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    Character Guide by Kari / Anubimon

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    Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice
    Character Guide
    By: Kari (kariohki@comcast.net) and Anubimon (anubimon@gmail.com)
    Published: 02/05/2005
    Last updated: 04/16/2005
    I. Introduction
    II. Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
    III. About/Contacting Us
    IV. Version History
    V. Playable Character Info
    VI. Battle Strategies
    VII. Non-Playable Character Info
    VIII. How to get Endings
    IX. Credits
    Welcome to the Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice character guide! 
    This guide is designed to help give information and strategies on the 
    main characters from Growlanser II, along with non-playable character 
    information and ending guides. The lovely Table of Contents above this 
    paragraph outlines what order the sections come in. Use Ctrl+F to 
    easily find anything you're looking for, and have fun!
    Copyright 2005, Kari and Anubimon
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    penguin army of doom to your house.
    I'm Kari, writer of this guide, and I wander the Neoseeker and GameFAQs 
    message boards.
    I'm Anubimon, co-writer of this spiffy guide.
    If you have any questions about this guide, email one of us at 
    kariohki@comcast.net or anubimon@gmail.com. Please put "Growlanser II 
    Guide" in the subject line, or else you mail will be deleted. Read this 
    guide through before emailing us, because if the info is in this guide, 
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    give you an instantaneous response, don't email over and over again. We 
    more-or-less have amazing things called lives.
    Version 1.0 (02/05/2005) - Uploaded with playable character info, 
    character strategies, and Growlanser I character info.
    Version 1.5 (02/12/2005) - Finished Non-Playable Character section.
    Version 2.0 (02/27/2005) – Added endings for all three girls and Hans.
    Version 2.5 (04/16/2005) - Added how to get the rest of the character 
    The first beefy section of the guide, this serves as an introduction to 
    the characters. A notice for those who didn't read the very top of the 
    guide, there ARE spoilers included in the descriptions. So when you see 
    this sign:
    It means that the spoiler paragraph is coming up.
    Wein Cruz
    Age: 17
    Height: 172cm
    The main character of Growlanser II, Wein is aspiring to become an 
    Imperial Knight of Burnstein. Wein's Ring Weapon turns into a scythe. 
    His father was a treasure hunter, and Wein thinks of him often, 
    especially when visiting ruin sites. Depending on how well you do in 
    the game, Wein will become a Sleeping Lion Knight, a Holy Dragon 
    Knight, or an Imperial Knight. To become an Imperial Knight, you need 
    to get all Mission Complete/Clears.
    The mercenary Wolfgang, who is Wein's half brother, killed Wein's 
    father. He is also related to the Zauer family of Zauersberg.
    Maximillian Schneider
    Age: 18
    Height: 183cm
    After being paired with Wein for the final exam at the Entrance 
    Academy, the two became close friends. Max joined the Academy to become 
    a knight, but not to fight, but to learn battle tactics. He wishes only 
    for peace, and became a politician after he graduated. It was also his 
    father's wish that he become a knight. After his father's death, his 
    mother became ill and now resides in Comsprings, where Max visits every 
    weekend to see her. Because of his time in the army, he is good at 
    developing battle strategies.
    Ironically, Max is the final boss of the normal path of the game. He 
    steals the Power Mask from the West Starkberg Ruins and uses it to 
    attempt to control the minds of the citizens.  You can choose to join 
    him in his quest for peace or fight against him. Either way, you still 
    have to fight him in the end. (You can only fight him on his path if 
    you let one of your former allies escape.)
    Hans Bearnt
    Age: 15
    Height: 167cm
    A very outgoing and cheerful person, Hans is first met during Wein and 
    Max's final exam. He decides to join the army after the battle in the 
    ruins. Three years later, he's a knight-in-training under Wein's 
    command. His ring weapon is throwing knives. Hans is an orphan who 
    wishes for a real family.
    Hans idolized the chief of Clain Village, who was the last Growsian 
    village leader. The leader was killed by Xenos.
