Using a limited supply of dynamite and your raw intelligence you must demolish 20 skyscraping buildings across 60 challenging stages. Your dynamite charges can explode in many different ways, but resources are limited, so make sure you only use as much as is needed. Use too much and the game is over.
In each of the exciting game modes you must demolish a variety of buildings at key points, requiring mastery of some puzzling explosive charges. You must rise to the challenge if you wish to see those derelict buildings come tumbling down in an explosion of masonry and concrete dust! Just remember, only those with sufficient mental agility will get to press the Detonator...
- Main game mode has 4 styles of play. Choose from Standard, Special, Crack and Direction games.
- With over 60 stages to master across 20 huge disused buildings.
- Highly addictive 'Challenge' mode to master. Complete 99 levels against the clock with no room for error.
- An exciting two-player Battle mode. Race to be the first to level your skyscraper.
- Buildings collapse in real-time, and fall according to where you place your charges during the game.

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