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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Otaku Gundam / Tora Sora

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    A      t     L         Twi                t      Sp
       r     h     a     :      lig      of     h       iri
         c     e     d              ht             e        ts
    		a guide to the game from Otaku Gundam
    				 and Tora Sora
    				 *Version 1.80*
    Welcome, one and all. This is a FAQ. I'm sure you all know what one is, so
    Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (c) 2003 SCEA: Sony Corporation
    Entertainment of America [and all them rich folk].
    This FAQ (c) 2003 Sora Coulter and "Domo" Takeshi [us poor folk].
    This FAQ is liable to change opinions (meaning something might say ((Sora:
    *glares at power-trippin' Deimos*)) or <>Otaku: *glares at greedy Humans*<>)
    so beware of that. Just so you know who's talking when. ^_^
    Also, please bear in mind that we're re-taking down information as we play
    through again. We sure as heck don't remember details from the beginning, so
    we're going through like we're playin' it for the very first time. So it'll be
    updated as our joint game-thingy progresses... Please be patient. Thanks. ^_^
    To contact us: (since we know nobody really reads the Credits...) Email us
    (BOTH, heheh) at twilight_homies@yahoo.com. We know, aren't we cool. <>Otaku:
    I've noticed that some people have e-mailed my own e-mail address
    with Arc: ToS questions. While I personally don't mind it, I do prefer to
    consult with Sora on the questions (since she knows some parts of it better than
    I). If you're concerned and want to make sure that at least one of the authors
    gets your question, then don't worry; we both check "twilight_homies" at least
    once a day, so it'll be almost impossible not to find your e-mail. Thank ye.<>
    Sora is a girl. Otaku is a guy. Just so you know. Because we think some emailers
    are presuming that the "twilight homies" are both guys. We're not. One of each.
    ^_^ Everybody happy? ((Sora: Please stop asking which female character I think
    is hot. Or I "love" the most. Please.)) <>Otaku: LOL, I actually found that
    quite humorous.<>
    We're really sorry... we know this FAQ looks REALLY weird in Internet Explorer,
    and we're still trying to figure out why it does what it does. We've been
    testing it in Netscape, and the returns that we put in SHOULD carry over to IE,
    but for some reason they just aren't working out. We'll try to fix it... in the
    meantime, either (a) get Netscape to look at the FAQ or (b) don't blame us
    if it looks muddled and confusing ^_^; heh...
    -- MARK --
    This be an FAQ. Thar be spoilers ahead. Yar. Savvy?
    - ~ - * UPDATE GUIDE * - ~ -
    Sorry about the lack of update. It seems Otaku can't log into Contributor
    Central, and neither of us could upload over the existing FAQ for a while.
    ^_^; Anyway, this update includes more people to the "Cool List" and we can
    tell you that the text version of the Flying Castle is ready to be sent out in
    case you need it ^_^
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    A new section, thanks to a kind donation! Check out the "Art of Thievery", a
    list of items that can be stolen from various monsters and bosses. We're also
    considering revamping some of the sections...we'll let you know if we decide to.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    A few things have been added: Rueloon Arena can now be found under "Arena
    Strategies", several secondary characters have been added to "Characters", the
    Shop Lists have now been completed, and we've got some new quotes in "Battle
    Voices" for ya, thanks to a very helpful contributor. ^_^ The FAQ is pretty much
    done; all that can really be added are putting in more quotes for Battle Voices,
    and putting in the Orcoth Arena fight strategies. We'll see what happens.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Our FAQ has indeed been updated on GameFAQs! Huzz! (Note: This is Otaku's word-
    one among many others. You may not use this word, unless you gain permission
    from him beforehand) So, to show how much we appreciate what Ceej did... we're
    gonna submit the updates soon, so Ceej can work some more! -_-; We're sorry,
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Well, while waiting for the FAQ to be put up, we've fixed and added a few
    things. Added Choko to the "Characters" and "Skills and Magic" section, as well
    as putting up a brand new section: "Arena Strategies"! Fighter and equipment
    suggestions, enemy information and levels... it's good. Really good. Especially
    since Otaku worked very hard on it. That adds to the goodness. Or something. For
    all those troubled by thou Arenas, go check it out.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    It seems for some reason, our FAQ has not been updated and isn't located on the
    FTP server. o_O Since we've made a few additions to the guide anyway, we're
    submitting it again now...
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    VERSION 1.0!!!
    Finished: The walkthrough! This is version 1.0! Added some updates to the
    Characters, Skills/Special Moves, Battle Voices, Arc References and Items
    sections. Also added a new "section" to Introduction: The "Buying" Guide, made
    for those who are uncertain on whether to purchase this great game. Item section
    will be finished by the next update.
    And as a side note: We were up so late working on this that we began stupid-
    dancing to a random Japanese song (YST- Midnight Party), and drinking chocolate
    milk with marshmellows. Lol.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Finished: Kharg's Story 3, Darc's Story 3, Kharg's Story 4, AND Darc's Story 4.
    Updating now! Muahaha! Go us ^_^
    ... Please don't hate us for not updating sooner... ^_^;
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Continued to add Kharg's Story 3. Expected update soon.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Revamped the "Items, Etc" section to be easier to read.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Continuing with as much updating as possible in the span of a few days.
    We will get this thing finished. We swear, under pain of death.
    ... Well, it WILL be done... eventually. ^_^
    Completed Ancient Tablet and Spirit Dictionary information. Added Kharg's Story
    3 and more Arc References, as well as more Skills/Magic.
    We plan to revamp the Items section soon so that Items will be easier to find.
    Expect that within the next couple of updates.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Yessiree, we're updating, this time with one we'll upload to replace our
    previous version on GameFAQs. Updates include: Kharg's Story 2, Darc's Story 2,
    Ganz, Volk, and Camellia added to the "Characters" section, more Skill/Magic
    info, and several new sections: Battle Voices, AtL Collection References, the
    "Cool List", and Ancient Tablet/Spirit Dictionary locations and info.
    (Side note from Otaku: I've had my hands full for the last couple of days, due
    to the 2 websites I'm making as well as finding some time to play Arc the
    Lad...and take notes so I could write the notes up on the computer. As well as
    trying to keep my faction up and running (I'd put in a shameless plug here, but
    I don't think CJayC would be too happy about that. ^_^' heheh). This is a major
    reason for the late update, so...gomen nasai. -_-) Sora's busy too. Or
    Don't hate us because we work hard. It's all for you. Yeah, you. *points* And
    maybe that guy next to you. And your cat. Rock, Kuroneko.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    AIEEEEE!! We're published FAQ authorses! Uh... yeah. Thank yoooouuuu, CJayC!!
    Updates today include the addition of Kharg's middle name to the Characters
    section, more additions to the Skills and Magic sections, and the beginning of
    Kharg's Story 2.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Darc's Story 1 finished, due to Otaku's writing prowess. Guide is now
    preliminarily done... ready to be submitted. Updates will follow. Wish us luck
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Well, we worked all through the night... still not much progress. Still writing
    Kharg's Story 1. It's 4 am. We think we'll sleep now. Hey, it's a damn good FAQ.
    You know it. Whoo. 'Night.
    Later on: It's now 3 pm. Still not quite ready for submission... we reached the
    maximum amount of text for a SimpleText document and I (Sora) have been
    deleting carriage returns like my life depends on it to work in Microsoft Word.
    Back to the real work now. I hope I don't get carpal tunnel.
    3:38 pm: Kharg's Story 1 is finally done.
    4:48 pm: The framework for the FAQ is finally complete. Sora wants to submit it
    now and then update from here on out. Otaku wants to keep working, then
    submit a more complete guide. It seems to be a conflict of interests. We'll keep
    you posted. Literally.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    We began this FAQ ^_^ There isn't a lot of information right now...  Started to
    write the beginning of the beginning. Stay tuned. We'll progress rapidly.
    On a random note: Happy July.
    - ~ - * TABLE OF CONTENTS * - ~ -
    Note: To get around easily in this FAQ, simply do a search for a key part of the
    section title and you should be brought right to it.
    I. Introduction
       A. Background Storyline: Previous ATL Summaries
       B. Background Storyline: War of the Spirits
       C. Spirit Stones
       D. The "Buying" Guide
    II. Characters
       A. Main Characters
       B. Secondary Characters
    III. Menus and Controls
       A. Stats
       B. World Map/Town Controls
       C. Battle Controls
    IV. Walkthrough
       A. Kharg's Story 1: The First Battle
       B. Darc's Story 1: Awakening
       C. Kharg's Story 2: Setting Out
       D. Darc's Story 2: Ambition
       E. Kharg's Story 3: Conflict
       F. Darc's Story 3: Love and Hate
       G. Kharg's Story 4: Rage
       H. Darc's Story 4: Reunion
       I. Kharg's Story 5: Truth
       J. Darc's Story 5: Evolution
       K. Kharg's Story 6: Rivalry
       L. Darc's Story 6: The Final Battle
       M. Kharg and Darc: The Final Battle
    V. Arena Strategies
    V1. The Art of Thievery
    VII. Skills and Magic
       A. Overview: Acquiring Skills and Magic
       B. Skills
       C. Magic
    VIII. Items Etc.
       A. Kharg's Party Shop Info
       B. Darc's Party Shop Info
    IX. Ancient Tablets and Spirit Dictionaries
       A. Ancient Tablets
       B. Spirit Dictionaries
    X. Battle Voices
       A. Kharg's Scenario
       B. Darc's Scenario
    XI. Arc the Lad Collection References
    XII. The "Cool List"
    XIII. Credits and Thanks
    - ~ - * I . INTRODUCTION * - ~ -
    (( Sora: Otaku thinks he's gonna snap because I "won't let him write any of
    this".  I think I'll be turning this over to him. ))
    <> Otaku: Uh...heheh. *Ahem*... <>
    A.  Background Storyline: Previous ATL Summaries
    Before we leap into the new game, let's look back at the three previous ATL
    games and their overall plot.
    Arc the Lad ~ Young lad Arc seeks his missing father Yoshoa, befriends allies
    along the way, then sets out to defeat an evil force (lead by the Dark One). It
    might not sound like much, but this simple strategy-RPG quickly became one of
    the most noteworthy in Japan. Allies include musician Poco, samurai Tosh, healer
    (and female love interest to Arc) Kukuru, and the eccentric summoner Chongara
    (his most powerful summon being Choko, who'll appear in the next three games...).
    Arc the Lad II ~ The sequel to ATL is actually a continuation of the first game;
    all of the old characters are still here, but the main focus has switched over
    to a young Hunter named Elc (a.k.a. Elk in Japanese) and his group of friends.
    Both the ATL and ATL II characters eventually become one large team, and
    together vanquish the Dark One. The defeat of the Dark One, however, costs Arc
    and Kukuru their lives...as well as causing "The Great Disaster", which also
    killed a whole lotta people. So, in short, there's a whole lot of dying. New
    characters in ATL II include ninja Shu, robot Diekbeck, and warrior Gruga. Choko
    also becomes a regular, playable character.
    Arc the Lad III ~ The last ATL game to appear on the PSX (for now at least), Arc
    the Lad III incorporates a lot of new features. Non-chibi character sprites,
    impressive CG cutscenes, new battle features, and a storyline based around
    Hunter Guild jobs are just the beginning of what's in here. An all-new cast is
    introduced, including Alec (the "hero"), Lutz (his goofy best friend ^_^), Theo
    (the kid with a dream), Cheryl (the rebellious "loner" chick), Marsia (the mage
    girl), and Velhart (the guy with the huge sword and long hair). Also playable
    for short periods are Elc, Shu and Tosh from the previous Arc games, and other
    characters from the first two games make cameos as well.
    B. Background Storyline: War of the Spirit Stones
    Chaos and suffering are close on the horizon...and powerful spirits are about to
    play their hand!
    For countless generations, Humans and Deimos have relied upon one natural
    resource- Spirit Stones. Both races mine the gems from sites around the world.
    To the Humans, the Stones are an energy source supplying warmth, light and
    mechanical power. To the Deimos, Spirit Stones are the vital force empowering
    their magical abilities.
    Aside from Spirit Stones, the Humans and Deimos have almost nothing in common.
    Centuries ago both races decided to ignore the other's existence. Now each
    culture inhabits a different part of the world. On those rare occasions
    when Humans and Deimos clash, control of Spirit Stones is the reason.
    To both Humans and Deimos, the most powerful treasures in the world are the
    five one-of-a-kind Great Spirit Stones, each representing one of the elemental
    powers of Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Light. If one being- Human or Deimos-
    were to possess all five stones, he would wield limitless power.
    At this moment, a Human army is sweeping across the globe in an attempt to
    capture all five of these treasures and enslave every other being on the planet.
    But the Spirits inhabiting the Great Spirit Stones will not let the future be
    decided so swiftly. Instead, they will place the fate of both races in the hands
    of two young warriors. One, named Kharg, lives a princely existence in the Human
    world. The other, Darc, is a lowly slave in the harsh Deimos civilization. He
    has suffered great hardship and carries a troubled heart. Each has sworn to
    defend his own world, and neither knows the other exists. Both these brave souls
    are unaware of the incredible powers they might soon possess.
    Join the two young warriors as they carry out a solemn oath to defend their
    civilizations. Prepare your weapons, focus your magical powers and surround
    yourself with powerful allies.
    It is time to battle the intruding darkness.
    C. Spirit Stones
    In ToS, characters do not have MP. Instead, they cast spells and use skills by
    harnessing the power from Spirit Stones. In a way, this is quite helpful; you
    can keep some characters constantly full of Spirit Stones (noted in this FAQ as
    "SS") by taking some away from characters  that you don't use (or at least don't
    use their spells/skills) often. However, this can also be a bit of a pain;
    unlike MP, SS aren't recovered when you heal. You'll either have to buy some SS
    at shops or pick some up with a character during battle.
    For more information on magic spells, skills, or Spirit Stones in general, see
    the "Skills and Magic" section.
    D. The Buying Guide
    <>Otaku: w00t, a new section by me!<> This section is for all those out there
    who have not yet purchased Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. Maybe you've
    heard about it, or played it at a friend's house, or perhaps you happened to
    see it at some store one day. Whatever the reason is, this small guide was
    made to help determine whether you personally will like it, and whether you
    should buy or rent it.
    Part 1: Familiarity with Series
    How familiar are you with the Arc the Lad series? Have you ever played any of
    the first three games, or do you know someone who has? If so, then you should
    enjoy Arc: ToS. It's chock full of many references, and although some may be
    harder to find due to translation differences, most are easy enough. Does that
    mean that you have to play any or all of the first three games? Most certainly
    not. I'm merely saying that you will only get the MOST out of this game if you
    have. Not to mention that the first three games are great RPGs anyway, so IMO
    it's a win-win situation there.
    Part 2: Familiarity with Battle System
    Have you ever played a "strategy-RPG" before? In many of these games (such as
    the first three Arc games), each battlefield is split into a large grid, with
    the characters and enemies each residing in one square. Since you have a
    limited range, you must use tactical decisions (as the name "strategy-RPG"
    implies) in order to defeat your opponents. If you have played a strategy-RPG
    (and you enjoyed it), then you would also probably enjoy Arc: ToS. The battle
    system in Arc: ToS is different from that in the previous Arc games (rather
    than fighting on a grid, characters and enemies can move a certain radius
    around, which I found to work better in 3D fights), but the old Arc still
    exists (the "Attacking from behind is always best" rule and familiar spells,
    to name a few). However, despite all this, I think that even if you haven't
    played a strategy-RPG before, you'll still catch onto the battle system pretty
    Part 3: Length
    Do you dislike games that aren't too long, or do you not really care? Although
    Arc: ToS is a fine game, it can be finished fairly fast if you don't bother
    with the Arenas (I personally don't care about the length of games, but I know
    a decent amount of people that do). 40-50 hours is a reasonable estimate, give
    or take depending on what you decide to do or not do. If you're one of those
    people that love those 70-80 hour, two or more disk RPGs (which I am,
    surprisingly), then you may want to consider renting Arc: ToS first.
    Those are the main points to keep in mind when considering to add Arc: ToS to
    your gaming library. All copies of this game should cost only $40 (or
    somewhere around that much), and that's pretty cheap for a next-gen console
    game nowadays. If you've gone over everything and are still unsure whether you
    should get it or not, just go ahead and rent it. Or, if you don't mind
    spoilers, you can read the first story or two of our walkthrough; you know,
    see if it sounds somewhat interesting or anything like that. And so concludes
    the buying guide. Have a question that the "guide" didn't cover? Or maybe have
    a different comment on the guide? Feel free to drop us a line
    (twilight_homies@yahoo.com) with anything of the like on the guide. I hope
    it's been at least somewhat helpful.
    - ~ - * II . CHARACTERS * - ~ -
    A. Main (Playable) Characters
    Below is a description of main characters, along with other tidbits of interest.
    As the walkthrough progresses, so will the information on characters and
    characters themselves will be added.
    Kharg Meleol Nidellia
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story (obviously)
    Age: 17
    Weapon: Sword
    Uses: Skills, later Spirit Magic
    Description: Generally a happy guy, Kharg is one of the two main "heroes" in
    ToS. His family was once the ruling family of his country, Nidellia. He
    enjoys becoming a skilled warrior and strongly believes in protecting his
    country and his people with his strength. His best friend is Paulette, whom he
    has known since they were both very young. He is called "Lord Kharg" by many of
    the people in Yewbell but doesn't think it's necessary. He has a strange
    birthmark on his right arm and pointy-ish ears. ((Sora: ...is pointy-ish a
    word?)) His mother is Lady Nafia, and they live together in the town of Yewbell,
    in Nidellia. His father is dead, and his mother will not tell him anything about
    his dear ol' daddy-o....
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: 17-18
    Weapon: ((Sora: It's a paper airplane on a wire! It is, I tell you!!)) Unknown
    for the time being.
    Description: She is Kharg's best friend and has a bit of a crush on him. She is
    one of the only people to call him simply "Kharg". She is Lloyd's daughter and
    apparently the only female member of the Nidellia Defense Corps.
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Somewhere from 13-14, maybe older, maybe younger... meh. <>Otaku:
    Give or take.<>
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow
    Description: Maru is first known as the "wild monkey monster" with the green
    face that has been stealing food from the people of Yewbell. When Kharg
    ventures into the Chaos Forest, he encounters the "monkey monster" and
    discovers the true identity: that it's only Maru with a green mask. Maru claims
    to be the prince of his own country, yet doesn't remember what country or where
    it is, since he was taken away from it when he was young. He does however
    have a golden crown around his neck, which he uses as proof of his royalty. He
    eventually stops treating Kharg like a "peasant", but tends to treat everybody
    else like they are. Since both of his parents are dead, he has been living alone
    in Chaos Forest, but asks Kharg if he could go with him on his adventures
    because he wants companionship.
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Somewhere in his mid 30s.
    Weapon: A huge, frelling AXE. (Ok, so it's not HUGE, but... eh.)
    Description: Ganz was a war orphan who became a mercenary to get money. However,
    one day he was gonna die, was saved by a young, "rookie" soldier who was
    fighting to protect the country he loved, and had a conversion thing. He then
    started looking for something to protect, and ended up in Isulo Forest, where he
    stays, known only as a "large, scary man" by the people in surrounding towns. He
    joins Kharg to look for that rookie soldier at first, later to get revenge.
    Colonel Tatjana of the Dilzweld Army Special Forces Division ((Sora: ... o_O))
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Somewhere in her late 20s, maybe early 30s. With a lot of makeup.
    Weapon: Special, scientific-y <>Otaku: That's not a word.<> ((Sora: ... Shut
    up!)) gun. Can shoot lotsa stuff.
    Description: Tatjana first appears at Scrappe Plateau to take Lilia to Emperor
    Darkham. She seems to think she's hot stuff and VERY loyal to Darkham, but
    that might all change... since Darkham probably sees her as a pawn to get
    what he wants. Probably. And, well now! It looks like she's now a playable
    Samson, the Double-barreled Gun-slinging Leader of the Moon Stone Gang of
    Thieves <>Otaku: 0_0 Dude! That's the longest title yet!<>
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Late 30s to early 40s, though he likes to play it young and get the ladies.
    Weapon: Uh... double-barreled guns. Duh.
    Description: Samson seems to show up just when you need him to. He's saved
    Kharg's... uh, booty more than once. This leader and his gang ONLY steal from
    Dilzweld for some... strange, unapPARENT reason. ((Sora: COUGH COUGH COUGH
    WHEEZE... sorry.)) Later on, Kharg may figure out Samson's secret... and Samson
    may move out of the NPC section too. Well, what do you know. He did.
    Diekbeck, Leader of the Ultra-Mech Squad
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: REALLY old.
    Weapon: A gun on his arm.
    Description: Diekbeck is a secret character that can be won in the Cathena
    Arena. He first appeared in Arc the Lad 2, and some of his spells are still
    intact in ToS (some of the names have been altered, though). His body has been
    destroyed two times now (the first at the end of Arc 2, and the second near the
    end of Arc 3...not including deaths in battle in Arc 2), yet always looks the
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: 17
    Weapon: At first his left arm, later a sword.
    Description: Darc began life with his father, Windalf. Upon Windalf's untimely
    death, he entrusted his son with a shiny, pretty green stone (a.k.a. the Wind
    Stone). He was later rescued by a large, ugly... uh, woman named Geedo (who
    slightly resembles a hybrid of a frog... and Jabba the Hut) and taken in as a
    slave. She fed him (sort of) and took care of him (with a whip) so he grew up
    nice and strong. And angry. But anyway. Since Darc's mother was a human and
    his father was a Deimos, Darc shows physical characteristics of both. He looks
    mainly like a human with pointy ears, scales down one side of his body, and
    wings. He has a strange birthmark on his right arm.  He lives with (slaves for)
    Geedo in her... home thing near the Deimos town of Orcoth. He is known to the
    Orcons there as a Deimos- "wannabe".
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: 16-17 (you never can tell with Deimos...)
    Weapon: First her legs/feet (she kicks), later a long metal claw.
    Description: Delma is a Orcon girl who takes a special interest in Darc, the
    "wannabe". Her big brother Densimo is currently the leader of the Orcon and
    ruler of Orcoth. According to Gorma, the elder in Orcoth, Delma is really a shy
    girl... ((Sora: Uh-huh. Right.)) She joins Darc and begins to feel emotions and
    becomes quite attached to the "wannabe". That is, until the unfortunate
    incident, after which she vows to kill him. This alone is the "reason" she stays
    with Darc... ((Sora: Uh-huh. Sure. Right again.))
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story, oddly enough...
    Age: Uh... 20. Not in dog-years. Hahahahaha... uh... wolf.
    Weapon: An axe-like thing. Apparently NOT human-made. Since he's against that
    and all.
    Description: Volk's first appearance is in the end of Kharg's first story, where
    he most notably... kills Lloyd. But hey, Lloyd slaughtered his wife and kid, so
    all's fair in love and death. And killing. And rage. And revenge. Yeah. Volk
    then ventures around basically slaughtering things, until he gets to Darc's
    arena in Orcoth, where he kills a buncha Orcon, fights Darc, loses, and swears
    allegiance to Darc as his "alpha". One might even go so far as to say Volk is
    Darc's bitch. Literally. (As in the DOG way, people.) So Volk is Darc's lackey.
    Camellia Rofeana Semalba
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Um... she looks heeeeeeeeecka old. But she's probably not that old...
    Weapon: A flower and poison dart-things. We think.
    Description: Camellia is the Pianta Sage, which means... she knows a lot. She
    first appears technically as an enemy to Darc's posse, fighting them inside a
    Dilzweld machine called a "Argewalt". When they defeat it, Camellia is freed.
    She was kidnapped (sage-napped?) by Dilzweld because her tribe knew the location
    of the "Miracle Stone", actually the Water Stone. None from her tribe would tell
    the Dilzweld where it was, so they were tortured and experimented on using the
    power of the Earth Stone that Dilzweld had. This is apparently why she has her
    shriveled, nasty appearance. She joins Darc in order to get the Water Stone and
    transform back into her regular self. But, like everyone else, she just wants to
    follow Darc. Darc coo. We love Darc.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Looks like a young girl of maybe 9 or 10... actual age is OLLLLLLD.
    Weapon: Stuffed Rabbit. Yeah, you heard us.
    Description: Bebedora was created for the sole purpose of destroying the
    world. Fun, huh? She's been trapped inside the Coleopt Shrine as a sort of
    guard dog for Queen Selkis. She decides that, since Darc's emotions are so
    different from any Deimos or Human, she wants to follow Darc and his posse
    on their adventures to "see more" of Darc's emotions. She then takes Darc as
    her "master" and swears to follow him. She says that she is a "puppet", human-
    like, controls and is controlled. Her Mind Control skills are formidable, and,
    in all honesty, nobody doesn't like her. (Ah, double negatives...)
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Looks about 9 or 10, although she's actually REALLY old
    Weapon: Her shoes
    Description: Choko is...well, a demon child. Or, as she puts it, "100% pure
    Deimos". Appearing as a Chongara Summon Pot summon in the first AtL game, Choko
    has made appearances in each Arc game to date; whether she be playable or
    allowing you to play a few mini-games. However, she really got a chance to shine
    in Arc the Lad 2, where a fun side-quest revolved around her and her past.
    Ending with her merging with her twin sister Akura and learning new abilities,
    Choko was then easily the best all-around character in the game. Too bad there's
    nothing like it in Arc: ToS...
    B. Secondary (Non-Playable) Characters
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: 16-17
    Weapon: None... her ortena? Her English singing voice? ^_- heh. <>Otaku: Ouch.<>
    Description: Lilia has had a hard life. She lived in peace with her mother and
    father until Dilzweld decided to hunt out the Great Spirit Stones. Her hometown
    was in possession of the Light Stone at that time, and ended up getting...
    mauled by Darkham's lackeys. The Light Stone was handed over to Lilia's family
    and they ran. One day, her father gave the Light Stone to her mother and up and
    left, nobody knows why. Three years before the events of ToS, Lilia's mother
    died, leaving Lilia in sole possession of the Light Stone. Since then, Lilia has
    been running from Darkham. Kharg and gang find her after her airship crashes
    near Yewbell, while Lilia is on her way to Cathena to report Darkham's activity
    to the World Alliance. She's wanted by Darkham for a special reason... one we've
    yet to uncover. (Well, WE have, but YOU might not have. So we won't spoil it.)
    (Lady) Nafia Yuriel Nidellia
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Unknown
    Weapon: None, her optimism. ^_^ ((Sora: heh.)) <>Otaku: lol<>
    Description: Kharg's mother, the former Queen of Nidellia. ((Sora: She's got a
    weird headdress thing...)) Whenever she hears about someone fighting, she
    lectures about not fighting with hatred, rather to protect someone or
    something. According to an old woman and old man in Yewbell, Nafia was quite a
    warrior in her day. She came back from a "long journey",
    <>Otaku:*coughhocough*<> many years ago ((Sora:*coughhocough*)) only to
    find that, in her absence, the country had been invaded, the castle burnt to the
    ground, and her hubby killed.  She immediately took charge and drove out the
    invaders, then declared Nidellia no longer a  monarchy, creating a peaceful,
    happy, EQUAL place. ((Sora: Peace and love, kiddies.)) However... she harbors a
    deep, dark secret and refuses to tell Kharg anything about his father.........
    ((Sora: Come on, what did the townspeople THINK when she came BACK TO HER
    HUSBAND with a CHILD??))
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Probably a little older than Nafia...er, WAS a little older.
