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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tai_ajc

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    ACE COMBAT 5:The Unsung War                        Copyright 2005
    Playstation2                                       This FAQ is intendd for use
    FAQ/Walkthrough                                    on any website, magazine,
    Version 0.50                                       etc, as long as nothing is 
    July 25th, 2005                                    changed. "Ace Combat 5: The
    By Tai_ajc, Ying-Ting Chen                         Unsung War" is copyright of
    Contact:Minghwei2@msn.com                          Namco.  All names and 
                                                       fighters Copyright their
                                                       respectful Owners.
    A    C    E        C    O    M    B    A   T       5
               /-/                     |-\
              / /                      |  \
    |-\      / /        |\             |   \         |-\
    |  \    /  |   |-\  |------\       |    \        |  \
    |   \  /    \  |  \ |------/       |     ------\ |   \
    --------------------\/             |-------------------\
    ---------------(   )------      ---|--------------(  )--------
    --------------------/              |-------------------/
    |   /  \    /  |  /                |     ------/ |   /
    |  /    \  |   |_/                 |    /        |  /
    |-/      \ \                       |   /         |-/
              \ \                      |  /
               \-\                     |-/
    T    H    E        U    N    S    U    N    G        W    A    R
    Table of Contents
    0100--------Introduction and Version History
    0200--------Dogfighting FAQ, controls, and Screen Info
    0300--------Weapons FAQ
    0402----Open War
    0403----Narrow Margin
    0404----First Flight
    0406----White Bird (PT1)
    0408----Handful of Hope
    0409----Lit Fuse
    0410----Blind Spot
    0411A---Chain Reaction
    0412A---Powder Keg
    0412B---Four Horsemen
    0413----Demons of Razgriz
    0414----Ice Cage
    0415----White Noise
    0416A---Desert Arrow
    0416B---Desert Lightning
    0417----Journey Home
    0419----Final Option
    0420----Ancient Walls
    0423----Ghosts of Razgriz
    0424----White Bird (PT2)
    0425----Heartbreak One
    0426----Sea of Chaos
    0427+---Unsung War
    0500--------Aircraft FAQ
    0700--------Enemy FAQ
    0900--------Special Thanks
    1000--------Copyright Notices
    This is a spoiler-filled walkthrough.  While browsing Gamefaqs one day for a
    walkthrough filled with spoilers, I found nothing.  I'm just the type of guy
    that wants to know what to expect before I hit it.  I found none, so I decided
    to make one.  This is my first FAQ, so bear with it if it isn't that good.
    But, I wanted someone like myself to find something to read as a FAQ that was 
    alright with them, so therefore, I made this.  And I wanted to help someone 
    like me who bought their copy of this game from Gamestop without an instructon
    manual.  Oh, and yes, I know my ASCII art sucks.  It's supposed to be a SU-47 
    shooting a EF-2000 Typhoon.
    EDIT: Ok, I guess I didn't look hard enough, my freind just pointed out that 
    there are other FAQs with spoilers and better descriptions of the controls, 
    but hey, I'll put it up anyway.
    Version History
    July 25th, 2005- Version 0.25 Started.  First 10 Missions done on walkthrough.
    July 26th, 2005- Version 0.50 Completed. Missions 10-21 done on walkthrough.
    July 28th, 2005- Version 0.75 Completed. Walkthrough finished.
    July 29th, 2005- Version 1.00 Completed. Completly finished for the first part
    August 8th, 2005-Version 1.01 Completed. Updated some contributor information.
    Dogfighting FAQ
    Simple Techniques
    Flying Trail (Anti-air Technique, Offensive):
    Simply target an enemy, get directly behind him, and issue the attack command.
    If the enemy doesn't go down within the first pass of you're squadron, go up 
    take it out with guns if it's now Red on the radar, use one missile and then 
    guns if it's now orange, and use two missiles if it's white.
    Roundabout (Anti-Air Technique, Defensive):
    While an enemy's chasing you, speed up as fast as possible and wait for it to 
    go with you at the same speed.  do a loop-the-loop, but just before you get
    to the halfway point of the loop, hit the airbrakes and pull back up into a 
    normal flight pattern.  Now the enemy fighter should have kept going at that 
    same speed and should jet past under you, leaving you to A/B (Afterburn) after
    them.  However, sometimes they might give up 3/4 of the way through the loop 
    and head straight down to the ground and fly elsewhere.  Just do a smaller, 
    slower, loop and A/B after them.
    Flying Lead (Anti-Air Technique, Defensive):
    Fly out ahead of you squadron with an enemy on your tail and issue the cover 
    command to your teammates, while sweeping left and right to avoid fire.
    Gutting engines (Air-to-Surface Technique, Offensive):
    Head in to a ground installation at blazing speeds, and then airbrake about 
    6000 Feet away from it. The second it hits 5500 feet, you should lock on.  
    Take it out for the next few seconds with missiles and guns, then at around
    2500 Feet, pull up and A/B away.
    Dive Bombing (Anti-Ship Technique, Offensive):
    Get about 7000 Feet above a ship and equip any anti-ground weapons (or just 
    normal missiles if you don't have one) and pull straight down and blast away
    with missiles, guns, Air-to-ground weapons, and what not, and pull up about
    3000 feet above it.  Since some ships are stronger than this (Hrimfaxi and 
    Scinfaxi), you might want to rinse and repeat.
    Advanced Techniques
    Chicken (Anti-Air Technique, Offensive):
    Fly straight for an enemy and the second you get in missile lock, unload 2 
    missiles.  As you're reloading, if the missile doesn't hit, then fire again at
    gun range, this time using everything you have, but pull up at 1000 feet away.
    Bullet Holes (Anti-Air Techniqe, Offensive):
    Fly about 50-500 feet behind the enemy and fire away.  At that proximity, the 
    only problem you'll have is keeping the enemy in you're sights.
    SAM Chicken (Air-to-ground technique, Offensive):
    Fly straight for a SAM while sweeping left and right since the SAMs have
    longer range than you're normal missiles.  Once you get within 5500 Feet,
    launch a missile and A/B away from there if you don't want a missile up you're
    X Button-------------------Guns
    O Button-------------------Missiles/special Weapons
    Triangle Button------------Switch Target
    Square Button--------------Enlargen Static Radar (Pressure Sensitive)
    R1 Button------------------Speed Up/Afterburner (pressure Sensitive)
    R2 Button------------------Yaw right (Normal control settings)
    R3 Button------------------Switch View
    L1 Button------------------Slow Down/Airbrake (Pressure Sensitive)
    L2 Button------------------Yaw Left (Normal Control settings)
    L3 Button------------------NO USE
    Select Button--------------Switch Missiles/Special Weapons
    Start Button---------------Pause/Menu
    Left Button----------------Issue Disperse Command
    Right Button---------------Issue Special Weapons Command
    Up Button------------------Issue Attack Command
    Down Button----------------Issue Cover Command
    Left Analog Stick Up-------Nose Down (Pressure Sensitive)
    Left Analog Stick Down-----Nose Up (Pressure Sensitive)
    Left Analog Stick Right----Bank/Roll Right (Pressure Sensitive)
    Left Analog Stick Left-----Bank/Roll Left (Pressure Sensitive)
    Right Analog Stick---------Camera Angle (Pressure Sensitive)
    L2+R2----------------------Autopilot (gets you straight and level)
    Screen Info
    Blue Box------------------------Friend(Air)
    Green Box with jagged line------Wingmen
    Green Box-----------------------Enemy(Air) (Bandit)
    Green Box (flashing)------------Targeted Enemy(Air)
    Green Box (W/TGT)---------------Target Enemy(Air)
    Red Box with Diamond (w/Sound)--Locked Enemy(Air)
    Green X-------------------------Non-targetable Enemy (bogey)
    Blue Circle---------------------Friend(ground)
    Green Circle--------------------Enemy(Ground)
    Green Circle (Flashing)---------Targeted Enemy(Ground)
    Green Circle (W/TGT)------------Target Enemy(Ground)
    Red Circle (W/sound)------------Locked Enemy(Ground)
    White Triangle------------------Enemy(air)(Points Direction It's Facing)
    White Triangle (W/Circle)-------Target(air)(Points Direction It's Facing)
    Orange Triangle-----------------Damaged Enemy (Air)
    Red Triangle--------------------Heavily Damaged Enemy(Air)
    White Square--------------------Enemy(Ground)
    White Square (W/Circle)---------Target(Ground)
    Orange Square-------------------Damaged Enemy(ground)
    Red Square----------------------Damaged Enemy(ground)
    Weapons FAQ
    Gun-AA Guns
    Simple.  Fire in their direction at close range and hope you hit.  In harder
    difficulties, you are limited to 800 rounds.
