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    FAQ by peny picker

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    Pro evolution soccer 2
    This FAQ is written by me penypicker if you want to put this on your web site  
    Just ask me (E-mail peny_picker@hotmail.com). Thank you.
    I want to thank the makers of this fabulous soccer konami for /football game 
    An amazing experience, a wonderful time playing and researching the players
    That will be put in to this guide.  
    This guide will be on the best players with their proper names (there fake 
    Names are the ones the game uses which can be asked for up on a want to know 
    basis just E-mail me to know).
    As this guide had been subjected to an argument before it was published I 
    would just like to clarify several key points. First point: this guide is 
    based around my opinion and who I think have the best statistics. Second 
    point: this is all my own work unless otherwise stated. Third point: this 
    guide is not endorsed and probably never will be by any company (so in other 
    words I am doing this for no financial gain). Fourth point: if any one isn't 
    happy about this guide please contact me. Fifth point: Davids isn't as good a 
    DMF as Alymeyda and Nedved (among others). Final point: if anyone has any 
    requests I will consider putting them in the guide. (See credits section for 
    more on this).
    Version1.0 (this doesn't include any CMF's) date started 9/july 2003. 
    Finished up to unlockable OMF,
    Version1.1 this has been updated to include CMF's. Completed up to Best 
    unlockable XI.
    Version1.2 this version is the second update of the guide it contains all the 
    parts this version contains all the parts from 1.1 to 1.4.13.
    1.3 this version includes more free players (this was partly due to a request 
    I got through E-mail from "The Blurry 1") also all parts after 1.4.13 
    1.4 this version includes notes on the players unlocked due to the Umbro PTC 
    training section.
    1.5 this version is the one that has been set up for gamefaqs (79 CPL) and 
    size 10 on courier new 
    1.51 includes a note on D type free kick takers and put the first person on 
    the credits section.
    1.52 includes Batistuta and some more credits
    The guide:
    The guide will be structured in the format below:
    1.1: personal note
    1.3.1:the unlockable teams
    1.3.2:little bit of info on unlockables 
    1.3.3:the best unlockable goalkeepers (GK)
    1.3.4:the best unlockable centre back sweepers (CBW)
    1.3.5:the best unlocable centre back stoppers (CBT)
    1.3.6:the best ulockable side backs (SB)
    1.3.7:the best unlockable defensive midfielders (DMF)
    1.3.8:the best unlockable side midfielders (SMF)
    1.3.9:the best unlockable offensive midfeilders (OMF)
    1.3.10:the best unlockable centre midfeilders (CMF)
    1.3.11:the best unlockable winger (WG)
    1.3.12:the best unlockable centre forewards (CF)
    1.3.13:unlockable XI
    1.4.1:best players note
    1.4.2:best "now" goalkeepers
    1.4.3:best "now" centre back sweeper (CBW)
    1.4.4:best "now" centre back stopper (CBT)   
    1.4.5:best "now" side backs (SB) (I may occasionally refer to this position 
    as wing back)
    1.4.6:best "now" defensive midfield (DMF)
    1.4.7:best "now" side mid field (SMF)
    1.4.8:best "now" offensive midfield (OMF)
    1.4.9:best "now" centre midfielders (CMF
    1.4.10:best "now" winger (WG)
    1.4.11:best "now" centre foreward (CF) 
    1.4.12:best "now" free kick takers
    1.4.13:best "old" free kick takers
    1.4.14:best free transfers 
    1.4.15:PTC section
    1.5.1:my squad 
    1.5.2:best formations
    1.6:about the guide
    These are the teams unlockable in the game after you unlock them you can use 
    them in master league. 
