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    Schwartzhaas Battle FAQ by iiaznsk8erii

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    			  Title: Growlanser III
                              Author: William Tran  
                             Date: July 15, 2005
    			Completed: July 20, 2005
                            Email: Basilikontron@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Preparation
    III. Equipment
    IV. Where to Battle
    V. Battle Strategies
    VI.Blessing Bells
    VII. Skills
    VIII. Final Preparations
    IX. Schwartzhaas Mission
    X. So What Now
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions
    XII. Legal
    XIII.Credits and Thanks
    I. Introduction
    Hey all! THis FAQ is soley designed for those completionists who wish 
    to do everything possible in Growlanser III and challenge themselves. If 
    you remember, the first battle at Schwartzhaas is the one in which you 
    must escape on the bridge with Annette and Slayn. Of course, many wonder 
    if it is actually possible to win this battle by destroying all the 
    enemies. Well, I decided to test this and realized that it is possible 
    to achieve a Mission Complete by destroying all the enemies. 
    ***This FAQ does contain minor spoilers and is intended for you to read 
    this from top to bottom. Enjoy.***
    ***This FAQ stricly concerns the battle at Schwartzhaas in which your only
    available characters are Slayn and Annette. There are two more battles
    in this city but they are easily winnable***
    II. Preparation
    	1. New Game+: I do not think this is possible on a regular game.
    	   You have the option of creating a Clear Data Save (New game+)
    	   upon completing the game.
    	2. 9 Blessing Bells: This is the Arena Prize (Voltone) for
    	   2 on 2 Battles. You will have to fight the arena five times
    	   in order to get the maximum 9 Blessing Bells.
    	3. 9 Fairy Tears: This is also a prize for the 2 on 2 Battles;
    	   however, you will only have to fight it once.
    	4. 3 Fighter's Fists
    	   2 Muscular Growths
    	   2 Lvl 4 Quickness
    	   1 Lvl 4 Faint Guard (optional)
    	   1 Lvl 2 Quickness (optional)
    	   3 Lvl 2 Deft Wind (optional)
    	   1 Lvl 4 Arms Might (Optional)
    	   These gems can be bought from the Gem Store in Voltone
    	5. Good Armor: Preferably the Final Guard for Slayn and Louve 
    	   Armor for Annette. The Final Guard is the prize for the Damage 
    	   Competition (Arena) and the Louve Armor is located at the end 
    	   of the Voltone Well (Optional Dungeon). In order to gain
    	   access to the Voltone Well, you must complete the optional
    	   dungeon Trial Cave which is located north of Lindenberg.
    	   If you agree to the Dungeon Mistress's proposal, she will
    	   go to Voltone where you can talk to her and then climb down
    	   the ladder to the Voltone Well Dungeon.
    Now Start the New Game+. Your astrological sign actually determines your 
    growth rate for Slayn. For my FAQ, i chose Aries.
    III. Equipment
    	1. ASAP, Use the 9 Fairy Tears on Annette's Ring. This will change
    	   her gem slots into a 5-5-4.
    	2. Equip Annette with the 2 Muscular Growths and a Fighter's Fists.
    	3. Equip poor Slayn with just 2 Fighter's Fists.
    You are now ready to start the grueling and monotonous practice of battling.
    IV. Where to Battle
    	1. Next to the Federation Outpost is a patch of land that is yellow, 
    	   brown,and green.
    	2. You know you are on it when you fight "Green Slimes" in battles.
    	3. Only fight battles here because green slimes have the most experience 
    	   at this time.
    	4. The experience you earn from these battles ranges from 20-26. As you
    	   level up, this experience grows smaller, usually -2 experience per
    V. Battle Strategies
    	1. These battles are easy of course, so there's no real strategy besides 
    	   auto-battle. (Press Start)
    	2. However, the "Silm" monsters (green unicorn thing that gives you an 
    	   item if you keep it alive), is actually good for experience. KILL IT!!!
    	3. Level up both characters to Level 9 or 10.
    	4. If you decided to make Slayn an Aries, his HP will grow 8 HP/level.
    	   Annette generally grows 14 HP/level.
    VI. Blessing Bells
    	1. Give both Slayn and Annette a Blessing Bell.
    	2. Fight a battle.
    	3. Watch the stats grow (especially Annette's)
    	4. Level both characters to Level 9 or 10
    	5. Repeat Steps 1-4 until you run out of Blessing Bells.
    	6. If you just cannot battle anymore, I quit when I had 3 blessing
    	   bells left. Slayn had about 450 HP and Annette 570 HP. Slayn's
    	   STR was about 250 and Annette 350. Both had about 400 in DEF
    	   after equipping their best armor.
    VII. Skills
    	1. Equip limit definitely. This will allow Slayn and Annette to equip 
    	   their best armor with about 200 and 230 STR respectively.
    	2. You will be extremely prepared to fight the battles so skills will
    	   not affect the battle that much. However, fighter-oriented skills
    	   like Hit Up, Attack Wait Down, Critical Hit, etc. will be beneficial.
    	3. Same strategy applies for Magic and Techs.
    	4. FYI, i did not spend any of my master points on Magic.
    	   Slayn & Annette spent all their points on Critical Hit, Attack Wait
    	   Down, Hit Up, Equip Limit, Dash & Bait. 
    VIII. Final Preparations
    	1. When you feel that you are strong enough, equip the Final Guard 
    	   and the Louve Armor. Other equipment is up to you.
    	2. FYI, My Annette had Lvl 4 Arms Might, and 2 Lvl 4 Quickness.
    	3. My Slayn had a Lvl 2 Deft Wind and Lvl 1 HP Recovery.
    	4. Things to note: Even if you are all-powerful, Annette can still
    	   be fainted (is that the right word?) by the enemy soldiers if
    	   she is surrounded. A Lvl 4 Faint Guard might be necessary.
