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"The Total Battlefield Experience?"

Far from it actually, but an entertaining game nonetheless.

GAME PLAY: You take command of a special squad of Green Berets called the Ghosts. In each mission you control two squads (Alpha and Bravo) each consisting of three members; personnel include riflemen, demolitionists, snipers, and support (along with ''specialists'' you unlock with enhanced abilities). Mission objectives run the gamut of your standard action game fare such as rescue hostages, kill this person, blow this up, etc. but what puts this above lesser, more generic games of this ilk is the intense realism and the one shot and you're dead element. If an enemy spots your squad and starts firing, you'd best find cover, FAST, or your your men will drop like a sack of potatoes. This keeps a certain tension that makes it exciting throughout the majority of the game.
A very nice option is the ''Quick Mission'' mode, where you can play any mission you've completed in ''Recon'' (get to the extraction point alive), ''Firefight'' (kill all hostiles), and regular Mission modes. There is also a lame two player co-op/Vs. mode that deserves very little mention.

CONTROLS: This is the area where every other Tom Clancy console port flopped, but not so with Ghost Recon. Giving orders to the second squad is a snap, and quickly becomes second nature. My only gripe is I feel the analog is a little too sensitive when sniping or trying to get a very precise shot in, otherwise a pleasant surprise with its easy controllability.

GRAPHICS: Nothing really of note in the visual department, adequate but ultimately lacking due to the bland levels and slightly jerky character animations. But the weapons look really good.

SOUND: The sounds steal the show. Guns have a great ''pop'' to them, footsteps sound VERY real, voice-acting is entertaining and moves the story along, even the grenades have a certain realism to their effects. Then you have the music, which sounds like it could be from any number of war movies, its very, very good to say the least.

All things considered, a good game but I couldn't help but think it could've been better. It would've got a higher score but I completed it in about 10 hours and don't have the desire to play through the whole thing again, only certain mission in the ''Quick Mission'' mode are worth trying again, and the task of unlocking all the specialists and various ''bonuses'' (game designer notes, weapon information, specialists' profiles, in-game cinemas, among others) proves to be a neat addition too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/08/03, Updated 01/08/03

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