Review by Southern_Kid

Reviewed: 04/04/05

A great game in disguise


I have seen several websites give this game a low rating. I have not found the answer as to why they did this. This game is fantastic! I mean..I know the game has its problems, but it's simply too enjoyable. I purchased this game for 20 dollars and it was a blind buy. I had no idea about any of the Ghost Recon games so I gave this one a shot. Trust me, you have to pick this game up.


There is no getting by it. I have seen better gameplay. I'm not saying this is bad. You get an arsenel of good firepower including assault rifles, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles. You also get to control 2 squads, Alpha and Bravo. You have 3 members per squad and you can tell them what to do. It would have been nicer if you could have a better system for using stealth. In this game you will just be shooting every enemy you see. The missions have some variety and the Campaign is long. It consists of around 13 missions. You even have a training mode to learn diffrent abilities. You can also enter biuldings and that is cool. Whats was so cool is that you felt like you were stopping this evil mastermind. It is very good at making the game feel real. The gameplay is one of the best [arts about the game.

AUDIO 7/10

The audio is well done. The gun noises are done really well. The soldiers will communicate to each other. When you walk upon diffrent grounds the noise changes. You hear the screams of the soldiers as they are shot. Overall the audio is a little above average. When you hear the people screaming around feel like your really there..helping make a diffrence. The audio is pretty good.


I love this game, but the visuals just are not that great. The soldiers look ok. The enviroments are not great. The visuals do not make me mad, but they could have been better. The gun models were not well done either. The tanks looked cool and I did like the city enviroments.


Awesome. The multiplayer kicks butt. My cousin and I played this game for hours. You can do Co-Op in the campaign missions and all the other stuff. You can have a deathmatch. It kind of stinks that you can't have one squad and your friend the next. I loved two-player on Ghost Recon. It was simply amazing.


It's cheap so deffinatly buy it. It is an amazing game. You will love it just for whenever you and your friend ain't got nothing to do. It is amazing.

Great Multiplayer
Good gameplay
A lot of missions
It's just really fun

Average Visuals
No online play

Final Verdict: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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