
    Also, did anyone else in the UK notice the striking resemblance between himself
    and the good Captain Birdseye? Just an observation.
    ---   3m. President Vincent Harling --------------------------------------- CH14
    Nationality: Osean
    The twice-elected president of Osea, Harling has a strong peace plan which
    reduces the amount spent in defence and uses it to help rebuild a new continent
    with such projects as the Arkbird* and it's Mass Driver. Harling's views towards
    peace have made him unpopular with some of his Generals and other leading Osean
    military figures.
    * The Arkbird is a peacetime joint-project with Yuktobania based off the plans
    for the Belkan strike craft the Hresvelgr. Later it's laser is from the Belkan
    defense platform the Excalibur
    ---   3n. Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor ---------------- CH15
    Nationality: Yuktobanian
    The elected Prime Minister of Yuktobania, he has strong anti-war policies like
    Harling's. As a figurehead of the Yuktobanian Government, he was
    one of the main figures involved in keeping the alliance between Osea and
    Yuktobania strong after the end of the Belkan War. His peace policies, like
    Harling make him unpopular with his own military.
    Nikanor appears to have a loose grasp on his countries military and was
    unable to stop production of huge arms production plants and the
    advanced Scinfaxi-class underwater attack carriers.
    ---   3o. Major Natashya -------------------------------------------------- CH16
    Nationality: Yuktobanian
    A Recon Major in the Yuktobanian army, she objected to the military government
    and joined the resistance, after learning of the Yuke forces betrayal of their
    Prime Minister, she stole several secret files and went renegade. She
    also has a history with Bartlett as the one who broke his heart 15 years ago.
    ---   3p. Albert Genette -------------------------------------------------- CH17
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 32
    Height: 174cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Blood Type: O
    A reporter looking for his big break, he goes to Sand Island in search of the
    unique Squadron leader there. Later he becomes entangled with the events of the
    war, publishing 'The Four Wings of Sand Island' and joining the official Osean
    Press Corps. Genette acts as the narrator of much of the game.
    ---   3q. Kirk ------------------------------------------------------------ CH18
    Nationality: Osean
    Age: 7
    Height: 53.5cm
    Weight: 31kg
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Blood Type: 1.1B
    Pop's loyal companion and known in the Sand Island base, Kirk stays with Pops
    and the other members of the Squadron through thick and thin.
    4. THE STORY SO FAR ------------------------------------------------------- SY01
    It is important to understand the back story if you want to understand what the
    game is about. Although the game does it well, here is a little recap about
    what's happening.
    Check out iceblue's excellent rundown of the game area
    ---   4a. The Background -------------------------------------------------- SY02
    The year is 1989, in the small northern country known as the Principality of
    Belka. In an effort to keep the nation afloat politically, a Federal Law Review
    was enacted, with disastrous results. In the economic panic, the government was
    ousted, and before another was elected Belka was seized in a Coup by an
    extremist Right Wing faction, possibly supported by the Belkan crime
    the Grey Men.
    Belka began to stabilise and over 6 years reached new levels of growth, most
    prominently in it's armed force of which it developed both conventional,
    nuclear and more unorthodox weapons. And late in 1995, Belka began to invade
    it's bordering nations, beginning a conflict remembered as the Belkan War.
    After crushing their rivals, the twin super-powers The Osean Federation and
    the Union of Yuketobanian Republics both pooled their resources, and declared
    war on Belka. After some hard fought battles, the two countries, with support
    from rebels in the nations already occupied by Belka began to gain the upper
    hand, and soon Belka was pushed back. Over the course of the war, Belka
    developed even more advanced weapons, and often the Allies would lose ground,
    but over sheer numbers pushed the Belkans back to Stier, close to the Belkan
    capital of Sundentor.
    To stop the advance any further,
    Belka dropped seven nuclear bombs on it's border, destroying the Belakan
    cities there, and making an impassable barrier. The Belkans head effectively
    sealed themselves into the northern regions, where in-fighting consumed their
    ---   4b. Osea and Yuktobania --------------------------------------------- SY03
    Osean Federation
    Captial - Oured
    Union of Yuktobanian Republics
    Capital - Cinigrad
    After the Belkan conflict both Osea and Yuktobania were allies, but also
    extremely weak. As they both slowly rebuilt their strength, they elected
    anti-war head of Governments and their armies never had the same strength again.
    They also, having watched the destruction of seven Belkan cites, dismantled and
    destroyed their nuclear weapons. In an effort to rebuild their air force after
    the war, both countries secretly recruited a Squadron of Belkan Aces, before
    their peaceful governments got into power. All evidence of this was destroyed in
    both countries and all knowledge of these two mysterious squadrons disappeared.
    Following the end of the Belkan war, Osea gained the former Belkan region of
    South Belka and was renamed North Osea. Osea, also gained several Belkan
    (mainly advanced technology companies) such as Grunder Industries, a former
    Government sponsored research and development company that gave Belka an
    edge during the war.
    ---   4c. Belka ----------------------------------------------------------- SY04
    Principality of Belka
    Capital - Dinsmark
    After the destruction of their country, the Belkans have a hatred for
    Osea and Yuktobania. After the unexpected crash of it's economy following
    a Federal Law review, Belka was caught in a coup d'etat and prepared for
    During the war the Belkans managed to capture a sizable amount of land,
    however after the superpowers of Osea and Yuktobania joined the battle
    odds fell out of Belka's favour. As they were pushed back to their central
    mountain range, they dropped seven nuclear weapons on their own surrounding
    towns, creating an impassable barrier to the lands to the north.
    Now Belka is a shell of it's former self, with few population centres and
    a working government left in the icy north and much of the land in the
    south in the boundaries of seceded nations and the superpower of Osea,
    Belka is believed by all but the most patriotic as a thing of the past.
    5. THE AIRCRAFT ----------------------------------------------------------- AR01
    --- 5p2. The Weapons of the Game ------------------------------------------ AR02
    There are enough weapons in the game to keep even the most trigger happy pilot
    occupied. Weapons are divided into three categories. Guns, Missiles and Special
    weapons, the latter of which are activated by pressing select; to make your
    wingman activate theirs, you must turn on the SPL option by pressing left on
    the D-pad, they will then use a mix of all three types of weapons available.
    So, here is a list of every weapon available, remember you cannot
    choose which weapon you want on your plane this time around, you get what the
    aircraft comes with.
    Key for special weapons
    Damage - The damage done to targets on impact
    Hone   - The ability that the missile has of honing on the target
    Blast  - The radius of damage the bomb/missile does on impact
    Number - The number of weapons you get over how effective it is
    Overall- How useful the weapon is when you consider all its aspects
    Vulcan Cannon:
    The Vulcan cannon is mounted on the front of every aircraft. If you are playing
    on very easy to hard it will have infinite rounds, if you are on expert or ace
    then it will have a limit. The cannon is very effective at close range, however
    hopeless at a distance. It does pay to practice using it though as (surprisingly
    to some people) it can be just as useful as missiles.
    For more information on using your guns go to the 'Basic Training Section' (find
    and BC04) and look at Gun Range.
    Damage : 3/5
    Hone   : 3/5
    Number : 5/5
    Overall: 4/5
    Your missiles are your basic mid range weapon. From a missile lock at around
    2500 feet one press of the circle button and the missile will hone in on the
    target. Missiles can be used for both AA and AG attacks.
    SAAM: Semi-Active Air-to-Air Missile (SEMI TRACKING)
    Damage : 4/5
    Hone   : 3/5
    Number : 4/5
    Overall: 4/5
    A very useful long range weapon, however it needs to be keep within a tracking
    circle in order to be effective. This can be annoying if you have to make a
    quick turn to evade a missile. Overall, these make a good compliment to your
    normal missiles and guns as a long range alternative. However this weapon is
    overshadowed by the XLAA.
    Comes with: F-20A, Mirage-2000, F-14A, Mig-31, F-15C, Su-27, Su-47
    XLAA: Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missile (FIRE AND FORGET)
    Damage : 4/5
    Hone   : 4/5
    Number : 4/5
    Overall: 4/5
    The great thing about these missiles is that you can lock on almost as soon as
    you see these targets, and from the distance it gives the missiles a great
    chance to line up with the target. However, get too close to the target and your
    missiles will sail right past them.
    Comes with: F-14D, Mig-31M, Su-35, Typhoon, X-02
    XMAA: Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile (FIRE AND FORGET)
    Damage : 4/5
    Hone   : 3/5
    Number : 4/5
    Overall: 3/5
    A cross breed between the normal and XLAA. Incorporating multi-targeting and
    and long range attacks. This weapon can be useful from a distance on a formation
    of planes or helicopters, but as soon as you get in close then it becomes next
    to useless. Again, this acts as a supplement to your regular missiles and
    cannons rather then solely depending on it.
    Comes with: F-4X, F-16C B60, F/A-18E, TND-F3, F-15S/MTD, F/A-22A
    QAAM: Quick-manoeuvre Air-to-Air Missile (FIRE AND FORGET)
    Damage : 4/5
    Hone   : 5/5
    Number : 4/5
    Overall: 3/5
    If you played Ace Combat 4 then you may remember the ferocity of these things.
    They literally could bring down the entire Yellow Squadron in a matter of
    minutes. Well they have been scaled down now, so they don't have the turning
    circle of a fighter and seem to go slightly slower then last time. However,
    they are still excellent for firing at targets very quickly to track and
    thin out the number of enemies in a large air battle.
    Comes with: X-29A, Mig-21-93, Su-37, YF-223A, S-32, Hawk
    NPB: Napalm Bomb
    Damage : 1/5
    Blast  : 1/5
    Number : 4/5
    Overall: 1/5
    A small bomb fitted to fighters you get early in the game. They are just like
    a small unguided bomb only the damage and explosion radius is less. However
    you get several of these bombs per plane (and you will need most of them if
    you want to cause some damage).
    Comes with: F-4e
    RCL: Rocket Launcher
    Damage : 2/5
    Blast  : 1/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 2/5
    Not the most useful of weapons, these actually function more like missiles. Aim
    the reticule at what you are shooting at and a volley of unguided rockets are
    launched. These are useful against armoured ground targets like bunkers and
    pillboxes, however they are usless against moving targets, especially air
    targets due to their size and movement.
    Come with: Mig-21 BIS, JAS-39C
    UGB: Unguided Bomb (Small)
    Damage : 2/5
    Blast  : 2/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 2/5
    One step up from the NPB, it has a larger explosive range as well as more damage
    handed out, it still however is not good against groups of targets as the
    range of the blast will not encompass more then a few square metres. The bomb is
    best used to strike lone stationary, or slow moving ground targets. The useful
    thing about this bomb is that you get two per wing, this means that if there
    does happen to be a group of the aforementioned lone stationary or
    slow moving ground targets, then you can wipe out the lot of them in one run.
    Comes with: F-5E, F-16C, Mig-29A
    UGBL: Unguided Bomb (Large)
    Damage : 4/5
    Blast  : 4/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 4/5
    The UGBL is without a doubt one of the best bombs in the game, dropping them
    cause a large damage area destroying whatever maybe underneath. This weapon will
    be most useful on missions that concentrate on bombing targets within a close
    area, for instance on Four Horsemen. The only problem being that you are only
    given a small number of the bombs so you may find yourself running short mid-
    Come with: A-6E, Mirage-2000D, MIG-1.44
    FAEB: Fuel Air Explosive Bomb
    Damage : 1-5/5
    Blast  : 5/5
    Number : 2/5
    Overall: 3/5
    The Fuel Air bomb used to be one of the best weapons in AC4, however it's
    effectiveness has been drastically reduced thanks to a new system of damage.
    Instead of doing a set amount of damage in one large area, the damage now
    changes between each dropping and the area within the blast itself. So you may
    end up being able to wipe out a bunker with one shot or not even destroy an AA
    gun. Therefore the weapon is  too unpredictable, despite the possibility of a
    wide damage area.
    Comes with: YA-10B
    LASM: Long Range Air to Surface Missile
    Damage : 3/5
    Blast  : 1/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 3/5
    Although it can be used to destroy long-range, hardened targets such as
    pillboxes, the LASM really shines in anti-ship roles. Although the damage
    done is not huge, it is enough to take out any ship (and it's weapons) in
    one or two shots depending in the difficulty.
    Comes with: F-2A, F/A-18C, Rafale M, F-35C
    LAGM: Long Range Air-to-Ground Missile
    Damage : 3/5
    Blast  : 1/5
    Number : 2/5
    Overall: 2/5
    Similar to the LASM, but can attack several targets at once. While this is
    handy for attacking a large portion of the battlefield, you may find it
    easier and kinder to your special weapon reserves to use bombs instead.
    The lack of planes this weapon comes with also means that you may not have
    much of a choice put to not use it.
    Comes with: F-4g
    XAGM: Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile
    Damage : 3/5
    Blast  : 2/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 4/5
    The main benefit of this weapon is its trajectory. The missile will fly straight
    and level until it is a few metres away from the target, then it dives down and
    impacts this means that it can avoid dangerous terrain and also allows you to
    out of the way of well placed SAMs. The only problem with this weapon is that
    will find that after a few full target launches you have run out. Still this
    remains my favourite air-to-ground weapon, well perhaps...
    Comes with: F-16XL, A-10, Su-32
    GPB: Guided Penetrating Bomb
    Damage : 5/5
    Blast  : 2/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 3/5
    If there's one thing this game is not short of, it's bombs, bombs and missiles.
    This particular one is, as the name suggests one used in penetrating hardened
    bunkers such as pillboxes. This means that you don't have to fire two missiles
    at them to get rid of them. They don't have much of a damage radius however so
    is another one target kill per bomb weapon. Since it only comes with the
    F-14b and the F-117a with are both... well, rubbish you may not be using it too
    Comes with: F-14b, F-117a
    BDSP: Bomblet Dispenser
    Damage : 3/5
    Blast  : 1/5
    Number : 4/5
    Overall: 2/5
    If you are going for a long mission with a lot of bombing in it, then you will
    want something that is going to last, that you get more then just a few shots
    before you are out. This weapon is ideal for that role, although you have to
    off some damage. The bombletts are dispersed over your flight path, but the only
    way the weapon is useful is if the targets are in one long straight line, which
    most of the time they aren't. You also have to fly slowly and quite low
    to be accurate, and moving off the flight path will waste your shot so it gives
    a great opportunity for SAMs and AA guns to damage or destroy you. Fortunately
    is only for one plane and chances are you will very rarely use it.
    Comes with: TND-GR1
    SFFS: Self-forging Fragment Submunitions
    Damage : 2/5
    Blast  : 5/5
    Number : 2/5
    Overall: 3/5
    If somebody told you that self-forging fragment submunitions were about to fall
    on you, you would be more then a little afraid. Unfortunately it is just a fancy
    name for a cluster bomb, which is still bad news if it is falling towards you.
    It works in a similar way to that of a bomblett dispenser, only does less
    Comes with: F-15E
    SOD: Stand-Off Dispenser
    Damage : 2/5
    Blast  : 5/5
    Number : 2/5
    Overall: 3/5
    There is not much to say about this weapon apart from it is another weapon
    just like the BDSP only the dispenser is actually released from the plane,
    this allows you to fire from a distance and not be destroyed by any defences
    nearby. However, an unpredictable range of damage means that unless you are
    aiming for a large group of targets, you may miss. This weapon is not
    suitable to destroy single targets due to the possibility that you may
    miss what you are aiming for all together.
    Comes with: TND-GR 4, Rafale B, FB-22
    ECMP: Electronic Countermeasures Pod
    Damage : 0/5
    Blast  : 0/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 2/5
    This is not an offensive weapon but instead blocks any missile attacks on you
    for a few seconds. Ooh, that's useful I hear you cry. Actually it isn't.
    Efforts to try to think about something useful to say about it usually cumulates
    in a headache. My advice, dodge the missiles yourself. I guess if you are really
    bad at evading missiles then this may come in handy, perhaps.
    Comes with: EA-6B, EA-18G, TND-ECR
    TLS: Tactical Laser
    Damage : 5/5
    Blast  : 3/5
    Number : 3/5
    Overall: 5/5
    This is less of a laser and more of a sustained beam of focused death. This
    only comes attached to the Falken and is the most overpowered weapon in the
    game. It works in a simmiler way to the vulcan canno surprisingly. When the
    weapon is fired the shot extends from the aircraft from around 2500 directly
    ahead and extends to around 10000 feet. Any target that it hits is destroyed
    as good as instantly, even the gun towers in the mission Aces don't last
    more then half a second to it. This makes it very good for sweeping a lot
    of ground targets from a distance. It is harder to aim at an aircraft
    but not by much. Slightly too overpowered for my tastes and one of the main
    reasons I personally hardly ever use the Falken.
    Come with: Falken
    ---    5p1. The Aircraft of the Game -------------------------------------- AR03
    There are a total of 53 playable aircraft in the game. On your first playthrough
    you will get the majority of the of them. When you complete the game, play
    though the missions you didn't get on Free Mission and volia! You now have all
    the first branch aircraft. But what are all these other spaces you ask. To
    unlock the other planes you have to fill up the small bar below it. To do this
    kills as many things as you can, the best way of doing this is in Free Mission
    and Ace mode. The following missions are in my opinion the best for advancing
    the kill bar: Desert Thunder, Journey Home, Sea of Chaos, Aces and The Unsung
    For Reference:
         Xx1. NAME OF PLANE ------------------------------------------- XX01
        SPEED      --- 1*        ANTI-AIR    --- 5*
        STABILITY  --- 2*        ANTI-GROUND --- 6*
        MOBILITY   --- 3*
        DEFENCE    --- 4*
        MISSILES    --- 7*        SPECICAL    --- 7* 8*
        OS: Osean paint scheme
        RZ: Razgriz paint scheme
        YK/SP/BK: Yuke, Special or Belkan paint scheme
        UNLOCK BY  --- How to unlock aircraft
        COST       --- How much the aircraft costs
        OVERALL    --- 0/100
    1* - The planes effectiveness at high speed, acceleration and top speed rating
    2* - How slowly the plane can go before it stalls. Often higher for bombers
    3* - The ease in which a plane turns. The higher the value the better it can
         keep up to and out turn aircraft in dogfights. Normally higher in fighters
    4* - How much damage an aircraft can take. For instance an AA round may do 36%
         damage with an aircraft with a low rating, but only 17% to a high one.
         once again normally higher for bombers
    5* - On average judging by: speed, mobility, missile number and type and number
         of special weapons how good the aircraft is at handling dog fighting.
    6* - On average judging by: speed, stability, defence and number of special
         weapons how competent an aircraft is at destroying ground targets
    7* - Number of missiles available in the aircraft.
    8* - Number of special weapons available in the aircraft.
    **NOTE: The anti-air and anti-ground values have no effect on your aircraft,
    instead it governs how well your wingmen perform and what they focus on.
    For instance a wingman in an aircraft with an AA value of 80 will destroy more
    targets then one with 20. Also, depending on which stat is higher AA or AG will
    depend what your wingmen do. For instance, on a mission like Operation
    give your crew A-10s and they will bomb ground targets a lot more then if they
    were in F-14s.
    **FAQ- How do I unlock the next plane in an aircraft family?
            - A: Look at the most recent aircraft of that family that you have
         unlocked. There is a bar underneath called the 'kill-bar', the more
         targets you destroy the more it advances until it is full and a new
         aircraft becomes available. After you finish the game play through
         some of the more enemy heavy missions to progress this bar. The
         kill bar must be completely full before a new aircraft is unlocked.
         When this is done, you should get a confirming message, the
         aircraft is then available to buy from the relevant menu.
    --- 5a. F-5 Family -------------------------------------------------------- AR04
                       F-5e   >   F-20a   >   X-29a
    The F-5 family is the first aircraft type available to you, for the first few
    missions you are forced to choose the F-5e. Using it you unlock the next tier
    F-20a) fairly quickly, however I would not recommend buying it until the end of
    the game.
         5a1. F-5e Tiger II ------------------------------------------- AR05
        SPEED      --- 62        ANTI-AIR    --- 22
        STABILITY  --- 60        ANTI-GROUND --- 47
        MOBILITY   --- 32
        DEFENCE    --- 43
        MISSILES    --- 52        SPECICAL    --- 12 UGB
        OS: Light/Dark blue camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Black/Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Available at start
        COST       --- 8100 (4 available from start)
        OVERALL    --- 26/100
        The first plane that you will ever fly in Ace Combat 5. It handles
        as you would imagine the first plane would: slow to turn, low yaw
        rate and not too fast. It is however better then the alternative
        you get after mission 3, it also comes with dual cannons and with a
        small surface area, you will get hit by other planes guns a lot less.
        This aircraft is surprisingly useful for the first few missions.
         5a2. F-20a Tigershark ---------------------------------------- AR06
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 60
        STABILITY  --- 60        ANTI-GROUND --- 25
        MOBILITY   --- 43
        DEFENCE    --- 46
        MISSILES    --- 60        SPECICAL    --- 10 SAAM
        OS: Light/Dark blue camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Dark blue with white tail stripe
        UNLOCK BY  --- Filling F-5e kill bar
        COST       --- 11900
        OVERALL    --- 30/100
        Chances are that you have unlocked this plane by the end of the game
        but not bought it. The plane combines a good level of speed,
        stability and damage resistance for an early plane, but it is also
        overshadowed by what you will already have when you get around to
        buying it.
         5a3. X-29a --------------------------------------------------- AR07
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 76
        STABILITY  --- 47        ANTI-GROUND --- 40
        MOBILITY   --- 71
        DEFENCE    --- 49
        MISSILES    --- 60        SPECICAL    --- 10 QAAM
        OS: Light/Dark blue camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: White body with red and blue stripes
        UNLOCK BY  --- Filling F-20a kill bar
        COST       --- 17100
        OVERALL    --- 33/100
        The problem with all of the lower tier aircraft is that although they
        are not bad planes they are out matched in later levels by both
        enemy planes and the planes that you have. Therefore they are best
        suited to be used in a second playthrough.
        The aircraft itself is fast and very mobile, its size also lets it
        dodge AA fire paticully well. This aircraft makes an interesting
        alternative to the Rafale in the mission Aces.
    --- 5b. F-4 Family -------------------------------------------------------- AR08
                F-4e Phantom II   >   F-4g Wild Weasel   >   F-4x
    You will recognise this as the plane that Bartlett was flying when he lead the
    squadron at the start of the game, this family of aircraft is in my opinion
    a step down from the F-5 family with similar characteristics but far bigger
    and bulkier.
         5b1. F-4e Phantom II ----------------------------------------- AR09
        SPEED      --- 63        ANTI-AIR    --- 25
        STABILITY  --- 46        ANTI-GROUND --- 50
        MOBILITY   --- 32
        DEFENCE    --- 56
        MISSILES    --- 62        SPECICAL    --- 10 NPB
        OS: Grey/Light blue cloud-type pattern
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Dark Blue with light blue decoration
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 3: Open War
        COST       --- 10500
        OVERALL    --- 12/100
        The only way this aircraft could be considered superior is if it were
        fighting a squadron of unarmed microlites with large banners saying
        'We Surrender' while carrying huge bullseyes on them. Okay it's
        not that bad, but is it certainly not good. It takes forever to turn,
        doesn't yaw well, shakes around and cannot follow another plane around
        a turn more then 90 degrees. It also has the most pathetic bomb
        ever created, and a tiny amount of them. Avoid.
         5b2. F-4g Wild Weasel ---------------------------------------- AR10
        SPEED      --- 63        ANTI-AIR    --- 17
        STABILITY  --- 55        ANTI-GROUND --- 68
        MOBILITY   --- 25
        DEFENCE    --- 68
        MISSILES    --- 64        SPECICAL    --- 10 LAGM
        OS: Blue body, green tail flash
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Flower decoration
        UNLOCK BY  --- Filling the F-4e kill bar
        COST       --- 12800
        OVERALL    --- 8/100
        This one is even worse then the F-4e. The plane has lost even more of
        it's turning ability, it is huge and gets hit by machine guns a lot,
        it so slow you can run faster and has the most pathetic Anti Aircraft
        ability ever seen. The only way it maybe useful is on a bombing mission
        set your wingmen on Cover and bomb from a height. If you attempt to go
        low you will get shot by all the AA guns there and find yourself
        hard pushed to even dodge a normal missile. On the other hand it does
        come with a hippy special pattern, woo >.>
         5b3. F-4x ---------------------------------------------------- AR11
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 73
        STABILITY  --- 61        ANTI-GROUND --- 37
        MOBILITY   --- 54
        DEFENCE    --- 60
        MISSILES    --- 70        SPECICAL    --- 10 XMAA
        OS: Blue body
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Light/Dark blue camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Filling the F-4g kill bar
        COST       --- 16900
        OVERALL    --- 38/100
        The F-4 finally gets the anti-aircraft overhaul is so desperately needed.
        Although it's still as big as football pitch it does now have a good
        speed and its mobility allows it to turn and yaw a lot better. It has
        had a slight lowering in defence, and guns are still going to hit you a
        lot in this thing, but it is a vast improvement from the last two in
        it's family. Unfortunalty it is likely that you have stopped caring about
        this family of aircraft long before you get it.
    --- 5c. MIG-21 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR12
                     MiG-21bis Fishbed   >   MiG-21-93
    The MiGs in my opinion are too similar to the F-5 to be worth bothering about
    when you start the game. However they are small, relatively fast and well
    armoured; but so are the F-5's, and you get those for free. Overall they are not
    really worth buying until a second playthrough.
         5c1. MIG-21bis Fishbed --------------------------------------- AR13
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 22
        STABILITY  --- 29        ANTI-GROUND --- 47
        MOBILITY   --- 35
        DEFENCE    --- 42
        MISSILES    --- 56        SPECICAL    --- 08 RCL
        OS: Green camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Silver body black tail stripe
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 3: Open War
        COST       --- 7600
        OVERALL    --- 23/100
        Although this aircraft is very cheap it is also exactly like the F-5
        in almost every way. It does have slightly better speed, but is slow
        to turn and has a poor special weapon. It is not made for dog fighting
        which is what tends to happen when you get in this aircraft.
        Superior to the F-5, in terms of ability, but only statistically,
        chances are you won't feel much difference except your pockets are
        slightly lighter when you choose the MiG.
         5c2. MIG-21 -------------------------------------------------- AR14
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 82
        STABILITY  --- 59        ANTI-GROUND --- 46
        MOBILITY   --- 74
        DEFENCE    --- 63
        MISSILES    --- 72        SPECICAL    --- 12 QAAM
        OS: Green/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Leopard skin decoration
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the MiG-21 kill bar
        COST       --- 19200
        OVERALL    --- 36/100
        Although this aircraft is a significant step up from the MiG-21bis, it
        is manoeuvrable enough to keep up with some of the more agile
        fighters. Chances are, you won't have used the MiG-21bis enough to have
        unlocked this -21 yet. This is one of the best AA aircraft of the lower
        tiers but you may have to play free mission to unlock it.
    --- 5d. A-6 Family -------------------------------------------------------- AR15
                    A-6e Intruder   >   EA-6B Prowler
    This family is the first bomber only family unlocked. It is also one of the
    worst families in the game. Nothing other then it's special weapon stands out
    as being useful, and is overshadowed by the far superior A-10 unlocked in only
    a few short missions.
         5d1. A-6e Intruder ------------------------------------------- AR16
        SPEED      --- 44        ANTI-AIR    --- 15
        STABILITY  --- 51        ANTI-GROUND --- 61
        MOBILITY   --- 25
        DEFENCE    --- 68
        MISSILES    --- 60        SPECICAL    --- 10 UGBL
        OS: Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Light/Dark brown
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete mission 4: First Flight
        COST       --- 11000
        OVERALL    --- 14/100
        What lets this plane down most of all is it's top speed and mobility.
        It has a lot of trouble climbing and following enemy planes through
        turns. This means that you cannot repel enemies after a bombing run and
        have to rely on you wingmen shooting approaching planes before they reach
        you. If you are going to use this plane, it helps to have at least two
        squadron members in the a good anti-aircraft plane in order to
        balance out the stats. It is just easier in my oppion to use missiles and
        guns on enemy ground targets then use this.
        The redeeming feature of the plane however is it's 10 UGBLs. The damage
        caused by these can be very effective against groups of targets, but
        I just don't consider the trade-off of actually using it in the first
        place worth it. Quite expensive too.
         5d2. EA-6B Prowler ------------------------------------------- AR17
        SPEED      --- 49        ANTI-AIR    --- 50
        STABILITY  --- 60        ANTI-GROUND --- 55
        MOBILITY   --- 54
        DEFENCE    --- 60
        MISSILES    --- 66        SPECICAL    --- 05 ECMP
        OS: Light/Dark brown camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Light Orange
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the A-6 kill bar
        COST       --- 15200
        OVERALL    --- 34/100
        Although much better then the A-6, this aircraft is sill plagued by poor
        speed, low mobility and has a bad special weapon. It is also a lot more
        expensive for what still remains a mediocre aircraft, although it has been
        improved to give it a chance against fighters, I'd still recommend not
        using this plane, even for a wingman.