    MSL-Heat-tracking Missiles
    Normal missiles that can really hurt if you know how to use them.  Their heat
    seeking, so you'll need to get behind them or dircty infront of them, or else
    they'll just take the exhaust.  Just remember, they work against ground enemys
    too.  You have lllllllaaaarrrrrggggeee reserve of them.
    NPB-Napalm Bomb
    Launches a strip of fire.  Wow.  Not good against anything but tents and oil 
    tanks, since fire can't beat the metal on tanks.
    RCL-Rocket Launcher
    Launches a ton of rockets at the front of you're nose.  Great if you can 
    afford to fly in a straight line.  And you can use these as guns against 
    UGB-Unguided Bomb
    Drops a nice sized bomb that deals a considerable amount of damage over a fair
    amound of ground.
    UGBL-Unguided Bomb Large
    Drops a huge bomb that deals considerable damage over a huge amound of ground.
    FAEB-Fuel Air Explosive Bomb
    A huge bomb I haven't even tried I hear it's so bad.
    LASM-Long Range Air-to-Surface Missile
    Long ranged missile that deals great damage to ships.  I think it's awesome.
    XAGM-Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile.
    Normal ranged missiles capable of locking 4 ground targets at once.  I never
    use it just cause it's said to do the same as normal missiles.
    GPB-Guided Penetrating Bomb
    A large green bomb that guides itself to the target, then falls.  Great for 
    ground targets that need lots of damage or tanks really REALLY close together.
    BDSP-Bomblet Dispenser
    A thing on the bottom of your TND-GR.1 that releases shrapnel on an enemy.  
    Great against spread out ground targets.  Deals large amount of damage, and 
    widens the area the higher up you go. My personal Favorite.
    SFFS-Self-Forging Fragment Submunition
    Like a missile fired BDSP, the F-15E finds great use for this, but in order to
    cause enough damage, it has to go low to cause enough damage, forcing the area
    to be small.  It's also hard to aim.
    SOD-Stand-Off Dispenser
    Just like the SFFS, but new and improved!  I love it, cause it will also catch
    anything that looks out of it's way.
    SAAM-Semi-Active Air-to-air Missile
    The first AA missile you'll get, it's great at "sniping".  Just stay far away,
    and fire while keeping them in you're reticle.  No less than 5500 feet away 
    from them unless you want to miss, though.
    XMAA-Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air missile
    If you like mass chaos, this is the missile for you.  It locks onto up to 4 
    targets at once, and causes about 3 times the damage of normal missiles.
    Great range, too.
    XLAA-Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air missile
    Take the XMAA's 100000 feet range and multiply it by 5.  Even if you're radar
    scanners don't find the enemy, it will (not really, but you get the idea).
    QAAM-Quick-maneuver Air-to-Air Missile
    This missile is almost guaranteed to hit, but it's range is the only thing 
    that brings it down.  I've heard it can lock onto and enemy that's behind you,
    but I haven't been able to do so...ever.
    EDIT: V Viper tells me that the QAAM is like a super-missile.  So I guess I 
    was just trying to use it for the wrong thing.
    ECMP-Electronic CounterMeasures Pod
    Jams all radar and sets off the course of all missile for a few seconds.  It'd
    be great if you had more use for it.
    TLS-Tactical Laser
    Hold it down to keep firing the laser, which has a range of 3000 feet when you
    start out, and extends to 10000 feet after a while.  Hard to aim after you 
    hold it down though, that's the only problem.
    This is my personal walkthrough, and if you still can't beat it with my 
    methods, just screw it and check out someone else's FAQ.  I'll usually also 
    give you a choice of 2 planes reccommended in case you don't have one of them,
    but you should have these by the mission I reccommend them to you, unless you 
    have no other choice.  Oh, and some of the reccommended aircraft I have given 
    you won't meet the game's standards.  That's alright, try them anyway.  If you
    end up crashing, then choose something else.
    Mission 1:        SHOREBIRDS
    Operation:        LAGOON
    Date:             2010/09/24
    Time:             0854 HOURS
    Objective:        Follow lead aircraft (HTBRK ONE)
                      Hold fire until further orders
                      ---Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
    Squadron Reccommendation:
    HRTBRK ONE: F-4G          EDGE: F-5E
    CHOPPER: F-5E             BLAZE: F-5E
    Fly behind Bartlett for a while, letting him guide you to the SR-71.  Remember
    not to fire on it.  When AWACS Thunderhead says 4 bogeys inbound, Vector 280,
    head west using the compass on the top of your HUD.  The 4 bogeys will turn 
    into enemies (bandits) and fire upon you.  Taking them out is pretty 
    straightforeward.  Just try to get behind them and fire missiles.  Its almost
    impossible to run out on this mission unless you're doing it on purpose.  Then
    another squadron of bandits will head in, and you can do the same to them.  
    If you're playing on ACE mode (which you get after you beat the game on hard),
    and you killed all 8 of the first fighters without any help from your wingmen,
    then another fighter will arrive with the 3rd squadron.
    NOTE: The third squadron will only come in ACE mode w/without you killing the 
    first 8.
    NOTE: You should try to kill as many as possible to level up the F-5E to a
    F-20A.  It won't happen until about the 5th mission, but it'll be useful then.
    Misson 2:         OPEN WAR
    Operation:        GYRE
    Date:             2010/09/27
    Time:             1030 HOURS
    Objective:        Follow the lead Aircraft (HTBRK ONE)
                      Destroy all Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
                      ---Destroy all indicated (TGT)
    Squadron Reccommendation:
    HRTBRK ONE: F-4G          EDGE: F-5E
    CHOPPER:F-5E              BLAZE: F-5E
    Bartlett starts off DIRECTLY in front of you, so nose up or down just a little
    bit and A/B (Afterburn) ahead of him.  Take out the 2 UAVs ahead with one
    missile each, and head for the next ones, and do the same.  Turn to your East
    a little and take out the next 4 UAVs.  3 or 4 squadrons of fighters will come
    to take you out, so make short work of them, and be careful watching your six.
    Remember, you still don't have command of the squadron yet, so you can't use
    the squadron commands to help you.  Then the ship you're not supposed to fire
    on fires a missile at Nagase (EDGE).  Bartlett intercedes to get the missile 
    to track him, and get shot down.  Thunderhead tell you to return to base and 
    leave the rest to the rescue team.
    NOTE: You still trying to kill them all?  Don't just leave them to you're 
             teammates.  You'll need that F-20A
    Mission 3:        NARROW MARGIN
    Operation:        No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Date:             No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Time:             No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Area:             No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Objective:        Protect the aircraft carrier KESTREL from enemy attack as it
                            escapes the port.
                      ---Protect the aircraft carrier KESTREL from enemy attack as
                            it escapes to open water.
    Squadron Reccommendation:
    BLAZE: F-5E               EDGE: F-5E
    Remember to keep your bombs for this mission, you'll need them for later.
    Instead of playing follow the leader, you get the be the leader this time!  As
    you start out, get a feel for issuing commands, you'll need to use them in 
    conjunction of even the most simple dogfighting techniques.  Once your 
    squadron and Swordsman's (no fair! he gets the F-14s!) squadron destroys all 
    planes in the area, Kestrel leaves the port.  When you exit port, too, there 
    will be 2 ways to take on the enemies now.
    Fly around, take out all the fighters, then, bomb the crap out of the 4 ships 
    with anything you have.
    Head straight for the ships and drop 2 bombs on the frigates, and 4 on the 
    destroyer while watching out for the SAM on it.
    Then you win, and find out Bartlett is missing.
    NOTE: Don't let Swordsman's squadron take all the credit.  Since all you're 
          guys are F-5Es, you can level up pretty fast if they're the only ones 
          that make any kills.  You'll need the F-20A.
    Mission 4:        FIRST FLIGHT
    Operation:        No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Date:             No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Time:             No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Area:             No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Objectives:       Destroy all indicated targets (TGT)
                      ---Protect Grimm (ARCHER) from enemy attacks while taking 
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-5E               EDGE: F-5E
    CHOPPER: F-5E             ARCHER: F-5E
    Stupid Yukes.  They're bombing the base.  There are 2 ways to take care of 
    Take out all the bombers (TGT) and then head in for the fighters waiting for
    the next wave.
    Take out everything in your way from the start.
    When Grimm (ARCHER) comes up, you'll have a squadron in front of you.  See if
    you can take on all of them out to defend Grimm.  When the next squadron comes
    in, take out the bombers first, then all the aircraft.  When Lt. Colonel Ford
    says he's out of fuel and wants to land, he'll get shot down by the last wave,
    which you can use either method 1 or 2 to finish them off.  Just remember, 
    when you finish off the 2 bombers, that the mission will end and you can't
    take out the other fighters.
