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"One of the best shooters on PS2."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is a game that easily rivals that of Half-Life and Deus Ex, the greatest first-person shooters the PlayStation 2 has ever seen.

With the realism engine, that doesn't give you a cheap, big health bar, instead, one shot is enough to kill you, and don't be surprised if it does kill you.

In Ghost Recon, you are taking the role of two teams of three Elite US Soldiers in the years 2008 and 2009, with two stories, Ghost Recon and Desert Siege.

Each mission has a beautiful and realistic map, mapped out almost exactly like the areas they represent in real life, each one is obscenely large and should do well to please fans of exploring.

In Ghost Recon mode, you have 15 missions to participate in, and you assign three people to two teams, Alpha and Bravo, you have a long list of people to choose from, and each mission you complete, the people that participated and survived the certain missions attain points which can be added to their skill points (Weapon, Stealth, Endurance and Leadership), each stat is vital for each person, the more Weapon points, the more control and ease it is to use your weapons, the more Stealth, the more silent and swift your person is, the more endurance, the more he/she can endure damage and the more Leadership, the more control over his group he/she has.

When a person dies, they are marked as dead and every time you look through the roster, you will see the person's name in red and next to it in brackets; Dead. When one is wounded, they are marked yellow and it says Wounded next to them, they can participate in missions if wounded, and will return to normal health after one mission without dying, or simply without participating in one mission.

Each person gets two weapons, in Recruit mode, every item of artillery that uses bullets has an unlimited supply of bullets, regardless of whether or not your second weapon is just extra ammo, but rocket launchers and such always have a limited supply of ammo.

Each mission has three main objectives and one optional objective, in the very first mission, your optional objective automatically is accomplished at the end of your mission, regardless of whether or not you actually failed it earlier.

Each mission you complete adds at least three new members to the roster of soldiers you have, including one specialist; specialists are people with high stats and are extremely skilled, I myself rely on them too much and always get them killed, but as far as that goes, you are still rewarded with good results if you use the specialists.

Badges, you obtain badges by meeting certain conditions, such as constantly being seen by enemies, which is seen as an act of courage and bravery, and if you become upset (for some strange reason) over so many of your comrades dying, even the dead are rewarded, as one badge is for getting wounded and/or killed in battle. Many other badges are obtained for killing a certain amount of enemies in a single mission, these badges are rather tricky to obtain however as the map is huge, and each group of enemies (2-3) is always scattered around, not to mention your allies tend to kill a few for you, which can be frustrating, but if you're good at this game and you don't want two buffoons following you around, kill-stealing your targets, then you can simply, before each mission, set your partners' two slots to [EMPTY] and lead the entire group on your own.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is one of the best in the series of Tom Clancy games, sneakiness is the key in this one as you crawl and crouch across the battlefield, and if you don't care if you're seen, you run across the battlefield like Arnie and blast your opponents skyhigh, Ghost Recon will always be a classic.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/02/03

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