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    Wolf by Valdimiar

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    Wolf FAQ
    Author: Valdimiar
    Email: JTWleeds@aol.com
    Date started: 02/04/04 (DD/MM/YY)
    Version: 1.1
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    was released in 1991
    was released in 1994
    was released in 1996 and was the down point of the series with uneven
    levels, knocking off item and a 1 hit kill combo for Akira. There was
    one new character added, which was Taka Arashi, the Sumo wrestler.
    Sega said that this was to be the sequel to VF2, not VF3. VF4 turned
    out to be an excellent game with alot of new types of moves added to
    different situations. Two new characters this time; Lei Fei and
    VF4 evolution
    Another two characters; Brad and Goh. VF4 evolution has very much
    supierior graphics and training mode. The old kumite mode has been
    replaced with an all new Quest mode that has the interesting concept of
    fighting your way through arcades to get to  the final tournament.
    There are eight arcades and the event square which holds tournaments,
    each of the arcades holds their own tournaments that get gradually
    bigger, and have tougher opponents. The only down side is that the
    split-path ranks have been removed and there are now more ranks between
    10th dan and hero.
    Wolf in general
    Wolf relies mainly on very powerful moves that stagger and knock down
    and float the opponent for enormous combos that can take 60 damage, all
    the way up to 165 damage for normal combo and 185 wall combo. Wolf is
    VF's throw master and can throw the opponent in a range of situations
    and the opponents actions. A few of Wolfs moves set him up for ground
    throws and low throws. Wolf has the single most damaging throw, that
    does an 80 damage guaranteed, with a potential of 100. To win a lot as
    Wolf you have to learn most of his combo starter and if they put you at
    a disadvantage or if they can be followed by insane damage combos **?
    eg. short shoulder, to punch, to screw lariat. This combo is really
    easy to do and will hit for 98 damage on normal hit.
    There is one word to remember when playing as Wolf: POWER.
    Wolf's moves, commands, normal damage and counter hit damage
    Commands Key
    Forward = f                  FC = whilst rising from a crouch
    Back = b                     C = whilst crouching
    Up = u                       DR = During run
    Up Forward = uf              DE = During evade
    Up Back = ub                 FU = face up whilst knocked down
    Down Forward = df            FD = face down whilst knocked down
    Down = d                     OB = opponents back to the wall
    Down Back = db               FW = facing wall
    Controller layout
              P+K+G             K+G
               P+G              P+K
                U                P
              Ub Uf             G K
             B     F             P
              Db Df
    Move----Command----Normal damage----
    Strait hammer----P----7----
    Move list
    Technique                      Command                  Damage
    strait hammer                   P                         14
    Jab strait                      PP                        14
    1,2,upper                       PPP                       19
    Elbow smash                     PP,f,P                    16
    Combo double arm suplex         PP,f,P db,P+K+G           60
    Combo elbow butt                PP,f,P,b,P                20
    Hammer kick                     PK                        20
    Low hammer                      d,P                        9
    Body blow                       f,P                       18
    Dragon fish blow                f,PP                      20
    Reverse sledgehammer            FC df,f,P                 25
    Axe lariat                      f,f,P                     35
    Screw hook                      f,df,d,db,b,P             20
    Screw lariat                    f,df,d,db,b,PP            22
    Elbow butt                      b,P                       20
    Shoulder attack                 b,f,P                     29
    Shoulder attack (full charge)   b,f,P                     45
    Shoulder fient                  d in b,f,p                 0
    Arrow knuckle                   df,P                      20
    Arrow knuckle reel              b,df,P                    35
    Verticle smash                  FC df,p                   22
    Comet hook                      db,P                      19
    Tomahawk chop                   uf,P                      15
    Flying meyer                    f,P+G in uf,p             40
    High kick                       K                         25
    Double high kick                K,K                       20
    Low smash                       (Dh)K                     17
    Knee lift                       f,K                       30
    Low drop kick                   f,d,K                     20
    Standing low kick               d,K                       18
    Face lift kick                  df,K                      28
    Drop kick                       uf,K                      30
    Level back crush                P+K                       30
    Running shoulder attack         P+K (DR)                  35
    Push up                         f,P+K                      5
    Short shoulder                  b,f,P+K                   30
