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"A trip down memory lane"

We have seen this done numerous amounts of times- Game makers bringing back old games on new systems. I have an old Atari, and well- It is somewhat pointless to buy these recreations. However, I decided to "gamble" A bit on Activision Anthology- For ten bucks and a ton of old games- How could I lose?
One notice, though, I will be grading on an "Old-School" level. Because if this was a comparison to Final fantasy, we already know who the winner would be.

Gameplay- 10/10- Activision Anthology brings back all of the classics. From the original pitfall to Oink- From boxing to ice hockey, or fishing derby- This game has absolutely one game that you loved to play when you were young. Remember that Old Atari that I was talking about earlier? Well, if I plugged in that Atari today- and played that same game on Activision anthology- You would not be able to tell the difference. If you have NEVER experienced the love of the old Atari Systems, You need to purchase this game.

If the same original game does not lure you in, will unlockables? Hilarious commercials, Medals, and even Original modes will make you WANT to play this game. Imagine twenty years ago- How they believed that Ice hockey had the greatest gameplay and graphics- I do not want to imagine what will happen twenty years from now if this keeps up.

Graphics- 8/10- Well, what do you want for an Atari game? The games itself are not by any means pushing the limits of the PS2- But that is alright. The only wish that I have would be a better room design- And that is where you could push the playstations limit a bit, since they did not want to mess with classics

Sound- 9/10- If the game sound itself is not good enough for you, you would expect terrible menu music. I can predict it- You are thinking this is just a generic tone that took no thought out at making, right? Wrong, This is an 80`s game, Therefore The designers decided to add 80`s songs. So you do not have to listen to the game sound- instead, you can listen to Blondie or other hits. This was one thing that they did not need to add, but they did. The designers made this game the best it could be.

Rent or Buy? As I stated earlier, for anyone who has not experienced the love of river raid or Pitfall, Buy. For those who never had an Atari, buy. For those who even have an Atari- I would recommend purchasing this game. Hands down, this IS the greatest "import" of Atari games, ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/23/06

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