    Charlone Claudius
    Age: 15
    Height: 161cm
    Chest: 83cm
    Waist: 56cm
    Hip: 80cm
    From Starkberg, Charlone's dream is to become an Imperial Knight. She 
    idolizes Imperial Knight Julia Douglas because she is the only female 
    to ever become an Imperial Knight. Her brother and father live in the 
    Claudius Mansion in Starkberg. Her younger brother, Pietro, is ill, and 
    refuses to get his life-saving surgery done unless Charlone becomes an 
    Imperial Knight.
    Charlone can become a Unicorn Knight, part of an all-female squadron 
    led by Julia Douglas, if you don't rest from the poison and after 
    Comsprings, get to Burnstein in 4 days. This causes Pietro to get his 
    surgery done. If you get her date scene (which you need to be an 
    Imperial Knight to get) you will learn that Pietro's surgery was a 
    Xenos Langley
    Age: 26
    Height: 187cm
    A retired Grandshill Arena Champion, and a former mercenary and worker 
    for the King of Burnstein. His weapon is a sword. He knows of Riviera's 
    job, only revealing that fact after Riviera reveals it herself. He has 
    a sister named Karene, who works at the hospital in Grandshill. Xenos 
    is very protective of his sister. Xenos was also playable in the first 
    Growlanser game.
    Xenos was the one that killed the former village chief of Clain, who 
    was a Growsian.
    Riviera Marius
    Age: 19
    Height: 168cm
    Chest: 90cm
    Waist: 57cm
    Hip: 84cm
    Riviera is a mysterious woman that Wein meets while saving Agriss from 
    a pack of Yungs. She has a sister named Olivia. Her weapon is a staff.
    Riviera is actually a Shadow Knight, a spy for Burnstein Kingdom along 
    with her sister.
    Carmaine Fallsmyer
    Age: 18
    Height: 172
    The Light Savior and main character of the first Growlanser.  He still 
    works for the king of Burnstein. He has a sister named Louise that 
    really looks up to him. His weapon is a sword.
    Louise really isn't his sister. Carmaine was found as a baby, and 
    Sandra took him in. She had Louise later.
    Brett Varner
    Age: 20
    Height: 176cm
    Found starving in the Time and Space Control Tower, he joins your party 
    out of gratitude for saving him. His weapon is a spear.
    You can only get him to join with you if you don't have Lyell join your 
    Age: 500
    Arieta's constant companion and protector, Sereb is a talking two-
    tailed wolf. He will protect Arieta from any harm at any cost.
    Sereb is the one that commands Wein to kill Arieta before Gevas is 
    reborn. In the battle with Gevas, if you got the Neural Device from 
    Ariost, he puts it on Gevas, and is severely weakened after that 
    battle. He can only join your party if you don't recruit Arieta.
    Ernest Lyell
    Age: 88
    Height: 187cm
    A former Imperial Knight who was exiled from Burnstein for siding with 
    an imposter trying to become king of Burnstein. He lives in peaceful 
    solitude in the Lost Forest. His weapons are two swords.
    Arieta Lyuis
    Age: 200 (17)
    Height: 155cm
    Chest: 82cm
    Waist: 50cm
    Hip: 81cm
    A mysterious Growsian girl that Wein met 10 years ago in the Grasslands 
    near the border of Rolandia and Burnstein. She left him the ocarina 
    that he carries around with him. Arieta's personality strangely seems 
    to change at times. Her weapons are two floating orb things.
    She is possessed by Gevas, an evil being. This is why she's been alive 
    for 200 years.  Her personality changes are because of Gevas using her 
    body. In the Time and Space Control Tower, you fight Gevas, who has 
    captured Arieta's soul.  If you have gotten the Neural Device from 
    Ariost, you can save her. If not, she dies.
    Age: 22
    Height: 191cm
    The leader of a group of mercenaries, his ultimate goal is to build a 
    nation for mercenaries.