    --- 5e. F-16 Family ------------------------------------------------------- AR18
                                >   F-16c Block 60
                        F-16c   >   F-16xl
                                >   F-2a
    The F-16 family is easily the best air-to-air fighter in the early game. It is
    small and very fast. Easily worth the price that you pay for them.
         5e1. F-16c Fighting Falcon ----------------------------------- AR19
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 30
        STABILITY  --- 46        ANTI-GROUND --- 55
        MOBILITY   --- 44
        DEFENCE    --- 46
        MISSILES    --- 66        SPECICAL    --- 14 UGB
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Green/Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete mission 6: White Bird pt.i
        COST       --- 12000
        OVERALL    --- 40/100
        One of the best fighters from the early game. Although it doesn't have
        the highest anti-air value, it is fast, manoeuvrable, and well armed,
        although why it is fitted with bombs and not missiles is beyond me.
        The F-16c is undoubtedly the best of the first aircraft you get for
        AA missions.
         5e2. F-16 Block60 Fighting Falcon ---------------------------- AR20
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 76
        STABILITY  --- 60        ANTI-GROUND --- 40
        MOBILITY   --- 65
        DEFENCE    --- 49
        MISSILES    --- 68        SPECICAL    --- 12 XMAA
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Blue camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F-16c kill bar
        COST       --- 18100
        OVERALL    --- 49/100
        There is not a lot of difference between the -16c and the Block 60. It
        does however have a better turning circle, good handling at
        both low and high speeds and a more suitable special weapon. It also comes
        with a considerably larger price tag. In my opinion, unless you really
        wan those XMAAs then I'd save the 6000 credits and get the F-16c.
         5e3. F-16XL -------------------------------------------------- AR21
        SPEED      --- 66        ANTI-AIR    --- 34
        STABILITY  --- 64        ANTI-GROUND --- 80
        MOBILITY   --- 52
        DEFENCE    --- 61
        MISSILES    --- 68        SPECICAL    --- 14 XMGM
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Brown camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F-16c kill bar
        COST       --- 18300
        OVERALL    --- 48/100
        For around the same price as the Block 60 this is a very good plane for
        precision strikes on armoured targets. Don't be fooled by the low
        air-to-air value, this aircraft can hold it's own against any plane
        in the game when flown well.
         5e4. F-2a ---------------------------------------------------- AR22
        SPEED      --- 63        ANTI-AIR    --- 40
        STABILITY  --- 70        ANTI-GROUND --- 85
        MOBILITY   --- 44
        DEFENCE    --- 57
        MISSILES    --- 72        SPECICAL    --- 12 LASM
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Blue with white nose and tail hilight
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F-16c kill bar
        COST       --- 19500
        OVERALL    --- 76/100
        One of the best starting fighters available. But, as is the way with all
        of the third level aircraft, chances are you won't have it by the end of
        your first playthrough. It is however relatively cheep for what you get,
        handles excellently and is very good at ground target attacks. It is
        damn near unstoppable on Sea of Chaos and Four Horseman. Well worth buying
        four of when you get the opportunity.
    --- 5f. F/A-18 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR23
                    F/A-18c   >   F/A-18e   >   EA-18g
    The F/A-18's are a mix of air-to-air and air-to-ground type aircraft, although
    their stats lean a bit more towards air-to-ground. Still, they are
    very useful in the early game, when you really need an entire flight of multi-
    role aircraft.
         5f1. F/A-18c Hornet ------------------------------------------ AR24
        SPEED      --- 68        ANTI-AIR    --- 27
        STABILITY  --- 53        ANTI-GROUND --- 62
        MOBILITY   --- 44
        DEFENCE    --- 57
        MISSILES    --- 64        SPECICAL    --- 10 LASM
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Blue
        UNLOCK BY  --- Completing Mission 6: White Bird pt.i
        COST       --- 13100
        OVERALL    --- 59/100
        A multirole aircraft not too dissimilar to the F-2. It is however
        unlockable early and is very effective against ground targets, although
        it needs support from better anti-air aircraft due to low mobility and
        damage tolerance levels. Overall though, a good aircraft for the multi-role
        missions, although I'd personally fly them with 2 other F-16's on cover or
        attack depending on the situation.
         5f2. F/A-18e Super Hornet ------------------------------------ AR25
        SPEED      --- 78        ANTI-AIR    --- 68
        STABILITY  --- 63        ANTI-GROUND --- 43
        MOBILITY   --- 58
        DEFENCE    --- 61
        MISSILES    --- 68        SPECICAL    --- 12 XMAA
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F/A-18c kill bar
        COST       --- 16900
        OVERALL    --- 62/100
        Another good multirole fighter. It is also fairly fast to unlock as
        you will be using the F/A-18c in quite a few missions. The F/A-18e
        is more advanced then the older modal, but still suffers from the same
        problems. They are however lessened and a special weapon has been
        changed to an anti aircraft weapon. All round better
        then the F/A-18c and worth buying in your next playthrough.
        5f3. EA-18g Growler ------------------------------------------ AR26
        SPEED      --- 78       ANTI-AIR    --- 65
        STABILITY  --- 74       ANTI-GROUND --- 69
        MOBILITY   --- 75
        DEFENCE    --- 52
        MISSILES    --- 74       SPECICAL    --- 06 ECMP
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Black grey pixel type decoration
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F/A-18e kill bar
        COST       --- 21000
        OVERALL    --- 67/100
        The best of the F/A-18 family, this aircraft is a very good multirole
        fighter, capable of striking ground targets and still repelling air attacks
        with no support. This means that it is a good choice for a flight of four
        planes. On top of this it has a reasonable price tag.
        The special weapon isn't that bad either, in fact it can be very useful
        on the Fortress and 8492 mission.
    --- 5g. Mirage 2000 Family ------------------------------------------------ AR27
                        MIR-2000   >   MIR-2000d
    One of my favourite aircraft families and home to the best bomber of the early
    game. These planes are also very cheap for what you are getting. The MIR-2000d
    is one of the best planes in the mid-aircraft section and well worth buying four
         5g1. Mirage 2000 --------------------------------------------- AR28
        SPEED      --- 86        ANTI-AIR    --- 59
        STABILITY  --- 31        ANTI-GROUND --- 23
        MOBILITY   --- 44
        DEFENCE    --- 46
        MISSILES    --- 60        SPECICAL    --- 08 SAAM
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Brown camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete mission 7: Front Line
        COST       --- 12300
        OVERALL    --- 59/100
        One of the best value fighters for dogfights in the game. It has
        a very fast acceleration and top speed, a decent special weapon and is
        resilient to damage. It is also quite small so you will avoid AA fire
        if you find you need to go low. Don't be deceived by the mobility
        stat, it's one of the most agile aircraft of it's type.
         5g2. Mirage 2000d -------------------------------------------- AR29
        SPEED      --- 86        ANTI-AIR    --- 36
        STABILITY  --- 38        ANTI-GROUND --- 60
        MOBILITY   --- 54
        DEFENCE    --- 59
        MISSILES    --- 64        SPECICAL    --- 14 UGBL
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Green camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the MIR-2000 kill bar
        COST       --- 14900
        OVERALL    --- 70/100
        Undoubtedly one of the best bombers in the game. This aircraft has an
        alarming amount of UGBLs. The aircraft also keeps the speed of
        the regular MIR-2000 and is better at AA then it too, despite
        it's AA stat. Once again, very cheap and well worth getting four of
        for ground missions, although wingmen tend to under perform in AA
        with it.
    ---  5h. MiG-29 Family ---------------------------------------------------- AR30
    The first aircraft family to house only one plane. More details below.
         5h1. MiG-29a Fulcrum ----------------------------------------- AR31
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 30
        STABILITY  --- 39        ANTI-GROUND --- 55
        MOBILITY   --- 45
        DEFENCE    --- 49
        MISSILES    --- 60        SPECICAL    --- 14 UGB
        OS: Silver/Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Green camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 7: Front Line
        COST       --- 11200
        OVERALL    --- 64/100
        The one comment that seems to sum up the MiG-29a is 'Jack of all trades,
        master of none'. While this is not a bad aircraft by a long way, a
        good multirole plane tries to strike a balance that works between all
        aspects, whereas this never really comes up to par. Still, it is the best
        multirole aircraft so far, although you maybe better off with the MIR-2000
        and save some credits.
    ---   5i. A-10 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR32
                            A-10a   >   YA-10b
    The best ground attack fighter in the world? Maybe..
         5i1. A-10a Thunderbolt II ------------------------------------ AR33
        SPEED      --- 39        ANTI-AIR    --- 17
        STABILITY  --- 65        ANTI-GROUND --- 74
        MOBILITY   --- 34
        DEFENCE    --- 94
        MISSILES    --- 64        SPECICAL    --- 14 XAGM
        OS: Tan/silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Green/Dark green camouflage (simmiler to AC04 A-10)
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 7: Front Line
        COST       --- 13800
        OVERALL    --- 66/100
        You maybe expecting me to say this is the best AG aircraft of the game.
        Well unfortunately it isn't, but it is still a great anti-ground striker
        and the best aircraft that you will have in the mid-game for ground
        assault. However, I personally think that the lack of a bomb makes gives
        an automatic disadvantage to this aircraft, as air-to-ground missiles have
        very little splash damage, and they waste a lot more ammo per target then
        a bomb would. The aircraft also has a very low speed, low mobility and
        doesn't stand a chance against some of the more advanced fighters. That
        said, it can fly very slowly, fire from a long way away, and take massive
        amounts of damage. I'm not saying this is a bad aircraft, far from it, it
        is the best AG aircraft of the mid game and especially useful in missions
        like Operation Footprint. Since it's not too expensive, I would consider
        putting your wingmen in them to give them the best chance of attacking
        ground targets.
         5i2. YA-10b -------------------------------------------------- AR34
        SPEED      --- 39        ANTI-AIR    --- 37
        STABILITY  --- 83        ANTI-GROUND --- 93
        MOBILITY   --- 59
        DEFENCE    --- 99
        MISSILES    --- 71        SPECICAL    --- 14 FAEB
        OS: Tan/silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Green/Dark green camouflage (simmiler to AC04 A-10)
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the A-10 kill bar
        COST       --- 20000
        OVERALL    --- 78/100
        The best anti-solid-ground bomber in the game.
        The top speed of the YA-10b is almost the same as the A-10. It can however,
        fly at a much slower speed, turn faster and can take even more
        punishment before being destroyed. Not to mention that the missile count
        has increased and the plane now has bombs. It's Fuel Air bomb is powerful
        enough to destroy a large group of tanks or several pillboxes in one drop.
        It does lack slightly at anti-ship combat since the special weapon cannot
        lock on, this means you have to fly a lot lower in order to destroy ships,
        but with the amount of damage it can take, that is no problem. The problem
        does however lie in enemy fighters. When a fighter gets close to you, you
        will have to do some extensive acrobatics to get out of being hit since you
        cannot trust its speed alone.
    ---  5j. F-14 Family ------------------------------------------------------ AR35
                      F-14a   >   F-14b   >   F-14d
    The modern AC games have both had a plane 'mascot' last time it was the Raptor,
    this time it is the F-14. Strangely, the stats of the plane all lack, compared
    to others that are already unlocked.
         5j1. F-14a Tomcat -------------------------------------------- AR36
        SPEED      --- 68        ANTI-AIR    --- 72
        STABILITY  --- 56        ANTI-GROUND --- 26
        MOBILITY   --- 54
        DEFENCE    --- 60
        MISSILES    --- 70        SPECICAL    --- 10 SAAM
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Green/Brown camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 9: Lit Fuse
        COST       --- 14800
        OVERALL    --- 58/100
        The Tomcat is reasonably fast in the air, but lacks mobility to make it
        the most powerful fighter aircraft, despite relatively good stats
        handling always feels too sluggish. The most use you will get out of
        this aircraft is when you are taking off from a carrier, in this case
        out of all the mid section aircraft available, this performs the best
        in both air-to-air and air-to-ground roles.
         5j2. F-14b Bobcat -------------------------------------------- AR37
        SPEED      --- 78        ANTI-AIR    --- 47
        STABILITY  --- 61        ANTI-GROUND --- 61
        MOBILITY   --- 54
        DEFENCE    --- 60
        MISSILES    --- 70        SPECICAL    --- 12 GPB
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill F-14a kill bar
        COST       --- 16500
        OVERALL    --- 56/100
        Still suffering from the sluggish handling of the F-14a, the new version
        takes up bombing as it's major role. Although not as proficient at it
        as the A-10, it is faster and can better hold it's own against fighters.
        I would recommend using this as an alternative to the A-10 if there is
        a primarily bombing mission with the likelihood of there being some
        fighter activity.
         5j3. F-14d Super Tomcat -------------------------------------- AR38
        SPEED      --- 87        ANTI-AIR    --- 81
        STABILITY  --- 64        ANTI-GROUND --- 35
        MOBILITY   --- 58
        DEFENCE    --- 61
        MISSILES    --- 72        SPECICAL    --- 14 XLAA
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Purple with a white flower
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill F-14b kill bar
        COST       --- 17800
        OVERALL    --- 59/100
        Although the last two planes were useful in there own right, by the time
        you unlock the F-14d you would have probably finished the game, and as
        such has a lot of better aircraft to choose from. Although it is
        overshadowed by the time you unlock it, it still makes for an excellent
        carrier based attacker and air-superiority fighter.
    ---   5k. TND Family ------------------------------------------------------ AR39
                                   >    TND GR.4
                        TND GR.1   >    TND F3
                                   >    TND ECR
    All the aircraft  of the TND family share good defence stats (common to bombers)
    and still retain a high mobility. What lets them down is their special weapons.
    Although the F3 comes with XMAAs the rest of them are let down by weapons which
    are rarely useful. Still if you ignore these faults then you have a good
    multirole aircraft.
         5k1. TND GR.1 ------------------------------------------------ AR40
        SPEED      --- 63        ANTI-AIR    --- 27
        STABILITY  --- 63        ANTI-GROUND --- 73
        MOBILITY   --- 40
        DEFENCE    --- 90
        MISSILES    --- 68        SPECICAL    --- 10 BDSP
        OS: Light brown/Tan
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 9: Lit Fuse
        COST       --- 15000
        OVERALL    --- 60/100
        A powerful anti-solid ground aircraft, but let down by the special
        weapon. If you are only using missiles though (which it also lacks)
        you have a good multirole fighter, with a good defence.
         5k2. TND GR.4 ------------------------------------------------ AR41
        SPEED      --- 63        ANTI-AIR    --- 37
        STABILITY  --- 71        ANTI-GROUND --- 82
        MOBILITY   --- 51
        DEFENCE    --- 92
        MISSILES    --- 74        SPECICAL    --- 10 SOD
        OS: Green camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Tan/Dark Orange camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the TND GR.1 kill bar
        COST       --- 18700
        OVERALL    --- 64/100
        With better mobility then it's processor this multipurpose fighter/
        bomber can also take more punishment and fight off attacking aircraft
        much better, it's still let down though by a special weapon that is
        rarely useful though.
         5k3. TND F-3 ------------------------------------------------- AR42
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 74
        STABILITY  --- 60        ANTI-GROUND --- 37
        MOBILITY   --- 59
        DEFENCE    --- 91
        MISSILES    --- 68        SPECICAL    --- 10 XMAA
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Grey/Blue camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the TND GR.1 kill bar
        COST       --- 16500
        OVERALL    --- 70/100
        The best aircraft of the TND family. It is the only aircraft to have
        a useful special weapon as well as even more stability and defence
        (although sacrifices some of its stability). Since as soon as the GR.1
        kill bar is filled you get all of other aircraft of the family it
        renders both the GR.4 and ECR useless. It's also cheaper then them
        too :D
         5k4. TND ECR ------------------------------------------------- AR43
        SPEED      --- 68        ANTI-AIR    --- 59
        STABILITY  --- 69        ANTI-GROUND --- 63
        MOBILITY   --- 67
        DEFENCE    --- 80
        MISSILES    --- 70        SPECICAL    --- 05 ECMP
        OS: Green/Grey Camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: White/dark blue
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the TND GR.1 kill bar
        COST       --- 19000
        OVERALL    --- 60/100
        With only two more missiles then the F-3, lower stats and a higher price
        the only reason that you may want to buy this aircraft is to try out the
        ECMP (although prepare to be disappointed.) You would have thought that
        they would give the ECMP to an aircraft with a lower mobility since this
        one can dodge missiles with the best of them. All round - not as good as
        the F-3 in every respect.
    ---   5l. MiG-31 Family --------------------------------------------------- AR44
                      Mig-31 Family   >   MiG-31m
    One of the best attack fighters in the mid-game the MiG-31s both lack the
    requisites for ground attack, but are unrivalled in the air.
         5l1. MiG-31 Foxhound ----------------------------------------- AR45
        SPEED      --- 97        ANTI-AIR    --- 77
        STABILITY  --- 49        ANTI-GROUND --- 30
        MOBILITY   --- 53
        DEFENCE    --- 85
        MISSILES    --- 70        SPECICAL    --- 14 SAAM
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Blue/Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 9: Lit Fuse
        COST       --- 14300
        OVERALL    --- 79/100
        Defiantly one of the best fighters in the mid-game, it has a good
        supply of missiles, decent mobility (once again better then the stat
        suggests), very high defence and an abundance of special weapon ammo.
        The problem is as it is so large, if dog fighting goes lower down you
        run the risk of being hit by AA fire or unexpected SAMs, but the high
        damage resistance compensates for this. What it doesn't compensate for
        though is its rate of yaw, which is quite bad for a fighter.
         5l2. MiG-31m ------------------------------------------------- AR46
        SPEED      --- 97        ANTI-AIR    --- 84
        STABILITY  --- 56        ANTI-GROUND --- 37
        MOBILITY   --- 63
        DEFENCE    --- 87
        MISSILES    --- 74        SPECICAL    --- 14 XLAA
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Blue/Grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the MiG-31 kill bar
        COST       --- 18400
        OVERALL    --- 81/100
        Slightly better then the older version, but only just. It is a bit more
        expensive and has a slightly better weapon, but apart from that it is more
        or less the same aircraft.
    ---   5m. F-15 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR47
                          F-15c   >   F-15e
                                  >   F-15s/MTD
    Above average fighter family, although the first two are multirole type
    aircraft the F-15s/MTD is one of the best air superiority fighters in the game.
         5m1. F-15c Eagle --------------------------------------------- AR48
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 73
        STABILITY  --- 61        ANTI-GROUND --- 37
        MOBILITY   --- 54
        DEFENCE    --- 60
        MISSILES    --- 70        SPECICAL    --- 10 SAAM
        OS: Silver
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Blue/Dark blue camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete mission 12a: Powder Keg
        COST       --- 16200
        OVERALL    --- 71/100
        A different alternative to the MiG. Both the F-15 and the MiG-31 share
        similar stats. The F-15c has a slower speed, but is much more agile and
        smaller then the bulky MiG, it also carries more missiles. Aesthetically
        pleasing too!
         5m2. F-15e Strike Eagle -------------------------------------- AR49
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 42
        STABILITY  --- 77        ANTI-GROUND --- 87
        MOBILITY   --- 55
        DEFENCE    --- 75
        MISSILES    --- 76        SPECICAL    --- 14 SFFS
        OS: Dark Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Brown/Green camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F-15c kill bar
        COST       --- 19900
        OVERALL    --- 69/100
        This seems to me like a multirole aircraft which edges slightly more
        on the fighter side trying to be a bomber. Although reasonable stability
        and defence stop it from being bad at this role, it's obviously more
        suited to being used as an air-superiority fighter. Remember, since the
        anti-Air value is quite low, this is not an aircraft for the wingmen.
         5m3. F-15s/MTD ----------------------------------------------- AR50
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 94
        STABILITY  --- 81        ANTI-GROUND --- 58
        MOBILITY   --- 89
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 76        SPECICAL    --- 14 XMAA
        OS: White
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Grey/white camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the F-15c kill bar
        COST       --- 22700
        OVERALL    --- 96/100
        The most expensive and also the best fighter so far. This aircraft has all
        the requisites of an excellent air superiority fighter. It is also quite
        useful for attacking ground targets due to a high stability. Just watch out
        for damage. This is the best aircraft of the game so far but does take a
        long time to get and can be overshadowed by the later aircraft which you
        should have by the time you get it.
    ---   5n. Su-27 Family ---------------------------------------------------- AR51
                        Su-27   >   Su-32
                                >   Su-32   >   Su-37
    Now we are getting into some of the most advanced fighters in the game. The
    Su-27 family strike a balance between powerful AA fighters and powerful
         5n1. Su-27 Flanker ------------------------------------------- AR52
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 74
        STABILITY  --- 55        ANTI-GROUND --- 38
        MOBILITY   --- 57
        DEFENCE    --- 61
        MISSILES    --- 72        SPECICAL    --- 10 SAAM
        OS: Light blue/Silver camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Light brown camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 12b: Four Horsemen
        COST       --- 16000
        OVERALL    --- 83/100
        Not bad for a first tier aircraft. It is fast, mobile and has a lot of
        missiles for the longer missions. A good special weapon and a very
        low price also make this one of the best fighters available as the story
        progresses, but is soon outshined.
         5n2. Su-32 Strike Flanker ------------------------------------ AR53
        SPEED      --- 63        ANTI-AIR    --- 51
        STABILITY  --- 79        ANTI-GROUND --- 96
        MOBILITY   --- 67
        DEFENCE    --- 78
        MISSILES    --- 80        SPECICAL    --- 16 XAGM
        OS: Light blue/Silver camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Light brown camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill Su-27 kill bar
        COST       --- 21500
        OVERALL    --- 82/100
        The first real plane to over-take the A-10 in terms of performance. It
        doesn't have the resistance of the A-10, but it does have a high top
        speed and acceleration as well as long range missiles and a nice supply of
        normal missiles. Well worth investing in. Still no bombs though aggh!
         5n3. Su-35 Super Flanker ------------------------------------- AR54
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 93
        STABILITY  --- 73        ANTI-GROUND --- 56
        MOBILITY   --- 85
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 80        SPECICAL    --- 14 XLAA
        OS: Light blue/Silver camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        BL: Dark Silver, some OADF symbols and 8492 in tail in light grey
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill Su-27 kill bar
        COST       --- 21200
        OVERALL    --- 94/100
        This is the aircraft the 8492nd use, and for good reason. A lot of good
        special weapons, blistering speed, excellent stability and mobility for
        turns and more missile than you can point a big missily stick at. This is
        one of the best fighters in the game full stop.
         5n4. Su-37 Terminator ---------------------------------------- AR55
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 96
        STABILITY  --- 76        ANTI-GROUND --- 59
        MOBILITY   --- 93
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 82        SPECICAL    --- 14 QAAM
        OS: Light/Dark brown camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Yellow Squadron, two-tone grey camouflage, yellow trim large yellow 13
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill Su-35 kill bar
        COST       --- 23700
        OVERALL    --- 98/100
        One of the three of the regular plane 'superfighers' and my personal
        favourite. Although not blisteringly fast it remains very stable for
        slow, quick turns. It also has even more missiles then it's predecessors.
        If there is one thing that lets it down is its special weapon.
        Finally the special colour scheme is the Yellow Squadron, which
        automatically makes it the best :p
    ---   5o. F-117 Family ---------------------------------------------------- AR56
    Ironically, the best fighter in the game comes before the worst.
         5o1. F-117a Nighthawk ---------------------------------------- AR57
        SPEED      --- 39        ANTI-AIR    --- 39
        STABILITY  --- 81        ANTI-GROUND --- 91
        MOBILITY   --- 38
        DEFENCE    --- 75
        MISSILES    --- 54        SPECICAL    --- 16 GPB
        OS: Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Black/Dark grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 15: White Noise
        COST       --- 20100
        OVERALL    --- 31/100
        Not the best bomber ever. It has an appalling top speed, terrible
        manoeuvrability, low missile capacity and a poor special weapon. It can
        however more-or-less stop in mid-air without stalling (isn't it the other
        way around on the actual plane?), hold lots of missiles and is one of the
        stealthiest planes out there. I wouldn't bother with this aircraft however
        as being a stealth plane has next to no effect in the game.
    ---   5p. JAS-39 Family --------------------------------------------------- AR58
    Single family multirole aircraft.
         5p1. JAS-39c Gripen ------------------------------------------ AR59
        SPEED      --- 78        ANTI-AIR    --- 40
        STABILITY  --- 61        ANTI-GROUND --- 75
        MOBILITY   --- 68
        DEFENCE    --- 60
        MISSILES    --- 68        SPECICAL    --- 12 RCL
        OS: Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Green/Light brown camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 15: White Noise
        COST       --- 17900
        OVERALL    --- 67/100
        Although not a bad plane, the Gripen has no outstanding charicaristics. It
        is not the best fighter, bomber or multirole. It is useful in a pinch but
        if you have kept some of your other aircraft then you should have no real
        use for it.
    ---   5q. Typhoon Family -------------------------------------------------- AR60
    Single family figher.
         5q1. Typhoon ------------------------------------------------- AR61
        SPEED      --- 86        ANTI-AIR    --- 91
        STABILITY  --- 69        ANTI-GROUND --- 54
        MOBILITY   --- 85
        DEFENCE    --- 65
        MISSILES    --- 78        SPECICAL    --- 14 XLAA
        OS: Light Brown
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Light Blue/Tan camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 16a: Desert Thunder
        COST       --- 21500
        OVERALL    --- 94/100
        Although not visually stunning, this is one of the best fighters in the
        game. Whist not as powerful as the Raptor or Terminator, the Typhoon
        has excellent mobility and speed, and can hold it's own against any
        regular plane. It also has very useful XLAAs.
    ---   5r. Rafale Family --------------------------------------------------- AR62
                        Rafale M   >   Rafale B
    Small and very capable the Rafale performs best at air-superiority.
         5r1. Rafale M ------------------------------------------------ AR63
        SPEED      --- 71        ANTI-AIR    --- 50
        STABILITY  --- 68        ANTI-GROUND --- 84
        MOBILITY   --- 79
        DEFENCE    --- 63
        MISSILES    --- 74        SPECICAL    --- 14 LASM
        OS: White
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        YK: Dark/Light grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 16b: Desert Lightning
        COST       --- 21200
        OVERALL    --- 78/100
        One of the best anti-ship planes in the game, it has the best special
        weapon for the job as well as being small and great either fast or slow.
        If the F-35c wasn't so good then this would be the definitive plane
        for missions for accurate strikes such as Sea of Chaos.
         5r2. Rafale B ------------------------------------------------ AR64
        SPEED      --- 71        ANTI-AIR    --- 51
        STABILITY  --- 70        ANTI-GROUND --- 86
        MOBILITY   --- 81
        DEFENCE    --- 65
        MISSILES    --- 76        SPECICAL    --- 14 SOD
        OS: Green camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Light blue with large flame
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill Rafale M kill bar
        COST       --- 20800
        OVERALL    --- 87/100
        Cheaper then the M version, the Rafale B has had the obligatory stat
        boost. It is made slightly less effective with its new special weapon.
        You may be better of spending the extra money on the M version.
    ---   5s. F-35 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR65
    Single family anti-ship aircraft.
         5s1. F-35c --------------------------------------------------- AR66
        SPEED      --- 68        ANTI-AIR    --- 57
        STABILITY  --- 79        ANTI-GROUND --- 91
        MOBILITY   --- 87
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 76        SPECICAL    --- 14 LASM
        OS: Blue, light grey nose
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Light/Dark grey camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 16a: Desert Thunder
        COST       --- 20500
        OVERALL    --- 94/100
        Whilst the F-35 is not suited to attacking lone targets for a prolonged
        period of time (such as in Desert Arrow), it is easily the best aircraft
        for destroying small grouped targets in short missions. The aircraft
        shines most in Sea of Chaos.
    ---   5t. YF-23 Family ---------------------------------------------------- AR67
    Another single aircraft family.
         5t1. YF-23a Black Widow II ----------------------------------- AR68
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 94
        STABILITY  --- 80        ANTI-GROUND --- 58
        MOBILITY   --- 83
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 80        SPECICAL    --- 12 QAAM
        OS: Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        BL: White Osea/Belkan design
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 16b: Desert Lightning
        COST       --- 20500
        OVERALL    --- 94/100
        Another extremely powerful aircraft similar to the Raptor. The aircraft
        is well suited to tightly packed dogfights such as missions like The
        Unsung War and Journey Home. It can also hold it's own against spread out
        targets, although in that role the special weapon is useless. Still
        the best aircraft to use for tight dogfights.
    ---   5u. F-22 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR69
                            F-22   >   FB-22
    The family the fanboys love. Other then that a small family of very capable,
    widely known/populer fighters.
