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"A perfect game made better?"

Dynasty Warriors 3-Shin Sangoku Musou 2 in Japan, was a game around the Three Kingdoms-a time in ancient China after the Han Dynasty fell, three new Dynasties formed and fought to unify China around late 100 to mid 200 AD. Most people looking at this likely have DW3 but are considering whether this is worth a purchase, but it is.

It has the same great graphics of DW3, same characters, same funny Voice Acting, etc. but it adds even more. Instead of everyone having their own bodyguards, you have 4 ''sets'' of them that you can swap between before battle, and each set gains their own experience. You may name each set and the guards in it, select their gender(And between normal and Nanman guards when Nanman guards are unlocked), color, the weapon they use, and even control their stat growth!

There are two new difficulty levels-Novice and Very Hard. Novice is for keeping wimpy new bodyguards alive(so they can gain points), Very Hard is for additional challenge as well as acquiring 5th weapons. The 5th weapons look different from the 4th and 3rd weapons, and contain alternate stats.(Some 5th weapons are stronger than their 4th counterparts, some are weaker, others are basically the same), Some 5th weapons may even automatically equip your with an Item without taking up the space.

There's twice as many Items now, and Bodyguards may equip an Item. Increasing the Arrows you start with, your Triangle attack's strength, and the health you recover from meat buns are but a very few.

There are no ''new'' stages, but there are remixes of existing ones-with different weather and time of day settings, different item placements, and different forces battling.

There's a new element(Wind) and characters have alternate costumes(Palette swaps), but they're no big deal.

The biggest addition, however, is that Non-aligned generals may now complete Musou Mode!(Fu Xi and Nu Wa excluded) Yes, see what could've happened if Lu Bu or Zhang Jiao hadn't of died, or if the Nanmen spread outward. And there's of course new CG cutscenes involving these generals. Don't worry if you haven't unlocked the unaligned generals, they start out unlocked.

BUT, to play old stages, complete Musou mode with Three Kingdom characters, collect 4th weapons and old ''Red Items'', you'll need the original Dynasty Warriors 3 disc and save data.

If you actively play DW3, get this, trust me. You'll spend countless hours-again.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/28/03, Updated 01/28/03

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