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    Sun Jian by septmyou

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    Dynasty Warriors 4
    Character Guide for Sun Jian
    By septmyou
    Email me at: septmyou@hotmail.com
    Okay, First Things First:
    Legal Stuff
    This document was written by me (obviously) and anyone can
    use this guide as long as they have my permission.
    Version Info
    Version 1.0: First Version. Guide started and completed.
    Version 1.1: Updated the 10th Weapon and FAQ sections.
                 Added Contact Info.
    Version 1.2: Updated the Orbs section in (5.)Strategies. <-- BIG!
                 Updated the FAQs section.
                 Added how to get to "The Imperial Seal" stage in (4.)
                 Added the ranks when you earn the costumes in (3.)
    Table of Contents:
    -Legal Stuff
    -Version Info
    (1.)Who Was Sun Jian?
    (2.)Sun Jian's Move List
    (3.)Sun Jian's Costumes
    (4.)Sun Jian's Level 10 Weapon
    (5.)Strategies for Sun Jian
    (7.)Frequently Asked Questions
    -Contact Info
    1. Who Was Sun Jian?
    This HUGE pile of info about Sun Jian can be found in:
    Kongming's Archives, www.kongming.net
    Place of Birth: Fuchun County, Wu Prefecture (Presently Fuyang,
    Zhejiang Province)
    Lifespan: AD 155 - 192 (37 years) 
    Titles: Grand Administrator of Chang Sha, Marquis of Wucheng,
    Martially Glorious Emperor
    Family: Lady Wu (wife), Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang,
    Sun Lang (sons), Sun Shang Xiang (daughter), Two daughters (one
    married to Pan Mi, another married to Hong Zi) Sun Qiang (twin
    brother) Sun Jing (brother), Younger Sister (married to Xu Zhen)
    Da Qiao, Lady Wang of Langya, Lady Wang of Nanyang, Lady Xu, Lady
    Xie, Lady Pan, Lady Bu, Lady Yuan (daughters-in-law) Yuan Shu
    Sun Jian (Style Name Wentai) came from a poor family in the south
    and was presumably the son of a merchant. When his mother was pregnant,
    she dreamed that her intestines came out of her and wound up at the
    Chang Gate of Wu. She was frightened because she did not know whether
    it was a good sign or not. When Jian was born, he was a boy of no
    ordinary appearance; he was generous, intelligent and fond of unusual
    behavior. When Sun Jian was a young man, he was appointed as junior civil
    officer in the county administration. When Sun Jian was seventeen, he
    accompanied his father on a trip to Qiantang, where a local pirate Hu Yu
    had taken control of the waterway. Sun Jian grabbed his sword and climbed
    up the bank towards the pirates. When he came in sight of the pirates,
    Wentai pretended to give orders to troops for deployment. This scared the
    pirates and they scattered, Sun Jian pursued and cut off one man's head as
    evidence of his victory. Around this time (AD 171), a rebellion broke out
    in Kuai Ji lead by Xu Chang; a man who was said to have supernatural powers.
    Sun Jian raised troops in Wu county and was appointed as Major. During the
    battles, Sun Jian attracted the attention of the Imperial Protector of
    Yang, Zhang Min, who recommended Sun Jian to the court. Wentai was then
    appointed Assistant of Yandu County in Guangling Province (presently
    Yancheng in Jiangsu Province). At this point in his life, Sun Jian was
    nineteen years old and married to the Lady Wu. The Lady's family was
    originally from Wu County but migrated to Qiantang. Wentai was captivated
    by the Lady's beauty and character and asked to marry her. The Wu family
    was reluctant, but Lady Wu was able to smooth things over and convinced them
    that it was her risk to take. Sun Jian continued to serve as Assistant in
    three different counties, first in Yan Du, then at Xu Yi and later at Xia
    Pi. Sun Jian remained in Xu Province to serve as Imperial officer. Wherever
    Sun Jian went, he gained a good reputation and the people loved him. Many
    of his old friends and young adventurers came to visit him, and Wentai
    treated them as family.  Ten years later (AD 184), Zhang Jiao of Julu county
    began a large scale uprising against the Imperial Han Court, known as the
    Yellow Turban rebellion. Among the people sent out to fight the rebellion
    was Zhu Jun, a man from Kuai Ji. Zhu Jun recommended Sun Jian's appointment
    as Associate Major. Sun Jian once again raised troops in his region and
    marched out to join Zhu Jun's army with a thousand soldiers under his
    command. Sun Jian followed Zhu Jun in all his battles and it was said that
    wherever he went, Wentai was always successful in his battles. Together with
    Zhu Jun, Sun Jian defeated the Yellow Turbans at Wan castle; which was the
    rebels' last stronghold north ofthe Yangtze. At the end of the year, Sun
    Jian was memorialized several times to the crown as promoted to major With
    Separate Command. Through the recommendation of Zhu Jun, Sun Jian then
    served Huangfu Song and later Zhang Wen as assistant. Though the Yellow
    Turbans had been defeated, a new uprising occurred in Liang Province,
    where Qiang tribes' people and non-Chinese auxiliary forces rebelled
    against the crown and headed towards the ancient capital of Chang An.
