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Reviewed: 12/07/02 | Updated: 12/07/02

48 Atari games and more, in one package!

Yes, I am about to review Activison Anthology for the Playstation 2 Console. This game is just fantastic. It has classics as.... Pitfall, Pitfall 2, Ice Hockey, Kaboom, Freeway, and much much more! Also if you get a high score i some games or beat cpu in games like Boxing or Tennis you can unlock some things! Like commercials, patches, gameplay extras etc... Also while your playing you can listen to music from the 80s! thats right, Tainted Love, We're not gonna take it etc... Let's get to the review

Story N/A

Well its just a game with a bunch of atari games on it, basically you just play a bunch of games and they will have a little story for example.. Kaboom! you gotta move plates around to try to catch the bombs before it hits the ground. its very fun! 'nuff said.

Graphics N/A

Okay, everyone knows Atari has not so good graphics, what you supposed to expect from the early 80's. Gotta give it to the designers who worked hard back then to make these games. So if you hate really old games then don't read this review. Graphics are just a bunch of blocks its 20 years old.

Gameplay & Controls 8/10

Some games are alright, Tennis is kind of repetitve you can barley win its very tuff so good luck on trying to unlock stuff there. The other games are alright like chopper command pretty fun you shoot planes and dodge there bombs.

Extras 9.9/10

Oh yes, Activision doesn't fail here so many extras in this game. You have to get a certain amount of points for certain games or beat the CPU in sports games or beat a time in Racing games. You can unlock gameplay modes like Disco, Tilt-0-Vision, etc... Also patches like when you get a high score back in the day you mail them and the mail you a badge. well just unlock it and you got it in the game! Also you can unlock special FMV's like commercials or some little clips about the designers. Also they got all the games instruction booklets you can read! and also see the box, cartidge as well they got that for you. It's like you got the whole game. So I think that is pretty neat.

Overall 8/10

A Bunch of great atari games in 1 complation, I think this game is the best complation on the playstation 2 console. Get this game!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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