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"Casper wouldn't like this game!!"

Ok. Ok. So I have one of the lowest scores for this game, but there are so many reasons why and I will tell you so read on.

The story is based on you being a member of the Ghosts, a U.S. special force unit, going into the old Soviet Union republic of Georgia and fighting against an army of rebel Russia fighters that want to have the old republics back in Soviet Union control.

Well this is a pretty sad army and I will tell you why.

GRAPHICS(2/10)-Well one of the major reasons why this game gets a low score from me is the graphics. The in-game graphics are not PS2 caliber, this game has worse graphics than a lot of PS1 games. If you played the old Rainbow 6 game on PS1, then don't expect graphics close to that. The lighting is bad also. When it is sunny it is too dark in the shade where trees are, you need to use night scope during the day in too many levels of the game.
The maps look drab for a PS2 game also, good luck figuring some levels out without getting lost.
The Soldiers look ok, but look nothing like soldiers in SOCOM. Even the rain looks bad, it is better in football games.

SOUND(8/10)-The game gets props for sound. The gunfire sounds real nice, When you take a tank out it sounds real good. The narrator that tells you about the levels is well spoken. Not really much sound when you wound or kill soldiers.

1.The enemy can shoot all day and not hit any of your soldiers.So this makes the game real easy.
2.The controls are not responsive sometimes, as you have to reload, because the gun decides for some reason that it needs reloading.
3.Too many of the objectives in the game are meaningless, which means there is no reason for you to do them,except to have no fun but kill more easy soldiers that can't shoot the broad side of a barn.
4.You have to switch the character you control, when you have to do certain objectives like blowing up a tank. This is a pain as in---NO. 5
5. The soldiers on your team do not respond to what you tell them, way too often. They get lost, and you have to find them--woo hoo--lots of fun.
6. The missions in the game just are not that exciting. Very few are.

REPLAY(5/10)The only replay is that there are 3 difficulties to choose from. I played this game on normal difficulty, with no cheats and it was too easy, easy mode would just be silly I imagine. I am not replaying it and I also imagine very few other people would.

Overall(3/10)Bad Graphics and bad Gameplay always gets a bad score from me. This game may be better on X-box so if you have the X-box get it on there, or the PC if you have that. That of course is, if you really want it??

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/14/03

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