         5u1. F-22 Raptor --------------------------------------------- AR70
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 96
        STABILITY  --- 82        ANTI-GROUND --- 59
        MOBILITY   --- 88
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 80        SPECICAL    --- 16 XMAA
        OS: Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Mobius One, grey/white with ISAF and ribbon insignia, blue trim
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 17: Journey Home
        COST       --- 24000
        OVERALL    --- 97/100
        The tied best, none special Fighter of the game. Excellent turning, good
        special weapon and sick Mobius One colour. You will hear a lot about how
        this plane is the best in the game. Try it for yourself and see, the AC
        community have been split on this and the Terminator for a long time. In
        any case, this is a very competent fighter and well worth buying.
         5u2. FB-22 Concept ------------------------------------------- AR71
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 54
        STABILITY  --- 89        ANTI-GROUND --- 99
        MOBILITY   --- 73
        DEFENCE    --- 78
        MISSILES    --- 82        SPECICAL    --- 18 SOD
        OS: Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Blue with yellow horizontal lines.
        UNLOCK BY  --- Filling the F/A-22 kill bar
        COST       --- 24800
        OVERALL    --- 87/100
        If you want unstoppable bombing wingmen then this is the plane for you.
        With an anti-ground ranking of 99 (the most it can have) your wingmen
        will repeatedly attack ground targets and more often then not, hit them.
        Although the high AG value, it still is not as good as the MIR-2000d or
        A-10 in my opinion.
       5v. Su-47 Family ------------------------------------------------------- AR72
                            Su-47   >   S-32
    A rather unique fighter with wings that are frequently described as "the wrong
    way round". Even more capable fighters to choose from.
         5v1. Su-47 Berkut -------------------------------------------- AR73
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 96
        STABILITY  --- 75        ANTI-GROUND --- 59
        MOBILITY   --- 91
        DEFENCE    --- 66
        MISSILES    --- 82        SPECICAL    --- 14 SAAM
        OS: Silver camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        BL: Yellow/brown camouflage with a large B on the tail.
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete mission 17: Journey Home
        COST       --- 23100
        OVERALL    --- 96/100
        One of the best anti-aircraft, aircraft to put a wingman in. This plane is
        fast, turns extremely well, has good special weapons cool colour schemes
        and can soak up a surprising amount of damage for a fighter. It is also
        reasonably well priced.
         5v2. S-32 ---------------------------------------------------- AR74
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 97
        STABILITY  --- 64        ANTI-GROUND --- 67
        MOBILITY   --- 98
        DEFENCE    --- 67
        MISSILES    --- 82        SPECICAL    --- 14 QAAM
        OS: Light brown camouflage
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        BL: Grey/Silver/Black camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Fill the Su-47 kill bar
        COST       --- 26200
        OVERALL    --- 97/100
        One of the best fighters in the game, well up there with the Terminator,
        Raptor and Eurofighter. The S-32 has all of the aspects that you would
        expect to find in a quality fighter jet. The only negative point would
        be that it is slightly pricey for what you get.
    ---   5w. MiG 1.44 Family ------------------------------------------------- AR75
                               MiG 1.44
    Strange, but very good aircraft.
         5w1. Mig 1.44 ------------------------------------------------ AR76
        SPEED      --- 76        ANTI-AIR    --- 64
        STABILITY  --- 70        ANTI-GROUND --- 88
        MOBILITY   --- 96
        DEFENCE    --- 61
        MISSILES    --- 80        SPECICAL    --- 18 UGBL
        OS: White, black flash on the nose
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Hamillton's aircraft, white, green stripes and Osean Air Defence Force
        written on the side.
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 25: Heartbreak One
        COST       --- 26200
        OVERALL    --- 97/100
        It may surprise you to learn that not only can this aircraft bomb targets
        into next year with a staggering amount of UGBLs, but it can also hold
        it's own against entire squadrons on fighters alone. It can be tricky to
        use well until you get used to it's strange handling, but once you do
        few of the game's aircraft can topple it. The best bomber in the game.
    ---   5x. Hawk Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR77
    The first of the bonus planes, this is actually an aerobatic aircraft.
         5x1. Hawk ---------------------------------------------------- AR78
        SPEED      --- 73        ANTI-AIR    --- 51
        STABILITY  --- 34        ANTI-GROUND --- 16
        MOBILITY   --- 41
        DEFENCE    --- 42
        MISSILES    --- 56        SPECICAL    --- 06 QAAM
        OS: Red/White
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Grey, blue trim
        written on the side.
        UNLOCK BY  --- Complete Mission 25: Heartbreak One
        COST       --- 5000
        OVERALL    --- 33/100
        The first of the three bonus aircraft and the easiest to unlock, just
        finish the mission Heartbreak One. Fairly rubbish in all aspects, it is
        the training jets that the Wardog squadron used and the ones that
        you use to escape in Final Option. You are unlikely to use it much, but
        it's nice to see it as a selectable plane.
        Interesting note?: the normal colour for the aircraft is red as a reference
        to the UK's RAF display team the Red Arrows, who used this plane in their
    ---   5y. X-02 Family ----------------------------------------------------- AR79
    Erusia's trusty death-bringer
         5y1. X-02 Wyvern ------------------------------------------ AR80
        SPEED      --- 78        ANTI-AIR    --- 94
        STABILITY  --- 90        ANTI-GROUND --- 67
        MOBILITY   --- 99
        DEFENCE    --- 67
        MISSILES    --- 84        SPECICAL    --- 14 XLAA
        OS: Light Grey
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Orange with horizontal black stripes
        UNLOCK BY  --- Buy one of each plane except the FALKEN
        COST       --- 39700
        OVERALL    --- 98/100
        The old special plane from AC04 makes its welcome return, and it is just as
        unstoppable as last time. Good speed, ridiculous mobility, great
        stability, the best normal special weapon, lots of normal missiles, looks
        the business, has great colour schemes and a large price tag. Save up
        and get four, do your part for foreign imports!
        Interesting note?: As mentioned above, the X-02 Wyvern was the hidden
        aircraft in Ace Combat 04. If you have never played the game, look at the
        world map, there is another continent to the left of the continent Osea is
        on called Usea. In there is a country called Erusia, who made the
        plane, but never deployed it. See interesting (?)
    ---   5z. FALKEN Family --------------------------------------------------- AR81
    Not really much to say about this plane other then it is the equivalent of just
    shooting the pilots before they even get in the cockpits.
         5z1. Falken ----------------------------------------------- AR82
        SPEED      --- 83        ANTI-AIR    --- 99
        STABILITY  --- 82        ANTI-GROUND --- 93
        MOBILITY   --- 99
        DEFENCE    --- 67
        MISSILES    --- 84        SPECICAL    --- 14 TLS
        OS: Red
        RZ: Black with grey nose and red vertical stabiliser flare
        SP: Dark/Light blue camouflage
        UNLOCK BY  --- Destroy the five FALKEN hangers in the missions
        COST       --- 826000
        OVERALL    --- 99/100
        Ah-ha! We come to the paradox of the Falken. This aircraft is the secret,
        unlockable aircraft for the game. And it is almost perfect, it has the
        best stats of all the planes in the game and the most powerful special
        Unfortunately, here's the paradox part. The plane is too good!
        It maybe just me, but using this makes the game a lot less fun.
        Although it is good to use just to see how much it kicks all the other
        aircrafts tails. See the DYK section for some facts about the Falken.
    6. THE WALKTHROUGH -------------------------------------------------------- AC00
    Amidst the eternal waves of time
    From a ripple of change shall the storm rise
    Out of the Abyss peer the eyes of a demon
    Behold the Ragriz, it's wings a black sheath
    The demon soars through dark skies
    Fear and death trail it's shadow
    Until men united wield a hallowed sabre
    In the final reckoning the beast is slain
    As the Demon sleeps man turns on man
    His own blood and madness spread throughout the earth
    From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz
    It's raven wings ablaze with majestic might
    ---                                #1 SHOREBIRDS                       AC01 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- HT BK 1: F-4 (no choice)       BLAZE: F-5E (no choice)                  ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-5E (no choice)      EDGE:  F-5E (no choice)                  ---
    # Follow the lead aircraft (HTBRK ONE) closely
    # Hold your fire until further orders
    # Destroy all indicated Targets (TGT)
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 1/5                        ---
    Okay, first mission in the game and surprise, surprise, it's really easy. For
    the first part, all you have to do is stay in formation and follow Bartlett
    (HTBRK ONE).
    As soon as you hear "Tally Ho, we've got company, let's go!" Hit L1 to slow down
    or you might hit one of the aircraft ahead of you. Turn right with the squadron
    and trail the SR-71.
    Continue following the squadron's formation, this time taking the left side as
    Edge falls back to the trail position. You will approach four enemy aircraft.
    However, you cannot shoot at them. Let them fire at you (they almost certainly
    miss) and then turn left through 180 degrees to intercept.
    After a bit of radio chatter, the aircraft become shootable and your objective
    changes to 'destroy the targets'. Use the tactics mentioned in the above section
    to get rid of them. If you have trouble with them, stay close to another
    wingman, Bartlett will destroy them in around 5 minutes.
    After they are destroyed another wave of MiGs arrive. Try to get a feel for
    shooting them down. If you have destroyed all the aircraft so far yourself
    you are treated to another wave. Shoot them down as well and your done.
    After they all go for a drink the mission ends.
    Get the S rank: ~1750 points, 20 minutes
    To get the S rank all you have to do is shoot down every plane in the first two
    waves yourself, then destroy the entire third wave as well as the named pilot.
    Get the Named Pilot: GIGANTOR
    Destroy all of the first two waves yourself, GIGANTOR is behind the third wave.
    Make sure you take him out before the rest of them as the mission will end.
    UNLOCKS: HAWK 3rd colour
    ---                               #2 OPEN WAR                          AC02 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- HT BK 1: F-4 (no choice)        BLAZE: F-5 (no choice)                  ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-5 (no choice)        EDGE:  F-5 (no choice)                  ---
    # Destroy all indicated Targets (TGT)
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 1/5                        ---
    Once again you have no choice on your plane or command of the squadron,
    you're still only a nugget. Follow Heartbreak One to the UAVs and shoot them
    down. Bartlett doesn't engage so it's down to you, Edge and Chopper.
    This is a thinly veiled tutorial at using your gun. Line up the UAVs with the
    small dot when you get into gun range and fire a short burst. If it hit the UAV
    explodes, then move off to the next one.
    When the UAVs are destroyed a wave of fighters come from the west. Follow
    Bartlett away from them as Chopper falls behind. Soon after you are ordered to
    help out your fellow wingman, turn round and destroy any fighters that remain.
    After the cut scene it is mission complete.
    Get the S rank: ~1000 points, 7 minutes
    The easiest mission in the game to get an S on (where it is not given
    automatically). Just afterburner to the UAVs, shoot them down with missiles
    and turn to vector 275. Stay with the aircraft until they become targets and
    shoot them down.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    ---                            #3 NARROW MARGIN                        AC03 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: F-5 (no choice)        EDGE:  F-5 (no choice)                    ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-5 (no choice)                                                ---
    # Protect the aircraft carrier Kestrel from enemy attack as it escapes from port
    # Protect the aircraft carrier Kestrel form enemy attack as it escapes to open
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                         ---
    If you remember the mission Invincible Fleet from the last game, then this
    should be familiar. This time however you are defending the ships instead of
    sinking them and the first mission where you get to be the lead plane.
    Nagase will ask to cover your six, it doesn't matter how you reply she will
    still do it. Wow, this squadron is good at following orders aren't they? After
    you get to the battlefield give the order to disperse.
    You also have a fellow fighter, Swordsman flying an F-14, he cannot be
    commanded as part of your squad but will shoot down a couple of planes.
    As the mission starts I recommend you destroy the two A-6s ahead of you and
    then stick to the Kestrel shooting anything near it. When everything close by is
    gone, spread out and attack the other enemies, always keeping a check on the
    Kestrel, it can soak up damage but can also be destroyed and if it is then you
    have failed the mission.
    There will be more waves waiting for the Kestrel so keep attacking. When you
    hear a line about bodies floating in the waves and a short monologue
    courtesy of Chopper the mission begins the second phase.
    The main threat from this part of the mission is the NIMRODs that are flying
    over the Kestrel. For now concentrate on destroying the few enemy fighters that
    appear. Keep checking the east of the map for three aircraft flying together.
    When you see them, move to their six o'clock. They should be three NIMRODs
    flying towards the carrier. Use a combination of missiles and guns to take
    them down, note that sometimes the NIMRODs will spread out, hunt them down and
    destroy them before they make too many bombing runs at the Kestrel. When the
    first go down another group will appear, so take these out too.
    If you have trouble finding the NIMRODs (they are not identified as targets)
    head back over to the Kestrel, hold above it and one will come along soon
    When the Kestrel starts getting close to the enemy ships (they are small white
    squares on the map), start attacking. Destroy the missile boats first to
    stop any distractions, then sink the rest of the fleet to complete the mission.
    NOTE- NIMRODs are quite large and will take three missiles to destroy.
    NOTE- If you do not destroy the enemy vessels in time then the Kestrel will
    attack them; providing it is not destroyed doing this it will trigger the end
    of the mission after it breaks through.
    Get the S rank: ~9400 points, 18 minutes
    Amassing the required amount of points shouldn't be too hard with all of the
    targets in the first part of the level. To get as many as possible destroy all
    the first aircraft, then hang around the bridge for a flight of 3 more to come
    from the NNW, then the A-6s from the East that fly under the bridge. When they
    are destroyed the area should have about 5-8 (depending on the difficulty) more
    fighters inside. Take them all out yourself always going for the ones that
    a non-wingman aircraft is aiming for as their kills don't count towards your
    total. When the second part starts, destroy all the local fighters before going
    for the NIMRODS. After the waves are destroyed, get rid of any remaining
    aircraft and go for the ships.
    Get the Named Pilot: ZIPANG
    After the last Nimrod waves are down ZIPANG appears north west of the Kestrel
    and acts like any other AI fighter. Get him as soon as he appears, otherwise you
    will have to go looking for him.
    UNLOCKS: F-14 3rd colour scheme
    ---                            #4 FIRST FLIGHT                         AC04 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: F-5                EDGE:  F-5                                    ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-5              ARCHER: F-5 (no choice)                       ---
    # Destroy all indicated Targets (TGT)
    # Protect Grimm (ARCHER) from enemy attack as he takes off
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 1/5                         ---
    Before this mission starts, there is a cool cut scene of the base being bombed,
    be sure to use the right analogue stick to look outside the cockpit. After the
    scene you are required to take off. No planes will attack you while you do this
    and considering what you have been doing up to this point, it shouldn't be a
    Destroy the two F-4s in front of you then turn all the way around to face Sand
    Island. There will be a mixture of bombers that are grouped together and will
    periodically fly over Sand Island, bomb the base, fly away and turn around
    for another run; and fighters that either fly alone, or in groups of up to
    If you are trying to just complete the mission without achieving the S rank,
    then head for the targets only. However, to do it the old fashioned way, take
    out any and all aircraft at your leisure. The bombers targets are random,
    but the base itself will be destroyed if it takes enough damage.
    When all the fighters are destroyed, or after a certain amount of time elapses
    there will be another short cutscene. Pops takes off and Grimm comes out of
    the hanger in Bartlett's F-5. From this point you have to guard Grimm as he
    makes his way towards the runway. Several more fighters and bombers enter the
    area, the bombers will attack the base again whilst the fighters will go for
    any remaining FRNDs, your squadron and Grimm.
    Take out all the bombers in the area (they are arrows with circles on the map)
    and use the right thumbstick to watch Grimm making sure that nobody is
    attacking him, soon you hear Grimm announce his take off and Chopper yell at
    him to cover his six.
    Another friendly will appear to the east of Sand Island, this is 'His
    Highness' Lieutenant Colonel Ford. For now take out any remaining fighters
    out there. Try to get rid of them all before he yells at Chopper. More fighters
    and bombers will now appear behind the Colonel. Hit disperse if you haven't
    done already, As soon as the new wave appears fight the bombers and take them
    down. When the last one falls it is mission complete.
    Get the S rank: ~10,000 points, 20 minutes
    O_o That's a lotta lot of points to get for just a big dog fight with a couple
    of bombers thrown into the mix. Actually it is not that hard at all, it just
    takes strategy. Firstly, after mopping up the fighters directly ahead of you,
    turn and attack one of the groups of bombers, take them down and do the same
    for another one. Hit disperse in the order menu and ignore the last bomber
    unit and go after all of the fighters. Take them all out until only the
    remaining two bombers are left, which you should then down.
    After the Colonel is shot down, employ the same tactic again. Take out all but
    two of the bombers, destroy the fighters (including the second and third
    waves.) After there are no more, destroy the bombers and it is mission complete
    with the S, hoorah!
    Get the Named Pilot: MINDRIPPER
    Simple pilot to find and shoot down, the ace appears after you shoot down 2
    enemy aircraft. He appears in the north west of Sand Island.
    UNLOCKS: F-4 3rd colour scheme
    ---                            #5 RENDEZVOUS                          AC05 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                       ---
    --- BLAZE: F-5                   EDGE: F-5                                 ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-5                 ARCHER: F-5                               ---
    # Protect the three aircraft carriers including the KESTREL from enemy attack
    ---                        MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                         ---
    Keep flying straight and level when the mission starts and listen to the
    dialogue between Chopper and Thunderhead, the mission doesn't get going for a
    few more seconds.
    When the tempo of the music changes and enemies appear on radar change course to
    incept and put your squadron on attack.
    This mission is similar to Narrow Margin, only this time you have not one
    carrier to protect, but three! The Kestrel, Buzzard and Vulture can all take
    massive amounts of damage, but can also be sunk so always be aware of any
    enemies getting too close.
    Most of the attacks come in five main waves, but for now hit attack and destroy
    the aircraft that just appeared. There is now a mixture of Harriers and A-6s.
    Turn to intercept them, try to take one or two out before they past you, then
    turn around and destroy the rest of them. Now another wave will appear both
    east and west of the carriers. Since you should be in front of them still,
    take out the new wave. Then fly right over the carriers and destroy the others.
    You may have a hard time hitting the Harriers as they fly quite low and very
    slowly; finally, if you haven't already put your team on disperse.
    Another wave appears from the east and west again, these guys are more or less
    the same as wave two.
    The fourth wave comes from the west after there are two aircraft remaining in
    the third. Shoot them all down and stay west for the next group. Group five come
    in low from the east and west at around 900 feet. Go low and shoot them before
    they get in range, then head east and take out the other group, that should now
    be attacking the carriers, whew...
    If you are playing on Ace, this is where it gets slightly harder. A group of
    fighters appear far east, set the squad on attack and after burn it to them,
    they fire long range anti-ship missiles. In Normal mode each ship can take about
    seven of these, in Ace they can take about two or three, the missiles get more
    accurate the more advanced difficulty you're on.
    By the time you reach them, they would have probably already fired a few shots.
    Take the rest of them down and head back to the fleet.
    There will be a short scene where a ballistic missile falls on the fleet, the
    game positions you away from the blast however you won't get hit. After all the
    chatter, climb and hold position at any altitude above 5000 feet and stay there.
    After all the team and Swordsman survive the second shot, the mission is
    complete, if not a total success.
    Get the S rank: ~-- points, 9min 30sec
    The time for this mission can be a bit tight if this is your first time playing
    an Ace Combat game.
    The best way to complete the mission in the time limit, is to play the mission
    in the free mission mode after one completion. Use an aircraft with a high
    speed. Follow the walkthrough above as fast as possible using any special
    weapon you have. Try to clear the carriers airspace before the SXLAS fire.
    This may take a bit of practise to familiarise yourself with the mission.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    Now would be a good opportunity use your money that you have collected
    throughout the last few missions to buy two F-16s, this increases the competency
    of your squadron.
    ---                            #6 WHITE BIRD PT. i                     AC06 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: F-16 (F-5)          EDGE:  F-16 (F-5)                            ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-5 (F-16)        ARCHER: F-5 (F-16)                           ---
    # Destroy all indicated Targets (TGT)
    # Prevent the enemy target from reaching the mass driver
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                        ---
    This is a simple guard mission. Transport planes will drop tanks with
    parachutes, when they land they will charge for the Mass Driver (the big
    catapult). The Mass Driver itself has two perimeters of pillboxes, but
    these do very little damage.
    There are two ways that you can destroy the tanks: as they descend you can use
    your cannon to rupture the parachute, or when it lands, fire two missile at it
    to destroy it. If even one tank makes it to the mass driver it is mission
    failure. Check on your map, the tanks are marked as ground targets.
    When the mission starts, hit disperse, trail and shoot down the nearby
    transport plane, try to destroy it before it gets over land and starts dropping
    airborne tanks. If it survives it will drop two tanks. If it does start
    dropping try to hit their parachutes, causing them to fall to certain doom.
    More C-130s will have dropped more enemies. If you can hit some more before
    they get to the ground it will make your life slightly easier, if not then
    hit them with two missiles each. After two more tanks are destroyed, head to
    the next group. By the time they are gone yet more C-130s will have dropped
    more units of two tanks. Take them all out.
    The Yukes now take a different course of action. They launch cruise missiles
    at the Mass Driver, and priority moves to destroying them before they hit.
    The missiles themselves are a pain to hit from the front or side; instead,
    stick around the Mass Driver and watch your map with the square button.
    Several groups of two cruse missiles are heading towards it. Head over to
    any of them, fly past and turn through 180 degrees, fire a missile
    at both and head back to the Mass Driver. Choose the next closest
    target and rinse and repeat until the missiles stop coming. From there it is
    mission complete after the laser capsule takes off.
    The Mass Driver can take around 15 missiles before being destroyed.
    There is also another way to complete the mission. When the cruise missiles
    start heading your way, look on the map to see three lone targets in the
    corners. These are the B-2s firing the cruise missiles. Switch to
    attack and destroy them to stop the missiles, (you must do this fast as the
    mass driver will be getting hit). Don't bother keeping disperse on as your
    wingmen follow you anyway and more often you will pass them on your way back.
    Thanks to Rob Morgan for the info.
    **Note- Despite the short conversation at the start, the Arkbird will not come
    under fire in this mission.
    Get the S rank: ~10,000 points, 15mins
    This is one of the easier missions to get an S in, all that is required is that
    you destroy everything. When the mission starts, let the C-130 drop it's tanks,
    then destroy it. Turn right and destroy the next transport, then right and the
    next one etc. When the transports have all been shot down or otherwise left the
    area concentrate on the tanks. When they are all wreckage destroy the fighters
    around the area and wait for the missiles to come. Take them all out as you
    normally would to get the S.
    Get the Named Pilot: ZAHARADA
    When the cruise missile are being fired he starts near a random B-2 and flies
    towards the Mass Driver.
    Unlocks: MIR-2000d 3rd colour scheme
    You should have enough money for two A-10s at this time. If not then I recommend
    using the trusty ol' F-5E. Also if you have the left over money get another
    ---                              #7 FRONT LINE                         AC07 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: A-10 (F-16)           EDGE:  F-16 (F-5e)                         ---
    --- CHOPPER: A-10 (F-5e)         ARCHER: F-16 (F-5e)                        ---
    # Prevent the enemy (HOVERCRAFT, AH-64) from advancing east
    # Prevent the enemy fleet from firing on Sand Island
    # Destroy the SCINFAXI
    # Avoid burst missile attacks
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                       ---
    Once again Sand Island is under attack, this time you have all the nuggets that
    you brought back from Hierlark base flying with you, don't get too attached to
    them though.
    Survey the area with the square button, there are a lot of baddies and you
    can't let them escape to the east, or they will land on Sand Island. What you
    are facing are: Frigates, Cruisers, Hovercraft and Helicopters. The Frigates
    are the fastest boat and will race towards Sand Island, the Cruisers move
    slower and provide heavy support for the other units, the hovercraft will
    swarm at Sand Island, using numbers to bludgeon their ways through your
    air assault and the AH-64 choppers cover all other units. Not to mention
    fighters trying to distract you.
    Make sure you disperse the squadron and allow special weapons. Your wingmen
    won't do too much in the way of sinking stuff but will engage enemies while
    you attack. The nuggets on the other hand generally waft around and get shot
    When the mission starts head over to the front of the attacking forces. These
    will be a mixture of hovercraft, frigates and AH-64s. Use your AG missiles
    (if in the A-10, bombs for the F-16) on the ships and insert missiles in
    the hovercraft and choppers.
    Peel off to the left and start taking out the forces flank leaving any fighters
    to your squadron; help them out if they're getting overwhelmed. With the
    left side gone, pick of all the remaining assault force, but try to save some
    special weapon ammo, you're going to need it in a few minutes.
    Listen out for Nagase mentioning a sub launched missile. Then wait until
    Thunderhead starts counting down, when he does ascend to 5000 ft. Before the
    missile impacts, the Arkbird destroys it, so head back down and make sure no
    targets cross the line to Sand Island. The Scinfaxi fires another missile, this
    time there's no need to go up to 5000 ft.
    The Scinfaxi now launches several missiles, the sona-bouy has been disabled
    and the Arkbird can't target anything. When Thunderhead starts counting
    down go above 5000ft and wait until the blast clears. Destroy what remains of
    the Yuke invasion fleet and wait for the first 'boss' of the game.
    The Arkbird will fire at the Scinfaxi and cause it to surface. For a ship that
    spends most of it's time underwater it has a massive amount of AA weapons. Stay
    high and out of it's way. Change to what special weapon ammo you have left and
    shoot everything you have at it's facilities, you want to be aiming for the
    named target 'Scinfaxi'. Only attach the Scinfaxi after it launches a burst
    missile, then go above 5000ft, wait for the explosion then attack again etc.
    When everything is destroyed avoid flying over the Scinfaxi, Arkbird will shoot
    it again and a new target opens up. Switch to attack and destroy the sub to
    complete the mission.
    Get the S rank: ~17,000 points, 20mins
    Another quite high margin for getting the S grade, but still no time limit to
    worry about. The easiest way of getting the S in this mission is to just
    choose a fast, well armed plane (the F-35c is perfect for this) and destroy
    everything wildly. Make sure both waves of assault forces are gone before
    the Scinfaxi fight.
    During your clearing of the assault forces, don't try to dodge the first
    two burst missiles since none of them detonate. Just remember to dodge
    the third one, and the ones lauched when fighting the Scinfaxi.
    The most annoying part of this mission (on Ace especially) is being destroyed
    when trying to attack the grossly over-protected submarine.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                            #8 HANDFUL OF HOPE                      AC08 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: F-16                  EDGE:  F-16                                ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-16                ARCHER: F-5                                ---
    # Escort the transport plane (C-5) to the north of the map
    # Avoid the AA systems indicated as circles on your radar
    # Protect the transport plane (C-5)from enemy attack
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                        ---
    Take a look at the map, in the middle are a stretch of 'bubbles'.
    This is the AA engagement zone; also look to your left, you only have Nagase
    with you for now. Keep flying on your original heading and listen to the
    radio chatter, soon there will be a cut-scene.
    Now you have to escort a transport aircraft to the other side of the engagement
    zone. Easy? Well actually no. It is not broadcasting a valid transponder code,
    so if it falls into a defence zone it will be fired at. Quite why the squadron
    have taken to guiding unidentified aircraft which no friendly transponder
    through their countries lines of defence is unknown. Hmmmm.
    The transport cannot turn too well, so any sharp turns will leave them heading
    straight into an engagement zone. The key to this mission is the rudder, using
    it to make slow wide turns that keep the escort plane on course. As for
    acceleration, I recommend that unless you are on a stright leave the L1 and
    R1 buttons alone and let the plane fly normally (you will not stall).
    So head for the entrance ahead and hang on.
    **Note- this map is elaborated to give the general idea, the exact
    shape is slightly different (mainly there is not as much room). However,
    the route is explained as you will find it below the map.
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                   0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    XXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX              XXXXXXXXXXX  (4)               0    XXXXXXX
                    0              0        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX        0   XXX
                0                            XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX        0    XXX
            0                 XX    0      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX        0    XXXX
         0                   XXXX          XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX        0  XXXXXXX
       0         X            XX      0   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX       0  XXXXXXXXX
      0  (1)  XXXXXXXX                             \(A)/        0     XXXXXXXX
      0     XXXXXXXXXXXX                 0                    0      XXXXXXXXX
      0   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                 0    XXXXXXXX
      0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                 0          0    XXXXXX
     0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                    0   0     XXXXXX
    S                                    XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    1) After entering, follow the path until you get to a right turn. At this
       point turn to the area shown as (2).
    2) From here turn back south and around ridge (A), then follow it round to
       the north.
    3) Follow the hairpin turn all the way around to point west. there is a small
       bubble in the centre of the turn, make sure you go around the outside to
       give the transport best angle to turn (you will also get an update about
       your turning from the captian).
    4) Mind the bump on the way out by moving slightly south.
    5) Turn north west to miss the last bubble. The exit also has a zone in
       the middle, both sides are wide enough for all the planes to pass through
       easily however.
    There are several other zones along the flight path so use the rudder to avoid
    them, the very small circles however are safe for both aircraft to fly through
    except on Ace.