    He is Wein's half-brother, and he killed his father. His name was 
    Leonard before he changed it to Wolfgang. His plans for his mercenary 
    nation include democracy, of all things. You can join up with him if 
    you get all mission completes up through the Pillage mission (could 
    also be Rural Raid if you also plan to get Arieta)
    Wein is an all-around, multipurpose type of character. He learns magic 
    and techs, and has average stats. Keeping him alive is vital to every 
    mission; if he dies, it's Game Over, so keep him healed up. Good thing 
    he learns Cure, though you won't be using much magic with him. The rate 
    at which he learns techs and magic depend on how you answer the 
    questions at the beginning of the game. Wein doesn't have any glaring 
    Good gems to use: Any Hyper-Attack, any Quickness, any Deft Wind.
    Specific battle strategies: Hyper-Attack and Quickness are necessary in 
    Fire Fly.
    Rating: 8/10
    You only have him for a short time in the beginning of the game, but 
    he's still helpful. He's already mastered Cure and Fire Arrow, which 
    you'll be using a lot. Fire Arrow is a good Imp killer. Downside is, he 
    doesn't have that much MP, so you can't use his magic for that long. 
    His attack isn't that bad though.
    Good gems: None, really. He doesn't stick around long enough for you to 
    get any.
    Specific battle strategies: Use Fire Arrow to take out Imps.
    Rating: 6/10
    Hans is useful because he's a long-range attacker with a low ATW. 
    However, his ATK is really low, so Attack Up is needed to make him more 
    useful. Hans' usefulness comes into play once you get a LV6 New 
    Horizons gem, which makes indirect attacks have unlimited range. Pair 
    that with the LV8 Hyper-Attack you get in the beginning of the game, 
    and Hans is near unstoppable. He becomes unstoppable if you do the cat 
    girl sidequest and get LV9 Transport Wings. He'll be killing 2-3 
    enemies before other attackers like Xenos can kill one. Hans will end 
    up 3+ levels above everyone else by the end of the game.
    Good gems: Hyper-Attack, New Horizons, Transport Wings
    Specific battle strategies:
    Rating: 9/10 with Hyper-Attack/Transport Wings, 7/10 without
    Your second long range attacker and your first real mage, Charlone has 
    a higher attack than any other character. The only problem is, her ATW 
    is also the highest out of any character. The best way to use her is to 
    cast magic, then attack, then cast magic again, and repeat. She learns 
    attack, curing, and stat raising magic, along with a few attack techs.
    Good gems: Deft Wind, Quickness, Hyper-Attack, Mage's Aria, Magic 
    Specific battle strategy: She NEEDS quickness gems for the Escape 
    Rating: 7/10
    Xenos is like a tank, powerful but slow. Not as slow as Charlone, 
    though. He learns many powerful techs, but no magic. Xenos works well 
    attacking with another character like a non-uber Hans or Carmaine.
    Good gems: Hyper-Attack, Deft Wind, Quickness
    Rating: 6/10
    Your first dedicated mage that you receive. Has a higher intelligence 
    than Charlone, and a wider variety of offensive spells. Her MP is a bit 
    low, so you won't be able to cast too many spells. Adding to that, 
    spells are weak unless you cast them at higher levels, which takes much 
    longer. Casting Cycle Up on her is good. Defense is low too, so try to 
    keep her away from enemies.
    Good gems: Memory of Alviis, Mage's Aria, Magic Awakening
    Rating: 7/10
    Carmaine is an average character. He doesn't have any major weaknesses, 
    but also has no major strengths. When he first joins your party, he has 
    Cure and Cycle Up, the two spells that you will probably use him for 
    most. He suffers from low MP, however. His strength is decent, not as 
    strong as Wein or Xenos. ATW is decent as well. Overall, an average 
    Good gems: Most attack related gems
    Rating: 7/10
    A generic soldier with the generic attack strategy. He does a decent 
    amount of damage, and is faster than your other heavy hitter, Xenos.
    Good gems: Any attack gems
    Rating: 7/10
    A better mage than Riviera, Sereb is basically a slightly weaker 
    version of Arieta. His ATK is a little higher, and his INT is a little 
    lower. He also doesn't learn any healing spells.
