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"Old School Games On PS2...Cool!"

Remember when you used to play your Dad's Atari System and have a blast doing it? Well, with this game, you can revive those memories. With such games as Dragster, Boxing, Kaboom!, Laser Blast, Pitfall, and other classic Atari games all on one disc, how could you lose?

Game Play: 10

Classic old-school feel brought to the PS2. Simple as that. The times of one button gaming ported to the PS2 is good for little kids through your parents. Anyone can play these games, and the skill it takes to get all the rewards will take a while.

Controls: 9

Overall, the controls are pretty strait forward, but games like Kaboom! do not play as well on the PS2 as they did the original systems. Mainly due to the lack of a controller with a wheel which was the best choice for those games. Besides that, the controls are quite easy. Anyone can figure them out.

Music: 6

Bah. I music wasn't good, but it wasn't great either. All the music is early-mid 1980's music, so if you like those types, you'll like the music on this game too. The only song I enjoy on this game is ''Always Something There To Remind Me'' by the Naked Eyes. A few other selections include ''Tainted Love'', ''Walking in L.A.'', and ''Safety Dance''.

Sound: 10

Brings back the memories, doesn't it? All the sounds from the old Atari systems seem to be perfectly emulated on this game. The bombs dropping into the water in Kaboom! are exactly the same, the engines in the cars on the racing games are the same...everything sounds exactly the same. It makes for a good game, in my opinion.

Extras: 10

Wow, are there a lot of extras to unlock! You can unlock different modes to challenge your skills. They're all listed in the booklet, to my knowledge. You can gain Patches, Movies, etc. from getting high scores on the games. So Activision did give us something to do while playing their old games after all!

Overall: Around a 9.

If you're an old-school fan, buy it. There is nothing better than coming home to play the games of your youth again. With 45+ games, it's flat out a bargain to buy. If you're not too sure, rent it. This game is not a one rent deal, though, unless you play it about 5 hours a day during your rental period. This is a great game that I suggest you buy. Hope this helps.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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