    Weapon: Probably a sword, like most other Drakyr. Or his arm. Whatever.
    Description: Darc's father, the former leader of the Drakyr. He fell in love
    with Nafia, and ran away with her and the Wind Stone. Reaching the human-Deimos
    paradise on Cragh Island, the two of them learned that humans and Deimos really
    could live together, if the two sides would just try. Too bad that shortly after
    that, Nafia fell to her presumed death and Windalf died due to an injury
    inflicted upon him by pursuing Drakyr. Windalf appears to Darc at the beginning
    of his first story, telling him to save the Deimos and to stop a looming crisis.
    Windalf is the son of Williwo.
    Darkham Ekid na Bard
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: maybe 40? Do vampires have the same age system as humans?
    Weapon: Darkham Sword of Darkness and Despair <>Otaku: I made that up. It's
    actually just a sword. Meh.<>
    Description: Darkham is the leader of Dilzweld, who seeks the 5 GSS so he can...
    well... we don't want to spoil the real reason for you. Anyway, he wants the 5
    GSS as well as Lilia, for she has something that Darkham needs. Darkham is never
    seen without his Royal Guards (the Emperor Palpatine rejects, as mentioned
    several times in the walkthrough). We believe this man to be a vampire. Or
    something very, very close to it. LOOK at him, people!
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Uh...no clue.
    Weapon: His large, Deimos right arm.
    Description: Droguza looks like a whole mess of random Deimos. Once again, if we
    told you why that is, we'd spoil it for you. Droguza is also seeking out the 5
    GSS so he can become the Ultimate Deimos. He first meets Darc at the Rueloon
    Arena, where he is able to steal the Water Stone. For the remainder of the game,
    you will battle with Droguza several more times... including one that may be his
    last. May. As in will.
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: 40-50?
    Weapon: His cane? Liquor? Or maybe he just goes into a mad frenzy when he's
    Description: Zev, the world famous explorer, is one of the first characters that
    you will meet in the game. In fact, prior to your meeting with him is your very
    first battle! Wow. Kharg will encounter this mysterious explorer several times
    throughout the game. But how can he get around so fast... and what are his true
    intentions? Maybe you'll find out later in the game... maybe, as in will.
    Captain Lloyd of the Nidellia Defense Corps. <>Otaku: Man, that's one hell of a
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Old
    Weapon: Sword
    Description: Paulette's father. He has been a father-figure to Kharg ever since
    Kharg was young, and taught Kharg to fight. He's currently growing old and slow
    <>Otaku: LOL!<> however, and will soon retire as Captain of the Defense Corps.
    He hopes to turn the title over to Kharg, who has proven that he is worthy of
    it. His buddy is Duncan, who mans the Defense Corps. office in the corner of the
    pub. Thought we'd mention Duncan here, instead of in his own entry. Poor fool.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Mid-20s?
    Weapon: Uh...a sword. A certain type of sword, we'll bet.
    Description: Rapier is a mercenary unlike all other mercenaries; rather than
    fighting for wealth or fame, he fights to protect what is important to him.
    Rapier saved Ganz (back while Ganz was in the service), and his words of wisdom
    inspired Ganz to search for something he could protect (hence his living in
    Isulo Forest). Even though he greatly affects Ganz for the duration of the game,
    Rapier never actually appears in Kharg's Story; rather, he and some other
    mercenaries stop by Windalf's grave. It's near his father's grave that Darc is
    able to defeat Rapier and the other mercenaries. In fact, the armor and sword
    that Darc uses for the rest of the game are indeed Rapier's...what a crazy
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: Around Maru's age, possibly a little older.
    Weapon: Her fortune-telling abilities? o_O
    Description: Foh is a young girl who specializes in fortune-telling and seeing
    into the future. She is the current "ruler" of Milmarna, due to a mishap with
    the prince many years ago. It's a long story, with predicting the future, and an
    assassination plot, and Foh's father being mauled by Deimos, and such. Anyway,
    when Kharg and group arrive at Milmarna, Maru poses as the prince so they can
    get the Lamda sutra translated. What a mean prank to pull, Maru. Or IS it...?
    Yrena and Nazaal, wife and son (respectively) of Volk
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story, briefly before dying >_<
    Age: Yrena is probably a little younger than or the same as Volk, and Nazaal
    looks about 7 or 8.
    Weapon: Maybe Nazaal borrowed Volk's axe from time to time...and Yrena probably
    had her own, even though she didn't use it.
    Description: Yrena and Nazaal is the family Volk has to leave behind, all thanks
    to Lloyd. Good job, Lloyd. But then again, if it wasn't for Lloyd and his
    unjustified killing, Volk wouldn't have gone on that mad "kill-all-humans-and-
    possibly-other-things-that-bother-me" trip and joined up with Darc. And that
    would suck, since Volk is a rather nice addition to Darc's party. Anyway, the
    death of Volk's family develops into a hate of Paulette...and although she
    technically also has a just reason for hating Volk, since Volk killed Lloyd,
    Lloyd DID start it all. Or so we presume. Too bad there isn't a scene that shows
    what REALLY happened...meh.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: HOLY... uh, old. And FAT. And ugly. <>Otaku: You know, those are more
    physical characteris-<> ((Sora: Sha! She is, you know.)) <>Otaku: ... Yeah.<>
    Weapon: Whip! ((Sora: Whippy whippy time.)) <>Otaku: Whoo-pah!<>
    Description: Geedo... is fat and ugly. That out of the way, she took Darc in
    when he was very young and starving on the streets of Orcoth. Like we said
    before, she fed him poor and whipped him rich... er, good, so he grew up. That,
    in itself, was a miracle. Anyway. She likes a couple of things: (1) ordering
    Darc around, (2) whipping Darc when he doesn't do what she wants, (3) whipping
    Darc for no apparent reason, (4) Phoenix Blood, for drinkin'. Mmm, good for the
    heart. Or something. She also enjoys doing things for money. Greedy bastard.
    Er... whatever she is.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: uh... Elder-ly
    Weapon: His staff, should he choose to use it.
    Description: Gorma is the "village elder" of Orcoth and former leader/ruler of
    the town. He chose Densimo to rule after him, thinking that Densimo would be a
    good leader... <>Otaku: Boy was he wrong...<> Gorma very much likes Firbles,
    tiny-little-cute-white-lizard-like-creatures. Phew.  He wishes to try and raise
    one into a Pyron (flaming flying creatures) so that he can fly on it.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Older than Delma, not as old as Gorma
    Weapon: His sheer bulk, baby.
    Description: Densimo is Delma's older brother, the current ruler of Orcoth.
    However, he's a bad leader; all he does is sit, sleep and eat Firbles. Oh yeah,
    he also bosses people around and threatens to kill them. Fun. Densimo only wants
    Firbles and power, and the power that comes with eating Firbles, and then
    s'more power. And Firbles. He joins Darc to fight humans and the Drakyr (other
    Deimos), but later, due to this... desperate want of Firbles, an incident occurs
    between Densimo and Darc that severs their alliance with each other. Densimo's
    biggest lackeys are Zoram and Zugalo.
    Captain Spencer of the Epistia Resistance Team ((Sora: I made that up. Whoop.))
    First Appears In: Kharg's Story
    Age: An older gentleman... maybe in his 50s.
    Weapon: Probably a gun, sword, something else... hand grenades... crossbow...
    something else... yeah, he's armed.
    Description: Spencer is leading the Resistance in Epistia. Shock, huh. His men
    "aid" Kharg and company only in that they cause trouble... he does allow you to
    get a weapon upgraded to the Big Owl though, so he's not completely useless.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Old. Very old.
    Weapon: His cane...or maybe his bulk, kinda like Densimo.
    Description: HEY HEY HEY! Williwo's here to stay! ... Excuse us. Anyway, Williwo
    is the Drakyrnian elder. Darc will meet up with Williwo when the posse makes a
    stop in Drakyrnia. Williwo is the father of that traitor Windalf; although he
    seems quite displeased with his son's decisions, he rather prefers to throw the
    blame of everything on that stupid human Nafia. Williwo will also explain to
    Darc how every member of the family of Will has the Crest of Will on their body
    somewhere, about Droguza and what he (Williwo) knows about him, and how his
    (Darc's) mother and brother were killed years ago. But we know better, don't we?
    Yes, yes we do.
    First Appears In: Darc's Story
    Age: Very old, but not as old as Williwo.
    Weapon: He seems like one of those kickass old guys who can pwn with katanas or
    bokens and stuff...but with that aside, he doesn't let on if he uses a weapon,
    and if so what it is.
    Description: Sagan is the long-time servant of Windalf, and despite Windalf's
    "traitor"-ness, Sagan is still loyal to his master. Darc will meet Sagan on the
    way up to see Williwo in Drakyrnia, who in turn will then introduce you to the
    elder himself. Unlike Williwo, Sagan doesn't seem to have a big grudge against
    Nafia (or, if he does, at least he hides it well).
    - ~ - * III . MENUS AND CONTROLS * - ~ -
    A. Stats
    Stats are pretty simple, really... If you've ever played any RPG, most will ring
    bell. Or at least sound similar. Here's the lowdown.
      - LV: Level. Character's level. Goes up as you gain experience through
      - * (SS image): Spirit Stone Total, the amount of SS the character currently
    out of the total number that they could have.
      - (Picture of a bag): Item Total: The number of items that your character is
    holding out of the total number that they can hold.
      - HP: Hit points. The amount of health your character has out of the total
    amount that they have. If HP reaches 0... you win a prize! Yup, death. Happy
      - EXP: Experience your character has.
      - NEXT LEVEL: The amount of EXP your character needs to increase to the next
      - CLASS: A character's magic or skill level, represented by little gold stars.
    Gain SP to move up a Class.
      - NEXT CLASS: The amount of SP needed to increase to the next Class.
      - ATT: A character's attack power. The higher this number, the more damage
    the character dishes out.
      - SPD: Speed. This number determines who attacks when and how often in a
    battle. Higher numbers mean quicker attacks, more often.
      - CNT: Counterattack. The higher this number, the greater the chances of the
    character countering a Standard Attack.
      - MOV: Movement. The higher the number, the greater the area that can be
    moved around in during battle. A.k.a. your "reach" is bigger.
      - DEF: Defense. The higher the number, the less damage will be received from
      - HIT: Hit percentage. Probability that a character's Standard Attack will hit
    not miss.
      - GRD: Guard. Probability that a character will block a Standard Attack.
      - TNS: Tension meter. As you take hits in battle, your character's tension
    meter will rise. Once it is full, a fire aura will appear around the character.
    In this state, all Standard Attacks by that character will be more powerful. In
    addition, if an ally is nearby when that character performs a Standard Attack,
    they will perform a dual attack for a buncha damage. ((Sora: TNS is a new
    addition to ATL games, fyi.))
      - MNT: Mental. The higher the number, the greater the effects of magic and
      - SP: Spell casting. The ability to cast spells is earned with victories in
    SP can later be used to "pay" for new skills and magic.
      - AVO: Avoidance. A higher number means that the character can dodge
    attacks more easily.
      - CRI: Critical Hit percentage. The higher the number, the higher the
    probability that the character will perform a critical hit during a Standard
    Elements: You can use elemental resistance items to make a character take less
    damage from certain elemental attacks. The elements are Fire, Water, Wind,
    Earth, Light and Dark.
    B. World Map/ Town Controls
    The controls for the World Map and towns are similar to that in previous ATL
    games. On the World Map, you can select a location using a flaming sword as a
    cursor. When a new area is brought up in conversation, it will appear in green
    text, signifying that it is now accessible on the World Map. By entering an area
    infested with monsters, you will automatically engage in a battle (or
    occasionally enter an important scene). By entering a town, you switch to the
    town controls:
    - Left Analog Stick/D-pad: Run.
    - Left Analog Stick halfway/Left Analog Stick+O/D-pad+O: Walk.
    - X: Talk/Investigate.
    - T (Triangle): Open main menu. (also usable on the World Map)
    - O (when in main menu): Back/Close menu.
    When dealing with merchants and other craftsmen (er...people), you can select
    sub-menus using the Left Analog Stick/D-pad and X. When purchasing weapon parts
    or accessories, the small images of characters in your party represent who
    can equip them. And whenever you find merchants, make sure to stock up on
    healing items and Spirit Stones!
    C. Battle Controls
    As soon as you enter a battle, you will be able to select party members that you
    wish to participate in the fight (as well as check party items and stats, or use
    items or skills). Once you have decided, select "Start" and then "OK" to begin.
    You will then view the victory conditions (these conditions must be met to
    successfully "win" the fight). Most of the time, the conditions will just be for
    you to defeat the enemies. Other times, however, you'll have to protect a
    character from harm or deal with another distraction while fighting. ((Sora: Yes
    indeedy.)) Anyway, after the victory conditions, you then switch to the battle
    - Left Analog Stick/D-pad: Move. (can only move within the blue area around
    your character)
    - X: Standard Attack/Pick up item(s)/(when choosing a skill, item, or magic
    spell) Confirm selection.
    - R1 (hold): Displays the character's Weapon Range (aim with Left Analog
    - S (Square): Displays cursor that can move freely around the screen (can check
    ally/enemy stats).
    - T (Triangle): Open battle menu (use Left Analog Stick/D-pad to make a
    In the battle menu...
    - Attack: If close enough and aimed at enemy, your character will perform a
    Standard Attack.
    - Pick up: If standing directly over item(s) ("Item" will appear over
    character's head), your character can pick up the item(s). (note: Once a
    character has picked up an item, he/she will be unable to move. He/she can still
    attack and use skills, items, and magic, however)
    - Skill (for Humans and Darc): Shows the skills the character knows (and the SS
    cost to use them).
    - Magic (for Deimos and Kharg): Shows the magic the character knows (and the
    SS cost to use them).
    - Items: Shows the items the character is currently holding.
    - End: Ends the character's turn.
    (by moving right or left while on the battle menu, you can reach these options:)
    - Equip: Allows the character to change his/her equipment.
    - Status: Shows the character's stats.
    - Conditions: Displays the victory conditions (also notes what will result in a
    - Retreat: Allows your party to usually escape from most battles.
    Also, not that it really matters, but unlike in previous ATL games, characters
    don't leap over one another; instead, they "shove" and move around them. ^_^
    - ~ - * IV . WALKTHROUGH * - ~ -
    The game starts with a cutscene (where the English dub comes into play, and
    you can't do a darn thing about it) of a peaceful-looking girl sitting in a
    peaceful-looking place, playing some peaceful-sounding music on a strange...yet
    peaceful-looking instrument. She hears a noise and looks up suddenly to see a
    large airship and smaller craft approaching her in the sky. With "the Spirits
    guiding her", she takes off.
    A. Kharg's Story 1: The First Battle
    Okay, so technically there's another cutscene before this but...meh. Anyway,
    you'll see this cutscene of a boy (Kharg) preparing for a swordfight with an
    older man in armor (Lloyd). A girl (Paulette) cheers for Kharg from the
    sidelines. After enjoying Kharg's ownage <>Otaku: Is that a word? Eh.<>, Lloyd
    admits that Kharg has become very skilled. A stout man (Banjo) calls to Lloyd
    and asks to speak with him. Kharg and Paulette wonder what they are speaking
    about, and you gain control of Kharg! However, you can't do much right now
    so...just run over and talk to Banjo. Banjo explains that he was at Scrappe
    Plateau earlier and saw a "suspicious-looking old man" there. He wants it to be
    checked out. Kharg offers to go, and Lloyd agrees, telling Paulette to accompany
    him. Paulette suggests that you should stop in and tell "Lady Nafia"
    ((Sora:*coughthehocough*)) where you are going. Kharg thinks it unnecessary,
    but YOU (lucky you) get to go to Kharg's house anyway. It's right there, where
    you were fighting, just GO in the door. Yup.
    Nafia seems not to be there... They hear a voice, however, that seems to be
    coming from Nafia's room. Kharg says he'll check in it out, and Paulette seems
    to think it would be "wrong" or something if she saw Nafia's room, so she stays
    in the doorway. Whatever. You can explore Kharg's home... uh, there ain't much
    there. His room is off to the right and consists of... a very large bed. Wow,
    simple decor. Go Kharg. There's another bed out in the middle of the freaking...
    living...room...thing... (which never seems to be used, by the way...), and Lady
    Nafia's room is across from the front door. Go ahead in, luckster. Kharg goes in
    and... nobody's there! Waahoo! Kharg notices a shiny thing, though, and goes to
    check it out. After all, it might be dangerous. He notes that it's a stone
    that's glowing. Hmm. Then the same voice that Kharg and Paulette heard earlier
    speaks again, this time to Kharg. A small, floating man appears, introducing
    himself as the Wind Spirit. It tells Kharg (basically) to save the world from
    impending darkness and "awaken" as a hero/savior. Whoop. Then the Spirit
    disappears and Kharg is left bewildered at what this all could mean. Time to go
    hunting for old guys on Scrappe Plateau.
    You can take this chance to wander around town if you wish. Right next to your
    house is the gate to the Castle Ruins, which is currently locked, you'll soon
    find out why. Down the stairs to the  right of your house is the Item Shop, and
    further down those stairs (or through the Item Shop) is the Weapon/Accessory
    Shop. To the left of the Weapon Shop door is the Pub, down another small flight
    of stairs is the Refinery, where Spirit Stones are turned into energy for the
    If you go toward the Refinery, you'll meet a man outside named Butch, who is a
    worker and is waiting for Banjo to get there. He asks you to get Banjo (who is
    in the Item Shop). If you talk to Banjo then, he'll give you the Knuckle Guard,
    a nice accessory for Kharg. If you venture into the Pub, you'll find a healer
    right inside the door (helpful), the "office" of the Defense Corps in the corner
    (very helpful), and a Save Point upstairs (most helpful). The man behind the
    Defense Corps. desk is Duncan. He can give you a lot of information, including
    why the gate to the Castle Ruins is currently locked. Apparently a "wild monkey
    monster" with a green face had been sneaking into town and stealing food,
    especially apples and bananas, coming from the nearby Chaos Forest, so Duncan
    had believed it the best course of action to lock the gate to the Castle Ruins.
    Awww, but now the young gangs have nowhere to play... Anyway, right next to the
    Pub is the exit to town. Head out, soldier.
    Head to Scrappe Plateau. When you get there, you'll enter a small scenette
    where you see an old man with goggles and a cape being attacked by little rat-
    like creatures. He's yelling at them to stop (which doesn't work) and calling
    for help (which... also doesn't work) when you show up. Paulette says that you
    should help, and you agree. You call to the old man and tell him to get
    somewhere safe, that you'll fight what Paulette called "Suskle Squirrels". He
    thanks you, now it's time for your first battle! If you've read our battle
    controls, you're set n' ready. If not... read 'em. An effective tactic if you
    can't reach any of them to begin with is to let them come to you. Trying to
    reach you, they will most likely group together, allowing you to attack more
    than one. Don't be afraid to heal if you need it, you'll get a lot more money
    later on. Pay attention to the small "dialogues" that take place in battles,
    some are important. This particular one talks  about how some characters have
    longer ranges with their weapons than other characters. Use this to your
    advantage when strategizing.
    Once you defeat the Suskle Squirrels, the old man comes back to thank you. He
    says that his name is Zev, the world famous explorer. Yet... Kharg has never
    heard of him. Oh well, sorry Zev. Kharg and Paulette also introduce themselves.
    He says that he's looking for rare artifacts. Then he mentions the strange mark
    on Kharg's arm. Kharg says not to worry, he wasn't wounded fighting, that it is
    a birthmark that he's always had. Paulette muses that Kharg always touches it
    whenever he is anxious, worried, or otherwise concerned or emotional. Anyway...
    Zev says he wants to continue to explore, and Kharg says that Zev is welcome
    to come to Yewbell any time he wants. Then Kharg and Paulette can leave.
    (That'd be you, pally. Move out.) Head back to Yewbell.
    <>Otaku: A tip, if you wish... After you heal in Yewbell, but before you head to
    find Lloyd, you can head to the Garagne Hills to train, if you wish.<>
    Back in Yewbell, you search for Lloyd to tell him what you discovered. You can
    either ask Duncan where he is, or (since you're reading this) just head to
    Kharg's house. Inside, you find Lloyd and Lady Nafia talking. Apparently some
    Deimos have appeared in Plumb Canyon, an important resource of Spirit Stones for
    Yewbell. Lloyd says that he'll be going to check out the situation, as there are
    currently Defense Corps members at Plumb Canyon. He leaves. Kharg, upon his
    mother's suggestion, then goes to talk with Banjo about the supply of Spirit
    Stones and to make sure that the town isn't in significant trouble because of
    the rumors about Plumb Canyon. Banjo says that there's no real threat at the
    moment, that they have a large supply stocked up in case of emergency.
    However, Banjo mentions his big concern: once the Spirit Stone resources in
    Plumb Canyon run out, what will the people of Yewbell do for energy? He's
    worried about the long-term. ((Sora: A side note here...)) If you speak to
    Butch, he'll mention that the machine they are working with was built by
    something called the "Academy" and dug up. ((Sora: Arc 3 reference! Yay!))
    Anyway, Kharg and Paulette head back to Lady Nafia, but on the way they stop.
    Lloyd is slowly coming into town, assisting an injured man. Paulette calls the
    wounded soldier Morth, and Kharg decides that Morth should be brought to his
    home right away so that his mother may tend to the man's injuries. Lloyd tells
    Paulette to summon the Defense Corps. right away and have them ready to move out
    to Plumb Canyon.
    Back at Kharg's house... Kharg is forced to sit in the "living room" while his
    mother and Lloyd tend to Morth's wounds. Paulette enters and asks how Morth
    is, Kharg answers that he doesn't know yet, he's been waiting outside the whole
    time. Just then, Nafia and Lloyd exit the room. Nafia notifies Paulette and
    Kharg that Morth is going to be all right, that his wounds are not serious. Then
    the story comes out... the Defense Corps. members at Plumb Canyon were attacked
    by Deimos. Morth was the only soldier to make it out. Lloyd tells Paulette that
    the Defense Corps. will be moving out to take care of those Deimos. Kharg
    agrees and says that they'll show those Deimos what humans can do... but Nafia
    makes a remark to Lloyd, and Lloyd tells Kharg that he is not to come with the
    Defense Corps. Lloyd and Paulette leave for the "square", where the Corps. are
    waiting. Needless to say, Kharg is pretty mad about not being able to go with
    the Defense Corps. Nafia gives him a speech about not fighting with hatred and
    anger, because that solves nothing. ((Sora: Peace and love.)) She accuses him
    of only wanting to test his strength, which he agrees to- he doesn't think
    there's anything wrong with that. Kharg leaves to go to the square and assist
    the Defense Corps. against his mother's wishes. When he gets there,  Lloyd also
    refuses him the privilege to accompany the troops. The Defense Corps. move
    out, leaving Kharg behind. He hot-foots it back to his house. Inside, go into
    Nafia's room and talk to Morth. Kharg asks if Morth knows why Nafia won't let
    him go to fight the Deimos, and at first Morth is reluctant to talk about it.
    With a little persuasion, however, Morth replies that he doesn't know exactly,
    but it was something about the look on Nafia's face when he mentioned that there
    were Deimos and described them. Then, "when Lloyd said that they sounded like
    Drakyr", Nafia looked pale and scared. ((Sora: Hmm, we wonder why...?)) Back
    out in the front room, Kharg speaks to his mother. Their conversation ends with
    an angry and rather determined Kharg leaving, focused completely on going to
    Plumb Canyon.
    Outside, Kharg hears a knocking... from the other side of the locked gate to the
    Castle Ruins! Who else could it be... but Zev. He states that this was the only
    way he could get to Yewbell and  begs Kharg to let him in, he's hungry! Kharg is
    struck with sudden inspiration: if I can't be rebellious and leave through the
    main exit from town, I'll be rebellious and leave through the Castle Ruins!
    First, however, he's gotta get them unlocked. Time for Duncan to come in handy.
    Head over to the pub and to Duncan's "office" and you'll talk to him about the
    Gate Key. He gives you the same old story about the monkey monster, and
    Kharg says fine, then I'll get rid of the monkey monster. Duncan hems and haws
    for a bit, then hands over the Gate Key. In other words, that conversation went
    something like this:
      Kharg: Give me the Gate Key.
      Duncan: Uh... I have no Gate Key.
      Kharg: I'll tear your arms off.
      Duncan: Oh you mean this Gate Key. *gives Gate Key*
    ((Sora: If any of you know that reference, email us. We commend you.))
    With the key in hand, get back to the gate and open her up! Zev comes in, hears
    about the pub, and heads on over. Now, any time you need to find him... that's
    pretty much where he'll be. Drunken fool. Anywho, head out through the Castle
    Ruins (there's only one path you can really take anywhere). You'll end up out on
    the World Map. You'll find that you need to get through the Chaos Forest and
    the Edge of the Sea of Trees before you can reach Plumb Canyon, so better
    start. You'll automatically enter Chaos Forest when trying to move over/through
    Cutscene time. Someone with a weird green face is watching Kharg. Uh-oh... he's
    got a bow and arrow! Nooo, not Kharg's... foot? Eh, he missed anyway. Kharg
    picks up the arrow and, with precision accuracy and mad strength, chucks it
    back at the bowman. "Damn it! Ow ow ow." The kid falls down from where he was.
    Wait, a kid? The green face is a mask, and it's just some jungle-child. He calls
    himself the "King of Chaos Forest" and apparently thinks he's hot stuff. Just
    then, some monsters appear and the kid takes cover behind Kharg. Way to go,
    kiddo. The Hemo-ji... er, "Sloth" roars, and Kharg suggests that the kid work
    with him to defeat the monsters. The kid agrees and introduces himself as Maru.
    You fight... It's a good thing to take out the Sloth first, only because he can
    turn you into a Hemo- er... Sloth, too. The "in-battle dialogue" for this battle
    revolves around the dead tree stump that you can attack. Sometimes inanimate
    objects can be attacked and, once you break them apart, they may contain items.
    In this case, there's an herb in the stump. Yippe-kai-yay. Once you win, Kharg
    starts to set off on his merry way, but Maru stops him. Maru claims to be the
    Prince of his own country...yet he can't remember what country or where it is.
    But he's got a bona-fide golden crown around his neck to prove it's true! After
    being taught a little lesson in humility (basically realizing that just because
    he thinks he's a Prince doesn't mean everyone is beneath him and will want to be
    his follower), Maru asks Kharg if he can accompany him. Maru says that, sure,
    he's used to being alone, but when they teamed up it was great. Since his
    parents are dead, he's got no companions. Kharg agrees, and you get an archer in
    your party. ((Sora: Long range = superb.)) Keep heading forward to Plumb Canyon
    through the Edge of the Sea of Trees (you may or may not enter into a battle as
    you try to pass over there) and enter once you're there.
    You immediately notice some dead-looking people... this can't be good. Maru
    points out a girl in trouble... a girl? Defense Corps? Hmm... tricky one... but
    we bet it's Paulette. Yup, good guess. Lloyd and the remaining troops can't get
    to her because their path is blocked by Drakyr, and Paulette's surrounded by a
    Drakyr and some monsters. Kharg calls down that he'll help, and a battle begins.
    You have to fight a couple Drakyr and some Wyverns, none of which are really
    too difficult... use Maru's ability to aim at multiple people (as in line them
    up and get close enough so you can attack more than one of them at once) to your
    advantage, and make sure to hit boxes and things for items. Once you win,
    everybody's happy. Even Lloyd, though he gives you a speech about obeying
    your mother and whatnot. Then Lloyd and Paulette speed off to investigate
    some Deimos footprints found in the Garagne Hills. After you talk with the
    soldiers up near the entrance/exit, talk to Maru and tell him that you're ready
    to leave. He'll ask if he can come home with you... and share your food, of
    course. You agree, and you head back.
