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    Zhang Liao by Lord Deng Ai

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Zhang Liao Guide
    Dynasty Warriors 4
    By: Lord Deng Ai
    Email: ATL@most-wanted.com
    Version: 1.2
    Started: April 1, 2003
    1.1: April 10, Cleared the weird marks on the guide, fixed a couple of words 
    and added the running attack for Zhang Liao
    1.2: April 17, Corrected some of the sentences in the lvl 10 weapon section
    Table of Contents
    1)	Intro and Copyrights
    2)	History about Zhang Liao
    3)	Why use Zhang Liao
    4)	Unlocking
    5)	Zhang Liao's moves
    6)	Unlocking Zhang Liao's level 10 weapon (Gold Wyvern)
    7)	Zhang Liao's models
    8)	My strategies using Zhang Liao
    9)	Suggested items for Zhang Liao
    10)	FAQ's
    11)	Credits
    12)	Contact
    Introduction and Copyrights
    	This guide is the very first guide I made on GameFAQs, all the contents
    are based on my own experiences (Copyright 2003).  This may be not be 
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance 
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.written 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any, and 
    public display is strictly prohibited a violation of copyright.
    History about Zhang Liao
    	Zhang Liao, stylename Wenyuan, lived between the period of 169 BC and
    224 BC.  He first fought along with Lu Bu in many battles, and he was a very 
    loyal warrior.  After Lu Bu and him was captured by Cao Cao, Lu Bu begged for
    his life and was willing to serve Cao Cao, but Zhang Liao suggest Lu Bu to die
    like a warrior and he refused to serve Cao Cao.  Cao Cao was going to kill
    both Lu Bu and Zhang Liao, but Guan Yu stepped up for Zhang Liao and persuaded
    Zhang Liao to serve Cao Cao.  During the earlier times serving Cao Cao, Zhang
    Liao was the one who talked Guan Yu into surrounding to Cao Cao, and persuaded
    Guan Yu to let Cao Cao go in the battle of Chi Bi.  In the battle of Hei Fei,
    along with the help of Cao Hong and Yu Jin, he sent about ten thousand Wu
    soldiers fleeing with only 800 soldiers.  After the battle he was so feared
    in Wu that children stop crying when his storied were told.  Zhang Liao was a
    very loyal warrior with stong sense of honor.
    Why use Zhang Liao
    	Zhang Liao is a very good crowd clearer.  He has many moves that can 
    send many enemies surrounding you flying across the screen.  He's also a 
    decent one-on-one fighter.  Zhang Liao also have good speed, so if you¡¯re 
    looking for a good above average officer to play, Zhang Liao is the guy you 
    should choose.
    Unlocking Zhang Liao
    	To unlock Zhang Liao all you have to do is complete the battle of Xia 
    Pi in Wei's Musou, Chapter three.
    Zhang Liao's moves
    Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button
    Basic S moves:
    S - A left to right side swipe
    SS - Swipe from right to left, back turned
    SSS - Punch the enemy behind him with the bottom of his weapon
    SSSS - Left to right swipe
    SSSSS - A large range covering swipe from right to left
    SSSSSS - A huge range covering swipe from high left to low right
    Running S move:
    S (while running): A big left to right side swipe
    Charged moves (with T):
    T - A quick dash while spinning the weapon, if T is pressed again he swipe
    the weapon from right to left.  It is a very good move if you're trying to
    get out of a crowd of enemies.
    ST - A bottom to top swipe that sends enemy flying in the air.  It is good
    move if you're planning to do more combos on the enemy.
    SST(TTTTTT) - A continuous side to side swipes that hit enemies seven times.
    It is one of the best moves Zhang Liao has.  It is very easy and quick to pull
    off and can do decent damage to the enemy if all hits are connected.
    SSST - A 360 degree all-around swipe that clears all the enemies around Zhang
    Liao.  If you're surrounded and are looking for some fresh air, this is the 
    move to use.
    SSSST(T) - A large bottom to top swipe that sends the enemy flying high in
    the air.  This move gives you chance to combo the enemy more.  If another T
    is pressed, Zhang Liao will jump up and knock the enemy back down.
    SSSSST - A power wave surrounds Zhang Liao and send all the enemies around
    Zhang Liao flying across your TV.  This move looks very cool and does decent
    damage, but the enemy could easily block it.  It takes Zhang Liao too long to
    pull off this move, giving time for enemies to attack him from the side or 
    Musou moves:
    C - A continuous diagonal left-right attacks ending with one huge side swipe
    that sends enemies flying.  This musou attack is about average compared to the
    other musou attacks, but it's good if used against a crowd
    C (True Musou) - It begins the same with the regular musou move except the
    enemies that are hit catches on fire.  It ends with three huge sideswipes that
    do extra damages to the enemies.
    Jump moves:
    S - A horizontal swipe that can both clear crowds and knock enemies off their
    T - A good crowd-clearing move that knocks down the enemies around Zhang
    Liao.  It's a good move if it's connected, but it can be broken by the jump
    attacks from the enemies around Zhang Liao.
