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    FAQ/Walkthrough by redskinStu

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    A complete walkthrough for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon for PS2
    by redskinStu
    This guide is the intellectual property of Stu Salkeld, and is Copyright 2003
    by redskinStu. It is provided solely to GameFAQS.com for display on their
    website alone. It may not be published or displayed anywhere, anyhow or by
    anyone else for any reason without my express written consent.
    CONTACT INFO: This FAQ was created August 14, 2003. The version status is
    Q: What’s in this guide?
    A: A complete walkthrough for the 15 “Ghost Recon” Campaign levels for the
    Playstation 2 console. After playing Ghost Recon on other systems, I realized
    there actually are a number of differences in the missions. The walkthrough is
    for Rookie skill mode, as I felt this the easiest way for readers to learn the
    levels without spoiling the game. In Veteran and Elite modes, half the fun is
    finding things out for yourself.
    Q: What’s not in this guide?
    A: Instructions on controls, options, settings etc. All of that is included in
    the instruction manual which came with your game. As well, I highly recommend
    new players complete both the Training Mode and play all five Tactical Missions
    before starting a new Campaign.
    PLEASE NOTE: Throughout this guide, I refer to four cardinal directions (north,
    south, east, west) and four secondary directions (northeast, northwest,
    southeast, southwest) with the symbols N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE and SW. These
    directions are always used in conjunction with the in-game tactical map (press
    L1 button). North is always at the top of the screen.
    Mission GR-01 Iron Dragon
    Objective 1 Neutralize Tent Camp Troops
    Objective 2 Secure the Caves
    Objective 3 return to Insertion Zone
    x Capture Papashvili
    Start in the SE corner of the map. Proceed immediately W, which brings you
    close to two patrols of two enemy guards. One group is usually slightly N, one
    slight W. Continue W, and about halfway to the W edge of the map you’ll find a
    large rocky cliff jutting S, with a sandy ramp leading N to the second plateau
    nearby. Two enemy guards are standing on the sandy ramp. Leave one fireteam
    hunkering down here. Proceed to the far E edge of the map, staying on the
    southernmost plateau. Look for guards patrolling near the E edge. At this edge
    there will be another sandy ramp leading N to the next plateau.
    Proceed N up the ramp, and soon you’ll spot a cabin. usually one to two guards
    nearby. N of the cabin will be another sandy ramp leading N, to the third
    plateau. Proceed up this ramp up to the third plateau. Immediately turn E, and
    you should be close to the cave complex. Proceed E toward the caves, watching
    for one guard outside the cave entrance, and another stranding nearby.
    Enter the cave complex, looking for three enemy guards. Papashvili will be at
    the back of the caves, standing near a chalk board. You’ll know him because he
    wears a ball cap and he doesn’t carry a gun. Approach him closely, and he’ll
    follow you.
    Leave caves, heading E. As you near a series of jagged rocks and cliffs,
    several guards will be near. One lone guard S, group of two to three E. Switch
    to other fireteam at the first sandy ramp. Take this team, head N up the ramp
    and you’ll immediately find a patrol of two to three guards. Swing east,
    keeping along the cliff edge facing S. Approach the tent camp from the S,
    watching for three to four guards patrolling the W edge of the camp. Eliminate
    three to four guards in the camp.
    Mission completed.
    Unlocks specialist Will Jacobs equipped with OICW assault rifle.
    Mission GR-02 Eager Smoke
    Objective 1 Rescue Pilot
    Objective 2 Rescue W. officer
    Objective 3 Get to extraction Zone
    x Destroy the avionics
    Start at the NE corner of the map. Send one fireteam immediately S, following
    the fence line. You’ll soon spot two guards off to the W, up on the hill in the
    trees. Proceed along the fence line all the way down to the creek.
    Take your other fireteam and head W, towards the crashed avionics. Stick to the
    fence line, and cross the creek. Near the crashed F-18 are two patrols of two
    guards, often hidden behind bales and wreckage. Drop your demo charge on the
    Return to your other fireteam and cross the river, approaching the barn holding
    the pilot. Two to three guards will be patrolling outside, usually one on the N
    side and one on the S side. Inside the barn are one to two guards, and a good
    sniper will pick them off through windows and doors without entering the barn.
    Watch out for the pilot strapped to the chair, though.