    The unlockable teams and how you get them:
    Team				how you get them
    "Always Argentina"		 Win the South American cup with Argentina
    "Beloved Brazil"                      Win the South American cup with Brazil
    "Eternal England"                     Win the European cup with England 
    "Forever France"                       Win the European cup with France 
    "Genuine Germany"                  Win the European cup with Germany 
    "Heroic Holland"                       Win the European cup with Holland 
    "Immortal Italy"                         Win the European cup with Italy
    "Euro Elite"                                 Win the International cup as 
    "World Elite"                          Win the International league as anyone
    Right after you have unlocked all the teams on that list of "unlockable" team 
    you unlock some of the many secret players. All the players you unlock in 
    this way are legends and have played in their countries top games. Out over 
    100 players your wanting to know who to get right? Well they will all start 
    as a free transfer so pick them up before anyone else.(if you are playing 
    com. retired players which just means the computer controlled teams can buy 
    these players as well). I have decided not to put players in more than one 
    category due to them only being able to play in one, I have how ever put 
    there other positions in brackets next to there name.  This guide does not 
    how ever cover the secret characters unlocked by doing the Umbro PTC section. 
    (Which maybe put in a later version).
    GK: zoff/ zenga(Italy) (right footed)
    shilton (England) (right footed)
    I couldn't decide between these three GK. So if you are going to create a 
    team of just classics buys all three of these 1 as a first choice one as a 
    sub and one incase of an injury/ suspension.
    CBW: Ronald Koeman/ Rijkaard (Holland) (other positions are CBT and DMF) 
    (Ronald Koeman is right footed and Rijkaard is both footed) 
    Baresi (Italy) (right footed)
    Beckenbauer (Germay) (other positions DMF) (right footed)
    Scirea (Italy) (right footed)
    5 of the best defenders in the game Rijkaard is arguably one of the best 
    players in the entire game.
    CBT: Passarella (Argentina) (other positions CBW) (left footed) 
    Ruggeri (Argentina) (right footed)
    Matthaus (Germany) (other positions CBW) (right footed)
    These aren't as good as the CBW in my opinion Passarella but is brilliant and 
    is the pick of the bunch. I would personally buy 2 of these with Passarella 
    as a definite with whichever of the other 2 you want. 
    SB: Brehme (Germany) (other positions SMF) (both footed)
    Krol (Holland) (other positions CBW) (right footed)
    Santos (Brazil) (both footed)
    Brehme is the pick of the bunch but still the real good defenders aren't 
    really SB on here (except for a noticeable exception on the "now" players).
    That's all the outstanding defenders and I will now list the best Unlockable 
    DMF's throughout the game.  
    DMF: Neeskers (Holland) (other positions OMF and CF) (right footed)
    Didi (Brazil) (right footed)
    Gerson (Brazil) (other positions OMF) (left footed)
    Ardiles (Argentina) (right footed)
    Tusseau (France) (other positions SB) (left footed)
    When I was looking for several class DMF's I though this was going to be easy 
    and I thought there must have been millions of them but in actual fact there 
    are very few decent DMF's. The best listed are Didi and Gerson this is really 
    disappointing considering the number of top class DMF's in the now class. 
    SMF: Giresse (France) (other positions OMF) (both footed)
    Resenbrink (Holland) (other positions WG) (left footed)
    Overath (Germany) (other positions OMF and WG) (left footed)
    Netzer (German) (other positions OMF) (right footed)
    Socrates (Brazil) (other positions OMF) (right footed)
    Burrachaga (Argentina) (other positions OMF) (both footed)
    These here are more skilled than the DMF's (and easier to find decent ones 
    of) and the best of the bunch is probably Overath on the left with either 
    Netzer (who is likely to get injured) or Socrates on the right.  I would also 
    advise with getting Giresse to cover either side for when one of the others 
    is out due to his ability to play on either side.