    Good gems: Any magic gems
    Rating: 7/10
    Lyell is a pretty hard character to get... You must do a series of 
    events in the Lost Forest that you can easily miss and beat the 
    Independence Day mission. He is worth it, though. His ATK is strong, 
    his ATW is decent, and he learns a pretty good variety of Techs. He 
    also can learn a few Magic Spells, but you'll mainly be using him to 
    Good gems: Any attack gems work pretty well.
    Rating: 7/10
    Arieta is your strongest mage, with the highest INT stat of any 
    character. And magic is what you'll be using her for. Downside is that 
    she doesn't learn any stat-upping or healing magic naturally. It's a 
    good thing her MMP is high, you'll be using her only for magic. Her ATK 
    is the lowest out of everyone. Also be sure to keep her away from the 
    enemies; her DEF is also the lowest. To get her, you have to do a 
    series of events and get a mission complete on every battle she's 
    involved in.
    Good gems: Memory of Alviis, Mage's Aria, Magic Awakening
    Rating: 8/10
    This section is filled with spoilers, so read at your own risk.
    Karene Langley
    Age: 21
    Height: 165cm
    Chest: 91cm
    Waist: 55cm
    Hip: 85cm
    Xenos' sister and a worker at the Grandshill hospital, Wein first meets 
    her at the Magic Academy. She later sees the man that breaks the 
    Upstream Dam near Agriss, and is captured because of that. When 
    rescued, she helps Wein after he is shot with a poison arrow. She was 
    playable in the first Growlanser game.
    Julia Douglas
    Age: 18
    Height: 173cm
    Chest: 91cm
    Waist: 58cm
    Hip: 86cm
    The only female Imperial Knight, Julia had disguised herself as a man 
    to reach her position. She's idolized by Charlone, whose dream is also 
    to become an Imperial Knight. Julia is the commander of the Unicorn 
    Knights, the all-female squadron. She was playable in the first 
    Age: 37
    Height: 194cm
    A general in the Rolandian army. He commands the front lines during the 
    war in the game. He was playable in the first Growlanser.
    He is also seen in Sandra's Story. He and Sandra stay together in the 
    mountains after he is injured in a battle. Wallace is also the father 
    of Louise.
    Age: 26
    Height: 182cm
    A scientist at the Magic Academy. He makes two pieces of equipment that 
    will benefit you on your quest, assuming you make the right choices. He 
    was playable in the first Growlanser game.
    Age: 15
    Height: 165cm
    The king of Burnstein, Eliotte is a wise king considering his young 
    age. He likes to dress as a commoner and go out into the towns. He was 
    playable in the first Growlanser.
    Kenshin Reaves
    Age: 22
    Height: 175cm
    The oldest of the three Imperial Knights. Reaves is good friends with 
    Lyell, even though Lyell betrayed Burnstein during the last war.
    Louise Fallsmyer
    Age: 15
    Height: 154cm 
    Chest: 81cm
    Waist: 53cm
    Hip: 80cm
    A Growsian girl who's Carmaine's sister. She really looks up to her 
    brother. She was playable in the first Growlanser game.
    Age: 16
    Height: 157cm 
    Chest: 89cm
    Waist: 55cm
    Hip: 82cm
    A fourth year student at the Magic Academy. She seems to be a little 
    clumsy at times. She was playable in the first Growlanser.
    Sandra Fallsmyer
    Carmaine and Louise's mother, she is a Palace Magician at Rolandia 
    Castle. She is the main character in the mini-game Sandra's Story, 
    which tells of her life from when she was a student at the Magic 
    Academy to when she has Louise. In the game, you can choose to have her 
    marry a messenger or a soldier named Gremio (both choices end in a Game 
    Over), or have her stay with Wallace, which is the correct path.
    A commander in the Burnstein Army, he was good friends with Max's 
    father. Logan assists you in the second mission in the game. He's also 
    good friends with Max, as seen near the end of the game.
