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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2
    Email: ssj4_viv@hotmail.com
    Website: www.geocities.com/ssj4viv/dbz.html 
    (please note this is a dbz site.)
    Ok sorry about this guys but its standard regs. This document is copyright to vivak soni. 
    It was created by him and he gains full credit. Copying this document and selling it is illegal.
    By all means copy it for your own use. Thats what it is for. Furthermore, if you wish to put this
    document on your website please email me to gain my consent.
    If you don't and i find it on your site lets just say your buggered! Ok peeps lets go.
    /Introduction to pro evolution soccer 2 /
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (pes2 for short) is the sequal to what used to be the best football game 
    to grace our humble universe. It blends awsome realistic graphics with super smooth animation 
    andrefined gameplay that sets unbelievably high standards for all to follow, in one unbelievably
    good £40 package. If you like football buy this game now!
    /Very basic attack controls/
    this is the very basics for all you ametures out there. learn this lot as soon as possible:
    [] = shoot. the harder you press the more powerful the shot. There is apower bar for guidence. 
    The directions control direction of the shot :P
    Try to get a player with good accuracy if you want to shoot from outside the box as most players 
    suck from that range. From inside the area do not put to much power on the ball or it will fly 
    over :(
    X = pass. Just your basic pass. once again use the d-pad to direct your pass. Dont use X to 
    make passes to players quite far away or it will be intercepted. For variations of the pass 
    look below at advanced attack controls.
    O = long ball, cross. This is quite clever. In your own box it blasts the ball clear straight 
    away. When in the opponents box or on the sides of the opponents box it does a cross straight 
    away. In other positions it is a long ball that has a power bar just like the shot bar. Too 
    much and it will go straight to their goal keeper. :S
    /\ = through ball. This is REAllY clever for a basic control. Press it and the player on the 
    ball will thread a pass through to a running player. If timed right, it can leave gaping holes 
    in the oponents defence. If timed wrong it will be easily intercepted. But im here to make 
    sure that dont happen :)
    Ok what you do is get the ball to your best centre midfielder. Let him run forwards until you
    see one of your strikers or wingers making what looks to be a strong run. Now thread the ball
    through. If it goes to a striker you should be in for a one-on-one. If the ball is for a 
    winger, you should have time to deliver a good cross. I cant teach you about timing. You have
    just got to feel for it. Eventually it will become second nature when you are a decent player.
    R1 = fastest run. this is stoopid most of the time. Only use it when defending or when you have
    tons of space ahead of you down the wing. Although it is very fast, you have very little 
    control over the ball.
    R2 = fast run. this is great! Its faster than normal pace with almost as much control. The only
    problem is sharp turns. Other than that this should be the most used type of on-the-ball
    L1 = slow dribble. this is pathetic. hardly anyone uses it. It is slower than normal pace and
    should only be used when in very tight space like in the corner. On the plus side it makes 
    sharp turns a breeze.
    /Very basic defense controls/
    This is basic defense. VERY important. learn this fast or you will never get good at pes2. 
    [] = pressure. Hold square and another defender on your team will come rushing over and help you
    pressurize the opponent with the ball. This used to be overly used in pes1 so konami have toned
    it down now. In pes1 your defender would go straight in and quite often win the ball without 
    you having to do anything. Now your defender comes across and pressurises but rarely makes a 
    decent challenge. Ok, the best thing to do is get the defender you are controling on one side
    of the attacker (the side he isnt looking to go towards) and press []. The computer-controlled
    defender dhould charge in and the opponent will turn. If all goes well he will turn into the
    player you are controling for an easy interception. :)
    X = pressure. Unlike the one above this is your basic tackle done by the player you are 
    controlling. Best used from in front when the opponent is coming at you. Although this does often
    foul when used from behind you are less likely to get a red or yellow card than with a slide
    tackle. Oh, and try not to use this to elbow players in the back of the head... its an instant
    red card!
    O = slide tackle. dun dun dun... the big bad slide tackle. This can make or break success 
    dpending on when and how you use it. Firstly never use it from behind. Instant red card. 
    Secondly, never use it against a really fast player or you will miss the ball and take the
    players legs. Timing is essentail with this. Do not always use this as if you miss completely
    it takes a lot of time to recover from. Oh, and try not to give away too many penalties...