    Make a pit stop at the Garagne Hills... as soon as you enter, two wolf-Deimos
    stumble forward and drop, dead, at your feet. Looking ahead, Paulette and Lloyd
    are fighting another, larger wolf-Deimos. The Deimos curses: that was his wife
    and child that Paulette and Lloyd had just killed! Kharg runs in to help and the
    wolf-Deimos leaves, vowing revenge. Paulette then meets Maru, and Kharg asks
    what happened with the wolf-Deimos. Paulette answers that she and her father
    split up, and she found him when he was already fighting them. Lloyd has been
    surprisingly silent up until now... suddenly, he falls to the ground in a
    Lloyd's gone. Poor old, slow Lloyd... Paulette cries, yada yada. Later, back at
    Nafia is trying to comfort Paulette, who is still crying. Paulette swears that
    she'll never forgive the Deimos for what they did. Kharg has a flashback to [one
    of] his first "sparring" sessions with Lloyd, back when Kharg had no skill. Or
    game. Yeah. Kharg swears that there will be no more victims... he'll fight the
    B. Darc's Story 1: Awakening
    This story also begins with a cutscene: some Drakyr are chasing a male Deimos
    and female Human, both of which are carrying a human-like baby in their arms.
    The two are eventually trapped when they reach a cliff. The male Deimos tells
    "Nafia", the female Human, <>Otaku: Hmmm...I wonder why that rings a bell...<>
    to escape with the children. However, their plans are cut short when a Drakyr
    launches a beam attack at them. The male Deimos takes the blow for the family
    (he takes the blow to his back, so that the baby he's holding doesn't get hit),
    and part of the cliff breaks off, causing "Nafia" and the baby she's holding to
    fall into the dark depths below. Fade out then back in on a young boy (the baby
    the male Deimos was holding), carrying his father through a desert-like area.
    They eventually reach some church ruins, where the young boy (who you discover
    is named "Darc" as he helps him father) thinks his father can recover. Instead,
    his father hands Darc the Wind Stone, tells him to save the Deimos, and dies.
    Not exactly what Darc wanted to happen, we bet. <>Otaku: Hey, at least Darc
    screams better than Paulette did when Lloyd died...<>
    Now out of the cutscene, you see a spooky-looking house on a spooky-looking
    night, and can hear someone whipping somebody. Quite a switch, eh? A few more
    whips and insults to the "little bastard" later, you discover the "whipee": a
    17-year-old human-like Deimos that resembles that Darc kid. Or a 17-year-old
    Deimos-like human that resembles that Darc kid. Your choice. Although he is more
    human than Deimos...well, anyway. Not surprisingly, it's Darc. You also discover
    the whipper: Geedo, a LARGE and UGLY Deimos thing. <>Otaku: If you'd like to see
    more of our comments on this large 'n ugly...thing, see the Characters
    section.<> She tells Darc to get her some Phoenix Blood, and hands over 100G.
    She also makes it a point that she'll whip him if he spends the money on
    something else. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, take this chance to save your game
    at the save point then head upstairs. If you try to open the treasure chest
    upstairs, Geedo will say that she's keeping it closed with her magic. Bah for
    us. Don't worry, though; you'll be able to come back for it a bit later. So, run
    out of Geedo's house then exit to the World Map.
    Geedo wants you to head to Orcoth for the "Pho Blo", but you might want to train
    a little while you have the chance. <>Otaku: I suggest being level 2 or 3 before
    going to Orcoth, but that's just me.<> You can also stop by the Church Ruins,
    where your father's stone tomb is (it's the pile of stones under the big stained
    glass window). If you investigate the stones, Darc will talk for a bit about
    being pathetic, and how he shouldn't complain. Great. You'll also discover that
    the name of Darc's father is Windalf. Anyway, take note of an abandoned nest to
    the left of Windalf's tomb; it'll be important soon. That's all you can do at
    the Ruins for now, so unless you want to do some more training, go to Orcoth.
    Once inside Orcoth, head down a few sets of stairs. You'll watch a cutscene with
    an "Orcon girl", who soon introduces herself as Delma, the "Red Devil" of the
    Orcon tribe. Calling you a wannabe Deimos, she tells you to go home then walks
    off. Okay then. If you've been training, you'll want to heal; look for a short,
    fat monster with a white hat. That's a Quorup, and this particular kind will
    heal you. There's also a Quorup merchant (they wear red hats, btw) in Orcoth,
    but he doesn't seem to be in his shop (the big shop in the left part of town)
    right now. <>Otaku: If I have ever played a RPG before, which I have, then he'll
    probably show up right after I've done something that's important to the
    story.<> So, enter the big building in the right part of town; that's the Arena.
    You'll find Gorma, an old Deimos, yelling at another Deimos, Densimo, about
    "Firbles", which Densimo has supposedly been eating. Although Gorma
    claims that these Firbles could grow into mighty flying creatures, Densimo
    forcefully shows that he doesn't care. When you gain control of Darc again,
    Gorma is gone and Densimo is aggravated. There's a save point to the left of
    Densimo's throne, so we suggest you use it. When you leave the Arena, you'll
    find that the Quorup merchant is back in shop. Darc will tell him that he needs
    some Phoenix Blood, and the Quorup will reply that drinking too much of it will
    give Geedo an early grave. Anyway, purchase the "Pho Blo" and, if you have any
    extra Gold, try to get a few Healing Herbs. When you've healed, saved, and got
    the Phoenix Blood, try to leave town. You'll be blocked by two Deimos, Zoram and
    Zugalo, who demand that Darc, the "wannabe Deimos", hand over the Phoenix Blood.
    They soon decide against it, however, and instead challenge you to a fight in
    the Arena. Unable to do anything, you'll be lead to the Arena and you'll engage
    in a fight. Zugalo is pretty slow and doesn't have much range, so you should
    focus on Zoram first. If you've been training, it shouldn't be a hard fight.
    After the fight, Delma will talk to Darc about his joining up with her brother,
    Densimo. Darc declines, and she leaves. Back in control of Darc, save at the
    save point, heal outside at the Quorup, then head on back to Geedo.
    When you reach Geedo's place, Darc mentions to her what the merchant told him.
    At first she doesn't care, but soon reconsiders and locks the PhoBlo in the
    treasure chest (the one mentioned earlier). <>Otaku: My rendition of that-
     Geedo: Mmmm...Pho Blo.
     Darc: Drink it and you'll die.
     Geedo: ...Shut up! I don't have to listen to you! However, I'm going to listen
    to you anyway.<>
    Geedo then asks if you know about Firbles (pick either answer; the first one
    will save you from a bit of dialogue, but otherwise they're the same). She says
    that since Deimos are obsessed with them, it's likely that they'll pay a lot for
    one. Your job is to go catch a Firble and bring it back to Geedo so she can then
    sell it for money. Doesn't that sound like fun? Well, nevertheless, you don't
    know much about Firbles. So, you better head back to Orcoth to dig up some info.
    Rather than questioning the quite non-helpful Deimos out and about in Orcoth,
    head for the long structure near the Arena (it sorta resembles a
    traincar or something). Inside is that old Deimos Gorma; since he was talking
    about Firbles to Densimo earlier, it's a good bet that he'll know something
    about them. Luckily, he does (he'll also give you some information on Densimo,
    Delma, and himself). He tells Darc that Firbles can become Pyrons, the "Heroes
    of the Skies", who can fly anywhere, really fast. Gorma also mentions that
    Firbles need to stay near water to survive. That's the information we were
    looking for, so stop in the Arena to save then head on out of Orcoth.
    Before heading to the next place, you should probably check Darc's current
    level. Try to get it to 5 or higher (don't worry about the "higher" part too
    much; lv 5 should be fine) before continuing on. After you're all done, go heal
    (if necessary) and save, then head for the "Haystir Marsh". Darc will encounter
    a Firble, but it runs away before Darc can catch it. Now you enter a mini-game
    sort of thing: you have to creep up behind a Firble and catch it before it
    "notices" you. Apparently many people have problems catching the little thing,
    so here are Otaku's fool-proof (well... more or less) tips:
      - Walk, don't run!
      - Only walk on the grass! If you walk over the ground patches, you can clearly
    hear Darc's footsteps (regardless of whether he is walking or running) which is
    likely to frighten any close Firbles away. Also, take your time and try not to
    get frustrated if the Firbles keep running away.
      - Don't stand in one place for too long, or the Firble will "sense your
    presence" and run away.
      - Some have said that you should only walk while the Firble is "eating" (when
    it has its head down), but we don't think this is necessary...
    Once you catch a Firble, Darc will talk about it and what will happen to it if
    he brings it back to Geedo. Soon Delma, Zugalo and Zoram will arrive at the
    marsh, also seeking Firbles. After telling the Firble to stay hidden, Darc will
    distract, insult, and eventually make the three leave. Good work there, Darcy.
    Darc now has another problem: since he doesn't want to bring the Firble back to
    Geedo, where should he leave it?
    Cut to the abandoned nest near Windalf's grave (remember that?). A few dialogue
    boxes later, Delma will show herself. Darc explains that he wants the Firble to
    become a Pyron, and threatens that he'll kill her if she tells anybody else
    about the Firble. Instead of replying, she runs off. Run over to the area right
    of Windalf's tomb, and continue your conversation with Delma. Darc will ask her
    to keep it a secret. Delma agrees, but asks that Darc fly her around in return.
    He agrees, and you enter a cutscene. Darc is flying around with Delma, both seem
    so happy-go-lucky. Everything seems just so happy...until that Drakyr shows up.
    Damn Drakyr, always ruining everything. Out of the cutscene, Darc and Delma land
    back on solid ground, and the Drakyr confronts Darc. The Drakyr insults Windalf
    and Darc's mother, then asks for the Wind Stone. Seeing as how Windalf entrusted
    this stone to Darc when he died, Windalf's death was because of the Drakyr, and
    this Drakyr just insulted both of Darc's parents, it's no surprise that Darc
    declines the "offer". Battle time! Good news: Delma joins you for the fight! Bad
    news: Although there seemed to only be one Drakyr in the previous dialogue, you
    have to fight four. If you've been pumping up Darc with training, he should be
    able to hold his own (and then some). If not, use both Darc and Delma's magic to
    your advantage. Try to spare SS for Darc, though, since he knows Cure. After the
    fight, Darc thanks Delma for helping him. Delma claims that she "just doesn't
    like Drakyr". ((Sora: Uh-huh.)) Back out of the happy mood, Geedo "calls" for
    Darc by tightening the collar around his neck (isn't that nice?). Darc explains
    to Delma that Geedo forced him to wear the collar when he was young, not to
    mention all the whippings. When Delma suggests that Darc just kill Geedo, Darc
    says that she's "too clever" and that he owes Geedo his life. Anyway, Delma
    leaves and it's time to go. You can stop in Orcoth for saving, healing, and
    purchasing any items you might want (and can afford). When you're ready, head to
    Geedo's house where you shall be welcomed with warmth. In other words, she whips
    him rich.
    While lying in Geedo's dungeon, Windalf appears to Darc and speaks of a
    "crisis". Of course, he also tells him to save the Deimos again. Darc's answer
    to this vision is...an inferiority complex. Poor kid. Anyway, save if you want
    then head upstairs to find that Geedo isn't here. As you leave Geedo's house,
    you'll be stopped by Delma, who wanted to check up on you. She thens joins you
    to "kill more Drakyr". Now that you have a new party member, you may want to go
    train a little. <>Otaku: I like training.<> Whether you train or don't train,
    when you're all ready, go to the Church Ruins. Darc and Delma will discover that
    the Firble has had eggs, and then Darc will explain happiness and how he wants
    all the Deimos to experience it. In the words of Delma: "Hap-pi-ness? What the
    hell is that? It's damn weird!" Anyway, this happy moment will once again be
    ruined; this time by a group of humans. You meet Ludhi, Rapier ((Sora: Take note
    of that name, kiddies. It'll come into play later. Poor dude.)), and two other
    guys (they don't get fancy names, but we've decided to name them Bob and Jimmy
    Boy. Just because.). Ludhi wants to loot the ruins, much to
    Rapier's dismay. Ludhi will also mention a place called Prodias on West Aldia
    (Arc the Lad II reference!). Rapier will leave, and Ludhi will tell his men to
    start searching. Darc and Delma quickly intervene, and after Rapier returns,
    you'll engage in a fight. Your enemies are Ludhi (attacks with a claw), Rapier
    (attacks with a sword), and the two other guys (attack with guns). Focus on
    Ludhi first, then have Delma go after the gun-wielders while Darc takes on
    Rapier. Watch your HP closely and heal whenever you find it necessary (if Delma
    knows Cure, have her be the healer). After the fight, Darc will talk about
    humans while Delma investigates their weapons. She grabs the claw Ludhi was
    using and some armor, and she tells Darc that he can use the sword and other
    armor. ((Sora: Why is the armor only one shouldered?)) Darc says that he doesn't
    need a human weapon, and Delma mentions to Darc that she still wants him to join
    up with Densimo. Time to head to Orcoth. Heal, stock up on items/SS, then talk
    to Zoram and Zugalo outside the Arena. After Delma tells them to move, enter the
    Arena. Save then talk to Densimo. Delma asks Densimo to join up with Darc to
    fight the Drakyr, but Densimo doesn't care. Delma then makes up that she heard
    the Drakyr insulting Orcons/Densimo. Densimo gets pissed and agrees to join up
    with you two; the only exception is that you have to take out humans at Zedora
    Abyss first. So save up then head to Zedora Abyss (it's down past Haystir
    When you get to the ZA, Darc and his posse will discover that the humans are
    stealing SS. Seeing how the humans are working together in groups, Darc suggests
    they come up with a strategy themselves. Densimo could care less, Delma wants to
    take the humans out, and both of them run off. So much for a strategy. Time for
    your second battle with humans; this time you're fighting 2 Spear Hunters and 3
    Cathenian Soldiers. Send Densimo into the fray; his attack power and sheer bulk
    makes him a perfect decoy. Although the Cathenian Soldiers can be a pain, the
    Spear Hunters can raise their attack power and they have a powerful magic spear
    attack. So, you might want to go for the Spear Hunters first. Try not to give
    Densimo all the experience; have him wail on humans until they're low on HP,
    then let Delma or Darc take them out. If any of your characters get low on
    Spirit Stones, there's some reserves in boxes in the far back. After you take
    the humans out, Densimo offers to make Darc his aide. Darc doesn't reply, so
    Densimo decides to give him some more time to think it over. Darc then ponders
    the way humans work together and power in numbers. When you gain control of
    Darc, run to the entrance, meet up with Delma and Densimo, then head to Orcoth
    When you reach Orcoth, you'll have a group discussion on various things
    including Drakyr, Firbles, and eventually Geedo and her whereabouts. So, whether
    you like it or not, it's time to go find Geedo. Talk with Zugalo near the Quorup
    merchant to learn of Drakyr-like creatures in Varam Barrens. So...heal, save,
    stock up if need be, then head out. Once again, if you want to, train before
    going to Varam Barrens. You're very close to the end of Darc's first story, so
    training isn't a bad idea. <>Otaku: I was at level 9 when I was done with Varam
    Barrens.<> So if you trained, go heal, save, yadda yadda yadda...then head to
    Varam Barrens.
    At Varam Barrens, you'll find...Geedo! She's tied by her hands to a tree.
    ((Sora: Wouldn't the tree branch break?)) Darc wonders who did this to her, and
    he gets his answer when, low and behold, the Drakyr show up. The Drakyr demand
    the Wind Stone, or else they will kill Geedo. Darc shouts out about the beeatch
    that Geedo is, and tells the Drakyr to go ahead and kill her. Adda boy, Darc!
    Unhappy that their hostage didn't work out, the Drakyr resort to Plan B which
    happens to be...a Wyvern battle for Darc and company! Some strategies for this
    fight: if Darc is at level 9 or higher, have Densimo be a decoy again while
    Delma fights off any other Wyverns. Have Darc sit in the back, casting Cure if
    necessary. If Darc is lower than level 9, then have him help out Delma. In any
    case, try your best to level Darc like mad before the next fight. Once
    you have defeated the Wyverns, a Drakyr will catch Darc by surprise and knock
    him down. Densimo will attempt to help, but the other Drakyr will knock him out
    with wind magic. You'll now enter a cutscene with the Drakyr with Darc, who
    threatens to tear off Darc's wings if he doesn't hand over the Wind Stone. Darc
    refuses, and off goes one of Darc's wings. The Drakyr asks him again, and Darc
    says no again. Off goes Darc's other wing. Delma doesn't want Darc to die, so
    she reveals the location of the Wind Stone. The Drakyr thanks her...by having
    his buddy knock her out with wind magic as well. <>Otaku: I like to call this
    cutscene "Wing Rip and Takin' Out Troublemakers".<> Darc sees that Delma's been
    knocked out, and passes out.
    You'll see some dialogue between the Drakyr, Geedo, and Densimo. Darc then
    awakens, sees that Delma is still out and Densimo is missing, and remembers
    about the Wind Stone. When you have control of Darc, check your HP and SS.
    This is a primo opportunity to get back to Orcoth to heal and save, because a
    fight's a-comin'. ((Then, Sora suggests getting to level 10... it just makes
    ownage much easier. And we're still not sure if that's a word. Oh well.))
    After that's taken care of, head out to the Church Ruins. Darc will find the
    Drakyr and Geedo searching around Windalf's tomb. Geedo talks about how she sold
    you out, then who should show up but Densimo! Darc quickly realizes that he has
    eaten the Firble you were keeping. Darc doesn't understand why his friend
    Densimo would betray him, but Densimo merely replies that he was never Darc's
    friend. After being thrown down some stairs, landing flat on his back, and being
    insulting in several ways, it's pay back time. ((Sora: Look at how his DEIMOS
    arm is pointing toward the HUMAN weapon! Ahh, the blazing symbolism!!))
    Darc now wears the human armor and uses the sword in his "human" hand to fight.
    Darc can also learn skills now (his only learned skill is Claws of Rage, which
    you'll want to use in this fight)! This could be considered your first "Boss"
    fight since Densimo has "HP: ?", but it still shouldn't be too difficult if
    you've trained. First of all, make sure to heal often! Now then, go for Densimo
    first with Claws of Rage; three of those should probably take him down. Go for
    the Drakyr next, but instead of going up to them, lure them down to you. Geedo
    will probably stay where she is until almost everybody else is dead, but if you
    move into her range, she will not hesitate to use magic on you! Although you
    want to kill the Drakyr as soon as possible, use Standard Attacks to take them
    down and save your SS for healing. When everybody else is dead, just wail on
    Geedo. She can't do much damage to you, and she don't have much HP. Once you
    defeat them, the Wind Spirit will appear to Darc. Darc starts power-trippin',
    and Delma shows up. She sees dead Densimo and asks if the Drakyr killed him.
    Still being insane and power-trippin', Darc tells her that he killed Densimo.
    Darc claims that he shall become the King of the Deimos, Delma is freaking out,
    and so concludes this story. Save when you're asked, then continue on into
    Kharg's next story.
    C. Kharg's Story 2: Setting Out
    We begin this section of Kharg's life... er, this part of the story with some
    kids running through Yewbell, trying to get to the Castle Ruins for something.
    Apparently our beloved Lord Kharg is now going to become our beloved Commander-
    of-the-Defense-Corps-Lord Kharg. Long-winded title. We'll just call him Kharg.
    Anyway. Everybody's there, including Zev (wow, he actually left the Pub!). They
    are all eagerly awaiting the ceremony. Once it begins, you'll see Duncan
    (wow, he actually left the Pub!) talking about the events of the last couple of
    days. He mentions Lloyd's unfortunate death, and says that they will be
    initiating a new Commander of the Defense Corps, (shock) Kharg. Duncan mentions
    that Lady Nafia was hesitant at first to give her permission, but since Kharg
    wanted to so much, she consented. Duncan asks Lady Nafia to come forward and
    initiate Kharg. She says a few words about peace, love, Kharg's happy childhood
    in Yewbell, and his full name (Kharg Meleol Nidellia), then says he can arise,
    now he's Commander. Yay. Kharg gives a feel-good, hype speech about how much he
    loves his country and how he'll work hard to protect it. Yay again. Then you can
    move around (that's you, buddy). Talking to Lady Nafia, she asks you to come
    home for a minute; she has something to give you. Wondering, you can head out.
    You'll be stopped to talk to Paulette and Maru. Paulette's wearing Lloyd's
    shoulder armor ((Sora: which makes her already bad outfit even worse...
    *shudder*)), FYI. Maru and Paulette decide to make their first "round" around
    town. You know, to make sure Banjo isn't beating people in the alleyways or
    something. Because Yewbell's so dangerous. Spirit Stone muggings and all.
    Anywho. Kharg heads home, and go into Nafia's room. She's waiting... she hands
    over the Wind Stone to Kharg, tells him his father has the other half of it,
    then goes off AGAIN about peace and love, not fighting with hate or anger. And
    she still refuses to tell Kharg anything about Windalf. ((Sora: coughhocough))
    Kharg can leave now, and you'll get some (eh, maybe all) of the only mini-job-
    thingies available in this game. First, make sure you've got your party back
    together. Maru's in front of the pub, and mentions something about Duncan
    wanting your aid to do a job. Paulette's in front of the Refinery, and says that
    Banjo wants your help with a job. You can accept both at the same time, then we
    suggest you do Banjo's first. Just because.
    He says that Butch went down to good ol' Plumb Canyon to check out the repeated
    appearance of some Dancing Shells, and hasn't come back yet. Banjo's worried, so
    he'd like you to make sure Butch is ok and, if possible, figure out why the
    Dancing Shells keep coming back. Ok. Sure thing. Head over to 'da Canyon. There
    you'll find Butch... oh dear Lloyd! What will we do! Butch is... Butch is...
    completely safe from the Dancing  Shells. Way to go Banjo, worry over nothing.
    Anywho, Kharg says he'll take out the monsters, then Butch can figure out why
    they keep coming back. Finish off the Dancing Shells (a pretty quick fight),
    then Butch will discover that there is an odd commodity called "oil" (say it
    together now, kiddies) leaking. Have Kharg turn the "lever" (it's more of a
    wheel, actually...) to shut off the oil, it miraculously gets sucked back into
    the machine, and you're set. Now then, for Duncan's job.
    Duncan's job deals with a young woman. She says that she was just proposed to by
    her boyfriend, who gave her a ring (naturally), but she was robbed by a band of
    robbers who took the ring. She's in hysterics about it, as she can't face her
    fiancZe again without the ring. She says she believes the theft took place on
    Scrappe Plateau, but doesn't sound entirely sure... Head up there to find a gang
    o' thieves ((Sora: Man, I wish it was the Rainbow Bridge Gang... I love those
    guys!)). You'll fight them and, when you win, you'll get a carved bracelet as
    booty. (Yeah, we said booty. Get over it. <>Otaku: Hehe, BOOTY... uh, I mean. Be
    mature!<> ) They swear they didn't take anything else, then run off, promising
    to reform their lives. Whatever. Head back to the girl to clarify WHERE exactly
    she saw these damned fools. When you get there, Duncan says he's sorry, he sent
    you on a wild goose chase. The woman's just confessed that she dropped the ring
    in the river, it wasn't stolen. Her fiancZe comes up behind her and says no,
    it's now HIS fault, he gave her a cheap ring in the first place. So, she slaps
    him and... wait, that's what we WANTED to happen. She actually forgives him and
    he says he HAD carved a bracelet for her as a proposal present, but IT was
    stolen by some thieves. Hmm, bracelet, thieves? Way to deduce, Kharg! He hands
    it over, they go off all lovey dovey, happiness all around. Or close to. The
    third and final job you can do now involves that strange man in the pub... no,
    not Zev. The dude upstairs, in the room next to the Save Point. His name's Span,
    and he's from Peisus, to the east. He's a professor-dude. He's looking for
    something, and wants to know if you'll retrieve it for him. You see, when he was
    a kid he spent time in Yewbell, and was infatuated with the nature surrounding
    it. He found something and hid it, then came back (now) to retrieve it finally.
    However, wouldn't you know, the area's got monsters in it now. So will you
    help him out? Sure, if you wanna start a side quest. ^_^ It's supposedly in a
    pot, under a rock, at the Edge of the Sea of Trees. The easiest way to get there
    is out through the Castle Ruins, so head out, soldier. Move them lazy thumbs.
    Once you get there, search to the right of the entrance, under a near-vertical
    rock that's near a mound of earth with bushes on it. You should unearth a pot.
    Yay. Now, monsters. Fight the Suskle Squirrels and Kuskles that show up, win
    ((Sora: Dude, Suskle Squirrels do MAD splits when they dodge... heheheh))
    and head on back. When you give it to Span, he's thrilled. Apparently it's a
    "Spirit Dictionary", with information about the minor spirits in it. He says
    that there are more Spirit Dictionaries. He asks that, should you come across
    any more in your travels, you bring them to him in Peisus. He thanks you,
    says you can have the pot that the Dictionary was in, and leaves. Inside
    the pot is a Stone Holder (accessory that lets you hold 15 more SS). Now it's
    back-to-the-storyline time. Downstairs, have a chat with Zev. He says that he
    saw an airship crash up north! Kharg wants the details, but that's all Zev can
    give. Time for Commander Kharg to take action! Away to the crash site, Dragon
    Bone Valley (which is in Deimos Territory, FYI. Drakyr-folk. They ain't
    You should be able to go directly to Dragon Bone Valley (with the exception
    of random battles). When you get there, Maru complains of it being cold...
    Paulette says yeah, dressed like that ((Sora: Like you should talk about dress,
    sweetheart...)), THEN Kharg notices the HUGE, massive, and otherwise can't-miss-
    it battleship that's crashed less than 1000 feet in front of them. Not to
    mention it's smoking. Paulette notices a person lying on the ground, so run over
    to make sure they're ok. Why... it's a girl! The girl from the opening cutscene,
    none the less! She's unconscious, and (in a twenty second, totally pointless
    cutscene), mumbles about "I won't give it to anyone... Hurry, let's get out
    of here...". Sure, whatever, foreign-chick. She comes to, and Kharg orders Maru
    and Paulette to search the area for any other survivors. Paulette lingers,
    obviously jealous... wow, THIS jealousy issue won't get annoying REAL FAST.
    Anyway. Kharg tells the girl who he is and that she is in Nidellia, on Ragnoth.
    She thanks him and introduces herself as Lilia. She says that she came alone
    from the east on her airship, the Big Owl. ((Sora: You know, if the last one was
    the Silver Noah... couldn't this one be, like, the Golden Moses or something
    clever like that? I mean... Big OWL? Owl's aren't holy... at least, not as far
    as I know...)) Anyway, Lilia's bothered because she hasn't reached her
    destination, which is the city of  Cathena on the continent of Aldrow, home of
    the World Alliance. She won't say why she's going there, but does mention that
    the Big Owl ((Sora: Golden Moses)) was shot down by the Dilzweld Army, she lost
    her autopilot and crashed. She also won't say why the Dilzweld Army shot her
    down... never mind that, Kharg reminds them that they're on Deimos territory,
    and that some Drakyr could show up at any moment. Nice call, Kharg, they're
    here! Great! A Drakyr calls you "annoying human scum" ((Sora: Like the guy in
    Star Wars! "You rebel scum!" I love that guy!)) Time for a REALLY annoying
    fight. Basically, your goal is to keep Lilia from dying while you kill off all
    the Drakyr. This is much harder than it sounds because Lilia (a) complains
    constantly about how "fighting isn't the answer!" and (b) runs into the freaking
    fray. "Here Mr. Drakyr, please kill me! Eek, I'm being attacked!" -_- Anywho, as
    long as you keep somebody in front of Lilia, she won't move. Use this to your
    advantage, kill the Drakyr <>Otaku: I pwned at level 12... I like training.<>
    and then head back toward Yewbell. You'll stop at Isulo Forest.