    OMF: Keegan (England) (other positions WG) (right footed)
    Platini (France) (both footed)
    Cantona (France) (other positions WG and CF) (right footed)
    Kopa (France) (other positions WG) (right footed)
    Gullit (Holland) (other positions WG and CF) (both footed)
    Cruyff (Holland) (other positions WG and CF) both footed)
    Sivori (Italy) (left footed)
    Mazzola (Italy) (other positions CF) (right footed) 
    Seeler (Germany) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Rummenigge/ Littbarski (Germany) (other positions CF and WG) (both are right 
    Zico (Brazil) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Rivelino (Brazil) (other positions CF and WG) (left footed)
    Pele (Brazil) (other positions CF) (both footed)
    The best here are Pele, Zico, Cruyff, Platini and Gullit. I have such a big 
    category here because of several reasons including A) Half of them are 
    strikers and B) I usually play 3 or 4 of these a game. I would suggest 
    getting at least 5 or 6 of them because they get tired out after about 12 
    games and they get grumpy (grey arrow) even quicker. I would also try and 
    play these instead of many center midfielders (CMF).
    CMF: Charlton (England) (other positions OMF) (left footed)
    Van Hanegem (Holland) (left footed) 
    Breitner (German) (other positions SMF and SB) (left footed)
    Ok this one was really interesting due to 2 reasons. A) there ia  serious 
    lack of these.
    B) Follows on from my idea of having loads of OMF's rather than CMF's. The 
    best of these is there isn't a best they are all about the same with Breitner 
    being my personal favorite due to his ability of playing as a side back. 
    WG: Mattews (England) (right footed)
    Finney (England) (both footed)
    Van Basten (Holland) (other positions CF) (both footed)
    Riva (Italy) (other positions CF) (left footed)
    Careca\ Jairzinho\ Tostao\ Garrincha   (Brazil) (other positions CF) (all 
    right footed except Garrincha who is both footed)
    Di Stefano (Argentina) (other positions CF) (both footed)
    As you have probably noticed the teams with non-or few CMF's have a lot of 
    these guys. You will also notice that the CF's have already been put into a 
    category that's mainly due to me wanting to spread the players out a bit 
    more. Out of these here I would play Garrincha and Di Stefano as they are the 
    best I would also sign Van Basten and the other Brazilians.
    Now the big one the CF category this is surprisingly small due to me slimming 
    the numbers down (read the notes from WG's)    
    CF: Maradonna (Argentina) (other positions OMF and) (left footed)
    Papin (French) (left footed)
    Kempos (Argentina) (left footed)
    Fontaine (French) (left footed)
    Linecker (England) (right footed)
    Dixie Dean (England) (both footed)
    So this is the shortlist I have come up with and I think that Maradonna 
    belongs in the OMF section. The best ones in here are the French and 
    Argentineans. To be honest I think I slimmed down the category too much 
    instead of having a huge list it seems more like a tiny list. 
    The "unlockable" starting XI 
    Zoff (GK)
       Beckenbauer (CBW)               Ronald Koeman (CBW)        ( SB)Brehme
    Rijkaard (DMF)
    Cruyff (SMF)                 Pele(OMF)        Platini(OMF)      Overath(SMF)      
                                  Gullit(CF)     Maradonna (CF)
    This is my starting XI using the "unlockable players" from the secret teams 
    there are other unlockable players but this guide does not cover them.
    Di Stefano (stop bitching on me because of this decision)
    This subs bench is a well-balanced one with a decent cover all around and no 
    major holes. With most of the players being versatile enough to play in 
    several roles and so being a lot more helpful if an injury occurs.
    1.4.1 the NOW players
    This part of the guide will be based around the current players this will be 
    set up in a similar way to the last bit but with the obvious fact that you 
    will probably know most of these players.
    The star goalies these are probably, as you would guess but with one major 
    inclusion. So here we go.
    GK: Kahn (Germany) (right footed)
    Oscar Coroda (Columbia) (right footed)
    Chilavert (Paraguay)(left footed)
    Rustu (Turkey) (right footed)
    Buffon (Italy) (right footed)
    The major inclusion here is Oscar Coroda (the cheapest of the lot) he is 
    brilliant and want less wages than the others and is just as good. If you 
    aren't planning on getting a major free kick taker (why not?) then Chilavert 
    can become useful. I would personally plan on buying at least 3 of these. 
    Usually I would go with Oscar Coroda, Rustu and any of them. I choose the 
    first 2 as to save some money and have a pair of quality keepers.
