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All in all a great game.03/27/03acidfreeze30
Another Dynasty Warriors...another hit.03/29/03Akumu X
Might not be the most innovative game, but it sure does kill a lot of time, and isn't that what video games are supposed to do?12/17/07BBallman7
Perfect....well maybe not but this game came very close03/31/03BlackNova
Actually, a very good PS2 game that deserves to be in ever PS2 owner's home.03/30/03dragondance
It doesn't get much better than this!!03/29/03Ezekial Rage
Another great installment to the Dynasty Warriors Series.03/29/03Flamin Homer
Minor Improvements to an Excellent Existing Game03/27/03Hayabuusa
A brilliant masterpiece that will leave you hooked for months03/28/03ilovesunshangxiang
People expected perfection, but this game came very close.03/15/03IMAP
Greatest.Game.Ever.03/28/03InitiaI D
Keeping the legacy alive03/26/03joeymegs
The Warring states return...03/28/03LuBuFengXian
The Dynasty of Games Continues Greatly04/04/03MasterMo
Strength. Courage. Desire. Prepare for the Ultimate Battle!03/29/03PsychoTonberry
Ancient China just got a little more violent04/04/03Relle
The best Dynasty Warriors game yet!03/26/03riotblade
A good improvement04/04/03RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
So good, even my brothers love it...03/27/03Shadow Geist
A Game With No Equal04/04/03Solid Snake 780
A great game that never gets boring06/29/03THFC4LIFE
Best GAME EVERRRR.......03/30/03Violation
Amazingly incredible game, much better then DW303/30/03Wikid_Numb
A more story-based take on Dynasty Warriors03/29/03z129000

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