    Once you get to Isulo Forest, Paulette will pressure Lilia as to why the
    Dilzweld Army had been chasing her and why Dilzweld gunned down the Big Owl,
    but Lilia won't tell. An airship suddenly flies overhead (quickly, too); it's
    Dilzweld. Everyone runs across the bridge, then stops in their tracks as they
    see... well, a rather large, frightening man approach. He says that "the forest
    is crying. You hurt the forest, you deal with me". Oookay, that's freaky.
    Silently from behind you comes... your first look at Dilzweld soldiers! With
    their (also) freaky "I'm-Cyclops-from-the-X-Men" helmets. The one in charge
    tells a rifleman to aim for the legs. So, the dude... blasts Lilia in the legs.
    Ouch. Man, that'll sting. She collapses to the ground and the burly forest-man
    decides that what just happened was a "cowardly act" and jumps in to help you.
    In the fight, you can figure out that his name is Ganz, but he doesn't actually
    tell you that until later. In the battle, the main objective is to first take
    out the weak post of the bridge so that reinforcements for Dilzweld can't get
    to you. You can have Ganz take care of that, if you wish. When you win the
    fight, Ganz starts to take off, telling you to get out of his forest. Kharg asks
    him to wait- can he assist them with Lilia in any way? She's injured. Lilia
    insists that she's ok, the bullet just grazed her leg. ((Sora: Then WHY the hell
    did you COLLAPSE, freako? ... *sigh*)) <>Otaku: Maybe she thought it was a raid
    and was ducking-and-covering... or something?<> Back at our story, Ganz feels
    pity, we guess, for the poor blasted-leg girl, and offers to take her to
    his cabin nearby and tend to her wounds there. There, you control Kharg. Talking
    to Ganz will prompt him to tell you his life story. He was a war orphan and
    became a mercenary later in life since all he could do was fight. He needed the
    money and only fought for it, not for any purpose. Then, one time, he was close
    to death but was saved by a "rookie" soldier in his squad. This rookie claimed
    that everyone deserved to be protected, even Ganz, a mercenary. This rookie was
    fighting to protect his country and his people. Ganz then gave up mercenary work
    and began searching for something to protect. He eventually ended up in Isulo
    Forest and decided to stay and protect it. That's why, he says, he won't join up
    with Kharg and the Defense Corps. He finishes tending to Lilia's wounds, then
    Kharg's posse can be on its way. You were heading to Yewbell, in case you forgot
    that, so keep going. You'll be stopped AGAIN at Scrappe Plateau.
    At Scrappe Plateau, Lilia pauses and says that she doesn't think she should
    continue on to Yewbell; she believes she's putting everyone there in too much
    danger if she goes. Kharg tells her not to worry, now that Dilzweld has invaded
    Nidellia's territory, there's a problem that they have to deal with anyway. He
    also tells her to simply call him Kharg (versus "Mr. Kharg"), much to the
    dislike of Paulette. There we go again. Maru mentions Ganz and how much of
    a shame it was that Ganz wouldn't join them. Paulette says that it couldn't be
    helped, he was the kind of person who hated other people, but Lilia disagrees.
    She says that if Ganz had hated people, he would have left her, injured, to
    deal on her own. He certainly wouldn't have tended to her wounds carefully
    as he did. Then, out of the blue (Aha, get it? They came from the SKY? Out of
    the BLUE? Ahaha... never mind.) come some Dilzweld soldiers in funny little
    flying machines. Why they don't use them in the next battle is beyond us...
    Anyway, they call you scum again (you rebel scum!) and you get to fight, again.
    After you win, Maru and Paulette start dissing Dilzweld but... Luke, it's a
    trap! IT'S A TRAP! Ah, Star Wars. Anyway, you're surrounded. Can't get out now,
    bucko, nope! Nuh-uh! No way! Uh, anyway. A chick in a white lab coat shows up,
    apparently she's somewhat in charge. Kharg introduces himself, Commander Kharg
    of the Nidellia Defense Corps, and asks her who she is and why she's invading
    his country. After all, that IS standard procedure, is it not? She states that
    she is Colonel Tatjana of the Dilzweld Army Special Forces Division <>Otaku:
    DAMN! That title may be even longer than Lloyds! Poor, old, slow Lloyd...<>.
    Tatjana claims that Dilzweld is only there for Lilia, but still doesn't mention
    why they want Lilia. Tatjana basically threatens to kill Kharg and Co. if Lilia
    doesn't come with the soldiers, so Lilia consents, not wanting Kharg and posse
    to get hurt. As she's walking away with Tatjana, Tatjana receives a message on
    her earphone-stereo-radio thing. She relays it to her men: Those who assisted
    Lilia in her escape are to be executed. Lilia gasps- that wasn't the deal! She
    promised to give Dilzweld what they wanted already. Tatjana says of course, she
    still will, it's just that now Kharg and Co. are gonna die. Simple, huh? The
    soldiers take aim and prepare to kill 'em, when Kharg gets pissed. And we mean
    PISSED. Ever heard of someone exploding with anger? Well... Kharg does,
    summoning a massive tornado to blow all the Dilzweld soldiers away. Tatjana
    (left over), basically does a "Holy... uh, crap" and runs, leaving Lilia.
    Apparently Kharg has a new-found Magic power, "Spirit Magic" according to
    Paulette. Cool, well from now on Kharg will put it to good use (meaning you
    can use SP to buy Kharg Magic as well as Skills). Now, FINALLY back to Yewbell.
    Kharg starts giving Lilia a mini-tour, Paulette gets jealous (AGAIN) and runs
    off to Nafia. Following, Kharg and Lilia tell the story, yet Lilia still
    leaves out WHY Dilzweld is chasing her, for fear that she will cause more
    mayhem and destruction. Nafia understands, and at once says that Lilia should
    stay in Yewbell until she is well enough to resume her journey to Cathena,
    at which point Kharg and group will accompany her, to ensure that she gets there
    ((<>Double Note: For your personal information... despotic: (adj) related to a
    dictator, dictatorship, tyranny, autocracy. despotism: (n) SYN oppression. Nafia
    uses the term "despotic" while referring to the Dilzweld Army and Emperor
    Darkham. ^_^ Man, that's a big word... we need to brush up on our dictionary-
    reading... <>))
    Anywho, Lilia is invited to spend the night and heal as best she can, then leave
    in the morning, providing they can figure out some means of transportation.
    Everyone says good night and heads of to sleepy land. In the middle of the
    night, Kharg is awakened by Nafia. She says Lilia is missing, but doesn't
    believe that the girl has run away. Nafia says that Lilia is the kind of person
    who would leave a note if they were to run off, and there was no note left. She
    believes that Lilia is probably just out, wandering around the town, but doesn't
    think it safe for Lilia to be alone, so Nafia asks Kharg to find her. Kharg
    agrees, so head out to search Yewbell. You can only go into a few buildings, a
    "few" meaning your house and the pub, basically. If you head into the pub you'll
    see *shock* Zev, drinking away. If you talk to him and choose to listen to his
    travel stories, he'll tell you about "Hunters" and something called the "Great
    Disaster" that happened long ago. ((Sora: 'Nother reference, baby.)) You can
    also find Paulette outside on the bridge. She's "sorry" she got mad (Kharg's
    still clueless- he didn't even know she was) and she asks about means of
    transportation. She wonders if you could fix up the Big Owl somehow to make
    it fly. Then you can go find Lilia, she's at the Castle Ruins.
    When you get there, there will be a short scenette where Lilia is playing her
    instrument (just like in the veeery opening cutscene). When she's done, Kharg
    will applaud her and ask about the strange instrument. Lilia replies that it's
    called an "ortena" and mentions that they are only found in her hometown. She
    says that it's a memory of her mother- the ortena was a gift from her father to
    her mother on their wedding day. Kharg asks where her father is, and Lilia
    replies that she doesn't know. She then apologizes for making Kharg come out
    in the middle of the night, she hadn't meant to stay out so long. Kharg says
    that his mother was just worried, and Lilia mentions that Lady Nafia is a "great
    woman", letting her stay in their home without even knowing why the Dilzweld
    Army is chasing her. Lilia says that she should have told Kharg and Nafia the
    reason. She then mentions things called "Great Spirit Stones", Spirit Stones
    which the actual Spirits sealed their powers into. There are 5: Earth, Wind,
    Water, Fire, and Light. Lilia says that Dilzweld is after the Great Spirit
    Stones (GSS) because when all 5 come together, an "infinite power" will be born.
    Darkham wants this power. Lilia confesses that she holds the Light Stone, and
    Kharg whips out the Wind Stone. "Hey, I've got one too! Fun, huh?" Then the
    Light Spirit appears, basically says "When all 5 GSS come together, there's a
    reeal big power. Save me from destruction. Bye now," and disappears. Fabu. Lilia
    wonders why this happened, and Kharg mentions that Maru thinks he's the
    reincarnation of the great Hero of past times, maybe Lilia is the reincarnation
    of the Holy Mother. Lilia only laughs at this; Kharg has magic powers, she does
    not, so obviously she can't be the Holy Mother's reincarnation. She then
    mentions that Emperor Darkham already has the Earth Stone and is questing for
    the rest. Kharg realizes that the power of the Earth Stone must have been why
    the Dilzweld Empire was able to have such power and technology. They finish
    their conversation and start to head back... and we see Paulette, jealously
    spying from behind a pillar. ((Sora: ... Dude, he ain't yours to fuss over in
    the first place! *sigh* )) Kharg and Lilia head back to Nafia, where Kharg tells
    his mother about Lilia's Light Stone and asks about the Wind Stone. Of course,
    he brings up his father (since the Wind Stone is broken in half and Windalf
    apparently has the other half), and, of course, Nafia won't tell him anything
    about his dad. Kharg gets a little mad about this, but nothing serious happens.
    Go to sleep, ya crazed insomniacs. ((Sora: Like I should be talking... *yawn*)
    The next morning, you awaken to find... your house full of people. Maru and
    Paulette are waiting at the door, and Nafia has decided that Lilia needs a bit
    more rest. Paulette will ask you if you "remember what she said last night",
    (regarding repairing the Big Owl) and either repeat it all or just tell you
    that your group should look into that. Fabu. So let's see, who in Yewbell might
    know something about airships? You know, someone who's been around... and
    around... and around... oh yeah, Zev. And he's (where else) in the pub. Talk to
    him and, after he finishes hitting on Paulette, he'll tell you that he "already
    took a look at the Big Owl" (wow, this guy works fast, considering he was in the
    pub all day the day before, all night last night, and presumably all morning
    this morning... o_O). Zev says that it needs new Control Parts, but everything
    else seems to be OK. He mentions the airship at Scrappe Plateau that couldn't
    run if you wanted it to, but perhaps it has some Control Parts that are
    useable? Sure thing. But... if we remember correctly (and we hope we do, since
    we're essentially leading you through this game), there isn't any battery at
    Scrappe Plateau, so you can't work the control panel-thing. Never fear! For the
    writers put that in, and there's a spare battery that you can take down at Plumb
    Canyon. Just "talk" to the battery and select that you want to take it. Then
    head on up to Scrappe Plateau and put the battery in the slot, work the
    controls, and a little platform should rise up with some glowy shiny stuff on
    it. That's the stuff you want, so grab it! Kharg says that maybe Lilia has
    rested up enough to go now, so stop back at your house before testing the
    Control Parts. Inside your home sweet home, Lilia is telling Nafia about Kharg's
    display of ownage at Scrappe Plateau. Nafia seems surprised that Kharg can use
    magic, yet isn't THAT surprised...hmmm...anyway. Pick up Lilia, who is OK, and
    scuttle on up to Dragon Bone Valley.
    On the way to 'da valley, you'll stop in Isulo Forest. In case you forgot, you
    had to take out the bridge earlier. However, it seems the bridge has been fixed!
    What good news for you! You can also take a gander around Ganz's place, but
    whether you look around there or not, we'll just let you know; Ganz ain't there.
    So, continue on now to DBV where you'll find... (can you guess?) ... (go ahead,
    try) ... (fine, we'll just tell you) ... Ganz! He's been inspecting the Big Owl,
    and since he had to do a lot of repair work back when he was a mercenary, he
    offers to put the Control Parts into the BO for you. It seems Ganz wants to
    travel with you to Cathena so he can look for the soldier who saved his life. So
    it seems Ganz has joined your party! Yahoo! (Side note from Sora: Cool music!)
    Aboard the Big Owl, run around and talk to everybody, saving Ganz for last.
    take note of the Save Point to the left, and the room in the back which serves
    as free healing!) After talking with Ganz, Lilia will mention that somebody is
    approaching the airship. Why, it's... Nafia!? Run outside and Nafia will tell
    Kharg to be safe and careful. Nafia will also mention that she's been "familiar
    with the area since she was young", and that she used a path that's unknown to
    even the Drakyr...hmmmmm...anyway. Kharg will say farewell, then rejoin his
    group onboard. Talk to Ganz again, and he'll tell you that he just finished the
    repairs. To show that the repairs are indeed done and that Ganz wasn't just
    lying, the globe-like panel in front of Paulette will light up. "Talk" to it,
    and choose your destination...which is Aldrow, for those who forgot. Take off to
    the sky, Big Owl!
    Once you have control of Kharg again, go around and talk to everybody, this time
    save Lilia for last. (You may also want to heal and save, in case you forgot to
    do it earlier) She'll tell you how twelve years ago, Dilzweld mauled her
    hometown, and that she and her parents fled with the Light Stone. It was all and
    good until one day when Lilia's father handed his wife the Light Stone and left.
    Then her mother got sick, and three years ago, Lilia's mother gave Lilia the
    Light Stone and died. Lilia and Kharg chat for a little longer (about how Lilia
    keeping the Light Stone safe is good, and other junk of the sort). Meanwhile,
    Maru tells Paulette that she has a rival, and Paulette in return threatens him.
    Now then, this happy and sensitive moment has gone on for too long. How about a
    few nice bullets through the Big Owl to (literally) cut it short? Thanks to some
    blasts from a Dilzweld airship, the Big Owl goes down...down...down...and thanks
    to gravity, continues on down...
    Some hours have passed, and the Big Owl has crash landed. You'll see Kharg lying
    flat on his back, while the other party members look down at him. (Note: This is
    "Kharg flat on his back while party members look down at him" #1. Stay tuned for
    the next one) Kharg will wake up, and the group will explain that Lilia left.
    Ganz says she left a note ("Don't want to cause trouble"), and Kharg is worried.
    After all, they're on some strange continent! Who knows what kind of terrible
    creatures could inhabit this area? Outside, you'll notice that you've landed in
    a forest. And, just to make it hard for you, a group of Deimos shows up! Ganz
    identifies them as Orcon, which apparently means you're on Aldrow. Take care of
    the Orcon (Ganz should make the fight considerably easy), then Paulette will
    start blabbing about how all Deimos are alike. Whatever. Head down to the left,
    and on the next screen you'll find... Dilzweld people! They seem to be looking
    for Lilia. "Help" them in their search (by kicking their arses), then head all
    the way up and right. You should come across some more Dilzweld soldiers, who
    you should also "help". Once you're done with that, Maru will start shouting for
    Lilia. Instead of Lilia, Tatjana shows up. Uh-oh, that ain't good. You'll get
    surrounded by Dilzweld soldiers, but you will suddenly be saved by... Samson!
    The "double-barreled gun-slinging leader of the Moon Stone Gang of Thieves"!
    After watching the nice cutscene, Samson will reveal that the Dilzweld soldiers
    are surrounded by his men. Tatjana retreats, and introductions are made between
    Kharg and Samson. You tell him that you're looking for Lilia, and he says that
    he'll send two of his men (Buster and Boomer) out to look for her. Meanwhile, he
    invites you to his "hideout" and heads out. You currently have no other place to
    go, so go ahead and follow him to the "Wilbur Shore". Talk to the dude on the
    bridge, and he'll ask you for the password. Any of the choices will work, but
    the second one is rather humorous. Onboard, you will learn (among other things)
    about Samson's sweet ship, the "Fiona" (named after his wife); and that Samson's
    gang of thieves only steal from Dilzweld. Down below deck, you'll find Samson as
    well as a Save Point (you know what to do). After saving, talk to Samson. He'll
    say that his men are still looking around for Lilia, and you'll start to chat;
    about the ship mostly, but Kharg also asks Samson if he wants to come with you.
    Samson declines, and Boomer will then come in and report. It seems that Lilia
    was seen entering the Republic of Cathena, with Dilzweld close behind. You
    better hurry after her! However...if you'd like an Arc 2/3 reference, don't
    hurry out just yet. Talk to Boomer, and he'll mention the "3 Legendary Hunters":
    Elk, Shu, and Alec. Besides just mentioning their names, he'll actually tell you
    a little about each one! (Note: We believe that "Foresta Mall" is supposed to be
    "Forestamore", where Arc 2 party member Lieza had a monster ranch in Arc 3) Oh,
    and if you talk to the guy next to the exit back to the World Map, he'll tell
    you a little about Samson. Yay. Now on to the Republic of Cathena!
    As soon as you enter, talk to the first guy you meet and he'll tell you about
    each continent: Halshinne (the largest one, humans have more control than
    Deimos), Adenade (where Deimos are almost in complete control), and Ragnoth
    (where humans and Deimos are about equal). You can check out the Weapon and Item
    shops if you want, and you can also heal yourself if need be. The large building
    to the left of the healer is the Consulate (that's where you want to go). You
    may want to go look around town a bit before going there, though. There's a guy
    who is being "trained" by "Mr. Chacha" the cat (remember him... you can do a
    somewhat fun, yet completely pointless "mini-game" later on). Take note of the
    other large building in town, which is the Cathena Arena. Unless you don't mind
    putting off Darc's next story for a little bit, we suggest either just
    completing the first Arena challenge (5 fights) or wait until Kharg's next
    story to do all of them.
    When you're all ready, talk to the Cathenian Solider outside of the
    Consulate. He'll let you by, and Ganz will take his leave (he's going to check
    on the Big Owl and try to fix and move it closer). Inside, you'll find a Save
    Point (use it!). There are two doors that are currently blocked by soldiers, but
    you'll be able to get by in Kharg's next story (remember that...or we'll just
    remember that for you). For some pointless fun, you can ride up the left
    elevator and talk to the people up there (as well as look out a telescope or
    two). The right elevator is being repaired, so save then head through the main
    door. You'll see delegates discussing Dilzweld (the "Milmarnan" one seemingly
    making the most sense). It seems that Lilia hasn't shown up yet, but...how could
    that be? Kharg and group rush in, and discover that Lilia hasn't arrived. Samson
    tricked them! The delegates need to "hold a discussion" about whether or not
    they can trust Kharg and his group. Kharg gets impatient about this and heads
    out to look for Lilia, with his posse close behind.
    D. Darc's Story 2: Ambition
    Kill! Maim! Destroy! As some Orcon cheer on two other Orcon fighting in the
    Arena, Darc watches from the throne. Darc's the new leader of Orcoth, and with
    the title comes the old leader's lackeys Zoram and Zugalo. Zoram asks for Darc's
    opinion on the fight, but Darc replies that it's just the "same old, same old".
    Darc needs strong Deimos allies in order to help him reach his goal of saving
    the Deimos; allies that are not only strong enough to fight with him, but who
    will remain faithful even when faced with stronger enemies. He questions Zoram
    about this, and Zoram gives a... well, typical and cowardly answer, probably not
    wanting to be killed. Smart move, lackey. Zoram mentions something about a
    strong Deimos in the dungeon, but whoever could it be? Don't think too hard,
    since Zugalo will enter and say that Delma is going berserk in the dungeon. Now
    then, go ahead and save once you have control of Darc. If you talk to Zoram, you
    can participate in the Orcoth Arena...but the fights may be a bit tough
    depending on your level, so you best save it for later. On the way to the
    dungeon, stop by the merchant Quorup who now sells Weapon Parts and Accessories!
    Yay! Make any purchases that you need/might like, then head on down to the
    dungeon. You'll see that Delma is yelling to be let out. Now, pardon us, but
    yelling to be let out isn't exactly our definition of "going berserk". Whatever.
    Delma's screaming about "wanting out" of the dungeon and yells at Darc for
    killing Densimo, and apparently doesn't believe Darc when he tells her that
    Densimo betrayed them. She complains again that she wants out, but refuses to
    work for Darc (or with Darc, for that matter). Darc leaves her to cool off, and
    heads back upstairs. You have the opportunity to save again, go ahead, then
    let's head off to do some useful stuff, savvy? ((Sora: Sorry, went to see
    Pirates of the Caribbean. Goooood movie.)) Head to Geedo's house, that poor,
    ugly, fat... er, she's dead now. So let's loot and pillage.
    At the old fatso's home, you can now open the chest that was previously sealed
    by magic. Inside you'll find the Phoenix Blood (right where you left it) and
    some weird piece of stone with writing on it. You read it, and it says "Over
    the oceans from long, long ago  Comes a voice in the wind from an ancient soul".
    Weird. What's even weirder is the guy that appears after you read it... some
    poor, cursed ghost-fool named Kirjath. He basically pissed off the gods, so
    they cursed him. Serves ya right, ghosty. ((Sora: The moonlight reveals him
    for what he is- er... wait, damn, he's not a pirate.)) He claims that the
    piece of stone is an "Ancient Tablet" (#1, to be precise, conveniently) and that
    all the tablets, if brought together, can form some sort of salvation for him.
    "Relief", we believe is what he says. Or something to that effect, anyway.
    He pulls a Smoky the Bear and says "Only YOU *points at Darc* can save me,
    Darc!" Darc says eh, why not. Kirjath disappears, so now you have a mini-quest
    thing to do. Fabu. Now you can head to the Church Ruins. Always good to talk to
    your dad's grave. But it don't say anything, and that's not why you're here
    anyway. Go check out the nest. Gasp! There's a single egg left! That idiot
    Densimo musta had stomach cramps or something. Darc's thrilled and wants to
    keep it safe, so he assigns an Orcon to guard it, under pain of death if he
    eats it or otherwise harms it. Ok, so that fool's nice and scared. Back to
    Back near the Orcoth arena, Darc is notified by his lackeys that a "strange
    Deimos" came in and owned all the Orcon. Well, judging by their... lack of
    fighting skill, that shouldn't be too hard. But Darc's interested, so go in
    to meet this Deimos- a Lupine to be exact. ((Sora: Lupine always reminds me of
    Lupin the Third...)) <>Otaku: Ah, Lupin... heh<> The blue wolfy-dude says that
    he's Volk, an "avenger of kin", out to kill humans because they caused him some
    trouble. He wishes to fight Darc to test Darc's strength. Okee dokee mister,
    let's rumble. Fight him, he shouldn't be too hard. He can raise his attack with
    his "Heated Soul" skill and can use water magic, but nothing extraordinary.
    (If you know and use Steal in this battle, you can get a "Balo Nut" off of
    Volk, the equivalent (and mistranslation) of a Palo Nut, raises your speed.)
    When you win, he drops to his knees and mumbles about losing. He lost his wife,
    Yrena, and his son, Nazaal, to some wretched humans (Damn you, Lloyd!). Darc
    calls him a "self-satisfied fool", then asks him to fight to help him unite the
    Deimos. Hmm, insult then semi-compliment. Very diplomatic. Volk agrees, swears
    on his "divine protector", the moon, that he'll be loyal to Darc, and pronounces
    Darc the "alpha leader". Hey, he's a wolf first and foremost, I guess. Woof.
    Head outside, you can buy some weapons and stuff for Volk if you'd like, then
    talk to Zugalo outside the jail, Delma's apparently "acting strangely" again.
    Wonder what that means this time.
    Inside, Delma's acting nice, sweet, kind, even... hospitable. She welcomes Darc,
    telling him that she was wrong and agreeing to fight with him. She throws in
    some sap story about Densimo breaking her horns, too, but that's pretty
    unimportant. Whoopee, a three person party. Now then, the Orcon at the gate to
    town will tell you that he saw a "strange light" crash in Asheeda Forest,
    nearby. Volk says it's a "human thing". Oh NO Volk, not humans! Let's get em!
    Yeah. Anyway, go to Asheeda Forest.
    In the forest, Delma spots humans. Yick, stupid humans. They spot you too, so
    fight them off, you wicked Deimos, you. They're just Dilzweld dudes, not hard.
    After you win, Darc wonders why humans would be in Asheeda Forest. Delma says
    that it's Spirit Stones, of course! ((Sora: Funny how much she has in common
    with Paulette, isn't it? ... No, actually, it's not. Never mind.)) Volk says
    that Asheeda Forest doesn't have many Spirit Stones though... maybe a further
    search will reveal their purpose. Then they suddenly turn to Darc and ask if
    he's nervous... (o_O) Delma says that whenever things start to get a little
    "hairy", Darc touches the birthmark on his arm ((Sora: The similarity is getting
    scary now.)). Darc says he's just excited to kick some human booty. Let's roll,
    Up one screen is the Big Owl and more Dilzweld lackeys. They're talking about
    something called "Lilia"... hmm, Darc wonders what a "Lilia" is. The Dilzies
    spot you, so fight, again. And win, again. Then there's a little dialogue about
    humans and human weapons because Delma tries to touch the Big Owl. Basically,
    Volk's scared of human weapons. Poor doggie. Darc decides that they have to get
    this "Lilia" before the humans do. So head down and to the right to find... yet
    MORE Dilzies. And Tatjana. WOOF. 'Scuze you, Volk. Er... anyway. Tatjana's
    yelling at her troops because they haven't found Lilia yet. Darc learns that
    "Lilia" is a girl. Yay. You're spotted, again. (Don't seem to have much
    camouflage, do you?) Fight, win. STEAL off Tatjana if you're planning on
    getting Choko later on, there's a great accessory for Choko, the High Heels.
    For the love of Jack Sparrow, steal man, steal! ... Er... sorry, that's CAPTAIN
    Jack Sparrow, savvy? Anywho. When you win,  Volk starts giving Tatjana some
    righteous, humans-are-bad speech. Delma says they're gonna kill 'Jana, so the
    long-titled lady pulls out her special, "I shoot lots of different kind of
    stuff" gun and fires some inviso-ray. Now ya can't see her. What is this, hide-
    and-seek? Not for Volky, who can still smell her. Fetch, doggie! They run off,
    and Darc sees something running away down-screen. Looks like a girl. Hey Darc,
    maybe it's Lilia. Darc has a revelation. "Maybe it's Lilia!" (Brilliant.)
    You'll end up in Crossell Springs (though it will bring you there automatically)
    and Delma suggests that you spilt up and search. Yahoo. Lilia's hiding behind
    the big tree near Darc (left side of the screen). She also keeps muttering
    (aloud) something to the effect of "Please don't let them find me! Please don't
    let them find me!" Smart, girlie. ((Sora: Maybe a Drakyr beat her on the head
    and she lost some brain cells. Meh.)) Shock, Darc finds her. She squeals.