    	5. Save
    If you haven't done so already, initiate the Schwartzhaas Mission after
    getting the Mission Briefing by Annette's Father at Voltone.
    IX. Schwartzhaas Mission
    	1. Aggressival General's Stats: 270 ATK, 300 DEF, 138 HIT, 105 ATW, 
    	   175 MOV, 500 (estimate) HP
    	2. Make sure your stats are better if not comparable. 
    	3. At the start of the battle, move back to your army and kill the
    	   closest units. If you like, you can have Slayn charge up a Fire
    	   Arrow (level 1 or 2) to kill the Mages. Forget about your army,
    	4. The 2nd hardest enemy will be the Aggressival Commander (the guy
    	   with the green hat). However, Annette can take him down in one
    	5. If you are strong as you are supposed to be, everyone will be
    	   doing 1 damage to you with the exception of the Aggressival
    	   General who does about 30. 
    	6. Attack the Aggressival General like any normal enemy. It will take
    	   about 4-6 strikes to kill him. You will then receive a powerful ring		
    	7. After you defeat all the units that do not reappear
    	   4 soldiers continue to spawn in. If you destroy these four
    	   soldiers before another spawns in, you get a Mission 
    	8. Every set of 4 soldiers is two levels higher than before, so you
    	   better get the Mission Complete before level 22. To accomplish
    	   this, have the four soldiers follow you to the end of the bridge.
    	   This is done to bunch them up. Kill them all quickly. Deft Wind
    	   will help. Good job. Mission Complete.
    X. So What Now
    	1. The end result probably wasn't worth the effort so what should 
    	   you do now?
    	2. Play the game again. It's a great game.
    	3. Defeat Simone at the Featherian Tower. She will still escape
    	   though. The key is to use the Blessing Bell trick on Monika
    	   until she has a good amount of STR and Transport Wings.
    	4. Beat Vincent during the 2nd battle at Schwartzhaas. The key is 
    	   Monika with Transport Wings. 
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Why am I leveling up to 9 or 10?
    A. THe Blessing Bell lowers a character's level by 10. If you use it on 
    someone lower than 11, then the character just goes to 1, meaning that 
    you cheated the character a few levels. Because we want to have as much 
    strength as possible, you do not want to do that. I just give you the 
    option of using the item at 9 or 10 instead of 11 because this is a 
    really monotonous process. Earning 400 experience with 7-10 experience 
    battles is really taxing.
    Q. I can't kill the 4 soldiers to get a Mission Complete!!!
    A. If the bridge strategy does not work, you might have the Tech
    Inferno in Slayn's skill list. Purchase this skill and keep Slayn's
    MP as high as possible. When the four soldiers have you surrounded,
    use the skill. If you are like me, you will do about 150+ damage
    which is sufficient to kill them all. If they are still alive,
    chances are, their levels are in the higher twenties, in which case
    it's not possible to kill them. Sorry.
    Q. Is there another way to increase stats?
    A. Yes. Gale Apples, Wisdom Apples, and Life Apples. Of course, these 
    won't increase your stats significantly to matter. So how about you 
    just read this FAQ?
    Q. This FAQ is awesome! Do you have any more challenges?
    A. Unfortunately no. The fact that you can become powerful the minute 
    you start playing shows that there are no more real challenges. However, 
    the one that is more commonly known is beating Clive in the mines for 
    the first time. Of course, if you do this strategy, you'll have no 
    problem with Clive.
    Q. Is it OK if I just level up one character instead of both Annette and 
    A. I have not tried this, but from my experience, I say it will not work. 
    The problem is that if either one dies, it's over. The other problem is 
    that it will be really hard to achieve the Mission Complete with only 
    one character doing the damage. Annette or Slayn alone probably cannot
    kill 4 soldiers before one spawns in.
    Q. Can you save Annette's Uncle?
    A. Unfortunately, no. When I killed all the soldiers with Martin
    still alive, this caused four more soldiers to appear. He must die
    in order to get the Mission Complete (ironic)
    Q. If you save Annette's Uncle, can you see him again? And does that mean 
    Zion will still need another soul?
    A. You are reading too in depthly and once again, YOU CANNOT SAVE HIM
    Q. You are awesome! Can I give you a dollar for your efforts?
    A. Email me at Basilikontron@gmail.com and we'll chat.
    Q. Can you be more specific on your Schwartzhaas Mission?
    A. Well, I did not actually start the Muscular Growths on Annette 
    until I already used a Blessing Bell, so Annette wasn't as strong 
    as she could have been. However, Slayn was about 450 HP and Annette 
    was 570 HP by the time I was strong enough to fight the battle. 
    Annette's strength was about 350 and Slayn was like 250. These 
    were just enough to overcome the required strengths to equip the 
    armors. Annette did 100 damage to the General on critical and 
    Slayn was like 80. I started the battle running back to our army
    and then proceeded to kill whoever. Annette along with Slayn then
    killed the General. After that, we waited for the four soldiers
    to surround us before killing them. Mission Complete
    XII. Legal
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
    for personal,private use. It may not be distributed publicy 
    without my permission because I wrote this FAQ and did this 
    long, daunting process.
    Copyright 2005 William Tran
    XIII. Credits and Thanks
    I would like to thank Career Soft and Atlus Co. for making
    this game
    I would like to thank Alex Eagleson and Gerald Guess for 
    helping me create my FAQ using their formats.
    I would like to thank Working Designs in translating
    and distributing this game to the United States.

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