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"Forget FIFA 2001...JWS 2000 kicks butt and then some"

Graphics 8/10
Overall the game graphics engine is competent, hwr the aliasing issues just havent gone away and in terms of ''solidity'' and ''crispness'' of player models the rendering in FIFA is far superior (10/10 at the same scale). But the player animations are very intricate and and once you play for 15 minutes or so you realise that you control every aspect of a players movement and that its down to you just how beautifully the player/s can move (while FIFA is ''on rails'' in comparison)...more of this in the Control section below. Due to the depth of the engine there are issues: frame-rate can get so choppy at times that you think you've hurt your precious PS2...your $50 import CD is not warped!!!. However, you do forgive the developers (as we forgave RARE and Perfect Dark) because of the game's ambition and intent to go well beyond the remit of most developers. All the FMV transitions are as beautifully realised as ISSPro Evolution, as are the replays. The in-game menu is similar to Ace Combat3 and RR4...pretty user friendly and fairly logical....

Control 10/10
This is where this game becomes a killer ap for any platform. I suspect that the guys at Konami have been playing what up to this point I consider the best soccer game on any platform - Silicon Dream's ''UEFA Champions League (Season 99/2000)(PSX)'' - due to its use of analog control and force-feedback....and JWS2000 implements both of these features with aplomb turning the whole experience into the most intuitive sports game ever, knocking 1080 Snowboarding (N64) of the top spot for sheer control. And as such JWS 2000 is revolutionary and truly deserves a next-gen tag, more than any other PS2 title to date. The gap between Konami's title and EA's (FIFA series), which many said had been narrowed by FIFA 2000 (PSX), has been exponentialy widened...having bought FIFA 2001 a week before JWS2000 I can truly say that Konami's offering is far superior in practically every respect...FIFA 2001 is another competent and most of all predictable EA update...while Konami's effort will have you practising for months and not play it without the vibration function ON!!! You have been warned.

Sound 9/10
The commentary is incomprehensible (dont speak the lingo) but it appears to be pretty good, UEFA Champion's League (Season 99/2000) being the benchmark. Crowd noises and stuff are great. But not too sure about surround implementaion.

Gameplay 10/10
Okay again top marks...its everything ISSPro Evolution is, with the revolutionary control and added game modes. Management options are as deep as ever and with the new scenario mode you'll have months of fun developing players and strategies (uploadable to the memory card ala ISSPro Ev.)

It would have got a 10/10 overall score if it weren't for the frame-rate issue and the fact that the radar is not as good as it should have been. AND for its revolutionary use of analog control and force-feedback it gets full marks and some, it takes some time to get accustomed to the developers new paradigm but once you do you wont understand why it had been such a grand ommision in earlier itterations of the game (with the exception of the little known UEFA Chmpions League (99/2000)and earlier WLS series)...the dual shock isn't implemented merely for tackles (as in the FIFA series including 2001)....I can't stop going on about it but it will revolutionise what the mass market will expect of video game sports....Enjoy and make sure you preach the word of JWS2000 even to people who say they hate soccer....this has been an unbiased review without the way its the only game that tears me away from Perfect Dark and my rekindled relationship with the most suprising Dreamcast!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/16/00, Updated 08/16/00

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