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"Spectacularly Short Racing In And Around London"

This is my re-review to London Racer 2 on PS2. Contrary to my first review, I know feel that London Racer 2 is ‘Spectacularly Dull Racing In And Around London’. My first review was only compiled a day after I bought the game, so I feel that know I have played it through, it’s my duty to correct myself and post a fairer review.

I thought the game had reasonable life span (bearing in mind it’s only £20 new), but after a longer look, it really lacks substance. The whole ‘championship’ is over within a half an hour, which leaves you to practice on another track, or play a 2 player race, no re-play value here, especially as the tracks are quite dull.

There are only around 8 playable characters each with their own ‘unique’ vehicles, which all just happen to handle the same. Lack of modes, linear and dull tracks, average sound and music and lack of options all help to hinder the game. The graphics are reasonable for a £20 game, although the cars and other vehicles do look rather poor.

The game play really needs spicing up; there are no signs to knock down, no short cuts or indeed anything worth unlocking – it’ really is a half hearted effort, with an excuse – ‘I’m only £20 new, what do you expect, a free luncheon?’

Gameplay 5 - Rather dull due to linear track design and average sound and music. Vehicles that handle the same make for the lack of variety. Overall a slightly boring experience, which only gets worse, and which needs a lot of work to improve.

Graphics 6 – Reasonable for a £20 game, let down by poor cars and limited background detail.

Sound 5 – Sub standard mix of sound and music hinder the whole experience, and a radio, which becomes repetitive after 5 minutes.

Life Span 3 – A half an hour long ‘champion’ship mode and only a 2 player and single race to throw in to the dance. A lack of options and cars that handle the same only makes this one shorter. The games difficulty is a joke, which would only challenge a young child, or indeed anyone bad at PS2 games.

Overall 5 – Only recommended for youngsters, as simplicity, lack of modes, options and cars really hinder this one. Not even worth a rent, steer clear as if it were road kill. Only worth reaching to the bottom of the barrel if you intend it for a youngster, then it may be worth price of admission., as its simple, straight forward and easy, oh so very easy.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/17/02, Updated 10/23/02

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