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    Ginyu by bothersome

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    FAQ:        Ginyu Strategy Guide.
    Game:       DBZ Budokai
    System:     PS2
    Version:    1.00
    Copyright:  2003 Jacob Lindy
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    I    Version History
    II   Introduction
    III  Ginyu, the Saiyan, the Frog, the Girl, but Mostly the Purple Alien
    IV   Command
    V    Capsule List
              5.1 Ability
              5.2 Physical
              5.3 Support
    VI   Capsule Suggestions
              6.1 High Risk
              6.2 Low Risk
              6.3 Balanced
    VII  Combos
              7.1 Juggle starters
              7.2 Ground Combos
    VIII Ginyu in Battle
              8.1 vs. Ginyu
              8.2 Using Ginyu
    IX   Thanks
    X    End
    The original creation
    II Introduction
    This guide will explain the basics of how to use Ginyu. It will give move 
    analysis and advanced combos both for style and getting the job done. It is 
    my goal, that by the end of the guide, the reader (you) will have a complete 
    understanding of how Ginyu should be played. If you have any questions, 
    criticism, or ideas I could add to make this guide easier and better you can 
    e- mail me, my e-mail is longshot0086@aol.com. Just make sure you title your 
    e- mail GINYU. Otherwise I delete e-mails from unknown people.
    Ginyu is an elite alien who works for Frieza.  He is the captain of a force 
    that works for Frieza doing difficult tasks of mysterious destruction.  It is 
    possible, that this force could have been the most deadly of foes that the Z 
    fighters have fought, with the ability of controlling time, and changing 
    bodies.  But they were overly concerned with insignificant matters.  Ginyu 
    fought Goku, then stabbed himself then did body change.  Then as Goku, he 
    fought vegeta, lost so attempted to do body change but failed because Goku 
    threw a frog in the way.  As a frog he steals Bulma's body, then after seeing 
    how weak it is, tries to steal another body but Bulma gets in the way.  So in 
    the end, he ends up as a frog, and the frog as him, there goes what easily 
    should have been the strongest of all beings in existence.
    In the game, he comes in his purple form and his alternate outfit, the 
    forgotten turtle hermit warrior, is because Gohan was fantasizing what it 
    would be like to have his father in Ginyu's body eating with him.  He does 
    not have an area destroying 1000 damage move, but he has the best move in the 
    game.  Body change, it has only two flaws, it is blockable if not combod 
    into, and after you do it, they can do it back.  So when you think Ginyu, 
    think of body change like gambling, the higher the risk the higher the 
    possible return.  So I am separating my set ups into the risk factor 
    involved, rather than the aggressiveness of playing style.  ***If you use 
    body change make sure you know how to use the character you steal.***
    There doesn't seem to be any set command standards so I'll post what mine 
    P = punch
    K = kick
    G = guard
    E = energy
    F = forward
    B = back
    U = up
    D = down
    + = simultaneously
    , = in sequence
    []= follow specified action
    ()= note
    5.1) Ability Capsules
    Milky Cannon-1 ki.  Basic death move, use if you have the space. balanced.
    Body change-3 ki.  Are you feeling lucky?  The whole reason to use Ginyu 
    appears to be this, but you don't need it to win.
    Special Fighting Pose 1-1 ki.  Posing is the pride and joy of Ginyu force 
    members, but they also are one of the best attack/defense-increasing capsules 
    in game.  Raises offence
    Special Fighting Pose 2-1 ki.  Raises defence.
    5.2) Physical Capsules
    Processed Power Crush-1 ki.  Easy to combo into, but overall useless.
    Parmesan Shower-2 ki.  Easy to combo into and the e can be charged.  Very 
    good but somewhat typical continuous ki attack.
    Ginyu Special-3 ki.  Very good can be charged in air to become unblockable, 
    so he has two moves that can do that does decent damage.
    Ginyu Strike-0 ki.  Throw, useful like all throws.
    5.3) Support Capsules
    I'm only going to list the useful ones, some aren't worth it.
    (1/3)Senzu Bean-If you want extra life use this.  Do not use with body 
    change, you might forget and give them 3« life bars in stead of « bars.