    "AHH, a D-deimos! Stay away!" Right, he'll listen to you. Meanwhile, Darc seems
    fascinated that "Lilia" is a "human girl". Wow Darc, sheer brilliance. No, she's
    a monkey. A monkey named Lilia. Meanwhile, this sweet little scene is cut down
    (hehehe) by Delma, who slashes Darc in the back, says it's revenge, and leaves.
      Darc: Ow.
      Delma: I have revenge.
      Darc: Ow.
      Delma: You killed my brother!
      Darc: I am your brother. *Darth Vader breathing noises*
      Delma: ... No, you're not.
      Darc: Ow.
    Lilia decides to be sweet, fixes Darc's wounds, props him against a large rock,
    and stays there to ponder... staying there. This may just be too intelligent
    for us to handle, sorry. Darc wakes up. Ooh, a girl. Wow. There are "human"
    introductions made, Darc remembers that the Dilzies were searching for Lilia.
    He asks why. The Light Spirit appears. (Why hello, little Namek!) The Light
    Spirit says the same thing about the 5 GSS, asks to be "guarded from darkness",
    and disappears. Darc figures out that Lilia has the Light Stone and wants it.
    There's an adorable little exchange that goes on.
      Darc: Give me the Light Stone.
      Lilia: I have no Light Stone.
      Darc: I'll tear- er, I'll maul you good with mah sword.
      Lilia: ... Um... I have... no Light Stone?
      Darc: I'll still maul you good. I'm heartless. Or something.
      Lilia: My mom gave me it when she was dying.
      Darc: Damn, same old story! Always using excuses- wait, that's my story.
    Beeatch. Fine. Come with me.
      Lilia: Ok! *dances*
    Stop back at Asheeda Forest to pick up Volk. For all his woofin' and braggin,
    he seemingly ain't got no game, and didn't catch Tatjana. Oh well. He wants to
    kill Lilia, but Darc says no, she'll be useful. Then Volk wants to kill Delma
    for betraying Darc, but Darc says no, he'll take care of her. (Volk: Dammit,
    let me kill! I have a bloodlust! *Tooku Made plays*) Darc claims he knows where
    Delma went. Hoist the missiles and full speed to Orcoth!
    At Orcoth, Delma is telling everybody how she killed Darc. Wow, one shot to the
    back kills him, eh? She's the STRONGEST DEIMOS EVER. Apparently. Nobody believes
    her. Darc heads down, telling Volk to keep his eye on Lilia. Everybody else
    conveniently sees Darc before Delma, so when she turns around you get this nice
    "D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DARC?!" <>Otaku: T-t-t-t-t-today, junior! Mail us if you know
    the reference. Seriously.<> Darc asks Delma to have a little "talk" with him
    in the arena. There, she's scared that he's going to kill her. He says that, if
    she's going to kill him, she should get it right next time. Shocked, she asks
    him why he's letting her live. He says he needs strong Deimos to fight with.
    He also suggests that she stay "close to him" to try and kill him again. Smart
    kid. She pulls a Heero Yuy, promises to kill Darc, then they leave.
    Outside, everyone's fawning over Lilia. Fawning as in threatening. Volk swears
    he's been watching her the whole time. Wow, literal meaning. Go, woofie. Darc
    saves her from instant death and... throws her in the dungeon. Now then, go
    ahead and heal/save, then head on down to the ever-popular dungeon to talk with
    Lilia. She'll tell Darc that he's different from the other Deimos, but he would
    rather talk about the GSS. Lilia says she doesn't know much, but she mentions
    that she met a person named "Kharg" on Ragnoth who had the other half of the
    Wind Stone. Lilia even starts to mention the possibility that Darc and Kharg
    could be... but is then interrupted by Darc. Dammit Darc, don't try to run from
    the truth! THE TRUTH!! Ahem, anyway. Darc demands to know where the other GSS
    are. Lilia reveals that Dilzweld, the people that were looking for her, have the
    Earth Stone, but she knows not of the other GSS. Determined to find the GSS
    before the humans do so that he can use the GSS' power to unite the Deimos, Darc
    leaves Lilia in the dungeon and once back upstairs, tells the other party
    members what he has learned. Now to find some information about the GSS and some
    kind of transportation. How about a "Hero of the Sky"? Go talk to Gorma, and
    he'll tell you how to transform a Firble into a Pyron. You'll need three things:
       * Rebound Fruit, which can be found by defeating some Crimson Rhokes in
    Tindalos Woods.
       * Phoenix Blood, which seems to be hard to find nowadays (but not for you,
    thanks to that fat ol' greed-o Geedo)
       * Fire Fragment, which Gorma offers to make for you.
    Well then, speaking of Firbles, why don't you go check on the egg? Not
    surprisingly, when you arrive at the Church Ruins, the Orcon on guard duty will
    tell your group that the Firble hatched! Huzzah. Go see it for yourself, then
    head on out to the Tindalos Woods for a Rebound Fruit.
    Now then, it seems that a Crimson Rhoke fight is NOT automatic. Although both of
    us writing this FAQ have always gotten into the fight on the first try, we've
    heard that some people don't. So, if you don't get into a Crimson Rhoke
    fight...retreat, then try again until you get one. When you do enter a C. Rhoke
    fight, just defeat them. Don't bother stealing, because you'll automatically
    receive a Rebound Fruit; during the black screen between the end of the C. Rhoke
    fight and returning back to the World Map, a dialogue box should pop up saying
    that you found one. Yay. Back to Orcoth. Go talk to Gorma again, and Darc will
    tell him about the Firble. He'll then happily start making that Fire Fragment
    for you, so you'll have to come back later. Go to the Church Ruins and feed the
    two required materials you have to the Firble. Back to Orcoth, where you'll
    find...less Orcon than when you left. Where'd they all go? Head down to the
    dungeon to find out.
    Time to listen to... AHHHH! AN ENGLISH DUB SONG! AAAAAHHHHH! Ahem. Lilia will
    sing for a little bit, but will be cut off by Darc (whew, thanks). He'll yell at
    the Orcon down there, and they'll all run off in fear. Darc stops Gorma on his
    way out to ask if he made the Fire Fragment yet. Gorma replies that he gave the
    Fire Fragment to the merchant Quorup, so head on back up. Talk to the merchant,
    who will give you the Fire Fragment... for 500G! Wasn't that nice of Gorma?
    Well, you need it so pay up. Go back to the Church Ruins and feed the Fire
    Fragment (actually, you "give" it... but whatever) to the Firble. It will then
    proceed to... fall over. Wow, it looks pretty dead-like. Good job, Gorma! First
    make us pay for the Fire Fragment, then kill the Firble using it. Well, go on
    back to Orcoth to give Gorma a well deserved yellin'.
    Near the entrance to town, you'll discover Lilia's Ortena. How strange. You'll
    also see that all of the Orcons around you are completely dead. How strange. Go
    down to the dungeon, where you'll find Zugalo. He's not dead, but he doesn't
    seem that alive. He says that some humans came for Lilia, so he and fellow Orcon
    tried to fight them off. However, as you saw when outside, the Orcon lost and
    Lilia was taken. Zugalo asks for forgiveness, but Darc tells him not to speak
    and to save his strength. That being the nicest thing that was ever said to him,
    Zugalo dies happily. Run back upstairs and talk to the Quorup merchant. He'll
    say that he and some others were able to survive, and that they're all hiding
    out in the Arena. Go there and speak with Gorma. It was the Dilzweld Army that
    took Lilia! Imagine that. Although Gorma still has a yellin' coming to him,
    there'll be time for it later. Time to head to their base in Varam Barrens!
    At Varam Barrens, the battleship Megist is prepping for takeoff. According to a
    Dilzweld officer, they had to drug Lilia to get her on board. Supposedly she
    even bit somebody. Isn't biting somebody some toned down kind of "fighting",
    which she is so very much against? Well, whatever; good job, Lilia. They are
    anticipating Darc and his posse's arrival, and have set up an "Argewalt" to take
    care of them. Enter Darc and his posse, exit the Dilzweld people. Darc gives
    chase, but the Argewalt awakens and it's time for fightin'. Now, the Argewalt
    has a limited number of attacks: it can create monsters for you to fight, it can
    try to confuse you, and it can deliver a shockwave attack to a small area
    around it. It'll use that first attack much more often than the other two, so
    focus your strength on the Argewalt itself. If you can/want to, have one
    character go after the boxes and the created monsters; it'll be good experience
    for them, and you can pick up some nice treasure too. When you do defeat it,
    you'll see the Megist taking off. Dang. Now, during the Argewalt battle, Delma
    mentioned that the "thing" inside the Argewalt looked like a Deimos. You'll
    discover that the Deimos "thing" is still alive! She's Camellia, the "Pianta
    Sage". She explains how she and her tribe were captured by Dilzweld, and were
    "treated". She also mentions a Miracle Stone, which Darc thinks may be a GSS.
    Camellia then asks to accompany you, knowing the "labyrinth"-like mazes of the
    Coleopt Shrine (where the Miracle Stone is). Darc agrees, so you get a fourth
    party member! Now then, back to Orcoth.
    Since the Coleopt Shrine is on Adenade, you'll be needing that Pyron. When you
    get to Orcoth, go talk to Gorma and he'll explain that Firbles sleep for a while
    before evolving. He just forgot to mention it earlier. Good old, forgetful
    Gorma. However, that's good news for you. So, get any items you may want, heal,
    save, and do anything else you want to do on Aldrow for now, then head on to the
    Church Ruins.
    At the Ruins, there's some large, fiery thing over to the right. Maybe that's a
    Pyron? Well, indeed it is. After discussing Pyrons for a little bit, Camellia
    will suggest that Darc try to talk to it. He does so, and the Pyron... flies
    off. That ain't good. Camellia says that it's just getting "larger". You'll then
    see a LARGE, fiery thing descend from the sky. Man, that's one big Pyron. Get on
    it and enjoy the nice flying cutscene. You'll land on Adenade, and now it's time
    to head off to the Coleopt Shrine. A quick note: Your Pyron is not only a means
    of transportation, but also a means of free healing and quick saving. This means
    that it's a perfect time to do a little training, if you haven't bothered to do
    so earlier. You can also head up to the town of Rueloon, but since you'll go
    there later on automatically, we won't go into that right now. We'll just
    mention that you can find a Coleopt in the Rueloon back alley (head left between
    the stairs leading up to the Arena), who will sell you Coleopt Froth (the only
    item that can heal you from the effects of Coleopt spheres...you'll find out
    soon). So, to the Coleopt Shrine!
    Speak to the Coleopts, and you'll discover that they eat all the weak members.
    Wow, that's a little harsh. You'll also find out that the Coleopts serve Queen
    Selkis, and they don't fear death. Whoa. Anyway, part of the Coleopt army is
    guarding the entrance to the shrine itself. When you approach, you are denied
    access to the shrine. You have the option to "retreat for now" or to "force your
    way in". Retreating does nothing, so time to force your way in! You'll enter a
    fight with about 6 Coleopts. Your major concern in this fight is their one and
    only magic: Coleopt Spheres. All of your skill levels will be lowered
    considerably, and the only remedy is Coleopt Froth. Don't worry if you don't
    have any/many, just focus on killing the Coleopts. When you're done, head on in
    (unless you're really weak, in which you should go heal at the Pyron, THEN head
    on in).
    Inside, a tentacle monster <>Otaku: Kinda reminds me of a Like-Like from LoZ.<>
    busts outta the wall. Your initial response is what would be expected, "What
    the...?!" But then it retracts back in- why? Continue forward to find that some
    Dilzweld soldiers have blasted through a wall in search of the "Miracle Stone"/
    Water Stone. You'll fight them, take them out. They were, however, apparently a
    distraction, so hurry on to the main room. You'll find two Dilzweld lackeys in
    search of the Miracle Stone. Everyone except Camellia steps over the mini-bridge
    that leads to the larger platform, then one soldier steps on the red tiles in
    front of a large, treasure chest-looking thing. This causes the bridge to lower,
    cutting Camellia off from the rest of you. She cackles and says that in this
    main room is a monster created to destroy the world. This monster is named
    Bebedora. Apparently you've been betrayed, as Camellia runs off to the Throne
    Room where the Water Stone really is. That shriveled, little, creepy... er,
    anyway, Bebedora comes out in a cutscene. And she looks like a little girl. Woo,
    scary. But then she uses mind-controlling magic to take over the Dilzies- that's
    a little scarier now. Fight the soldiers and win, then Bebedora complains that
    her "toys" broke. ((Sora: *shudder* ... She's cool ^_^)) She makes the skeletons
    on the walls come to life, stating that they won't break as easily. Now you get
    to fight THEM. Whoopee. They're a bit harder, but stay healed and you'll be
    fine. But try to avoid using regular attacks, as they don't do much. Stick to
    magic and you'll do much better, esp. Wind attacks we find work well.
    Afterwards, Darc attempts to soothingly talk to Bebedora so that she won't use
    that little trick of hers on your party. She "sees" his emotions'
    colors and decides that he's very complex, not human yet not Deimos. She decides
    to help you and tells you that, to get out, you have to push a switch to your
    left, on the wall. <>Otaku: More like a GIANT switch, that thing's huge...<>
    Thanking her, you go and hit the switch. However, she's decided Darc is
    impossibly interesting and wants to join you. Hey, feared evil monster on your
    team? Sure, join on up, girlie. Be sure to pick up the Ancient Tablet on the
    floor in Bebedora's room. Continue down the path you are on to find a
    treasure chest. This one contains:960 G, 100 Spirit Stones, and Black Rose Thorn
    (Weapon Part for Camellia, adds Poison to attack). Crossing over to the right,
    there is a save point. Down from there is another treasure chest, containing:
    160 Spirit Stones, Aquamarine (Accessory), and 3 Water Balms. Last but not
    least, there's a third treasure chest accessible from crossing to the left of
    where you came in, containing: 480 G, King-Size Soap (Accessory, prevents
    Stickiness), a Life Tree Berry, and a Water Shy. Now, head back to the Save
    Point, save up, then go to da door.
    Small, very short scenette where Camellia is getting what's been coming to her.
    Hah, serves ya right to betray the almighty Darc! ... Ahem. The Queen of the
    Coleopt, Selkis, is controlling those large, Like-Like...er, -like tentacles.
    Camellia begs you to help her, and you'll fight Selkis. Not to help Camellia,
    but to get the Water Stone. Boss fight! Bebedora's Mind Control is extremely
    useful and can be used on both the little flying-wasp things that the tentacles
    produce or on Selkis' bodyguard Coleopts, but ONLY TWO AT A TIME. (Ahem, sorry.
    That made us waste some time. And SS.) Taking out the tentacles first is a must,
    then focus on the bodyguards, THEN Selkis herself. Watch out for getting too
    close to Selkis and staying grouped together, her spells can attack people in a
    fair range and do either a lot of damage or the equivalent of the Coleopt
    Sphere. This is a decent fight ((Sora: Or was for me, anyway, but I don't mad-
    train like Otaku does ^_-)) Using magic on Selkis is a decent idea, since she
    really can't hit you unless you're on the stairs or closer, so far-range damage
    is better. Once you win, congrats! ^_^
    The Water Spirit appears once Darc has the Water Stone and talks about hatred
    and negative emotions. He warns the group about them. Hate bad. Negative
    emotions bad. Peace and love. Then Darc gives a spiel about wanting power.
    ((Sora: Hey, like the Taco Bell Dog! Darc's voice! "Darc: Yo quiero powa."
    heheheheh...)) The group heads out, ending Darc's second chapter...
    E. Kharg's Story 3: Conflict
    Begin with Kharg, Paulette and Maru rushing into the Cathena Consulate. The
    representatives have decided that Kharg can speak in place of Lilia! ...
    Providing he receives and brings them a letter from the Nidellian
    representative, Nafia. The hell? Sure we will, old man... not! Then the kind
    delegate from Milmarna wishes to speak to you. She goes off to the left, into a
    fancy meeting room. Cool. Following her, you find out that she is Savina. Kharg
    and Maru (strangely) have heard of Milmarna, her country. Hmm... there's a small
    Arc 3 reference to Sania and Yonan (her young counselor) here, then she starts
    speaking about Dilzweld and Emperor Darkham. She tells the group that Dilzweld
    has invaded the continent of Epistia, and Kharg tells her Lilia's story, with
    the Light Stone and the running and all. Well, it's technically a story told in
    a screen blackout, but meh. Afterward, Savina mentions that something called the
    "Flame Egg" supposedly rests inside a volcano on Epistia; maybe that's why
    Dilzweld is there! Our little genius baby Kharg fights fire with fire and
    figures out that the Flame Egg must be the Fire Stone! Wowie! Savina tells you
    that Epistia is to the west of Aldia, the east side of a continent called
    Halshinne. Then a Cathenian soldier comes in to inform you that the battleship
    Megist (Darkham's shuttle, if you will) has taken off. There's a little exchange
    that goes something like this:
     Soldier: The Megist took off. And they took Lilia with them.
     Kharg: It might be Lilia!
     Soldier: Uh... it is Lilia. Or was.
     Kharg: ... It must be Lilia!
    So, now that Kharg's 2 for 2, you should probably set off for Epistia, after
    Lilia and Darkham. And that Flame Egg thing, too. Head on outta there, then.
    But wait! Before you leave, swing on into the conference room on the right side
    to pick up a Spirit Dictionary. Now then, on your way. When you reach the door,
    a voice will stop you. The Cathenian soldier informs you that the council wishes
    to speak with you. Savina comes out and tells you to forget about it, the
    council takes forever anyway. She tells you to contact a man named Spencer on
    Epistia, who is apparently leading the underground Resistance movement against
    Dilzweld. (Indirect "reference" to Arc 2, where Shu and Tosh led a Resistance
    themselves ^_^) Okee dokee. Onward to Epistia! Heading out, you'll find the Big
    Man himself... no, not the Kool-Aid guy, Ganz. Sheesh. He'll inform you that the
    Big Owl is ready and waiting on the coast nearby. He wants to stop at the Arena,
    where he's been informed there are people who knew his war buddy there. Ok, so
    head there first. Ganz talks to the two guys who were apparently in the same
    "squad" as his buddy, Rapier. (Rapier? Sounds kinda familiar...) They give Ganz
    the bad news that Rapier was recently killed...! What? Yup, killed by Deimos.
    Orcon, to be exact, near Orcoth. (Damn you, Darc and Delma! Er...) The guys go
    off about how Rapier was a mercenary who didn't really care about killing for
    money, treasure, or the like... he just wanted to protect the world. How sad...
    Ganz wants revenge on the Orcon and decides he'd like to accompany Kharg and
    the rest of the gang around the world and such. Hooray. Now then, REALLY on
    to Epistia!
    Once you reach Epistia, you'll want to head into the main city, Sulfas. On the
    way there, you'll stop at Kassim Highway, a 'checkpoint' of sorts for Dilzweld.
    There's a group discussion there, and it's decided that the best way in is not
    to rush the soldiers, but rather try to answer any questions they might have and
    get in virtually undetected. The man near the road blocks will ask you questions
    in order for you to be "let in" to Sulfas. (We have reason to believe that any
    of the answers will work... you must name Darkham Ekid na Bard correctly,
      Sora picked the following answers: Aldrow, Mercenaries, Ex-general Spencer,
    and Darkham Ekid na Bard
      Otaku picked: Ragnoth, Merchants, Samson, and Darkham Ekid na Bard.
    Once you answer the questions, he'll let you in. Whoopee. Now you can go to
    Sulfas. Upon your arrival, some Dilzweld soldiers will be moving out to relieve
    the troops at Kassim Highway. Now it's time to try to get some info on Spencer
    and find this guy. Nobody will tell you anything, though, as there are soldiers
    all around the place. There's a healer to the right, near the bridge into town
    should you need it, but she's about the only purchasing you can make right now-
    the shops won't/can't sell you anything. Going into the item shop near the
    healer, you'll see a soldier talking with the woman there, named Leonora. Her
    husband Jaqual is the owner of the shop and, according to the soldier, selling
    things on the black market to aid the Resistance movement. Leonora refuses to
    tell anything about her husband, claiming she doesn't know where he is. The
    soldier says that he'll wait there- Kharg steps in and mentions that he saw
    someone fitting Jaqual's description on Kassim Highway. The soldier, thrilled
    with the news, rushes out. When questioned by Leonora, Kharg says that the
    suspicious person on Kassim Highway was himself. Leonora, figuring she can trust
    Kharg, tells him that her husband is around town, selling items in secret. He
    won't answer to his name, but will accept a sort-of password: "The Dolban
    delight in dealing". (Note: We believe "Dolban", spoken of here and later
    spoken of by Leonora may be a different translation of "Dorvan", the father of
    the merchant family that causes the party many problems in Arc 3.) Now that you
    know the secret words, go find Jaqual.
    Downscreen from Leonora's item shop there is a small alcove where there is a
    trash can. Before speaking to Leonora, there will be two people talking there,
    one of which you cannot reach. Now the other person will be gone, so you can
    speak with the man. Turns out he's Jaqual, whoop. Kharg mentions the "magic
    words" and Jaqual will sell you stuff. He'll also tell you that there is a
    secret passage in the pub, leading to the HQ of the Resistance and- gasp-
    General Spencer. Waahoo, let's head to the pub! (Not to get drunk, mind you.
    They remind us all too often that Kharg is underage.) The pub is in the back
    part of town, near a gate that you can't open from the outside. Hmm. Talk to
    the pub-masta and he'll give you a riddle to finding the secret passage:
    "The back and the front always come to the same number." Now then... what the
    hell can that mean? Very simple! You may have noticed that the guy reading the
    "Rules of the Pub" has mysteriously left. Looks like a sign to us. Pardon the
    pun. Now then, if you picture a dice... the opposite sides... always add up...
    to the same number: 7! So you must have to read rule 7. For some reason. The
    other rules are humorous though, so read them too. Anywho, when you read rule 7,
    there'll be an option that asks if you want to push a button that's behind the
    rules. Well, yeah. Ahhh! The freaking wall's moving and- oh, right, that secret
    passage thing. Well, head on down then.
    Downstairs are a bunch of Resistance soldiers, a man behind a counter who will
    eventually sell you Weapon Parts and Accessories, and a big guy with white hair.
    Looks like we've found Spencer. Introductions are made, and then you'll see...
    Zev!? It seems the Resistance found him coming down from Mt. Quina and suspected
    him as a Dilzweld spy. Kharg vouches for Zev, and asks to speak with him
    quickly. Talk to the explorer and he'll explain that he heard rumors of the
    Flame Egg and, being an explorer and all, was trying to locate it. However, the
    Dilzweld Army is building a stronghold in Mt. Quina. Using his mad deduction
    skills, Kharg figures that Dilzweld must looking for the Flame Egg! Spencer
    mentions that if you attack the stronghold directly, the Dilzweld will send for
    reinforcements (not to mention that they have big cannons there O_O). So, it's
    decided that before storming the base, Kharg and party will take out the
    garrisons: the Parez Ruins, where the Dilzweld are getting parts and weapons;
    and the Viorav Mines, where they get SS. On the way out, stop by the dude behind
    the counter for Weapon Parts and Accessories. You can either exit the pub the
    way you came in, or walk out the door down from the box Zev's sitting on
    (outside is the gate that you couldn't get past before because you were on the
    wrong side; well, now you're on the right side). Once outside the pub, you can
    go heal and save, then head on out of Sulfas.
    It's your choice on where to go first: the Parez Ruins to the north or the
    Viorav Mines to the south. Both of us writing this did Parez first, but we don't
    think it matters any. So, head on over to wherever you picked first and... uh-
    oh. You'll be stopped in Kassim Highway; they've caught on, it seems. After a
    few random comments and insults (Kharg... gaudy?), you shall engage in a battle.
    Not too tough, just be sure to heal when it's needed. And use Ganz's Rolling Axe
    if the soldiers are stupid enough to crowd around him. ^_^ Once you win, you can
    go back and heal/save, or just the latter... or neither, if you'd like. Up to
    you. Now then, head to either place. (Since we both head to Parez first, we'll
    talk about it first)
    As soon as you enter the Parez Ruins, you will engage in a fight. You'll soon
    notice that the soldiers have placed garbage heaps in front of them to build
    makeshift barriers. There should be three heaps all together: two to the left of
    you, and one south of you. The heaps are only in your way; the Dilzweld soldiers
    can shoot at you through the heaps, without damaging the heaps at all.
    Therefore, you shouldn't send out Ganz or Kharg to take out the heaps (unless
    you have really pumped them up with defense). You can either have Maru and
    Paulette both attack the left garbage heaps, or have Maru attack the south heap
    while Paulette attacks the left ones. That way, Kharg and Ganz can sneak around
    for a sort of surprise attack. Watch out for the gun-totting machines; they can
    pack a punch. Other than that, you should be just fine. Once you win, the Parez
    Ruins will be freed from Dilzweld! Hooray. Before you leave, you can run around
    and look at stuff (everything that you can "interact" with is conveniently under
    a spotlight). Be sure to check the TV screen; you'll get a quick glimpse of a
    certain main character... who happened to star in Arc the Lad 1... as well as
    co-star in Arc 2... and appear briefly in Arc 3... in case you're incredibly
    confused, it's Arc himself. Also, there is a robot in the lower left corner who
    goes by the name "Ziekbeck". He will claim to be the former leader of the Ultra-
    Mech Army, but if you've played Arc the Lad 2, you'll know that he's lying. Then
    again, even if you haven't played Arc 2, we just told you that he's lying. So in
    any case, you now know he's lying. So, tell him that you don't believe him. Ziek
    will reward your knowledge with a Shadow Talisman, then will become permanently
    disabled. (Note: We're not sure if you can get another/a different item from
    Ziek if you talk with him after you get Diekbeck.) Well, time to head out to the
    Viorav Mines then.
    You'll engage in a fight as soon as you enter again. There aren't any garbage
    heaps here, but there are a few barrels. Try to take out the enemies as they
    come to you. You shouldn't have much trouble in this fight either, but do be
    sure to watch out for the Intruders (<>Otaku: Or maybe they're Gunners...I can't
    remember the name<>). They can pack a punch. Even more so than those other gun
    machines. Once you've defeated them, you've now taken back the Viorav Mines!
    Better head on back to Sulfas now.
    Now that you've taken care of the garrisons, it's time to take on the Main
    Plant. Since you're here, feel free to heal/save. <>Otaku: If you're miserly
    like me, go get free healing at the Big Owl.<> Then, enter the plant (big
    building that was guarded by soldiers earlier, north end of town, between the
    Item and Weapon Part/Accessory shops). There are only soldiers in this fight (no
    gunners or those other gun machines), so it should be fairly easy. If you can,
    break open the Steel Boxes for goodies. When you defeat them... Sulfas has been
    liberated! Time to heal, save, then head on back to the casino.
    Back at the Resistance "base", Spencer will congratulate you on your good work.
    As he damn well should. <>Otaku: I mean, why didn't he send a Resistance member
    or two along with you or give you free items or something?<> Whatever. The
    Resistance members aren't exactly as happy as Spencer is, though. In fact, they
    are down-right pissed. They think that they could have taken back the city
    themselves, and that you meddling kids got involved in their affairs. ((Sora:
    What are we, in Scooby Doo? )) They decide to attack the Mountain Stronghold
    themselves, and a few Resistance members run off. Spencer is concerned; after
    all, the Stronghold does have those cannons and all. He asks you to go fetch
    them. Go fetch 'em, Khargy! Go fetch those Resistance members! Too bad that
    Spencer won't even give you a freaking Milk Bone in return. Well, whatever. Off
    to the Mountain Stronghold (west of Sulfas).
