Review by wolfy42

"Not bad....good rental at least:)"

This game is pretty good. It dosn't have alot of depth but is fun while it lasts. The combat is enjoyable but pretty easy...the hardest part of the game is often the side type games that come up. I did enjoy this game and reccomend it as at least a rental.



The graphics are decent...keeps you in the flow of the game and there are no glitches. Camera works ok altho it would have been nice if you could have controled it for certain parts of the game a bit more. Over all everything looks pretty good tho and it's a fairly vibrant world your exploring.



The music is ok...but nothing special. The various quips that you make to your teacher arn't that funny and his saying arn't either to me. Still it dosn't give you a headache or make you mute the tv...which I guess means it's not that bad hehehe.



Most of the missions are quite fun. Some are a bit slow or repetative but over all you really shouldn't get that bored while playing this game. A few are fairly difficult but over all nothing you have to do is that hard. The worst would have to be a mission where you shoot things with a cannon and need a minimum score to pass. This can take 3-4 tries to succede and each takes quite awhile. By the time your done..unless you finish it faster then I will be quite tired of the stupid stage hehe.



Most of the missions are very easy...but a few are difficult to complete. The ball rolling ones are often the hardest to complete. I don't think almost anyone will get stuck in this game.

Overall: 7/10

The length of this game isn't can finish it in a bit over a day....maybe 10-12 hours..then go back and grab the last 15 grades or so in another couple. It is fun while you are playing but there isn't any replay value after you have finished everything. I think this is a much better game to rent then to own personally. It dosn't have the depth of some of the other 3d platform games that have come out lately...where you have almost an rpg feel to the game. It's very straight forward in it's playstyle...but fun. I wouldn't consider this game as fun as the original super mario 64 even as a comparison.......but it's still quite fun at that:)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/09/03

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