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This shouldnt be your first soccer game 06/24/04 allstar56
Here is your world champion! 11/24/02 angles no10 fan
Greatest soccer game ever? Maybe! 11/07/02 Certificate of Death
The best football game out there 12/27/02 Cf0
Best Football game ever. 10/26/02 chimpo
The Most Realistic Soccer Game Ever, For Better and For Worse 07/04/03 ChronosX
Weird name but good game! 04/16/03 dondon534
The best soccer game available right now, period. 08/08/03 Drakken688
Worst game I've played in 2004 by far. 04/07/04 Elena Reno and Rude
Beaten FIFA series! 09/03/03 elvisbin
Winning Eleven 6 is one of my soccer games I have ever played 03/19/03 FF The Next One
It may not look as good as FIFA but sure does play better 04/17/03 Gamerguy256
Winning Eleven is a great game, with little flaws... 09/20/02 GheddonLN
Not for the casual gamer or soccer fan 10/07/03 goldbera
THIS is Football, not that other game (Part 2) 11/02/02 J a c k
It is pretty much the same, but it still rules! 12/17/02 Jules Rules
Cream Of Football 12/16/02 Luguria
A thrilling experience with the best football game out to date. 10/27/02 M. Fletcher
Gameplay does matter! 12/08/02 OmegaUltima
He's cleared that with his head. 12/08/02 OtagoGlory
This game is a must for football fans ... better than the original. 10/29/02 theblurry1
Too similar to the last 12/13/02 toonfan
A Beautiful Game for THE Beautiful Game! 12/27/02 Tranced Shadow
Move over EA, Konami are kings of football now. 11/26/02 tranmerefan
It is EXCELLENT but it can be improved on. 01/05/03 Vance001

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