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    Shun by DuelMasterNG

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
                        Shun Di Movelist, Series and Combos v1.0 
                                    by DuelMasterNG
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002-2005 Nicholas NG
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
    Convention of 1976. It is for private and personal use only--it cannot 
    be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any 
    form, written or otherwise. 
    It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of commercial
    transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift. This FAQ 
    cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters, 
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my express written permission. 
    This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Nicholas NG (a.k.a DuelMasterNG, 
    All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
    specifically mentioned herein.
    Plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by law. 
    |                                 Contents                                   |
    - Contents
    - Preface
    - Background
    - Legends
    - Movelist
    - Training
      Series 1 - [b,K+G] (press and hold) -> [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH)
      Series 2 - [QCF,P] -> [b,f,P] -> High throw
      Series 3 - [f,K] -> [P] (from CH) -> [u,K+G]
      Series 4 - 
    [d,K] -> [db/ub,P+K+G,P]
      Series 5 - [df,P] -> [db,K,K]
      Series 6 - [d,P] -> [D,df,P]
      Combo 1 - [D,df,P] -> [d,P] -> [db,P,K]
      Combo 2 - [HCF,P] -> [f,P,K]
      Combo 3 - [HCF,P] -> [K,K,d,P]
      Combo 4 - [HCF,P] -> [F,P] -> [(6dp)HCF,P,P]
      Combo 5 - [u,K+G] -> [(8dp)df,P,P,K]
      Combo 6 - [u,K+G] -> [f,P,P,K]
      Combo 7 - [f,K] -> [P+K,K] (from CH)
      Combo 8 - [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH) -> [K,K,d,P]
      Reward for completing the exercises
    - Miscellaneous
    |                                 Preface                                    |
    First of all, I would like to clarify that I am not an expert player of 
    Virtua Fighter series... I just like this game a LOT :) This reference 
    material is free for personal use and I hope you'll find it useful.
    Please do not hesitate to email to me at DuelMasterNG@yahoo.com should you
    have any suggestion.
    Cheers :)
    P/s. Don't forget to send USD1 to my paypal account, ngcheechong@netscape.net
         ... just joking (but I don't mind if you really do so :p)
    |                                  Shun Di                                   |
    |                                Background                                  |
    Country        : China
    Gender         : Male
    Blood Type     : O
    Job            : Herbal Doctor
    Hobby          : Collecting Herbs
    Stature        : 164 cm
    Weight         : 63 kg
    B/W/H          : 88/86/89
    Fighting Style : Drunken Kung-Fu
    Although he joined the Tournament to look for his pupil, Shun failed to
    find him. Returning home, Shun found a letter from his pupil. The letter
    explained that Shun would need to help rescue the pupil if he failed to
    escape the Organization. After months passed and the pupil did not return,
    Shun resolved to train for the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, infiltrate
    the Organization, and rescue his pupil by force.
    |                                  Legends                                   |
    Directions and Movements
    [lowercase] indicate player should only TAB the directional pad/stick towards 
    the specific 
    direction, whereas [UPPERCASE] indicate a player should HOLD the 
    pad/stick towards the specific direction.
    [u]  = tab direction UP                [U]  = hold direction UP 
    [d]  = tab direction DOWN              [D]  = hold direction DOWN
    [f]  = tab direction FORWARD           [F]  = hold direction FORWARD
    [b]  = tab direction BACK              [B]  = hold direction BACK
    [df] = tab direction DOWN+FORWARD      [DF] = hold direction DOWN+FORWARD
    [db] = tab direction DOWN+BACK         [DB] = hold direction DOWN+BACK
    [uf] = tab direction UP+FORWARD        [UF] = hold direction UP+FORWARD
    [ub] = tab direction UP+BACK           [UB] = hold direction UP+BACK
    [n]    = Neutral
    [BF]   = Buffered, input the command during the execution of previous move
    [QCB]  = quarter circle backward, same as [d,db,b]
    [QCF]  = quarter circle forward, same as [d,df,f]
    [HCB]  = half circle backward, same as [f,df,d,db,b]
    [HCF]  = half circle forward, same as [b,db,d,df,f]
    [270B] = 3/4 circle backward, same as [u,uf,f,df,d,db,b] or [d,df,f,uf,u,ub,b]
    [270F] = 3/4 circle forward, same as [u,ub,b,db,d,df,f] or [d,db,b,ub,u,uf,f]
    [FC]   = Rising from crouching position
    7 8 9  There are also some FAQ uses the numbers on a keypad as shown at the
     \|/   left to indicate movement direction.