    Mission 5:        RENDEZVOUS
    Operation:        WHALEBIRD
    Date:             2010/09/30
    Time:             0930 HOURS
    Objectives:       Protect the 3 aircraft carriers including the Kestrel from 
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-20A (F-5E)       EDGE: F-20A (F-5E)
    CHOPPER: F-20A  (F-5E)    ARCHER: F-20A (F-5E)
    If you'd had only followed my instructions, you would have an F-20A right now.
    If you did, then good job, you'll need it for the next 2 missions and beyond.
    You won't be able to choose you're plane for the next mission afterwards, so,
    If you're still using the F-5E, then you better be good.  Apparently, the 
    enemy has launched a surprise attack using Harriers and F-35Cs.  Be careful of
    the Harriers, since they can stop at any time in midair like a helicopter, and
    then zoom off again.  So just go back and forth between the squadrons of 
    Harriers comming in East and West.  Don't get directly behind them unless you 
    want to slam into one.  When Thunderhead tells you that Anti-Ship fighters 
    incoming, A/B West as fast as possible to them.  You want to get there before 
    they LASM your ships (though it doesn't really matter, the ships bombed will 
    die anyway) and snipe them from far away with the new SAAMs you get with the 
    F-20A.  Sucks for you if You have a F-5E.  When Thunderhead tells you about 
    the Burst Missile, A/B to about 10000 feet (its really 5000, but you're not 
    comming down any time soon) and just fly in circles until one carrier's left.
    Oh, and now you get nuggets to school.
    Mission 6:         WHITE BIRD (PT1)
    Date:              2010/10/03
    Time:              0930 HOURS
    Objectives:        Destroy all indicated targets
                       Prevent the enemy (TGT) from reaching the mass driver
                       ---Protect the mass driver from enemy fire until SSTO
                             Launch is complete.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    Simple.  Just blow through the ACVs with 1 bullet before they land or 2 
    missiles after they do.  Then, when the cruise missile comes in, shoot them
    down with a missile each.  You can also head out to the 4 B-2s that are firing
    them and then rail 2 SAAMs up their engine nozzle.
    Mission 7:        FRONTLINE
    Operation:        VANGUARD
    Date:             2010/10/04
    Time:             0830 HOURS
    Objectives:       Prevent the enemy (HOVERCRAFT) (AH-64) from advancing East.
                      Prevent the enemy fleet from firing on Sand Island.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-18C (F-16C)      EDGE: F-18C (F-16C)
    CHOPPER: F-18C (F-16C)    ARCHER: F-18C (F-16C)
    It's been sooo long since I first completed the game (now completed 7 times) 
    I forgot whether or not you get the F-18 by now, but I'm gonna say you do.  If
    you don't then just use the F-16C that you should have.  If You don't even 
    have that, then use something with bombs and is still good at AA.  Just weave 
    left and right between the formation of hovercrafts, helicopters and other
    ships.  The objectives say that if a hovercraft or AH-64 helicopter get past
    you you lose, but it's actually any ship will make you loose.  When the first 
    burst missile flies, don't worry, the ARKBIRD will handle it with the laser.
    Same with the next one, but after that, zoom to about 7000 feet and come back
    down every time.  SAVE THE LASMs/BOMBs for the submarine!  I can't stress that
    enough.  Save them for the sub  and then only aim for the circle in the water 
    with a huge (TGT) on it.  Bye Bye Nuggets, since they can't climb fast enough.
    Mission 8:        HANDFUL OF HOPE
    Operation:        PATROL THE FREAKIN COASTLINE????(not given)
    Date:             2010/10/22
    Time:             1200 HOURS
    Objectives:       ---Escort the transport plane (C-5) to the north of the map.
                      ---Avoid the AA systems indicated as circles on your radar.
                      ---Protect the trasnport plane (C-5) from enemy attack.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-16C (F-20A)      EDGE: F-16C (F-20A)
    CHOPPER: F-16C (F-20A)    ARCHER: F-16C (F-20A)
    Ok, I still don't know whether or not you have the F-16C, so if you don't use 
    the F-20A.  If you are reading this, I hope you know that this is not a simple
    patrol.  I mean, c'mon, ACE COMBAT?  Something in the name should give you a 
    clue about the fact that you don't fly around a coastline for 30 minuites just
    in case.  Anyway, Mother Goose One isn't transmitting an IFF, so guide her 
    throught the AA system with the R2 and L2 buttons (please tell me you're using
    normal controller, novice controllers do crap) and don't speed up.  Once 
    you're out, stick by the C-5 and Take out any enemies chasing it, then take 
    out the windmills with missiles, since guns are too hard to aim for them.  Let
    Mother Goose One land and just fly around for a while.  But be careful, those 
    windmills are dangerous.  One of them could just pop in front of the C-5 at 
    any time, so keep an eye on it.  Simiple as that.
    The president is inside Mother Goose One.
    Mission 9:        LIT FUSE
    Operation:        FOOTPRINT
    Date:             2010/10/31
    Time:             1100 HOURS
    Objectives:       Protect the ground forces and neutralize enemy defense 
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: A-6E (F-16C)       EDGE: A-6E (F-16C)
    CHOPPER: A-6E (F-16C)     ARCHER: A-6E (F-16C)
    I'm pretty sure you have these aircraft by now, and you can use either on you 
    please.  If you just want to finish the game, then use the A-6E.  If you want
    to Point Hoarde, use the F-16C.  Fire missiles at the pillboxes until they die
    while watching your angle.  If you shoot it from behind a mountain, you lose.
    Save your bombs for when you get to the fortress (the pillboxes with a wall 
    around them).  And if you're using the F-16C, take out some of the planes like
    the AC-130, the F-4X, the AH-64, and the A-10A
    Mission 10:       BLIND SPOT
    Operation:        HAMMERBLOW
    Date:             2010/11/02
    Time:             0600 HOURS
    Area:             DRESDENE, YUKTOBANIA
    Objectives:       Destroy the target (TGT) before it escapes the map.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-14A (F-20A)      EDGE: F-14A (F-20A)
    CHOPPER: F-14A (F-20A)    ARCHER: F-14A (F-20A)
    Does this mission not remind you of Mission 4: BLOCKADE in Ace Comabt 4?  
    I hope you have either the F-14 or the F-20, cause you're gonna need them.  Or
    at least something with a SAAM.  When you start out, there should be a F-14 
    heading straight for you.  Play chicken with it to take it out.  Then A/B to 
    the C-130s and watch your HUD light up like the 4th of July.  You have 1 of 2
    ways to do this mission.
    1. Head straight in, take out the E-747, then take down the C-130s
    2. Stay a ways away and use the SAAM to snipe them out.  Simply hold down 
    triangle in HUD view and zoom in to see if there's anything in the box.  If 
    not, then switch to the next box to check.  For every real one you hit half go
    away.  Then take out the E-747s.
    Watch as the 8492nd squadron that saved the president gets you in trouble.
    NOTE: At the begining of the mission, answering "yes" to CHOPPER's question 
          will send you down missions 11A and 12A, answering "no" will send you 
          down missions 11B and 12B.
    Mission 11A:      CHAIN REATION
    Operation:        EMERALD
    Date:             2010/11/04
    Time:             1124 HOURS
    Objectives:       Destroy all indicated targets(TGT)
                      ---Protect the Airport from attack
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-16C(F-14B)       EDGE: F-16C(F-14B)
    CHOPPER: F-5E (F-16C)     ARCHER: F-5E (F-14B)
    Get something that's listed as a fighter but has bombs, or an attacker with 
    really good AA stats, like the F-14B, which I highly doubt you will have.  
    But if you happen to have it, use it.  Go around taking out the attackers and 
    their escorts.  Aren't you happy there aren't any bombers like the B-2 in 
    mission 6 or the B-1 in Mission 4?  Anyway, just take them out, and when the 
    airport personnel realize that the "Military Aircraft" sent in from "OSEA" was
    actually a terrorist transport from Yuktobania, use the bombs on the C-5s, 
    tanks, and SAMs that come out of them.  Just remember, the airport isn't 
    invincible, so you need to take out as much as possible per bombing run.
    Mission 11B:      REPRISAL
    Operation:        WISDOM
    Date:             2010/11/04
    Time:             1124 HOURS
    Area:             BANA CITY, FEDERATION OF OSEA
    Objectives:       Neutralize the poison gas with SP WEAPON.
                      ---Pursue terrorists.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: MIR-2000D          EDGE: MIR-2000D
    CHOPPER: MIR-2000D        ARCHER: MIR-2000D
    Simple.  Get that little Circle with the dashed line on the base of where you 
    see smoke trailing from and fire one.  You'll get a (DESTROYED) message when 
    you hit it.  Then be careful not to shoot the terrorists.  On ACE mode, you 
    can take down the TV they throw at the fuzz with guns, but only for a little 
    while before it dissapears.  Then, shoot at the choppers (not your teammate, 
    no matter how much you want him to shut up) with the guns (In everything but 
    easy and Very Easy levels, You have 800 bullets to do this with).  Just be 
    careful around the buildings, and listen to the radio as you hear a touching 
    story about a father and his daughter's birthday.