    A rather large commander in the Burnstein Army. He supposedly wanted 
    Wein, Charlone, and Hans dead at the beginning of the game. He isn't 
    seen much after that unless you take the Wolfgang Path.
    Charlone and Pietro's father, he's also the mayor of Starkberg. He 
    seems to be rather sexist, as he was against his daughter joining the 
    army. When she visits after becoming a Unicorn Knight, he tries to 
    force her to stay at home, but she leaves anyway.
    Pietro Claudius
    Charlone's younger brother, he has some kind of sickness that he needs 
    surgery for. He refuses to get this surgery unless Charlone becomes an 
    Imperial Knight. He ends up getting the surgery after Charlone becomes 
    a Unicorn Knight
    Messenger (Elroy)
    Max's messenger that also works for Wolfgang at the same time. He helps 
    frame Wein, Hans, and Charlone for breaking the Agriss Dam. You see him 
    again in Comsprings, but he runs from battle. He disappears from the 
    plotline after this.
    You see him during the Wolfgang path, still working as a messenger. 
    Storm#3 (Lucia)
    A catgirl that escaped from the Magic Academy, Storm#3 is endlessly 
    searching for her mother. There are many battles against her, and also 
    a lot of events. If you do every event and battle, and become her 
    friend, she will give you the LV9 Transport Wings gem, one of the best 
    in the game.
    Later, you find her mother, Luga, in Zauersberg, along with her father, 
    a human. She goes to her parents, and finally receives a name, Lucia. 
    You unlock the mini-game Sandra's Story if the Catgirl Quest is fully 
    Man in Schwartzfals Inn
    This injured man happens to know a lot about the Cruz and Zauer 
    families. He's the one that tells Wein that his father was killed. 
    Later, he says that Wolfgang killed Wein's father. Finally, when his 
    memory is completely back, he tells Wein that Wolfgang is his half-
    William Cruz
    Wein's father was a treasure hunter. Wein's love of ruins comes from 
    him. He ends up getting killed by Wolfgang.
    Olivia Marius
    Riviera's sister, Olivia is also a Shadow Knight. She works more behind 
    the scenes, setting up situations that Riviera completes. She had a 
    fiancée named Karl who was killed by mercenaries during a mission. This 
    event saddened Riviera, who got hung up over his death, more than 
    Olivia, who moved on.
    She only appears shortly in the Maximillian Path. She's a rather large 
    woman that is "married" to Hans. Nothing really important, but 
    extremely funny.
    Before the specifics on getting each character ending, here are some 
    general rules:
    -Never let the character you're aiming for die in battle. However, if 
    you cast Raise on them, their relationship meter won't go down.
    -During the opening questioning sequence, choose Charisma. This will 
    greatly help you with getting people to like you.
    -Constantly check towns for events or chances to talk to your group.
    -Always talk to people in towns. They might have necessary or helpful 
    -Use common sense. Some choices are pretty obvious.
    -Probably the most obvious thing here, but be sure to actually choose 
    the person whose ending you want to spend the day with you.
    -You have to get the three girl endings before you get any of the guy 
    Note: To get this date/ending scene, Charlone must be a Unicorn Knight 
    and Wein must be an Imperial Knight.
    -When she first joins, choose "(Whoo! She's kind of cute!)"
    -After you leave the capital, and she and Hans are arguing, choose 
    "Tell the Runt to stop it."
    -Go to Starkberg, and visit the Claudius Mansion for a scene. (If you 
    go the other way to Clain, her relationship meter drops.)
    -At Rottenbaum, choose to "Check outside the village."
    -After the Haute Mail mission, choose "I don't think that's it."
    -At the Grasslands, choose "..."
    -At the Time and Space Tower, take the tour, and choose "Snub her." 
    when you see Arieta.
    -Visit the Control Center Ruins.
    -After the Escape mission, choose "I apologize for getting you into 
    -After meeting Xenos, choose "That sounds great!"