    Proceed toward the farmhouse, near the center of the map. Two to three guards
    will be patrolling outside the farmhouse, which holds the W. Officer. Two to
    three guards are inside the farmhouse, and can usually be sniped off from
    outside, though they aren’t always visible at first look. Watch for heads, arms
    Unlocks specialist Jack Stone, sniper, armed with L96A1 sniper rifle.
    Mission GR-03 Stone Bell
    Objective 1 Destroy NE Patrol
    Objective 2 Destroy SW Patrol
    Objective 3 Prevent HQ Breach
    x No NATO Casualties
    Begin on E edge of map, near NATO check point. Move one team slightly forward
    of NATO HQ to watch for enemy infantry coming down the highway. Leave them here.
    Take second team and head N through trees and over hills until arriving at
    train tracks. Look over hills to the W, and you will eventually see a patrol of
    two soldiers. After killing them, move along rail line onto bridge. Proceed to
    middle of bridge, while keeping an eye on the far side. The other patrol will
    come from this direction, but they may appear right away, or three or four
    minutes later.
    While on the bridge, look down the highway, away from the NATO HQ. You will see
    two enemy tanks moving down the highway towards you. Destroy them, and kill all
    escorting infantry. The enemy infantry, usually about six to eight soldiers,
    may simply hunker down, or they may try to outflank you.
    Unlocks Support specialist Guram Osadze, armed with RPK 74 machine gun.
    Mission GR-04 Black Needle
    Objective 1 Secure the Crossroads
    Objective 2 Contact the U.N. troops
    Objective 3 Return to extraction zone
    x Keep U.N. soldiers alive
    Begin on far E edge of map. Proceed with both teams immediately to the bridge
    crossing SW of starting point. One guard in S toll booth, one guard in N toll
    booth. Proceed NW to buildings at crossroads, looking for four enemy guards
    patrolling along road. Some may be hidden in or behind buildings.
    Leave one team hidden at edge of buildings on south side of road. In about 10
    minutes, a heavily armed enemy patrol will come onto the map along the road on
    the W edge of the map. By leaving the team nearby, your team will kill the
    enemies before they can ambush you.
    Take your other team and proceed carefully through the hilly woods on the N
    side of the road. Look for three to four lone guards patrolling the hills. One
    or two may also be lingering around near the U.N. troops.
    After clearing all the hilly forest N of the road, head back to the crossroads.
    Now head NE along the road, watching for lone guards on both sides of they
    road. Soon you will notice a dirt ramp on the S side of the road. Crawl up this
    ramp to gain an excellent sniping spot overlooking the village below. From
    here, you should be able to kill most, if not all, of the soldiers guarding the
    U.N. troops.
    Unlocks Rifleman specialist Susan Gray, armed with MP-5 SD sub-machine-gun.
    Mission GR-05 Gold Mountain
    Objective 1 Secure the bank
    Objective 2 Investigate the crash site
    Objective 3 Get to extraction zone
    x Avoid civilian casualties
    Start at S edge of city. Send one team along E street, send other team along W
    street. Watch for patrol of two guards along E street. Have both teams proceed
    until bank is in sight.
    Two enemy snipers will be easily visible in windows in the bank front. After
    killing them, take on E street carefully in front of bank glass doors, keeping
    your back to the building S of the bank. Look inside the glass doors and kill
    two to three enemy guards inside the bank. One more enemy guard will probably
    come out from his hiding spot at the back of the bank. If the enemy guards
    remain hidden, enter the bank through its back door, located on the N side of
    the bank. proceed carefully into the bank, looking for enemies on the railing
    above and laying on the second floor.
    After clearing the bank, send one team N through a narrow alley across from the
    bank. Watch for a civilian running across your field of vision. Proceed down
    the alley, turning right and approaching a street which, after carefully
    emerging, to the E you will see the American embassy. there will be one guard
    standing by a bus right in front of you, and two enemy snipers on the embassy
    rooftop. To the S, around the corner from the alley, a patrol of two enemy
    soldiers may be nearby.
    Switching back to your other team, proceed from the E side of the bank and down
    the street. On the N side of the street you will see an underground parking
    lot. Enter carefully, and inside will be two enemy guards on patrol. Clear them
    out, then proceed through the parking lot, up the ramp on the N side and then
    turn immediately E. Head down the street approaching the embassy. While looking
    through the embassy S entrance, you should be able to snipe an enemy guard
    standing at the embassy W entrance.