    CBW: Blanc (France and Manchester United) (other positions CBT) (right 
    Hierro (Spain) (other positions DMF and CBT) (right footed)
    Henchoz (Switzerland) (other positions CBT) (right footed)
    Vogel (Switzerland) (other positions CBT and DMF) (right footed)
    Sforza (Switzerland) (other positions DMF and OMF) (right footed)
    Nowotny (Germany) (other positions CBT) (right footed)
    Jeremies (Germany) (other positions DMF) (right footed)
    Oliseh (Nigeria) (other positions DMF) (right footed)
    I am really sorry for the lack of good talent here with only 2 or 3 players 
    being of a world-class quality. I would advise as few of these to be bought 
    as possible (hey I think if you are using a mixture of players from these and 
    unlockable get all these as unlockable. i.e. Beckenbaeur). Nowotny and Oliseh 
    easily dominate this list as they only major players in the list.
    Lucio (Brazil) (other positions CBW and CBT) (right footed)
    Campbell (England) (other positions SB) (right footed)
    Thuram (France) (other positions SB) (right footed)
    F. DE Boer (Holland) (other positions DMF and OMF) (left footed)
    Nesta\ F.cannarvaro (Italy) (both are right footed)  
    Hypia (Finland) (right footed)
    Mihajlovic (Yugoslavia) (other positions SB and DMF) (left footed)
    Samuel (Argentina) (left footed)
    These are far better than the CBW these have good defensive skill. I would 
    advise getting the 2 Italians listed above and Lucio with Mihajlovic as a 
    spare. I would play 1 or 2 of these a game in an attacking line up 3 or 4 in 
    a defensive line up. If possible play these for games on hard where a draw is 
    a best-case scenario or for the last few minuets. I would primarily advise 
    that there be more SB's in an attacking formation than these.     
    SB: R. Carlos (Brazil)(other positions)(left footed)
    Cafu (Brazil) (other positions SMF) (right footed)
    Dyer (England) (other positions SMF) (right footed)
    Lizarazu (France) (other positions SMF) (left footed)
    Sagnol (France) (Right footed)
    De La Cruz (Ecuador) (right footed)
    Mahdavikiva (Iran) (other positions SMF and WG) (right footed)
    Arce (Paraguay) (other positions SMF) (right footed)
    I am sorry for the huge list but there are millions of these in the game. I 
    would advise getting R. Carlos, Sagnol, Arce and Lizarazu.  I would play 2 of 
    these in a game, one left footed and one right footed. Sagnol is awesome, as 
    a defender Carlos is speedy as hell down the left. Arce is also awesome I 
    normally play him in a central defensive zone but never the less an awesome 
    player in any defensive area.  
    DMF: Almeyda (Argentina) (right footed)
    Biscan (Croatia) (other positions) (CBT and OMF) (right footed)
    Ballack (Germany) (other positions OMF and SMF) (right footed)
    Nedved (Czech republic) (other positions SMF and OMF) (both footed)
    Keane (Ireland) (other positions CMF) (right footed)
    Veron (Argentina) (other positions OMF) (right footed)
    Viera (France) (other positions CMF) (right footed) 
    These players here are far better than their unlockable counterparts they are 
    also more numerous. I would personally get Nedved due to his versatility and 
    Veron due to his power on attacking runs. Almeyda seems the most defensive 
    but as I have already stated about my personal game being full of attacking 
    play. But if you are going to concentrate on a defensive aspect then get 
    Keane or Viera (due to their good dominating play in midfield) and Almeyda 
    (see above for the reason). I will also say that buying Nedved is a brilliant 
    decision due to the fact that he is both footed and can play right across 
    SMF: Beckham (Engalnd) (other positions OMF) (right footed)
    Rivaldo (Brazil) (other positions OMF and CF) (left footed)
    Recoba (Uruguay) (other positions CF) (left footed)
    Pires (France) (other positions OMF and CMF) (right footed)
    Figo (Portugal) (other positions OMF and WG) (right footed)       
    I have just put five players on this list just to allow the fact that most of 
    them and others are OMF's and CMF's. With CMF's being kind of rare. With this 
    little selection I would advise purchasing Rivaldo (who by looking at his 
    statistics seems the best) for the left hand side (with Recoba as a back up). 
