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    Gitadora:  Guitar Freaks 4th/Drummania 3rd
    Platform:  Playstation 2 (JP)
    Release Date:  9/20/2001
    Guide By:  Adam Foster
    Email me:  bzrro20@yahoo.com
    Current Version:  Version - 0.90
    Last Update:  December 6, 2007
    Table of Contents
    1.  Update History
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Controls
    4.  Gameplay
    5.  Scoring
    6.  Song List
    7.  Legal
    1.  Update History
    v0.01:  12/6/07 - The start of the guide
    v0.90:  12/7/07 - The end of the guide and update to authorized websites
    2.  Introduction
    Hi, and welcome to the Gitadora FAQ!  This is my first FAQ ever.  Hopefully
    it won't be too bad.  I tried to include all the songs for the song list 
    along with their difficulty ratings for the game.
    I also included the requirements to get to the encore songs.  I, myself,
    have never unlocked Day Dream on any difficulty, and I have never got 
    Classic Party 2 on any difficulty.  This is why I do not have the
    difficulty ratings for the songs.  Truth be told...I have barely touched
    Guitar Freaks 4th, but I have played the heck out of Drummania 3rd.
    For the guide...I did not include the extra difficulty settings for Session
    Mode.  I might include them later.
    Well...on to the guide.
    3.  Controls
    Guitar Freaks
    For the Guitar Freaks 4th side you can of course use the official Konami
    Guitar Freaks Controller or the official Konami Arcade Style Guitar Freaks
    controller.  One could also use the Guitar Hero controller, but it provides
    nothing but frustration for me, so I only use the official controllers.
    Other 3rd party controllers can be used, but they are, of course, not
    guaranteed to work.
    One could also use the Dualshock controller, but it doesn't feel very
    natural, and is still harder than using the Guitar Freaks controllers.
    Feel free to experiment, but my personal recommendation is just to use the
    official controllers for the least amount of frustration.
    On the Drummania 3rd side one can use the official Konami drum controller.
    One can also use a dualshock controller.  The third route is to go with the
    USB MIDI drum kit.  For the drums, unless using the dual shock, one should
    probably get drumsticks.
    The Konami drum controller isn't the best but it will get you through the
    game.  It being from Konami, you can jump right into the game with this
    The dual shock controller isn't the best either, mainly because of drum
    rolls.  You should also go into the options menu to find out which control
    method suits you best, there are only 3.
    The USB MIDI Drum Kit is probably the best way to go, but also the most
    expensive.  I've read the game will support most USB MIDI drum kits, but I
    don't know which ones.  One for sure that will work will be one from
    Yamaha's DTX line (any of the dtx kits will work, plus it's what is being
    advertised for the game).  You will also need a USB-to-MIDI adaptor to hook
    the kit up to the system.  Make sure you have that as well.  Also make sure
    in the options you have chosen to use the Yamaha DTX as a controller.
    4.  Gameplay
    Since this is a rhythm game the goal of the game is to accurately hit notes
    that correspond to the notes in the song, so that the song is played well.
    The grade received at the end of each song played will reflect on how
    accurately each note was played in the song.
    For the guitar part, make sure you pick the notes individually along with
    the right colored notes that correspond to the controller.  Make sure the
    buttons are held down when picking.
    For the drums, just make sure the right pad/button is hit when needed.
    The buttons must be hit when the notes, represented by small lines, hit the
    long, horizontal line at the bottom of the screen.
    There can be up to 3 players playing this game at once:  1 guitar player, 2
    guitar players, 1 drum player, 1 guitar player and 1 drum player, or 2
    guitar players and 1 drum player.
    If there is one player playing make sure the controller is either in the
    1st or 2nd player slot if playing the guitar.  If it is the drum controller
    make sure it is in the 1st slot.  If 2 guitar players are playing, make
    sure both controllers are plugged in, and make sure that each player has
    the controller they want.  For all 3 players one needs to have a multitap
    of some sort to plug into the 2nd player slot.  If 3 players are playing
    make sure the drum controller is in the 1st player slot, the 1st guitar
    controller is in the 1st player slot in the multitap, and the 2nd guitar
    controller is in the 2nd player slot in the multitap.
    Game Modes
    Game Start allows you to choose to play guitar freaks 4th, drummania 3rd,
    or session mode.  The first two should be self-explanatory, but the session
    mode combines the first 2 together.  Just make sure there are at least 2
    players for session mode if it is chosen, otherwise you might as well back
    out and choose one of  the other 2.
    There are play modes for guitar freaks, drummania, and session modes.