    Head NE of the embassy, towards a destroyed overpass which has a Jeep Grand
    Cherokee hanging precariously. Use the nearby staircase heading N, and follow
    the street all the way down to an intersection. Enter the building on your left
    hand side, which should have a black metal fence around it. Inside the building
    on the second floor is an enemy snipe. After killing the snipe, another enemy
    will magically appear behind you. Be ready for him. Take this team all the way
    back to the embassy, and leave them on the helicopter landing pad on the roof.
    Take your other team from outside the alley near the embassy, and head N down
    the main drag. At the first intersection, turn W and look for two alleys on the
    N side of the street. Take either one, and you’ll soon emerge near the crash
    site. Look for three to four enemy guards near the crash site. To investigate
    the crash, simply walk near it. Be careful, because after you investigate the
    crash, an enemy tank appears to the S and enemy infantry appears to the N. Make
    your way back to the American embassy.
    Unlocks Sniper specialist Scott Ibrahim, armed with M82A1 sniper rifle.
    Mission GR-06 Witch Fire
    Objective 1 Gather Intel from SE House
    Objective 2 Gather Intel from NW House
    Objective 3 Get to extraction zone
    x Destroy Surface to Air Missile site
    Start in SW corner of map. Take one team immediately E until you cross a road.
    Wait a minute or two, and an enemy truck full of soldiers will come along. Kill
    them all and you’ll save yourself trouble later.
    Leave this team in the nearby trees, then switch to your other team. Proceed N
    of the insertion zone, looking for the mobile SAM and two to three guards.
    After destroying the SAM, proceed through the woods to the N edge of the map,
    then turn E. proceed through the trees on the N side of the keep watching for a
    large group of enemy soldiers standing near your extraction zone. Expect a fire
    fight, as there are usually six or more enemy soldiers here.
    Proceed E, ensuring nobody in the keep spots you. Continue until you cross a
    road, then follow the road S. You will see one or two enemy guards on the E
    side of the keep. Watch for another truck load of soldiers coming from the N
    side of the map, driving along the road and into the keep through the N
    entrance. It usually takes five or six minutes for these guys to show up. Kill
    them now and you’ll save yourself trouble later.
    Switch back to your other team, and proceed towards the SE house. One guard is
    usually patrolling on the S side. Kill him, then enter the house through the S
    door. Watch for three guards inside, one of whom is usually hiding in a side
    After getting the Intel, head to the E entrance to the keep. Looking through
    this entrance, you may be able to kill many guards patrolling on foot inside.
    After all patrols are dead, go house-to-house in the keep killing all enemy
    soldiers as you go. The last house, in the NW corner, has the Intel.
    Head to the Zodiac boat at your extraction zone.
    Unlocks Rifleman specialist Buzz Gordon, armed with M-16 M203 assault rifle.
    Mission GR-07 Paper Angel
    Objective 1 Plant demo charge on bridge support 1
    Objective 2 Plant demo charge on bridge support 2
    Objective 3 Get to extraction zone
    x destroy Russian encampment
    Begin in NE corner of map. Proceed immediately S with your demo charge team,
    looking for one to two guards on patrol nearby. About halfway to the S edge of
    the map will be a stone ramp leading W, down to the river. Head down the ramp,
    looking for three to four enemy guards on the beach near the river. Proceed S
    toward bridge, looking for guards patrolling both side of river.
    Don’t worry about guards above on bridge hearing you. Simply approach the
    bridge support and plant your demo charge on it. Head back the way you came,
    and proceed along the river bank N. Follow it as it curves W, watching for lone
    guards standing along the bank. Look across to the opposite bank to snipe
    patrolling guards.
    Switch to your other team. Proceed immediately W along the N edge of the map.
    Approach the Russian camp from the N, crossing through shallow water. Look for
    four to six guards in the camp. Take this team and head S, along the W edge of
    the map. Watch for a patrol of three to four guards, then find the extraction
    zone and wait.
    Take your demo charge team to the Russian camp, and this time head S towards
    the bridge on the side of the river you haven’t explored yet. Watch for lone
    guards, and a large group of guards near the curve in the river. Look for two
    guards standing near the bridge base. Drop your demo charge on the second
    support, then head back the way you came. Get to the Russian camp, and head S.
    Follow the W edge of the map to the extraction zone.
    Unlocks Lindy Cohen, Rifleman specialist, armed with OICW assault rifle.
    Mission GR-08 Zebra Straw
    Objective 1 Secure the village
    Objective 2 Destroy East artillery
    Objective 3 Destroy North artillery
    x Protect friendly tank
    Start in SE corner of map, near some ruins. You don’t have much time before
    enemy patrols attack, so put one of your teams on guard to the S and W, while
    you look N. Your computer controlled partners will be okay; just worry about
    yourself. Kill a patrol approaching you which includes about six enemy soldiers.