    ***If you chose Charisma at the beginning, her bar will be at 10***
    -At the Border Mountain Interior, choose to "Press onward to 
    Comsprings." If you do not do this, Charlone won't become a Unicorn 
    -After the Pillage mission, choose "You need to keep the promise to 
    your brother."
    -Travel DIRECTLY to Burnstein. Charlone will become a Unicorn Knight.
    -During the Real Criminal Investigation, go to Starkberg and visit the 
    Claudius Mansion. Choose "Charlone can do as she pleases."
    -After that scene, speak with Charlone and choose "I'm more concerned 
    with you."
    -During the Delivering the Letter to the Front Lines part, go to 
    Starkberg. Visit the Claudius mansion for a scene.
    -When you stop to camp at North Starkberg, you will get a scene with 
    -After speaking with Max at North Grandshill, DON'T join the campaign 
    right away.
    -Go to Comsprings and speak to Charlone. A scene will occur with her in 
    town. First choose "I'll go talk to her." Next, choose either "This 
    bird would look good on you." Or "This dolphin would look good on you." 
    Last, choose "It looks great." This scene is probably the most 
    important scene needed to get her ending.
    -Go to Burnstein Capital and watch the Unicorn Knights training 
    -After the Black Reign mission, but before returning to the capital, 
    stop in Starkberg. Visit the Claudius mansion and choose "But...that's 
    -After becoming an Imperial Knight, go to Starkberg and visit the 
    mansion. Choose "I've become an Imperial Knight now!"
    -During the search for the enemy hideout, gather information in 
    Starkberg. After the scene, choose "Don't worry about it."
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Charlone.
    -After Hungry Yung mission, choose "We can't guarantee your safety."
    -Visit the dam after the Hungry Yung mission, choose "Your concern for 
    your people is admirable."
    -After you begin the real criminal investigation mission, go to N. 
    Rottenbaum. During the scene, choose "Help Riviera"
    -After you receive the letter from the King and get Carmaine in your 
    party, speak to Riviera and also go to the shops. You should get a 
    scene. First choose "Try getting her attention." Then, "Aren't you 
    going with the others?"
    -Go to Comsprings. Choose either when she asks if you want to go to the 
    Hot Springs together
    ***By that point, your relationship should be at 10.***
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Riviera. The choice you make during the scene does 
    not matter.
    Note: To get her date/ending scene, you actually have to get Arieta. 
    This will outline how to get her as well as how to raise her 
    relationship bar.
    -Meet Arieta at the Grasslands.
    -Go to the Time and Space tower, take the tour, choose either choice.
    -During the Real Criminal Investigation, go to Burnstein W Capital and 
    go to the outlook. After the flashback is over, you will get a scene 
    showing Arieta.
    -Go to the Grasslands, choose "Don't worry, I won't hurt her."
    -Visit the Magic Academy, and make sure you have at least 5000 Elm. 
    Visit Ariost's Lab and choose "It's a bargain if your hypothesis is 
    -After arresting the Max-impostor, go to Schwartzfals. You must get a 
    mission complete on this mission (Rural Raid). After the battle, choose 
    "I'm positive you're not Arieta!"
    -Return to the Magic Academy, and pick up the Neural Device. Note that 
    if you do everything else correctly, if you don't get this item, you 
    won't be able to get Arieta.
    -Go back to the Grasslands, choose "So it's as I suspected."
    ***At the Black Reign mission if "Save Arieta's spirit" isn't a 
    complete condition, you screwed up somewhere and you cannot get Arieta. 
    If this happens, good luck trying to figure out what you missed. Have 
    fun. ^o^***
    -At the Grasslands scene after Black Reign, choose "I wanted to help 
    -After you get your knight ranking, go to the Ruins near Rottenbaum for 
    a scene.
    -Go to the West Starkberg Ruins for a scene.
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Arieta.
    Note: Hans is always the backup character if all three girls reject 
    your offer. But if you get him as the backup, you will NOT get his 
    -When he joins your party in Burnstein, choose "Congratulations on 
    -After you leave the capital, and he and Charlone are arguing, choose 
    "Call her CC, too!"