    Mission 12A:      POWEDER KEG
    Operation:        SNAKE PIT
    Date:             2010/11/07
    Time:             0630 HOURS
    Area:             DUGA, YUKTOBANIA
    Objectives:       Destroy all idicated targets
                      Adjust your angle of attack when firing into a tunnel.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F/A-18C(F-14B)     EDGE: F/A-18C(F-14B)
    CHOPPER: F/A-18C(F-14B)   ARCHER: F/A-18C(F-14B)
    POINT HOARD!!! I really would not reccommend bombs for this mission, since the
    enemy is hidden in tunnels, but what ever suits you.  Fly low, avoid shoulder 
    fired SAMs, and shoot missiles into tunnels.  That simple.  The reason that 
    LASMs is a good choice is the fact that they drop low before flying toward the
    enemy, and so you don't have to worry about the angle of attack.  Just make 
    sure you have a clear shot.  Thats about it.
    NOTE:When you start out, you're following a river.  It comes to a cross of 3 
             directions shortly, and the targets are up toward the top of the map.  
             But if you follow the other river, you'll come to a hangar, which has
             the FALKEN's parts inside it.
    Mission 12B:      FOUR HORSEMEN
    Operation:        FORK DANCE
    Date:             2010/11/07
    Time:             0630 HOURS
    Area:             SONZA, YUKTOBANIA
    Objectives:       Synchronize your attack with your wingmen to destroy all 4 
                         radar sites.
                      ---Destroy all indicated targets.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: TND-GR.1 (A-6E)    EDGE: TND-GR.1(A-6E)
    The first part is hard as dried up donkey poo on a summer day, so don't screw 
    up the second part.  First, get to the first radar station until you can see 
    it with the range numbers on your HUD, then slow down a bit.  When EDGE says
    20 seconds, you should be about 10000 feet away.  If not, speed up. until you
    are 8000 feet away when she gives you the 10 Second mark.  If so, slow down 
    and make some s-curves.  When she gives the 5 second mark, speed up and head 
    in.  Just as she says 1, fire normal missiles.  Do the same with the next 3, 
    but don't slow down or else you can't get there.  If you're playing on easy 
    modes, then CHOPPER will hold the attack for about 10 secondsd, while you spin
    in circles waiting for the last one.  Once You are past the radar, head 
    straight for the Runway and fire 2 missiles and some guns at the C-5s on the 
    runway.  It's impossible to get them all while Idling, so get some while 
    taxing and then head in while they're in the sky, while watching your back for
    the numerous fighters.  This next part is why you wanted the TND-GR.1, or 
    something with bombs.  Fly into the plant at somewhat of a high altitude, get
    the piper directed at the first target you come to, and bombs away.  With the
    mass collateral damage the BDSP gives, there is no way you can not destroy at
    least half the targets within the first 3 bombing runs.  I finished them off 
    in 2.  But, if you took something with  bombs, like the A-6E, just head in and
    bomb the targets.
    NOTE: Around the corner of the Weapons plant on the other side of the runway 
          is a hangar.  It's hard to find, but it'll get you the falken.
    Mission 13:       DEMONS OF RAZGIZ
    Operation:        LONG HARPOON
    Date:             2010/11/14
    Time:             0615 HOURS
    Area:             RAZGRIZ STRAIGHTS
    Objectives:       Maintain altitude below 1000 feet and approach the HRIMFAXI
                         in order to avoid radar detection.
                      Destroy the HRIMFAXI.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F/A-18C(TND-GR.1)  EDGE: F/A-18C(TND-GR.1)
    CHOPPER: F-4G(F-16C)      ARCHER: F-2A(A-6E)
    Ok, your first refueling.  Basically, get that triangle on your screen to 
    match the one on the refueling craft, and then fly straight towards it.  Hold
    it steady, and bam.  When you start out, your wingmen are flying at about 900
    feet, while you are at 600 feet.  You can't turn even a little bit unless you 
    want your wingmen to do this crazy formation flying thing that gets them up 
    to 2000 feet and you are caught.  When you get in view of the first picket sub
    on the outer layer, LASM it and A/B to the HRIMFAXI.  If you are lucky, the 
    sub won't send out a enemy detection notice.  If you aren't, then hurry up to 
    the HRIMFAXI and shove a missile down it's oxygen vent while it's open.  It'll
    dive, but the supply sub will surface, allowing for nice points.  When the 
    HRIMFAXI comes back up, LASM the thing with a huge TGT on it and then missile 
    it, then pull up fast before the SAMs and AA guns can put you as one of the 
    new crew of the sub.  Rinse and Repeat.
    NOTE: Be careful of the Burst missile, climb when it launches one.
    NOTE: The picket subs will come up every now and then, so take one out for 
              some points.
    NOTE: The UAVs can be of hassle, so Flying lead might be a good idea.
    Mission 14:       ICE CAGE
    Operation:        BACKHAUL
    Date:             2010/11/17
    Time:             1800 HOURS
    Area:             GLUBINA, YUKTOBANIA
    Objectives:       Find and destroy all targets(TGT) located throughout the map
                      ---Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter team.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE: F-14A(MIG-31)      EDGE: F-14A(MIG-31)
    CHOPPER: F-14A(SU-27)     ARCHER: F-14A(SU-27)
    When you start out, fly straight forward, and switch to SAAMs.  Take out the 
    first 2 planes you come to from far away to avoid a dogfight, then continue on
    to the center of the map.  Once you're there, you should see 3 of them.  Try 
    to snipe 2 of them and switch to normal missiles to engage the next enemy.  
    By now CHOPPER will tell you there are 5 more guys left.  Head to the bottom 
    center of the map, and 5 more planes will appear.  Take them out however you 
    want, then head in and take out all the SAMs and AA guns.  It'll take a few 
    runs, but it needs to be done.  Then, listen as EDGE tries to get a closer 
    look and gets shot down.  The gunship will try to come in and the wind will 
    throw it behind her.
    Mission 15:       WHITE NOISE
    Operation:        STRAY SHEEP
    Date:             2010/11/18
    Time:             0530 HOURS
    Area:             GLUBINA, YUKTOBANIA
    Objectives:       Search for Nagase(EDGE) by following the distress becon 
                      ---Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter teams.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:F-14A(F/A-18C)      CHOPPER:F-14A(MIG-31)
    That annoying beepy things a locator, and those dotted lines are it too.  The 
    closer the dotted lines get, the closer you are to her direction.  The closer
    the beeps get the closer you are to her location.  When you start out, turn 
    either left or right to figure out which direction she's in, and head that 
    direction.  Just as you go her direction, an F/A-18 will want to play chicken.
    Grant it's request and fry the chicken while you're at it.  Fly as fast as 
    possible in that direction and missile the crap out of the next 3 F/A-18s you 
    see (even though it's only possible to play chicken with one of them, so chose
    and leave the others be).  As you head into EDGE's position, an E-767 will 
    appear.  Use SAAMs to take it out (or normal missiles if you took the F/A-18C)
    and resume your search.  When you find her, rush back to the SEA GOBLIN and 
    take out all the helicopters around it. Then, go in for the SAMs and AA guns 
    on the ground, then do the impossible task of taking on the fighters.  The 
    chopper should be OK as long as you keep the fighters occupied away from it.
    NOTE: CHOPPER will ask you about a song, yes will got to 16A, no will go to 
    Mission 16A:      DESERT ARROW
    Operation:        DESERT ARROW
    Date:             2010/11/25
    Time:             0530 HOURS
    Area:             JILACHI DESERT
    Objectives:       Score at least 10000 points within the time limit.
                      Continue to destroy enemy forces until time runs out.
                      ---Destroy all indicated targets(TGT).
    Squadron Reccomendation
    CHOPPER:MIG-29(F-16C)     ARCHER:MIG-29(F-16C)
    I don't know if you have the TYPHOON yet, but if you do, it will come in handy
    for the last part.  I hate this mission.  It has you running back and forth 
    between ground forces and bombers as escorts, and then it gives you a huge 
    airport so you would rather have brought bombs instead, but then, it gives you
    2 E-767s and a refuel plane, as well as a squadron of TYPHOONs.  Use the XLAAs
    or SAAMs on the E-767s and refuel plane, since they're so strong defensivly.
    NOTE: there is a hangar in the middle just north of the airport, it get FALKEN
    Mission 16B:      DESERT LIGHTNING
    Operation:        DESERT BLITZ
    Date:             2010/11/25
    Time:             0530 HOURS
    Area:             JILACHI DESERT
    Objectives:       Sore at least 10000 points within the time limit.