    After the patrols are dead, immediately sprint N toward the road. Look toward
    the ruined church on the edge of the village and kill three guards there.
    Continue heading toward the road, and on the N side of the road opposite you
    will be an enemy tank, with two to three enemy soldiers nearby.
    Turn back toward the ruined church and proceed along the road. A ruined house
    on the N side of the road across from the church will hold an enemy. Climb S
    into the church ruins and look E. Two to three enemy soldiers will be heading
    towards you through the ruins. After killing them, hunt down one to two more
    enemy soldiers hiding in ruins on the N side of the road.
    Head immediately NW, looking for the artillery position on top of a rocky hill.
    It usually has two guards nearby, and some lone guards patrolling the fields.
    Destroy the artillery. Head directly east, keeping an eye out for your friendly
    tank. A large enemy patrol may attack your tank, so be ready for a serious fire
    Switch back to your other team at the insertion zone. Head N, keeping along the
    E edge of the map. Look for two guards on patrol. Approach the second artillery
    from the SE, climbing a rocky ramp to find it. This artillery usually has one
    guard nearby. Destroy the artillery.
    Unlocks Demo specialist Nigel Tunney, armed with SA-80 assault rifle.
    Mission GR-09 Blue Storm
    Objective 1 Clear Northern Island
    Objective 2 Clear Eastern Island
    Objective 3 Clear Western Island
    x Capture Russian officer
    Start in SE corner. This is an open-ended mission, as it doesn’t matter which
    island you clear first. Each island contains about five to six enemy soldiers,
    and it’s best to clear the E and W islands first, leaving the N for last. Using
    your night vision, it should be easy to pick off the enemies with a sniper
    If you want to capture the Russian officer, you must leave one island
    unmolested until the end of the mission. If you clear the islands, the mission
    will end and you won’t have a chance to capture the officer and complete the x
    objective. If you don’t complete the x objective, you can’t unlock the hidden
    The Russian officer is hiding in a beat up old house in the exact center of the
    map. It’s marked by a “1” in a circle, and you’ll know it when you see it
    because it’s a large, two-level house surrounded by water. Don’t confuse it
    with some of the ancillary buildings on some of the islands.
    The officer is usually on the ground floor, but two enemy guards are usually
    with him or up on the second floor of the house. You’ll know the officer
    because he’s wearing a ball cap and isn’t armed. Just walk up to him, and he’ll
    follow you wherever you go.
    Using your sniper, clear out the N island.
    Unlocks Klaus Henkel, Demo Specialist, armed with MP5 submachinegun.
    Mission GR-10 Fever Claw
    Objective 1 Secure University Square
    Objective 2 Secure Presidential Palace
    Objective 3 Secure Cathedral Square
    x No friendly tank casualties
    Start at S end of map. Take one fire team, and head directly N ahead of your
    tanks, which slowly roll behind you. Watch for enemy guards on the W side of
    the road. Not far up the road, on the W side, will be a grassy park holding
    enemy soldiers and armor. You can pick off the soldiers yourself, but your own
    tanks will destroy the enemy armor.
    Continue up the street, watching for enemy soldiers on the W side. When you
    reach the T intersection, look for two to three enemy soldiers on patrol.
    Carefully look down the street to the W, where an enemy tank will be sitting.
    You must destroy this tank yourself, and quickly.
    Proceed W down the street, then through a series of corners. You will enter a
    broad Y-shaped street with three to four guards on patrol. Proceed to the end
    of the street, watching fro enemy patrols. The Presidential palace is here,
    guarded by enemy armor. Destroy two tanks but be careful of their heavy
    Continue following the winding street, peering ahead to watch for enemy
    patrols. The street will eventually come to an intersection immediately west of
    Cathedral square, which holds several enemy soldiers, machine-gun nests and
    four enemy tanks. Concentrate on the infantry, and your tanks will eliminate
    their Russian counterparts.
    Unlocks Henry Ramirez, Specialist Rifleman, armed with MP5-SD submachinegun.
    Mission GR-11 Dream Knife
    Objective 1 Secure an entrance
    Objective 2 rescue NATO POWs
    Objective 3 Go to extraction zone
    x rescue Moroshkin
    Start in NE corner of map, near some woods. Hunker one team here, then take
    other team and snipe off two to three guards near the NE corner of the prison.