    -After leaving the Claudius Mansion in Starkberg, select to Speak with 
    Hans. Choose "Okay."
    -After the Haute Mail mission, in Clain, choose "Why don't we help 
    -At East Lost Forest, choose "Okay, but hurry."
    -After getting your knight ranking, go to Clain. Watch the scene here.
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Hans.
    -Speak to Xenos after getting him in Grandshill to change his title to 
    "Arena Champion"
    -Go to the Magic Academy and choose "Confer with Xenos"
    -Go to the Time and Space Tower and talk with him.
    -Confer with Xenos after the Hungry Yung mission in Agriss.
    -Speak with Xenos in Comsprings after the Death Trap mission.
    -During the Real Criminal Investigation, confer with Xenos in Clain, 
    then stay the night at the inn.
    -Go to N Rottenbaum Village, choose "Help Xenos"
    -Also during the Real Criminal Investigation, go to Valmie and confer 
    with Xenos twice. You will have to talk to some other people before you 
    can confer with him the second time.
    -After giving the letter to Max at North Grandshill, confer with Xenos.
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Xenos.
    -The first time you go to the Magic Academy, speak to the Braided Girl.
    -After getting Xenos, go back to the Magic Academy. Speak to the 
    Braided Girl again, and you learn her name is Misha.
    -When you get Carmaine in your party, choose to Gather Information in 
    Burnstein Capital and speak to the Pink-Haired Girl.
    -Go to Clain and speak to Carmaine there.
    -When you camp out in North Starkberg, select "What's the matter?" 
    during the scene.
    -Before delivering the letter to Max, go to Valmie and speak to the 
    Innkeeper's Daughter. After that, speak with Carmaine.
    -Stop by the Magic Academy and Carmaine will talk about Misha. Choose 
    "She has a strong demeanor."
    -Stop at North Grandshill after the Comsternation mission and you will 
    be introduced to Wallace. After that, speak to Louise. Choose "Listen 
    to your brother"
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Carmaine.
    Note: To get his ending, you have to get him as a character. Don't 
    follow any steps to get Lyell, and you'll get Brett instead.
    -After the Comsternation battle, go to North Comsprings and choose "Do 
    you know how to farm?"
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Brett.
    Note: To get his ending, you have to get him as a character. If you 
    don't save Arieta, you will get Sereb instead.
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital. When given the 
    choice to use a Memory Item, choose to use Arieta's. You will spend the 
    day in Burnstein with Sereb.
    Note: To get his date/ending scene, you actually have to get Lyell. 
    This will outline how to get him as well as how to raise his 
    relationship bar.
    -When you are heading to the Magic Academy for the first time, stop in 
    South Lost Forest. You will spend the night in Lyell's cabin.
    -After getting Riviera, go to South Lost Forest. Choose "I will be 
    called Growlanser"
    -After Wolfgang has made his announcement (after you have captured the 
    Max-impostor), go to Southern Checkpoint. Refuse to join Wolfgang, and 
    win the Independence Day battle. 
    -Before the Lonesome Road mission, go to South Lost Forest. Choose 
    "Fight for it." Lyell will join your party.
    -After Black Reign, go to Valmie, speak to the Innkeeper's daughter, 
    and then speak to Lyell.
    -When you get back to Burnstein, choose Raine as the name Lyell will 
    use. After you get your knight ranking, speak to Lyell.
    -After the Comsternation mission, go to Gather Information in 
    Comsprings. A scene with Lyell will occur.
    -After the Rotten Luck mission, go to Comsprings and tour the business 
    district. A scene with Reaves and Lyell will happen.
    -After the Neural Menace mission, return to the capital and choose to 
    spend the day with Lyell.
    Many thanks and many glomps to:
    -Atlus and CareerSoft: For originally making the game.
    -Working Designs: For translating and releasing this game, even though 
    it took them forever.
    -Satoshi Urushihara: For making the beautiful game art and drawing 
    something other than hentai.
    -Amp: The lovely drink that kept us awake during those long game runs.

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