    /\ = keeper charge. This used to be sooo amazing in pes1 and made it hard for crap players to
    score one-on-ones. Now its completely differant. It still works to a degree, but only really 
    closes down the angle. Dont expect it to save you even 4 times out of 10. Rely on solid 
    defending as its a far safer bet. All a striker has to do is turn slightly, feint, or chip
    and its in the back of the net. So dont expect it to work againt anyone with even the slightest
    bit of common sense. :c
    R1 = fast run. The only speedy run available for defence. Its handy for chasing a player whos
    on a run but dont use this to charge an oncoming player or he will pass you every time. The
    normal pace is more reliable.
    /Advanced Attacking Controls/
    Now its time to get clever. This lot should be learned straight after the above.
    L1+X = one two pass. Players of pes1 will be familiar to this neat trick. Its a one two as
    the name suggests. Press L1+X and the player on the ball will make a pass. Its up to you what
    to do next though, when pass is played press:
    /\ for a return pass that happens to be a through pass that cuts up the defense brilliantly.
    O for a chipped pass. Also excellent when defense is in the way.
    X for a pass to another player. Used to decieve the opponent. Quite clever really.
      Use any one that you wish. Each is deadly when used correctly. Mainly should be used between
    two strikers to create holes in the defense.
    L1+/\ = chipped through pass. Like a through pass but its chipped. Use when there are many 
    defenders to get passed. For more tips see through pass somewhere above. :x
    L1+[] = chip shot. This is excellent for one-on-ones when the keeper is charging out. You must
    however, be delicate with the power bar. Looks very flashy and is good for show offs. Its so
    cool the way it seems like slow motion as the keeper runs back in vain! Ok now im getting carried 
    R1+[] = chip shot. Same as above except with more power and less hight. L1 version is better I
    []+[] = chip shot. Same as L1 version but harder to control the power. Crap really.
    []+[]+[] = chip shot. Dinky chip as i like to call it. Very hard to perform and not as good as
    the feint. Use this when you are right up near the keeper and want a chip that just beats him.
    Its very small chip basically.
    O+O = medium cross. When crossing from around the opponents box this does a lower cross ideal for
    a volley. Personally i think its a waste. Either use the one below or the basic one.
    O+O+O = low cross. Deadly when done correct. Use like the above one. This very low and very
    decieving. Good for nice and easy tap ins. Mix it up between this and the basic one.
    L1+O = big boot cross. Basically from anywhere on the pitch press this and the player will boot
    the ball into the opponents box. Waste of time as your just giving the opposition the ball you
    []+X = feint!!!!! This is just so cool and so simple once mastered. Basically hold [] and while
    the power bar is up press X to turn away from the opponent. Great for one-on-ones not so great
    for getting passed defenders but still good. Learn this as soon as possible. This will beat the
    keeper in one-on-ones every time!
    []+/\ = cancel. Not so much a clever trick as a safety measure. if you accidently press [] and
    you dont want to shoot press /\ while the power bar is up to cancel and continue running. Quite
    a nifty little technique.
    /Create A Player (CAP) Tips/Restrictions/
    Ok its very easy to make a 8 foot tall player whos super built with max stats but what the F**K
    is the point? your only cheatin yourself cos really your a crappy player who needs max stats to
    win games. If you have mastered the game and wish to see what a maxed out player is like by all
    means do so, but dont use him competitively cos that jes sucks!
         Give yourself say 12 stats in the yellow region and max 2 in red. Thats your guide. Dont 
    over do the height so they can do excellent headers theres no point you will look soooo stoopid.
        As for looks do what you want. I usually go for a long haired dude with green hair and a thin
    mush. Spikey hair is cool too but this is just personal preferance. 
    Age and sh*t like that is up to you as well. Create a moron for all i care just dont go crazy 
    with the stats.
         Makin a player with completely minimum stats is hilarious as he cant even control straight
    passes and misses open goals.