    You'll see a little scenette thing. The Resistance members aren't doing too bad;
    they've already cleared out a good number of Dilzweld soldiers. However, once
    those cannons power up, they go down like a falling lead-filled balloon. Kharg
    and his party then arrive, and it's fighting time again. Now, as Ganz will point
    out near the beginning of the fight (through the "battle talk" that he and Kharg
    will have), it's impossible to defeat those cannons. Your job is do rescue the
    three Resistance members. But wait! The cannons have a good range, but not THAT
    good of range. If you stay on the ground floor where you start from, the cannons
    will not be able to reach you. Therefore, lure the other enemies down and defeat
    them. When you are ready, head on up. Don't group together, or the cannons will
    hit all of you. Keep them close enough that they can easily heal someone,
    though. If you've taught Kharg Healing Rain, it'll come in handy in this fight.
    Also, try to keep to one side; if you stand in the middle, it's possible that
    both cannons will attack you. In order to "rescue" a Resistance team member, you
    have to get right next to them and "talk" to them. It'll prompt you "Save
    Resistance Member?" Well duh, answer yes. (Even if you don't really want to).
    Email us if you're having trouble here, we'll do our best to help. That's about
    the only advice we can give... Once you've rescued the Resistance members, head
    back to Sulfas and report to Spencer. He thanks you... again not really well
    enough, but it'll do. And those Resistance guys are still huffy. Whatever.
    Spencer then mentions that the Resistance members (and you, of course) are at a
    huge disadvantage- for one, Dilzweld's got the mega-cannons from hell. Two,
    you're attacking uphill, a BIG strategic no-no in any general's book. Maru
    suggests attacking from above then, but the only way you could do that is with
    an airship and the Big Owl isn't equipped properly for attacking. Hmm. Wait,
    there's a solution to the airship problem, otherwise it wouldn't have been
    mentioned! (RPG rules, you know.) Spencer can get the Big Owl equipped with a
    "beam cannon", all you need to do is head to the Main Plant. Ganz goes off to
    fetch the Big Owl (seems like he does that a lot), so head into the Main Plant.
    Inside, one of the men in the main room will talk about the plant- he says it's
    a "Russ-Style" plant. (Indirect-Arc 3-mistranslation-reference! Waahoo!) That's
    just an FYI. Plotline wise, head in the door on the left wall. If you head all
    the way past Spencer and the other two guys there and then down at the very end,
    you can get Spirit Dictionary 3. Also an FYI. Right, plot. We know. But...
    but... one more FYI! You can (just for fun) get electrically "shocked" in the
    upper-right corner of this room. It's fun. If you do it enough... you'll see
    what happens. Ok, now, PLOT! Muahaha. Righto. Talking to Spencer, Ganz will show
    up and you'll find out that the volcano is becoming more active. Wow, lots at
    once. It will come to your attention that you'll need a means of controlling
    the airship since you'll all be on the ground and it will be, well, in the air.
    To do this you'll need a remote, a "Tele-Op" to be precise. You'll need four
    things for the Tele-Op: An Antenna, a Magnetron, an Integrated Circuit, and 200
    Spirit Stones. Well, the electric-y stuff you should be able to find at the
    Parenz Ruins, and Viorav Mine is supposed to be chock full o' Spirit Stones. So
    it's your pick where you go first. Either way...
    At the Parenz Ruins, you're looking for three things: Antenna, Magnetron, and
    Integrated Circuit. You may have noticed (or perhaps remembered us mentioning it
    earlier) that some items at the Ruins are strangely "lit up"... that is, there's
    light shining on them. Almost like some kind of creepy sign, isn't it? Anyway,
    the Antenna can be taken from the Radio at the back of the Ruins, the Magnetron
    from the microwave on the left side, and the Integrated Circuit from the
    computer on the right. We've mentioned Arc the Lad on the TV screen before,
    but we'll mention him again. w00t, go Arc! Anyway. On your way out you'll be
    stopped by ninjas who think they own the place, the "Shinobi Gang". Show them
    who's back. (And it ain't Shinobi, dudes.) Once you've whipped their butts...
    Viorav Mines. Full of Spirit Stones, just waiting to be scooped up by the next
    bright-eyed opportunist who comes by- except Deimos, that is. Not Deimos. Never.
    Go deep into the mines, my friend! (Beware of Balrogs) Use the elevator, then...
    you'll fight monsters! Well whoooopee! You came. You fought. You better have
    conquered, otherwise go train some more, then come back. Once that's done, hit
    the detonator in the upper-left. *disco music starts playing* It's a-Rainin'
    Spirit Stones- Hallelujah! It's a-Rainin' Spirit Stones- Amen! Um... ahem.
    So you gather the stones and go. Yay, now you can get your Yber beam cannon.
    (Wing Zero, anyone? ... We didn't think so either. We only wish the Big Owl
    could be that cool.) Back to Sulfas and the Plant.
    You get the cannon installed, yada yada yada. Off to the stronghold! ((Sora: I
    think that's the most straightforward direction we've given in this entire
    FAQ... o_O))
    Fight again, you can use mostly the same strategy. Lure the enemies down to you
    and kill them off. However, this time Kharg has a new, special choice under
    Special Moves! He can summon the Big Owl! Yay! Summon on those blasted (pardon
    the pun) cannons, you should take each out in a single hit. Whoop-dawg. When you
    win this fight, you may finally enter... *dun dun dun* the Volcano!! ... ... ...
    Another Dilzweld fight awaits you inside. When you win, the commander calls you
    "Rebel Scum" (Another 'email us the reference' opportunity!) and dies. You find
    out that the Deimos inside the Volcano are called "Lakelta". Then Zev shows up.
    Wait, Zev? What the faaa---zoo?
    He notifies you that the Fire Stone is inside the Volcano. Great, you knew that.
    Ah, but he knows WHERE inside the Volcano! Near the crater, in an ancient
    shrine. Oooh, aaah. Oh yeah, one more piece of info? The volcano's gonna erupt
    soon. Might wanna hustle. Then Zev leaves. Asking you to bring him back goodies.
    Sure, whatever. So get on zee elevator, laddies/ lasses!
    CUTSCENE! Wahoo, to Lilia and... meet Darkham Ekid na Bard. ((Sora: Eeeewwwwww!
    He looks like someone out of Rocky Horror! Or a strange, demented vampire! ...
    Must... cleanse... mind... nightmares...)) It seems like Darkham's guards were
    Emperor Palpatine's rejects, too. And every Dilzweld officer wants to be Cyclops
    from the X-Men. (Sorry, we had to dish out the references. They were eating us
    alive. Well... no, not really.) Darkham finds out that you're in the volcano,
    apparently his troops are well on their way to the Fire Stone too, yada yada,
    back to you in the studio, Kharg. This has been Darkham Ekid na Bard, reporting.
    And looking vampire-ish.
    The Volcano used to be a coal mine, turned active through the power of the Fire
    Stone. (A little bit of back info for y'all.) To the right and down, there's a
    treasure chest (Yay, our first dungeon-layout for the FAQ! Every treasure chest
    will have contents listed like this, FYI):
      - 460 G
      - 220 Spirit Stones
      - Red Charm
    Follow the path... go over the bridge before the door for another treasure chest!
      - 180 Spirit Stones
      - Life Tree Berry
      - Super Bomb
      - Super Bomb
    Into zee elevator. When you emerge, you'll fight the funky Deimos, Lakelta. Mmm,
    quite... fire-y in here. There's nothing of interest here, so head into the
    elevator to the left. Now you're back in the main room, but on the upper level.
    Follow the path to the next elevator, but cross the bridge before it to get more
      - Gunpowder
      - Fire Shy
      - Fire Shy
      - Power Berry
    Through the elevator, more fighting with monsters and Lakelta, yay. Another lift
    (that's elevator in British-talk ^_^)... Then the path branches for a moment. To
    the left is treasure!
      - 1200 G
      - Fire Balm
      - Fire Balm
      - Fire Statuette
    Back on the right path is a Save Point! Hooray! Now then, there's only one
    working elevator in this room, so logic says you should take that one. Welcome
    to the Shrine! Complete with your lovely Dilzweld welcoming committee- including
    the ever-friendly Tatjana. (Note: The soldiers call her "sir". Wtf? o_O We
    didn't wanna know that...) Suddenly, 3 BOSS-LIKE Lakelta show up! They're
    brothers, how cute. And their names fit with each other, even cuter! The eldest
    is Fulkrum (as in a point of leverage), the middle one is Tsee, and the youngest
    is Tsaw. Aww, Tsee-Tsaw and Fulkrum. ... -_-; Anyway, to get straight to the
    point, Tatjana gets abandoned by her men and Kharg decides to help her.
    Time to fight! Tatjana's on your team, though she doesn't really help much...
    we're not sure if she has to stay alive or not, but we kept her healed
    nonetheless. ((Sora's Tip: Rage (TNS) attacks help a LOT in boss fights. A LOT))
    <>Otaku's Tip: Even if the fight gets rough... don't forget to steal! Tsaw has a
    Silk Bowstring, Tsee has a Heat Blade, and Fulkrum has...uh...something. -_-
    Sorry, I forgot!<> When you win, Kharg gives a little speech about why he helped
    Tatjana. She's going to shoot him, doesn't, runs off to get Fire Stone. Quick,
    after her! When they reach it, it "won't accept" Tatjana. Kharg seems to be in
    pain, and... starts glowing blue. 0_0 That's... a new one. The Fire Spirit
    speaks to Kharg, then... Darkham shows up with the Palpatine rejects? They're
    holding Lilia hostage and want the Fire Stone in return for her. Fine, Kharg
    accepts... but we smell foul play. Stupid... evil-doers! Kharg wants Lilia
    first, Darkham wants the Fire Stone first. Of course, Kharg agrees and tosses
    Darkham the Fire Stone. Kharg runs toward the bridge leading to Lilia, but it
    blows up and he's knocked back, unconscious. (Kharg's flat on his back for time
    #2! Take note, there may be a quiz... probably not though.) When he comes to,
    the gang is trapped. The Volcano's gonna erupt, and Darkham has left, WITH
    Lilia, leaving Tatjana there to "give her life for his cause", or some bad guy
    bull like that. Just when it seems you should give up hope... Ganz hears
    something! What is it, Ganzy? Why, it's none other than Samson and his ship!
    (Rock.) They save you, and Tatjana decides to "go with you" (rather than die).
    Good choice, we'd say.
    Cut to Darkham, who knows you've escaped. A "mysterious man" (whom you can see a
    lot of, btw) talks to Darkham and seems to be almost a superior to Darkham. Hmm.
    Darkham- having a little trouble with the Water Stone? Not at all, he's sent in
    the "Hybrid Weapon" for that. And it's only a matter of time before he has the
    Wind Stone taken care of, too- seemingly he needs to visit Dragon Bone Valley
    for that. He's off to Ragnoth... and Nidellia.
    F. Darc's Story 3: Love and Hate
    Darc and his posse arrive in a town (if you stopped here on the way to the
    Coleopt Shrine, you know it's Rueloon). Camellia is begging for Darc to forgive
    her, and (of course) Delma is yelling back at her. Volk delivers a great line
    here: "Delma seems to think you shouldn't forgive people who betray you." Ooooh,
    that's gotta burn! Delma attempts to give a good comeback, and they continue to
    bicker. Meanwhile a Drakyr lands nearby, unseen by Darc and his bickering batch
    of buds. <>Otaku: Wow, that's a whole lotta 'b's.<> He tells Darc (well, he
    doesn't actually "tell" Darc; just speaks aloud) to enjoy his freedom, because
    he won't have it for long. Back to Darc, he suddenly turns to where the Drakyr
    was hiding, but... he's gone! Volk asks what's wrong, and Darc says he sensed
    "deep bloodlust". (*Tooku Made plays* No one will probably get this unless they
    are anime otaku. Still, if you know the reference, email us!) Bebedora starts
    talking about soul colors, and how "all Deimos are simple except Darc". Volk
    suggests that everybody rests up, then you'll get control of Darc.
    Now then, where should we start? How about the Quorup merchants, since they
    happen to be right here. Have a look at their wares, buy stuff you need, etc.
    etc. (fyi, you can get also get some Pyron food here). Talk with the other Orcon
    here; you can explain to one that you're the leader of the Orcon, and you can
    hear from another how Delma is his type, but maybe Delma "already has her eye on
    someone". Wow, now who could it possibly be? Before heading up to the Arena and
    Inn, head into the backalley (walk left between the stairs and the nearest
    Quorup merchant). For one thing, that Coleopt woman isn't here anymore... but
    that's not of why you're here. Grab the Ancient Tablet that's lying on the
    ground (note: it's not actually "in" the alley, rather on the screen before it).
    Now then, up the stairs you'll the Arena and Inn. It seems that the Arena is
    closed at night, so you can't do any late-night fightin'. Oh well. Head into the
    Inn. There's a Save Point and Quorup healer here. Go ahead and save, but don't
    heal! Have a look at the statues; if you've played Arc the Lad 3, you should
    find some familiar people. If you head upstairs to the pub, you can talk to a
    drunken Canidae. He's not as think as you drunk he is. Really. Anyway, there
    isn't anything else to do right now so... talk with the little guy in the statue
    room of the Inn, next to the stairway leading up to the pub. He'll ask if you
    want to rest, and agree. Sweet, free healing.
    Later that night, Camellia is awake due to Delma's snoring. So is Volk, but not
    for the same reason; he has a bad feeling. He decides to go drink until it goes
    away. Nice philosophy there, Volky. Camellia realizes that Darc's alone, and she
    creeps in, but for what possible reason? Well, Darc will wake up pissed as hell,
    so it must have been something good. Everybody rushes over to Darc, and Bebedora
    senses "deep red anger" in Darc's soul. Darc will reveal that the Water Stone's
    gone! Dammit, Camellia. Time to search for her. However, since you're reading
    this FAQ, you won't have to search. Just follow our directions. Anyway, go into
    the Arena.
    You'll see that Camellia is praying with the Water Stone, in hopes of returning
    to her beautiful, young self. Suddenly, some Drakyr show up! They're here
    with... some weird pegasus-like Deimos. Whatever. They steal the Water Stone,
    and then Darc enters (with the rest of his party close behind). The mysterious
    new Deimos is revealed as "Droguza", and he also wants to the King of the
    Deimos. Hey now, that's Darc's job! Well, time to fight. You'll obviously want
    to concentrate on Droguza (Steal off of him! You can get something good for
    Volk!). Droguza's Drakyr lackeys can be Mind Controlled, so have Bebedora take
    care of that. Just keep wailing on him, and you'll eventually win. Darc demands
    the Water Stone, but Droguza is able to escape due to a cool flash of light
    thing. Darc and Droguza are now rivals, and Droguza leaves some words of wisdom
    as he flies off. Bebedora goes philosophical again, and Delma and Camellia start
    fighting again. Anyway, head back to the Inn, save, then rest up again.
    In the morning, everybody is wondering what Darc will do now. When Darc comes
    out, he asks Camellia what the 5 GSS do when gathered together. She tells him
    that whomever gathers them together will become the Ultimate Deimos. This must
    be why Droguza wants them so bad. Darc decides that the group shall head to the
    Drakyr homeland of Drakyrnia on Ragnoth. Volk reminisces a bit about his time on
    Ragnoth, while Bebedora looks into his soul (much to Volk's displeasure). Save
    again when you can, and you can stop by the Arena if you want. You can't use any
    Magic or Special Moves in the Rueloon Arena, however items are allowed. It's
    pretty tough, but if you can beat the 30-round match, you'll get the secret
    character Choko! Well, it's up to you whether or not you wish to test your luck
    in the Arena. But in any case, this FAQ must continue on with the story. Okay
    then, let's head on out!
    Head to your Pyron and you can now fly to Ragnoth. You'll land near Drakyrnia,
    so go to the town. It looks... pretty cruddy. Volk comments that it's "quiet";
    no one seems to be upset or surprised by Darc's arrival. Before heading to where
    you're supposed to go, let's look around a bit. Talk to the Drakyrs nearby, then
    enter the building next to the Quorup healer. There are two Quorup merchant
    brothers in here, as well as a Save Point and... an Ancient Tablet right next to
    it! Yay. Grab it, save, then head out. Now, run down to the right, across the
    bridge over the waterfall, and up the flights of stairs. You'll eventually be
    stopped by an "old Drakyr", who will say that Darc is "of Windalf's line". He's
    Sagan, and he used to serve Windalf. He also tells you that the elder is
    Williwo, and that you can find him a little ways up. Go up the next two flights
    of stairs, then enter the door that the Drakyr is standing guard outside of.
    Once you walk in, you'll see a large Drakyr. There's a good chance that he's
    Williwo. Just to confirm it, Sagan will follow you in and introduce you to
    Williwo. You'll talk for a little bit, but Williwo doesn't seem to have a liking
    for Windalf. According to Williwo, Windalf commited "crimes" and neglected the
    duties of a Drakyr leader by consorting with a human and stealing the Wind
    Stone. You'll then discover that Droguza came from Halshinne, stopped by
    Drakyrnia, then left with young Drakyr. So, Droguza's Drakyr lackeys have no
    connection with Drakyrnia anymore. Darc demands to know where Droguza is, but
    Williwo won't tell. That is, unless Darc passes a "dragon ordeal". Darc must go
    to Dragon Bone Valley and fetch the "Dragon Master Crown". Well, you need to
    find Droguza, so run back down, save and get any supplies you think you might
    need, then over to the Dragon Bone Valley you shall go.
    Once you enter the valley, you'll find Dilzweld soldiers! Darc will see a cave
    in the far back, and seeing no other caves around, figures that must be the cave
    which the Dragon Master Crown must be in. The best way to get to the cave is
    through these guys, so quickly dispose of them. Once you're done, head for the
    cave entrance (you'll have to run back down the slope near the entrance, then
    run around to the right to actually reach it). However, before walking in, look
    over to the right side. There's an Ancient Tablet lying on the ground here! Now
    then, walk into the cave. Darc will stop and tell everybody that he's doing this
    alone. Delma thinks he should forget what Williwo said and let them help, but
    Volk agrees that Darc must do this on his own. Now then, if you forgot anything,
    all you have to do is talk to one of your party members. They each have a
    different way of asking if you want to rejoin the party, so if you forgot to do
    something, pick the first answer. All you'll need to do is heal and replenish
    any lost SS Darc may have used in the last fight. So, when you are ready, have
    Darc head on in.
    Ooh, pretty cave. Especially those two shiny dragon statues that happen to be on
    each side of this staircase that leads up to something. Head up the staircase
    and pick up the crown that's lying there. Good job, you now have the Dragon
    Master Crown! Too easy? Well, don't worry; for each easily gotten important
    item, there is at least one badass boss creature waiting to strike. And in this
    certain situation, you get to fight TWO badass boss creatures. Head back down
    the stairs and the eye on the dragon "hieroglyph" will light up. It will also
    cause the two dragon statues to come alive. O_O They will question Darc, and
    he'll discover that Williwo is Windalf's father! The dragons will also go off
    about the crest of Will, and Nafia, and Windalf... and eventually, you get to
    fight. Now then, these dragons have massive range. So, no matter where you are,
    it's always possible that they can reach you. The silver dragon does less damage
    than the golden dragon, so you may want to take out the bigger threat first. And
    don't be afraid to heal! And, of course, steal from them! The golden dragon has
    Dragon's Wrath, which will raise Darc's counter to 100, and the silver dragon
    has a Storm Talisman, which will render Wind ineffectual. ((Sora's Tip: Try to
    get Dragon's Wrath as soon as you can and equip it on Darc. Also, focus your
    attacks on one dragon at a time.)) Once you win, the "hieroglyph" will commend
    you on completing the test. Darc doesn't care; he doesn't want to be the King of
    the Drakyr, he wants to be the King of the Deimos. The "hieroglyph" will talk
    metaphoically about Darc and Kharg being two winds, or tornadoes, or something
    like that. It'll then go into eternal slumber, or something like that. Okay,
    head out, rejoin your party, then run back to Drakyrnia.
    Once back in Drakyrnia, heal, save, then head across the bridge above the
    waterfall. As you go up the first stairs, Darc will tell his party that he
    wishes to talk to Williwo alone. When you can, run all the way up and go in to
    Williwo's place. You'll see that Williwo is... quite ill. Darc will show him the
    crown, and Williwo will tell him that Droguza is at Thunor Point. It seems that
    Droguza is in cahoots with Dilzweld. What!? Deimos... in cahoots... with
    humans!? Anyway, before heading off to Droguza, you can ask Williwo a few things
    (some questions will not appear until you ask him something else):
       The Crest of Will- Proof of the "Will" line; everybody in the line has the
    birthmark somewhere. Darc has it, Windalf had it, and Williwo has it.
       Droguza- A "mystery" Deimos. He showed up in Drakyrnia a few years ago, got
    the Drakyr stirred up to go after the Wind Stone, then left with some young
       Windalf's Past- Windalf was a young, trusted, and respected leader. That is,
    until he met a human woman, Nafia (green text! new question!), who he had Darc
    with. He broke Deimos law, was banished, and he stole the Wind Stone.
       Nafia?- She lived on this continent. She "wanted the Wind Stone and seduced
    Windalf", and according to Williwo, "she started it!". And that, my friend, is
    the way to play the blame game. Anyway, when Windalf and Nafia were pursued by
    the Drakyr, she fell off a cliff, along with the baby (more green text!) she was
       Baby?- Nafia had twins with Windalf: Darc and Kharg, but... "they're all dead
    now". Nafia, Windalf, and Kharg. Well Williwo, you're right about one of them at
    When you've finished, walk out and Darc will think of his brother, and how he
    would have gone through all the things that Darc went through, with the same
    thoughts, same pain. But he's dead... or IS he? Didn't Lilia mention something
    about a human named Kharg, whose mother was Nafia? No, it can't be... it must be
    just a coincidence. Lilia must have just lied. Yes, lied... that would work.
    Whatever, Darc. Anyway, go reunite with your group. You'll talk for a little
    bit, ending with Volk saying how he's your friend. Awww, that's so touching. In
    the words of Darc: "That damn Volk. He's sounding more like a human every day!"
    Now then, go save then head for Thunor Point.
    On the way to Thunor, you'll be stopped in Vayu Dam. Fight some soldiers and
    Drakyr, then Darc will talk with a Drakyr. There's a conversation about allying
    with humans, and "Deimos or dirt", and soon some more Dilzweld people will show
    up in order to keep you away from the flagship Megist. Take them out, then head
    on to Thunor where Droguza awaits.
    At Thunor Point, Darc and friends will find Droguza. He says that he has "new
    power", and you will fight. You can have Bebedora Mind Control some of the
    soldiers here if you want, although Droguza will probably take them out
    afterwards. Just keep attacking him, and keep a healer closeby. <>Otaku's Tip:
    Droguza may be tough, but don't let that stop you from getting goodies! Have
    Camellia, Bebedora, and any soldiers you control head down the stairs to the
    right, where Steel Boxes await. The box in upper-right corner, near the Megist,
    has some nice Romantic Earrings inside!<> Darc asks for the Water Stone, but
    Droguza says that it's with Darkham, his "master". More Dilzweld soldiers will
    come in to protect the ship, while Droguza makes his getaway. Rather than
    wasting time, Darc and the group split up; Darc will head into the Megist by
    himself, while everybody else takes care of the Dilzweld soldiers. Agreeing to
    rendevous in Drakyrnia, Darc heads up and in.
    Cut over to Lilia, who is waiting in her room (complete with a Save Point).
    Darkham enters, and he's concerned because she hasn't eaten her dinner. He
    informs her that he now has the Water Stone, and that once he has all 5, it'll
    be her "turn to shine". She refuses, but Darkham brings somebody in that he
    thinks will help Lilia cooperate. Why, it's... Nafia!
    Now back with Darc, enter the Megist (small door to the right). The ramp
    slightly to the north leads to a locked door, so head on through the bottom
    door. You'll see two Dilzweld soldiers exiting a room. They talk about how Lilia
    has agreed to cooperate, and one talks about how they're both beautiful. They'll
    walk over to the elevator, enter a password, then step in. Head into the first
    door you come to and you'll find a treasure chest!
      - 200 SS
      - Bountiful Fruit
      - Life Ring
    Now, enter the next room you come to, and you'll find... another treasure chest!
      - Sleepless Guard
      - Sparkly Eyeballs
    Try to enter the room that the Dilzweld soldiers left, and it'll be locked. Darc
    ponders why he's concerned with humans at a time like this. He notices a vent,
    and he "owes Lilia one", so...into the vent he goes!
    Inside the room, Darc will listen in on Lilia and Nafia's conversation. Lilia is
    blaming herself for this, but Nafia is trying to comfort her. Then Darc hops on
    down, and after he is greeted by Lilia, he hands over her ortena. He explains
    that he didn't come here just to give her this, that he's only after the Water
    Stone; "this was... secondary". He also tells Lilia to hold onto her ortena, and
    that "if something's truly important to you, you never let it go, ever in your
    life". Ouch, with the pointed stare at Nafia and all. Nafia realizes that he
    must indeed by her son, but Darc yells back that he has no mother. Darc claims
    that Nafia tricked Windalf, but she says that they were both in love. Suddenly,
    an alarm sounds! Lilia says that Darc's been found out. He tells Lilia to come
    with him and escape, but doesn't care about Nafia. Lilia refuses to go with
    someone who would "abandon his own mother". Darc finally agrees, and after a
    brief save, run on outta there.
    When you reach the main room, you will see two Dilzweld soldiers talking about
    the alarm. It seems that Samson and his thieves have breached Vayu Dam! They're
    about to head out and help, when Darc shows up! Time for a fight (a quite simple
    fight at that). However, don't kill them both yet! Make sure to break open the
    Steel Box for a Gale Headband! Then, by all means, take the poor fools out. Once
    you have defeated them, it's time to go... but wait! One of those soldiers is
    still alive! With his last breath, he's able to shoot at Darc. However Nafia,
    who happened to turn around at that time, jumps in the way and takes the bullet
    for Darc! Lilia rushes over to her, but Nafia claims that she's okay. Well,
    let's hurry back to Yewbell then.
    Back on the World Map, Darc will point out the obvious: go to Yewbell. Since you
    can't go anywhere else, go there. The gatekeeper welcomes Lilia and Nafia, but
    jumps when he sees Darc. Nafia says that it's okay, he's her son. Okay, hurry on
    to Nafia's house. Inside, you will watch a rather long cutscene. Darc complains
    about how frail humans are. Nafia says that she loves him. Darc says that she
    doesn't love him. Darc goes on about his hardships. Nafia tells him to go to the
    Cave of Truth and to listen to the Spirits there. Then she dies. Darc tells her
    that she's not allowed to die yet, that he wants to kill her himself. He
    screams, he cries, he calls her "mother"... it's all rather touching. Cut over
    to Nafia's grave (still in the cutscene). Lilia tells Darc to fulfill Nafia's
    wish, to go to the Cave of Truth, to find what answers may be there...