    Grizzly lariat                  df,P+K                    20
    Neck cut kick                   K+G                       30
    Rolling sobat                   f,K+G                     30
    Tornado sobat                   f,f,K+G                   35
    Heavy toe kick                  b,K+G                     17
    Toe kick stunner                b,K+G hit P+G             45
    Toe kick slide                  b,K+GK                    17
    Front roll kick			  b,f K+G                   30
    Thrust kick                     df,K+G                    25
    Flying zero                     uf,K+G                    35
    Reject wall                     P+K+G                      0
    Reject wall level back chop     P+K+G,P                   25
    Reject wall low drop kick       P+K+G,K                   20
    Reject wall catch               P+K+G,P+G                  0
    Reject wall low                 P+K+G,P+K+G                0
    Side step catch                 P+K+G (DE)                50
    Jumping lariat                  P+K+G (DR)                35
    Face crush chop                 P+G                       40
    Giant swing                     b,db,d,df,f,P+G           80
    KS                              u,ub,b,db,d,df,f,uf P+G   80
    Pendulum lariat                 f,df,d,db,b,P+G           45
    DDT                             b,P+G                     60
    Smack down bottom               b,df,P+G                  65
    Excalibur                       df,P+G                    50
    Wall body slam                  df,P+G (OB)               50
    Brain buster                    df,df, P+G                70
    Jack Hammer                     df,df, P+G,P+G            70
    Swing through                   db,P+G                     0
    Arm whip                        f,f,P+G                   50
    Frankensteiner                  uf,P+G                    50
    Low swing tackle                b,b,P+G                    0
    Double german                   after catch b,P+G         70
    Sliding leg scissors            on opponents side P+G     50
    Cyclone whip                  on opponents side b,f,P+    60
    German suplex                 behind opponent P+G         70
    Dragon suplex                 behind opponent d,P+        80
    Reverse tiger driver         opponent crouching db,P+     60
    Big bridge bomb              opponent crouching df,df,P+G 75
    Double arm suplex            opponent crouching df,P+G    70
    Cross arm breaker            beside opponent crouching d, P+K+G  70
    German suplex                behind opponent crouching d, P+K+G  80
    Catch                        f,P+G                        0
    Kepra Dora  slam             P+G after catch              45
    Emerald fusion               db,P+G after catch           55
    Spiral bomb                  b,P+G after catch            50
    Change                       f,P+G                         0
    Captured                      high kick b,P+K             40
    Captured                      mid kick db,P+K             40
    Dragon screw                  right side kick db,P+K      50
    Dragon screw                  left side kick db,P+K       50
    Low punch cut                 low punch d,P+K             15
    Shining wizard                low punch d,P+K f,P+G       45
    Jump attacks
    Step hammer                     whilst rising P           25
    Rock punch                      During jump   P           25
    Toe crush                       whilst rising K           25
    Toe crush                       whilst landing K          25
    Down attacks
    Elbow                           u,P                       25
    Elbow  drop                     df,P                      15
    Somersault drop                 u,K                       18
    Front roll kick                 b,f,K+G                   18
    Piercing elbow                  df,P+K                    26
    Double claw                     d,P+G                      0
    Stomping                        df,P+G                    35
    Ground throws
    Stomping                        df,P+G                       35
    German suplex                  (FU) head towards df,P+G      35
    Arm bar                         on either side df,P+G        35
    STF                            (FD) legs towards df,P+G      35
    Grand sword                    (FD) head towards             35
    Cross face lock                (FD) either side              35
    Back turned attacks
    Rolling hammer                  P                            12
    Back kick                       K                            30
    Back row hammer                 d,P                          20
    Back drop kick                  d,K                          20
    Rolling hammer                  Dh,P                         20
    Back drop kick                  Dh,K                         20
    Wall attacks
    Jumping knee                    b,P+K+G                      30
    Rising attacks
    Rolling clear                   KKK                          20
    Low clear                       D,KKK                        20
    Elbow but b,P
    This is a very useful move to start the match with if the opponent
    tries to get the first hit as it will counter attack a lot of moves and
    beat him down. After b,P you can hit the opponent with a screw lariat
    if they  recover from the beatdown.
