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    Stadium Names FAQ by BigCj34

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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2
    Stadium FAQ
    by BigCj34
    On PES2 have you ever wondered where the hell these
    stadiums are in the world? They are real stadiums,
    but the names aren't real. Thanks to me, I've written
    the real names for you in this FAQ!
    I'm terribly sorry for inconvenience caused by you going to check out
    the stadia names and finding you had had a look at my PES2 roster FAQ
    for PSone! The reason why was because I updated it, and updated the wrong
    file, so the update was on this FAQ, rather than the intended FAQ.
    It's back, so sorry!
    Copyright Notice
    This is my own research, and produced exclusively for
    www.gamefaqs.com, and not too be used other than
    reference for the stadium names on PES2. No commercial
    use, selling, publishing, or making money out of it.
    Thank you.
    Stadium names
    Here are the stadium names. Home teams are in Brackets.
    Home clubs marked N/A mean it's an international stadium so
    no club plays for them.
    Lombardi Coliseum:   -Sansiro, Milan, Italy (AC & Inter Milan)
    Catalonia Stadium:   -Nou Camp, Spain, Barcelona (Barcelona)
    North East Stadium:  -Highbury, London, England (Arsenal)
    Orange Arena:        -Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Holland (Ajax)
    Bayern Stadium:      -Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany (Bayern Munich)
    Monaco Stadium:      -Stade Louis II, Monaco, France (AS Monaco)
    Trad Brick Stadium:  -Old Trafford, Manchester, England (Manchester United)
    Haze Hills:          -Oliympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan (N/A)
    Dietro Monte Stadium:-Kashima Stadium, Ibraki, Japan (N/A)
    Porto Folio:         -Yokohama International Stadium, Yokohama, Japan (N/A)
    Nakhon Ratchasima:   -Seoul Stadium, Seoul, Japan (N/A)
    Estadio Gran Chaco:  -Bombonera Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina (River Plate
    or Boca Juniors)
    Cuito Cuanavale:     -Bloemfontein Rugby Stadium, Blomfontein, South Africa
    Amerigo Atlantis:    -Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile (N/A)
    www.PES2stats.com:-I researched the stadium names from this website
    Konami:-They made this great game, and the unlicensed stadiums meant I had to
    write this FAQ.
    Copyright 2003 BigCj34

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