    The Armors-Usually not good, but they are not bad.  If you use body change 
    and want a boost but not something which is enough for a comeback settle for 
    this.  It will help but not hurt too dearly after body change.
    Dr. Gero's Deflect Back R&D-If you have extra space and your not good at 
    blocking energy this can solve your problem, it will make sure the ki blast 
    is shot back as long as you are blocking.  No worrying about timing now, but 
    you can still be hit by energy if you are not blocking.
    Viral Heart Disease-Does the work for you, good if you chip at em, but 
    chipping is one of Ginyu's best game.
    Vaccine-Cures the disease for you only, not needed with body change.
    Super Holy Water-Raises defense, I can't list numbers but because of rarity 
    for one slot it should be much better than the armor.
    Potential-After thirty seconds this is the equivalent of 4 transformations 
    for the price of two without energy drain.  If you have the room this is a 
    MUST have, unless you use body change, then only a consideration.
    Super Kami Water-30% attack power but life drain.  Use this if you think the 
    30% make you do more damage than it deals to you.  I like to take my time.
    Breakthrough-Always a possibility offering 14 capsules for the price of 7.  
    It will make Frieza a very balanced character move wise, but he would rely on 
    having a lot of Ki.  Works well with body change.
    Scouter-A bad item but with body change this increases your chance of success 
    without guaranteeing them an opportunity to return the favor.
    Dr. Gero's Perpetual R&D-very good if you do not have body change.  Offers 
    unlimited ki, which results in increased mistake punishing, and increased 
    defense, block without looking at the meter.
    There are others, but if you are Ginyu do not use them.
    6.1) High Risk
    You are putting all of your eggs in one basket, one roll of the dice, one 
    spin of the wheel.  If you get lucky then you can have a very easy victory, 
    if you mess up your going home bankrupt.
    Only one set up for this so here it is
    Body change
    Super kami water(optional)
    Viral heart disease(optional, only use with super kami water)
    Do not continually waste your time counting, I know there are only 6 slots 
    taken up, at most.  Since all you are trying to accomplish is body change 
    that is all you need, so you could have a one capsule custom set up.  Or you 
    can add super kami water, this is riskier because you just put a timer on how 
    long you can get a body change off.  Add viral heart disease to make that 
    time go twice as fast.  Or if you want some insurance, use scouter as a 
    safety feature, DO NOT use perpetual energy instead, doing so can lead to a 
    multiple body change match, not good.  This is only if you feel 3 energy is 
    too much and 2 is much safer, which it is, but it increases their chance of 
    doing it to you.  Like o throw the dice, then use this, this is the most 
    entertaining of choices, but I do not recommend it for tournaments.  Don't 
    worry Ginyu can still be a very good character, read on.
    6.2) Low Risk
    If you do not like to gamble, then do not even bother with Body change, for 
    this type of player it is a waste.
    A) Milky Cannon
       Ginyu Strike
       Parmesan Shower
       Ginyu Special
       Dr. Gero's Perpetual R&D
    With three ki using attacks perpetual energy is very important.  Everything 
    here has the same patterns.  They all do excellent jobs chipping.  The throw 
    cannot be blocked, and Parmesan Shower and Ginyu special can both be charged 
    (Ginyu Special can only be charged in the air).  This gives great variety and 
    makes the ongoing attack very simple.
    B) Special Fighting Pose 1
       Special Fighting Pose 2
       Super Holy Water
    This character technically sacrifices all damaging moves, to rely on Ginyu 
    basic combos and support.  Everything enhances defense or attack power, 
    making him balanced in that state but unable to use true ki moves.  The 
    fighting pose, how can you be in the Ginyu Force without a good pose, without 
    laughing though these are very effective.  They can raise your power over 
    20%, which is, more than potential for the amount of ki it takes.  All of 
    them are very easy to combo into, and the only one I do not suggest doing is 
    k,k,k,k for pose #2.  This one does not knock them away so an easy break fall 
    means pain for Ginyu.  I actually recommend this if you are good at combing 
    and juggling, or just to add finesse.