    Screw lariat f,df,d,db,b,P,P
    Screw lariat is wolf's fastest mid attack and the first hit floats,
    therefore being a combo starter. Screw lariat is another good move to
    start the match with, it does more damage on normal hit than on
    beatdown. It can also be useful for interrupting combos.
    Shoulder attack b,f,P
    Though not very good at close range it is useful for interrupting and
    opponents attack series from a distance and to attack recovering
    opponents. The only place it's any use at close range is in a corner of
    a fenced ring, obviously if there are no fences it is really stupid and
    useless at the corner. If an opponent is recovering near a wall it can
    be used to good effect, hit the recovering opponent and they will fly
    in to wall almost always landing face down so you can do grand sword or
    STF if your quick enough.
    Arrow knuckle df,P
    Arrow knuckle does not do a lot of damage on it's own but it if good
    making the opponent crouch on impact just long enough for a low throw
    if they don't see it coming and get out of crouch
    Knee lift f,K
    Knee is one of wolf's main combo starters and has tons of follow ups.
    Knee on counter hit will cause a gut collapse which is good for follow
    ups such as b,K+GK or screw lariat or for good damage another knee.
    Push from change f,P+G from change
    Push will leave the opponent with their back to you and at a
    disadvatage large enough to be hit with short shoulder and knee.
    b,df,P+G and df,df,P+G
    This is the throw 'Exalibur' and 'Brainbuster', they is usefull because
    the opponent is less lightly to escape them than giant swing.
    df,df,f,P Modified reverse sledge hammer
    This is modifyed reverse sledge hammer. If you input the command quick
    enough wolf will do reverse sledge hammer from an almost standing
    position, this works on the basis of df,df buffering a crouch dash.
    Sledge hammer can also be used to good effect after interupting an
    opponents combo with low punch.
    FC,df,P Vertical smash
    This is an excellent follow up for low punch because it will stagger
    the opponent and is a combo starter.
    Tatics advice
    Combo 1
    b,P f,df,d,db,b,PP          Normal hit 47 Counter hit 52
    Elbow butt to Screw latriat
    A good combo to start a round with because the elbow is 14 frames and
    will counter pretty much anything th opponent will try.
    Combo 2
    counter hit f,K f,PP        Counter hit 75
    Knee to Dragonfish blow
    As the tatics advice said Dragonfish blow is not the best way to end
    this combo.
    Be carefull trying to hit the knee for a counter as it is a garenteed
    throw if blocked, If you do get the knee blocked try throw escape
    methods and guard.
    Combo 3
    Counter hit f,K b,K+GK         Counter hit 71
    Knee to toe kick slide
    Similar to combo 2 but does less damage but is easier to follow up with
    a down attack,
    eg. df,P+G for a ground throw.
    Combo 4
    b,f,P+K P f,df,d,db,b,PP           Normal hit 70 Counter hit 85
    Short shoulder to punch to Screw lariat
    High damage combo. The short shoulder is another of wolfs garanteed
    throw moves so be certain that it will hit, complete the half circle
    backwards before pressing P for Screw lariat or you will only get the
    P,P string.
    Combo 5
    b,f,P+K d,P FC,df,f,P          Normal hit 57 Counter hit 72
    Short shoulder to low punch to reverse sledge hammer
    Easy to do but hard to follow up with a down attack. The only things to
    remember on this one is not accidently do Verical smash instead of
    sledge hammer and that it is best suited to heavyweights.
    Combo 6
    b,f,P+K P f,df,d,db,b,P FC,df,f,P          Normal hit 73 Counter hit 88
    Short shoulder to Screw hook to reverse sledge hammer
    OK the biggest thing to remember to do in this combo is to do Modified
    reverse sledge hammer DO NOT try and crouch and then do sledge hammer,
    it will not work.
    Combo 7
    b,f,P+K P KK          Normal hit 73 Counter hit 88
    Short shoulder to punch to double high kick
    This combo does the same damage to combo 6. The timing on this combo is
    really hard but just keep praticing, this combo will not work on
    Combo 8
    P+K fully charged b,P u,ub,b,db,b,df,f,uf,P+G          Normal hit 130
    Counter hit 145
    Level back chop to elbow butt to KS AKA 'the forbidden wolf combo'
    This is one of the most damaging combo in the whole game if followed up
    by df,P+G does 165
    damage. The P+K must be fully charged or to combo won't work, when
    fuuly chared P+K hits it will stagger and the elbow butt will change to
    be a sort of 'slap elbow'. After the 'slap elbow' you get a garanteed
    throw for KS, you have 8 frames to input a throw so Perfect Giant Swing
    will also work. if you do choose PGS it is easier to escape than KS but
    does more damage.