     /|\   Since the numbering system is more for advanced player and
     not so 
    1 2 3  suitable to be used on this FAQ, I would use the direction abbreviation.
    [f,f]   = Forward dash
    [b,b]   = Backward dash
    [df,df] = Crouch dash forward
    [db,db] = Crouch dash backward
    [f,F]   = Run forward
    Movement Substitution
    [D,f,...] can be substitude by [df,df,f,...] and [db,db,f,...].
    H    = High                             P    = Punch
    M    = Mid                              K    = Kick
    L    = Low                              G    = Guard
    EL   = Elbow                            KN   = Knee
    SH   = Shouder                          SK   = Sidekick
    HD   = Head                             SS   = Summersault / Back-flip Kick
    DH   = Double Hand                      BT   = Back-turned
    DL   = Double Leg                       
    CK   = Circular Kick                    
    BC   = Body-check (Akira only)          
    PFUH = Player down, Face-Up, Head       OFUH = Opponent down, Face-up, Head
    PFDH = Player down, Face-down, Head     OFDH = Opponent down, Face-down, Head
    PFUL = Player down, Face-Up, Leg        OFUL = Opponent down, Face-up, Leg
    PFDL = Player down, Face-Down, Leg      OFDL = Opponent down, Face-down, Leg
    PBKW = Player back near wall            OBKW = Opponent back near wall
    |                                 MoveList                                   |
    Special Notes
    Shun Di has two special abilities a player needs to pay attention at in
    order to use him effectively: -
    1. Drink Point (dp)
       Shun is the master of Drunken Kung-Fu. There are certain moves requires
       him to be drunk to a certain point before it can be executed. These
       moves are indicated with (?dp) at the command column.
       To gain Drink Point, player must execute the "Drink" action, or use moves
       that cause Shun to drink after it's execution, which are indicated by
       +?dp at the damage column.
       "Drink"                        Command                      Drink Point
       -------                        -------                      -----------
       Standing Drink                 P+K+G                        +1dp
       Sitting Drink                  d,P+K,P+K+G                  +3dp
       Lying Drink                    HCF,P+K,P+K+G                +3dp
       The more drink point Shun has, the more damage he can cause with most
       of his moves.
    2. Stance
       Shun Di can go into a few stances, and each of them has their own
       properties and some powerful moves. Player can switch stance by entering
       the specific command, or execute moves that cause Shun to change stance.
       There are 4 stances as listed below, their commands, abbreviations, and 
       translation in english: -
       Stance        Abbr.             Command                     Translation
       ------        -----             -------                     -----------
       Tentouritsu    TE               HCB,P+K                     Handstand
       Zabantetsu     ZA               HCF,P+K                     Lie Down
       Oushin         OU               d,P+K                       Sit Down
       Choukarou      CH               from moves                  One Leg
    Striking Attacks                   Command          Hit        Damage
    ------------                   -------          ---        ------
    Chougeki                           P                H          10
    Rengeki                            P,P              H,H        10,12
    {Double Punch}
    Saishu Renkangeki                  P,P,P            H,H,M      10,12,15
    {Double Punch~Uppercut}
    Rengeki Katai                      (6dp)P,P,d,K     H,H,L      10,12,10
    {Double Punch~Spinning Low Kick}
      ~Down                            [,G]
    Rengeki Koukashutai                (6dp)P,P,d,K,K   H,H,L,H    10,12,10,16
    {Double Punch~Spinning Low Kick~High Kick}
      ~Down                            [,G]
    Chougeki Rigoutai                  P,K              H,H        10,21
      ~Turn                            [b,]                        BT
    Fukuchougeki                       d,P              L          8
    {Low Punch}
    Chouwan Ryouken                    QCF,P            M          24
    {Chouwan Uppercut}
    Chouwan Saishu                     (6dp)QCF,P,P     M,H        24,12(15)
    {Chouwan Uppercut~Backfist}
