Review by TonyHelms29624

Reviewed: 04/05/04

A very and addictive adventure

When I-Ninja first came, I was skeptical. At first I thought it looked too much like a kid's game. But when I played the demo on an OPM issue, I was hooked. This game is very addictive, fun and anyone with a brain stem will love this game. You are put in the place of a ninja, who has the original name of ''Ninja'', to find the rage stones and save his world. Ok now onto the review:

Graphics: 7/10

While the graphics don't exactly push the hardware, or even a gentle nudge (This probably could have been done on the PS1), I think this part of the appeal. The graphics, in a way, tell you about the game itself: not too hard, not too easy, just good old fashioned fun that anyone can get into. It has a very anime feel to it, which I find very refreshing. I almost did not want the graphics to improve because, again, that is part of the game's charm. Simple and pleasant, just like the game itself.

Sound: 6/10

This is probably the game's only weakness. While the game music changes with each level, it sounds too repetitive. I wish the music could have been a little more original. The voice acting, what little there is, is just cooky and funny to fit the atmosphere of the game itself. Although, I do admit, I love the little chatch pharses Ninja says while he's fighting and his sensi's words of wisdom are merely to phrases mixed together making it make no sense what so ever. Confusing yes but it does give a good laugh sometimes.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay is very addictive. The fighting is fun and vibrant. The chain-swing sections are extremely fun. The boss fights use the tried and true platform rules. I wish there would have other things like a surfing-like section or something along those lines. One thing I loved is how you can go back to levels and try variations of the same missions, like kill a certain amount of bad or a time limit through out the level, to earn more grades to upgrade your sword and belt ranking. You can also find the guardians to get more missions from them.

Overall: 7/10 ( averaged )

The game itself is very fun and most anyone can get into it right away. What more could you possibly want?

Buy or rent: Definitely buy you will not regret it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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