    /Master League Reccomendations/
    Ok this is the team id like to use:
    |                                                      Figo
    |                        R. Carlos                  
    |                | 
    |                |
    |                |
    |______          |     Nesta                            Ronaldinho                           
    |      |         |      
    |      |         |     
    |      |         |                                                                            Viv
    |Kahn  |    .    |
    |      |         |
    |      |         |     Stam                    Davids                         
    |      |         |
    |______|         |
    |                |                                                       Shevchenko
    |                |
    |                |
    |                        Cafu
    |                                                      Overmars   
    This is my dream team. Viv is my created player. If u dont wanna use a created player
    than thats kool. Basically, i have the usual solid 4-4-2 except its modified. My attacking mid
    (Ronaldinho) is further ahead than my defensive mid (Davids) giving each more space and giving
    Ronaldinho an easier way to hassle the defense. One striker is further forward than the other.
    This one is in the centre. The other striker is almost a mid, hes the link man. He tests the def
    and puts in the pass for the main striker. Otherwise, its a normal 4-4-2. It is on attacking
    This is one of my line ups. Because pes2 requires rotation heres my 11 other player who also 
    Van Der Sar     goalkeeper
    F De Boar       centre Def
    Seedorf         Centre Mid
    Van Bronkhorst  Centre Def
    Risse           Left Def
    Vieri           Striker
    Totti           Striker
    Reiziger        Right Def 
    Zidane          Centre Mid
    Zenden          Left Mid
    Rivaldo         Right Mid
    Below is a list of the best players:
    Goal Keepers:            Nationality:
    Van Der Sar              Dutch
    Buffon                   Italian
    Cudichini                Italian (under chelsea)
    Dudek                    Polish
    Cannavares               Spanish
    Kahn                     German
    Kahn is cream of the crop. There is no better keeper in this game. Van Der Sar is good at coming
    out but his diving is a little shaky. Buffon is good all round and probably second best. Dudek,
    Cudichini and Cannavares are also top of the range.
    Right Defense:           Nationality:
    Cannavaro                Italian
    Silva                    Brazilian
    Reiziger                 Dutch
    Not too many good right defenders. Personally i think Cannavaro is leagues ahead of Silva but 
    Reiziger is almost as good. Cafu is the best however. 
    Left Defense:            Nationality:
    Risse                    Norwegien (Under Liverpool)
    Carlos                   Brazilian
    Van Bronkhorst           Dutch
    There are some very strong left defenders in pes2. Carlos is best because of his superior pace
    and shot power. He can tackle well too. Van Bronkhorst is second choice. Risse is very good too.
    Centre Defense:          Nationality:
    Stam                     Dutch
    F De Boar                Dutch
    Nesta                    Italian
    This is a vital position. This is the core of your team. Everything should be shaped around these
    two men. Personally I go for Stam and Nesta. Stam for heading and pace. Nesta for shear good
    Right Midfield (or wing):          Nationality:
    Overmars                           Dutch
    Rivaldo                            Brazilian
    Zidane                             French
    Overmars all the way. Hes got pace, and he can cross and tackle. Rivaldo and Zidane are both 
    centre mids who can play as wingers. they are good but are better in the centre. Many would argue
    to put in Beckham but hes not as good as the above.
    Left Midfield (or wing):           Nationality:
    Figo                               Portuigeise 
    Davids                             Dutch
    Rivaldo                            Brazilian
    Zenden                             Dutch
    Figo all the way. Then maybe Zenden. Figo is better though. Rivaldo and Davids can play there 
    but are better in the centre.
    Centre Midfield:                   Nationality:
    Davids                             Dutch
    Ronaldinho                         Brazilian
    Zidane                             French
    Rivaldo                            Brazilian
    Now all of the above are some of the best players in the world. Ideally what you want is one 
    good tackler playing just behind a brilliant passer and dribbler: Davids and Ronaldinho.
    Davids is the best tackler in the world and has huge amounts of pace. Ronaldinho has some 
    amazing skills and is very fast and a great passer. Zidane and Rivaldo are good attacking wise
    but Ronaldinho is better.