    G. Kharg's Story 4 : Rage
    The gang is in the newly-liberated Sulfas, celebrating. Spencer thanks
    Kharg; Epistia is now free from Dilzweld control. Kharg mentions the
    nitty-gritties of the job however, they lost the Fire Stone, and Lila
    is still a captive of Darkham. Spencer also mentions Tatjana, who is
    being watched in the "secret basement" of the pub. Kharg has complete
    control over Tatjana's destiny, since he is, after all, the man who
    liberated Epistia. Going down to visit Tatjana, some Resistance
    members who are down there want to kill her and pretend it was an
    accident. Kharg shows up and takes over "guarding" her. He says it's
    the best decision to have her sent to prision in Cathena (versus
    public execution... yeah). She still wants to know why Kharg helped
    her- he says he had the option to give someone life. Aww, how
    noble. Spencer comes down and notifies you that Samson is going to
    take off soon, you might want to bid him farewell. Ok, sure thing.
    Samson's upstairs talking with Paulette. Talking to him, he makes a
    crack about there being no beautiful women in Sulfas- Paulette gets
    huffy, and we all laugh. Hahaha. Samson needs to find his two top
    men, Boomer and Buster, before he can take off; apparently they're
    out around town. Kharg volunteers to go find them, so go out on the
    town for a bit.
    Buster is located where Jaqual used to be (selling stuff), hitting on
    some poor girl. Kharg steps in and notifies Buster that Samson wants
    him back, Buster gives an overdramatic farewell, and the woman thanks
    Kharg. All in a day's work. Boomer is located inside the first room of
    the Main Plant, toward the back, talking with an engineer-dude.
    Kharg gives the same speech about Samson wanting him back to take off,
    Boomer leaves, and you can go back to the pub. Oh yeah, and if you talk
    to the dudes in the Main Plant again, they'll tell you more about "Russ
    Canik" ((Sora: o_O)) and some guy called "Ringo". We have NO clue what
    "Ringo's" name used to be. Or if he even existed before. Go figure.
    Back at the pub, Samson is ready to head out. He's going to launch a
    Surprise attack on the Megist. Kharg has one question before they go,
    though... why did Samson lie to them in Cathena about Lilia? Samson
    says he didn't know you well enough then to know if he could trust you
    or not... apparently he can now. He heads off, and Kharg and Co. prep
    themselves to leave after Darkham and Lilia. You can buy whatever you'd
    like, save, then try to leave town. Spencer and Resistance soldiers
    will show up, taking Tatjana to Cathena for imprisonment. She freezes
    in place, however, then asks if she can go with Kharg. She wants to
    figure out what's right for herself. Kharg says... ok. "Typical Kharg!"
    There's a sappy moment, Paulette wrecks it (as usual), and Tatjana says
    she can find out where Darkham went if you head back to the Mountain
    Stronghold. There's gonna be a wireless radio you can check.
    Ok now, remember where Zev came in and met you? And where the captain
    guy told you how to get in and then died? Well, there's a red-lit panel
    there, examine it and Tatjana will set a new elevator working. Get on
    and head down. Down here, in the FAR back left is a treasure chest!
      - 680 G
      - Fire Talisman
      - Simple Booster
    Also, next to the crate is Spirit Dictionary #4. Then examine the
    little red light on the side of the car and Tatjana will try and
    work the wireless radio. You get clips of a conversation/orders, enough
    to find out that Darkham went to Ragnoth. Pause for a short
    conversation about why Darkham wants the Great Spirit Stones- wants
    to resurrect the "Ultimate Weapon". He's also been doing experiments
    to try and create an Artificial Wind Stone! Ganz ponders why Darkham's
    keeping Lilia: he HAS the Light Stone, why doesn't he let her go?
    Tatjana doesn't know either- all she knows is that there were orders
    to always keep Lilia alive and bring her to Darkham. End the convo,
    head out. There you'll encounter... Zev? (Where DOES he come from?) He
    notifies you that Yewbell was taken over by Deimos! Gasp! Quick, head
    back to Ragnoth! Time for some serious plotline crossing.
    Good ol' Yewbell has been practically totalled. The windmills were
    Knocked down, the town is a-shambles. Paulette and Maru run off to
    check the rest of town and talk to people, and Kharg, seeing Banjo,
    demands to know what happened. Bajo's response is a lovely, articulate,
    "Uuhh! H-help!", then he runs off. Uh... strange. Everyone in town
    seems either (a) really pissed at or (b) afraid of Kharg. If you go
    talk to Maru (he's in front of the right-most house in the middle of
    town), he'll inform you that Dilzweld actually attacked and destroyed
    the town. It seems Deimos came to Yewbell first and Dilzweld followed,
    using the pretense of driving out the Deimos to destroy the town.
    Walking up toward your house, two women come out of it and freak out
    when when they see Kharg. Inside your home, Paulette is crying. She
    gives you the bad news- Nafia has died. Kharg runs into Nafia's room
    and calls for "Mother". Paulette comes in and tells him that Nafia's
    grave is at the Castle Ruins. Kharg asks who killed his mother- "they
    say it was a Drakyr by the name of Darc." Oooh, twisty. Then go to the
    Castle Ruins and examine your mom's grave. There's a bit of a mourning
    scenette, Kharg condemns Darc, then Paulette mentions that people in
    town have said that Darc is Nafia's child- apparently Lady Nafia said
    so herself. B-b-but that's impossible! Paulette apologizes, of course
    it is. Apparently Darc went to the Cave of Truth- and took Lilia with
    him. Of course, that's why Dilzweld came to Yewbell! (Kharg reasoning,
    watch out.) Darc kidnapped Lilia and took her to Yewbell, killed Nafia,
    Dilzweld shot up the town and BOOM. Oh, of course. "Darc the Drakyr,
    I'll never forgive him!" screams Kharg. (Suspenseful.) Then Maru comes
    running in to tell Kharg that there's a bunch of people looking for
    him... and they don't seem happy. They are coming.
    Now then, what's with the people acting strange? How is that exactly?
    Well, it's a they're-after-you-in-an-angry-mob how. Head towards the
    gate to town only to be pushed back! Banjo yells, "Let's get him!"
    ((Sora: LOL at Banjo)) <>Otaku: LOL at Banjo<> But- why?! Duncan
    claims that Nafia was "in with the Deimos", the townspeople say
    Nafia said that Darc was her son. That means that Kharg is "a Deimos,
    just like Darc!" Kharg starts to protest, and the "kid gang leader"
    throws a rock at him and tells Kharg to get out, calls him a demon.
    Uh-oh, Kharg looks a little mad and...
    Poof! Kharg sprouts wings! (Great cutscene btw.) The townspeople run,
    Paulette gasps and falls over, telling Kharg not to get near her,
    so Kharg runs off screaming. Wow, deep.
    At Scrappe Plateau... Kharg is busy tearing his wings off. ((Sora: Ok,
    I know I shouldn't expect RPG physics and biology to be equal to real
    life, but PLEASE! Ripping a wing off is about the equvalent of tearing
    an arm off. Or pulling your own shoulderblade OUT. 0_0 *huff huff* Ok,
    sorry, needed to vent that.)) Kharg screams at his dead mother
    (Just to prove that FAQs can, in fact, be educational: This is a
    literary device called apostrophe, occurs when you're talking to
    someone who is not there, in most cases someone who is dead. ^__^)
    Kharg claims he's "ready for Darc" and kill all the Deimos! He's gonna
    make a safe world for humans.
    H. Darc's Story 4: Reunion
    You start out with the group minus Darc, wondering where their brave
    Leader is. They've been waiting patiently in Drakyrnia... Hmm, maybe
    he was captured? Delma refuses that this could have happened! Bebedora
    reads Delma's "blossom pink anger" and a golden yellow- Delma misses
    Darc. Aww. Volk wonders why Darc has seemed so "tormented" since they
    came to Drakyrnia and Darc went to see that elder guy... hey, good
    Question! Let's get to Williwo and find out! Williwo will state the
    obvious, that not one of Darc's followers is from the same race or
    tribe- so why do you al follow him, he asks? Any answer works here,
    and then Williwo will tell you Darc's sad story in a fade-out. (Eek,
    darkness! ;_;) Wow, so that's it. Darc's all alone and unique in the
    world. Poor dude. Outside, Bebedora picks up on Darc's feelings from
    when he stood there- there are apparently "traces" of his feelings
    left there. She says that Darc believed his brother is still alive
    ... and wants to find him! Hey, so maybe Darc's off looking for his
    long lost bro. Volk has the idea to search in Yewbell, since that's
    where that lady, what was her name? Oh yeah, Nafia, USED to live.
    (None of these Deimos are observant enough to realize that she freaking
    still owns Nideliia... sheesh). All righty troops, save if you will and
    head out. Your path takes you through Chaos Forest, where you'll stop
    to decide on the best plan of action.
    Volk wants to rush in and charge the place, make the humans tell them
    where Darc is, and kill kill kill! Uh... not such a good idea. It ends
    up being decided that Bebedora should go alone and find out as much as
    she can about Darc's whereabouts, since she looks the most "human-like"
    and can use Mind Control if anything goes wrong. Yeah, better idea. You
    get to control Bebedora now (With cool music! Ja!) and take her towards
    the Castle Ruins. On the way, stop to pick up Ancient Tablet 7, which
    Bebedora will "keep and give to Darc". Whoop. So then head in.
    In town, nobody seems to notice anything weird, which is... weird. You
    can talk to people around town, but all they say is "damn Deimos!" and
    vent about Nafia and the like. Time to further the storyline kiddies,
    head into Kharg's house. There you'll be greeted by Paulette, who
    though you were Kharg. Hmm... pretty teenage boy vs. small demon
    monster girl. Uh... no. Bebedora (being herself) reads Paulette's
    "rosy-colored attraction" and secret tender emotions- "you have
    feelings for Kharg" (Pretty music here.). Bebedora says she's looking
    for her friend but won't let Paulette help. Bebedora reads Paulette's
    "azure sadness", "deep crimson of pain" and "dark grey of repentance"-
    sorrow? Says that Paulette's sorry she hurt someone. She has been
    betrayed. Bebedora tells Paulette to find her own friend- "that's what
    her heart wants." Paulette, realizing Bebedora is right, intruduces
    herself, thanks Bebedora, and heads out. Bebedora, not being able to
    stand the feeling of gratitude, is about to leave herself when she
    again picks up on Darc's 'left-behind' feelings. He's alive! Or was,
    an hour ago... (Reference! Email us! Waahoo!) Now, off around town
    again. Head to the pub, where you'll find Paulette again. She greets
    you, but rushes off, apparently there's something she has to do. If
    you talk to the pub lady, she'll say that as soon as Paulette found
    out that there were Deimos in Chaos Forest, she rushed right off- one
    of them was the one that killed her father! Uh-oh, trouble's a-brewing.
    Get your move on to Chaos Forest!
    While walking through the Castle Ruins this time, you'll hear sniffling
    and see a figure at Nafia's grave, crying. Hmm, check it out. It's Maru
    and he's grieving for Nafia because "somebody has to". Introductions
    are made all around, and Bebedora states that Maru's heart is more
    compex than even a Deimos heart. Maru tells her about Kharg and how
    Kharg was his very first friend ever- and turned out to be part Deimos.
    Maru relates the story Paulette told him: a Deimos named Darc killed
    Nafia and took Lilia to the Cave of Truth. Hey hey, now Bebedora knows
    Where Darc is! She'll go there, then. When Bebedora says that she was
    made to destroy the world, Maru tells her she shouldn't speak of such
    things, because if the world were destroyed, everybody would be sad.
    Bebedora thinks... maybe she could be sad, too... Then, Tatjana and
    Ganz run up, calling for Maru. Paulette's run off to Chaos Forest
    alone and is likely to get herself killed. Maru introduces Bebedora to
    them (Tatjana thinks Bebedora's familiar, but can't place it), then
    Maru tells Bebedora to stay- it's dangerous. Well duh, but not for
    Bebedora. Head out.
    Cut back to Chaos Forest, where the rest of the crew is becoming
    impatient. Their bickering is cut short by the appearance of some
    mercenaries, hunting Deimos. Yay, a fight! When you win, Paulette
    shows up. Zoom frames on Volk and Paulette, who obviously hate each
    other because of the various family deaths. Tatjana, Ganz and Maru
    arrive, zoom frames on Tatjana and Camellia because they hate each
    other due to Dilzweld experiments, and zoom on Ganz and Delma since
    Ganz hates Orcon- they killed Rapier. Bebedora shows up and Maru is
    disappointed to find out that she's a legendary monster. Paulette,
    Volk, Ganz and Camellia are getting irrantional and thoughtless
    because they're blinded by their individual hates, so Tatjana thinks
    it best not to fight in this condition. She launches a smoke-bomb
    type thing and the humans retreat.
    The Deimos are pissed about this "magic called science", according to
    Camellia. Stupid cheap humans. Bebedora reports that Darc has gone to
    the Cave of Truth. Camellia convientely knows where that is- on a
    place called "Cragh Island", a cursed island, an island of the dead.
    ((Sora: Isle del Muerte! Pirates of the Caribbean!! Er... sorry.))
    Bebedora also mentions Lilia, Delma gets jealous (surprise surprise),
    and the crew is off to Cragh Island.
    I. Kharg's Story 5: Truth
    Onboard the airship Fiona, you find our good hero friend Kharg muttering in the
    corner. Buster will express his concerns on continuing onto Cragh Island- the
    supply of SS is running low. But Samson says that they'll manage all right.
    Kharg is heading out to avenge Nafia's death, of whom Samson notes hearing of.
    "Nafia, the heroic woman of Nidellia", who was brave and fought off invaders.
    Kharg says that he didn't even know his mother at all, and reveals that's half
    Deimos. He asks if Samson will still help him, and Samson asks if Kharg's still
    going to go after Darkham. Kharg says that it's still the same; just that he'll
    kill Darc and rescue Lilia first. Boomer warns of rocks ahead, and it's time for
    a rather rocky landing! Take this opportunity to save, then talk with Samson. He
    has decided to join up with you. Yay! Samson thinks there might be treasure on
    this "uncharted island". Sure, whatever you say. Head on out, then over to the
    Slothian Village. You'll be stopped at the Beach, where you'll see two Slothians
    carving on a stone tablet, then they pass out. Kharg and Samson will discuss how
    the Slothians are Deimos because they can speak, yet they are unafraid and non-
    violent towards humans. You can ask them about Darc and Lilia, but they won't
    know anything. So, onwards to the Slothian Village!
    What the...!? In the Slothian Village, you will find...humans and
    Deimos...living together!? Why, that's impossible! Anyway, talk to the villagers
    and you'll learn that hundreds of years ago, humans tired of fighting came to
    this island, where the Slothians accepted them. They also have no SS because
    they have no machines. What, no machines!? Why, that's impossible! You'll also
    find some Quorups to the right: a merchant to the right of a palm tree, and a
    healer on the right side of the beach (next to a Save Point!). If you talk with
    the Slothian on the dock, he will tell of two other "strangers" who came and
    looked like the "New Hero and Holy Mother". Kharg doesn't know about them, so
    head over to the Slothian Elders' hill (left path near the palm tree) to find
    On the hill, you'll find... a lot of Slothian elders. Every time you talk to one
    of them, you will get part of a story, then they will fall asleep. By talking
    with several of them, you will eventually get the story. The "Holy Mother and
    Hero" are Kukuru and Arc, and the "New Holy Mother and Hero" are... Nafia and
    Windalf!? Yes, indeed. They were deeply in love, it seems. They had come to the
    island to find "truth". Well, it's time to head over to the CoT (Cave of Truth,
    not Cave of Trials...ah, Star Ocean 2).
    (Note: Before heading out, check out the stone tablets around the elders; each
    talks about characters from Arc 1!)
    In the CoT, you'll quickly find Darc and Lilia- they're being attacked. Kharg
    doesn't want to help Darc, so Samson runs in to help. Kharg follows, and a fight
    begins. Now, Darc will be on your side during this fight HOWEVER you will not be
    able to control him. Meaning that he will most likely keep attacking the
    enemies, even if it leaves him vulnerable to attack or incredibly weak.
    Therefore, try to keep him healed (don't worry if he dies, though; he'll be
    auto-revived to full health after the fight ^_^). Once the fight is over, Samson
    will tell Lilia that it's safe now. Meanwhile, Kharg and Darc will meet for the
    very first time. And, just like every other pair of hybrid brothers separated at
    birth, they prepare to fight to the death. Lilia quickly explains to Kharg how
    Nafia died, and they stop for the moment. (Note the Crest of Will-touching
    symbolism) Now then, head to the right room and inspect the crevice in the
    wall with the symbol over it. Answer its question with "yes", then prepare for
    another fight! Have Darc be a decoy (which he will do happily), while Samson
    blasts them from afar. They shouldn't be too difficult. When you win, little
    lights will appear. Talk to each one to hear a nice little story. When you've
    listened to them all, head into the next room (in the upper-right) and talk to
    another crevice with a symbol on the left wall. Another one of these fights.
    Take them out, listen to the lights, then head up into the next room. You know
    what to do: inspect crevice, fight, win fight, and be enlightened. Now, head
    back into the main room and inspect the crevice thingy there. You can now go
    into this room to learn even more! Darc and Kharg are reluctant, but Lilia
    heads on it, so they follow. Inside this room, you will encounter the last
    "living" Spirit in the world, the Spirit of Hope (aka a small child rising from
    a shallow pool, wearing naught but a buttflap. Dude, put on a diaper or
    something.) He's been kept alive by the hope left in the world, and he informs
    the group that negative emotions are reawakening the Lord of the Black Abyss
    (It's not the Lord of the Black Abyss! It's the Dark One! Meh...whatever.). He
    tells you not to hate, then sinks back into the depths. o_O Okay then. Now then,
    back to the Slothian Village.
    The group will split up to be alone and to think. Night falls, and Kharg's still
    thinking. Since you haven't done so in a while, go ahead and save. You can hear
    music coming from the dock, and (not surprisingly) it's Lilia! And...Samson?
    When Lilia is done, Samson will clap and surprise Lilia (who just happened to be
    facing the other direction while humming and playing). Samson compliments Lilia
    on her Ortena playing, but... how does he know it's an Ortena?
    Uh...er...um...it's...eh...famous! Yeah, that's it! Well, at least he tried. He
    compliments her again, asks her to play it again for him- Lilia says she is
    tired, however, and hurries off to bed. Talk to Samson, and Kharg will ask
    what's going on between him and Lilia. Samson replies that even if he is quite
    the playa, he wouldn't go for a girl that young. But Kharg reminisces about how
    Samson was always around when he needed him, and how he thought it was a
    coincidence...but it wasn't! Samson was there for Lilia! And why else would
    Samson come to Cragh Island with Kharg? Kharg explains that he knows of Lilia's
    father, who disappeared years ago. And then it's revealed... Samson is Lilia's
    father! Why, that's impos- er, I mean. Samson asks that Kharg doesn't tell
    Lilia; he "gave her up to get revenge" on Dilzweld and can't call himself her
    father now. Kharg thinks that he should tell her anyway, that a parent should
    tell their child while they're alive. Kharg wonders why Nafia hid the truth from
    him, and Samson replies that it was for Kharg's benefit. How so, Samson? Well,
    he says that she held the secret to protect her child, and that she could hold
    it forever. Samson says that "he" feels the same way as Kharg. But... who is
    "he"? Oh right, that hybrid brother. Speaking of which, maybe (just maybe) you
    should go to Elder Hill and see if he's there...after saving of course.
    It seems that Darc is here...and after some discussion, IT'S CUTSCENE FIGHTING
    TIME!! (sorry for that little outburst; you kinda get random spurts of energy at
    4:50 in the morning). They'll fight, and fight, and fight some more... until
    Lilia breaks it up. Dang, just as it was getting good. Or something. Lilia
    reminds them both of Nafia and Windalf's dream. Kharg thinks that it would be
    too dangerous for the humans, Darc thinks he should just kill Kharg now. To make
    matters worse, Samson runs in and informs you three that the Dilzweld are here!
    But why are they still after her? Darkham wants her still...for some strange
    reason. Anyway, the Dilzweld can only come ashore at the Beach, so let's go cut
    them off there! ... After you save, of course.
    Upon your arrival at the Beach, you will have the privilege of taking out some
    Dilzies. Yay. But...something's not right here. A little kid from town will rush
    up to you after the fight and say that the Dilzweld got to town, and are
    shooting up Slothians! Dammit, this was only a diversion! Back in town, most of
    the Slothians are dead. ;_; Poor little guys. Hurry and save, then head on over
    to Elder Hill. All of the Elders have been killed as well...and here you find
    the Dilzweld that done it! Time to teach them not to screw with this homie trio.
    It looks like they got Lilia...again. A bonfire is made, and the Elders are
    buried. Samson is down near the village's beach, so go have a chat with him.
    Kharg will ask to be taken back to Yewbell, so he can ask for his friends' help.
    But that still leaves on question: Why does Darkham want Lilia? Perhaps it had
    something to do with Lilia's birth; how her mother Fiona saw a light, and heard
    it say that Lilia was a reincarnation of "a friend of the Spirits". Perhaps
    Darkham needs Lilia in order to obtain the ultimate weapon/power! Only time (and
    the spoilers in this FAQ) will tell.
    J. Darc's Story 5: Evolution
    Poor Darc is all alone on Cragh Island, thinking... he comes to a
    decision. "Humans and Deimos could never get along." Forget Lilia
    and Kharg, Darc's a Demios, darnit! He says he'll get the infinite
    power, unite the Deimos, kill the humans... wait, is that Pyron over
    there? Well Darc, it is indeed! The group reunites on the beach.
    There's a whole lotta "Where in the hell were you?" and "We was
    worried." and other such grammatically incorrect comments, ended by
    Darc's completely inconspicuous, don't think anything of it, "I'M A
    DEIMOS. A Demios. There's nothing to worry about. A Deimos is me."
    ... Ok Darc, we get ya. Now then! Darkham has 4 of the 5 Great Spirit
    Stones and Lilia, so now might be a good time to foil his evil plans.
    So, you need to go straight to the Dilzweld Empire, on the continent of
    Halshinne. However, they've apparently got really good air defense, so
    Camellia suggests landing on the southern part of the continent and
    then trek through someplace called the Kanara Desert. Ok, go for it!
    Hop on the Pyron and take that baby straight to Halshinne.
    Once there, head for Kanara Desert. There's a "town" (if one can call
    it that) called Barbadoth slightly to the southwest of the desert, but
    don't you fret about that now. Entering the Kanara Desert, you'll be
    met graciously- by a blinding sandstorm. Wow, talk about hospitality.
    Uh, it would probably be a good idea to turn back and think up a new
    plan. So now's the time to chill in Barbadoth.
    Upon entering town, you can play every RPG player's dream mini-game and
    every programmer's "ugh, not this again"- the LINE GAME! That's right,
    you can choose to wait in line and get a drink of water, which is
    essentially free healing. Or, you can use Sora's method (which she
    proudly named the "Bully" Method) and go to the front of the line, wait
    for one of the little gaps to appear in the line, and slide on into it.
    Yeah, we know what you're thinking. We like water too. Anyway, a little
    about Barbadoth. It's a refuge camp for Demios that have been chased
    away by humans, Dilzweld in particular. You can listen to a "speech"
    from the lovely Deimos on the box to the left of the entrance and line.
    To the far right is a mummy that seems... dead... wait! He was just
    Sleeping, apparently. Don't scare us like that, dude! Oye, mummies...
    Directly to the left of the building at the far back is a tiny figure,
    almost hidden... hey, it's Kirjath! He'll wait here for you to give
    him all the Ancient Tablets (all 7) and then give you a Goddess
    Statuette (which can only be equipped by female members of your party.)
    Inside the building at the very back of town is the shop, healer, and
    some guys who will tell you a bit about the sandstorm in Kanara Desert.
    One will tell you that the sandstorm is the "cries of sorrow of
    departed spirits of the Saryu Tribe." Long ago, another tribe called
    the Niente destroyed the Saryu and stole from them. The Saryu were the
    only ones who could calm the sandstorms of the desert; they did so with
    some item. It was this item that the Niente stole from the Saryu. (Good
    going, Niente, screw us all over why don't ya.) Later on, the Niente
    were destroyed by Dilzweld. (Guess it kinda served them right.) Anyway,
    you're told that some of the mummies in town are Niente spirits who
    found their way into various corpses so as to keep living. (Look out,
    high standards abound.) If you find an Niente mummy, they'll probably
    know how to cross the desert and soothe the sandstorm. Hey, let's check
    our dead buddy outside. He'll say that he is indeed a Niente spirit,
    but alas his memory is shot. He tells you to find and ask Fuhstart, the
    leader. Ok, Fuhstart is inside the building, in the far back-left,
    complaining about pain and lying down. He'll tell you that you need
    the "Flutes of the Saryu Tribe" to soothe the sandstorm, a.k.a. "Saryu
    Sorrow". The flutes are twin flutes, named Nahm and Latta after a Saryu
    leader and his brother. The flutes were taken back from the Niente by
    Saryu mummies, who currently reside in the Pyramid Ruins outside of
    town. Gotcha. Save, heal, buy whatever items you deem necessary, etc,
    then head out for the Pyramid Ruins.
    When you get there, you'll ooh and aah for a moment. Ok, enough of
    that. Enter! Inside, there's a shut door that you can't enter. Ok, so
    go up. The right path leads nowhere, so up again seems good. Left, up,
    and in leads to a switch, pressing it will cause a stone block to fall,
    creating a new pathway. Go back out, down, and back in again. Don't
    press the switch there just yet, go up the stairs to the right and
    outside for a treasure chest:
      - 240 SS
      - Life Tree Berry
    Hit the switch on the wall outside there too. Go BACK out the initial
    door for this section, into the other, downstairs and take that right
    path that previously led nowhere. Well, now it leads to treasure! Chest
      - 100 SS
      - Earth Balm
      - Earth Balm
      - Earth Balm
    Chest #2:
      - Clattery Dentures (Weapon Part for Bebedora)
      - Magefoil
    and Chest #3:
      - Great Sorcerer's Remains (Accessory for Volk)
      - Earth Shy
      - Earth Shy
      - Earth Shy
    Now then, get back to where you were on level 2 of that same room. Go
    up the new stairway to the right, go TO the right, run along the path.
    Pushing the switch at the end lights up one (of two) lights near the
    sealed door at the beginning. You're halfway there! If you run inside
    the door near that switch there is a treasure chest:
      - 2200 G
      - Thorned Ivy (Weapon Part for Darc)
    Head back around the outside and in. Head to the left, out of the east
    pyramid half and into the west half, straight across, back out and
    around the outside, then you get to hit another switch (fun, huh?).
    Light #2 comes on, now you can go in that sealed door. Down the narrow
    stairs is a "gaping hole", so... (this is the fun part) jump in! It'll
    Dump you back out right in front of the door you need to go in. The old
    "down the laundry chute" trick works every time. So, go into this
    mysterious door. Yay, Twin Flutes! Trying to grab them, a mystery voice
    asks "Who dares disturb?" (It is I, Aladdin! Er, no, that's wrong...)
    The voice won't give up the flutes... (stupid mystery voices!) Leave
    now and you may keep your lives. Uh, no. We're RPG heroes here. Fight!
    Pick up the flutes to fight lotsa mummies. They can use "Mummy's Curse"
    which will lower your attack for a few turns, but Mind Control does
    work on these guys. (One note here: Do they or do they not look like
    they're shooting you with the Kamehameha wave when they use Mummy's
    Curse? Huh? Huh?) Anyway, when you win, Darc comments that it was a
    bit o' work. Back to Barbadoth for healing and saving, then onto the
    Kanara Desert to see if these things work!