    Together with Dong Zhuo; Sun Jian fought a hard battle against the
    northerners but were eventually very successfull. Upon his return to
    the capital, Wentai was promoted to Gentleman Consultant. In the year
    AD 187, Sun Jian was sent south to serve as Grand Administrator of Chang
    Sha. Though prosperous, the region of Chang Sha was plagued by rebels and
    caitiffs. Sun Jian took command of the Prefecture, with his base in Linxiang,
    and successfully eradicated the rebels Ou Xing, Zhou Chao, Guo Shi and Guan
    Gu. Though Sun Jian was responsible for the military safety of Chang Sha, he
    had no business in defeating rebels in other prefectures. Wentai did not
    care much for these formalities and ensured the safety of all surrounding
    prefectures. The court approved of his attitude and granted him the title
    of Marquis of Wucheng. Sun Jian remained as administrator for two more years
    and his success against the rebels justifies his position. Wentai was a
    valued supporter of the court and when civil war tore up the country in AD
    189, he prepared an army to aid the Emperor in the north. Along his way to
    the north, Sun Jian killed Wang Rui the Inspector of Jing, and Zhang Zi the 
    rand Administrator of Nanyang. Sun Jian joined Yuan Shu's forces in Luyang
    and was appointed as Gentleman of the Household and recommended as Acting
    General Who Smashes the Caitiffs and Inspector of Yu Province. Sun Jian
    relinquished his title as Grand Administrator and accepted the authority
    of Yuan Shu. Sun Jian volunteered to take the vanguard in the attack
    against Dong Zhuo as Yuan Shu's Chief Lieutenant. Sun Jian's success was
    enormous and even though he got no real support from the other lords, he
    was able to drive back Dong Zhuo's attacks. But when Sun Jian wanted to
    advance further on Luo Yang, Yuan Shu cut off supplies when one of his
    officers hinted that Wentai might rebel if he takes the Capital.
    Sun Jian rushed back to Yuan Shu's base at Luyang to reassure him. Dong Zhuo
    became desperate and sent men to bribe Sun Jian with promises of promotion.
    Sun Jian wanted nothing to do with Dong Zhuo and said, "Dong Zhuo has turned
    against the heavens and defies all law. He has destroyed the Imperial
    House and overturned its power. I shall not be able to rest until I have
    killed you and all your families, as a sign to the world. How can I make
    peace and alliance with you?" Sun Jian pressed his advance and fought Dong
    Zhuo personally at Dagu Pass among the graves of the former Han Emperors.
    Dong Zhuo's army was beaten and retreated to Mianchi. After one final
    skirmish with Lu Bu, Sun Jian¡¯s forces were able to march into the capital.
    Among the ruins of the city, Sun Jian found the Imperial Jade Seal, the
    token of Han Legitimacy and a national heirloom. Abandoning the desolate
    capital site, Sun Jian went back to Yuan Shu in Luyang. Sun Jian continued
    to fight under Yuan Shu and was sent to attack Zhou Yu in Yangcheng together
    with Gongsun Yue. Relations between Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao broke down
    and Shao made a strategic alliance with Liu Biao in the south. To deal
    with this new threat, Yuan Shu again appointed his most successful
    commander to lead the attack. Sun Jian routed Huang Zu in Xiang Yang and
    sent his forces back over the Han River. However, Sun Jian was the victim
    of a surprise attack when leading a small contingent into the wilderness
    and was killed in battle. Wentai's body was taken in possession by the
    enemy, but was brought back to Sun Jian¡¯s relatives by Huan Ji; a
    follower of Sun Jian during the latter¡¯s time in Chang Sha. Sun Ben and
    Sun Jing gathered Sun Jian¡¯s forces and went back to Yuan Shu. Sun Jian
    was buried at Qua in Danyang Commandery; the grave was called "Gaoling"
    or "The High Mound" .
    Sun Jian, a brilliant military strategist and leader of his successful
    family, earned the respect of many by his continued excellence in the
    field of battle. His second son Quan eventually became an Emperor in
    AD 229, and Jian was memorialized as Martially Great Emperor.
