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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gaozheng

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    Project Arms Comprehensive Walkthrough
    [Game Title]-Project Arms (Japan's)
    [System Console]-Playstation 2
    [Faq's Version]-0.3
    [Date Started]-April 25th, 2002
    This is a free walkthrough to anyone who happens to need help on this 
    game. You can print it out if you want, you are able to share your 
    copies to your friends or whatever people they need help on this game, 
    as long as it is NOT MODIFIED in anywhere. This faq is protected by 
    copyright laws, there are things you should consider before falling 
    into the laws of copyright: modifying, adapting, translating, creating
    derivative works, renting, staking credit for the work, publishing it 
    in a magazine, or selling for profit. You can however post it on your 
    website, provided you give credits & asking my permission to post it on 
    your website .
    This FAQs is copyright; gaozheng, 2002
    -Version History
    -Main Characters
    -Tips & Tricks
    -Boss Help
    -Optional Modes
    (This is it, for now :))
    Welcome to my first ever walkthrough. I do hoped that this game last a 
    little longer though. Because of it's shortness, and it's main 
    character really look like me (that's true, without the ogre hand off 
    course) I decided to give it a go. The game concept is also similar to 
    DW3, but shorter than it. However, the battle modes makes up for it. 
    More will be discussed in the optional modes section. Because there are 
    little things to go through the game, spoilers are not so or even being 
    pointed out. I really hope that you players out there are really stuck 
    before you use this faqs.
    The next version's will be more detailed, and It is more user friendly.
    So sit back, buckled up, and enjoy your bumpy ride through the game.
    Notes: If you want to find topics quicker, just press Ctrl and F key 
    together, type in the words you want to find and you are there.
    This guide can only be found on the following websites:
    GameFaqs  (www.gamefaqs.com)
    NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    These are the only sites that has MY PERMISSION to post my guide on 
    their website.
    Report to me if you find my guide on other websites that are not stated 
    here. Thanks A Lot!
    ------------------------------Version History--------------------------
    10 June 2002-Uploaded the first ever version walkthrough.
    12 June 2002-Came down with flu. Checked some spelling mistakes.
    13 June 2002-Updated the walkthrough to version 0.2.1
    15 Sept 2002-Updated a little info on the first round, I know I 
                 neglected the guide a little, so Sorry. Revised some
                 of the game engines. Unlocked all characters already.
                 Version is now 0.2.2
    21 Sept 2002-2 more weeks before my final exams are here. As promised
                 , I had updated the guide. Making the guide to Version 
                 0.2.3. The guide now features first level(more detailed),
                 and Boss Help section. Also made some changes to the guide 
                 to make it more organized. 
    25 Sept 2002-My last update before my Final Year Exam. I will resume
                 duty after my Final Year Exam, which is 16 Oct 2002. 
                 This updates update the character controls.(Which is 
                 provided by eeknok, a warm thanks to u!) Well, wish me 
                 good luck... Version is now 0.3
    Welcome to this section. For this section, I will need help on you 
    players out there. Yes! YOU! The one reading this faqs NOW! I need help 
    on some of the features in the game. I hope that this will help me in 
    the making of this faqs! Thanks a Lot! (HUGGIES EVERYWHERE)
    -Any art text.
    -Character Controls at Versus modes.
    -History of the manga version.
    -Controls ie.R1, R2, L1, L2
    Ryo Takatsuki
    He is of course the main character. Sleek hair, ogre hand and so cool-
    looking, just like me. :) His basic attack is punch, punch, and punch 
    all the way. With a little combination buttons, he can wreck severe 
    damage to even the strongest enemies. When he powers up to fight the 
    main boss that is at the end of the round, he is very powerful. His 
    attack range has been greatly increased, thus the button combination.
    Ryo's Moves
    L1+Circle = Big Swipe at enemies. Best used against lines of enemies
                for big combos(20 and up)
    Circle= Normal punch. Push this button repeatly to do a combo move.
    Square= Same as Circle
    Triangle= Same as Circle.
    X= Jump. Combine it with some of the button codes to make combo moves.
    Up+Circle+R1= Big Shot. Useful for clearing out enemies that kept close 
    		  up at you.
    X+Circle+R1+Up=Jump Shot Attack. Ryo's Special Attack. Also the best in 
                   in the whole game. Clear out enemies real fast and avoid
                   their attacks at the same time while in the air. Use    
                   this move as many times as you can.
    Jabberwock's Moves(Power-Up version of Ryo's)
    L1+Circle = Big Swipe at enemies. The sure-to-lose combo in the game
    	    While fighting with the Boss. It is slow and the boss can 
                Counter attack it.