    It's strange that they would leave such a gaping hole in the AA system isn't?
    As soon as you exit the system your mission updates and the C-5 flies north west
    away from the enemy who is approaching from the extreme North, Chopper and
    Archer fly on from the south to back you up.
    Fly for the nearest wave of fighters and shoot them down. Then head back and
    out the next wave. If a single plane escapes you and gets close to the transport
    immediately fly back and take it out. Also, if the enemy stats swarming all over
    the transport, shoot as many as possible whilst on Attack then fly off. Most of
    the ones you hit should follow you. One more wave later and the remaining
    fighters retreat and now it's time to fight a far more lethal enemy.. windmills!
    Head back to your escort and search for ground targets, there are several
    cluttered around the flight path of the transport. Take them out and kill any
    remaining fighters in the area (but do not chase them). More ground targets
    appear a few seconds later, take the last of them out. You have only about 1
    minute to do this so you should be close to the transport when they appear.
    When they are all gone, the plane lands and the 8492nd Squadron come in and
    take over, mission complete!
    **Note- Did you get the reference to AC04? The C-5 was heading to
    North Point in Usea (A major location in the last game as ISAF's last base).
    Get the S rank: ~3600 points, 15mins
    Getting an S in Handful of Hope is sometimes more challenging then people
    think. All you have to do is shoot down all of the enemy fighters that come
    over the border in the second half of the mission. This added to the bonus
    for hitting the windmills gets you the S. Once again, it is sometimes better
    to do this in Free mission when you have several fast planes.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    Using your money from the last mission buy some more A-10s.
    ---                             #9 LIT FUSE                            AC09 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: A-10 (F-5)            EDGE:  A-10 (F-5)                          ---
    --- CHOPPER: A-10 (F-5)          ARCHER: A-10 (F-5)                         ---
    #Protect the ground forces (CO.A-D) and neutralise enemy defence positions (TGT)
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                        ---
    This is mostly an air support mission. Along the beach there are several defence
    positions in the form of Pillboxes, and Tanks. When the mission starts hit
    disperse and special weapons, then make your way to the beach ahead of the
    ground team.
    Whilst the companies row their way to their landing sites you have the
    opportunity to clear the way. Take a look on the map to see where they will
    land and take out the resistance waiting for them. To do this, it's much easier
    to fly to one end of the beach and make your way to the other side while using
    your special weapons, missiles and guns to selectively bomb enemies laying in
    wait, then turn completely around and do the same.
    After the units land more enemies appear. Switch to normal missiles and keep
    flying from one side of the beach to the other, wiping out the enemies that
    happen to be closest to your ground forces.
    When the squads get to the hills TGTs will appear. You need to place priority
    in attacking these as they can decimate your forces. After they are down move
    to using the same beach-combing tactic, only over the hills. Make sure that
    there are no tanks or pillboxes blocking any of your forces movements.
    The bunkers you attacked before flash up as targets again, so take them out for
    good, by this time there probably won't be too many enemies left, so just go
    where you are needed most. After a while two more targets flash up, then again.
    Finally your allies will make it to the fortress (the pentagon looking thing).
    From here on, stick around and destroy the two guns at the front to give your
    allies the best chance of moving inside while attacking any enemies and TGTs
    pop up. When the ground forces get into the centre it's mission complete, and
    from what score you got one of the ground teams messages will be different.
    Because of the hectic nature of this mission and they way it can be different
    each time you play it, it's not possible to tell you which units to attack
    first. A unit in a deadly position on one try maybe completely harmless another.
    because of this it is easier if you 'beach-comb' or otherwise go where you are
    most needed.
    Get the S rank: ~8000 points, 10mins
    Finishing the mission in the time limit can be quite a task in this mission.
    To get the S rank I would recommend using a fast plane with a lot of bombs
    (the MIR-2000 is a good choice). Use the map to look for targets and bomb,
    missile and gun them all. Use bombs to destroy all the targets as soon as they
    pop up and use your current score to estimate how many aircraft you have to
    shoot down to get to 8000.
    The beach combing tactic takes too long to be used if you're going for the S.
    Instead just hang around and destroy everything that you can. The less
    resistance, the faster the ground units can go. If you do get the S, the ground
    unit's message will be 'you're a father'.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                              #10 BLIND SPOT                        AC10 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: MIR-2000              EDGE:  F-16                                ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-16                ARCHER: F-16                               ---
    # Destroy the target (TGT) before it escapes the map
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 4/5                       ---
    The main reason this mission is difficult is because you have to move very fast
    to destroy all the transports before they exit the map.
    When the mission starts switch your command to attack and enable special
    weapons. Then go up to 22000 and about 3/4s acceleration. You should see a small
    white plane ahead with no markers (this makes it hard to spot if you don't know
    where to look). Get close to it and trail it until a marker appears after Grimm
    notices that they are jammers, Shoot down the E-767.
    Ignore the transports and use your afterburners to move ahead to the group in
    front. Stay at 22000 and destroy the next E-767.
    Move to the last group and take down the last E-767, then the transports below.
    Now move back to the group that you destroyed the second jammer (the one ahead
    of the first group). Take out all the transports, then do the same for the last
    While doing this mission you'll hear the 8492nd attack a civilian target, when
    Thunderhead asks you if you opened fire on a civilian building, reply no and
    continue mopping up the transports. When they are wreckage the mission is
    **Note- Don't shoot any transports until the jammers are down as they create
    false signals. This means you may end up wasting missile firing at targets
    that don't exist.
    Get the S rank: ~13,000 points, 9mins
    Another tricky mission to get the S rank on if you are using the early
    aircraft. If you are on free mission it's simple case of doing the above guide
    Get the Named Pilot: DUNE
    The toughest named pilot to shoot down, not because he is hard to shoot down,
    but because he is so far away from everything else on a mission where time is
    already tight.
    Because of the distance that you need to travel, I recommend doing this mission
    in the MiG-31m on free mission.
    When the mission starts, shoot down the E-767s as described. When the attack on
    the civilian target happens, there is an aircraft to the south-west, almost at
    the point where you started. This is the named pilot.
    Before going over, destroy all the second group and all but the most southerly
    of the next. Now race to the named pilot and take him out using a XLAA. Then
    using as much speed as you can get, get to the last target and destroy it
    before it flies of the edge of the map with a few XLAAs.
    Unlocks: EA-6B 3rd colour scheme
    During the and of the mission Chopper will ask a question about a song called
    'Face of the Coin'. Your answer will decide which two mission you get next.
    None of them are particularly hard, but I recommend pressing 'no' as Reprisal
    and Four Horsemen are more interesting missions.
    Press 'yes' for Chain Reaction and Powder Keg or 'no' for Reprisal and Four
    ---                          #11a CHAIN REACTION                       AC11 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: F-16                  EDGE:  F-16                                ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-16                ARCHER: F-16                               ---
    # Destroy all indicated Targets (TGT)
    # Protect the airport from enemy attack
    ---                            MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                      ---
    The harder of the two missions, although not by a whole lot. You must defend the
    airport from attack by a group of extremist Yuke fighters.
    When the mission starts, order attack and destroy the F-14s to the north. When
    they are destroyed head west and destroy the advancing fighters at 6000 ft.
    When they are destroyed watch the tanks come out of the transports and head back
    to the airport, all targets must be destroyed before the tanks can destroy the
    airport (around six and a half minutes). Set the order to disperse and start
    focusing on the tanks, which take 2 missiles to beat. After all of the tanks are
    gone aim for the transport aircraft, and then the airborne ones.
    After the ground troops are gone, more enemy fighters appear from the south.
    Shoot them all down to complete the mission.
    **Note- When attacking the tanks and transports take some time to get rid of
    some of the fighters that are aiming at the civilian aircraft, if one is
    destroyed, the mission fails.
    Get the S rank: ~0 points, 8mins
    Once again, this is a simple speed mission. Destroy everything fast!
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                              #11b REPRISAL                         AC12 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: MIR-2000 (no choice)      EDGE:  MIR-2000 (no choice)            ---
    --- CHOPPER: MIR-2000 (no choice)    ARCHER: MIR-2000 (no choice)           ---
    # Neutralise the poison gas using your special weapon
    # Pursue the terrorists
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                         ---
    While the attack is going on at the airport, you have to stop chemical weapons
    in this collage town.
    When the mission starts hit disperse and allow special weapons. The gas does not
    appear on your radar but it's fairly obvious where it's coming from. It is
    better if you use the first person view to complete this mission as it gives you
    a 360 degree view without either the cockpit or the plane getting in the way.
    To stop the gas bombs, you must equip your special weapon, then aim the
    piper directly at the base of the gas. The chemical weapons are invisible
    targets that can only be destroyed by your special weapon, if you hit is you
    will get a target destroyed sign on your HUD.
    The city is placed on two sides of a river, with gas attacks on both ends. Since
    it is closer attack all the gas bombs on the west side, then move east and get
    the rest of them, you will know when either side is free of gas by an
    announcement from the police.
    After all the gas is neutralised, there will be a police chase between the cops
    and terrorists. Your mission objective changes and the terrorist vehicle is
    marked. There isn't a whole lot to do at the minute except to watch them go, is
    it just me or are you reminded of Micro Machines?
    Annnyway... the terrorists will throw dangerous, things like gatling guns and
    TVs (?) at the police. Just ignore them and for the time being watch the chase.
    The terrorist's truck cannot be targeted but will take damage if you shoot
    it with your gun, destroying it will fail the mission though.
    The police will assemble a blockade on a nearby bridge, when the terrorists get
    there helicopters will come in to pick them up.
    These are already at close range, so don't let them get any closer to the
    You only have guns to work with for this mission so you'll have to get in
    range to shoot them. The helicopters use the buildings to avoid being hit so
    don't go too fast or you'll smash into them yourself.
    After the three waves of helicopters are destroyed it's mission complete and the
    dad get to go home to his daughters birthday HOORAY!
    Get the S rank: ~0 points, 10mins
    Another time mission, destroy the stuff that the terrorists throw at the police
    if you feel like it. Most of the time here is taken up on the police chase so
    don't be fooled by the nice time limit.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                              #12a POWDER KEG                       AC13 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: MIG-29                EDGE: MIG-29                               ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-16                ARCHER: F-16                               ---
    # Destroy all indicated Targets (TGT)
    # Adjust your angle of attack when firing into a tunnel
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                       ---
    This time you are destroying a weapons storage facility. For this entire mission
    you will get the warning alarm as there are supposed to be troops in the jungle
    with SAMs. These are not targetable, but when you go too low they will fire at
    You targets are the tunnels. They are protected so bombs and normal missile
    attacks won't work. You have to go low to the ground, find the opening and
    shoot a missile into the tunnel.
    There are not a lot of targets to get, and a whole load of side enemies so
    this is a perfect opportunity to score large amounts of points and get more
    credits to get better planes. Switch your orders to disperse and start
    destroying the targets, when there is only one left destroy the remaining enemy
    facilities until you have only 1 minute left (or you destroy them all), then hit
    the last target and complete the mission.
    As far as missions go this is not a very interesting one, and there is not a
    lot of help that can be given other then what has already been said. Remember
    look out for those SAMs.
    Get the FALKEN: Destroy a FALKEN hanger.
    Look down, there is a river below, fly above it until you get to a fork, follow
    it to the east and look ahead. A target labelled 'Hanger' will appear, destroy
    Get the S rank: ~10,000 points, 20mins
    Get the S rank as detailed in the above walkthrough.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                             #12b FOUR HORSEMEN                     AC14 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: MIG-29                EDGE:  MIG-29                              ---
    --- CHOPPER: F-16                ARCHER: F-16                               ---
    # Synchronise you attacks with your wingmen to destroy enemy radar sites
    # Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
    ---                             MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                     ---
    In my opinion one of the best missions in the game, you must work together with
    the rest of your squadron to destroy each TGT at precisely the same time. Take a
    look at your radar, there are four targets on four lines, if you pass one of
    these line without first destroying it's radar site then it's fission mailed
    time. However, there are also 3 more hidden targets on each row, and they all
    must be destroyed at the same time, see where this is going?
    Each squadron member takes a target, remember the ones they go for do not
    show up on your radar, leave them to it. Head to your closest target, the
    objective is to destroy it when Nagase says 'now!'. Then move to the next one.
    During the attack (presumably because Blaze has this thing against talking)
    Nagase is leading. Head to the first target and try to have it on screen when
    she says 'mark'. Keep moving towards your target. Try to be around 9000 feet
    away when she counts down from ten.
    Depending where you are you should alter the time you fire at the radar.
    Normally, it takes a missile about one second to travel just over 1000 ft.
    Use this gauge to work out when to fire:
    Dist. in feet       -   Time to missile hit (seconds)
    Less then 500 ft    -   less then 1/2
    1000 ft             -   1
    1500 ft             -   1 1/2
    2000 ft             -   2
    Remember, you have to destroy the radar, not fire on zero. You also get about a
    second either way so it doesn't have to be absolutely accurate, the trickier
    part is getting there at just the right time, if you arrive too early you will
    have to brake hard and may end up stalling or flying past the radar line,
    getting there too late means you can't fire in time and the mission is a
    failure. Also, remember you cannot fly past the target or you will fail the
    After you destroy the radar you can breath easy, at least for a few seconds. The
    stations get closer with each passing line, so you will have to take your
    aircraft to a slow speed to match the others, try not to fly too fast and end up
    turning as chances are you will miss the next shot. Again destroy the radar in
    time with the others.
    For the next target you have to speed up to get close to in time, again destroy
    it and the final one.
    One of the more annoying things in this mission is your wingmen may make a
    mistake and the attack run is aborted. If this happens break off and try to
    get back into a position where you can fire when the countdown restarts.
    When you get all the way through the radar network switch to attack and head to
    the far end of the base to destroy the C-5s on the taxi and runways. It's hard
    to get them all on the ground, so blast the rest while they're flying away.
    Like Power Keg, this is a great excuse to get a lot of money, there's
    lots of targets and time so reduce the base to rubble. Destroy all but one
    target first, then attack everything else, then as the time is about to run
    out, or you destroy everything, get the last target for maximum effect.
    Remember, the hangers have targets in them too, destroy the hangers and then
    attack the AA facilities inside them from up high.
    Get the FALKEN: Destroy a FALKEN hanger.
    Another easy one. While destroying things leave the 'Smokestacks' on the
    eastern side. Every now and again when a new batch of targets open up look to
    see if there is a enemy 'Hanger' near the smokestacks. If so destroy it, if
    not stick around destroying other things until it comes up. To confirm it's
    destruction listen for the message from Thunderhead: 'parts found in enemy
    hanger we'll ask the ground forces to retrieve them later'.
    Get the S rank: ~15,000 points, 20mins
    There's not really much more to say other then destroy all but one of the
    targets, then all of the side enemies, then the last target for an easy S
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                          #13 DEMONS OF RAZGRIZ                     AC15 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: MIG-29                EDGE:  MIG-29                              ---
    --- CHOPPER: MIG-29              ARCHER: MIG-29                             ---
    # Maintain altitude below 1000 feet (300 metres) and approach the target area
    # Your approach has been detected. The HRIMFAXI will fully submerged in 1
    >>minute. Attack it before it does.
    # Destroy the HRIMFAXI
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                       ---
    Remember all the way back when you had to sink the submarine Scinfaxi? Didn't
    you enjoy it? Well now you have to do it all again... in less than one minute.
    But first, we have to do some air-to-air re-fuelling, a new feature in an AC
    game. Check the relevant part of the guide (before the mission section) if you
    need help (find and BC04, then scroll up a bit).
    Okay, enough talk, let's sink something!
    For the first part you are not allowed to go above 1000 feet. You should not
    have trouble with this, but if it makes you feel better, press and hold the
    two back shoulder buttons to make the auto pilot keep you straight and level.
    When you pass one of the submarines, a timer appears, the Hrimfaxi will now dive
    in 60 seconds. Afterburner it all the way to the sub and fire two missiles or
    an air-to-ground missile if you happen to be carring them. Two missiles will
    disable it. After a short scene, the Hrimfaxi surfaces and shoots
    UAVs and a burst attack towards the Osea ground offensive.
    Like the Scinfaxi, the Hrimfaxi also has a large number of powerful AA weapons.
    Try to ignore these and focus on hitting the TGT.
    Also like it's sister ship, it will keep launching burst missiles at you. Use
    the same tactic as before: Fire then climb then fire etc. After a few passes,
    you should destroy it.
    Get the S rank: ~6700 points, 20mins
    This takes quite a lot of speed to get the S. Use something like the F-22 or
    MiG-31m. From the start, afterburn towards the picket subs. Destroy the first
    one and turn left. Start destroying as many as you can before the timer gets to
    around 25 seconds, then destroy the Hrimfaxi and supply sub, then the rest of
    the picket. You don't have to get them all, but about three quarters of them is
    Now destroy the AA gear on the Hrimfaxi (all but the TGT), when they are gone
    destroy the aircraft around it. Finally sink the Hrimfaxi and complete the
    mission with a well earned S.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    !!SPOILERS!! - If you haven't got up to this mission yet then it is not
    recommended that you read on as the plot starts to get going.
    ---                               #14 ICE CAGE                         AC16 ---
    ---                         Recommended Aircraft:                           ---
    --- BLAZE: MIG-31               EDGE:  MIG-31                               ---
    --- CHOPPER: MIG-31             ARCHER: MIG-31                              ---
    # Find and destroy all Targets (TGT) located throughout the map
    # Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter team
    ---                        MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                          ---
    Keep flying on your starting heading until you see enemies on the radar, hit
    attack for your wingmen. After you have taken them all out, three more groups
    will appear.
    These fighters have some stealth capabilities so you may not be able to detect
    them until you get close. Shoot down the remaining enemy planes; you'll know you
    got them all after the mission updates.
    Sea Goblin appears in the south east corner of the map, there are also several
    enemy AA weapons. Destroy all weapons that threaten the helicopters. When the
    first wave is destroyed another comes up, so take them out as well.
    When the choppers land go up to a safe altitude and watch the Sea Goblin team
    carry out their work.
    Before the mission ends, Nagase is shot down and the Gunship crashes into a
    mountain in the bad weather. Way to go Nagase!
    Get the S rank: ~0 points, 11mins
    As with all the timed missions there is nothing really to say apart from do the
    above things fast. :D
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                            #15 WHITE NOISE                         AC17 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- BLAZE: MIG-31                                                           ---
    --- CHOPPER: MIG-31             ARCHER: MIG-31                              ---
    # Search for Nagase (EDGE) by following the distress beacon signal.
    ---                        MISSION DIFFICULTY: 4/5                          ---
    One of the hardest missions in the game and also one of my favourites. It's
    time to rescue Nagase! There is a new instrument below your compass, that's your
    locater signal. The two dotted lines move closer together the closer you get to
    her direction, and the beeps get faster the closer you get.
    But first there is the small matter of enemy planes to take care of. Switch to
    attack and shoot them down. Next start flying in a 360 degree turn left or
    right. Watch the signal reader and when the dots meet fly that heading. As you
    get closer the beeps will increase. When you get close, a jammer AWACs appears.
    Look up to find it and shoot it down. Afterwards, keep following the locator
    until finally Edge appears as a friendly marker. Note, you do not have to fly
    ultra low for it to work. I would tell you where to find her, but where would
    the fun be in that? Also it changes to a random position every time ;)
    When you get Nagase on your radar Sea Goblin comes back and flies to her
    location. Head over there and clear all the AA weapons that appear under it, and
    take out the gunships and aircraft shooting at it.
    Use your aircraft as a distraction. Switch to attack and shoot all the planes
    while the helicopter heads over to Nagase. When you've got all the planes, head
    back over to Sea Goblin who should be near her by now. Shoot the helicopters
    and planes surrounding it and don't let them target the helicopter. It will
    eventually stop over Nagase and it's mission complete. Chopper asks you whether
    one of his favourite songs would be appropriate right now. With that done, the
    mission ends successfully. Getting through this mission is all about getting
    the enemy fighters away from Sea Goblin, see the tip below. Once they are gone
    it is just a matter of wiping up stragglers, making sure there are no AA
    weapons that threaten the helicopter and listen to the radio chatter.
    **NOTE- if there are a lot of aircraft attacking Sea Goblin, fire at as many
    aircraft as you can and then fly away from them. Most will follow you instead
    of attacking the chopper, meaning you can take them out safely.
    Get the S rank: ~8000 points, 8mins
    Getting the points shouldn't be a problem with all the aircraft that go after
    sea goblin. You may find that you get the S on your first playthrough anyway.
    Get the Named Pilot: DAREDEVIL
    When the E-767 jammer appears this Ace is just to it's east and slightly
    Unlocks: X-29a
    At the end of White Noise Chopper again asks you about the Face of the Coin
    song. Replying 'yes' gives you Desert Arrow and 'no' gives you Desert Thunder.
    Desert Thunder is the easier one, so if you have been having trouble so far
    go for that, otherwise I would recommend Thunder.
    ---                            #16a DESERT ARROW                       AC18 ---
    ---                         Recommended Aircraft:                           ---
    --- BLAZE: F-15                 EDGE:  F-15                                 ---
    --- CHOPPER: A-10               ARCHER: A-10                                ---
    # Score at least 10000 points within the time limit
    # Continue to destroy enemy forces until the time runs out
    # Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                        ---
    This makes a change from the last scenery doesn't it? There are two friendly
    positions that need protecting so allow special weapons and disperse the squad.
    This mission is like a juggling act, knowing where to be to provide the most
    effective cover for the allies attack and not neglecting one group while you
    spend all of your time mopping up insignificant light defence for the other.
    When fighters appear over the eastern attack force move in and shoot them
    all down. Next is the central force, who will also run into aircraft. Keep an
    ear out for the two sitreps that come it from the two forces, listen to which
    one (if any) need the most cover and head over to them.
    **NOTE- The bomber force (the eastern group) are the most vulnerable. They
    will all take serious damage by enemy fighters so although you shouldn't
    neglect the tank force (central group) always keep a watchful eye on the
    eastern side.
    Keep up the escort and try to avoid losing any bombers to maximise the damage
    they do. When a large amount of enemies appear ahead of the central battle
    group, head over and help bomb the enemy airfield. When everything is taken
    care of, head up to the top-centre of the map (it should appear as a large
    group of enemies on the map) and bomb them.
    You should just be destroying the last of the HQ when the time runs out and
    you should have easily amassed 10000 points by now.
    When the time runs out, providing you have enough points, an AWACs appears in
    the centre of the map. These guys have a lot of escorts, so take them all out
    first since there's a healthy time limit. You may run out of missiles while
    doing this, if so either focus on the enemy fighters or AWACs with your guns or
    just fly around the fight and let your wingmen shoot everything. After the AWACS
    and refuelling planes go down, it's mission complete.
    Now it is time to land on the strip you just captured. As normal it is a nice
    easy landing in a well-lit area, just stop anywhere on the runway. If you need
    help on landing look under the landing section of the tutorial above the
    missions section.
    Get the FALKEN: Destroy a FALKEN hanger.
    Not too difficult. Start from the airfield and head over to the HQ, about
    half way between them a hanger target will appear. Destroy it to get closer
    to the 900,000 credit death ship.
    Get the S rank: ~21,500 points, 20mins
    Although this looks like a joint ground/air target mission, you will do a lot
    better if you just use the best AA fighter you have. The advantages being, you
    can attack ground targets just as easily with missiles and guns; since all
    the ground targets are spread out, bombs don't really do much damage and
    fighters are the main enemy in this mission anyway.
    When the mission first starts head straight over to the eastern group and fly
    just behind the bombers. When the first enemies appear take them down, as well
    as the second wave the follows if you took them all out.
    Now head over to the tanks in the central area. Make sure that they're safe from
    the numerous enemies that appear. Then head north and start attacking the base,
    always keeping an eye on the expanded map to see if there is any trouble with
    the bombers or tanks.
    After a short time more fighters will move towards the bombers. By this time
    the majority of the base should be destroyed and the tanks should be close by.
    Head back over as fast as possible and destroy the fighters. While there is no
    immediate threat to the FRNDs start destroying the enemy HQ. Take out the FLAK
    guns near the centre so your bombers can get through unscathed. Also be sure to
    take out the HQ yourself, its worth the missiles believe me ;)
    Clear any fighters that may have tagged onto the bomber squadron and head back
    to the airfield to cover the tanks from the enemies which pop up. After they
    report the base captured and the HQ is being bombed unopposed finish off any
    enemies that may be lurking around.
    When the mission updates head over to the new targets. The first order is to
    actually attack the fighters since the TGTs don't actually go anywhere and
    don't put up serious defensive fire. When all the fighters go down check for
    any other non-target enemies that could be destroyed, and when you're ready
    bring down the TGTs to complete the S grade.
    Get the Named Pilot: COSM
    Arrives with the AWACS and refuelling aircraft appear. Thanks to Ryan for
    spotting him.
    ---                           #16b  DESERT THUNDER                     AC19 ---
    ---                           Recommended Aircraft:                         ---
    --- BLAZE: F-15                 EDGE:  F-15                                 ---
    --- CHOPPER: A-10               ARCHER: A-10                                ---
    # Score at least 10000 points within the time limit
    # Continue to destroy enemy forces until the time runs out
    # Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                        ---
    This mission is very similar to Desert Arrow, only with more enemies. There are
    two friendly forces that need protecting. A central one going after the oil
    facility and a western one that's trying to capture the local airstrip. However
    both are blocked by tanks and soon you will get several air support requests.
    Activate disperse and special weapons and go to work.
    Unlike in Desert Arrow, you cannot just destroy one wave of enemies and leave
    your allies to take their time to get to the base, this is the area with the
    thickest fighting and enemies will constantly block your tanks movements.
    Head over to the central group and take out the A-10s bombing your tanks. Then
    the enemy tanks that are shelling the allies. When the path is clear do the
    same for the next group.
    For now take out any fighters in the area and keep destroying the enemy
    positions as they block the forces. Listen for the sitreps of the combat area
    and use it to judge what needs the most support.
    When you get a break head to the oil refinery and start softening up the
    defence, when the tanks arrive move to the airstrip and do the same. While you
    do this keep checking your map that enemies don't block your troops. Also be
    wary of any A-10s as they do a lot of damage quite quickly.
    When the time runs out and you have 10000 points head to the targets just north
    of the airstrip the tanks captured. Destroy all the targets starting with the
    battleship to complete the mission.
    Landing time now. Line up the crosshairs (localizer and glide slope if you want
    to be technical) and hit the runway, well not hit as much as gently touch down.
    Get the FALKEN: Destroy a FALKEN hanger.
    Like the last hanger, this FALKEN target is located between the two main
    areas. Fly from one to the other and you will come across a lone hanger to
    destroy. Mmm, can almost smell that laser can't you.
    Get the S rank: ~24,000 points, 20mins
    To get the best chance of getting an S grade, choose your best fighter. Head to
    the central section first and take out the units blocking the way, as well as
    the A-10s bombing the tanks. Now do the same with the ones on the western side.
    Take out the fighters that are flying around the immediate area, but do not
    go too far out just yet. In a few minutes more blockaders appear ahead of your
    forces. Help them deal with it and head to the oil refinery, which you must now
    damage while keeping an eye for the last blockade that appears.
    After the third line goes down and the oil refinery is out of action head to
    the airfield, taking out any fighters you meet along the way. The tanks should
    get there a few minutes after you arrive so take the opportunity to cause
    serious damage to their defences. Take the last few moments of the mission to
    clear any tanks from around the bases which should now have been captured.
    The mission updates and a destroyer appears. Take out it's onboard SAMs and AA
    guns, then concentrate on the fighters. When the entire area is clean of
    hostiles finish of the destroyer, and give yourself a pat on the back and an
    S grade.
    Get the Named Pilot: ABELCAIN
    After the mission updates and the destroyer appears waves of fighter protect
    it, Ablecain is in the third wave.
    Unlocks: EA-6b 3rd paint scheme
    !! ZOMG SPOILERS !! There are going to be spoilers until the end of the game
    in case you forgot. Look not here lest the story spoiled be!
    ---                             #17 JOURNEY HOME                       AC20 ---
    ---                         Recommended Aircraft:                           ---
    --- BLAZE: MIG-31               EDGE:  MIG-31                               ---
    --- CHOPPER: MIG-31             ARCHER: MIG-31                              ---
    # Follow your wingmen closely
    # Intercept the enemy fighters
    # Protect the airspace until reinforcements arrive.
    # Destroy all enemy fighters (F-117)
    # Protect the stadium from enemy attack
    #Intercept the enemy fighters
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                        ---
    Another mission that involves Edge leading the formation and you stuck in the
    trail position (providing you played Four Horsemen).
    For the first part of the mission, you are participating in an aerial display.
    The squadron do a series of climbs, descents, a four-point roll over the
    stadium, a turn and a high speed fly-by.
    Begin the mission in first-person view and try to keep Archer and Chopper just
    on the speed and altitude displays to stay in the correct formation.