    2. Sun Jian's Move List
    Key: S = Square
         T = Triangle
    T: Two 360 degree spins. The charge time is fairly long. Not very
    effective when you get to the harder stages (see Strategies section)
    ST: A slash followed by a jumping slash. This is Sun Jian's first
    launcher combo, but once you have the level 4 weapon, replace this with
    SST(T): Sun Jian's Charge Rush. Two slashes followed by many diagonal
    slashes, and finishes with a stunning blow. Very effective, this is one
    of my very favorite moves. Spam like a food-crazed maniac (Meng Huo)
    when facing officers or big crowds. Both ways, super effective.
    SSST: Sun Jian does three slashes, turns 180 degrees, and thrusts his
    sword backwards into the enemy. I personally don't like this one because
    it only hits the front (or so it seems)
    SSSST(T): Sun Jian does 4 slashes, then slices his sword vertically up
    into the air, launching up a single enemy. Press T again to launch that
    sucker back down to the ground, causing a small earthquake. This is
    very effective, but the extra T gives them as much damage as a jump charge
    (which just plain sucks). I'd just juggle him.
    SSSSST: Sun Jian slashes 5 times, then launches a wave of energy
    directly in front of him. This is a character-unique move, and if you
    ask me, it looks sweet. Packs quite a punch against officers.
    Musou: Numerous slashes to the front. This is very easy to control,
    and you can get more than 10 hits if you control it just right. And
    for the final blow, he dashes forward with his sword held sideways (kinda
    like Zhou Tai's Musou except he doesn't turn), sending enemies far back
    into the depth of the screen. Spam this whenever the chance comes.
    True Musou Quote: "My sword will prevail!" Again, the same thing except
    element is added.
    3. Sun Jian's Costumes
    Costume 1 (Default): Sun Jian has a horned helmet, and has on a
    gold chestplate and sash.
    Costume 2 (Earned at Rank 11): Same as 1, but the main color is
    now silver instead of gold.
    Costume 3 (Earned at Rank 7): The horn on his helmet is taken away,
    and his sash becomes longer. His sash now also has a butterfly design
    on its back.
    Costume 4 (Earned at Rank 7): Same deal as 3, except the colors are
    like Costume 2.
    Costume 5 (Earned at Rank MAX): Get that OldSkool feeling back with
    this Dynasty Warriors 3 original Costume.
    Costume 6 (Earned at Rank MAX): The OldSkool feeling silver replacement.
    Is silver better than gold? I leave that decision to you.
    4. Sun Jian's Level 10 Weapon
    Name: Savage Tiger
    Power: +54
    Stage: The Imperial Seal
    HOW TO GET TO THIS STAGE: In Chapter 2 of Wu's Musou Mode, select
    "Hu Lao Gate" first.
    Requirements: Defeat Li Jue, Zhang Liao, Diao Chan, and Lu Bu before
    completing the stage.
    Thanks Muni, I wouldn't even have earned the Savage Tiger without
    your help.
    Remember to be on Hard mode and have your level 9 "Lone Tiger" to
    earn this weapon. I suggest that you have your Sun Jian close to
    being maxed out before you attempt to get the Savage Tiger.
    After you get the "Sun Jian has earned.." message go find the 99
    boxes and find the seal to end the stage. Or you could just wait
    about 25 minutes until your allies find a valuable item in the
    northwest section of Luo Yang, which is the Imperial Seal.
    **** Need help with finding all the boxes? Well, clementchong has
    made a map of the stage, with the locations of the boxes marked.
    He must have put a lot of effort into this stuff. Print a copy out
    if you feel like clearing this stage the fast way.
    5. Strategies for Sun Jian
    Moves to Avoid:
    First of all, the obvious one: Don't use ST if you have a much
    better launcher (SSSST). I don't think anybody is gonna make
    this mistake, but just a gentle reminder.
    And for the starters out there: don't even try the T against
    officers in hard mode. You will die before you're even done charging
    for the attack. It is possible it might work in easy mode but nowhere
    else. You would get knocked out of the charge by Sergeants in Hard Mode.
    Fighting Strategies
    Against normal troops: Stick with SST, SSSST, and SSSSST for
    crowd clearing. When your Musou bar is full, don't hesitate
    to use your Musou attack, as it is extremely effective for crowd
    Against officers: If you are facing a very strong officer,
    try to get most of his troops dead before taking on the
    officer. Again, I find SST very effective against officers,
    and if you ever have the opportunity, go for the SSSSST.
    Duels: Be cautious in approaching. The enemy officer will
    almost always guard, so you should too. Use the L1 button
    to your advantage. Parry and send him/her flying. Run at
    them and hit them right before they get back up. Abuse SST
    Item Combinations
    Saddle: Depends on what you're trying to do. Looking for items?
    Hex Mark. Need for Speed? Red Hare. Need weapon exp and a minor
    taste of invincibility? Shadow Runner. Depends.
    Orbs: You have 6 choices.