    Kasen Chungeki                     f,P              H          15
    Kasen Denda                        f,P,K            H,M        15,26
    {Knuckle~Hip Check}
    Kasen Soushou                      f,P,P            H,M        15,10
    {Double Knuckle}
    Kasen Renkan Denda                 f,P,P,K          H,M,M      15,10,26
    {Double Knuckle~Hip Check}
    Kasen Renkan Haishu                f,P,P,P          H,M,H      15,10,10
    {Triple Knuckle}
    Kasenko                            f,P,P,P,K        H,M,H,M    15,10,10,26
    {Triple Knuckle~Hip Check}
    Ousougeki                          b,P              H          21
    {Spinning Backfist}
    Chougeki Haiten                    b,b,P            H          12,BT
    {Back Turn Punch}
    Getsuge Gakushu                    b,f,P            H          8
    Rensai Gakushu                     b,f,P,P          H,H        8,10
    {Double Straight}
    Rengeki Gakushu                    b,f,P,P,P        H,H,H      8,10,14
    {Triple Straight}
    Shinpo Suikoushu                   b,df,P           M          23
    {Lunging Body Blow}
    Gyou'in Haishu                     df,P             M          14
    Gyou'in Senshu                     (8dp)df,P,P      M,H        18,12
    {Uppercut~Thrust Punch}
    Gyou'in Renkan Tankyaku            (8dp)df,P,P,K    M,H        18,12,24,(-1dp)
    {Uppercut~Thrust Punch~Front Kick}
       ~Suisen Touritsu                [,P+K+G]                    TE
    Getsuga Saigeki                    D,df,P           M          25
    {Lunging Punch}
    Haisenchu                          db,P             L          15/20
    {Low Elbow}
    Haisenchu Kaikakyaku               db,P,K           L,L        15/20,15
    {Low Elbow~Sweep}
    Hiten Hougeki                      uf,P             M          30
    {Spinning Knuckle}
    Koushutai                          K                H          25
    {High Kick}
      ~Choukarou                       [Hold K]                    CH
    Renhi Chougeki                     K,K              H,H        25,16
    {Hich Kick~Jumping Back Kick}
      ~Choukarou                       [Hold K]                    CH
    Renshu Kaishu                      K,K,P            H,H,H      25,16,8
    {Hich Kick~Jumping Back Kick~Backfist}
    Renshu Haikashou                   K,K,d,P          H,H,L      25,16,8
    {Hich Kick~Jumping Back Kick~Low Backfist}
    Renshu Haikaryukyaku               K,K,d,P,K        H,H,L,M    29,18,8,14
    {Hich Kick~Jumping Back Kick~Low Backfist~Mule Kick}
    Gyousentai                         d,K              L          10
    {Low Kick}
    Sokutan Senshu                     f,K              M          21,CH
    {Front Kick}
    Chubu Soutenkyaku                  f,f,K            M          21
    {Cartwheel Kick}
    Gyoushin Suitai                    b,K              M          18
    {Retreating Toe Kick}
    Getsuga Chougeki                   b,K,P            M,M        18,22
    {Retreating Toe Kick~Step-in Punch}
    Toushin Soutanshu                  b,K,K            M,L        18,20
    {Retreating Toe Kick~Low Dropkick}
    Asen Kaikyaku                      b,b,K            H          25,BT
    {Back Turn Kick}
    Kouhi Sentai                       D,b,K            M          14
    {Floor Kick}
    Ryubikyaku                         u,K/K+G          M          18
    {Mule Kick}
    Sokutankyaku                       df,K             M          21
    {Side Kick}
    Koushu Katai                       db,K             L          10
    {Spinning Low Kick}
      ~Down                            [,G]
    Koushu Rentai                      db,K,K           L,H        10,15
    {Spinning Low Kick~High Kick}
      ~Down                            [,G]
    Kuhi Soutanshu                     ub,K             M          25,(-1dp)
    {Front Dropkick}
    Senshi                             uf,K             M          25,(-1dp)
    {Flipover Kick)
    Suisenshu                          P+K              M          12
    {Thrust Punch}
    Suisen Renkyaku                    P+K,K            M,M        12,23,(-1dp)
    {Thrust Punch~Front Kick}
      ~Suisen Touritsu                 [,P+K+G]                    TE
    Tenshin Soushushou                 f,P+K            M          25,(+3dp)
    {Double Fist}
    Touku Hitenhou                     (8dp)f,f,P+K     M          30,(-1dp)
    {Spinning Headbutt}
    Tenshin Getsuga Chougeki           (10dp)b,P+K      M          16