    When the count hits 2:34:00 pitch up to 45 degrees and stay in formation, then
    do the same only down. Do this twice more and when you approach the stadium
    begin a four point roll to the right, rolling 90 degrees about once every
    second, or don't bother with the roll it makes no difference really.
    There is now a short scene with the Vice President. When you get control again,
    the display is over and you are back to the leader. Fly about a bit listing to
    the dialogue until the mission updates.
    Two SU-37s appear, shoot them both down. There will now be a constant supply of
    enemy aircraft to shoot. Switch the formation to attack and go after them all.
    There will also be a six minute timer that counts down to the reinforcements
    As far as I am aware, these fighters never attack the stadium, but because there
    are so many of them they will shoot at you quite a bit. Make sure you don't
    accidentally fire, or lead a missile at the stadium. There's not exactly
    a lot of help I can give here since a dogfight is quite random, you just have
    to take out as many as possible.
    After the countdown reaches 00:30 the 8492nd claim it was a drill. Ignore
    them and continue to fight the enemy, Thunderhead gets jammed for a while but
    you don't need him right now. When the timer stops you get a wing of F-
    117s attempting to bomb the stadium. Fly to their location in the north east and
    shoot them down before they get too close, remember that these are stealth
    bombers and will not appear on radar until you get near them. After they are
    shot down, keep attack the hundreds of enemies swarming about until the next
    wave of bombers arrive. Shoot them down as well and keep fighting.
    After a while Chopper gets hit and has to go low, he will only engage when
    enemies get near him. This only leaves you with three planes so keep shooting
    them all until Chopper has to crash his aircraft.
    Seeing Chopper die makes the rest of the squad go into overdrive. You could let
    them just take them all out themselves. However, don't. Kill as many aircraft as
    you can until they call of their strike as friendly reinforcements arrive.
    Chopper gets a fly-by salute and the mission ends.
    This is one of my favourite missions and they do the whole thing really well,
    kudos to Namco!
    **Note- Chopper says he can't bail out anywhere, and is forced to crash into a
    tiny square of grass. Anyone else notice the huge lake in the middle of the
    city that would of made a fine crash landing site instead of him waiting while
    his aircraft fell to bits while there is a full-scale evacuation?
    Get the S rank: ~23,000 points, 20mins
    It is hard not to get the S on this mission since the only kills are you or
    your wingmen. Try to take out every enemy who appears.
    Get the Named Pilot: PROTEUS
    After the Chopper death scene he appears to the side of the new wave of
    enemies. Take him out quickly before your wingmen kill the entire wave and the
    mission is completed.
    Unlocks: FB-22 3rd paint scheme
    Take this opportunity to buy at least two (preferably three) JAS-39s
    ---                                #18 FORTRESS                        AC21 ---
    ---                           Recommended Aircraft:                         ---
    --- BLAZE: JAS-39               EDGE:  JAS-39                               ---
    ---                             ARCHER: JAS-39 / A-10                       ---
    # Protect the allied ground forces (FRND) as they storm the enemy fortress
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 4/5                       ---
    First of all it's an air-to-air refuelling, this shouldn't cause too many
    problems, again if you need help just hit the section above.
    Wow, those ground forces are enthusiastic aren't they? This mission is not as
    easy as you might think. If all the allied units are destroyed before they
    break through the fortress then the mission ends in failure.
    Fly towards the tanks rolling up the road and destroy all the pillboxes along
    their path, as well as the two control towers above the bases entrance.
    As the tanks approach fly over the fortress wall and look around the sides of
    the hill surrounding it, there are large bunkers containing guns that must be
    destroyed. Start at one end and fly all around the perimeter of the base
    taking them out.
    After the tanks enter the mission updates and suddenly there's a whole lot of
    bad guys waiting at the other side of the entrance. Head over to where the
    forces just broke through and destroy the eight flanking tanks and AA weapons.
    Then go back around the fortress and destroy any working bunkers again.
    You must also destroy the control towers on the opposite end of the base (the
    tall masts opposite where your forces entered).
    Head up high and look at the base, there are several tanks all driving around
    some of them friendly, some not, there are also four hardened hangers for
    storing tanks. Head back down and destroy all the enemies that are hitting
    the ground forces. Go to one of the "hangers" and fly low so you can shoot at
    the tanks underneath. Also engage the fighters that take off from the runway.
    When you get a question from the ground forces asking if they should go outside,
    reply yes and head over to them. There are several tanks waiting for them.
    Destroy them and the control towers (which are very accurate). The threat is
    now the enemy aircraft that are taking off. Deal with them as they come until
    the mission ends.
    You will get a medal in this mission if at least 3 of the four tanks make it all
    the way through.
    Get the S rank: ~11,000 points, 13mins
    When the mission first starts destroy all the enemies outside the fortress, near
    your ground forces. Now take out the bunker surrounding it as well as the tanks
    and AA weapons inside the walls. When you get asked should they proceed answer
    yes and take out the tanks and AA lying in wait. Do another sweep of the
    bunkers, when done take out the JAS-39s taking off from the runway. Move to
    where the tanks entered and go north, take out the tanks that are firing at the
    advancing forces. Turn east and destroy everything under the hardened bunker.
    Move to the far end of the base and destroy the guns from the control towers,
    then turn round and destroy any remaining enemy tanks behind you.
    When the ground forces ask for permission to move out, grant it and attack the
    tanks waiting for them; turn 180 degrees and attack the remaining control
    towers. Head back into the fortress and engage the enemy aircraft. Soon the
    ground forces escape and the mission is complete.
    Get the Named Pilot: CYPHER
    Take some time to destroy all of the aircraft taking off (make sure they are
    in the air first). After you kill a certain number depending on the difficulty
    Cypher appears in the North West.
    Unlocks: FB-22 3rd paint scheme
    This is a continuation of the last mission, you are returning to base so there's
    no saving in between, although if you fail the mission you don't need to replay
    Fortress. Whew.
    ---                                    #18+ 8492                       AC22 ---
    ---                           Recommended Aircraft:                         ---
    --- BLAZE: JAS-39               EDGE:  JAS-39                               ---
    ---                             ARCHER: JAS-39 / A-10                       ---
    # Follow the 8492nd Squadron (8492)
    # Outrun the enemy and exit the combat area from the eastern end of the map
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 4/5                       ---
    Fly the heading you start with and listen to the conversations going on. Pretty
    soon you will get a missile alert. These are not regular missiles but SAAMs,
    this means that you will have to make long steep turns at high speeds for them
    to miss you.
    Soon a whole lot of enemies appear and you must escape from them. Keep the
    afterburner going and dodge any SAAMs, XAAMs or regular missiles shot
    at you, turn east and head for the dotted line. There will be a lot of
    enemies chasing you. For the best chance of surviving head down into the
    mountains and fly as fast as you can. Eventually only one or two aircraft will
    have kept up, either shoot them down or make a run for the return line.
    Get the S rank: ~11,800 points, 10mins
    It should be obvious what you need to do to get the S grade. Instead of running
    away from the hundreds of enemies that are coming your way, you must fight and
    defeat them all.
    As soon as the first volley of missiles come your way evade and switch to
    attack. Afterburn towards the enemies and fire a XLAA (if you have them) at
    the E-767 that appears - note you have to shoot this down for the S rank.
    From this point on it is a case of constant evasion and firing at an enemy
    whenever the chance arrives. After the first wave is completely destroyed do
    the same for the two other waves. After everything goes down the mission is
    Get the Named Pilot: TWICEDEAD
    He appears in the third wave of enemies and is just a bit more aggressive then
    most of his wingmen.
    Unlocks: TND-ECR 3rd paint scheme
    ---                              #19 FINAL OPTION                      AC23 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft:                        ---
    --- POPS: HAWK (no choice)         EDGE:  HAWK (no choice)                  ---
    --- BLAZE: HAWK (no choice)        ARCHER: HAWK (no choice)                 ---
    # Follow POPS closely
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                        ---
    Say goodbye to Sand Island, you won't be seeing it again for a while.
    There is no fighting in this mission, it's all about following Pops as he tries
    to lose the 8492nd by flying around a volcanic island.
    First take off and watch the scene saying that you are considered spies and
    are to be shot down. Hamilton and Thunderhead have a short conversation
    (Thunderhead appears as an enemy on the subtitles!) and you make a break for it.
    For this mission the team break into two groups you and Pops go ahead while
    Nagase and Grimm bring up the rear. There's not much I can say to help on this
    mission expect follow Pops moves but don't go too close as he breaks without
    much warning and you smash into the back of him (it's easier then it sounds).
    There are also two parts where you go into the old Ace Combat tradition of
    flying large planes through small spaces. Stay a good way from Pops (Don't go
    far back enough that you lose sight of his plane though) and follow his
    manoeuvres. After you exit the second (much longer tunnel) you run into
    Swordsman (remember him from the earlier Kestrel missions?)
    A note about the tunnels, always follow Pops route, others can be longer ways
    you can accidentally crash into walls, floor, roofs and other obstacles.
    Get the S rank: N/A
    You are always awarded the S rank on completion of this mission.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    No enemy aces today, just as well since the Hawks are unarmed training jets.
    Unlocks: FB-22 3rd paint scheme
    ---                             #20 ANCIENT WALLS                      AC24 ---
    ---                             Recommended Aircraft:                       ---
    --- BLAZE: F/A-18                 EDGE:  F/A-18                             ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: F/A-18             ARCHER: F/A-18                            ---
    # Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter team and the rescue squad (FRND) as they
    >>retrieve the President
    ---                           MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                       ---
    As in First Flight all that time ago, we get another cockpit view movie to see
    in this case the aircraft is taking off from the Kestrel. It's really a great
    scene to watch. Also now you have a brand new wing man Capt. Marcus Snow
    Head over to the castle, disperse the formation, enable special weapons and
    start destroying the targets to allow the Sea Goblin to land. When they are all
    destroyed wait for the next wave to appear. Make note of the tanks that start
    start rolling towards the castle, take them out before they get into the
    There are also some fighters that try to hit the helicopter. Shoot them all
    down and wait for the retrieval team to come back with the President.
    The enemy planes and tanks that appear will concentrate their fire on the
    helicopter. Keep guarding it until you get the mission accomplished sign.
    Get the S rank: ~14,000 points, 18mins
    There's not really a lot to say, find and destroy enemy targets as they come
    up. It's not too difficult at all to get this S on this mission.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    No Aces today, besides the Belkans obviously :p
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                                #21 SOLITAIRE                       AC25 ---
    ---                           Recommended Aircraft:                         ---
    --- BLAZE: MIR-2000 / F-117        EDGE:   ---                              ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: ---                 ARCHER: ---                              ---
    # Avoid the enemy radar sites indicated by circles on your radar and photograph
    >>the targets (TGT)
    #Get the three targets (TGT) in frame at once and photograph them. Switch to
    >>special weapon to use the camera
    # Outrun the enemy and exit the combat area from the western end of the map
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                        ---
    This is the first, and only mission that is preformed solo. The mission actually
    resembles Handful of Hope, only this time there is no transport to escort and if
    you hit any of the circles the mission fails.
    There are several things you can do to make this job easier. First fly low, it
    is impossible to get through undetected if you don't. Do not press L1 or R1 at
    all, this keeps you going slow enough to judge your turns. It is
    also easier to use the rudders to turn rather than rolling, only roll when you
    have to make an emergency turn to escape being seen on the radar.
    The path becomes easy to fly through if you go at 500-1000 feet (watch the
    TGT - Target
    XXX - Radar
     *  - Recommended flight path
    Around the centre of the map there are four small circles with a route to the
    left or right to the target. It is easier if you go left though.
    **NOTE- Whichever route you take there is a river flowing towards the target.
    Use it to navigate there safely, you may have to get quite close to it.
    Wherever you can, stay within the ravine, only coming up when necessary to
    avoid crashing.
    PHOTO 1 - When you're through, turn on your special weapon. Four corners,
    indicating the camera's range will appear. When Pops finishes talking take a
    photo of all the targets together. You should be pointing north to get the
    entrance of the mine. Remember you only have 10 chances to get them all and
    there is more than one photo to take.
    Pops will describe what's in the photo, when he does you know you've got it.
    PHOTO 2 - The two transport planes will now attempt to take off. You have to
    capture both in the same shot before they do. Don't worry about getting close,
    just head south for a few seconds, turn, get them both in the cameras lens and
    shoot. You will be shot at with AA weapons while doing this but it shouldn't
    affect you getting the photos.
    Pops will say that 'that's just the evidence we need', when he does, head east
    and fly to a higher altitude. Exit through the return line in the west to
    complete the mission, there's no need to worry about avoiding the radar on the
    way back so just hit the afterburner and run. Remember that you are being chased
    down by the Belkans and you are unarmed so don't waste time trying to shoot
    anything. At the return line Nagase, Grim and Snow will attack any planes that
    get close to you, cross the return line to complete the mission.
    You must land you plane now, it shouldn't be anything to tricky and you have
    done it before, don't forget if you don't want to land yourself hit the start
    button to skip.
    Get the S rank: ~--  points, 6mins
    Choose any fast manoeuvrable aircraft and try to fly as fast as possible
    through the ravine. It is fairly hard to do the first time, so try going
    slowly a few times to get the feel of where you are going. You get the S
    grade after getting through the entire mission in less then six minutes.
    In my opinion, if you have it, use a Rafale for this mission, it's
    speed and size make it very useful.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                               #22 CLOSURE                          AC26 ---
    ---                          Recommended Aircraft:                          ---
    --- BLAZE: A-10                  EDGE:  A-10                                ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: A-10              ARCHER: A-10                               ---
    # Watch for enemy forces and head to the mine
    ---                        MISSION DIFFICULTY: 2/5                          ---
    Take off for from the Hierlark base. When you get onto the main mission head for
    the mine. There is no radar to worry about this time, however there are a lot of
    AA weapons. If you are going for the S grade then take them out, otherwise just
    climb high to get out of their range and save all your ammo for the mine.
    When you get to it, take out some of the surrounding SAMs and then focus your
    attention on the rock bed. It can take a lot amount of damage so keep
    hitting it until it crumbles and it's mission complete.
    Get the S rank: ~17,700 points, 10mins
    There are a lot of targets that pop up around the mine, and a lot of them
    must be taken out. For this mission I would suggest using a fighter with a
    lot of missiles (the Raptor or Terminator are good choices), attack everything
    there is in each wave of ground and air targets. When you run out of missiles
    switch to attack and shoot at the mine. Your squadron will join in and soon it
    will collapse and you get another S rank.
    Get the Named Pilot: NONE
    Unlocks: No named pilot
    ---                         #23  GHOSTS OF RAZGRIZ                     AC27 ---
    ---                        Recommended Aircraft:                            ---
    --- BLAZE: TYPHOON             EDGE:  TYPHOON                               ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: F-15            ARCHER: A-10                                 ---
    # Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
    # Destroy all Ofnir Squadron fighters
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                         ---
    This time you are in a ravine. There is a powerful air defence grid spread over
    the top so you must stay below the rim at all times (1000 ft), go any higher and
    you will have undodgable missiles fired at you.
    When the mission starts, hit disperse and special weapons. There are enemy Yuke
    forces in helicopters and gunboats. Your job is to destroy all the targets while
    the rebels dismantle one of the Belkan V1 nukes.
    When the mission starts you immediately have to choose left or right. It doesn't
    really matter but I normally go left, destroy all the targets on one side of
    the canyon and then move onto the other side.
    Use your special weapon if there is a group of targets and missile if they are
    one their own. Remember not to go higher then 1000 feet, if you do then
    you will get a missile warning, if that happens, immediately go back down to the
    canyon to shake it off.
    Destroying the targets in the time limit isn't much of a problem. When they are
    all down, watch the movie and prepare for battle with Ofnir.
    These are the Belkan aggressors provoking the Yukes, like the Grabacr (or
    8492nd) have for Osea. They split into two units of two and fly around the
    canyon at high speed. Keep the formation on disperse, this will keep your group
    scattered and if Ofnir comes close to one, they will attack them.
    Ofnir can be a pain to shoot down. They will fly very fast through the terrain
    and their constant turning makes it hard to hit them with missiles. The two
    formations will occasionally cross paths so make sure you don't crash into
    anything. The best way to bet them is to get behind a group, get close and
    shoot them with your gun, using missiles whenever they level out.
    After the mission is complete, don't drop your guard just because you get the
    mission accomplished sign, it is still possible to still hit a wall and fail.
    Get the S rank: ~-- points, 15mins
    Another timed S rank mission. The problem here can be Ofnir, if your fight is
    going particularly badly they can take up to ten minutes to shoot down, leaving
    a strict time limit for the completion. I recommend that you go through the
    first half of the level as fast as possible and practice shoot at Ofnir to get
    them all down within the time limit. Also don't accidentally fly in front of
    any of the Ofnir pilots, they are more accurate then most enemies you have
    faced yet.
    Get the Named Pilot: SWORDKILL
    Destroy half the targets in the area and he will appear in the straight canyon
    on the Eastern side, close to where you started at.
    Unlocks: MiG-21-93 3rd colour scheme
    ---                            #24 WHITE BIRD PT. ii                   AC28 ---
    ---                             Recommended Aircraft:                       ---
    --- BLAZE: F/A-22 (TYPHOON)        EDGE:  F/A-22 (TYPHOON)                  ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: F/A-22 (TYPHOON)    ARCHER: F/A-22 (TYPHOON)                 ---
    # Destroy the ARKBIRD before it escapes outside the map
    ---                        MISSION DIFFICULTY: 4/5                          ---
    It's time to destroy the Arkbird, the Belkans have quietly seized control of it
    and have loaded a nuclear weapon onboard to fire at a Yuktobanian city. It
    doesn't matter which of the two aircraft you chose, but they
    are in my opinion the most well suited for this mission as they both have
    excellent anti-air skills, are fast and can fire from long range at several
    targets at once (something very handy in this mission).
    When this mission starts, hit the afterburner and fly towards the Arkbird.
    You will get a short scene showing the Arkbird slowing down and falling
    deeper into the atmosphere. When you gain control again the Arkbird will be
    low enough for you to attack it (you have also lost a lot of altitude >_>).
    Climb back up and get within missile range of it (don't bother with your XLAAs
    or XMAAs just yet. The Arkbird is 'destroyed' in one hit. However that just got
    their attention, you didn't think one missile was going to bring down that thing
    did you?
    The Arkbird launches it's latest AA weapon, the Vogels. These are unmanned
    drones and they are very annoying. Don't bother shooting at them (you only need
    to shoot 2 down for the S grade and you can leave that to your wingmen).
    The Arkbird itself moves very slowly (about 250) so you will have to match this,
    making you an easy target for the Vogels. Hit whatever order for the wingmen you
    want (you will be asked if you want to disperse later if it is not on already).
    I would go for disperse as it seems to get the wingmen to attack the Vogels,
    getting them off your back.
    Now you must eliminate those two launchers on the lower front. Head under the
    Arkbird and slow down. Hit the XLAAs and fire off a round at both of them, then
    fire two missiles at each one. While you were doing this a new target should
    have appeared marked 'laser'.
    Remember when you were attacking the Scinfaxi that helpful laser would destroy
    those ballistic missiles for you? Well this time it's just trying to destroy
    you. This laser can be cripplingly annoying if you don't know how to dodge it,
    and nothing more than a pretty beam of light if you do. When the laser becomes a
    target, lock-on to both it and the launchers and XLAAs at all three. You
    will probably see a purple light shine on the HUD, as soon as you see this,
    pitch up and get to the upper side of the Arkbird, to do this you
    have around 1 second before it destroys you
    You will see the laser below you, when it fades go down and take more shots at
    the laser and launchers, repeat this until they all are destroyed, when you are
    doing this, do not go below 6 special weapons or the next bit becomes tricky.
    Must have the laser destroyed before the Arkbird counts to zero, if you don't
    then you aren't going to get much of an opportunity to shoot it again and the
    way it angles itself makes it very hard to avoid.
    As soon as the Arkbird counts to zero it's propulsion thrusters will fire and it
    will blast ahead of you. Switch to special weapons, ignore the Vogels and hit
    the targets with everything you have got (you have about 20 seconds before it
    gets off the map and the mission fails. The two engines are located right at the
    back of the Arkbird, on the left and right, they can be identified by the purple
    afterburners, they both must be destroyed.
    When the engines are destroyed slow down and put some distance between
    yourself and the Arkbird, it will turn and slow down, if you are travailing at
    full speed you may smash straight into it.
    The Arkbird head south and kicks in two more boosters, you probably don't have
    any special weapons ammo at this point so ignore anything that appears
    on it except for the two engines at the rear. When they are down, concentrate on
    firing at the laser that appears on the top side, as well as the SAMs.
    This laser fires shots, not beams so it doesn't destroy you in one shot. It does
    do a lot of damage though so destroy it as fast as possible. The laser soaks up
    more damage then the last one so blast everything you can at it. When it goes
    down, shoot the SAMs on the top to halt it's ability to dish out damage.
    The UAVs flying around should be on red by now, use this brief pause to finish
    them off. Always keep an eye on the Arkbird as it plummets towards the ocean.
    It's not about to go out just yet, it fires up it's last engine and attempts to
    get back into space. Target it and fire everything towards it, missiles and
    machine guns as well as any specials if you have them left over. When the last
    engine goes down, the Arkbird falls into the sea, exploding and taking the
    Belkan's nuke with it.
    **NOTE- if you have the FALKEN then it's TLC will do heavy damage and
    makes the mission a lot easier (thanks to Neil)
    Get the S rank: ~-- points, 7mins
    There is not much that you can do to hurry this mission, with the exception of
    destroying the Arkbirds engines soon after they appear. Overall, a fairly easy
    S rank mission, although the mission itself can be quite tough on the first
    Get the Named Pilot: SWORDKILL
    Destroy half the targets in the area and he will appear in the straight canyon
    on the Eastern side, close to where you started at.
    Unlocks: MiG-21-93 3rd colour scheme
    ---                            #25 HEARTBREAK ONE                      AC29 ---
    ---                            Recommended Aircraft                         ---
    --- BLAZE: F/A-22 (TYPHOON)        EDGE:  F/A-22 (TYPHOON)                  ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: F/A-22 (TYPHOON)    ARCHER: F/A-22 (TYPHOON)                 ---
    # Protect Bartlett's vehicle (HTBRK ONE) until he reaches the airfield
    # Destroy all GRABACR Squadron fighters
    # Protect Bartlett's aircraft (HTBRK ONE)
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                        ---
    Good ol' Bartlett's back! Did anyone else think he was going to be a Belkan
    aggressor and have to kill him as a final battle? Well maybe that's was just me
    being paranoid. Anyway, you have to provide close air support to Bartlett as he
    and the resistance members storm a nearby airfield and escape with Prime
    Minister Nikanor. Bartlett's vehicle will run into several checkpoints on his
    way to there and you must help him get through them. He will also ask for help
    navigating, but more on that in a minute.
    For now shoot down the SU-37 that comes from your right and tries to attack the
    resistance. After a few seconds they will come to a fork in the road, Bartlett
    will ask whether he should take the short-cut or not. Reply 'yes' for this
    as it is the most sparsely populated of the shortcuts. If you choose the long
    way for all of them, the resistance will run out of time and the mission will
    fail, but long ways are less protected.
    Keep an eye on the progress of the cars. When a target checkpoint appears dive
    down and clear it, as well as the other positions there, especially the APC and
    the two nearby Howitzers.
    There will be helicopters and aircraft trying to take out the three vehicles,
    make sure they do not get too close to them. After a while Bartlett asks you
    which route should he take. Reply Yes to take him around the long way. This will
    give you a chance to take out some of the fighters and helicopters that appear.
    Remember to watch out for Bartlett as he comes to the checkpoint.
    There will be one more choice between long or short routes, this time take him
    the short way. When a target appears fly towards it and shoot the gate
    down. There is a large group of tanks in wait for them, so destroy them all
    before they get in range of the resistance. After Bartlett and the others break
    through provide air support by shooting down any straggling aircraft and wait
    for Heartbreak One to take off. Then you will get the notice of more slightly
    unwelcome visitors.
    **NOTE- If you keep failing the mission as the resistance is destroyed by the
    tanks in the base, take them around the long way into the airfield, and dodge
    the tanks altogether.
    It's the 8492nd again, these are the Belkan aggressors that the Osean Air Force
    recruited to strengthen itself after the first war. They are slightly better
    then Ofnir in skill, but at least there's no annoying flying into the ravines
    this time around. The same tactic as any ordinary enemy plane works here, it's
    just these guys are harder to hit, fortunately they don't attack Bartlett.
    After a few minutes you should have bagged them all. Unfortunately they all
    ejected and live to interfere another day.
    Get the S rank: ~-- points, 15mins
    It's very simple to get the S in this mission and you should have no problem
    getting mission complete within 15 minutes. If you do have trouble try using
    an aircraft like the Terminator to beat down Grabacr.
    Get the Named Pilot: DISTANTTHUNDER
    Sharing the same name as the PAL release of Ace Combat 04, DISTANTTHUNDER can
    be found just to the north west of Grabacr.
    Unlocks: YA-10b 3rd colour scheme
    ---                             #26 SEA OF CHAOS                       AC30 ---
    ---                           Recommended Aircraft:                         ---
    --- BLAZE: F-35C (F/A-18)        EDGE: F-35C (F/A-18)                       ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: F-35C (F/A-18)      ARCHER: F-35C (F/A-18)                   ---
    # Destroy the enemy aircraft and enemy fleet
    ---                          MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                        ---
    My favourite mission in the entire game, and a really good FMV scene to
    introduce it to boot. It's time to defend the fleet again. Try to do this
    mission in as many F-35Cs as you can, they are one of the best anti-ground and
    without doubt the best anti-ship aircraft in the game.
    Head straight for the enemy fleet and try to hit as many as you can that are
    close to the friendly Yuke ships. There are plenty of targets to hit here, so
    don't forget to disperse your wingman and allow them to use their special
    weapons. If you don't destroy the enemies close to the friendly Yuke ships
    within one and a half minutes they will all be sunk.
    After a while another Osean fleet comes from the south. For now keep
    attacking the Yuke fleet. Soon the Osean fleet starts attacking the Kestrel and
    others. Finish off the Yuke ships and then head over to the south and start
    attacking the Osean ones. Make sure you mop up the other fighters flying around
    too, as they can do a lot of damage if you leave them.
    As with any other mission with the Kestrel in it, if it sinks the mission fails,
    so protect it and it's other ships throughout the mission.
    When all the enemy ships go down, you have to fight your way through four waves
    of enemy fighter/bombers, these are all relatively simple. Switch to attack to
    group them together, or stay on disperse if they all break off and keep them
    away from the allied ships. When all the enemy planes go down, it is mission
    Get the S rank: ~-- points, 9mins
    A tight time limit, especially on Expert and Ace where it takes more then one
    special weapon to destroy each ship. Attack the close Yuke ships at the start
    of the mission, then destroy the rest before the Kestrel and her fleet get
    too close. Also, make sure you keep an eye on the second Osean fleet, don't
    let them get too close to the Kestrel.
    Get the Named Pilot: DECODER
    After all the ships go down, DECODER appears in the third wave of enemy
    Unlocks: Rafale b 3rd colour scheme
    ---                                  #27 ACES                          AC31 ---
    ---                             Recommended Aircraft:                       ---
    --- BLAZE: SU-47 (TYPHOON)         EDGE: SU-47 (TYPHOON)                    ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: SU-47 (TYPHOON)     ARCHER: SU-47 (TYPHOON)                  ---
    # Destroy all enemy positions (TGT) and protect the allied forces until they
    >>capture the control facility entrance.
    # Destroy the Core (TGT) and get out of the other side safely
    ---                            MISSION DIFFICULTY: 5/5                      ---
    Can you feel it? The end's not far off now. This is a really good mission,
    despite the fact the last part a pain.
    The mission is divided into two parts, an average defence/assault mission and
    another huge eng-of-the-game tunnel, unfortunately if you make one
    mistake you have to start the mission all over again. So anyway choose the best
    air combat planes you have and prepare for an emergency take off.
    You also get a familiar AWACs providing backup.
    When the mission starts there are Yuke fighter flying towards you, hold your
    fire until you get closer and they change from enemies to FRNDs. Don't press any
    buttons while these short scenes of people joining you goes on, and wait for the
    briefing screen, unless you are replaying the mission.
    Okay ready? Dive down first and shoot the first tank, then yaw to face the other
    and gun it down. Pull up and head forwards, do the same with the next two. There
    are sometimes two fighters coming over the mountains at this point. If you see
    them, shoot them, if not then they may have already gone past.
    Pull right up and face the targets, hit disperse and special weapons and start
    destroying all.
    There are several gun towers positioned around Grunder Industries, two missiles
    are not enough to take them out, so support them with a round or two from the
    cannon to destroy it.
    Hamilton, the Belkan aggressor from Sand Island is here too, he is a named
    pilot in this mission so shoot him down to get his aircraft. He is actually
    pretty easy to shoot down, when you do he bails out and becomes invincible
    While in this part of the mission the SOLG attacks, it completely misses
    however, it's range is a long way out of the combat area so there's no danger of
    being hit.