    I would also get Figo for the right hand side, as he is absolutely awesome 
    with Beckham as his back up. Pires is an awesome player who is multitalented 
    position wise I would personally play him inside as either an OMF or CMF. The 
    players who are going to play in SMF need good passing skills.   
    OMF: Zidane (France) (right footed)
    Raul (Spain) (other positions CF) (left footed)
    Rebrov (Ukraine) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Totti (Italy) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Riquelme (Argentina) (right footed)
    Fortune (South Africa) (other positions SMF) (left footed)
    Zahovic (Slovenia) (other positions CF) (left footed)
    I selected these players here for there attacking skills, Zidane is the only 
    out and out OMF, which you might think, is a slight disadvantage but he is 
    one of best actual OMF's in the game (apart from Figo and Totti he is the 
    best). Totti is absolutely amazing in either an OMF or CF role. Figo as 
    mentioned in the SMF part is a brilliant player wherever he plays. Raul is a 
    brilliant left footed OMF who is versatile enough to play in a CF role as 
    well. I included Fortune as an extra left-footed OMF/SMF so as to put your 
    squad under less of an imbalance if Raul is injured/ suspended. 
    CMF: Scholes (England) (other positions OMF and CMF) (right footed).
    Ricken (Germany) (other positions DMF and OMF) (right footed)
    Hargreaves (England) (other positions SMF) (right footed)
    Mostovoi (Yugoslavia) (other positions OMF and DMF) (right footed)
    As you have probably noticed this list is tiny and this is my fault I stuck 
    the 3 or 4 best in the DMF list. If you don't get Scholes or Mostovoi then 
    get one of the players out of the DMF list to play here. (Please note that 
    this maybe corrected in a future version but there is no guarantee of this ok 
    WG: Chiesa (Italy) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Kewell (Australia) (other positions SMF and CF) (left footed)
    Babangida (Nigeria) (other positions SMF) (right footed)
    Beschastnykh (Russia) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Shevchenko (Ukraine) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    S.Conceicao (Portugal) (other positions SMF and OMF) (right footed)
    Neuville (Germany) (other positions CF) (right footed)
    Giggs (Wales) (other positions CF) (left footed)
    I am sorry for this list being the size it is. I would buy Shevchenko 
    basically because he is the best attacking player in the game. Chiesa is a 
    brilliant winger as are Kewell, Giggs and Neuville so they would be my 
    advised ones. I would get the Russian (sorry I don't want to spell his name 
    again), as he is also brilliant.
    S.Conceicao is the player you should buy to fill in for an injured guy on the 
    attacking front. I would advise 4 players being bought if they are going to 
    be used.
    CF: Owen (England) (right footed)
    Vieri (Italy) (left footed)
    Henry (France) (other positions) (right footed)
    Viduka (Australia) (left footed)
    Crespo (Argentina) (both footed)
    Ronaldo (Brazil) (right footed)     
    Pizzaro (Peru) (both footed)
    Kluivert (Holland) (other positions OMF) (right footed)
    Kezman (Yugoslavia) (both footed)
    (Due to popular demand) Batistuta (Argentina) (right footed) 
    I will admit leaving several great players but I say that nine strikers are 
    more than enough. I have made a few strange inclusions due to them being 
    double footed (I spent ages on my last master league looking for them. I 
    would primarily advise the purchasing of Owen, Vieri and Ronaldo. If you have 
    purchased Shevchenko, Rual, Rivaldo and Recoba you can be rather thin on 
    these. If you have not got the players named up above I would advise getting 
    them or 5 players from this list.     
    Due to demand of several people I needed to include Batistuta who is an 
    awesome striker and should really be one that you should buy. 