    {Slow Turning Backfist}
    Chubushin                          u,P+K            -          TE
    Gekizan Senchu                     df,P+K           M          25
    {Elbow Smash}
      ~Charged                                          M          38
    Sourou Tekisen                     db,P+K           H,M        10,10
    {Evading Strikes}
    Kanshoushi                         db,P+K,P         H,M,M      10,10,10
    {Evading Strikes~Backhand}
    Tanhi Chougeki                     K+G              M          25
    {Hopping Spinning Kick}
      ~Choukarou                       [hold K+G]                  CH
    Ousoushu                           K+G,P            M,M        25,19
    {Hopping Spinning Kick~Push}
    Zensen Soutai                      (1dp)d,K+G       L          10
    {Fast Sweep}
    Renzensen Soutai                   (6dp)d,K+G,K     L,L        10,8
    {Double Fast Sweep}
    Renkan Zensen Soutai               (7dp)d,K+G       L,L,L      10,8,8
    {Triple Fast Sweep}
    Senpu Soutai                       D,df,K+G         L          20
    Toukyaku                           f,K+G            M          20
    {Scorpion Kick}
    Honshin Rensenkyaku                b,K+G            M,M        20,10
    {Retreating Hop Kick}
      ~Choukarou                       [hold K+G]                  CH
    Haitou Rensenkyaku                 db,K+G           H,H        15,8,(-1dp)
    {Falling Double Kick}
    Gyou'inshu                         P+K+G            -          +1dp
    Shasoku Renkyaku                   evade,P+K+G      M,M        15,10
    {Dodging Cartwheel}
    Usuiho/Sasuiho                     d/u,P+K+G
    {Drunken Walk}
      ~Kasen Chugeki                   [,P]             M          14
       {Drunken Elbow}
      ~Kasen Renchugeki                [,P,P]           M,M        14,20,CH
    Koushini                           b,P+K+G
    {Sway Away}
      ~Koushini Futsushu               [,P]             H          15
       {Sway Away Swipe}
    Kousoku Zenhi                      df/uf,P+K+G
    {Forward Evade}
    Kousoku Kouhi                      db/ub,P+K+G
    {Backward Evade}
      ~Kousoku Kouhi Futsushu          [,P]             H          17
       {Backward Evading Swipe}
      ~Kousoku Kouhi Soushu            [,P+K]           H          30
       {Backward Evading Double Palm}
    Special Stance                     Command          Hit        Damage
    --------------                     -------          ---        ------
    Zabantetsu (ZA)                    d,P+K
    {Sit Down}
      ~Chubu Rakusenkyaku              [,K]             M          20
       {Low Flipover Kick}
      ~Saikeikyaku                     [,d,K]           L          24
       {Low Sliding Kick}
      ~Za'inshu                        [P+K+G]                     +3dp
    Tentouritsu (TE)                   HCB,P+K
      ~Toushin Renkyaku                [,K]             M          25,TE
       {Handstand Kick}
      ~Tenshin Suishukou               [,P+K]           M          24
       {Rolling Elbow}
         ~Oushin                         [,G]                      OU
          {Lie Down}
      ~Soushoutai                      [K+G]            M          25
       {Backflip Mule Kick}
      ~Forward                         [,f]
      ~Back                            [,b]
    Oushin (OU)                        HCF,P+K
    {Lie Down}
      ~Nehan Senkyaku                  [,K]             M          17
       {Spinning Kick}
         ~Hehan Shusui                   [,P]           H          13
            ~Gyoushin Toutai               [,K]         M          20,(-1dp)
             {Front Kick}
      ~Nehan Rengekitai                [(10dp),K,P,d,K] M,H,L      18,14,11
       {Spinning Kick~Backfist~Low Spinning Kick}
         ~Down                           [,G]                      (-1dp)
         ~Nehan Rengekikatai             [,K]           H          16
          {Spinning Kick~Backfist~Low Spinning Kick}
            ~Down                          [,G]                    (-1dp)
      ~Nehan Sousoukyaku               [,f,K]           L,L        10,17,OU
       {Rolling Kicks}
      ~Nehan Soukyaku                  [,d,K]           L          13
      ~Oushin Inshu                    [,P+K+G]                    +3dp
    Choukarou (CH)
    {One Leg}
      ~Chousuiho (Forward)             [,f]                        CH
      ~Chousuiho (Backward)            [,b]                        CH