    Circle= Normal punch. Push this button repeatly to do a combo move. 
            Best used against boss after a Jump Shot Attack to inflict 
            Max combo(30) on it. Effective against March Hare.
    Square= Same as Circle.
    Triangle= Same as Circle.
    X= Jump. Combine it with some of the button codes to make combo moves.
    Up+Circle+R1= 2X Shot. Also the sure-to-lose combo in the game. It is
    		  Slow to charged up but it's very strong. If you really 
    		  Want to use it, make sure the boss is far away from you.
    X+Circle+R1+Up=Double Jump Shot Attack. Jabberwock's Special Attack.
                   Shoot at two sides of his arms. Boss would never almost 
                   Survive your attack when you punch them up after the 
    Notes: This is the moves I know for now. If you have more moves 
    discovered, feel to tell me. This Move List IS NOT COMPLETED YET.
    Hayto Shingu    
    He is the NPC in the game. (Non-Playable Character) He helps you to 
    defeat enemies in the game. He is the guy whose hand changes into sword 
    when performing some combo moves. Don't worry. You would not hit him 
    and neither he will when you moves are in contact with him.
    Hayto's moves
    R1 + Circle=Unleash a rounds of small explosive missles. The missles   
                are able to lock on to enemy provided that you have hit R1
                long enough with the enemy in range. Sometimes, constant 
                tapping on the circle helps. The missles are slow and tends
                to miss the target if the enemy is too close to your 
                character or too far The missles are very powerful once it 
                manage to hit the target. Try it on TANKS, DOOR and 
                HELICOPTER and see for yourself.
    L1 + Circle = Slashing with ARMS Sword. Push this button repeatly to do 
                  a combo move. Slower compared to RYO's and has shorter 
                  range but is more lethal once connected.
    Jump + L1 + Circle = Jumping Slash with ARMS sword
    Jump + R1 + Circle = Jumping and firing a rounds of missiles.
    Knight's Move (Powered-Up version of Hayto)
    R1 + Circle = Hayto ARMS uses the LANCES and swings in violently 
                  NOTE: Constant tapping will start a combo that eventually
                        ends with a powerful dash forward with a powerful 
                        attack. The combo ending is lethal once connect but 
                        requires a long recovery time. Best use when u have 
                        enemy cornered. For cases when the enemy is running 
                        in open area, just perform 3 or 4 hit combo and 
                        avoid the final move.
    L1 + Circle = Slashing with ARMS Sword. This move is lethal but slow, 
                  but nevertheless very good. Especially Effective against 
                  the GIANT Jabberwock for the large damage. 
    Jump + L1 + Circle = Jumping Slash with ARMS sword
    Jump + R1 + Circle = Jumping Slash with LANCE
    *Move List of this character contributed by eeknok.
    Takeshi Tomoe                    
    He is also another NPC in the game. He too, like Hayto, helps you in 
    the battle as well. He is the guy whose leg's looks like it is swollen 
    up. Note: Watch his move carefully! It is very funny!
    Kei Kuruma
    The only female character in the game who is on your side. She is quite 
    useless without her trusty machine gun. Also an NPC.
               _ _ _ _              _ _ _ _
              /__L2__/|            /__R2__/|
             |______|/\____(O)____|______|/  \
            /    _   \___________/   _    \  |
           /   _|U|_  \ S O N Y / _ [T] _  \ |
           |  |L|X|R| |   PS2   |[S] _ [C] | |
           |\   |D|   /    |>  \   [X]   /| /\
           | \_______/ Str  Sel  \_______/ |/  \
          /        /---------------\        \   |
         |        /                 \        |  /
        /        /                   \        \/
        \       /                     \       /
         \_____/                       \_____/
    PS: Thanks to Artic for lending me his works!
    Directional Buttons- Controls characters movement.
    Analog Stick (Not in the pic)- Also the same functions
    Start- Pause
    Select- Seems no use to me...
    []- Punch
    /\- Not sure... maybe also punch?
    X- Jump
    L1- Not sure         ]
    L2- Whoops! Not sure ]
    R1- Not sure         ]All these are controls for combining moves
    R2- Not sure too     ]
    Note: Combine the buttons to create more variety of moves. 
          This concludes the controls. If you know what some of the 
          controls meaning, e-mail me. 
    ------------------------------Tips & Tricks----------------------------
    Welcome to this section! At here I will provide some help in the game 
    to my best. Hope that you can make it!
    1.)	Remember, your allies are not there for fun. You can go behind 
    them to block some of the attacks shoot by your enemies. Don't 
    worry; your life would not drop if your allies take the shot.