    Practice, normal, expert, bonus track, extreme+, and bonus track extreme+
    are available for guitar freaks.  Practice, easy, normal, real, bonus
    track, and expert real are available for drummania.  Only one mode of
    difficulty is available for each instrument on session mode.  I'm not sure
    which but it cannot be changed.
    For practice mode there is a tutorial song for the first song, a small
    songlist for the second song, and the same songlist for the third.  I don't
    believe the player can fail on the practice mode, but the performance
    grades and scores cannot be saved.
    Endless mode allows you to choose the same modes as game start but this
    mode will keep going on forever until the player(s) fail the stage/song
    chosen.  Any song not played before may show up in this mode.
    Free mode allows you to choose the same modes as game start and endless,
    but will only allow the player to play songs that have already been played
    in game start mode.  One can even choose to have a computer companion
    playing the other instruments in this mode.  Forced game over can be kept
    on or turned off.
    In training mode, one can choose any mode as the other modes but is only
    used for practice.  One can choose any song and any difficulty for any song 
    they have played before in game start mode.  One can choose to start at any 
    measure, and can choose how fast the song goes at any of 5 speeds, with 5
    being normal speed and 1 is slowed down.
    Records mode allows one to see their highest scores on songs for total
    ranking, music ranking, endless ranking, and any passwords gained for
    passing the game start mode.  The passwords are useless now, as they were
    used for an internet-based contest that took place when the game was first
    released in Japan.
    Options mode allows slight customization of gameplay.  One can choose the
    number of stages played in game start mode:  anywhere from 1-5.  One can
    choose the difficulty of the guitars and drums from 1-9 with 1 being
    easiest and 9 being hardest.  The sound menu allows the player to hear
    stereo or mono and allows how loud the song, guitar, and the drum are.  The
    key configuration mainly applies to the dual shock controller.  It is also
    where you choose if you are using an electronic drumset.  Timing adjust is
    for those who are experiencing sound lag during gameplay.  This will allow
    one to adjust it properly.  The play configuration menu is the same thing
    as the options menu during gameplay:  scroll speed adjust, judgment, combo
    display, auto bass on/off for the drums, appearance type (normal, hidden,
    sudden), little mode for guitar, random mode for guitar, or lefthand mode.
    The next one is screen adjust which allows the user to move the game screen
    around so it fits in the monitor.  The password display being on or off
    determines if the password is displayed or not at the end of the game start
    screen if one is successful at passing all songs chosen/played.
    Memory card mode allows one to load previously saved data, save/overwrite
    data, or to set auto save on or off.  This is self-explanatory so have at
    it...just don't play a lot and then load and then save.  That happened to
    me twice.  Hard-earned data/songs passed gone.
    The last mode is for a hard disc drive.  If you happen to have a hard disc
    drive one can install gitadora information onto the hdd.  There are faster
    loading times, and it is supposed to help with Endless mode.  Anything else
    is unknown to me.
    To get around the menus  you press the red or blue button to move left or
    right/ up or down on the guitar controller, or by pressing the snare button 
    or the right tom on the drum controller to do the same.  To confirm your
    choice hit start on either controller, or for the drums hit the cymbal.  To
    cancel a selection or to go back to a previous menu hit the select button
    or hit the hi-hat button on the drums.
    They are the same controls to get around on the song selection list.
    Gameplay Modification (codes)  These are taken straight from the manual
    For Guitar Freaks, these are entered on the song select screen
    Little Mode:  red, red, red, green, green, blue, blue, blue, pick
    Fast Flow:  red, green, blue, pick, pick, and repeat
    Super Fast Flow:  same as Fast Flow, except repeat 4 more times, rather
    than once
    Hidden mode:  red, blue, green, blue, red, green
    Screen Mode (I have no idea what this means):  red, blue, green, blue, red,
    green, and repeat
    Random:  blue, green, green, red, green, pick
    Super Random:  same as random, but repeat once
    Sudden mode:  green, red, blue, green, blue, red, pick
    Battle Mode (I'm guessing this will allow both players to have the same
    notes for the song):  pick, green, green, pick
    Extreme Mode:  red, blue, pick, green, red, blue, pick, green
    Free Select Mode:  red, red, red, green, green, green, blue, blue, blue, green
    To select between lead and bass hit the select button
    If select is pressed during the song you can choose to use 5 different
    effects or leave it at default.  The effects do change the harmonics of the 
    notes played.  They also have no effect on score.
    For Drummania hold down start on the song selection menu for the song you
    are selecting.  This will open up the same menu in the options mode.  If
    options are changed in the options menu for this mode then this menu will
    not need to be accessed during song selection.  Keep in mind that song
    options are carried over to the next song.
    5.  Scoring
    For both guitar freaks and drummania, you are graded based on your
    performance after every song.