    Best now free kick takers:
    I would advise getting at least 2 of these (most of these are also in the 
    main players guide).
    GK: Who else could it possibly be...Chilavert (Paraguay) (free kick type:B)
    Only one I actually looked at (if anyone can find another please E-mail me 
    with his name and country thanks).
    Defenders: R.carlos (Brazil) (free kick type:C)
    Arce (Paraguay) (free kick type:B)
    Harte (Ireland) (free kick type:B)
    Harte is the most accurate (94) and Carlos is the most powerful.
    Midfielders: Beckham (England) (free kick type:E)
    Figo (Portugal) (free kick type:B)
    Totti (Italy) (free kick type:B)
    Del Piero (free kick type:B)
    Zidane (France) (free kick type:B)
    Rivaldo (Brazil) (free kick type:B)
    Rui Costa (Portugal) (free kick type:B)
    Beckham is the most accurate (97 second highest in the game) I don't know who 
    is the most powerful (sorry this is over 3000 words I expected it to be 
    nearer to 1500 words when I finished it.
    CF's and WG's: Recoba (Uruguay) (free kick type:B) 
    Van Hooijdonk (Holland) (free kick type:B)
    Larsson (Sweeden) (free kick type:A)
    Batistuta (Argentina) (free kick type:B) 
    Kewell (Australia) (free kick type:B)
    Van Hooijdonk is the most accurate. (94) (Please note Van Hooijdonk should 
    have type D but doesn't so if you want to change that then do).
    Also if anyone can find out which player(s) that are type D I will put him or 
    her in (the first person to find this will be fully credited in this FAQ).
    (Also note I have been informed that no one in the game is type D but there 
    was a player in Pro Evo 1 that had type D) 
    Unlockable free kick takers
    I will just put in the top 16 of these. (These are all the 90 or above 
    Platini (France) (free kick type:B) (98 accuracy)
    Didi (Brazil) (free kick type:B) (97 accuracy)
    Giresse (France) (free kick type:B) (96 accuracy)
    Zico (Brazil) (free kick type:B) (95 accuracy)
    Garrincha (Brazil) (frr kick type:B) (94 accuracy)
    Netzer (Germany) (free kick type:B) (93 accuracy)
    Maradonna (Argentina) (free kick type:B) (93 accuracy)
    Tostao (Brazil) (free kick type:A) (93 accuracy)
    Cruyff (Holland) (free kick type:B) (92 accuracy)
    Rivelino (Brazil) (free kick type:B) (92 accuracy)
    Charlton (England) (free kick type:A) (91 accuracy)
    Ronald Koeman and Neeskems (Holland) (free kick types:B (Keoman) B(Neeskems) 
    (accuracy 90)
    Brehme (Germany) (free kick type:B) (90 accuracy)
    Passarella (Argentina) (free kick type:A) (90 accuracy)
    Pele (Brazil) (free kick type:A) (90 accuracy)
    Best Free players
    Doni (Italy) (OMF and SMF) (right footed)
    H. Nakata (Japan) (OMF and DMF) (right footed)
    Juninho (Brazil) (OMF) (right footed)
    Simoa (Portugal) (WG and SMF) (right footed)
    Diego Tristan (Spain) (CF) (right footed)
    Djorkeaff (France) (OMF, SMF and CF) (right footed)
    Emile Mpenza (Belgium) (CF and WG) (right footed)
    Van Der sar (Holland) (GK) (right footed)
    Deisler (Geramny) (OMF, WG and SMF) (right footed)
    Klose (Germany) (CF) (right footed)
    Asamoah (Germany) (SMF and CF) (right footed). 