    C) Special Fighting Pose 1
       Milky Cannon
       Milky Cannon
       Ginyu Special
       Ginyu Special
    This set up is based on attack power.  Do fighting pose when you can, chip 
    and punish mistakes with milky cannon, and combo into the all powerful Ginyu 
    D) Viral Heart Disease
       Parmesan Shower
       Ginyu Strike
    This set up is outstandingly based on attacks.  But its main goal is too 
    gradually let the disease run its affect until they are mid orange.  Then 
    proceed to hit them with unblockables.
    6.3) Balanced
    A) Body Change
       Special Fighting Pose 1
       Special Fighting Pose 2
       Super Holy Water
    This character is meant for doing damage with combos and absorbing hits with 
    some capsules.  In case of an emergency do a quick combo into Body change.  
    That is why I have the armor there, I do not like it but it helps the most 
    without making doing body change hurt you.
    B) Body Change
       Super Fighting Pose 1
       Milky Cannon
       Milky Cannon
       Super Holy Water
    Do decent chip damage, and get more powerful as the match progresses.  Use 
    milky cannon to make sure your energy never gets too high.  If needed use 
    body change, if possible give them a body with no ki.  Even though when they 
    get the body the effect is fully kicked in, I doubt they will be very 
    practiced with Ginyu.
    There are two main ways of doing combos. The first is by doing a juggle then 
    follow with a basic combo ending in either something to knock them away or 
    ability. The second way is a ground combo. I am not referring to the basic 
    combos, which practically do themselves. Some combos end with a move that 
    lets you hold it to charge. One of these, is a double ax kick. Ginyu raises 
    his leg in crescent, charges up, then swings down in a similar crescent. You 
    can stop the charge at any time by pushing guard. With this kick you will 
    kick start to charge then stop instantly. You will be able to attack them 
    again before they can recover. So the double axe kick is used for basic 
    ground combos.  Ginyu is not bad at juggling, but he is one of the best in 
    the game at ground combos.  They can be done in the air.
    7.1) Juggle Starters
       k,k,k,k(main choice)
    ***The easy body change combo***
    The downsides
    It must be in the air.  It is an otg combo so they can break fall, somewhat 
    awkwardly and if they do it can still hit them so always finish it.  Works 
    better on humans because they are less likely to be able to both break fall 
    and block.  Do not complain if you loose because this did not work.
    These are the only reliable juggle starters that I saw. If I am missing one 
    please tell me and I'll update it. How you end the juggle is entirely up to 
    you. But the longer a juggle combo is, the less damage the later attacks do, 
    so longer does not equal better. Moves like Ginyu Special restart the combo 
    meter when it connects so that is good.
    7.2) Ground Combos
      A) Easy Combos
       f+p,k,k[hold],g,(any special except body change)
       f+p,k,k[hold],g,b+p+k(repeat as much as you can),(juggle)
      B) Advanced Combos
       f+p,k,k[hold],g,[pause],[repeat](timing is everything)
    ***f+p,k,k[hold],g+d/u,f+p,p,p,k,e(Body change)***(This is the only way to 
    guarantee a body change.  If after you dodge, your next combo makes them back 
    facing you then they will not be able to block.  More effective in air)
    If you are thinking, why don't you come up with some super damaging body 
    change combo? Then do not ask.  The shorter the combo, the better.  Because 
    the less damage you do, the better.  You do not want to do 2 bars of damage 
    and then body change because then you just screwed yourself.  I do not care 
    if you tweak my combos to your preference, but this do not, I made it as 
    short as possible.
    Ginyu is probably best considered a jack of all trades and master of none.  
    This can make him a hellish nightmare or a walk in the park, and you will 
    have almost no way of knowing what to prepare against without knowing his 
    8.1) Vs. Ginyu
    The main thing you have to fear when you are fighting Ginyu is body change.  