                      Continue to destroy enemy forces until time runs out.
                      ---Destroy all indicated targets.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:TND-GR.1(A-6E)      EDGE:TND-GR.1(A-6E)
    CHOPPER:A-10A(F-16C)      ARCHER:A-10A(F-16C)
    This misssion, on the other hand, I love.  Lots of points to score, so it's 
    great for leveling up a plane.  And it's easy as pie!  Just fly in and take 
    down the desert base infront of the first take force, then go and take out the
    tank force infront of your second tank force.  Then rush back and take on the 
    part of the base that played dead while you were taking down the tank force.  
    Then go back and take down the new ACV force that landed with the tank force.
    Then go to that oil place and carpet it with 3 runs of your BDSPs, then rush 
    to the airport and carpet that with 3 runs of your BDSPs, then once the timer 
    runs out, head to the river and destroy the Battleships and Howitzer, while 
    being careful of the SAMs.  2 runs of your BDSPs should be good.
    NOTE: there is a hangar where the river branches in 2 on the side supposedly 
          without enemies.  It houses the FALKENs parts.
    Mission 17:       JOURNEY HOME
    Operation:        SUPERCIRCUS
    Date:             2010/11/29
    Time:             1030 HOURS
    Objectives:       Follow your wingmen closely
                      ---Intercept enemy fighters.
                      ---Protect the airspace until reinforcments arrive.
                      ---Destroy all enemy stealth bombers(F-117)(TGT).
                      ---Protect the stadium from enemy attack.
                      ---Intercept last wave of enemy fighters.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    I hate the fact that this mission is hard, but I love the storyline tied into 
    it.  Formation flying is easy and optional.  Just follow EDGE with CHOPPER and
    ARCHER just barely on the sides of your screen.  Then, head in and and follow 
    EDGE until every body splits up at the stadium.  Then turn around and come in 
    really low in the middle of the squadron's big X thing.  Then the fighters 
    will come and give you hell.  Fight out the 5 minuites, switch to SAAMs or 
    XLAAs and take out the F-117s.  Listen as the 8492 calls off reinforcements.
    Continue to destroy things, and then watch as CHOPPER crashes.  I cried.  
    Shutup.  Take out the last few enemies, and let the next squadron come in 
    and salute Captain Alvin H Davenport one last time.
    NOTE: Don't worry if you run out of ammo before taking out the last wave, if 
             you run out before CHOPPER dies, just fly around for a few minutes 
             for AWACS Thunderhead to give the signal.  If you run out after, just
             run out and the mission should end.
    NOTE: SAVE NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE! for at least the next 3 missions.
             I ended up finishing this mission at 4 in the afternoon and saving 
             at 6.
    Mission 18:       FORTRESS
    Operation:        DOODLEBUG
    Date:             2010/12/06
    Time:             0600 HOURS
    Area:             CRUIK FORTRESS, YUKTOBANIA
    Objectives:       Protect the allied ground forces (FRND) as they storm the 
                         enemy fortress.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:JAS-39C(F-16C)      EDGE:F-16C(TND-GR.1)
    The reason I gave you 2 alternatives for ARCHER is just in case you don't have
    the F-14B.  Other FAQs say that this mission is filled with fighters, and is 
    not justified to have bombs since the enemy isn't that close together, but I
    beg to differ.  The bombs and rockets will help just as the tanks are rolling 
    in and out of the fortress, and the fighters aren't that bad, you can ignore 
    them pretty well if you have a good enough pilot or fighter.  Head in and take
    out the defensive line of pillboxes with missiles by weaving back and forth 
    between either side of the road, feeding them 2 missiles each.  If you miss 
    one on your bombing run, just ignore it and take it out later.  As you come to
    the end of the line, there will be a pillbox in the middle of it all.  Kind of
    like this other crappy ASCII here.
    |--**-----**---|       A=Start
    | /LLG-->LLG   |       <or>=direction
    |/    /-<---\  |       L=Launch missile
    |LLG-/       \ |       *=Pillbox
    |**    *>LLG-**|       **=Bunker/Control tower
    |  /LLG/       |       G=Guns
    | /            |       |=Mountain/Road edge
    |*--LL-<----\  |       F=Frienly tank
    |            \ |
    |  /--->--LL--*|
    | /    F       |
    |*--LL-<----\  |
    |      F     \ |
    |  /--->--LL--*|
    | /    F       |
    |*--LL-<-\     |
    If you understand that, good job.  If not, just follow the lines and launch 2
    missiles when it says LL, and add a gunning run when it says LLG, since the 
    bunkers are harder to kill.  Once that happens, you should recieve a request 
    to enter, and answer yes.  As soon as the tanks enter, switch to bombs/RCL, 
    and take out the enemy tanks waiting at the entrance to save the friendly from
    ending your mission for you (you could also have done this before, but it 
    wouldn't have given you any points.  You can effectively see the enemy tanks 
    on the ground without the help of your hud.).  Fly around for a while, taking
    out enemy planes, bunkers, SAMs, and AA guns for a while, then check on the 
    other side of the fortress that you came from.  If the two huge towers have
    circle on them, fire missiles and guns at them, then tell the tank force to 
    leave the fortress.  Once they leave, do the same thing you did when they 
    first entered.
    Mission 18+:      8492
    Operation:        Not given, refueling mission continued from last mission.
    Date:             Not given, refueling mission continued from last mission.
    Time:             Not given, refueling mission continued from last mission.
    Area:             Not given, refueling mission continued from last mission.
    Objectives:       Follow the 8492 squadron (8492)
                      ---Escape to the east.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BlAZE:Previous(MIG-31M)   EDGE:Previous(MIG-21M)
    Head to the 8492nd squadron, then swerve left and right to avoid missiles.  
    OH NOES!!!! TRAITORS!!! HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT COMING!!!!!  Hmm, let's see:
    1. The 8492 take control of the situation after the president crashes, and 
          immediately after, the war starts, despite the fact that the whole games
          been talking about the president's peace policy.
    2. The 8492 gets you in trouble while you're chasing the enemy transport away,
          by firing on a college and blaming you for it.
    3. The 8492 tries to call off support at the stadium by saying that it wasn't 
          really a battle, but just a drill.
    Hmmm...OH CRAP, MISSILE!!!  Just head East using your compass and weave left 
    and right, avoiding missiles.  Hit the white line and keep moving, sometimes 
    there will be a glitch to make them keep on firing.
    NOTE: It is possible to take them on, but I've been screwed every time.  The 
             only times I've been able to get anywhere near shooting even one down
             is when I had a jammer aircraft, like the TND-ECR or the EA-18G
    EDIT: HA! I finally Beat it!
    Mission 19:       FINAL OPTION
    Operation:        Not given, escape mission continued from last mission.
    Date:             Not given, escape mission continued from last mission.
    Time:             Not given, escape mission continued from last mission.
    Area:             Not given, escape mission continued from last mission.
    Objectives:       Follow POPS closely.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    POPS:HAWK                 EDGE:HAWK
    BLAZE:HAWK                ARCHER:HAWK
    Follow the leader.  Just keep your nose pointed towards POPS, and the 8492'll
    be hard pressed to even target you.  Follow him, without being straight behind
    him unless you want to get hit by him braking for no absolute reason.  Just 
    follow him into the first tunnel, then the second.  When you hit the second, 
    be careful not to hit the crane in the front while you are at it.  Then, 
    remember to only use the YAW while you are inside the cave (please tell me you
    are using normal controller by now) as to not hit anything.  Once you're out, 
    watch the cutscene of SWORDSMAN "shoot down" your guys.  And rename you the 
    NOTE: you can move your camera while inside the cockpit to watch your team
    one by one go down.
    Mission 20:       ANCIENT WALLS
    Operation:        KEYNOTE
    Date:             2010/12/09
    Time:             0500 HOURS
    Area:             STIER CASTLE, NORD BELKA
    Objectives:       Protect the SEA GOBLIN helicopter team and the rescue squad
                          (FRND) while they retrieve the President.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:F-14B(F-18C)        EDGE:F-14B(F-18C)
    Fly to the castle, and wait for the tanks and SAMs to come out.  Then, go on a
    Rampage.  Here's the list of damage each thing need to die.
    TANK: 2 Missiles
    AA GUN: 1 Missile
    SAM: 1 Missile
    GUNSHIP: 1-1/2 Missile (one and a gunning run)
    YF-23A: 2 Missiles
    TYPHOON: 2 Missiles
    SU-47: 2 Missiles
    ANY OTHER FIGHTER: 2 Missiles
    Then, when the marines ask for help, switch to GPB and target the castle wall.
    Launch both GPBs (or LASMs) and 2 Missiles and finish off the wall with guns.
    Hello Mr. President, may I take your order?