    Sand (Denmark) (CF) (right footed)
    Mi. Zewlakow (Poland) (SB) (Right footed)
    Olisadebe (Poland) (CF) (right footed)
    Galic (Slovenia) (CBT and SB) (right footed)
    Zahovic (Slovenia) (OMF and CF) (left footed)
    Prosinecki (Croatia) (OMF) (right footed)
    Suker (Croatia) (CF) (left footed)
    Mutu (Romania) (CF and SMF) (right footed)
    Abdullah (Turkey) (SB and SMF) (left footed)
    Rustu (Turkey) (GK) (right footed)
    Rebrov (Ukraine) (CF and OMF) (right footed)
    Karpin (Russia) (SMF and OMF) (right footed)
    Mostovoi (Russia) (OMF,SMF and DMF) (right footed)
    West (Nigeria) (CBT) (right footed)
    Babangida (Nigeria) (WG and SMF) (right footed)
    Wome (Cameroon) (SMF and SB) (left footed)
    McCarthy and Masinga (South Africa) (CF's) (both right footed)
    Fadiga (Senegal) (SMF,OMF and CF) (left footed)
    Diouf (Senegal) (CF) (right footed)
    Blanco (Mexico) (CF and OMF) (right footed)
    Aristizabal and Asprilla (Colombia) (CF and OMF) (right footed)
    Quintana (Colombia) (SB and SMF) (left footed)
    Denilson (Brazil) (WG, SMF and OMF) (left footed)
    Edilson (Brazil) (CF) (right footed)
    Palacios (Peru) (OMF) (right footed)
    Chilavert (Paraguay) (GK) (left footed)
    Magallanes (Uruguay) (CF and OMF) (left footed)
    Dario Silva (Uruguay) (CF) (right footed)
    De La Cruz (Ecuador) (SB) (right footed)
    Kaviedes and Delgado (CF's) (both right footed) 
    Also note:
    The team you choose become filled with preset players and the free transfer 
    list get filled up with players that would normally play for your team. So 
    for example if you choose Real Madrid you can get Raul, Figo, Zidane and 
    R.carlos for free and if you choose Arsenal you could get Campbell, Viera, 
    Pires and Henry free. So this can make the game easy or hard depending on 
    what team you choose, you choose Real Madrid the game is easy to get good 
    players quickly but if you choose a team like Boca Junior the game will be 
    far more difficult. It would be clever to begin with a good team the first 
    time you play on master league. 
    For the hardest possible game play master league on extreme with a poor team. 
    If you do try this please tell me how you get on thanks.
    Out of the Free players on the list I advise getting Chilavert, De la Cruz, 
    Zahovic, Fadiga, Deisler, Sand, Olisadebe, Doni and then take your pick some 
    are better than others but it is up to you to decide who to buy. 
    (If any one can find a good both footed free player please tell me who they 
    are due to a serious lack of them in this section thanks).  
    The full list of unlockable players aren't on this guide (or at least not 
    yet) but due to a request I decided to include the players that can be 
    unlocked by doing things in the Umbro PTC. These players are as following: 
    (these are correct to my knowledge) 
    Dunga (Brazil) (DMF) (right footed) (A type free kick, 87 F.C. accuracy)
    Deschamps (France) (DMF) (right footed) (A type free kick, 74 F.C. accuracy)
    Savecivic (Yugoslavia)(SMF, OMF and WG) (left footed) (B type free kick, 83 
    F.C. accuracy)
    Stoijkovic (Yugoslavia) (OMF and CF) (right footed) (B type free kick, 89 
    F.C. accuracy)
    Scifo (Belgium) (OMF and CF) (right footed) (B type free kick, 85 F.C. 
    Valderama (Colombia) (OMF) (right footed) (B type free kick, 91 F.C. 
    Stoichkov (Bulgaria) (CF and OMF) (left footed) (B type free kick, 93 F.C. 
    My current squad.
    This current squad doesn't include all of the players named in the guide. It 
    also doesn't include any unlockable players. 