    **Note- there is some speculation about this as several people claim to have
    been damaged by the SOLGs attacks. It maybe it hits if you are above a certian
    altitude so stay away when it shoots.
    Eventually the allies capture the control centre, keep destroying the enemy
    targets until the main doors to the tunnel open.
    When they do, head south and then north, the entrance of the tunnel is fairly
    obvious when you fly north, but can be a bit difficult to see from other angles.
    Remember what I said about the AC series and small spaces? Well they take it to
    the extreme here. This is one hell of a tunnel, and you are going to have to
    make it all the way through, with planes coming in from the other side
    and good old Hamilton firing at you from behind.
    After you get half way in the core appears as your target, it is in an open area
    with the continuation of the tunnel to it's right. As soon as you get a lock
    fire two missiles at it to destroy it and yaw right back into the tunnel.
    Hamilton increases his attacks on you, but any missiles he fires normally miss
    so don't try doing any fancy flying. Bartlett, who destroyed the other core now
    is heading towards you at high speed. When you see him on the HUD go down
    and nudge to the right, you should easily miss him. The planes that were
    pursuing him now fire at you with their guns. They appear on the HUD before you
    pass them so take the opportunity to shoot one down and dodge the rest. Follow
    the tunnel at about 450-500 MPH to gauge where everything is.
    After the second wave of fighters pass you there are two obstructions that you
    see about a second and a half before you hit them.
    Always stay close to the floor to go under them both and carry on. These two
    obstacles are the primary reason people give up on the game, be wary and dodge
    as soon as you see them. Don't say I didn't warn you!
    A few more hills and enemy fighters later and you should see the exit, the door
    however will be almost shut apply the afterburners and get out using the space
    Hamilton goes up in an explosion and it's Mission Complete!
    Get the FALKEN: Destroy a FALKEN hanger.
    Look at the Gun Tower TGTs there will be a Hanger around the area, look for and
    destroy it to unlock the FALKEN.
    Get the S rank: ~15,000 points, 15mins
    This is not exceptionally tricky. Just make sure that everything is destroyed
    before entering the tunnel, then pray you don't hit anything.
    Get the Named Pilot: YELLOW, HAMILTON
    HAMILTON, the friendly chap from Sand Island is flying around the battlefield
    in the first half of the mission. Shoot him down before the 'we're opening the
    tunnel entrance' cut scene as he disappears, don't worry, he'll be back but
    Unlocks: Nothing
    YELLOW is in the tunnel, the second wave after Bartlett passes, you only have
    one chance to hit him so be ready with the missiles.
    Unlocks: SU-37 3rd colour scheme
    ---                           #27+ THE UNSUNG WAR                      AC32 ---
    ---                             Recommended Aircraft:                       ---
    --- BLAZE: SU-47 (TYPHOON)         EDGE: SU-47 (TYPHOON)                    ---
    --- SWORDSMAN: SU-47 (TYPHOON)     ARCHER: SU-47 (TYPHOON)                  ---
    # Fly to the SOLG's estimated decent point ASAP
    # Destroy the SOLG before it hits the capital
    ---                         MISSION DIFFICULTY: 3/5                         ---
    The last mission of the game, are you ready? Good. Take off from the makeshift
    runway and get ready to shoot down the SOLG.
    As soon as the mission starts, don't press anything other then the afterburner.
    Soon a scene will appear with the last of the Belkan aggressors, it is a double
    formation of the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons.
    These guys are the best pilots in the game. However, they shouldn't prove
    too hard to shoot down, if you haven't shot them all down by the time the
    SOLG gets into range then ignore them (they self-destruct after a while).
    After they all go down, head towards the final battle with Osea's own
    weapon, the Satellite Orbital Linier Gun, SOLG.
    This battle is similar to the one you fought with the Arkbird, only this doesn't
    have annoying lasers all over the place. It is however, massive and blindly
    shooting at it doesn't work. Look at the front of the SOLG, it has four huge
    arm type things, the cannon section behind it is a hexagon at the base with
    large solar reflectors on each side. These all need to be removed. Set formation
    to attack and allow special weapons, then get a good way behind the SOLG and
    fire at the solar panels with your guns. They will break easily (make sure that
    you dodge the panel falling behind every time you hit one). When all of the
    panels are destroyed get up close to the SOLG. In between the four 'arms'
    mentioned before there is a shield with four gaps, the four targets are behind
    this, rotating. As soon as one of the targets move to a clear shot, fire
    everything you've got at it, then follow it
    round until it shows in the next gap. Blast it to bits and follow it round until
    the next gap, this one should destroy it. Repeat this with the other three
    targets to make the SOLG lose its structural integrity and it explodes in mid
    air. With this threat removed, Osea and Yuktobania at peace and the Belkan
    aggressors crushed you have completed the campaign of Ace Combat 5,
    **NOTE- As with White Bird pt.2 if you use the FALKEN and shoot various parts
    of the SOLG with the laser they will break off leaving it completely exposed.
    This makes it easier to destroy (thanks go to Neil).
    **NOTE- Apparently, if you leave the SOLG to hit Oured, you get an extra
    cut-scene with it hitting the city. I'm yet to test this yet.
    Get the S rank: ~--- points, 20mins
    There is no real way of not getting the S in this mission as it ends before
    the time gets to twenty minutes.
    Get the Named Pilot: REPLICATOR
    After the Belkans are down REPLICATOR appears in the centre east section when
    the SOLG starts falling. He only appears if you can destroy the Belkans with
    more then a minute of SOLG decent time remaining.
    Unlocks: MiG 1.44 SP Colour Scheme
    You have now unlocked some extra goodies, these being: Free Mission (Play any
    mission on any difficulty or with no other planes), Scene Viewer (Watch any of
    the movies again), Music Player (I don't have to explain this one right!) and
    two extra difficulties for those who like to be shot down with one missile;
    me being one of them.
    7. ARCADE MODE ------------------------------------------------------------ AD01
    Defiantly, certainly maybe coming soon!
    8. ADVANCED -------------------------------------------------------------- AV01
    Finished the game? I suppose you think you're an Ace now don't you, DON'T YOU?!?
    Well, even if you are look around and see what you have won, and also look at
    any super cool moves you didn't know you could do (or send in your own).
    ---  8a. Free Mission ---------------------------------------------------- AV02
    Reload your Clear file and you will get the option to play any mission on any
    difficulty all over again. This is good for playing those two extra missions you
    didn't get in the game. On Ace!
    Also don't forget Sp. New Game that lets you start again with all your old
    stuff. Laugh at the pathetic F-5s when you shoot them down with a monster S-47
    right from the off MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    ---  8b. Expert and Ace modes -------------------------------------------- AV03
    Sort of explains itself doesn't it? All the enemy planes have better dodging
    abilities as well as are much more aggressive. Your missiles do less
    damage, whereas they take you down in one shot and you have a limited ammo on
    your gun.
    ---  8c. Advanced Manoeuvres --------------------------------------------- AV04
    There are plenty of more spectacular ways of making missiles miss then just your
    average sharp turns and loop the loops. Here's a few of them, as ever if you
    have some of your own please send them in.
    HUG THE GROUND - Not really that advanced but if you go under 100 and fly fast
    then almost no missile can hit you as other aircraft rarely go down that far.
    BARREL ROLL - This needs good timing. If a missile is coming from directly at
    your 12 or 6 o'clock wait until it is about one second from hitting you and do a
    barrel roll (not a regular roll or spin) and watch it pass underneath you.
    HIT STUFF - If a missile is trailing you, and there is a large ground target
    like a hanger, dive for it and pull up at the last moment, try to get it to hit
    the target.
    STALL - Easy one, if the missile is a good distance away, stall the plane and
    point the nose to -90 degrees. You fall from its path and the missile goes on
    TAKE HIM NOT ME! - Since your wingmen are indestructible if you have a missile
    on your back and your flying in formation fly with one of your wingmen directly
    behind you it hits them and you're safe. Alternatively hit the COVER order and
    they'll fall behind you and probably get themselves hit, suckers.
    There's another 'advanced' flight manoeuvre that I've used while dog fighting,
    picked it up from the movie 'Top Gun'. When an enemy plane is closing in on
    you, and is right on your tail, hit the brakes and pull up, he'll shoot under
    you and you can come in behind him to teach him what swiss cheese feels like.
    (by Rob Morgan)
    IMMELMAN LOOP - A rather standard tactic in air flight, this is the quickest
    way to do a 180.  All you do is pull upwards until the ground is your sky and
    rotate. Although sometimes I forget to do that last part.  Who needs up or
    down, anyway?
    Thanks to Tesseract
    Remember that the game's physics won't allow you to do some real dog
    fighting tricks such as raising your nose put keep going in the same direction
    ---  8d. More Planes ------------------------------------------------------ AV05
    Oh, you want more planes do you? Do you not have enough already? Normal people
    have to make do with only 4 fighter jets each and you want more?! Capitalism eh,
    money buys you stuff, who invented that one... Anyway, you can buy 4 of each
    type of plane after you SP. Continue through the game a few times, but if you
    want the special colours for the planes, or completely new ones, you're going to
    have to try harder.
    Each aircraft has three colour schemes, changeable by pressing Select. Remember
    you do not have to buy the plane again to get the new colour. The three colours
    OS - Osean, normally consisting of pale blues and silvers, these are the Osean
         Air Defence Forces standard colours.
    RZ - Razgriz, The black fighter jets used after you and your squadron are shot
         down and 'killed'.
    SP - Yuktobanian / Special / Belkan, the third colour or an enemy aircraft or
    BK   bonus paint scheme.
    Unlock the special colour scheme for the below aircraft by shooting down the
    named pilot that only appears after you start a game with the SP. Continue
    option. For more information on where to find the Ace, look under the mission
    Hawk	     Kill GIGANTOR in Mission 1
    F-14D	     Kill ZIPANG in Mission 3
    F-4G      Kill MINDRIPPER in Mission 4
    MIR-2000D	Kill ZAHARADA in Mission 6
    EA-6B	     Kill DUNE in Mission 10
    X-29A	     Kill DAREDEVIL in Mission 15
    MIG-31M	Kill COSM in Mission 16A
    EA-18G	Kill ABELCAIN in Mission 16B
    FB-22	     Kill PROTEUS in Mission 17
    F-2A	     Kill CYPHER in Mission 18
    TND-ECR	Kill TWICE DEAD in Mission 18+
    MIG-21-93	Kill SWORDKILL in Mission 23
    YA-10B	Kill DISTANTTHUNDER in Mission 25
    Rafale B	Kill DECODER in Mission 26
    SU-37	     Kill YELLOW in Mission 27
    MIG-1.44	Kill REPLICATOR in Mission 27+
    ---  8e. Medals ----------------------------------------------------------- AV06
    AC5 herelds the welcome return of the medal system. Here are all the medals and
    how to get them.
    BRONZE ACE ------------------- Destroy 200 enemies
    SILVER ACE ------------------- Destroy 500 enemies
    GOLD ACE --------------------- Destroy 1000 enemies
    BRONZE SHOOTER 	-------------- Destroy 5 enemy planes only using your guns
    SILVER SHOOTER --------------- Destroy 15 enemy planes only using your guns
    GOLD SHOOTER ----------------- Destroy 50 enemy planes only using your guns
    BRONZE WING ------------------ Earn the S rank on all the missions on NORMAL
    SILVER WING ------------------ Earn the S rank on all the missions on HARD
    GOLD WING -------------------- Earn the S rank on all the missions on EXPERT
    GUARDIAN --------------------- Shoot down 10 aircraft with a missile lock on
                                   a wingman
    GRAND FALCON ----------------- Shoot down all the 16 named pilots
    NEEDLE'S EYE ----------------- Get the 'perfect' message for the landings
                                   and refuelings.
    GOLD ANCHOR ------------------ Acquired after mission 3
    LIGHTNING HAMMER ------------- Protect all of your allies in Opperation Footstep
    DESERT EAGLE ----------------- Protect all of your allies in the Jilachi Desert
    ---  8f. Personal Records ------------------------------------------------- AV07
    If you really want to show off then head over to flight data and squadron data.
    Then email in the results you get, also how many times you have finished the
    game and on what difficulty it was on. Email address at the top. One more thing,
    you don't have to send in proof but please do not cheat. Just because someone
    has higher scores then you doesn't mean they're better then you. Also if you
    want in anonymous that's fine.
    T: Total / A: Air destroyed / G: Ground destroyed / S: Sorties flown
    ---                                  MIKE                                   ---
    TOTAL FLIGHT TIME: 102:31:01
    AIR TGT:  17,907
    GRND TGT: 22,792
    BLAZE  : T: 39,068 / A: 16,622 / G: 19,446 / S: 914
    NAGASE : T: 1,311  / A: 403    / G: 908    / S: 873
    CHOPPER: T: 1,152  / A: 273    / G: 879    / S: 766
    GRIMM  : T: 1,257  / A: 353    / G: 904    / S: 841
    SNOW   : T: 911    / A: 256    / G: 655    / S: 521
    ---                                 TheKrill                                ---
    TOTAL FLIGHT TIME: 27:40:05
    AIR TGT: 2948
    GRND TGT: 3038
    BLAZE  : T: 5247 / A: 2486 / G: 2761 / S: 141
    NAGASE : T: 239  / A: 146  / G: 93   / S: 137
    CHOPPER: T: 194  / A: 131  / G: 63   / S: 108
    GRIMM  : T: 281  / A: 170  / G: 111  / S: 127
    SNOW   : T: 25   / A: 15   / G: 10   / S: 21
    ---                              ROB BURNS                                  ---
    BLAZE  : T:5710 / A: 2629 / G:3038 / S:210
    NAGASE : T:289  / A:205   / G:84   / S:201
    CHOPPER: T:208  / A:159   / G:49   / S:137
    GRIMM  : T:246  / A:159   / G:87   / S:178
    SNOW   : T:89   / A:51    / G:38   / S:52
    ---                               Heero Yuy                                 ---
    BLAZE  : T:3725 / A:1667 / G:2058 / S:130
    NAGASE : T:90   / A:63   / G:27   / S:122
    CHOPPER: T:62   / A:50   / G:12   / S:82
    GRIMM  : T:92   / A:56   / G:36   / S:111
    SNOW   : T:44   / A:21   / G:23   / S:32
    ---                           Keith"CRASH"Storey                            ---
    BLAZE  : T:10076 / A:4944/ G:5132  / S:443
    EDGE   : T:875   / A:586 / G:289   / S:419
    CHOPPER: T:480   / A:345 / G:135   / S:288
    GRIMM  : T:636   / A:413 / G:223   / S:377
    SNOW   : T:203   / A:126 / G:77    / S:103
    ---                               mad razgriz                               ---
    BLAZE  :  ?:2864 /
    EDGE   :  ?:113  /
    GRIMM  :  ?:92   /
    CHOPPER:  ?:68   /
    SNOW   :  ?:47   /
    ---                                 Skorbnut                                ---
    TOTAL TIME: 40:44:49
    AIR TGT: 5073
    GRND TGT: 5851
    BLAZE  : T: 10198 / A:4566/ G:5632 / S:312
    EDGE   : T: 303   / A:193 / G:110  / S:295
    CHOPPER: T: 174   / A:142 / G:32   / S:209
    GRIMM  : T: 204   / A:145 / G:59   / S:261
    SNOW   : T:45    / A:27  / G:18   / S:69
    ---                                nfsjunkie91                              ---
    TOTAL TIME: 11:37:40
    AIR TGT: 923
    GRND TGT: 1132
    BLAZE  : T: 1777 / S:67
    EDGE   : T: 93   / S:63
    CHOPPER: T: 69   / S:39
    GRIMM  : T: 89   / S:59
    SNOW   : T: 27   / S:18
    ---                               NeoSephiroth007                           ---
    TOTAL FLIGHT TIME: 35:57'44"
    AIR TGT:
    GRND TGT: 2642
    BLAZE  : T: 5392  / A: 2934   / G: 2458  / S: 215
    NAGASE :
    T: 221   / A: 150    / G: 71    / S: 208
    CHOPPER: T: 130   / A: 95     / G: 35
    / S: 139
    GRIMM  : T: 158   / A: 104    / G: 54    / S: 178
    SNOW   : T: 44    /
    A: 20     / G: 24    / S: 58
    ---                               kale grindle                              ---
    total flight time:
    total targets:
    BLAZE  : T:7650  / A:3138  / G:4512   /  S:246
    ---  8h. Time Line -------------------------------------------------------- AV08
    Sep. 24: OADF Intercepts Unidentifed Aircraft
      Unidentified aircraft detected entering Osean airspace off western coast.
      Osean Air Defence Force 108th tactical fighter wing detachment (Sand Island
      Squadron) scrambles to intercept. Engages in combat with additional group of
      Additional group of unidentified fighters.
    Sep. 27: Unidentified ship enters Osean waters
      Unidentified vessel detected west of Sand Island. Attempts recon activities
      but stopped by Sand Island Squadron. Captain Jack Bartlett's plane is shot
      down during conflict. Later reported as missing in action.
    Sep. 27: Attack on St. Hewlett Naval Port
      Yuktobanian forces launch surprise attack on St. Hewlett Naval Port. Captain
      Andersen, commander of flagship aircraft carrier Kestrel, leads Osean Third
      Fleet Yuktobanian naval blockade. Blaze promoted to Squadron Leader for fleet
      Air support mission.
    Sep. 27: Raid Over Sand Island
      Yuktobanian forces launch air strike on Sand Island. Sand Island Base takes
      heavy damage but repels attack. A1C Hans Grimm officially assigned to Sand
      Island Squadron following attack.
    Sep. 30: Battle at Eaglin Straits
      Osean Navy 3rd fleet carriers Kestrel, Vulture and Buzzard attempt to converge
      on Eaglin Straits. Fleet devastated by burst missile attack from Yuktobanian
      underwater carrier Scinfaxi. Osea deploys ASat 'Arkbird' to front line.
    Oct. 03: SSTO Launch successful
      Osean forces launch SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) craft to deliver new armament
      Module to Arkbird.
    Oct. 04: Attack on Sand Island fails
      Yuktobanian forces launch amphibious assault as prelude to Osean invasion.
      Osea deploys the Arkbird to launch laser attacks from outer space, prevents
      Yuktobanian landing on Sand Island. Yuktobanian underwater carrier Scinfaxi
      sunk in battle.
    Oct. 22: Akerson Hill Incident
      Sand Island Squadron encounters Osean transport plane bound for North Point
      while patrolling Akerson Hill airspace. Stowaway pilot kills transport plane
      captain before being shot. Surviving passengers take over controls and perform
      emergency landing. Transport plane passengers (Osean President Vincent Harling
      and two others) rescued by Osean Air Defence Force 8492nd squadron.
    Oct. 25: Arkbird immobilised
      Explosives hidden in supply cargo from Earth renders the Arkbird inoperable.
    Nov. 01: Landing on Yuktobanian Mainland
      Osean forces launch large-scale landing on southeast region of Yuktobania.
      Upon securing southern coast of Bastok Peninsula, Osean forces begin advance
      on Yuktobanian ,aom;amd towards capital city Cinigrad.
    Nov. 02: University Campus strafed
      Yuktobanian forces initiate aerial evacuation of Bastok Peninsula to
      reorganise front line against Osean advance. Sand Island Squadron prevents
      withdrawal operation. During mission, Yuktobanian civilian facility within
      combat area is strafed by fighter aircraft. Suspecting possible involvement
      Osean central command summons Sand Island Squadron crew to headquarters in
      Capital city Oured for questioning.
    Nov. 04: Apito International Airport attacked
      Osea's Apito International Airport attacked by Yuktobanian squadron and ground
      forces hiding inside cargo planes on tarmac. Sand Island Squadron, sent to
      Oured for questioning, deploys and repels the attack.
    Nov. 07: Blow to Yuktobanian military power
      Sand Island Squadron returns after military investigation for immediate
      participation in ongoing invasion of Yuktobania. Sand Island Squadron destroys
      large-scale weapons storage facility in Yuktobania's southern jungle region.
    Nov. 14: Osea launches massive assault
      Osean forces acquire location of Yuktobania's second underwater carrier,
      Hrimfaxi. Sand Island Squadron sinks Hrimfaxi, eliminating threat of burst
      missile attack. Osean ground forces launch massive offensive throughout
    Nov. 17: POW Internment Camp discovered
      Osean forces descover Yuktobanian POW camp in Yuktobanian's mountainous
      central region. Sand Island Squadron and Marine support helicopter squadron
      Sea Goblin stage joint operation to rescue Osean POWs. Captain Kei Nagase's
      plane is shot down during rescue mission.
    Nov. 18: Captain Kei Nagase rescued
      Captain Kei Nagase, shot down during POW rescue mission is rescued.
    Nov. 25: Operation Desert Arrow
      Yuktobania's field Headquarters in northern region of Jilachi Desert and it's
      field support airfield in western region are neutralised.
    Nov. 29: Peace Ceremony attacked
      Yuktobanian squadron attacks stadium in Osea's southern costal city of
      November. Sand Island Squadron, assigned to perform air show above stadium
      repels attack. During battle Captain Alvin H. Davenport is shot down and
    Dec. 06: Cruik Fortress Falls
      Osea's air and ground forces work together to neutralise Cruik fortress,
      Yuktobania's final defensive stronghold. Following the mission, Sand Island
      Squadron is attacked by planes of unknown origin but escapes and returns to
      Sand Island Base.
    Dec. 07: Escape from Sand Island Base
      Sand Island Squadron flees base and is pursued by 8492nd squadron (Belkan
      Aggressor Squadron). Captain Andersen of aircraft carrier Kestrel orders
      Marcus Snow to stage false death of Sand Island Squadron crew and shelters
      them onboard Kestrel.
    Dec. 09: President Harling rescued
      Osea's President Harling, help captive within Belkan territory is rescued.
      Captain Marcus Snow assigned to Sand Island Squadron for rescue operation.
    Dec. 11: Reconnaissance in Northwest Belka
      Reconnaissance operations in north-western forest region of Belka reveals link
      between 8492nd Squadron and Yuktobanian Forces. Sand Island Squadron is
      appointed as special forces unit under direct command of Osean President.
      Renamed 'Razgriz' Squadron.
    Dec. 12: Tactical Nuclear Weapons sealed
      Recon image analyses reveals existence of tactical nuclear weapons inside
      mining facility. Razgriz Squadron destroys facility and buries nuclear weapons
      deep underground. Number of nuclear weapons already transported to Osean and
      Yuktobanian forces unknown.
    Dec. 16: Resistance dismantles nuclear weapon
      Resistance captured tactical nuclear weapon being transported from Belka to
      Yuktobanian forces and dismantles it at northern canyon region of Yuktobania.
      Razgriz Squadron engages Ofnir Squadron (Belkan Aggressor Squadron) throughout
    Dec. 19: Arkbird shot down
      Tactical nuclear weapons from Belka are equipped on Arkbird as Belka plans
      nuclear attack on Yuktobanian city of Okchabursk. Razgriz squadron destroys
      Arkbird and prevents nuclear attack.
    Dec. 23: Prime Minister Nikanor rescued
      Yuktobania's Prime Minister Nikanor, held captive by Yuktobanian military
      faction is rescued. Razgriz Squadron engages and destroys Grabacr (8492nd)
      Squadron. Jack Bartlett reunites with Razgriz crew on Kestrel.
    Dec. 29: Naval battle in Ceres Ocean
      Prime Minister Nikanor's call for peace causes division in Yuktobanian and
      Ocean forces. Fleets in support of peace, those in support of war and Ocean
      Fleet all clash in Ceres Ocean. Razgriz Squadron and Kestrel neutralise both
      opposing Yuktobanian and Osean forces.
    Dec. 30: SOLG Control Facility neutralised
      Belkan forces deploy MIRV (Multi Independently Targetable Re-Entry Vehicle)
      Nuclear weapon 'V2' on SOLG (Strategic Orbital Liner Gun). Joint operation of
      Osean and Yuke forces in support of Harling and Nikanor attacks North Osea
      (formally South Belka) and neutralises SOLG control facility. Razgriz Squadron
      enters underground tunnel below facility and destroys SOLG control device.
    Dec. 31: Circum - Pacific war ends
      Razgriz Squadron scrambles to intercept and shoot down SOLG, aimed to drop on
    Osean capital Oured. Razgriz Squadron overcomes resistance from Ofnir and
    Grabacr squadrons and destroys SOLG.
    ---  8g. Music / Lyrics / POEMS ------------------------------------------- AV09
    A journey begins
    Start from within
    Things that I need to know
    The song of a bird
    Echoed in words
    Flying for the need to fly.
    Thoughts endless in flight
    Day turns to night
    Questions you've asked your soul,
    Which way do I go?
    How fast is too slow?
    The journey has its time, endless.
    If a man can fly over an ocean
    And no mountains can get in his way.
    Will he fly on forever?
    Searching for something to believe?
    From above I can see from the Heavens
    Down below I see a storm raging on.
    And somewhere heeds the answer
    There is a hope to carry on.
    When I finnaly return
    Things that I learnt
    Carry me back to home
    The thoughts that I feel
    Planting a seed, in time will begin to grow
    The more that I try
    The more that I fly
    The answer in itself
    Will be there.
    Everyday I wake up unsure
    Of the tasks the day will bring
    Yesterday's disappointments
    Keep reminding me
    Tomorrow's surly coming
    Just as sure as the air I breath
    But I know that I'll get though it
    I have what I need
    I have so far to go
    The sun keeps shining
    And the wind keeps blowing
    But the wide blue skies, they forever stay the same
    I will find it in the joy in knowing
    That the wide blue skies are never gonna change
    I have so far to go
    I have so far to go
    Not one day goes by
    With the wide blue skies
    On which I rely
    There's hope in the wide blue sky
    Wide blue skies
    Given me so much hope
    Everything's so blurry
    and everyone's so fake
    and everybody's empty
    and everything is so messed up
    pre-occupied without you
    I cannot live at all
    My whole world surrounds you
    I stumble then I crawl
    You could be my someone
    you could be my scene
    you know that I'll protect you
    from all of the obscene
    I wonder what your doing
    imagine where you are
    there's oceans in between us
    but that's not very far
    Can you take it all away
    can you take it all away
    well ya shoved it in my face
    this pain you gave to me
    Can you take it all away
    can you take it all away
    well ya shoved it my face
    Everyone is changing
    there's no one left that's real
    to make up your own ending
    and let me know just how you feel
    cause I am lost without you
    I cannot live at all
    my whole world surrounds you
    I stumble then I crawl
    You could be my someone
    you could be my scene
    you know that i will save you
    from all of the unclean
    I wonder what your doing
    I wonder where you are
    There's oceans in between us
    but that's not very far
    Can you take it all away
    can you take it all away
    well ya shoved it in my face
    this pain you gave to me
    Can you take it all away
    can you take it all away
    well ya shoved it my face
    Nobody told me what you thought
    nobody told me what to say
    everyone showed you where to turn
    told you when to runaway
    nobody told you where to hide
    nobody told you what to say
    everyone showed you where to turn
    showed you when to runaway
    This pain you give to me
    you take it all
    you take it all away...
    explain again to me
    you take it all away
    explain again to me
    take it all away
    explain again
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum potentia sua
    daemon fundet mortem in terram
    Deinde moritur
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum historia
    mutat valde Razgriz
    revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum somnus finit
    Razgriz surget iterum
    Magnus heros est
    Historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Magnus heros est
    Historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Magnus heros est
    Cum somnus finit
    Razgriz surget iterum
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum potentia sua
    Daemon fundet mortem in terram
    Deinde moritur
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Primum daemon scelestus est
    Cum somnus finit
    Razgriz surget iterum
    Magnus heros est
    Historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Magnus heros est
    Historia mutat valde
    Razgriz revelat ipsum
    Magnus heros est
    Cum somnus finit
    Razgriz surget iterum
    Cum somnus finit
    Razgriz surget iterum
    Translation - The Demon of Razgriz
    Although it was through an online translator, thanks to
    Home NOYB for the rough translation. I have cleaned it
    up a bit so this should be somewhere near accurate. Once
    again if someone is fluent in Latin please let me know.