    1. Fire - Sets your enemies on fire. Enemies take burn damage
    while they are on fire. Nuff said, I rate it ****/*****.     
    2. Lightning - Delivers an extra blow with a lightning bolt.
    Enemies around the bolt are hit with more bolts also. Great,
    just one problem: if you kill enemies with the lightning itself,
    the lightning gets the kill, not you. Really annoying when you're
    finishing off an enemy officer and you accidentally hit him with
    lightning. But with that aside, this is simply excellent for
    Crowd Clearing. ***/***** because of the kill taking, though. 
    3. Vorpal - Kills enemy soldiers instantly at a certain probability.
    When this is applied to an enemy officer, it takes 20% of their
    HP. Superb, although the instant kill doesnt take effect most of
    the time. But when it does, you're looking at 500 kills every 10
    minutes. ****/***** because it's very dependant on luck.
    4. Ice - Freezes enemies (soldiers and officers alike) at a certain
    probability. When they are frozen, you can give them a solid 20 combo
    beating. Excellent, but I wouldn't recommend this for Sun Jian.
    ****/***** when used by Jian.
    5. Blast - Delivers extra damage, and even delivers damage to those
    that are guarding. Sounds really cool, useless crap when you actually
    try it out. For some reason this is the only level 4 Orb I have, but
    it's also the only one i have never touched. Why does it suck, you
    ask? Maybe it's because the "damage" it deals to the enemies that are
    guarding is less than a millimetre's worth. Flush it down the toilet
    or do whatever the h*!@ you want to do with it, but don't use it.
    6. Poison - Poisons enemies. When they are poisoned, they take
    extra damage from your attacks. Yeah, just like the previous orb,
    it sounds cool but sucks when you use it. The poison lasts less
    than a second, and you don't actually do more damage to them even
    if you hit them during poisoned state. This one sucks even more
    than Blast. Be proud, Poison Orb, for your score is ZERO!!!
    So, in conclusion, I would say Lightning is the best for Sun Jian.
    Yeah, I know, it got a lower score than Fire, Vorpal or Ice, but
    since Sun Jian is a great crowd clearer, just go with it. But if
    you insist on using another orb, I recommend Fire or Ice. Freeze
    people and hit them with a solid SSTTTTTT. 
    Items: 1. Tiger Amulet
           2. Tortoise Amulet
           3. Peacock Urn
           4. Dragon Amulet - Remember, Sun Jian is very balanced,
    so a good Lvl. 15-20 of these four items will still keep him
    balanced but very improved. So what about the last slot?
    Meh, pick an item yourself.
    6. Credits
    Thanks to:
    Muni Shinobu, for his awesome Level 10 Weapons FAQ. And
    everything else he made about DW.
    Koei and Omega Force, for making this game about some chinese dudes
    kicking the crap out of each other. Awesome game.
    Kongming.net, for having such a great library of documents about
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms. You can find some parts of the
    actual book on this site. I hope that's legal.
    You, for reading this FAQ.
    Gamefaqs, for posting my Character FAQ.
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Why did you make a Sun Jian FAQ?
    A: One, he looks cool (I think so)
       Two, it wasn't there yet (shame on you all!!!)
       And Three, I figured I knew enough about him to make a FAQ.
    Q: I can't get the 10th weapon for Sun Jian!
    A: Make sure you're on hard mode, you have his 9th weapon,
    and that you have killed the generals yourself. Also, try killing
    all the generals on the field, then breaking the boxes.
    Oh yeah, and I have gotten many questions about the weapon not
    appearing after killing the designated officers. If this happens,
    kill ALL the officers on the field.
    Q: How do I get to the stage for Sun Jian's Lvl. 10 Weapon?
    A: To get to "The Imperial Seal", simply choose "Hu Lao Gate" first
    in Act 2 of Wu's Musou Mode. For the people that sent me numerous
    E-mails about this, I am sorry, I figured everyone was smarter than
    me and wouldn't need a strategy guide to help me get to this stage.
    So now it's updated in the "Lvl. 10 Weapon" section.
    Q: How do I get the costumes for Sun Jian?
    A: Increase your rank by gaining officer points.
    Q: How do I get <insert rare item/saddle>?
    A: Consult Muni Shinobu's Items FAQ. It will walk you through
    every single step of earning <insert rare item/saddle>.
    Contact Info
    If I am missing something important about Sun Jian plese email
    me at: septmyou@hotmail.com. Questions are fine, too, because
    they point out that I should add that into my FAQ.
    Also, give a name like "Dynasty Warriors 4" or "GameFAQs" or
    something like that, or else I will think it is spam and erase
    it. I will try to reply as soon as humanly possible.
    Copyright 2003 Chris Yun
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site
    or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright. You heard that? Screw off, net pirates.

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