    If you get 98% or better then you get an SS.  The next grades down are S,
    A, B, C, D, and E.  For an SS, one must get nothing but perfects and
    greats.  For S, one must get mostly perfects and greats.  Goods, poors, and
    misses can be 5% or less.
    To get an E, one must not play the song at all, either during 2 player mode 
    or during free mode.
    There is an extra stage:  Classic Party 2.  To get it, one must get at
    least 3 points during gameplay for 3 songs max, 4 points for 4 songs max,
    and 5 points for 5 songs max.  The easiest method is to play easy songs.
    The extra stage can only be gained on the normal play, and not the bonus
    track song selection.
    The points are gained as followed based on the grade received at the end of
    the song:
    SS:  2 points, S:  1 point, A:  0 points, B:  minus 1 point, C:  minus 2
    points, D:  minus 3 points, and E:  minus 4 points.
    If an S or SS is gained for the extra stage, then the encore stage may be
    played:  Day Dream.
    Once the songs are played then you may play them during the free play mode,
    but only for the difficulty they were played.  One does not have to pass
    the songs to unlock them.
    They may turn up in endless mode before unlocked, but they cannot be
    unlocked through that mode, even if passed.
    6.  Song List				Difficulty	
    The songs' difficulties are based on a star system
    Guitar Freaks
    Tutorial Song (Na-Na-Na)  	        ???
    Na-Na-Na				1
    Ai no Surushi			        2
    Born To Be Wild			        3
    Dynamite				3
    Na-Na-Na				1
    Ai No Surushi			        2
    Born To Be Wild			        3
    Dynamite				3
    Bad Medicine			        3
    You Oughta Know			        3
    Now I'm Sure			        4
    Furifuri'60				4
    Call My Name			        5
    Newspaper				5
    Captain's Voyage			6
    Anarchy In The UK			3
    Depend on You			        4
    Marionette				4
    Session X'Mas			        2
    Pretty G				3
    Pegasus				        4
    Star of Muse				4
    Happy Easter!			        5
    Dynamite				5
    Bad Medicine			        5
    Carnival Day				5
    Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy	        5
    Furifuri'60				6
    Liar! Liar!				6
    Fly High				6
    Newspaper				6
    Right On Time			        6
    You Elevate Me			        7
    Sea Anemones			        7
    I'm Gonna Get You!			7
    Secret Of Your Heart		        8
    Giant Slug				8
    Anarchy In The UK			5
    Depend On You			        5
    Marionette				5
    Silly Girl				6
    Session X'Mas			        3
    Pretty G				4
    ~Jet'G'Crew~Guhroovy Mix	        6
    Pegasus				        6
    Happy Easter!			        6
    Complete Conquest		        7
    Bonus Track
    Primal Soul (Long Ver.)		        6
    P.P.R. (Long Ver.)			7
    Cosmic Cowgirl (Long Ver.)	        8
    1175 (Medley)			        8
    Session X'Mas (Long Ver.)	        2
    Star Of Muse (Long Ver.)		4
    Pegasus (Long Ver.)		        5
    Ai No Surushi			        6
    Bad Medicine			        7
    Dynamite				7
    Newspaper				7
    Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy	        7
    You Elevate Me			        7
    Captain's Voyage			8
    Furifuri'60				8
    I'm Gonna Get You!			8
    Giant Slug				8
    Call My Name			        8
    Secret Of Your Heart		        8
    Carnival Day				9
    Right On Time			        9
    Sea Anemones			        9
    Liar! Liar!				9
    Fly High				9
    Anarchy In The UK			8
    Star Of Muse				7
    Pegasus				        9
    Happy Easter!			        9
    ~Jet'G'Crew~Guhroovy Mix	        10
    Complete Conquest		        10
    Bonus Track Extreme+
    Primal Soul (Long Ver.)		        8
    P.P.R. (Long Ver.)			10
    Cosmic Cowgirl (Long Ver.)	        10
    1175 (Medley)			        10
    Star Of Muse (Long Ver.)		7
    Pegasus (Long Ver.)		        9
    Tutorial Song			        ???