    On horse moves:
    S attacks - Regular left-right swipes
    T attacks - A charged up left-right swipe that does more damage than the S
    attacks, but nothing special
    C attack - The mosou attack on horse is nothing more than the S attacks except
    that it does more damage and looks cooler
    Unlocking Zhang Liao's level 10 weapon (Gold Wyvern)
    	First you must have Zhang Liao's level 9 weapon before getting his 
    level 10 weapon, and his level 10 weapon must be obtained in Musou mode (Lu 
    	The requirements: Play battle of Si Sui gate and defeat Cao Cao, Liu 
    Bei, and Sun Jian in any order you like.  Then Play battle of Hu Lao gate, 
    don't defeat any enemy officers until enemy sets Lu Yang on fire cut scene, 
    after the cut scene defeat Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Jian in any order you 
    like again and you should get the weapon.  (Must be played on hard)
    My suggestions for getting the weapon
    	When the battle of Si Sui Gate starts, charge right toward Cao Cao, 
    Liu Bei, and Sun Jian and defeated them. Ignore everyone else and complete 
    the stage.  Then at the battle of Hu Lao gate, start off by charging right 
    out of the Hu Lao gate.  Ignore Guan Yu, Xiahou Dun and Huang Gai.  After you
    charge out of the gate you should get the cut scene where enemies set Lu Yang
    on fire.  Then just defeat Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Jian.  After you defeat
    the last required officer you should get the message telling you that Zhang
    Liao obtained his level 10 weapon.  All you have to do now is defeat Yuan Shao
    and complete the stage.
    Zhang Liao's models
    Model 1 (get this initially): A gray armor, with some dark, purple-red 
    colored cloth covered in some places.  Also has a purple-red cape and white 
    fur on the hat.
    Model 2 (get rank 12): A blue armor, with blue cloth covered in some places.
    Also has a blue cape with purple fur on the hat.
    Model 3 (get rank 7): Same custom and color as custom 1.  Has no cape and a
    different hat with no fur.
    Model 4 (get rank 7): Same custom and color as custom 2.  Has no cape and a
    different hat with no fur.
    Model 5 (get rank MAX): Zhang Liao's custom from DW3.  Mostly blue and some
    part white cloth.  Has a pirate hat on with no fur on it.
    Model 6 (get rank MAX): Zhang Liao's alternate custom from DW3 XL.  Mostly
    black and white cloth, and some part covered with gold color.  Also has a 
    pirate hat on.
    My strategies using Zhang Liao
    Against normal crowds of soldiers:
    	When I'm facing a group of normal soldiers I usually use Zhang Liao's
    SST(TTTTTT), SSST, and sometimes SSSSST.  The SST(TTTTTT) is good for 
    everything, it can do enough damages to kill the soldiers and hit multiples of
    them sometimes.  I use the SSST when I'm surrounded by the enemy soldiers, it
    can do a lot of damage and clears out all the enemies.  An other advantage of
    SSST is that it can be pulled off really quickly, so the enemies don't have
    enough time to interrupt your attack.  I rarely use the SSSSST attack.  It
    looks cool and does great damage to your enemies, but it takes too long for
    the last hit to come off, giving your enemies to interrupt the attack and guard
    against the attack.  I suggest you not to use it unless you¡¯re sure you can
    connect the hit on the enemies.
    Against officers along with soldiers:
    	When I'm facing an officer or officers along with their bodyguards I
    usually use T(T), SST(TTTTTT), and SSSST(T).  I first use the T(T) to knock the
    officer or officers to the ground, then I use normal attacks of S or
    SST(TTTTTT) to finish their bodyguards.  After all the bodyguards are dead,
    I use the SSSST along with SST(TTTTTT) to combo the officer or officers until
    they¡¯re dead.
    When dueling:
    	When the duel first start, I use the T(T) slightly to the right of the
    officer I'm facing.  If you do it correctly the officer should block the first
    T, but the other T will hit them on their back and knock them to the ground.
    Then I go to the block mode and block all the attacks the officer is pulling
    off.  After the last hit I block I use the SST(TTTTTT), I usually use a 
    lightning with me so when the last T connect there should be a lighting and
    strike the enemy officers.  The officer will then swirl around before he falls
    to the ground, so I take the advantage of that and use the SSSSST(T) or musou
    before he actually falls.  If the officer don't die by then, I just go into
    block mode again and repeat the process until the officer dies.
    Suggested items for Zhang Liao
    	In DW4, you have a wide range of items you can choose from, different 
    horses, orbs, and items.  Here want I usually use when I'm playing Zhang Liao.
    Zhang Liao (5 item slots)
    Shadow, Red Hare.  (I like to use the Shadow so I can't get knocked off, but 
    when I'm rushing through a stage, I take the Red Hare)
    Lightning Orb, Slash Orb, or Fire Orb.  (I like to use the Lightning because 
    when enemies are struck it gives you more time to combo them again)
    -Peacock Urn
    -Tortoise Shell
    -Tiger Amulet
    -Elixer or Way of Musou
    -Wind Scroll
    	Peacock Urn, Tortoise Shell, and Tiger Amulet will make Zhang Liao
    stronger, tougher, and harder to kill.  For the Elixer and Way of Musou it's
    really up to you which one you want to use.  If you like to pull of musou quick
    then use the Elixer, or if you prefer a cooler looking and stronger musou then
    use Way of Musou.  I like to use Wind Scroll because Zhang Liao can clear out
    more enemies than he already does, making him more useful.
    	When I get questions about Zhang Liao, I will post them in this section
    along with my answers.
    	I created this guide all by myself, but still, I have a couple of 
    people to give out thanks to.
    Thanks to:
    SOLIDSNKE - For reviewing this guide, correcting the facts, spelling, and
    Special Thanks to:
    Muni Shinobu - For his Level 10 weapon unlocking guide, and the Character
    unlocking guide.
    All the people who created a character guide - You guys give me the basic idea
    on how a Character guide should be done.
    CJayC - For creating this great site.
    Koei - For creating this great game.
    That's about all.
    Email: ATL@most-wanted.com
    MSN messager: Lord_Deng_Ai@hotmail.com
    	If you have any question or feed back, please feel free to mail me or
    IM me.  I'm about to start on another guide on Xiahou Dun, if you're already
    creating a guide on any Wei characters please tell me because I don't want to
    do a guide on the same person you're doing.  Thanks.

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