    Mission 21:       SOLITAIRE
    Operation:        SILVER EYE
    Date:             2010/12/10
    Time:             1830 HOURS
    Area:             MT. SCHRIM, NORD BELKA
    Objectives:       Avoid the enemy radar sites indicated by the circles on your
                         radar and photograph the targets(TGT)
                      ---Get the 3 targets (TGT) in frame at once and photograph 
                      ---Outrun the enemy and exit the combat area.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    Choose from the 7 planes above and god speed.  Most these planes are small,
    fast and manueverable, and thats what you need.  If we just needed fast, I 
    would have given you the MIG-31 While I was at it, too.  But anyway, we need 
    to head in and take pictures:
    |---------------------------------|     A=Start
    |                    M            |     ^=Up
    |                                 |     >=Left
    |             /<<<<<<<T<  T       |     <=Right
    |             >>>S/    ^          |     /=Down
    |<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    S          |     S=Take pictures
    |                      > /        |     NOTE: Map not completely accurate on 
    |              0000000 ^ <00000000|              Radar positions, just follow
    |                   0 >^000       |              the gist of things.
    |                  0  ^<< 0       |
    |                0 0 0  ^0        |
    |                     0 ^ 0       |
    |                     0 ^ 0       |
    |                     0 ^ 0       |
    |                 0000 >^ 0       |
    |                0   >>^00        |
    |                0 >^  0          |
    |                0 ^ 000          |
    |                0 ^   0          |
    |                0 ^   0          |
    |               0  ^   0          |
    |              0   ^    0         |
    |             0    ^     0        |
    |            0     A      0       |
    Yes, my ASCII sucks, once again.  This map isn't even close to looking like 
    the real thing.  But rather than copy and paste on from someone else, I'd 
    really rather make one of my own.  Anyway, just go through the radar, fly one 
    huge loop, take the picture, fly another loop at the end of the runway, take a
    picture, and head home.
    Mission 22:       CLOSURE
    Operation:        DEEP SIX
    Date:             2010/12/12
    Time:             0000 HOURS
    Area:             MT. SCHRIM, NORD BELKA
    Objectives:       Watch for enemy forces and head to the mine
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:FALKEN(F-117A)      EDGE:F-14B(F-117)
    SWORDSMAN:F-117(TND-GR.1) ARCHER:F-117(TND-GR.1)(F-14B)
    Simple.  Fly to the middle of the map, blow it up and congradgulate yourself.
    If you took a F-117A, Prepart to make a few bombing runs while watching out
    for SAMs.  If you took the FALKEN (Which you won't have if this is your first
    time playing) then 2 shots of the TLS will take it down.  I would reccommend 
    the F-14B, F-16C, or the F-18C If you absolutely can't stand the F-117 or want
    to kill the sams and/or other targets.
    Mission 23:       GHOST OF RAZGRIZ
    Operation:        RIVERBED
    Date:             2010/12/16
    Time:             0847 HOURS
    Objectives:       Destroy all indicated targets(TGT)
    Squadron Reccommendation
    Oh mission 23, how I hate you so.  This mission is hard as crap, so be careful
    of the AA grid on the top, and the canyon walls on the side, and the TYPHOONS
    on top, and the gunboats on the bottom, and the choppers in the middle.  Fly 
    as fast as possible through the canyon taking out enemies while trying to 
    avoid the TYPHOONs on top.  After making a few rounds through the canyon, the 
    OFNIR squadron will come in.  If you have a TYPHOON, stay in the middle area 
    where that big open space is, and wait for the OFNIR to come in and make it's 
    round.  Only 2 will come it at a time, so I only reccommend you release 2 XLAA
    missiles for each OFNIR, since they can be very tricky and evade your attacks,
    so conserving ammo may be a good idea.  If you took a MIG-31, Follow 2 at a 
    time, and use the SAAM when they are in a straight portion of the canyon so 
    that you can keep them in view and yet can't miss.
    NOTE: If you are crazy (BAM MAGERA CRAZY) then use the MIG-31 and just pop up
             every now and then over the canyon and missile the Typhoons, then try
             to dive straight down back into the canyon and outrun the thousands 
             of missiles you racked up while in the sky.
    Mission 24:       WHITE BIRD(PT2)
    Operation:        GAME BIRD
    Date:             2010/12/19
    Time:             1006 HOURS
    Area:             CERES OCEAN
    Objectives:       Destroy the ARKBIRD before it escapes outside the map.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    If you don't get my squad setup, here you go.  You can choose between the 
    TYPHOON, F-15C, or F-15S/NTD for you and EDGE, and the F-22A or F-15S/NTD for
    SWORDSMAN and ARCHER.  I would just like to begin by saying, I HATE THIS 
    MISSION.  It contains so many aspects that you need that just can't be fit 
    into one plane.  Anyway. Head towards the ARKBIRD, find out that someone used
    the escape capsule, and then get mad over the fact that you just lost a LOT
    of ground, then fly back up and alert it with one missile.  Hit your teammates
    to cover and use your missiles on the ARKBIRD's ENGINEs.  If you keep trying 
    and keep dying from the UAVs, then stay far away and either XLAA it from long
    range, or snipe it with the SAAMs.  I really wouldn't reccommend you use the 
    SAAMs unless you are REALLY far away, or else the enemy won't be able to stay 
    in the circle without you getting shot by a UAV.  7 Engines to take down.  The
    first 2 come with the first laser being activate, the second two appear after 
    those are destroyed, the third two appear when the seconnd laser is activated,
    and the last one appears when the ARKBIRD is about to crash
    NOTE: If you keep having trouble with this mission, try anything with XLAAs, 
             XMAAs, or any other Fire-and-Forget guidance.
    Mission 25:       HEARTBREAK ONE
    Operation:        CROSSROAD
    Date:             2010/12/22
    Time:             2100 HOURS
    Objectives:       Protect Bartlett's vehicle (HRTBRK  ONE) until it reaches 
                         the airfield.
                      ---Destroy all GRABACR squadron fighters
                      Protect Bartlett's aircraft (HRTBRK ONE)
    Squadron reccommendation
    BLAZE:F/B-22(TND-GR.1)    EDGE:F/B-22(MIG-1.44)
    SWORDSMAN:F/B-22(MIG-29A) ARCHER:F/B-22(F-16)
    Really, the fighters I gave you are crap.  Here's a list off fighters that you
    might want to take, even if some of them are equally as much crap.
    These are fighters that have AA stats, but are equipped with bombs or SODs, or
    SFFSs, or even the TLS.  Bombs will be a good idea for the checkpoints(defense
    lines) that Bartlett will have trouble with, and the fact that the 8492nd will
    be there will be enough motivation for you NOT to get an attacker.  Take the 
    short route when Bartlett asks at least twice, or else airport operations will
    continue without you.  I thought that was crap too, and wanted to conserve 
    ammo, but it is impossible.  Take out everything in HRTBRK ONE's way, since a
    car is nothing versus APC's (Armored personnel carrier), HOWITZERs (long-range
    tanks), or the AC-130's in the sky.  Once they get to the airport, bomb the 
    front gate, then take down the 3 tanks at the end of the runway.  Take out the
    8492 either yourself or Fly Lead and set your wingmen to cover, to try and 
    take out the enemy.  You can also Fly Trail, set your wingmen to attack, but 
    be careful or wasting missiles.
    Mission 26:       SEA OF CHAOS
    Operation:        GLORY HORN
    Date:             2010/12/29
    Time:             1731 HOURS
    Area:             CERES OCEAN
    Objectives:       Destroy the enemy aircraft and the enemy fleet.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:F-35C(F/A-18C)      EDGE:F-35C(F/A-18C)
    SWORDSMAN:F-35C(F-14B)    ARCHER:F-35C(F-14B)
    I love the cutscene that comes before this mission, but I hate the mission 
    itself.  Hurry up and launch, and then fly over to the 3 ships that joined you
    in combat.  Take out the 5 ships behind them trying to kill them as fast as 
    possible or else you'll loose allies.  Once you're done with those, take care
    of the other 10 ship.  Remember to not use your LASMs yet, because you'll need
    them.  Once the other 10 ships are destroyed, Osean Ships will arrive.  Use 
    the LASMs on them, since they have a lot more frigates, and the frigates only
    take one LASM each.  Don't you wish they had the president there to convince
    them to join you with the Prime minister?  Once you're done with those take 
    out the Fighters that come it.  It shouldn't be that hard, since most of them 
    come toward you to allow for a easy game of chicken.  Find out that the SOLG
    is the death of you all.
    Mission 27:       ACES
    Operation:        No Operational Data- in-flight breifing.