    A good Ginyu fighter will make sure he gives you an empty ki body, and 
    usually receives a full one.  So always keep an eye out on his meter.  Make 
    sure it is below 3 at all times.  If he is using perpetual energy, then do 
    not expect a body change, he probably is really buffed up.  Do not let him 
    get a single pose off, if he tries it from far away or does not knock you 
    away, then capitalize, not only because the opportunity is there but because 
    with power ups he only becomes deadlier.  If he starts to charge anything 
    punch, even if he is trying to sucker you into it, a fully charged attack 
    usually ends in a parmesan shower or Ginyu special.  Ginyu should not be the 
    hardest opponent you have to face, and since he is better in the air and can 
    do body change in the air easier, avoid the air.  If you came here to learn 
    only how to beat him from this section, make sure the one thing you learn is 
    the body change combos, because you do not want the match to be over if he 
    gets that off.
    8.2) Using Ginyu
    The characters of this game can sort of be grouped into certain categories.  
    Some of them fall into more then one category.  It all depends on the capsule 
    set up.
    Big Guys- The big guys are different from all the rest.  They are big.  Being 
    big makes them easier to juggle, and makes their moves slower, but more 
    powerful.  With Ginyu's combo and juggle potential they become very simple 
    opponents.  If they are in the air, body change is easy.  Their reach is not 
    worth your chipping ability, but to make reach even less devastating then go 
    into them so you do not have to worry about reach.  Body change should be 
    easy.  Very easy opponent.
    Powerhouses- These guys will do a short juggle followed by a small combo.  
    The problem with that is the small simple combo can easily eat away a whole 
    life bar.  Everything they do will do a whole lot.  This is not a problem 
    because it makes body change all the more effective, and easy to adapt to his 
    character.  Without body change, just do combos that do a lot of damage, and 
    make them rely on their combos only, remove their energy.  Very easy 
    Little people- These guys are a pain in the ass.  Sometimes they are too 
    small for a body change combo making that undoable.  Keep them in the air and 
    you will feel less restraint from their height.  Also make sure you stay the 
    maximum amount of distance away for a normal punch to hit because they are 
    short and stubby.  If you have body change, then this will be a pretty 
    difficult match.  If you are low risk then it should be much easier.  The 
    more you chip, the better off you are.  Difficulty all depends on your set 
    Speed demons- If this character can effectively ground combo then this is a 
    difficult match.  If this character can juggle well then it is going to be a 
    difficult match.  Well, all speed demons can do one or the other, and usually 
    both.  If you do not have body change, then they most likely easily have you 
    outmatched.  If you have body change then pull it off ASAP, mistakes from 
    them do not come often.  Very difficult opponent.
    One hit wonders- Some characters put all their eggs in one basket.  Well now, 
    if you are using body change chances are, so do you.  Body change is not 
    effective against them because, you will never give them a dying body, they 
    usually do all their damage at the same time, so when they damage you; your 
    dead.  Or, you can body change and finish them off with his own style, do 
    this if you know how to finish them off.  The safest solution is to use a low 
    risk set up and keep his energy low and do a lot of chip.  With body change, 
    difficult, with low risk, somewhat easy.
    Pokers- This character will do a lot of chipping and small attacks.  This is 
    what Ginyu is proficient in, but their pokes are much better.  Try to get a 
    body change off, it makes the match easier.  This is a very difficult 
    opponent, you are fighting an uphill battle, use a mid risk set up, because 
    body change can be very helpful, even if the opportunity will most likely 
    never arise.
    First and foremost, I would like to thank Gamefaqs for hosting my guide.  I 
    would also like to give credit to where it is due.  The people of Prima, for 
    making their guide.
    X END
    That is pretty much everything.  So now I'll just regurgitate the important 
    info if you wish to contact me.  My e-mail is www.longshot0086@aol.com I do 
    not check it daily but do frequently enough.  If you e-mail me make sure you 
    title it GINYU.  If you wish to contact me on Gamefaqs my account is 
    bothersome.  I'm at the Budokai message board daily.  If you wish for me to 
    post this FAQ to be posted on your website then feel free to contact me.  If 
    you e-mail me to offer an opinion, support your opinion, I don't want to read 
    hundreds of e-mails saying I suck, but I do want to know why I suck.  Or, if 
    you feel I should add a whole new section then tell me.  And finally, I thank 
    you for your time and hope this guide made you the best Ginyu player in your 

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