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"Not Clancy at his Best"

If you've ever played previous Tom Clancy games, which are generally tactical FPS' then you should be familiar with the layout of this game. The control scheme as well as the overall actions are like Rainbow 6 but on a much grander scale. Instead of being confined to a square with well-defined borders, you will be allowed to roam massive environments which are lush in detail. Though it could do with a bit of interactivity, and the controls are merely sufficient, you'll find yourself having fun, especially if you have a network adapter.

Graphically this game can do nothing but stun, the large open spaces are perfect for a game of this caliber and the overview map, which can be toggled, is a must to prevent yourself from getting lost. There are also several locations which can be used as hiding spots and one must keep a sharp eye out for gun nests and other areas of similar ilk. The character models are well-done and the weapons are spectacularly authentic.

This time around, Red Storm Entertainment has incorporated numerous foes instead of the rather generic ''soldier'' of previous Clancy incarnations. These include tanks as well as numerous structures which the AI seems to implement to their advantage quite well.

Overall the sound effects leave quite a bit to be desired. Which I say at the risk of sounding cliche. The firing sound clips sound a bit muffled, as if someone has their mouth over the muzzle, but you should easily overlook this.

The music on the other hand is horribly generic of games in this genre. The military snare drum roll will sound incredibly familiar though whether or not the similarity to other FPS' games annoys you is up to you.

Though its audio is painfully similar to other tactical shooters, you can't skip the game's most important aspect: gameplay. However, the controls are awkward and the game types available to you are not so great. The single-player mode is vast and expansive but the training mode, which should be the most important thing to go through for a newbie, is completely pointless. I would recommend going straight to net-play with this title.

If only Ghost Recon's gameplay was as rock-solid as it could have been potentially. Though the graphics are amazing, I can't get over how incredibly slow the game moves. An excellent rent but a questionable buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/23/03, Updated 06/23/03

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