    Date:             2010/12/30
    Time:             2210 HOURS
    Area:             Sudentor, North Osea(South Belka)
    Objectives:       Destroy all enemy position (TGT) and protect the allied 
                         ground forces until they capture the control facility 
                      ---Destroy the system core (TGT) on your end and get out 
    Squadron Reccommendation
    SWORDSMAN:SU-47(F/A-22)   ARCHER:SU-47(F/A-22)
    I would give you other fighter reccommendations, but you need to be able to 
    take down HAMILTON with at least 4 XMAAs or XLAAs.  And your fighter needs to
    be manueverable enough to be able to fly throught the tunnel.  Anyway, this 
    really feels more like a mixture of the last 2 missions in Ace Combat 4.  When
    you start out, don't shoot at those guys in front of you, they turn to your 
    cause, and one by one, so do other squadrons.  Once you receive your in flight
    briefing, find the 2 tanks on the first bridge you come to.  Feed the first 
    one 2 missiles and the second one a ton of guns.  Do the same thing to the 
    second bridge, and fly towards the F-22 that's incoming.  Play chicken with it
    to take it out.  Now fly around shoving 2 missiles and a gunning run into the 
    gun towers while watching for fire from them.  Fly back to the first bridge 
    after you take out half the gun towers, and take out the new tank and SAM 
    there, and then go back to taking back the Gun Towers.  Don't hit the three
    Pillboxes yet, and scan the sky for HAMILTON.  He's flying a MIG-1.44 that can
    take 6 XMAA/XLAAs, so just fire 4 at him at a time, and save at least 4 for
    later.  WASTE 10 ON HIM MAX.  Once you hit him and he becomes un-hittable, go
    and take out the pillboxes.  The tunnel will open, and you can go in.  Be very
    careful when you enter and only use YAW unless you want to be one with the 
    tunnel.  Don't worry about the missile incomings, they're usaully from outside
    the tunnel, since there are enemies still out there.  Once or twice HAMILTON 
    will fire at you, but not if you followed my instructions and damaged him.  If
    you did, then he should have lost all missile firing capabilities.  He will, 
    however, shoot at you with his guns.  If you are playing HARD mode or above, 
    then really be careful about that, since you really can't do anything about 
    guns, and 4 shots on ACE mode is all you can hold.  When you get to the System
    Core, Use 2 missiles (remember to switch to missiles before you  get there, I
    forgot once and left it on XMAA, crashing) to destroy it, and then Fly down 
    the large service tunnel, while trying to be careful of HAMILTON, and let 
    HRTBRK ONE fly down the left side, taking out HAMILTON while he's at it.  Then
    switch to XMAAs and Zoom down the next tunnel, taking out the SU-47 while your
    at it, flying through his explosion (there's a crane on all sides of him) and 
    taking the next tunnel after that, taking out the 3 guys in there (Yellow).  
    Watch out for the "Arch" type thing that you can crash into.  You can't go 
    above or around it, trust me.  You have to go through it, which is a tight fit
    to get through.  I reccommend switching to HUD view, since in any other view,
    The game will sense if the wings clip the edges.  In HUD, it'll only sense if 
    the camera runs into the arch.  Of course, it's a huge camera, but it's much 
    more foregiving.  Fly out the last tunnel to win.  Boy that mission was pretty
    long, eh?  Sorry to say it's not your last.  The SOLG is still coming.
    NOTE: AWACS SKYEYE is supposedly the same AWACS that helped out MOBIUS 1 in 
             Ace Combat 4.  Even though he's Yuktobanian, it might be because 
             MOBIUS 1 was Yuktobanian.  After all, Yuktobania was allied with the
             Federation of Osea at the time.
    Mission 27+:      THE UNSUNG WAR
    Operation:        ARCADIA
    Date:             2010/12/31
    Time:             0500 HOURS
    Area:             OURED, FEDERATION OF OSEA
    Objectives:       Get to the SOLG's descent point as soon as possible.
                      ---Destroy the SOLG before it hits the capital.
    Squadron Reccommendation
    BLAZE:Previous(MIG-31M)   EDGE:Previous(MIG-31M)
    CHOPPER:Previous(MIG-31M) ARCHER:Previous(MIG-31M)
    The reason I say Previous, is since you get whatever you chose in the last 
    mission.  And the reason for the MIG-31M is in case you do this in Free 
    Mission mode, although the MIG-31 is great for this, too.  Anyway, find out
    the top speed of your plane the way you always wanted to.  But flying at high
    altitudes makes you go faster(no matter what real life physics say).  I got my
    MIG-31 to go 1865 miles per hour before the enemy caught me.  Anyway, Fly to 
    the center of the map as fast as possible, and shoot down the enemy 8492 and 
    OFNIR squadrons(It's easy if you outrun them, then turn around all of the 
    sudden and Play chicken with the waves of enemies (by waves I mean the fact 
    that they come in waves of 3, 1, 2, 1, 1) and just keep playing chicken with 
    them.  Trust me, making them fly into your missiles is a heck of a lot easier
    than trying to get a missile behind them.  You'll want to kill them all, since
    when you do, you won't have to worry about missiles flying at you when you try
    to take on the SOLG.  It shouldn't take that long, anyway, if you do it like 
    that.  I took them down with 2 minutes to spare once.  Fly out to the center 
    of the map and straigh toward the SOLG.  Switch to XMAAs and pull off as many 
    from the front as possible.  Be careful, though, by heading straight for it, 
    you put yourself at risk by accidentally running into it.  If you are good 
    enough, pull off 8 XMAAs and pull up to avoid the SOLG, then get behind it 
    and finish it off by slamming missiles between the gaps of the accellorators.
    Watch out for flying solar panels while you do it, or else you'll end up going
    into one.  If you still have XMAAs after your first XMAA run, go ahead of it 
    and try again, it won't take very long if you do.  It takes about 7 missiles 
    to take out a part of the SOLG, and the XMAAs cause about 3 missiles worth of 
    damage.  Once you do take it out, pull up, or you might get hit by a piece of 
    debris.  And there you have it.  You just beat the most awesome game in the 
    world, even if my FAQ is no good for you.
    NOTE: In ACE mode, if you head back to the center of the map after the SOLG
             comes, there will be a named fighter jet there, which unlocks the 
             SP colors for the MIG-1.44.
    Aircraft FAQ
    If they have a ???, I haven't unlocked them yet>.>
    F-5E   TIGER II             F-20A    TIGERSHARK         X-29A
    MSL:52 UGB:12               MSL:60 SAAM:10              MSL:60 QAAM:10
    A good fighter,             Better than the F-5E,       Even though it is much
    well rounded, and           This fighter is great for   Better than the other 
    gets the job done for       the first few missions      2 in it's group, I 
    the first few missions,     that don't need bombs for   thing that the QAAMs
    but is utterly useless      them.                       really do bring it 
    for the last few.                                       down a notch.
    Rank:7                      Rank:8                      Rank:6
    MIG-21BIS FISHBED           MIG-21-93
    MSL:56 RCL:08               ???
    I like this fighter,
    and I love the rocket
    launcher even more,
    but it just has bad
    MSL:62 NPB:10               MSL:64 LAGM:10              MSL:70 XMAA:10
    Great overall fighter,      Great fighter, but I really Great as a fighter,
    but the Napalm bombs        never bothered for the      comes with XMAAs, nice
    just plain suck.            LAGMs.                      payload, and good 
    Rank:6                      Rank:6                      Rank:8
    A-6E INTRUDER               EA-6B PROWLER
    MSL:60 UGBL:10              ???
    Great if you barely
    have any fighter to
    worry about and if 
    you don't need to 
    go fast.
    MSL:60 UGB:14          MSL:68 XMAA:12              MSL:68 XAGM:14MSL:72LASM:12
    An enhanced version of Great version of the F-4X.  Once again, I Great ship-
    the F-5E.  Pretty good                             hate ground   attacker, but
    though.                                            missiles.     that's about 
    Rank:7                 Rank:8                      Rank:7        Rank:8
    F/A-18C HORNET            F-18E SUPER HORNET            EA-18G GROWLER
    MSL:64 LASM:10            MSL:68 XMAA:12                MSL:74 ECMP: 06
    Great fighter that        Great AA fighter, but         Great multi-role, but
    can do a lot of           the ground department         Jammers just don't 
    multi-role stuff,         is a bit lacking.             help that much, unless
    but still needs           Still very good,              they're used in the
    something.                though.                       mission 8492 or in 
    Rank:8                    Rank:9                        Rank:8
    MIRAGE-2000               MIRAGE-2000D
    MSL:60 SAAM:08            MSL:64 UGBL:14
    Alright fighter, but      A suped up version of
    the F-20 could beat       the F-16 Pretty Much.
    this on all grounds       Very effective, though,
    except speed.             
    Rank:7                    Rank:8
    MSL:60 UGB:14
    Another alternative to the
    F-16C, it has lower stability
    and higher mobility.   Not 
    enough to copensate, though.