    Immediately proceed W, looking for one guard patrolling along prison wall.
    Continue all the way around far NW corner of prison, avoiding the searchlight.
    Turn S, looking for a patrol of two guards. Proceed S all the way to SW corner
    of prison, and turn E. Watch for one guard on patrol. Continue all the way E,
    looking for a road with streetlights along it leading E to a checkpoint
    building. Kill one guard in the checkpoint building, then watch for one or two
    lone guards on patrol in this area. Move carefully N, looking for a second
    checkpoint building along the chain-link fence. Kill the one guard in the
    Head back S, approaching the SE prison entrance. Kill two guards at the
    entrance. Enter the watch tower and exit the opposite side, entering the prison
    grounds. You will immediately see two guards near a door. Proceed towards the
    infirmary where Moroshkin is kept, and kill one to two guards inside. Sometimes
    they set off the alarm and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Approach
    Moroshkin, and he’ll follow you out of the prison. Take him to the extraction
    zone along the south side of the prison.
    Activate your other team still back at the insertion zone. Head towards the NE
    entrance and enter the watch tower. You may be able to snipe off many guards
    inside the prison from the watch tower, but be careful not to shoot the NATO
    prisoners. You’ll know them because they do not carry weapons.
    Move through the prison towards the NATO prisoners watching for enemy guards,
    especially if the alarm has been tripped. Once securing the prisoners, leave
    the prison the way you came and head quickly to the extraction zone.
    Unlocks Dieter Munz, Support Specialist, armed with the most excellent MG3
    Mission GR-12 Ivory Horn
    Objective 1 Plant Demo in Sub Pen 51
    Objective 2 Plant Demo in Sub Pen 52
    Objective 3 Get to extraction zone
    x Plant Demo in fuel depot
    Start at N end of docks. Take one team and immediately proceed S, looking for
    two guards walking on the destroyer moored nearby. Also look for two guards
    walking among the crates scattered on the dock heading S.
    Keep heading S, and you’ll quickly see a large crane. Climb the crane as high
    as possible, looking for guards patrolling on the ground. You should be able to
    snipe off guards patrolling to the E, W and N if you wait here and look around
    for a few minutes.
    After sniping guards, head back down and proceed W to the first sub pen. Watch
    for guards walking along the concrete ledge above you, and walk past a parked
    car. Walk on the railing to the sub, and plant your demo. Head immediately,
    watching for guards. You’ll see a gate checkpoint on your right-hand side, but
    you want to proceed the opposite direction. Look for a large gate entrance with
    a checkpoint in the middle of the far S end of the map.
    This gate is very heavily defended, so start shooting. The guards may scatter,
    but be patient and you’ll get all six to eight of them, roughly. After clearing
    the area, proceed quickly to the fuel depot looking for one guard patrolling up
    here. Plant your demo charge near the little building underneath the two huge
    Continue heading E, towards the second sub pen. This area has several guards
    patrolling on foot, so be cautious. Approach the sub pen from the S end,
    entering a metal door and walking down a winding staircase. Emerge onto the
    dock, then proceed N, looking for an entrance on the E side. Enter, and you’ll
    soon find the second sub pen. Kill the two to three guards here, and plant your
    demo charge. Head back to the extraction zone.
    Unlocks Astra Galansky, Sniper Specialist, armed with Dragunov SVD sniper rifle.
    Mission GR-13 Arctic Sun
    Objective 1 Secure Control Tower
    Objective 2 Destroy S-37 Berkut
    Objective 3 Destroy KA-50 Hokum
    Objective 4 Get to extraction zone
    Start at S end entrance to airfield. Take one team and quickly enter air base,
    then immediately head E. After proceeding past large, long buildings, swing N.
    Proceed past buildings with chain link fence to the E, and you’ll soon see the
    control tower off to the W, and a lower, white building nearby. The low, white
    building is the security barracks, and you should expect a large number of
    guards in there. It’s best to kill them here, and save yourself trouble later.
    Proceed N toward the Hokum hangar. Enter from the E side, and expect to find
    two to four guards here, some near the helicopter and some above on the walkway
    near the offices. Plant demo charge at the chopper.
    Proceed quickly out of the hangar and head N. Head the chain link fence along
    the N edge of the map, and wait here.
    Switch to your other team at the insertion zone. head directly N toward the
    control tower. Enter through the door on the SE corner, and look for guards on
    the ground floor. There may be guards in the stairwell heading up, and there
    are usually two to three guards at the very top of the tower.
