Review by Balls Mahoney

Reviewed: 03/26/04


I-Ninja is a game about an short tempered, untrained, rookie ninja named Ninja with a big head who sets out to defeat an evil adversary known as Master O-Dor and his army of Ranx. He is aided by his dead senile master named Sensei who comes to him in astral form to give him tips on the up-coming stages. Ninja has got to be one of the absolute coolest characters in any game I've ever seen. I can really relate to him, especially in the sense that I too have a big, fat head.

''Once Upon A Time...'' (Story) - 10/10

Master O-Dor has slain almost all of the Ninja clan sworn to defend the land against evil. Only a frail, aged sensei known as ''Sensei'' and his untrained rookie student remain. The story starts out with Ninja going insane on some Ranx baddies. After slicing them up, he picks up what is called a ''Ninja Rage Stone''. When he picks up a Rage Stone, Ninja is unable to control his Ninja Rage. He goes psychotic and accidentally severs his master's head. His master comes back as a ghost to aid Ninja in his mission against O-Dor.

Eye Candy (Graphics) - 9/10

The graphics are very well done. Ninja looks excellent. The stages are very nice looking. And the enemies look great, especially when they're getting split in half. Hehehehe!

Bells & Whistles (Sound) - 10/10

The music is catchy. The voice acting is perfect for the atmosphere of the game. Not to mention, Ninja is just hilarious to listen to. I love being in the middle of a Ninja Berserker Rage and hearing Ninja yell ''Need... to... kill... stuff! Need... to... hurt... things!'' Also, if you skip through Sensei talking before a stage, you'll hear Ninja chime in with a ''Shhh!'', which always gets a laugh out of me. I really love the sound in this game.

Handling (Controls) - 10/10

The controls in this game couldn't have been better, in my opinion. Very smooth. Very responsive. Just great all together.

''Let's Play Again!'' (Replay Value) - 5/10

Unfortunately, after completing this game, there's not much reason to play again, unless you're like me and just love this game and will never get bored of it.

Pros & Cons


Great story
Great characters
Great sounds
Great graphics
Great controls


A little on the short side
Could be more challenging
Not much replay value

Buy or Rent?

Personally, I bought it before I had even played it. I paid $25, and to me it was worth every penny. But that's just me. So here's what I say: If you think you'll love it, buy it. If you're unsure, rent it. Either way, I like it, and that's all that matters.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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