    When history witnesses a great change
    Razgriz reveals itself
    At first as a wicked demon
    When a demon
    it brings death
    upon the Next Earth
    When history witnesses a great change
    Razgriz reveals itself
    At first as a wicked demon
    When history witnesses a great change
    Razgriz reveals itself
    At first as a wicked demon
    Which dies
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    And is a large hero
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    And is a large hero
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    When history witnesses a great change
    Razgriz reveals itself
    At first as a wicked demon
    When a demon
    it brings death
    upon the Next Earth
    When history witnesses a great change
    Razgriz reveals itself
    At first as a wicked demon
    When history witnesses a great change
    Razgriz reveals itself
    At first as a wicked demon
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    And is a large hero
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    And is a large hero
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    And is a large hero
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    While in a slumber
    Razgriz to get up arise again
    #01 / MENU
    #02 / BRIEFING 1
    #03 / BRIEFING 2
    #04 / HANGER 1
    #05 / HANGER 2
    #06 / SHOREBIRDS
    #07 / OPEN WAR
    #08 / WARDOG
    #10 / FIRST FLIGHT
    #11 / RENDEZVOUS
    #14 / FRONT LINE
    #15 / SCINFAXI
    #17 / LIT FUSE
    #18 / BLIND SPOT
    #19 / 8492
    #21 / REPRISAL
    #22 / POWDER KEG
    #25 / HRIMFAXI
    #26 / ICE CAGE
    #27 / WHITE NOISE
    #28 / DESERT ARROW
    #31 / INTO THE DUSK
    #32 / FORTRESS
    #33 / MASK
    #34 / FINAL OPTION
    #36 / SOLITAIRE
    #37 / CLOSURE
    #41 / GRABACR
    #42 / SEA OF CHAOS
    #43 / WINGS OF UNITY
    #44 / WINTER STORM
    #45 / THE UNSUNG WAR
    #46 / RESULT
    #47 / SHOP
    #48 / GAME OVER
    #52 / ARCADE MENU
    #61 / ARCADE DO OR DIE
    Among the darkest of thunderclouds
    Beyond the backside of heaven
    Bound by chains with ebony locks
    An ancient black hanger stands.
    On a single cord of woven hemp,
    Hangs a single alloy key.
    Hidden by God's holiest garb,
    He alone holds their release.
    The devil hisself cringes this day,
    In the safest chasms of hell.
    His scares remmember, all red and sore.
    As each of the tumblers fall.
    The mightiest angels push at the door,
    As the great ancient walls roll wide.
    Archangels themselves knowingly hide their wings,
    Screaming engines heard blasting to life.
    The terror reborn, nightmares reseen,
    Called in at the twilight of freedom.
    Apocolyptic horsemen hurriedly dismount,
    They dread that we have come.
    The for deadliest aces in God's hand.
    Evil men we will seek to blame.
    Molten steel will rain down from dakened wings,
    All evil will suffer in flame.
    Too late, too bad for the enemy of peace,
    Your burning demise is near.
    Pain will come screaming out of the sky,
    By Tyler TX
    ---  8h. Movie Transcripts ------------------------------------------------ AV10
    **NOTE: This transcript is taken from the game's movies that are played in
    between some of the missions. There is no in-mission radio chatter in this so
    reading them one after another may not make much sense. If you can see a mistake
    then please email me (mike8580@googlemail.com).
    Introduction ("Their Nameless War")   AV11
    Time: 2:40
    Plays: After the 'Press Start Button' displays for more then 15 seconds
    Spoilers: NO
    --- **NOTE- Remember, this is a trailer showing various parts of in-game and CG
    footage. It is also a trailer so the dialogue may not make much sense if you are
    just reading this.
    Genette: Who do you thinks covering up the battle?
    Bartlett: Listen, the only thing across that ocean is Murska Airbase, that's
    Yuktobanian territory.
    Genette: But, haven't we been allies with the Yukes since the war fifteen years
    Bartlett: Nagase! You keep flying like that and you'll die real soon!
    Nagase: I won't die sir!
    Bartlett: You're flying number two on my wing, gotta keep an eye on you or who
    knows what you'll get yourself into.
    Pops: Captain's probably hating this more then anybody, he use to have a lady
    friend over in Yuktobania.
    Nagase: Captain!
    Thunderhead: Warning! Warning! Wardog Squadron, return to base immediately!
    Genette: What happened?
    Hamilton: Yuktobania just declared war!
    Thunderhead: Edge, you lead the formation.
    Nagase: No! Blaze is leading, I'm gonna protect his six o'clock. And I'm not
    gonna lose another flight lead!
    Snow: Quit screwing around! This is war, the enemy's all over, they're gonna eat
    you alive!
    Chopper: The turbines won't start up! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
    Grimm: This is Grim, I'm taking off!
    Nagase: Be careful Grimm, I'll cover you.
    Perrault: The goal of this operation is simple: to invade and occupy the
    Yuktobanian mainland.
    Chopper: What are we gonna do kid? I'll follow you
    Grimm: You really should start calling him 'Captain'.
    Thunderhead: Ballistic missile incoming!
    Nagase: The Arkbird?!
    Chopper: What was that?!
    Nagase: It's like this enemy came straight out of the demon legends.
    Nagase: That can't.. It can't be!
    Genette: I know a little about that famous legend too.
    Pops: Look at that wreckage, I'm amazed they're still making them like this.
    Genette: Who's this 'they' you're referring to?
    Nagase: Razgriz, the demon from the world of fairy tales...
    Grimm: Captain, do you believe in the Demon of Razgriz?
    Chopper: The demon from the North Sea!
    Chopper: I've never seen a stupid fairy tale come true like this!!
    Yuke sub control: It looks as if you're up against Razgriz itself out there.
    BLURRY plays
    Genette V.O.: When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself,
    first as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses it's power to reign death upon the
    land, and then it dies. However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns.
    BLURRY lyrics PLAY
    Prologue   AV12
    Time: 2:40
    Plays: When you start a new game
    Spoilers: NO
    Genette V.O.: 15 years ago, there was a war. Well, war's broken out here plenty
    of times before. They're tried to invade the South Lands through the northern
    valley time and time again; luck was never on their side though, and their
    victories didn't last long.
    They didn't realise that times had changed, facing one defeat after another and
    watching their nation dwindle, they built up their industrial strength up to
    unprecedented heights, and used it to wage one final battle against the world.
    That was 15 years ago...
    They fought ferociously, but were utterly defeated. The Belkans then committed
    the unthinkable. They dropped nuclear weapons on their own soil, seeing this
    tragedy unfold before their own eyes, the victories countries vowed to throw
    down their weapons. The world was once again at peace, and thanks to them, it
    seemed it would last forever. On a distant island, far away from civilisation,
    the protectors of the peace take to the skies.
    Shorebirds #1   AV13
    Time: 3:34
    Plays: After Prologue
    Spoilers: NO
    Genette V.O.: Red Alert! I was in the sky, trying to get the training team in my
    viewfinder, from the rear seat of the lead plane. My pilot in the front seat was
    howling at the earth below.
    Bartlett (over radio): Give me a break I'm babysitting Nuggets up here!
    Sand Island Base Command: Command room to Wardog squadron we have leakers
    aircraft type unknown crossing the border at Cape Landers bearing 78-302,
    Captain Bartlett, you're flight is the only group close enough to make the
    Bartlett: Baker, Sventsen! Go trail and stay close, we'll go high and prepare to
    engage the bandits, all other aircraft get low and stay out of the fight!
    Genette V.O.: The world turned upside down and my stomach turned inside out.
    (Back on the ground, Bartlett and Genette get out of the plane and walk over the
    apron to the debriefing room).
    Bartlett: I'm sorry about this.
    Genette V.O.: The captain's apology seemed misplaced. One instructor had
    survived the fight but crashed on landing, the other one was killed in action
    high above the clouds. It wasn't his fault that the unidentified aircraft had
    fired on us without warning, nor was it his fault that the low altitude area he
    had sent his trainees was directly in front of the enemy. Eight people died,
    because the command room had misplaced some zeros.
    Genette: That pilot in the Number 7 was amazing, did you see her fight back!
    Bartlett: I couldn't bear to watch. Nagase, you keep flying like that and you'll
    die real soon!
    Nagase: I won't die sir..
    Genette V.O.: The only surviving trainee's voice was almost a whisper.
    Bartlett: Are you sure, it looks like you couldn't hurt a fly.
    Genette V.O.: Her face was pale, but she still manages to smile a bit for the
    camera. The photo along with my camera was confiscated by Base Security. I was
    as if our little undeclared war never happened.
    Scene moves to the CREW READY ROOM
    I came to cover this remote island because I heard that a very unique squadron
    leader was stationed here. I realise he was this unique though. This bad-
    mouthed, good-natured old firebrand could take the greenest of rookies and forge
    them into a fearsome fighter pilot. Of course that possibility vanished with the
    day's encounter. The only crew he had left now was 2nd lieutenant Nagase and the
    few pilots who happened to be on the ground that day.
    Bartlett: *sighs* I know you don't like this, but we're short on people.
    Starting tomorrow all you nuggets are gonna be sitting alert. If we launch, stay
    glued to me up there. Nagase!
    Nagase: Sir!
    Bartlett: Your flying Number 2 on my wing, gotta keep an eye on you or who knows
    what you'll get yourself into.
    Shorebirds #2   AV14
    Time: 3:34
    Plays: After Prologue
    Spoilers: NO
    (BARTLETT and GENETTE sit on a bench outside one of the cargo plane hangers
    watching the sun go down. POPS in inside the hanger making adjustments to a
    dismantled aircraft and RANDOM PERSONNEL can be heard in the background playing
    with POPS' dog KIRK.)
    Genette V.O.: The whole affair with the unidentified aircraft was covered up,
    there was even a rumour going around that it was actually a UFO. Officially the
    world was still at peace. Having witnessed the battle myself, I wasn't allowed
    to leave the island.
    Bartlett: Why do they even bother reprimanding me anymore? I know I'm gonna be
    stuck at Captain forever.
    Genette: Who do you thinks covering up the battle?
    Bartlett: Listen, the only thing across that ocean is Murska Air Base, that's
    Yuktobanian territory.
    Genette: But, haven't we been allies with the Yukes since the war 15 years ago?
    Bartlett: Yeah... That's why we got people working their asses off trying to
    confirm what the hells goin' on over there. I bet they've got hotlines ringing
    off the hook somewhere upstairs. The Government doesn't want to get the public
    railed up with all this y'know. But it doesn't matter, soldiers like us are too
    stupid to think for ourselves, so we just gotta keep our mouths shut when they
    tell us to. I feel kind of bad for you actually.
    Genette: (laughs), it's alright, I get to be with you guys.
    (POPS' voice comes from inside the hanger, he walks out and joins the
    Pops: Captain's probably hating this more than anybody.
    Genette: Hm?
    Pops: He used to have a lady friend over in Yuktobania.
    Bartlett: Ah, that's just an old war wound now.
    Narrow Margin   AV15
    Time: 1.09
    Plays: Before the mission Narrow Margin
    Spoilers: NO
    (The scene starts from the perspective of a hand camera mounted on a top corner
    of a simple room. Genette's face is close to the lens as he makes adjustments
    before moving backwards and standing in full view.)
    Genette V.O.: This was the room, or the cell I had been assigned to.
    (We see a side shot of Hamilton, who is making a phone call inside the room. He
    puts down the phone and taps the receiver as in deep thought, before turning his
    head to the camera and talking to Genette.)
    Genette V.O.: Captain Hamilton. Unlike his superior, the Base Commander who
    locked me in here he's been very reasonable with me, he even got my camera back.
    He told me if his uncle wasn't a soldier, he would have liked to have had a job
    like mine.
    Hamilton: Well, we don't have any reason to hold you anymore.
    Genette: What do you mean?
    Hamilton: Yuktobania just declared war. They've launched an offensive
    simultaneously too. Our Naval Port at St. Hewlett is being bombed right now.
    (Hamilton straightens his hat and leaves the room. Genette pushes back the bind
    and watches the three remaining Wardog planes takeoff to support the defence of
    St. Hewlett.)
    Genette V.O.: There were only three of then now.
    First Flight #1   AV16
    Time: 1:34
    Plays: Before the mission First Flight
    Spoilers: NO
    Genette V.O.: When the rescue chopper arrived, the captain was nowhere to be
    seen. The only thing they found was the retreating enemy intelligence vessel.
    This island used to be a place of exile from the rest of the world. It then
    became our first line of defence against them enemy.
    (The scene changes to the crew lounge, it is close to midnight. Genette is
    sitting on a bed while Chopper puts on some music. The song Blurry plays. There
    are various posters one of which is the Sky Kid poster on the walls. Chopper
    sits down on the sofa and pats Kirk who is lying at his feet.)
    Chopper: Who'll be the flight lead tomorrow? I wouldn't waste my energy worrying
    about that if I were you.
    (Chopper sits down with a sigh)
    Chopper: We're an auxiliary squadron you know, so his Highness the Lieutenant
    Colonel will just come down from the mainland and take over, that's all. Whew! I
    love this sound, calms me down, I'm gonna sleep well tonight!
    Genette: I heard the one that broke the Captain's heart 15 years ago was a recon
    major in the Yuke army.
    Chopper: Yeah, I did my history homework. We were allies back then. Man, the
    Base Commander sure wasn't being subtle about making accusations. Haha
    (Chopper attempts to impersonate Perrault)
    Chopper: Was there anything suspicious about the Captains behaviour? He says.
    Hell, I'm more suspicious about that screw in his damn head.
    (The alert siren sounds, Chopper collapses on the sofa in a mix of weariness and
    Chopper: Aw, you're kidding me, an air raid? Gimme a break man!
    First Flight #2   AV17
    Time: 1.16
    Plays: After mission First Flight
    Spoilers: NO
    (The morning is clear after the attack last night. Pops approaches and lands at
    Sand Island, after spending the night on the mainland. The camera observes Pops
    landing, watching the nose wheel gently roll onto the runway.)
    Genette V.O.: From the sky, the morning after. Pops came back like nothing had
    happened; as if the open skies had always been his one true home. Only seventeen
    hours had passed since the war began. Yuktobania's war strategies seemed to be
    minutely timed to avoid giving Osea anytime to launch a counter attack.
    (The camera moves to the Crew Quarters. The camera is once again in the
    perspective of Genette's recorder, and is pointed at Nagase resting on a sofa
    and writing in her book. There are other people in flight suits passing in front
    of the camera.)
    Genette V.O.: I got a notice of assignment as a member of the press corps, I
    guess Captain Hamilton had pulled a few strings for me. I didn't waste any time
    going to work.
    (The camera shows Genette's lens moving back and forth, trying to get Nagase in
    Genette V.O.: Second Lieutenant Nagase, inside the crew room. She's sitting by
    herself, writing something in her book. Nobody knew what she was writing.
    Genette V.O.: I realised these people may well be the story I was looking for
    all this time. In fact, I was sure of it.
    (Nagase looks out of the window as a jet is heard flying past.)
    White Bird (part 1) #1   AV18
    Time: 2:10
    Plays: After the mission Rendezvous
    Spoilers: NO
    (The first shot we see is an overhead shot of an airbase. However, it is vastly
    different from the island paradise of Sand Island. The sky is dark and it is
    snowing heavily. The Wardog squadron land at the base.)
    Nagase V.O.: We set off for the Northern Region to re-fuel. This place is
    paradise compared to what's further ahead. Beyond our destination lies to closed
    gate to Nord Belka. Fifteen years ago, the Belkans set off seven nuclear bombs
    there to stave off the advancing allied forces, entombing themselves to the
    frozen valleys to the north. That bit of history should have been enough of a
    lesson for us all. The seven Belkan cities near the gate were vaporised, and the
    local area is still highly radioactive. Our landing point was in the state of
    North Osea, formally a haven for Belkans, but now entrusted to Osean rule. If
    you refer it to that name in front of a local, he'll put a scowl on his face and
    tell you that this is South Belka.
    Nagase V.O.: Hierlark meant a lot to us. Our flight training look place here on
    this airfield. On the base, we were surrounded by junior cadets, eager to hear
    war stories. The newspaper article written about us by that journalist Genette
    made it here faster then we did. Somewhere along the line, we had become the
    most experienced pilots in the entire war. Us, Captain Bartlett's nuggets.
    (The shot now moves onto the four aircraft and junior cadets flying south-west
    back towards Sand Island. As Grimm and Chopper talk, the camera show both
    aircraft cockpits in the same shot.)
    Nagase V.O.: We were directed to take these inexperienced pilots back with us to
    Sand Island then we returned.
    Chopper (over radio): Man, we'd better thank Pops for this.
    Grimm (over radio): Why's that?
    Chopper: 'cos, he's the person who pounded basic fighter manoeuvres into us, now
    we can lord it over all these guys.
    Nagase V.O.: You said it.
    Nagase V.O.: These pilots had only a tenuous grasp of flying, much less mid-air
    refuelling, so we had to land at every base along the way. I can't believe we
    have to send them off to guard the western coastline.
    White Bird (part 1) #2   AV19
    Time: 0:29
    Plays: After the mission White Bird pt. i
    Spoilers: NO
    (We see a image that looks as if it is taken from a ground telescope, the focus
    is fuzzy as it looks at the stratosphere. We see the recently launched laser
    module docking with the Arkbird.)
    Nagase V.O.: The white bird rose up once again, laser cannon in its wings. It
    was a moving sight. In my heart though, I wish it didn't have to be used in war.
    Genette V.O.: None of them found out why they had targeted the base until much
    later. Of course by that time it was too late.
    Front Line   AV20
    Time: 0:14
    Plays: Plays after the mission Front Line
    Spoilers: Minor Spoilers
    (We see sinking fragments of the Scinfaxi, it has been completely destroyed by
    the Arkbird's laser and Wardog's assault. Out of the gloom, another identical
    sub passes by.)
    (No Dialogue)
    Handful of Hope   AV21
    Time: 1:15
    Plays: Before the mission Handful of Hope
    Spoilers: NO
    Genette V.O.: When my article, the Four Wings of Sand Island was published to
    wide acclaim, I grew bolder.
    (The camera appears to be from Genette's camera again, he is recording the Base
    Commander Parrault talking with two other officers.)
    Genette V.O.: Here was a profile view of the Base Commander. The emperor of this
    (Hamilton knocks down the camera.)
    Hamilton: Don't! He's in a bad mood today, if he catches you, he'll have your
    Genette: What happened?
    (Hamilton shrugs as he walks away down a corridor. The camera move beck to the
    crew ready room where Nagase is sitting on the sofa again talking to Genette and
    thinking out loud.)
    Nagase: The Arkbird...
    Genette: Huh?
    Nagase: The White Bird in outer space, with Yuktobania outclassing us in
    firepower, it was the presidents one trump card in the peace negotiations. And
    now it's fallen right out of our hands.
    Genette: So you're saying we don't know how long the war will drag on.
    (We now see the same fuzzy shot of the Arkbird we saw from White Bird #1.)
    Genette V.O.: The Arkbird. A super weapon capable of attacking from space, far
    beyond the reach of the enemy. Its power generator was destroyed by explosives
    hidden within a supply satellite they launched from earth. Once again, the
    balance of power had tipped towards Yuktobania.
    Blind Spot   AV22
    Time: 0:59
    Plays: Before the mission Blind Spot
    Spoilers: Minor Spoilers
    Genette V.O.: General Hamal. Supreme commander of the Osean Army deployed to
    Yuktobania successfully stormed the enemy beach and established a command centre
    on the spot. The general who claims to have been given full operational
    authority by the President then made the following declaration: "We will march
    forward and we will not lay down our arms until the Yuktobanian capital has
    (The screen changes to a picture of Oured from the bay.)
    Genette V.O.: Oured, the Osean capital. The winds of war have yet to reach here,
    the air still smells of peace.
    (We now see Nagase, Chopper and Grimm standing on Courtroom type stands in a
    darkened room. A booming, aggressive voice talks back to them.)
    Nagase: But that wasn't us! By the time we got there they had already
    Grimm: That's right, we heard them over the radio, they called themselves the
    8492nd squadron.
    Osean CM officer: 8492! 8492! Is that all you people have to say! There is no
    squadron in our military with that number!
    Chopper: Damn it! What the hell's goin' on here!
    (The alert siren sounds.)
    Demons of Razgriz #1   AV23
    Time: 1:27
    Plays: Before after the mission Demons of Razgriz
    Spoilers: NO
    (The scene opens with several shots of the crew ready room back at Sand Island.
    The squadron are sitting at various places waiting for their mission briefing.)
    Genette V.O.: Despite the hectic mood of the staff at HQ, the start of the
    briefing was delayed. But the weary pilots, knowing full well that they would
    have to force their exhausted bodies back into the air once the order was given,
    weren't the slightest bit disturbed by the delay.
    Grimm [to Nagase]: Hey, what are you writing there?
    Nagase: I just can't remember this next phrase.
    Chopper: Here, let me see!
    Nagase: Hey!
    Nagase: The Princess couldn't feed the dove that day, she was too sick.
    Grimm: May I take a look?
    Chopper: Razgriz, the Demon of Razgriz got her right?
    Nagase: You know the story?
    Chopper: The demon from the North Sea! I remember, my Grandma used to tell me
    bedtime stories about it, and every time she did I'd be too scared to go to the
    bathroom in the middle of the night.
    (Nagase laughs while Hamilton speaks from outside of the camera.)
    Hamilton: Settle down people.
    (The camera moves to the briefing room, where Perrault and Hamilton are standing
    in front of the screen with the mission details.)
    Genette V.O.: I know a little about that famous legend too. When history
    witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself; first as a dark demon. As a
    demon, it uses it's power to rein death upon the land, and then it dies.
    However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns.
    Demons of Razgriz #2   AV24
    Time: 1:30
    Plays: After the mission Demons of Razgriz
    Spoilers: Minor Spoilers
    (This scene is shot as if through Genette's camera. There is a party and there
    is a lot of music and celebrating. Pops is in the camera talking to Genette.)
    Pops: Heavens! The ace pilots who sunk the enemy submarines are right over
    there! And I'm the person you want to interview now?
    Genette: No it's not that! It's just I heard that you were once a fighter pilot
    Pops: I just fly fright planes for the maintenance crews now. The Captain,
    Captain Bartlett that is, it was time for an old man like me to stop trying to
    compete with the young guys. Talk about a lack of respect!(laughs).
    Genette: Where did you meet Captain Bartlett?
    Pops: We were both shot down and we bailed out behind enemy lines in the last
    war. We got back through the bullet-ridden battlefield and made it back to the
    allied front lines. I tell you, it was tough getting the army to believe we were
    on their side.
    Genette: Shot down? You two!
    Pops: Hey, it was a long time ago. Everyone makes mistakes right?
    Genette: Oh, no I didn't mean it that way. Even if you're not flying with those
    pilots your age and experience provide a lot of support for all of them. I just
    wanted to tell you that. I've seen they really listen to what you say, and you
    always have helpful suggestions for them.
    Pops: Well, thank you.
    Genette: I think they're all going to need you, now more then ever.
    Pops: I'll do what I can.
    Genette: These people, it's like they're walking a tightrope that could snap at
    any second. They're all going to reach their breaking point sooner or later.
    Pops: Yeah...
    Ice Cage   AV25
    Time: 1:17
    Plays: After the mission Ice Cage
    Spoilers: YES
    (It is raining heavily at Sand Island. The squadron have left for another
    mission. We see Genette in the crew room near the sofa Nagase was sitting
    Genette V.O.: She had left here book in the crew room.
    (Genette picks up Nagase's book, examines the cover and flips through the pages.
    The words and pages are damages and pieces of paper with writing attempt to
    restore what was on them.)
    Genette V.O.: "A Blue Dove for the Princess", that was the title of the book she
    left behind. A favourite book from her childhood. The pages had torn off over
    the years and she had been writing down the words that were on those pages.
    Trying to remember every sentence and every verse.
    Nagase V.O.: I love this book so much, but I only have faint memories of what
    was inside. I feel I've gotten so far away from everything since then.
    Genette V.O.: I remember how she looked when she told me that. I couldn't help
    from wondering, did she choose to crash on purpose, rather then being force to
    take part in the invasion of another country.
    White Noise   AV26
    Time: 1:29
    Plays: After the mission White Noise
    Spoilers: YES
    (The scene opens with a panoramic shot of a snowy forest. As the camera moves,
    we see Nagase pointing her handgun at an enemy soldier with the rescue team
    behind her.)
    Genette V.O.: When the rescue team found her, she has holding a group of
    soldiers who were sent in to capture her. Behind her were the helicopter crew
    who crashed while trying to rescue her. She had saved them, treated their wounds
    and hidden them in a safe place. I needed to rethink my image of her after this,
    after witnessing her amazing toughness and tenacity. She even managed to obtain
    a little information about the soldiers she captured. It seemed the people of
    Yuktobania were also beginning to have doubts about their leaders in the current
    war. And word of Nagase's squadron was getting around, as the force who sunk two
    of their most powerful submarines. The Yuke army soldiers had nicknamed them
    "The Demons of Razgriz". She was obviously very proud of that when she told me
    about it later. Perhaps her pride was for Captain Bartlett, the man who had
    trained them, or perhaps it was for her current captain. However, none of the
    officers in the upper echelons of their own army was proud of them, Bartlett was
    still missing, and that made his old trainees the subject of suspicion and
    Fortress #1   AV27
    Time: 1:36
    Plays: Before the mission Fortress
    Spoilers: YES
    (Pops and Genette are outside a hanger, inside in the remains of a Yuke plane)
    Pops: Look at that wreckage. I'm amazed they're still making 'em like this.
    Genette: They?
    Pops: This looks like a standard fighter jet, but it's actually different.
    They've done a lot of things to reduce the number of parts and cut down
    manufacturing costs. Without sacrificing the planes strength and performance.
    Very cost effective, you could make three planes for the price of two this way.
    Genette: Who's this 'they' you're referring to?
    Pops: North Osea Grunder industries. Formally the South Belka munitions factory.
    Run by the Belkan government.
    Genette: But Osea has taken over that land now, South Belkan technology is being
    used for Osea. Why does Yuktobania have this?
    Pops: Good question. Actually, speaking of Belka. Osea recruited some Belkan
    flying aces after the war fifteen years ago to strengthen our air force. You
    know about this?
    Genette: No.. Really?
    Pops: An aggressor squadron comprised entirely of Belkan aces, our old enemy.
    Well, that's the rumour anyway. Even an old fox like me is sure they exist. I
    bet the current administration isn't even aware of the story.
    Fortress #2   AV28
    Time: 0:54
    Plays: After the mission Fortress
    Spoilers: YES
    Genette V.O.: The so-called 'impenetrable fortress' fell in half a day. And the
    momentum of the Osean army had reached a peak. It's final stronghold lost the
    Yuktobanian army was setting up a barricade in the urban area up ahead. The next
    battle could see a lot of bloodshed, with innocent civilians caught in the
    crossfire. However, the men and officers of the Osean army were optimistic. They
    thought as long as the three fighters from Sand Island were taking part in the
    action, everything would turn out alright. They had become the centre of the
    armies' strength now.
    (Soldiers on the ground cheer as the three fighters fly past.)
    8492   AV29
    Time: 5:51
    Plays: After the mission 8492
    Spoilers: YES
    (Genette and Pops are sitting the crew bunk room talking, Kirk is lying on the
    floor near his bowl.)
    Genette: Would it surprise you if I said the President Harling is nowhere to be
    found in the capital?
    Pops: Not really. The hard-line war Osea's waging right now, hardly resembles
    the peace policy the President was promoting. Let me guess, he disappeared just
    before we invaded Yuktobania right?
    Genette: Exactly! My journalist friends tell me that nobody has seen him enter
    or leave the office since. All of his decisions are communicated through the
    Vice President. And it gets better, a lot of the military officers who resigned
    in disagreement with the Presidents arms reductions planes have started to
    return to the capital.
    Pops: I found out something myself, that Belkan aggressor squadron I was telling
    you about, apparently they're called the 8492nd squadron. Also, and here's the
    kicker, Captain Hamilton, the adjutant base commander here, was assigned to the
    Genette: What!
    (There is a roar or fighter jets outside. Pops looks out of the window.)
    Pops: Oh, they're back.
    (We now see the three planes taxiing back to the hangers.)
    Nagase: There's no point talking to that blockhead commander. He treated our
    President like an idiot, just because he wanted peace.
    Grimm: What about his adjutant Captain Hamilton?
    Nagase: Rodger that, the captain and I will go see him, Grimm you go let Genette
    and Pops know.
    Grimm: Right, be careful.
    (We are back in the bunk room, Grimm is now with them.)
    Genette: What!? Nagase and the captain went to see Hamilton?
    Grimm: What is it! Did I do something wrong?
    Pops: Let's hurry!
    Genette: You got it!
    (Genette, Pops and Grimm walk to Perrault's office.)
    Pops: We don't have time to warn the Captain and Nagase, we'll have to talk to
    the Base Commander ourselves.
    (They enter Perrault's office.)
    Perrault: Thank you for coming second lieutenant. I was just thinking about
    calling you over.
    Pops: Me?
    Perrault: Special Forces, Second lieutenant Peter N. Beagle, or I guess you
    prefer "Pops". Fifteen years ago, you and Bartlett were shot down over enemy
    terrain. Bartlett's squadron HQ was destroyed, and all it's data was fried by
    Belkas magnetic pulse weaponry. When you made it back to the allied front lines,
    it was Bartlett's word that convinced them you were his squadron leader. Is that
    really true.
    (Perrault raises a handgun concealed behind his back and points it at Pops.)
    Perrault: Bartlett turned out to be a spy, so, who are you really?
    (Pops, Genette and Grimm slowly back towards the office door.)