    Striker:                Nationality:
    Shevchenko              Ukranian
    Owen                    English
    Van Nistelrooy          Dutch
    Vieri                   Italian
    Totti                   Italian
    Hasselbaink             Dutch
    Ronaldo                 Brazilian
    Montella                Italian (under Roma)
    Bergkamp                Dutch
    Kluivert                Dutch
    Trezaguet               French
    Del Piero               Italian
    These are the ultimate strikers. You can moan all day that you want Henry or Shearer but thats
    because you support the team they play for so no moaning pleaseeeee. My personal top 3 are Totti
    Vieri and Shevchenko. Shevchenko is best striker in the game. I use my own player as well 
    however. Don't say its cos i support Italy, i dont. I support HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS whatever you
    call them they ROCK!!!Anyways for your world class team pick 4 from this list.
    This is something everyone fails to cover in football game FAQs so im gonna do it. These are
    some clever tactics but require skill and timing. Nearly all of these go through your centre
    midfielder, (the attacking one) so make sure your midfield is very good at passing. The skill
    level is rated 1-5 stars 5 being hardest. 
    Tactic: Wing Play
    Requirements: Strong Midfield, Strong wingers, 
    Recommended Players: For mid; Ronldinho, Rivaldo, Zidane. For Wing; Overmars, Figo
    Skill level: **
    Usefulness: Very Reliable
    How To Do: The key to this is a strong through passer in the centre midfield. I reccomend 
    Ronaldinho or Rivaldo. Zidane is also a good choice. Also needed is a pacy winger who is also a
    good crosser. Overmars is good. Figo can cross briliantly but Overmars is faster. Remember, this
    tactic can be used on either wing.  Ok when the ball is with your midfielder, move towards the
    wing which you want to use. Now wait for the defender marking your winger to come towards you
    and when your winger starts to run hit a through pass. The standard through pass workd best but
    the lofted one also works. If timed right your winger will be free. Now sprint towards the touch
    line and angle the player slightly towards the area and deliver a cross.  Whichever cross you
    feel like doing you can do. Now header or volley downwards the ball into the back of the net.
    If you have a tall striker who is good at headering use the normal cross. However if your striker
    is more ground based deliver a lower cross. The essential thing about this tactic is the through
    pass timing. This is something i really cant teach you so just practice practice PRACTICE...
    Tactic: Defense Cut
    Requirements: Strong Midfield, Fast stiker (good at 1on1s)
    Recommended Players: For Mid; Ronaldinho, Davids, Zidane, Rivaldo. For Striker; Shevchenko, Owen,
    Skill Level: **
    Usefulness: Occasional
    How To Do: Basically this is a through pass to a striker who, if successful ends up in a one-on-
    one from where he obviously scores. Not hard, just get your attacking midfielder forward, wait
    for the striker to make a run, hit a well timed thru pass, get into a one on one. Now either
    hit it into the corner unless the keeper charges in which case feint, turn, or lob. This is quite
    simple and useful but skill players wont be caught out.
    Tactic: Counter
    Requirements: Good Long Passer, Good Solo Striker
    Recommended Players: For Clearance; Anyone who can boot it. For run; Shevchenko, Owen, Ronaldo,
    Van Nistelrooy.
    Skill Level: ***
    Usefulness: tough but effective.
    How To Do: Although counter attacking is known to all, few can put it to good use. It is hard to
    score from a counter, and impossible without a good dribbler up front. it also requires lots of
    luck.Ok, when you are under heavy pressure, but have managed to get hold of the ball, boot  it 
    long with O. If you are lucky your striker (the one who stays up) should get the ball. Now the
    tough bit. Dribble past the one or two remaining defenders and get into a one-on-one from which
    you can feint, lob or just do a good shot. If you cant get into a one-on-one take a long shot 
    and hope for a corner.
    Tactic: Force Error
    Requirements: A good dribbler (mid or striker)
    Recommended Players: Shevchenko, Owen, Ronaldinho, Davids.
    Skill: ****
    Usefulness: Always a viable option
    How To Do: This is clever, cheeky, and skillful all in one. Ok, get the ball to your best 
    dribbler and roam into their penalty area by dribblin past all. Now if youve got a chance, shoot.
    If not, use L1 and dribble around in the box without losing the ball. Make quick turns and feint
    if you can. Now because you have been so skillful one of the opponents defenders is bound to have
    stuck his foot out and fouled you. Thus, a penalty, easy goal. This is hard to master as you have
    got to be confident on the ball and very tricky. The key is using many sharp turns. This works
    best against ameteurs but also works against masters when done correctly.