    Combo 9
    f,P+G from change b,f,P+K d,P b,K+GK          Normal hit 50 Counter hit
    Push to short shoulder to low punch to toe kick slide
    Another powerfull wolf combo, unlike the forbiden wolf combo this is
    completly garanteed after the change. Remember to input short shoulder
    very quickly AFTER the push, also this combo will not work on
    heavyweights, you will have to remove the low punch.
    Other combos
    Combos have only been tested on a super light weight opponent.
    b,P d,P FC,df,f,P                     44
    b,P d,P FC,df,P                       41
    b,P df,df,f,P                         32
    b,P df,P+K                            46
    b,f,P+K b,P df,P+G                    81
    b,f,P+K P b,P df,P+G                  85
    b,f,P+K f,PP                          60
    b,f,P+K db,P b,f,P+K                  60
    b,f,P+K P f,K                         65
    b,f,P+K b,K+GK                        56
    b,f,P+K P f,PP                        67
    b,f,P+K P b,f,P+K b,f,P+K             77
    b,df,P f,PP                           69
    b,df,P PPP                            72
    b,df,P f,df,d,db,b,P                  72
    b,df,P df,df,f,P                      60
    b,df,P d,P FC,df,f P                  64
    b,df,P KK                             76
    b,df,P b,K+GK                         65
    b,df,P d,P b,f,P+K                    68
    b,df,P P b,f,K+G
    Must hit on counter
    f,K b,f,P+K d,K
    Against Akira you just have to  evade alot and you will escape alot of
    his moves, Avoid being at point blank range to Akira or he will is
    lightly to throw with a large damage throw or a stagger throw. watch
    out for SPoD, the moment you see akira start to spread his palms for
    the first hit of SPoD evade to his back and then throw him. Throw
    escape with, in order of priority; d,P+G f,P+G df,P+G
    Pai has alot of floaters than can lead to big damage combos, Wolf being
    a heavywieght is at a reduced risk of these but still needs to be
    careful. Pai has about 10 million different stagger throws that she can
    follow up with her uf,KK string. Just remember that pai can be killed
    during her moves recovery time.
    Lau's throws are medium power and his float combos are nothing short of
    lethal. DO NOT let yourself be hit with hid df,P+K combo starter. Don't
    be fooled that his alternate stance is strong because it is really weak
    and he has very few options from it. The way to beat lau is to wiat for
    him to make a mistake.
    The dreaded mirrior match, and with wolf it is dreaded. Remember what
    moves are garanteed throw moves and then hit him with Brainbuster or
    Jackhammer. Don't fall into the trap of mirrioring his moves too.
    When Sarah goes into flamingo stance don't panic, just evade the first
    kick she does then do a low punch and she's knocked out of flamingo.
    Remember that if you see a flurry of kicks it is probaly a sakabi move
    so don't try to interupt it.
    Don't even try to out speed Lion, he's way faster and will just counter
    hit you, some of Lion's moves look like low but are really mid. The
    hardest thing for Lion to combat is a player who blocks all hid combo
    starters. To defeat Lion try and evade during some of his series and
    spot hid garanteed throw moves, don't try and throw him at every
    chance, mix up throws  with elbow butt and Screw latriat etc.
    The other characters should not give Wolf that much of a disadvantage
    especially not Goh but they obviously high rank are always a bit hard
    depending your skill level.
    This FAQ is free plain and simple, It can not be used to make money
    from and is for personal use only.
    This document should only be found at www.GameFAQs.com.
    Credits go to everyone on the GameFAQs VF4 evolution message board.
    There will inevitably an update as this is the very first version. If
    you want to send me suggestions for the next Update please Email me at
    JTWleeds@aol.com  or if you post somthing on the GameFAQs VF4 evolution
    message board I will denifinatly see it.
    Copyright 2004 Jacob Williams

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