      ~Suiho                           [,d/u]                      CH
       {Drunken Walk}
      ~Ousou Sengeki                   [,P]             H          21
       {Spinning Backfist}
      ~Sokutan Senshu                  [,K]             M          21
       {Front Kick}
      ~Turn                            [,G]                        BT
      ~Zensen Soutai                   [K+G]            L          10
      ~Suisenshu                       [P+K]            M          12
       {Thrust Punch}
      ~Gyoushin Suitai                 [P+K,K]          M,M        12,18
       {Thrust Punch~Evading Front Kick}
      ~Getsuga Chougeki                [P+K,P,K]        M,M,M      12,18,22
       {Thrust Punch~Evading Front Kick~Step-in Punch}
      ~Toushin Soutanshu               [P+K,K,K]        M,M,M      12,18,20,(-1dp)
       {Thrust Punch~Evading Front Kick~Low Dropkick}
      ~Zabantetsu (ZA)                 [,P+K+G]                    ZA
       {Sit Down}
      ~Oshin (OS)                      [,d/u,P+K+G]                OS
       {Lie Down}
      ~Zenten                          [f,P+K+G]
       {Front Roll}
         ~Shinpo Suikoushu               [,P]           M          25
          {Front Roll Punch}
         ~Suisen Rensoutai               [,K]           L          10,15
          {Front Roll Scissor Kick}
    Back-Turned Attack                 Command          Hit        Damage
    ------------------                 -------          ---        ------
    Haihanshou                         P                H          12
    Haika Hanshou                      d,P              L          14
    {Low Punch}
    Suisenshu                          P+K              M          12,BT
    {Back Thrust Kick}
    Sentankyaku                        P+K,P            M,M        12,20
    {Back Thrust Kick~Head Strike}
    Haisentai                          K                H          32
    {High Kick}
    Teitoukyaku                        d,K              L          25
    {Low Sliding Kick}
    Koushi Renkyaku                    K+G              M,M        10,15
    {Hopping Double Back Kick}
    Haisen Koushugeki                  P+K+G            H          8
    {Leaning Punch}
    Haisen Rengekishu                  P+K+G,P          H,H        8,8
    {Double Leaning Punch}
    Haisui Renkoushu                   P+K+G,P,P        H,H,M      8,8,10
    {Triple Leaning Punch}
      ~Koushu Gakusai Shugeki          (10dp)                      38
    Chougeki Haiten                    b,b,P            H          12,BT
    {Back Turn Punch}
    Asen Kaikyaku                      b,b,K            H          25,BT
    {Back Turn Kick}
    Throw                              Command          Hit        Damage
    -----                              -------          ---        ------
    Suiho Tenshinchu                   P+G              H          50,(+4dp)
    Rengeki Tenshin Ousooushu          (3dp)b,f,f,P+G   H          55,(-3dp)
    Toushu Richu                       b,P+G            H          50
    Toushu Richu                       OBKW,b,P+G       H          60,(+5dp)
    Gouhai Senbu                       (10dp)270B,P+G   H          66,(+4dp)
    Tenshin Souko                      df,P+G           H          -
    Tenshin Soukeikyaku                (6dp)b,df,P+G    H          10     
    Tenshin Toushu Richu               side,P+G         H          40
    Kanshouri                          back,P+G         H          50,(+5dp)
    Haitou Richu                       (5dp)BT,P+G      H          40
    Honshin Sousentai                  TE,P+G           H          50
    Suisen Toushu Sougeki              CH,P+G           H          50,OU
    Down Attack                        Command                     Damage
    -----------                        -------                     ------
    Rasen Suichu                       df,P                        12
    Tenchu Rekukyaku                   u,P                         25
    Toushi Hanshousou                  ub,P                        20
    Tenchi Chugeki                     uf,P                        20
    |                                 Training                                   |
                                  | Trial - Series |
    Series 1 - [b,K+G] (press and hold) -> [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH)
    Exercise: Use [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH) to make a surprise attack!