    2.)	Always try to get your life bars as high as possible. You won't 
    know what is coming next.
    3.)	Check your radars. They are the best friends to get out of 
    sticky places.
    1.)	Want to get out of the way fast? Use the big swipe at enemies to 
    clear the way!
    2.)	Lure some enemies to explosives barrels and blow them up!
    Guess that's what you are here for, ya? Okay LETS GET STARTED!
    Level 1 (Aisora City)
    Some Intro- Aisora City is where the four kids are living and studying. 
    And this is also the starting point of their journey. A big entrance to 
    the game, ya?
    Enemies- Soldiers
    Bosses & Sub-bosses- Gashley (Sub-boss), Kieth Red, Griffin (Boss)
    Okay this level is pretty linear. Just get through the place fast. It's 
    easy when you know what you are doing. After turning a corner, you will 
    meet the easiest sub-boss in this game.
    Sub-Boss (Gashley)
    Okay. Here what you need to do. First stay away from him as far as 
    possible. Then when he knocks your friends down, Use repeatly big shot 
    at him. Repeat this. Dodge when he shoots at you. After a while he will 
    be done. Now is time for the Main Boss! (Poor old Gashley doesn't know 
    his fate is death...)
    Level 2 (Further into Aisora City)
    This stage is pretty straight forward, just like the other rounds 
    further into the game killed as many soldiers as fast as possible. 
    Quickly destroy the gates to open up the gate to the boss...(there's 
    nothing much around here) 
    Main Boss (Kieth Red, Griffin)
    Sick and tired of Ryo normal self? Ur best shot is here now! Whoa! What 
    a transformation! After seeing the cut scences, be prepared to fight! 
    This time you do not have any allies to help your butt. But why need 
    them? They wouldn't even stay at for 5 seconds! You are invincible! 
    Muhahahahhahaha! Whoops! Now where are we? Oh yeah! The boss! Okay, 
    start the round by staying away from him. Use the big shot at him. When 
    he started dashing towards you, Jump up and give him the Double Jump 
    shot attack. He will be ko'ed in a few minutes. That ends the round.
    NOTE: If u still need help even these tips, look under Boss Help 
          Section for more info on them.
    Level 2(Gallow's Bell)
    Bosses & Sub-Bosses-
    --------------------------------Boss Help------------------------------
    This section is providing help to the MAIN BOSS, as they provide much 
    tougher challenge to most of the people. If needed, I will post up the 
    Sub-Boss Section. 
    NOTE: The list below is based on the stages of where each boss is 
    Kieth Red, changes to GRIFFIN
    Difficulty: Medium
    Okay. This boss is the first boss u will fight. He is pretty tough for 
    people who just started playing Project Arms. Try to get used to the 
    controls your main character attacks, stance... ETC. The following tips 
    are for you to revise so u can fight with him without looking at this 
    guide to many times (Which causes GAME OVER for u)
    -Get near him as soon as the battle starts! Give him repeat punch, 
     punch, kick combo.
    -DON'T EVER EVER get away from him, especially when he is hidden under
     the flame, quickly find him and repeat the attacks again. Or else u
     will suffer his crescent shot.
    -Sometimes he will use his charging wave, which he charges up and the 
     radius around him fires up. If u are using the method I'm telling u,
     u are bound to get hit. Don't ever run from it! Hit him as usual after
     his attack as he is worn out for a while.
    -Another note to take care of is his swipes, is DEADLY FAST. Once he 
     connected his first swipe, the rest will go to place. U can't block it
     although there might be a chance where u might be able to jump out...
    -Last NOTE: remember to have at least two round spheres with u. U WILL
     NEED IT. (the sphere's thingy are just under your life bar)
    These are all u could do... if u still can't defeat it, I suggest u go 
    Buy another game...
    Note: Updated till now. As u have seen it...
    -To me, myself 
      I wrote this guide...
    -My parents
      Without them, they would be no Gao Zheng, no guide, no PS2, 
      games, basketball and FURTHERMORE, their joy.
    -My friends
      They helped me to stand up when I'm down. They are truly the best,
      other than my parents.
      He lent me his controls art, without him, the guide would not be any 
      better. THANKS ARTIC!
      He provided info for Hayto moves. Without him, someone out there 
      would pull his hair out coz he can't finds the controls for him... ;)
    -My Swollen fingers 
    -My PS2!
      Yup... U are my favourite!
    -All people on the Message Board!
      U made my days happier!
      Thanks for posting up my guide!
    Copyrighted, gaozheng, 2002

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