    Switch back to your other team, and head directly W, towards the Berkut hangar.
    Walk past a large Russian transport plane parked on the runway, looking for
    patrols of guards S along the runway or near buildings.
    Proceed W, towards the Berkut hangar, looking for a door on the N side.
    Carefully enter this door and snipe off the guards inside. More guards may
    begin charging at you from the runway S of the Berkut. Kill them all, then
    proceed to the extraction zone.
    Mission GR-14 Willow Bow
    Objective 1 Take north pass
    Objective 2 Take south pass
    Objective 3 Take top of hill
    Objective 4 Neutralize Russian camp
    Start at N edge of map, with accompanying armor and infantry. Don’t worry about
    them; they’ll take care of themselves. Take first team and proceed immediately
    SE, where a pass through the rocks is visible. Begin traveling up hill, but
    look to your right-hand, up to the top of the rocks. An enemy sniper should be
    visible. Continue heading up the hill, in a SE direction, watching for two
    groups of two guards on patrol.  Soon, you’ll notice a ramp heading upwards, to
    the west. At the top are rocks and a small house. head up here, and kill three
    to four enemies standing in and around the house.
    Head back down the way you came, and continue traveling up hill in a SE
    direction. You will soon see another ramp leading W, but this one is a dead-end
    plateau. Carefully make you way up here, and you should be able to look W and
    see the transfer station on the very top of the mountain. Snipe off two guards
    up here. Quickly turn around, as a patrol is coming up the same way you came in
    here. Kill three to four guards in the patrol, then continue SE. Another guard
    will be visible almost immediately to the W. Continue in a S direction, towards
    the Russian camp. Continue walking south, but do not enter onto the plain where
    the Russian camp is. Stay back, and snipe off about six to eight soldiers
    guarding the camp.
    Switch to your other team. Head up the mountain, but travel through the SW pass
    instead. Soon, you’ll see a log cabin to the W, and two guards will be nearby.
    After dealing with them, immediately turn E, and follow a path which will take
    you to the very top of the mountain, near the transfer station. carefully clear
    this station of enemies, as a patrol of two guards comes and goes in this area
    along with a lone guard who watches the SW pass. From the mountain top you
    should be able to kill a number of enemy troops who are guarding the SW pass
    Switch back to your first team. Proceed W of the Russian camp, sweeping all
    enemies before you, which should include patrols and lone soldiers numbering
    about eight to 10. Keep going until you’re near the very W edge of the map.
    Look for a long, winding stone ramp running along the W edge of the map. Follow
    it. You’ll be able to see the last few enemy guards on the west edge of the map.
    Enemy guards on this mission like to wander around, so to complete all
    objectives you may have to perform a search and destroy mission if some are
    unaccounted for.
    Mission GR-15 White Razor
    Objective 1 Relieve pinned down troops
    Objective 2 Take Nikolskaya Tower
    Objective 3 Take Spasskaya Tower
    Objective 4 Avoid civilian casualties
    On this level, be wary of shooting Russian civilians running around. I know, I
    know; if you run in front of a guy shooting an assault rifle, you’re asking for
    trouble. But if you kill a civilian, you have to start over.
    Start in the NW corner of the map. You must take one team and quickly run
    towards the E edge of the map, as your pinned down NATO troops are being shot
    at by elite Russian forces. The NATO guys won’t last long, so quickly proceed
    south one block, east one block, then emerge S into the large park area with
    many large trees, parked cars and a few enemy guards patrolling. Find the large
    East-West avenue, and run E. At the end of the street, on the N side, are your
    NATO troops trapped in ruins, and about four enemy troops shooting at them.
    Kill the enemy soldiers.
    Bring both your teams to this spot, as this is the entry into the Russian
    government building. Two Russian guards are patrolling immediately inside.
    After killing them, proceed into the building, looking for a staircase nearby
    leading up. Climb the stairs and proceed with caution, as there are two more
    guards patrolling somewhere along these lengthy walkways. You goal is at the
    far W side of the building.
    There, you will find a huge hole in the wall leading into Red Square. You will
    also find an enemy tank on patrol,. so destroy it and get ready for three to
    four infantry who are looking for you.
    As you enter the square, you must eliminate enemy patrols walking this area,
    machine-gun nests full of Russian soldiers and three more enemy tanks.
    Visibility is not great, so proceed carefully and don’t let any enemy soldier
    get behind you.

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