    Tactic: Spiller
    Requirements: Long Range Shooter
    Reccomended Players: Shevchenko, Hasslebaink, Carlos.
    Skill: ****
    Usefulness: Everytime once mastered.
    How To Do: Easy to get in the right position, but hard to pull of the shot. Basically with the
    guy who has the powerfullest, accurate shot, go just outside the opponents box and smack a hard
    shot, more than half power, youll either force a corner or a spill. If its a spill make sure 
    someones there to smack it in. Simple!        
    Tactic: 1-2
    Requirements: good passer and runner
    Reccomended Players: For Passing; Any midfielder with a reasonable passing stat. For Run; 
    Shevchenko, Owen, Ronaldo, anyone with a good running stat.
    Skill: **
    Usefulness: Not Very Often
    How To Do: Basically with a striker move forward so only one def is on you then hit L1+X. he 
    should make a pass, make sure you make it to the good passer. The defs should be moving to the
    guy with the ball. Now hit the return pass with X or O if you want it chipped. Now your player
    should be through. Easy 1on1. If you think the return ball wont make it press /\ for a pass to
    another player instead.
    There are plenty more but i think you should find them for yourselves, its more satisfying. The
    above are just basics.
    /Dutch Names/
    The Names of the Dutch team are mucked up. here are the real names.
    Oranges025 - VanDerSar
    Oranges021 - Stam
    Oranges008 - F.DeBoer
    Oranges062 - V.Bronckhorst
    Oranges019 - Reiziger
    Oranges005 - Davids
    Oranges004 - Cocu
    Oranges011 - Kluivert
    Oranges038 - Van Nistelrooy
    Oranges018 - Overmars
    Oranges013 - Makaay
    Oranges015 - Melchiot
    Oranges066 - Numan
    Oranges037 - VanBommel
    Oranges051 - Bosvelt
    Oranges020 - Seedorf
    Oranges064 - R.DeBoer
    Oranges010 - Hasselbaink
    Oranges045 - Bouma
    Oranges065 - VanHooijdonk
    Oranges028 - Westerveld
    Oranges106 - Moens
    A Very Big thank you to robertleyland for finding these and posting them on the Gamefaqs message
    board. Especially Oscar Moens. this lot helped me loadz as i myself am a Dutch supporter.
    /Master League Tips/
    The master league is now more advanced. Especailly when buying players. here are some hints for
    wheen you start your master league.
    You can only buy players after the first three games and before ten games in Division 3. And you
    start out with 3000 points. Win your first three games at all costs or you wont be buying anyone.
    Now you can start buying. ALWAYS buy players who dont have a club to start with. Its so much 
    cheaper. First of get a striker. You dont hav much points remember so he must be cheap. I 
    recommend either Diouf of Senegal (159 points for one season) or Rebrov of Ukraine (162 points 
    for one season). Now whoever you choose get them for around a 4 season contract. you shouldnt
    have that many points left so spend em wisely. If you find a promising player (has a plant before
    his name) buy him at all costs and play him. They are well cheap. My one cost 42 points!
    Now as games go on build up your midfeild and buy a goalkeeper. And finally strengthen your 
    defence. Attack is most important to build up at first because you get bonus points for scoring 
    goals. Look for cheap players who have no club. here are a few good ones when your starting out:
    Nakata from Japan
    Fadiga from Senegal
    Nedilson from Bazil (supposed to be Denilson)
    VanDerSar from Holland (excellent keeper who is very cheap)
    Olisadebe from Poland (i think hes polish)
    Diouf from Senegal
    Rebrov from Ukraine
    I will let you find others. if you find some real bargins please email me and ill add them to 
    this faq.
    Eventually you will have enough for some really good players who are at clubs. The below is a 
    list of players who are bargains but play for clubs so they cost more.
    Naldorinho from Normandie (supposed to be Ronaldinho)
    Shevchenko from AC Milan (buy this player hes amazing!)
    Davids from Juventus (excellent!)
    Overmars from Barcelona (great!)
    there are plenty more which ill leave for you to find out.
    /Real Team Names/
    To finish of the faq this is a list of real club team names. Email me if any are wrong:
    Well thats it thanx for reading this. By SSJ4 VIV 

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