Review by Ininja2000

Reviewed: 12/04/06

I LOOOVE THIS GAME but you might not so read this review

Hi I am a huge I-ninja fan as you might know by my user name Ininja2000. anyway my goal of this review is to give a good idea of what I-ninja is like and if you might like it or not and I will try not to be Opinionated. Anyway in I-ninja you

you are a ninja with a giant head traveling through all different types of worlds trying to save the universe from evil master o-dor and his army of ranx (ranx are the creatures you fight) for me it has enough story to make it fun and the action makes up for the rest. although if your the type of person that likes really in-depth stories and plays a game just for the story than I-ninja is probably not the game for you. although it does have some story. But if you love ninja martail-art non stop action then this is definetly the game for you. but for what it is I think the story is good.

the game plays from a 3rdperson view and you get to do gravity defying moves like run up a wall or grind along a pipe with your sandals. you can just skip through the levels as fast as you can or you can play and try and get all the points. you play the game and advance through the belts you get to do cool combos and rage power ups there is even one power-up where you get to ride around on a giant shurikan (throwing star) and plow through enemies.
you Earn
different swords throughout the game. You can slash your enemies in half or use your sword uppercut to launch them into the air the game is very bloody but it is all very cartoony. the game is ninja like and Futuristic at the same time it is actualy just a hole nother world. Your weapons range from sword to rocket launchers. the game is also fun because once you beat it you can still travel along in the worlds and play missons just for fun.

the graphics are not bad but not that good either although the game is made in a cartoony style anyway.

ENDING COMENT: all and all I think the game is really good and actualy one the best games of all time. I hope this review helped but you might just have to play it for yourself.

I can't remember the music much but it is cool and it fits the game

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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