    After your opponent blocks your [b,K+G] (press and hold), use [f,P+K+G,P]
    (from CH) to avoid your opponent's counterattack. Succeed 3 times to complete
    the exercise.
    Series 2 - [QCF,P] -> [b,f,P] -> High throw
    Exercise: Stop counterattacks with the fastest high attack!
    After the opponent blocks your [QCF,P], use [b,f,P] to stop any 
    counterattacks, then quickly follow with a high throw. Succeed 3 times
    to complete the exercise.
    Series 3 - [f,K] -> [P] (from CH) -> [u,K+G]
    Exercise: After your attack from CH has been blocked, use [u,K+G] to avoid
              your opponent's [d,P]!
    After the opponent blocks your [f,K] and [P] (from CH), use [u,K+G] to avoid
    the opponent's [d,P]. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Series 4 - 
    [d,K] -> [db/ub,P+K+G,P]
    Exercise: Use [db/ub,P+K+G,P] to avoid your opponent's counterattack!
    After hitting with [d,K], use [db/ub,P+K+G,P] to avoid your opponent's
    counterattack. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Series 5 - [df,P] -> [db,K,K]
    Exercise: Whenyou have the advantage, use a fast low attack!
    Your [df,P] will hit for a counter hit. Follow it with [db,K,K] to interrupt
    the opponent's [d,P]. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Series 6 - [d,P] -> [D,df,P]
    Exercise: Follow [D,df,P] with the correct response for the situation!
    After following [d,P] with [D,df,P], if you get a counter hit, follow with a
    combo. If the opponent guards, use [P+G] throw escape to defend yourself.
    Succeed 5 times in a row to complete the exercise.
                                  | Trial - Combos |
    Combo 1 - [D,df,P] -> [d,P] -> [db,P,K]
    Exercise: Make a combo with [D,df,P] -> [d,P] -> [db,P,K]!
    Your [D,df,P] will hit for a counter hit, and the opponent will go into a
    gut collapse. Follow with [d,P] to float the opponent, then use [db,P,K]
    to finish the combo. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Combo 2 - [HCF,P] -> [f,P,K]
    Exercise: Make a combo with [HCF,P] -> [f,P,K]!
    After floating your opponent with [HCF,P], use [f,P,K] to make a combo.
    Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Combo 3 - [HCF,P] -> [K,K,d,P]
    Exercise: Use [HCF,P] -> [K,K,d,P] to make a combo!
    After floating the opponent with [HCF,P], use [K,K,d,P] to make a combo.
    Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Combo 4 - [HCF,P] -> [F,P] -> [(6dp)HCF,P,P]
    Exercise: Use [HCF,P] -> [F,P] -> [(6dp)HCF,P,P] to make a combo!
    You will start with 6 drinks. After floating the opponent with [HCF,P], use
    [F,P] followed by [(6dp)HCF,P,P] to make a combo. Succeed 3 times to complete
    the exercise.
    Combo 5 - [u,K+G] -> [(8dp)df,P,P,K]
    Exercise: Make a combo with [u,K+G] -> [(8dp)df,P,P,K]!
    You will start with 8 drinks. After floating the opponent with [u,K+G], use
    [(8dp)df,P,P,K] to make a combo. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Combo 6 - [u,K+G] -> [f,P,P,K]
    Exercise: Make a combo with [u,K+G] -> [f,P,P,K]!
    After the opponent floats with [u,K+G], finish the combo with [f,P,P,K].
    Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Combo 7 - [f,K] -> [P+K,K] (from CH)
    Exercise: Make a combo with [f,K] -> [P+K,K] (from CH)!
    [f,K] will hit for a counter hit. Hit the floating opponent with [P+K,K]
    (from CH) to make a combo. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Combo 8 - [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH) -> [K,K,d,P]
    Exercise: Make the [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH) -> [K,K,d,P] combo!
    After floating the opponent with [f,P+K+G,P] (from CH), use [K,K,d,P] to
    make a combo. Succeed 3 times to complete the exercise.
    Reward for completing the exercises
    Red Dragon Bottle
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