    Perrault: Can't prove anything about your military record, can you?
    (Grimm, obscured by Genette turns out the lights in the room, using this moment
    of confusion to escape. As they run Perrault starts shooting wildly, one bullet
    narrowly missing Genette's head).
    Pops: This way!
    Perrault: Arrest 'em on sight, they're spies, shoot them if you have to!
    (It is still dark around Sand Island, soldiers armed with assault riffles patrol
    the apron. A spotlight moves around the area and passes along a container which
    Pops, Nagase, Blaze, Genette and Kirk are hiding behind. Only the squadron
    member are armed with handguns and they keep a close watch.)
    Genette: Hamilton's got the base commander deceived too.
    Nagase: I punched that guy's lights out. That bastard was wearing a Major's
    insignia on his shoulder.
    Genette: I don't know who it is, but someone's trying to widen the rift between
    the two countries and keep this war going. If Osea continues to win, then this
    war will be over.
    Nagase: And they're after us to prevent that? Your kidding!
    Genette: You people are the pillar of morale for the entire Osean army now.
    Pops: And now you know something you were better off not knowing, the
    president's disappearance.
    Genette: Listen Pops, who exactly are you?
    (Footsteps are heard coming towards them, Nagase prepares herself, Grimm runs to
    the container breathing heavily.)
    Grimm: It's not good, they've seized our planes in the hangers.
    Pops: Hanger C in the rear probably isn't so heavily guarded.
    Grimm: Yeah, but over there, there's nothing but...
    Pops: Will escape with my training jets. Good thing I maintain all of my planes
    well eh? Let's try it. Genette, you take the seat behind me.
    (The squadron roll out of the hanger and get onto the runway, take off and
    escape Sand Island.)
    Ancient Walls #1 AV30
    Time: 0:30
    Plays: After mission Final Option
    Spoilers: YES
    Sea Goblin: This is Sea Goblin, we have found the floating remains of the
    destroyed aircraft in the water. I don't see any sign of the crew, it looks as
    if they couldn't eject and sank with their planes.
    Thunderhead: Roger Sea Goblin, return to base.
    Sea Goblin: Okay, let's go. We've got a new home waiting for ya.
    Ancient Walls #2 AV31
    Time: 2:56
    Plays: Plays after Ancient Walls #1
    Spoilers: YES
    (Seagulls and be heard, we see that the crew have gone to the OFS Kestrel. We
    see the Captain of the ship on the Bridge).
    Genette V.O.: Captain Andersen, the man who commanded the aircraft carrier
    Kestrel, and kept her afloat through countless battles.
    Andersen: Nah, I'm just a guy who has fought one losing battle after another.
    Genette V.O.: However, since this war began, this ship hadn't taken a single hit
    from enemy forces.
    (Andersen and Pops walk out onto the operations deck of the Kestrel. One of the
    crew is playing a harmonica in the background.)
    Andersen: This ship maybe unharmed, but it pains me to see fewer and fewer
    aircraft coming back when we launch them out on combat sorties. Now the only
    pilot left is Captain Snow, the squad leader.
    (The we see a lone pilot, Marcus Snow on the deck next to his F-14.)
    Andersen: Nobody wants an aircraft carrier without aircraft, so we're just
    sitting idle here.
    Pops: At the end of the last war, I was assigned a mission of dropping a nuclear
    weapon on a city in my own country. When I refused and went AWOL it was Captain
    Bartlett who took me in, his nickname was also Kid back then.
    (We see the squadron running around playing with Kirk.)
    Pops: He was a strange man, fifteen years since the war and he never got
    promoted once. In my country there was a group called the Grey Men, they're
    likely to still be around today. To them I'm a traitor, and for the past fifteen
    years Bartlett's protected me from them. Speaking of which, you don't think the
    Grey Men are involved in the disappearance of President Harling do you?
    Andersen: I've got an intelligence gathering vessel in my fleet, the Andromeda,
    that's capable of intercepting all forms of communications. Recently, it picked
    up a secret message transmitted in Belkan. That Colonel is why I've called all
    of you here.
    Pops: All this intense flying's tough on an old body. From here on out, it's
    their time to shine.
    Andersen: Mm
    Pops: But what'll we do about planes
    Andersen: We've captured a ship trying to smuggle aircraft from a South Belkan
    country into Yuktobania. Plenty of planes to choose from.
    Heartbreak One #1   AV32
    Time: 2:12
    Plays: After the mission Ancient Walls
    Spoilers: YES
    Genette V.O.: When we got word of the president's return and ran up to the
    Bridge. He was smiling, and chatting with Pops and Captain Andersen. Apparently
    he spent his days confined in the old castle, looking at the seven ground zero
    craters right out his window, which served as the border between the two
    countries of North and South Belka. In the end, the Osean army couldn't take the
    Yuktobanian capital, and the war began to bog down. For Belka, who challenged
    the world to battle, but were crushed by the twin powers of Osea and Yuktobania
    there could be no sweeter revenge. They had created the hatred between the two
    countries, hoping that the war would eventually exhaust them both. The military
    officials on both sides were playing right into their hands.
    The intelligence vessel continued to pick up the Yuktobanian armies
    communications. One message from air-force traffic control, contain a mysterious
    string of numbers. Latitude, longitude, a date and time, and one more set of
    numbers. The President had the answer.
    Harling: Well how about that? These are the number of votes I won in my
    presidential elections. This is from the first time I won, and here's the number
    from the election two years ago. This message was meant for me!
    Genette V.O.: The coordinates marked a location within North Belkan territory,
    the date was tomorrow. The squadron from Sand Island became the President's
    personal Air Fleet, even as the reports continued to state that they had been
    shot down and killed. This was the new emblem.
    (We see a black fighter jet with the symbol from Nagase's book and the title The
    Ghosts of Razgriz).
    Heartbreak One #2   AV33
    Time: 2:01
    Plays: After the mission White Noise
    Spoilers: YES
    Genette V.O.: The President broadcast his voice repeatedly, in an effort to
    reveal the truth to his citizens and soldiers. However, the central government,
    now run by the Vice President and his Generals censored all of it, calling it
    'enemy propaganda'. And Yuktobania, their enemy, wasn't about to stop fighting
    The president needed to enter the Capital himself, with his Marine force. But
    that meant risking his life. As he boarded the helicopter, the President smiled
    and said: "here goes".
    The third encrypted message from Bartlett came shortly after. This time there
    was no coordinates, all it showed was a time and a radio frequency. At the
    appointed time, everyone gathered in front of the radio speaker.
    (The clock on the wall ticks upwards as the crew stand below the speaker, when
    the second hand gets to twelve, the transmission come in with a radio static at
    the start.)
    Bartlett: Hey it's me! Get the wax outta your ears and listen up! We found
    Nikanor, the leader of Yuktobania, and we broke him outta prison. This war
    wasn'y his doing at all!
    Sea of Chaos   AV34
    Time: 3:08
    Plays: After the mission Heartbreak One
    Spoilers: YES
    (We see Bartlett, in a Yuke flight suit as well as a small man in a suit and a
    woman in shades, they shake hands with Captain Andersen.
    Genette V.O.: 'He' had returned once more, he brought Nikanor, the Prime
    Minister on Yuktobania with him and surprisingly he had brought one more person.
    A female Recon Major in the Yuke army, the one who had broke his heart fifteen
    years ago. It became clear why nobody could find him in the POW camps. The very
    first POW of the war, he had escaped before they could even get him into the
    camps. Yuktobania's situation was just like ours, their leader, who espoused
    reconciliation was imprisoned after a silent coup-de-ete, and the country
    proceeded to march into full-scale war.
    (Genette takes a photo of the Major, the camera is through the perspective of
    his lens.)
    Genette: What should I call you?
    Natasha: Just Major
    Genette: What your real name?
    Natasha: (laughs)
    Genette V.O.: All she did was return a smile. She remained faithful to the Prime
    Minister, and to his vision of peace. And that faith had brought her here.
    Genette V.O.: She was carrying a single disk
    (we see the major holding a small compact disk.)
    Genette V.O.: She told us that the disk contained the secret plans of the Belkan
    Grey Men. So far we have been unable to decipher the encryption code.
    (It is now night and the Major and Genette are alone on the flight deck. We see
    the Major's hand as she points to the sky.)
    Natasha: The SOLG. A military attack satellite that your country began building
    during the war fifteen years ago, then abandoned in the peace that followed. The
    Arkbird was born partly to resurrect that dreadful star. Now even after the
    Arkbird was destroyed, the space centre's mass driver is still sending supplies
    into orbit. What is that star receiving from them?
    Aces #1   AV35
    Time: 2:58
    Plays: Before Sea of Chaos
    Spoilers: YES
    (The Kestrel and her fleet is at sea, the sun is setting. Suddenly the fleet
    picks up a Yuktobanian fleet in front of them in battle formation.)
    Kestrel loudspeaker: All hands proceed to battle stations, Yuktobanian Fleet
    ahead! The enemy fleet contains eighteen ships, arrayed in a battle formation
    designed to block our fleet's path.
    Nikanor (over loudspeaker): Attention Yuktobanian fleet! This is Prime Minister
    Nikanor, representative of your government! I am on the (covering microphone)
    Andersen: Yes, Kestrel
    Nikanor (over loudspeaker): I am on the Osean Carrier Kestrel for the sake of
    restoring peace between our Yuktobania and the country of Osea, we will once
    (Nikanor is cut off by transmissions and loudspeaker sound from the Yuke fleet.)
    Yuke Fleet Captain: Attention! All vessels! The only thing that exists between
    Yuktobania and Osea is hatred. Prime Minister Nikanor has joined the enemy,
    recognise him as such and sink the enemy fleet with him!
    Yuke Piknigt: But Commander, that's the Prime Minister talking, please stand
    down, we don't know what we're fighting for anymore.
    (the single ship moves to block the advancing fleet.)
    Yuke Piknigt: Sir please, cancel engagement and stand down.
    Yuke Fleet Captain: Attention, all vessels loyal to the fleet! A traitor is
    blocking our way. Attack the Frigate ship Piknigt, open fire!
    (The Yuke fleets fires upon and sinks the ship.)
    Yuke Cunrath: This is the Missile Destroyer Cunrath of the glorious Yuketobanian
    Navy. We cannot follow a fleet commander willing to sink one of his own ships,
    we will protect Prime Minister Nikanor, all ships who are with us, change course
    and follow us.
    Yuke Fleet Captain: Any vessel who does not follow the flagship will be fired
    Andersen (over loudspeaker): Protect those brave defectors! Launch fighter!
    Andersen: Prime Minister, please take you leave
    Nikanor: But...
    Andersen: Go to our President, and get a televised picture of the two of you
    shaking hands, show it to the world.
    Aces #2   AV36
    Time: 4:06
    Plays: After the mission Sea of Chaos
    Spoilers: YES
    (The Kestrel is firing guns at two missile heading towards it.)
    Kestrel Spotter: Second wave of missile inbound! Ten seconds till impact.
    Kestrel Personnel: Counter with artillery barrage!
    Kestrel Gunner: We can't hit all of 'em, brace for impact!
    (The missile hit the Kestrel. We see Andersen in the Bridge.)
    Kestrel Systems Operator: Starboard side flood, Damage Control! We've been hit
    by two sub-launched missiles, the ship's listing!
    Andersen: Launch them out!
    Kestrel Systems Operator: We can't the ship's listing heavily to starboard,
    we're sinking fast!
    Andersen: Continue with the launch!
    Kestrel Systems Operator: But!
    Andersen: Take them up, hurry up with the catapult! Just concentrate on
    launching them. All hands not conducting aircraft launch abandon ship
    (A ship from the Osean/Yuke fleet destroys the enemy submarine. The survivors of
    the Kestrel are in lifeboats floating next to the sinking carrier.)
    Kestrel Crewman 1: Enemy submarine sunk!
    (Cheers from the Kestrel crew.)
    Kestrel Crewman 2: She's sinking, the ship's sinking!
    (The massive carrier, now completely on it's side sinks down underwater, the
    crewmen in their lifeboats and lifejackets salute it as it goes down.)
    Genette: The Kestrel.. is gone.
    Andersen: I've lost time and time again, but now I've finally won.
    Genette: Huh?
    Andersen: Look, we launched them off safely. There's my victory. As long as
    they're in the air I haven't lost, and I know they'll succeed.
    Pops: Yeah...
    (Andersen starts humming the song Journey Home.)
    Genette V.O.: The captain was humming a tune, the same song I heard from the
    anti war audience in the stadium. He was the one playing that record in the
    middle of a sea battle.
    (The humming of the Captain changes into the vocal version and the location
    moves to Bright Hill, Oured where Harling is giving a speech after successfully
    recapturing the city with the Sea Goblin Marine Force. The camera occasionally
    is through the perspective of the TV broadcast with OBC and the title "A Call
    for Peace" With the two speakers names appearing. Whilst the two leader a re
    giving their speech we see flybys of Osean and Yuke fighters flying towards
    Harling: This is President Harling, of the Osean Federation. Attention  all
    Osean and Yuktobanian soldiers currently on the battlefield. Let us but down our
    weapons, and come out of the trenches. The Osean capital of Oured has been of
    the people who took advantage of my absence to usurp control over the country.
    Once robbed of my freedom, and my ability to do the right thing, I now again
    under the light of the golden sun, and I do so, with the honourable Yuktobanian
    Prime Minister Nikanor by my side. We have revolved our terrible and unfortunate
    misunderstanding, and the war is now over.
    Nikanor: This is Prime Minister Nikanor, Head of Government for the Union of
    Yuktobanian Republics. Attention all officers of Osea and Yuktobanian currently
    on the battlefield. Please watch as President Harling and I stand shoulder to
    shoulder, hand in hand. President Harling's words are true, and the war is over.
    But there is still one battle that still needs to be fought.
    Harling: We believe that those who have tried to stir hatred between us are now
    preparing a weapon that could wipe out half of all metropolitan areas in either
    one of our countries. Our comrades are in flight as I speak, determined to stop
    this plan dead in it's tracks. Which country is under the threat of mass
    destruction? That we do not know.
    Nikanor: However, that is no longer important. No matter which country is hit,
    it would be a server blow to all of us.
    Harling: So now I ask you members of the military, if you see it in you're your
    hearts please utilise the resources available to you, and help out our brave
    pilots. Right now they are flying east to meet the enemy.
    Nikanor: To those who still dare to hide behind the power of their hateful
    weapons. Bring yourself before the light of peace and harmony!
    (The crowd give a loud cheer.)
    Dead Ahead   AV37
    Time: 0:12
    Plays: After the mission Aces
    Spoilers: Yes
    (We see the SOLG on a satellite readout screen, it is falling towards the
    (No dialogue)
    The Unsung War   AV38
    Time: 0:56
    Plays: After the mission The Unsung War
    Spoilers: Yes
    (We see Oured, the sun is beginning to rise over the bay, everything is quiet
    still. Suddenly a huge explosion goes off over the bay detonating like a massive
    firework. We see the four Razgriz fighters heading back home temporarily
    on their cockpits whist the orchestral version of The Demons of Razgriz plays.
    The fighters do a in-formation roll to a lower altitude and fly past the camera
    before pitching up and flying over the saved capital, we see fragments on the
    fly past the city like comets.)
    Genette V.O.: When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself,
    first as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses it's power to rain death upon the
    and then it dies. However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns, this time
    as a great hero.
    Oured personnel: We won!
    Oured personnel: We did it!
    Oured personnel: Yahoo!
    Oured personnel: Salute the Aces of Razgriz!
    (Various shouts and cheers from Oured.)
    Several Oured personnel: Razgriz Razgriz! Razgriz! Razgriz! Razgriz! Razgriz!
    Oured personnel: Can you hear these cheers? Don't tell me you can't hear them!
    Epilogue   AV39
    Time: 0:12
    Plays: After the mission The Unsung War
    Spoilers: Yes
    (We see Sand Island AFB, now abandoned and full of gulls. We see various shots
    of the base from the viewpoints we saw in earlier movies such as the crew bunk
    room, ready room and Perrualt's office, everything is now empty and deserted.)
    Genette V.O.: Peace has one again spread across the world. The Aces of Razgriz
    never flew in the skies of battle again. Above the clouds there was only a clear
    blue sky, no longer in need of heroes, and perhaps that was exactly what they
    were hoping for all this time.
    (We see various scenes of a new peaceful Oured, there is a woman whose face is
    obscured sitting on a bench in a park with a young girl on her lap, they are
    reading A Blue Dove for the Princess. Many believe that this woman is Nagase and
    the child is that of her and Blaze's.)
    ---   8j. Unlockable extras ----------------------------------------------- AV40
    Unlock Expert and Ace modes
    Complete the game on any difficulty once
    Unlock the Music Player and Movie viewer
    Complete the game on any difficulty once
    Unlock Free Mission mode
    Complete the game on any difficulty once
    Unlock the X-02
    Buy at least one of all the planes exept the Falken. Including the branch
    Unlock the Falken
    Destroy the five Falken Hangers in missions 12a, 12b, 16a, 16b and 27a
    (This can be done in Free Mission and on any difficulty)
    Fly which ever plane you like in Arcade mode
    Complete all branchs of arcade mode
    Get Mobius One F/A-22 in Campain mode
    Complete the D branch of arcade mode
    Unlock Falken SP colour
    Complete Expert with S ranks on all missions
    Unlock X-02 SP colour
    Complete Hard with S ranks on all missions
    Unlock Yellow 13 Su-37 in Campain mode
    Shoot down the YELLOW named pilot in the Aces tunnel
    Specail Message: Finnish all Ace mode missions with an S rank and you will get
    a special commemorative message at the end of the debreifing. I'll add it
    when I next get it.
    ---   8k. Gliches --------------------------------------------------------- AV41
    Helicopter flight
    Not an exploitable glitch. When you are near a helicoter watch carefully, it may
    'jump' around the screen, stop in the air, then jump around some more. This as
    far as I know only happens to helicopters, not aircraft and only seems to affect
    enemy ones. For the best chance of seeing it play through mission 11b: Reprisal.
    Arkbird flight path
    On mission White Bird Part.ii when the Airbird turns to the south, sometimes it
    will not stop turning and fly around in cirles. This happens rarly and dosn't
    seem to trigger on anything below Expert.
    Non-solid wingmen
    If you try to fly into your wingmen they will turn to move out of your way, if
    you can hit them though sometimes they register a crash and mission failer and
    sometimes you will go right through them
    More non-solid aircraft
    It may suprise you to learn that only your plane is effected by hitting the
    ground. Whilst playing the game you may see your wingmen, friendly and enemy
    aircraft either flying through hills, buildings or even under the map itself.
    Hrimfaxi visable
    On the mission Demons of Razgriz, when the Hrimfaxi goes below water go to 7000
    feet and look down, if positioned correctly you should see the Hrimfaxi
    underwater, although you may have to circle around the river to get in a
    position to see it.
    9. DYK / FAQ -------------------------------------------------------------- FQ01
    ---  9a. DYK -------------------------------------------------------------- FQ02
    This is the where you find out all the little things that have been thrown into
    the game. So, did you know...
    - The Osean Air force and Navy have different salutes. The Naval salute consists
    of the elbow being pointed at around a 135 degree angle, then the forearm
    bending at 180 degrees to come back towards the head, the fingers then strech
    across the eyebrow line to make up for the arm length. It is best seen in the
    cutscene 'Aces'.
    The Air Force salute is more standard, the upper arm points directly away from
    the body, the forearm then come back on a 45 degree angle to intercept the top
    eyeline. This is best seen on the cut scene 'Heartbreak One'
    It also seems that Harling has some ties to the Navy as he performs a navy
    - On the opening cutscene with Bartlett telling Nagase she is the number 2
    On the subtitle 'Crew Ready Room' sitting near the window is a tall man with
    short black hair chatting with Chopper. Over careful consideration this cannot
    be anyone else but Blaze (the other two sitting in the back of the room are
    instructors). Also, there is another character sitting directly infront of Blaze
    in this scene who looks exactly the same as him, oops Namco :?
    - There is a pilot called Nagase in AC04's Escort mission flying Air Ixiom 701.
    -/Nagase in AC04 sounds too old to be Nagase in AC05; it seems more probable
    that Kei Nagase is the daughter of 04's Nagase. It also brings up a rather
    cute 'She joined to protect people like Mobius 1 protected her mom' motive/
    (by Neil H)
    - Nagase is also the mascot from Ridge Racer with the diffrent name Reiko.
    - The Belkan who we hear over the radio in White Bird pt 2 and who is controling
    the SOLG in Aces maybe Schwarze, a pilot from the Belkan War. Other theories put
    him on Ashley (the 8492nd leader) or Hamilton.
    - When you are saving the airport, the airline Air Ixim from AC04 tries to land.
    - In the mission 'Blind Spot', the transport plane is going to North Point, the
    home of ISAF.
    - The game is called Squadron leader in Europe and Oceania, boo!
    - In the mission 'Aces', a named aircraft is a member of the Yellow Squadron.
    - The continent in AC04 was called Usea, the country that is in AC05 is called
    Osea. Usea is also on the far east of the map in briefings an opening movie.
    (Thanks to Neil H for pointing it out).
    - (Thanks to Ryan):
    the "pipe" for air to air refueling is called a "basket," or a "boom." You'll
    notice in the game that in US Navy planes you see a basket, which the pilot
    needs to put his refueling probe into to refuel. US Air Force planes see
    else: a boom. In their case, all the pilot has to do is hold station behind the
    tanker while a boom operator moves the boom into the plane. If you watch the
    or F-22 being refueled, you'll see that the boom goes into the plane behind the
    cockpit, where the pilot can't possibly see it.
    If a Navy plane is using an Air Force tanker, the boom operator does nothing,
    everything is on the pilot. Sometimes the boom operator tries to "help us out,"
    that's just an annoyance.
    I'm not sure which of the non-US planes use a basket, and which use a boom, but
    it's reasonable
    to assume that the game is accurate on this.
    - Pops and Hamilton are both Belkans.
    - Many of the Belkan words used in the game come from German. Nord Belka
    (North Belka), Vogal (Bird) and several pilots names.
    - In contrast several Yuke pilots names and ship names come from Russian and
    - Pops' dog is called Kirk
    - Cruik Fortress may have been built in one of the Ulysses 1994XF04 astoroid
    craters. (Thanks to Neil H), if you have no idea what I'm talking about play
    - The first letter of the callsigns of your wingmen spell out the word: "Aces"
    Archer Chopper Edge Swordsman - ACES, and no, I don't know where B for Blaze
    comes from.
    - The V2 nuclear MIRV missile stands for Multi Independently Targetable
    Re-Entry Vehicle where the weapon that fires it, the SOLG stands for
    Satellite Orbital Liner Gun.
    - If you want to be all technical, the Falkan also is too unareodynamic and
    mis-shapen to fly.
    - The Falken does not appear in AC05 first, it is actully an aircraft you need
    shoot down for the ZOE Commander medal in AC02.
    //I haven't got the Falken in AC5 myself, but when I was
    browsing http://www.acecombat.jp/ I checked around the
    aircrafts that are playable in AC5 and found Falken...
    I was surprised. I'm not sure if you have noticed this
    too or not, but this fictional plane has appeared
    before, that is in Ace Combat 2. It was there in the
    very last mission (Fighter's Honor), as a non-target
    enemy under the name ADF-01. It was also the plane
    that you need to shoot down to obtain the last
    decoration, the "ZOE Commander" medal. The plane was
    one of a kind, it wasn't seen in any other missions.
    The design is strikingly similar, if not identical.
    The only differences are that the Falken has this
    'slot' on its nose (for that laser thingy?) while the
    ADF-01 has a vertical 'fin' (excuse me for not having
    the proper aviation term xD) on its belly that is not
    present in Falken. Other than that, they're basically
    twins. Heck, they share the same paint job (red).
    I think this is pretty nostalgic for all of us who
    played AC2. :)//
    Thanks to Widodo for the info.
    - The Hrimfaxi and Scinfaxi are nordic gods weapons (thanks to the people who
    told me).
    - Namco have a Pacman tribute in the game. In Mission 16a: Desert Arrow go to
    grid section 5d in the upper centrel area. Look down and volia! (Thanks to the
    people on the GameFAQs board who mentioned this).
    ---  9b. FAQ -------------------------------------------------------------- FQ03
    Frequently asked questions:
    Q: Are there any named pilots in this game, I'm almost through and haven't seen
    A: There are named pilots, however they do not appear until you have finished
    the game once or more.
    Q: I have finished the story mode, but don't have all the planes, what gives?
    A: Have you done the extra missions? Check out Free Mission for the ones you
    missed and make sure you buy them too!
    Q: Where is the X-02?
    A: Unlock all the planes apart from the Falken and it can be bought after you
    get all the planes fly one more mission to have it appear in the buy menu
    Q: What is the rock song played at the end credits?
    A: The song is called Blurry by Puddle of Mudd, the lryics are in the section
    Q: How do I complete this mission?
    A: Look in the guide! If the answer isn't there ask.
    Q: Can I ask for your help about another game which is simmiler to AC05
    A: No, only ask me questions about games I have done guides for.
    Q: Is the Wingman control necessary to complete the game?
    A: No, if you can't be bothered to play it tactically at the start of every
    mission hit disperse to make them move elsewhere.
    Q: I have ordered my group to disperse and they are still flying in formation,
    that gives?
    A: Your wingmen will disperse, but only over an area of a few thousend feet. For
    instance, you cannot get you team to disperse over the entire map.
    Q: Do wingmen kills count for points?
    A: Yes, anything that is destroyed by a wingmen earns you points.  However,
    any kills by an aircraft marked as FRND doesn't count. This includes
    Swordsman at the start of the game.
    Q: Can my wingmen get shot down?
    A: No, but they can take hits from missiles and guns, they just don't take any
    Q: Do I have to breck off a bombing run when I'm being shot at with a missile?
    A: Unless you want to get shot down. Before doing anything, check your radar, if
    the missile is miles away you should have enough time to destroy your target
    before it reaches you, if it ever gets near to you at all.
    Q: Does it matter what type of aircraft my wingmen fly?
    A: It makes a lot of diffrence. Your wingmen are much more likly to score
    kills if they are in an X-02 then a F-5e. Also an aircraft with a higher
    air-to-air value your wingmen will focus on air targets where a higher
    air-to-ground value will cause them to attack ground targets.
    Q: Where can I check my squadron records?
    A: Look under Squadron Data.
    Q: I need help on the Arcade mode and you havn't done the walkthrough yet!
    A: I'm going to. In the meantime, I have finnished arcade mode a few time, just
    email me if you need help or want to moan about how hard the squadron of X-02s
    are o_O
    Q: How do I send in my squadron records for the Hall of Fame?
    A: Email them in, also PLEASE set it out something like the rest of them as it
    just makes it a lot easier for me.
    10. ENDING NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------- EN01
    ---   10a. Thanks and Credit ---------------------------------------------- EN02
    Firstly I would like to thank Namco for making such a great game also if you are
    reading this for some reason, stop changing the name of the European release!
    Also, I would like to thank anyone who read this and found it interesting or
    helpful (or both :D ), as well as anyone who pointed out mistake, corrections,
    sent in their Squadron Data etc, I'd make a list put there has been quite a
    few people and I don't want to go through the whole guide looking for names,
    if you want to see your name go to the relevant bit and it should be there,
    if it is not then email me and I'll put it right.
    When you finish the game send in your records!
    The arcade walkthrough will come soon enough so keep watching!
    Excerpts from the book:
    Aces, Demons and Ghosts: Mysterious heroes of the Belkan Conflict
    Speculations abound over the true identity of the "Aces of Razgriz"
    A small squadron of fighter pilots who played a pivotal role in resolving
    the Cirearn-Pacific war (Belkan Conflict), and has since disappeared without
    a trace.
    Some still firmly believe that this mysterious squadron was the Sand Island
    detachment of the 108th Osean Tactical fighter squadron, better known as the
    Sand Island Squadron.
    Feared amongst Yuktobanian Troops as "The Demons of Razgriz" the ferocity of
    this squadrons combat power is said to have weakened the resolve to fight
    amongst many in the front lines.
    To this day very little information has been obtained regarding the Sand
    Island Squadron itself. The last recorded account is a report dated the
    December 7, 2010, stating that all planes from Sand Island Squadron had
    been shot down over the Ceres Ocean. No records about them have since been
    There are however, numerous similarities that connect Sand Island Squadron
    and "The Demons of Razgriz".
    Whatever the truth maybe, the memory of this mysterious squadron, hailed
    both as aces and demons - and, at one point as ghosts - still lives amongst
    Vincent Harling, 48rd President of the Osean Federation announced at the
    2013 Osean Federation Council, that in the year 2020 the Government will
    release to the public, full details from every department pertaining to the
    Belkan Conflict.
    In a speech following his announcement President Harling declared the
    "We must let time shed light on the truth behind this conflict. In the
    meantime, the world has already began to head down a new path."
    "And this path shall go on, as long as the blaze of light that shines
    through the darkness is not extinguished."

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