    Here is the squad:
    (GK) Oscar Coroda 
    (SB) R. Carlos
    (SB) Arce
    (CBW) F.Cannavaro 
    (SMF) Beckham
    (CMF) Pires 
    (OMF) Totti
    (SMF) Rivaldo
    (LCF) Vieri
    (CF) Shevchenko
    (RCF) Owen
    (GK)  Rustu
    (CF)  Henry
    (OMF) Figo
    (DMF) Nedved
    (OMF) Zidane
    (SB)  Silvestre 
    (CF)  Raul
    (WG)  Chiesa
    (OMF) Kluivert
    (CF)  Rebrov 
    (OMF) Riquelme 
    (CF)  Zahovic
    (CBT) Nesta
    (SB)  Lizarazu 
    (GK)  Buffon 
    I personally play a modified 3-4-3 or a modified 3-5-2 this mainly depends on 
    the moral of my strikers and defenders. I choose these to formations due to 
    their attacking possibilities but also blocking the other team out of the 
    midfield is a massive advantage. If I started out a new game with a poor club 
    on a high difficulty I would probably play a 5-4-1 formation or similar due 
    to not wanting them to score I would have 2 SB's and 3 CBT's/CBW's. I would 
    also use 3 DMF's with maybe one CMF. 
    If the game is nearing the end and you are winning by a goal bring a player 
    back to help defense and if you are losing throw an extra few players into 
    attacking positions. I will also advise that you A) choose a formation that 
    suit your playing style B) Choose the right players for the right positions 
    and C) modify you formation to help you.
    About the guide
    Well it has taken me 4 days to complete a 3700+word document. This as you 
    have probably noticed is my first guide\FAQ and I think I have reached one of 
    my targets which was to make a guide that could help get rid of hours of 
    searching for a player to fill a position. This guide is (as of writing) the 
    only guide for Pro evolution soccer 2 of its type.
    Contributions (personal ones not credits)
    I would like to thank several people for (some of which may not want to be 
    named but tough luck you deserve it) first my mam (Margaret) for allowing me 
    to use her laptop secondly my brother and sister (Bryan and Kayleigh). I 
    would also like to thank some of my friends (Keiron, Candy, Jodi and Reuben) 
    and a person I know called Chris for testing this guide for errors. I also 
    want to thank any body that asked me to E-mail this guide to them and have 
    given feedback that really helped and you know who you are. I would like to 
    thank the company named Konami for the chance to play this awe-inspiring 
    game. Thanks Konami
    The people I would like to thank for helping me with in game details are: 
    (Just E-mail me with things that I have missed got wrong or asked for thanks. 
    I will fully credit you for the find or whatever.) 
    Kenb215- the 79 CPL problem was sorted out thanks to this person
    Dave Allan and Shane Betteridge (god damm you 2) these 2 tested and helped me 
    and also put a knife to my throat (joke) and made me include Batistuta. 
    This guide is open to be used by anyone who wants it. If some one wants to 
    profit off this guide can you please E-mail me about it (hey sell it all you 
    want I just want some feed back). This guide can be put on any web page as 
    long as A) you ask my permission B) I get recognition on the web page C) you 
    give me a link to your web page (hey I have an ego ok) and D) you put it up 
    in it's entirety. Any one who wants to be put on the contributor's section 
    just E-mail me with you opinions on this guide. Hey it's contribution to the 
    guide and to me.
    After note
    While looking back at this guide I have seen that I can write a sized 
    document without getting bored (if only I did this for my coursework). I 
    would like to think that this is at worst a 2/5 guide. If any one has any 
    questions just E-mail me (E-mail address is at the top of the guide). If any 
    one wants to ask me about my forth coming guides then just E-mail me as I am 
    wanting to write another one but I haven't chosen which game to do it for.
    I will try to reply to all E-mails that I get (I can not guarantee that you 
    will get reply though). If I get the names of the players that you unlock 
    through doing the Master league section I will write another set of best of's 
    in my next update (you will be fully credited for this info) I will put in 
    any other requests similar to this as long as I can keep interest in this pet 
    project. Thanks.
    Thanks a load for reading this long guide.
    Thanks you everyone on my contributors list and other (I may have missed you 
    if so just E-mail me) I would also like to say thanks to a few people that 
    would hit me if they were named so I will ask them if they mind being named.
    Another sincere thanks from me Scott Graveson.
    Copyright Scott Graveson 2003

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