    MSL:64 XAGM:14             ???
    Once again, the thing
    about the ground 
    missiles, Just can't 
    stand them.
    F-14A TOMCAT               F-14B BOMBCAT                F-14D SUPER TOMCAT
    MSL:68 SAAM:10             MSL:70 GPB:12                MSL:72 XLAA:14
    Great fighter, but it      Better off as a multi-role   Great at everything 
    would be better if it      for missions that need more  except anti-ground,
    had a larger payload,      power than ammo, like        but it's still pretty
    or if it was as fast       mission 20, ancient walls.   darn good.  The XLAAs
    as it was said to be.                                   don't hurt it either.
    Rank:8                     Rank:8                       Rank:9
    MSL:68 BDSP:10      MSL:72 SOD:12       MSL:68 XMAA:10    MSL:70 ECMP:05
    I love this plane   Close, but the SOD  Horrible effects  Once again, the ECMP
    because of the      sacrifices power    when they try to  finds no use except
    BDSP.  That thing   the wider the       make a perfectly  in 2 battles.  Large
    causes mass dest-   range is.  Still    good TND-GR.1     payload, though.
    ruction without     pretty good         into a fighter.
    sacrificing power.  though.
    Rank:10             Rank:9              Rank:6             Rank:7
    MIG-31 FOXHOUND             MIG-31M FOXHOUND-B
    MSL:70 SAAM:14              MSL:74 XLAA: 14
    The fastest plane in        Same speed as the MIG-31,
    the whole darn game         but it has enhanced stability,
    with a nice payload         and a larger payload.  If you
    to boot.  Great             need a fast plane, that's 
    plane, but the              capable of doing anything,
    stability of it just        get this son of a gun, even if
    plain sucks.                stability is still off.
    Rank:8                      Rank:9
    F-15C EAGLE                 F-15E STRIKE EAGLE          F-15S/MTD
    MSL:70 SAAM:10              MSL:76 SFFS:14              MSL:80 XMAA:14
    This plane is               A perfectly good waste      I'm not surprised that
    really good,                of aluminum.  The SFFS      your biggest enemy in 
    and it's no                 sacrifices a ton of         the game uses this.  
    surprise the                power for range and         Great manuverability,
    real air force              area of attack.             speed, and payload, as
    is still using                                          well as it having the 
    them.                                                   XMAA.
    Rank:8                      Rank:7                      Rank:9
    MSL:72 SAAM:10    ???                   ???                  ???
    Really a good
    all around 
    fighter, but 
    it just doesn't
    get the job done
    after the first
    few missions.
    MSL:54 GPB:16
    Crappy Manueverability,
    crappy defense,
    crappy payload,
    all around crap.
    The stupid stealth
    doesn't even work.
    An enhanced version of the 
    MIG-21 BIS, this thing could
    actually hold it's own in a battle.
    And I love the RCL.
    MSL:78 XLAA:14
    It doesn't say the EF-2000 part, but
    that is the official number that the
    Royal Brittish Air Force calls it.  
    It is a freaking awesome aircraft 
    despite it's small size.  It's payload
    is nice, the manueverability is smooth,
    and its got a nice speed.
    RAFALE M                    RAFALE B
    MSL:74 LASM:14              MSL:76 SOD:14
    The F-35C would be          Meh, just another
    a better choice, but        RAFALE M with a SOD and
    it is an improvement        larger payload.
    over the F/A-18C.
    Rank:8                      Rank:8
    MSL:76 LASM:14
    Great figher that takes
    the shape of the F-22A,
    but it's better off only
    used in anti-ship attacks.
    MSL:80 QAAM:12
    Great fighter, and the stealth
    actually works on this, but the
    QAAM really isn't that useful.
    Nice manueverability, speed, and
    payload, though.
    F/A-22A RAPTOR              F/B-22 CONCEPT
    MSL:82 XMAA:16              MSL:82 SOD:18
    The newest in fighter       A plane that only has it's prototype made,
    technology, this thing      this thing is the future of bombing.  The SOD
    is just now being adapted   helps it instead of hurts it like other planes,
    by the US air force.        and it retains many traits of the F/A-22A, so
    Large internal payload,     the payload, manueverability, and unobstructed
    many XMAAs, Nice speed,     cockpit view makes it a wonerful attacker.
    smooth manueverability,
    and unobstructed 
    cockpit view helps out
    this awesome figher.
    Rank:10                     RANK:10
    SU-47 BERKUT                SU-35
    MSL:82 SAAM:14              MSL:82 QAAM:14
    The newest in Russian       The prototype of the SU-47,
    fighter technology,         development of this was 
    it never got adapted        cancelled due to finance,
    due to finacial problems    but it's still pretty amazing.
    in Russia.  However, the    Once again, I have no clue
    prototypes and the blue-    how to work the QAAM, so that'll
    print still lives on.       take it down a notch.  And the 
    This thing has awesome      fact of a missing canard wing
    manueverability, speed,     de-stablizes it, screws it over.
    and payload make it one
    of the best, not to 
    mention cool looks, even
    if the SAAMs take it 
    down a notch.
    Rank:10                     Rank:9
    MSL:80 UGBL:18
    An extremely suped up version
    of the F-5E, this thing will kill
    any ground units, air units, and
    sea units in it's way.  There is no
    way anyone can loose a multi-purpose
    mission in this thing, like in Mission
    18, FORTRESS.
    MSL:56 QAAM:06
    It would have been better
    if they gave you this at
    the start of the game, since
    it sucks so badly.
    X-02 WYVREN
    MSL:84 TLS:14
    This thing will kill any
    opposition it has.  The laser
    will take down the ARKBIRD's laser,
    destroy the SOLG (Literally, I cut all
    those spinning thingys off with it) and
    take down ground and air forces quickly.
    Nice payload, cool look, and great manueverability helps.
    Rank:100, its just that good.
    I would give you the SP colors, but I'm not even sure how I got them, so I'm 
    not gonna try to rip off anyone else's FAQ (like I've clearly already done a
    billion times)
    V Viper's glitch (Untested)
    "On the last level, use the falkens laser to quickly destory the onfir and then
    all but one of the other squad.  I noticed if you get a lock on and is he goes
    low enough, he apperently goes though the water. I am not 100% on this but I 
    nearly crashed while chaseing him. The difficulty was on normal mode while 
    doing this. "
    Enemy Faq
    Yuktobanian Fighters:
    Simple, you can use simple tricks to take them down.
    Yuktobanian Attackers:
    Not that bad, you can use simple tricks to take them down.
    Yuktobanian Bombers:
    they won't fire back, they're not that bad.
    Yuktobanian Ships:
    Their aim sucks.  Just keep bombing.
    Yuktobanian AA guns:
    Their aim sucks.  Just keep bombing, or shooting.
    Yuktobanian SAMs:
    They hurt.  Just fire and run.
    Yuktobanian Tanks:
    Normal tanks, just fire 2 missiles and pull up, they can only shoot one bullet
       in your direction.
    Osean Fighters:
    Meh, a little harder.  Just use simple tricks.
    Osean Attackers:
    Use simple trick alot, they have a high defense.
    Osean ships:
    They completely suck, don't worry about them too much.
    Belkan Fighters:
    Use a combo of tricks on them, they will litteraly rip you to shreds.
    Belkan Attackers:
    Just keep them from hitting your objective, that usually the only time they
    Belkan Gun Towers:
    These things suck for you, they're a combo of SAMs and AA guns, fire and run.
    Belkan Tanks: Just like normal tanks.
    I dunno.   I Played ACE COMBAT 4, which was basically the same, so I never had
    any FAQs about ACE COMBAT 5.  EMAIL ME
    Special Thanks
    NAMCO for making this godly game.
    Lockheed Martin and Dassault Aviation for making my favorite fighters.
    MDRadford(MICHAEL RADFORD)'s FAQ on gamefaqs, which was the most useful for 
       my game.
    Shibuyayakuza's Fighter FAQ on gamefaqs, which I would never had found the 
       FALKEN without.
    Himmelkrieg's FAQ on Gamefaqs, which gave me the idea of what to put on mine.
    Anyone who liked this FAQ or emailed me about it.
    V Viper- the first one to email and contribute to me.
    Copyright notices and disclaimer
    COPYRIGHT 2005, Ying-Ting Chen (Tai_ajc)
    This guide is protected under copyright law, reproduction of any kind apart 
    from personal use is strictly prohibited. No money is allowed to be made 
    through this guide.
    I do not claim ownership to the game ACE COMBAT 5 and ACE COMBAT 4, as they 
    are productions of NAMCO.  I do not claim ownership to any of the fighers 
    shown in the game, they are owned by their respective companies, including
    As well as any other European or Russian Aircraft designers that had licenses
    in this game that I cannot pronounce, or even spell.

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