Review by Dr4c0

Reviewed: 12/05/03

The game I-Ninja is about a hyperactive ninja that looks like it had a lot of sugar to eat with a funny attitude and an original action game that will

He looks like a hyperactive kid that just have just eat a lot of candies and that won’t cause too much trouble at your first glance at him, but you don’t want too see him mad ,if you do run like wind because he’s like a storm that is brewing before you know it your body is in pieces. He’s a ninja that pack a lot of punched anything in his sight will be in pieces before any enemies can touch his pretty little head.

The game centers on a realm that has been invaded by Master O-Dor’s evil army. The World’s population has been imprisoned, and in order to free them all, I-Ninja (As I refer to him as the Impervious Ninja) must recover four artifacts – the Rage Stones – and battle throughout all the levels and minions to face O-Dor. Many of what you will face are the robotic Ranx(evil ninja).

I-Ninja has many skills to use, a chain to help him swing across gaps, a shuriken that you can hop on and a sword hover to helicopter to distant platforms. There are power-ups to collect en route, and checkpoints will record progress.

The levels are mazes, which require spontaneous timed jumps and running along walls. The game delivers on rich and lush three-dimensional environments, and solid animation. This is a great game to play with somewhat alright music by my standard. The humor is its kinda bit funny in some sense but the battle elements are alright.

Difficulty: Easy
The game is easy about 8 hour straight you could beat this game, Its fun enjoyable game, but for veteran gamerz I think they will think this game is alright.

The interface is simple, and the controls are designed to allow players to get into the game quickly. The story is not that bad, not that good because there is a little bit of indepth going through this game get the rage stone, beat the boss in every level etc. but it’s a great game for younger gamer out there who’s just starting out.

I-Ninja is a terrific game for the eyes of the beholder (hehehe..the one who owns and play this game). The gameplay is simplistic and veteran gamers should try this, its like going back to the basic. Amateur players may find this a wonderful little arcade adventure in a lush world that will get them started on the gaming world.I find this game entertaining but I still prefer more challengeable game that will keep me guessing on what to do next but this game has its quirks.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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