    Ai No Surushi			        1
    Dynamite				3
    Na-Na-Na				2
    Pretty G				3
    Now I'm Sure			        1
    Ai No Surushi			        2
    Born To Be Wild			        2
    Na-Na-Na				2
    Dynamite				3
    Bad Medicine			        3
    Session X'Mas			        2
    Pretty G				3
    Now I'm Sure			        1
    Ai No Surushi			        2
    Born To Be Wild			        2
    You Oughta Know			        2
    Na-Na-Na				2
    Dynamite				3
    Bad Medicine			        3
    I'm Gonna Get You!			3
    Furifuri'60				3
    Captain's Voyage			3
    Liar! Liar!				4
    Right On Time			        4
    Giant Slug				4
    Call My Name			        5
    Fly High				5
    You Elevate Me			        6
    Secret Of Your Heart		        6
    Anarchy In The UK			3
    Depend On You			        2
    Marionette				2
    Silly Girl				3
    Session X'Mas			        2
    Pretty G				3
    Happy Easter!			        3
    Star Of Muse				4
    Pegasus				        4
    ~Jet'G'Crew~Guhroovy Mix	        5
    Now I'm Sure			        2
    Ai No Surushi			        3
    Dynamite				4
    Na-Na-Na				4
    Born To Be Wild			        5
    Bad Medicine			        5
    Liar! Liar!				5
    You Oughta Know			        5
    I'm Gonna Get You!			5
    Furifuri'60				5
    Giant Slug				5
    Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy	        6				
    Sea Anemones			        6
    Fly High				6
    Call My Name			        7
    Right On Time			        7
    You Elevate Me			        7
    Secret Of Your Heart		        8
    Captain's Voyage			8
    Carnival Day				9
    Newspaper				9
    Marionette				3
    Silly Girl				4
    Depend On You			        5
    Session X'Mas			        4
    Pretty G				4
    Pegasus				        5
    Star of Muse				6
    Happy Easter!			        7
    ~Jet'G'Crew~Guhroovy Mix	        7
    Complete Conquest		        8
    Classic Party 2			        9
    Day Dream				???
    Bonus Track
    P.P.R. (Long Ver.)			8
    Cosmic Cowgirl (Long Ver.)	        9
    Primal Soul (Long Ver.)		        10
    1175 (Medley)			        10
    Session X'Mas (Long Ver.)	        3
    Pegasus (Long Ver.)		        5
    Star Of Muse (Long Ver.)		7
    Expert Real
    Now I'm Sure			        5
    Dynamite				7
    Born To Be Wild			        7
    Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy	        7
    I'm Gonna Get You!			7
    Furifuri'60				7
    Giant Slug				7
    Liar! Liar!				8
    Call My Name			        8
    Right On Time			        8
    Sea Anemones			        8
    Carnival Day				9
    Newspaper				9
    Captain's Voyage			9
    You Elevate Me			        10
    Anarchy In The UK			6
    Depend On You			        6
    Marionette				6
    Silly Girl				7
    Pretty G				8
    Star Of Muse				8
    Pegasus				        9
    ~Jet'G'Crew~Guhroovy Mix	        9
    Happy Easter!			        9
    Complete Conquest		        10
    Classic Party 2			        ???
    Day Dream				???
    Song				Drum Difficulty	Guitar Difficulty
    Na-Na-Na			2			1
    Ai No Surushi			2			2
    Born To Be Wild			5			3
    Now I'm Sure			2			4
    Call My Name			7			4
    Dynamite			4			5
    Bad Medicine			3			5
    Captain's Voyage		8			5
    Carnival Day			9			5
    You Oughta Know			2			5
    Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy	6			5
    Right On Time			7			6
    Furifuri'60			5			6
    Liar! Liar!			5			6
    Fly High			5			6
    Newspaper			9			6
    You Elevate Me			7			7
    Sea Anemones			6			7
    I'm Gonna Get You!		5			7
    Secret Of Your Heart		6			8
    Giant Slug			5			8
    Primal Soul (Long Ver.)		10			6
    P.P.R. (Long Ver.)		8			7
    Cosmic Cowgirl (Long Ver.)	9			8
    Anarchy In The UK		3			4
    1175 (Medley)			8			5
    Depend On You			2			5
    Marionette			3			5
    Silly Girl			3			6
    Pretty G			3			4
    Session X'Mas			3			2
    Pegasus				4			6
    Star Of Muse			4			4
    Happy Easter!			3			5
    ~Jet'G'Crew~Guhroovy Mix	5			6
    Complete Conquest		8			7
    Star Of Muse (Long Ver.)	7			4
    Session X'Mas (Long Ver.)	3			2
    Pegasus (Long Ver.)		5			5
    7.  Legal
    This FAQ is copyright (c)2007 Adam Foster, all rights reserved.
    Do not copy any part of this FAQ or claim it as your own work.  If you wish
    to post this FAQ on your personal web site, e-mail me (e-mail is at top of
    the FAQ) and I will probably give you permission.  If you post this FAQ, I
    require that you post it in its entirety, without removing any sections,
    and especially without removing this section.
    Site currently authorized to post this FAQ:
    If you see this FAQ on any site not listed, please e-mail me the URL and I
    will investigate.			

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