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Reviewed: 03/30/03 | Updated: 03/30/03

Old Schoolers Rejoice and Remember the 80's

The 9 is for the total package. It would be a 7 without the extras which include full featured commercials of the games that have commercials, earning the patches, 80's type background music, and different modes of the play.

Okay here's the breakdowns.

Gameplay: 10/10

All the games have the often quoted addictive quality to them. True none of the games have a compelling plot twisting story that results in a suprise ending, but what they do have is gameplay, gameplay, gameplay. River Raid is a real finger twitcher and can be as harrowing as fighting Marlboro's in FF X. All the other games to varying degrees require dexerity and quick response. On top of it you are entertained and you feel good if you unlock that certain version mode or gain the score to get a patch. Gameplay from games such as the Space Shuttle and the The Tomcat actually very closely simulate the real thing (with a FEW ommission) and in that sense them great.

Graphics: 10/10

This should come as a shock to anyone who sees this score, and frankly I would be too if I saw it. You got realistic games that make it hard to distinguesh from a photograph today and how in the hell can pixels and pallattes compare to polygons and bump mapping?

Simple, I am comparing these collections of game to the games of its day. A lot of the atari games were mono colored, blocky, and low res. Activision managed to create vanishing point projecting thus creating a 3-D effect. This I will tell you was far, far beyond it's time to have these effects creat psuedo 3D worlds. It would take another decade or more for vector scaling to imitate this and this was already done on Rasterops, in 1981!

Sound: 9/10 for the games themselves 8/10 for the package.

Yeah they were beeps and bloops and forced 4-bit strings here and there, but many of the games incorporated the pitches and tones to create the sound to form a mood. This was another innovative feature of it's time. Dolphin is one good example. Pitfall II to the best of my knowledge was I think the very first console game every to have looping background music. It was pretty good, too. I still can recall the tunes.

Legacy: 10/10 I know this is some unusual catagory, but the legacy of these games live on. Hell, they have been remade for the PS2. I honestly thought that it would have stopped at the PS1 activisions classic package. Games like Pitfall was the first ever platformer game WAY before Super Mario was a blip on Nintendo's raider. Many of these games and their premis are starkly original from one game to another. You don't have Grand Tourismo, Auto Modelesta, and NFS: Highstakes all vieing in the racing catagory. None of these games are copies from something else and stand out in their own right.

Final thoughts. Activision obviously listened to the critisism of its first Classic release. It fixed the graphical differences, the speeds of the games, and got them to where they are near perfect renditions of the originals. They include some snazzy exciting commercial that grab your attention and they put to shame many of the game commercials that appear today.

This is truely marvelous collection that contains some of the best games ever made.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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