    At the desert, Bebedora sees "rage, sadness, pain, betrayal and revenge
    and agony and hatred" swirling there. Wow, deep. Darc plays the flutes
    (cool sound) and the sandstorm stops. Bebedora can now see the emotions
    "floating up". (Another note here: Only Bebedora, Delma and Darc came
    out when you reached the desert. Yet Volk talks. 0_0 Where are you,
    puppy?) So walk forward, and when you reach the giant swirly hole, jump
    on in! (Note: Do not take this advice in real life. We have no
    responsibility for you if you do.) Now it's a giant, "dive in the
    swirly hole" puzzle maze thing! Waahoo! Anyway this is an FAQ, so we
    tell you how to get through. Now where's the fun and bitter, bitter
    resentment in that? Dive in the hole in the top-right first. When you
    "emerge",, go to the left, skip over the first hole you see, and make
    your way to the TOP-most hole you can on this screen. Dive in there.
    Then you simply go up, right, and you're out! ^_^ Now that you've gone
    through the desert, you don't have to do it again (Meaning you can
    go back and forth over the top of it as much as you'd like.) You'll be
    forced to make a stop at Maluise Tower, which is full of ancient magic
    that can "break seals", magic revived by science and not magic of the
    Spirits. Delma hears wings, coming closer- "Quick, hide!" (Ok, if you
    know this reference you are our idol. Email it us, for the love of
    Tosh!) So you hide and spy, it's... Droguza! Well of course you follow
    to see what's up now. To the right, me hearties!
    Droguza is conversing with some Dilzweld soldiers in front of a massive
    (rather evil-looking) glowing black ball behind a gate. You overhear
    the soldiers saying that once the Artificial Wind Stone is complete,
    they can finally get closer to this big black ball, past the barricade.
    (Well, there's something I'd want to do with my life. Create artificial
    almost-holy items to break a magic barrier and get real close to some
    foreboding evil-looking black sphere. But that's just me. Anyway.)
    You show yourselves Droguza, of course, wants to fight. Claims he's
    "evolved" using the power of the Great Spirit Stones. Uh... sure. Fight
    now. You can Mind Control the weak Dilzy officers, as usual (they
    don't have much willpower, you see). When you win, Droguza again claims
    that he's "evolved", but apparently only slightly. He says he wants the
    infinite power to revive his "tribe" - wait, Droguza is a Niente?! 0_0
    Droguza flies away, "escaping", while Darc stutters that they are the
    same- himself and Droguza. Delma, however, disagrees- Darc wants to
    help ALL the Deimos, while Droguza is thinking only of himself. Eh, ok,
    works for us. Onward to the Dilzweld base! Wait... let's make one pit-
    stop first. To the left, a lovely little oasis called Azer Springs.
    Azer Springs is Quorup-ville. You can buy buy buy or sell sell sell! Or
    heal and save, that's good too. It's a quaint little place to get some
    rest, much needed relaxation, and some wide-range Super Duper Bombs.
    ... Onward to Dilzweld!
    Cut to onboard the Megist, where one soldier reports that the guards
    at the "Restricted Dimension" (a.k.a. Maluise Tower) were wiped out by
    some Deimos! Hey hey hey pal, that's Mr. Deimos to you. The Captain
    starts dissing Droguza and...Droguza comes in. Whoops. Droguza wants
    the security level raised to level 4. This Darc and his posse are
    "hostile". Wow, your very own adjective! Now back to you, Joan.
    You come up to the Megist, now beat down the guards. Atta boy, Darc.
    When you win, you can go in. Remember this place? Kind of? Darc sees a
    ghostly image of Nafia being shot... that's gotta burn. Ok, now
    we'll save you some trouble. There's nothing to the right now (where
    you had previously saved Lilia), so head up the stairs and into the
    door. You'll encounter guards, shock. They shut down the direct
    elevator to Darkham. Fight them. Win fight. Then head to the left.
    The stairways both lead to the same place, so just go up. Surprise!
    Fight more. When you win, go look at the blinky red light. Switch it
    on. Yay. Back to zee elevator room! Once there, two "things" come outta
    the elevator. Man, that's wack. More troops show up too, so fight the
    soldiers and the cyborg-bird-Deimos-things. The Deimos have apparently
    been altered, just as Camellia was. Anywho, go up the elevator when you
    Upstairs, you're surrounded by experiments in huge, creepy tanks. Mmm.
    There's a save point to the left. Now then, for any RANDOM information
    collectors out there, just in case you wanted to know, we're going to
    list, by tank, which hybrids are which. That's right. "Romalia Chimera
    Project" - Arc 2 Reference. Whoop. Listy:
      Sample A: Human-Deimos fusion.
      Sample B: Monster-Machine fusion.
      Sample C: Deimos-Monster fusion.
      Sample D: Monster-Human fusion.
      Sample E: Deimos-Machine fusion.
    Ok, done. That was... unproductive. Go through the leftmost door.
    Pull the lever there, which creates bridges to the upper and rightmost
    rooms from the room you just came from. More Altered Deimos drop down,
    so you get to fight again... win again... back to the main room!
    Go in the rightmost door now.
    Dear Holy Mother, it's the room where Camellia was "tortured"! A Dilz
    guy is busy fusing two more Deimos (who are most unwilling) to create
    another Altered Deimos. You'll have to fight 3 of them and the Dilz
    dude, so do so. Afterward, Camellia contemplates the machine. According
    to Bebedora's insight (HAH! Get it? In, Sight? As in she can- oh, never
    mind.) Camellia wants to try something with the machine but is afraid
    of death. Aren't we all, Camellia? Aren't we all? Well...most of us,
    anyway? Anywho, Camellia decides she'd rather die trying to be her old
    self than be stuck in her current form. She asks Darc to help her and
    work the machine. Darc says ok, sure. Why not. So the experiment
    commences! Wow, bright n' shiny. Cutscene of the successful
    transformation, Camellia's new form! Sadly, she's just as horrid in
    battle as she ever was, though. She thanks Darc and says that she's in
    his debt. Delma gets jealous, again. Aw, how touching. Uh, got a world
    to save, here. Pick up the Card Key from the little lit-up area near
    the transformation machine and head out. Going up to the top door,
    you'll need to use the Card Key on the little gadget on the right side
    of the door. The door shalt open, and the scene shalt cut to Droguza
    and Darkham.
    Droguza is asking for further "evolution". Darkham's mad (greedy
    Deimos) but agrees, as this will be a good test of his newly-completed
    Artificial Wind Stone. Droguza gets in zee funky machine and the
    "evolution" process begins. You come in and Darkham laughs at you. Now
    he will test his Ultimate Altered Deimos on you! What? Droguza was
    actually an Altered Deimos, made by Dilzweld? Darc doesn't believe it,
    but Darkham claims that he created Droguza, gave him false memories and
    false hopes of reviving the Niente Tribe- a tribe Droguza never really
    belonged to. Darkham leaves, and you get to try and stop this evolution
    before Droguza goes beeatch on yo asses. Fight!
    The object of this fight is to destroy the machines (the 5 of them)
    that are evolving Droguza. The machines don't take much, so FINALLY,
    FINALLY a fight where Camellia's range comes in useful! You can pretty
    much ignore the other enemies (once you destroy the machines the
    fight is over), so long as you stay healed. Once you take out the
    machines, the whole thing goes berserk- uh-oh. Uh, Droguza seems to
    have evolved anyway. Let's get ready to rrrrrrumble!!
    The Droguza fight has been said to be the toughest one in the game-
    but it's really not so bad if your levels are decent and you have a
    good strategy. ((Sora: My levels were decent enough and I, unlike my
    friend Otaku here, do NOT like training. Not in the least. In fact,
    I've been underleveled for most any RPG you can think of. ^_^;))
    Sora has a tried-and-true strategy that's due to work almost every
      First off, your main attackers will be Delma, Volk, and Darc. Darc
    Should know Raise Spirits and Delma should know Healing Rain. They will
    work their way up to Droguza and use physical attacks (with Delma
    healing when necessary). Bebedora and Camellia (unless yours are really
    useful, mine weren't) serve to "distract" Droguza should he choose to
    use his lovely tail-beam-arc. Sitting Darc in the middle of your
    attackers, have him Raise Spirits, then perform as many dual-attacks as
    you can- they do the most damage you can in this fight and will take
    out Droguza relatively quickly. As for your "decoys", Bebedora can use
    Resurrection when necessary to get Camellia back to life (because if
    your Camellia was anything like mine, she's got crap for HP), and
    Camellia can heal when necessary. With this strategy, you shouldn't
    have too much trouble. If you need any help on this, email us by all
    means. We'll do our best to accommodate to the situation. ^_^
    Once the fight is done, Droguza tells Darc to go to Maluise Tower;
    that's apparently where Darkham went. Darkham is trying to break the
    seal on an ancient weapon of incredible power. Droguza also asks if
    he's a real Deimos. Darc hesitates only for a moment before telling
    Droguza that of course he's a real Deimos. Droguza thanks Darc, King of
    the Deimos, and dies. It's now up to Darc to save the Deimos race...
    K. Kharg's Story 6: Rivalry
    Scene: Yewbell. A cat runs by, chasing a mouse. Samson and Kharg
    appear. Kharg's a little nervous about coming back, he thinks the
    town feels betrayed. Samson says Kharg needs more faith in himself-
    he came back because he needed his friends' help, didn't he? And his
    friends WANTED to follow him, they didn't have to at all. Samson says
    that this is where he leaves you, he doesn't want to complicate
    anything. So away he goes. Talking to people around town, they all seem
    so... forgiving. o_O Your friends are apparently at the Castle Ruins,
    since they... well, aren't anywhere else. Maru is the first one Kharg
    sees. He's overjoyed and asks for forgiveness. He wants to be taken
    with Kharg again. Kharg says no- I came to ask you to join me again.
    Will you? Maru agrees, then tells the story of why everyone's so
    friendly again. It's because of Paulette. What? That's right. Paulette
    walked around and talked to everyone in town personally, convincing
    them to get back behind Kharg and support him. She reminded them of
    how much Kharg and Nafia had done for the town. People ignored her,
    got angry, threw rocks at her, but she kept going. Wow, what loyalty.
    How sweet. She's apparently at Nafia's grave right now- go see her.
    There, you'll discover that Nafia's grave has also been spruced up.
    Paulette and Kharg have a touching moment and forgiveness all around,
    Maru shows up to wreck the moment with a comic crack (can't have too
    much emotion in this game, now can we?), and you'll find out that Ganz
    and Tatjana went up to Thunor Point to take care of some remaining
    Dilzweld soldiers there. Ok, sounds good, head there.
    At Thunor Point, Ganz and Tatjana have just finished up. Don't worry,
    Those soldiers aren't dead. They're just sleeping... Ganz and Tatjana
    are happy to see Kharg, there's a mini celebratory reunion and then you
    find out that Darkham's gone to the Dilzweld Empire on Halshinne.
    That means he's making an Artificial Wind Stone...! Gasp! Time to storm
    the empire! Muahahaha! To the Khargmobile! Or Big Owl, whatever.
    Tatjana says you shouldn't head straight in via air since Dilzweld is
    Very proud of it's anti-air artillery. It's got something called the
    "Curtain of Death", an impenetrable artillery line. They've also been
    building a giant turret called Maluise Tower. Riiiiight. Tatjana says
    that the easiest way in would be to land in east Halshinne near a place
    called Lusah Forest and try to cross over Mt. Lamda. Yippe-ky-yay, off!
    You'll land, sure enough, near Lusah Forest. Then head up to Mt. Lamda.
    You'll stop at the mini-building in front of it... why, it's a temple!
    A temple in front of a mountain! Where monks train! (Now then, where's
    Iga? Arc 1, 2, and 3 reference, FYI.) Tatjana informs you that this is
    Lamda Temple, which is supposed to have been where it is for three
    thousand years! (It's actually probably more than that...) The monks
    here learn to use the power of earth and air in the form of "Qi". You
    have to "make it through the temple" in order to get to Mt. Lamda. To
    bust through would be to face countless warrior monks- not the best
    idea, sparky. Kharg shouts for the gates to be opened, states his name,
    country, etc. and the gates open. Inside, the cool synchronized monks
    practice. Heh. The monk closest to the gate and slightly left will let
    you compete in the Lamda Arena- one person, no Skills or Magic. (If
    you win the 30 battle though, you get the Romancing Stone.) Anyway, go
    up to the front center and talk to the priest.
    Our friend Mr. Lamda Priest says that in order to cross My. Lamda, you
    Must complete the training at Lamda Temple to become a monk. There's no
    time for that, man! We've got to save the world! Ok then, he'll let you
    pass on one condition: you must grasp the true meaning of the Lamda
    secrets. Ok, fabu. Going out the main gate, Kharg ponders if there may
    be somewhere else that has information on Lamda Temple- somewhere that
    you could go to find out it's "secrets"? Tatjana says that maybe the
    "Great Library" in "Peisus" (Arc 3! Arc 3!) would have something. Ok,
    let's head there (South and slightly east on the world map).
    Ooooh, pretty. The library is a town all in itself, and looks like a
    Giant pagoda-gone-even fancier. The librarian in the little booth tells
    you that they have something called the "Lamda Sutra". Unfortunately,
    library rules (due to the eccentric head librarian, Mormatt) say that
    they can't tell you where to find the book- you have to discover that
    on your own. But hey, once you find it, you're allowed to take it!
    Peachy. Better start looking then!
    Upstairs is a huge display of every possible Arc reference you could
    think of, from roses to swords and guns to music boxes that play songs.
    Check the reference section for that, though. There's a guy who's
    just opened up shop here, and a healer for your convenience. Wow.
    Head Eccentric Librarian Mormatt is over to the left, FYI. Also, take
    note of the dragon statue/carvings on each wall (Right and Left). Then
    head on in.
    Inside, Maru tells you he doesn't want to look around, so he'll just
    wait for you. Ok, whatever. Second shelf, standing right near the
    center is- Span! Hey, our old Spirit Dictionary buddy! He'll take
    whatever Spirit Dictionaries you happen to have and read you ones
    you've given him already. Looking around at the various books in the
    library you'll find that every one of them has some Arc reference in
    it. But that's all in the reference section, so on to the storyline.
    On the center back wall, there's a scroll that says "The dragon of the
    west brightens its eyes with the rising of the sun... and the dragon of
    the east brightens its eyes with the tranquility of the sea... When
    those two dragons come together, the world shall split in two... Shao
    Li". Uhhhh... you may ask. Well, take note of the two dragon
    statue/carvings on either side of this scroll- MUCH like the ones in
    the artifact room! Go back out to that room and examine the two there-
    you'll find that one has a red gem for an eye and the other has a blue
    gem. Wow, coinkydink. Back to the scroll, place the red gem in the eye
    of the dragon on the left side, the blue gem in the one on the right
    side, and viola! The wall splits open, and nobody else in the entire
    library seems to notice it. Weird. So, go in.
    Ooooooh, pretty lights! ((Sora: I want some of those for my room...))
    Heading down the mysteriously-lit corridor, chances are you'll find...
    some special stuff. The scroll on the left is the "Ninja Scroll"
    ((Sora: Good anime.)), the scroll on the right is the "Projectile
    Picture Scroll", and dead center is "Lamda Sutra - The Road to
    Enlightenment". It's written in ancient Sumlian, though... who can read
    it now? Back in the main part of the library, the group regroups, Kharg
    announces that he's found it, tells about the language barrier, and now
    you have to find someone who can read the darn thing. Wait, Maru's
    missing. Darn kid. Oh wait, he's in the corner of the artifact room,
    talking to Mormatt. Mormatt's apparently pestering Maru about his crown
    since it looks rare and valuable. Mormatt says you should at least get
    the crown looked at by the Milmarna Appraisal Office. Oh yeah, and
    the office can also read ancient texts. Well whooop-dee-doo! Off to
    Milmarna! (South by South by... uh, south.)
    Milmarna's got cool scenery and pretty music. Maru gets kinda spacey
    and asks if it would be ok for him to walk around for a little bit by
    himself. Uh... sure kid. Look around. There's a healer, shop, etc.
    There's also a dog guarding a treasure chest, let's take care of this
    palace. You'll pass a small piece of land with an old man on it. This
    old man will tell you the history of Milmarna. (Arc references abound.)
    Hidden in the rock near the old man on this little "island" (as we'll
    call it) is a bone. Use the bone to get past the dog. Opening the
    chest, you'll find that inside there is some beef jerky and a letter.
    Reading the letter, you'll find it's from the dog's owner. He does the
    "if you're reading this, I'm no longer in this world" thing, then asks
    whoever reads the letter to take care of his doggie, Rover, because
    Rover won't understand that his master is gone. The jerky is for
    Rover, by the way. Since Kharg has no time to be dog-sitting, ask the
    young boy outside, who will be more than happy to take care of Rover.
    Yay, a happy little POINTLESS sidequest thing. Back to storyline.
    Head to the palace. Inside, you can get your various fortunes told by
    the fortune-tellers to the left, or head to the right to get to the
    Appraisal "office". On the barrel nearby is Spirit Dictionary 5. You
    get all psyched up, only to find that the office is forbidden to
    decipher Sumlian writing. What? Why? Sumlian is like a secret, known
    only to Milmarnan royalty. You'll need permission from Madame Rosanna
    before they'll translate the text for you. Well, Rosanna's apparently
    the lady up at the center on top, walking back and forth... how to get
    to her? Try the lady in green at the far, far right. She won't let you
    in, either. Then Maru shows up... claims he's the Prince of Milmarna
    0_0 He says the crown is proof- the lady agrees, it is the crown of
    the Milmarnan royalty. Maru is allowed in, alone. You can run up to
    where the line of people is waiting and hear the conversation between
    Maru and Rosanna. Rosanna says Maru is really "Prince Yumalnoh". Foh,
    the best and most famed fortune-teller there, is really a little girl,
    Rosanna's daughter and heir to the Milmarnan throne. She's also Maru
    (or Yumalnoh)'s cousin, and she foresaw his arrival. Rosanna gives her
    permission for the text to be translated, so go drop it off while Maru,
    Foh and Rosanna go into the "royal palace" (a.k.a. Foh's room) to talk.
    Deciphering the scroll will take a little while, so go in to join the
    talking. Foh and Rosanna are apologizing- Rosanna says if only she had
    "stopped her husband" ...?? What? Foh wants Maru to step in and be the
    next ruler of Milmarna- whoa! Hold up there. Maru needs some time to
    think about this... so he leaves. Now you can talk to Rosanna and
    get the whole story.
    There is a tradition in Milmarna- those who can best demonstrate the
    ability to see into the future inherit the throne. Maru's father could,
    so he had a long and great rule. When he and his wife died however,
    Rosanna's husband, Mobihto, wanted Foh to take over, not Maru. This man
    was the king's brother, Maru's uncle. Mobihto claimed that Maru had no
    ability to see into the future, but got scared that Maru would one day
    gain that power and reclaim the throne. So... he tried to have Maru
    killed. (Bad man! Bad, bad power-hungry human!) Rosanna did the only
    thing she could think of- had the young Prince run away. And that's
    the story.
    If you talk to Foh, she'll tell you an interesting tidbit. One day,
    when she was very young, she and "Yumalnoh" were playing together.
    He told her that he foresaw a fight- the fight over himself and Foh.
    So he really does have powers to see the future... or at least did.
    Outside, your scroll is ready. In short, it says "Clear away all
    Distractions and keep your mind open at all times." Ok, gotcha. Now
    Then, Maru's sitting in the upper left, (near the fortune teller there)
    On top of a box. He says he doesn't want to rule... then suddenly
    claims he's not the real Prince. Uh, yeah. The real Prince met him
    a long time ago and... uh, GAVE him the crown, right. Foh overhears
    this, believes it, and runs out crying. (Sheesh.) Maru gets up to leave
    and happens to look into the nearby crystal ball. Gets worried for a
    second... Maru? He wants to talk to Foh again before you leave
    Outside, Foh is standing near a boat, apparently contemplating going
    out to the ocean with it. Maru manages to stall her though, and the
    boat sinks like a freaking ROCK. Hey, Maru foresaw that! He really IS
    the Prince! ^_^ He gives Milmarna to Foh. So then, back to Lamda
    There, Kharg reports what he's learned to Mr. Priest. (You better be
    able to choose the right option without us listing them all, or you
    need more help than this FAQ can give you ^_-) The priest says you
    still can't pass, though- you haven't SHOWN that you truly understand
    the teaching, merely recited it. You must now fight!
    Battle with warrior monks 1: whole group versus. Win. Not too hard.
    Good, good, says Mr. Priest. Now then, time for some freaky smoke/
    incense. What? What up with this, priest-man? The priest tells you
    to turn around, and you see... wtf? Darc's party?! Anger flies, but
    the priest stops you- the smoke screen turns off, and you see that
    "Darc's party" was really... a bunch of warrior monks. The smoke was
    special- it manifests hidden emotions, especially those of anger or
    hatred. He says you all failed the test- all except Maru, who has
    apparently "kept his mind clear of distraction". Maru may now fight
    the monks alone- if he wins, you'll be let through to Mt. Lamda. Ok,
    pally! Fight time!
    Maru should be at level 23 or higher... that just makes things a little
    easier. A good strategy for this is to use the fact that the monks
    won't move to attack you unless you're a certain distance from them to
    your advantage. If you move all the way to the left, for example,
    you'll only have to fight one or two at a time, then you can slowly
    move in to take on the next, and the next and so on. Another popular
    strategy is to use stat-altering items on Maru, like a Napping Bell
    (to put them to sleep) or the like. This means you have to get close to
    all of them, though, and you risk getting hit a lot. If you make sure
    Maru has mad speed and use the "one-at-a-time" technique, you'll get
    by with less damage, but more slowly than the other methods.
    In any case, when you win, Maru is commended by the rest of the team.
    Lamda priest-man lets you go by, but tells you that the reason for the
    incense test was this: there is a mysterious fog on Mt. Lamda that
    makes those without clear minds see illusions. They get lost and fall
    prey to the monsters on the mountain. It's Maru's job to lead the rest
    of the gang safely through the mountain. Ok boss! So then, head out the
    door to the left and out!
    First thing, you'll come to a bunch of little red tiles. Up into the
    Little alcove is a treasure chest:
      - 180 SS
      - Bountiful Fruit
    When you get back on the main path, beware of very suddenly appearing
    enemies. See, we told you. Fight them and win, then continue on.
    When the path splits to and upper path and lower path, take the lower
    one first for more treasure:
      - Weathercock (Weapon Part for Maru)
      - Balo Nut
      - Wind Shy
    Get back up to the "upper" path, run for a bit, then veer down for
    another treasure chest:
      - Great Herb
      - Great Herb
      - Great Herb
      - Great Herb
      - Life Tree Berry
    Keep on going, head into the next little "alcove" for more treasure!
      - Tanzanite
      - Ice Blade (Weapon Part for Ganz)
    There'll be more suddenly-appearing enemies, fight and win. And then...
    you'll come across the hallucinatory gas. It's up to you, Maru!
    Your first hallucination will be in Yewbell. Monsters show up, so
    fight them! Maru says that to get through the hallucinations, you
    need to head for the "Ring of Light". Ok, well here there are two rings
    of light. There's one directly to the right, around the doorway of the
    house there, and there's another near the gate to the Castle Ruins. For
    a cool little mappy-thingy of the Ring of Light that Sora made, go
    Otherwise, you should know that either path will take you eventually
    through Asheeda Forest, where there will be two Rings of Light again.
    If you go through the topmost one (near the Big Owl), you'll be in a
    loop that'll take you to the same places you've been. If you go through
    the bottom one, however, you'll end up on the bottom level of Scrappe
    Plateau, then you'll get out. The fog will clear, Kharg and Co. will
    be able to see clearly once more, there's a save point in the grass,
    and you get to go on to the Dilzweld Empire! Huzzah! (Oh, a little FYI:
    if you're like us and like FREE healing and saving, you can go back to
    the Big Owl now and not have to go through Mt. Lamda again. You can
    just go "over" it, so to speak ^_^ Man, we're cheapskates.)
    The Dilzweld "Empire" that you go to is actually a city. You'll be
    stopped at the Eastern Fortress. Lots of Dilzweld are laying around-
    dead? What? The Fiona's there, and it's crashed! Looking around, you'll
    find Boomer and Buster. They'll tell you that Samson was following the
    Megist and they tried to bulldoze their way into the Empire. Samson
    ordered all of his men to abandon ship before they reached the
    "Curtain of Death", but Buster and Boomer refused, staying with their
    captain. Of course, the Fiona was shot down and all three of its
    occupants are greatly wounded, Samson worse than the others. But he
    already took off for the Dilzweld Empire, after Darkham and Lilia!
    His men ask you to find him and make sure he's ok. Tatjana comes up
    with a plan so you don't have to sneak around- so head into the city.
    The guard at the gate recognizes Tatjana and says he thought she had
    died in the line of duty- Tatjana rebuts this. She says Kharg and the
    others are mercenaries she picked up to help her along the way. The
    guard radios in that Tatjana is alive, and you get to go into town.
    Typical of a city under a dictatorship, those living on the "upper
    level" are those who keep chanting "long live Lord Darkham!" and those
    who live on the lower level are those who have done something, anything
    to piss off the lovely Lord Darkham or his soldiers. Walk around, talk
    to the lovely people. There's a healer and save point in the pub, where
    soldiers are getting hammered. One guy in the "slums" will ask you if
    you support Darkham- answer harshly (yet truthfully) and he'll tell you
    that they helped Samson out- dressed him as a poor man, let him rest a
    bit and sent him on his way. Another man there will tell you about
    Tatjana's past- her parents died, and she used to live in the slums.
    She was noticed by Darkham 15 years ago, and worked hard to become the
    best soldier and scientist he had. All the way down all the stairs is
    an alleyway with a bunch of cats and a picture of Choko. No point, just
    strange. Anyway, go talk to the 3 guards that are standing near a
    barricade on the "upper level". One will tell you that the Megist is
    under attack (wonder who that could be?), but says that Darkham escaped
    with Lilia to Maluise Tower. Tatjana, playing it cool, says she'll go
    there as well then.
    IMPORTANT! Once you enter Maluise Tower with Kharg and party, events
    Will occur that will make it impossible to go back to Cathena. If
    you want to do the Cathena Arena, do it now! You can't later!
    At Maluise Tower... we smell foreboding. Ack, Samson is hurted! He says
    he had planned to take on Darkham... no matter the cost...
    (Begin Samson mini-flashback)
    Darkham shows Lilia "his masterpiece", Maluise Tower. Samson shows up,
    prepared to kill Darkham. Lilia says to shoot, even if ("at that
    distance") he might hit her. She also calls him father. Samson is
    surprised- how did she know? Samson asks forgiveness from Fiona... then
    Lilia... gunshot! But-but... Samson was shot?! From behind by a sniper
    who arrives with a Royal Guard. Lilia laments... You find out from
    Darkham that Samson's real name is Wyse (cool), and Lilia apologizes-
    She never got a chance to sing to her father.
    (End Samson  mini-flashback)
    Samson asks Kharg to save Lilia, then starts speaking to his daughter
    out loud- he says he can hear her and Fiona singing together... it's so
    beautiful... Then, my friends, Samson dies... *a minute of grieving,
    Samson is cool!! ;_;* Now then, Darkham, you bastard! Let's go kick his
    scrawny ass. Into the tower!
    Inside, upstairs. To the left and down is a treasure chest (nice how
    Darkham even had the treasure chests put in with the tower's
    construction, ne?)
      - 200 SS
      - Super-Duper Bomb
      - Super-Duper Bomb
    Back up and to the right is... a battle! Fight em, win. Forward and
    towards the back is more treasure!
      - Life Tree Berry
      - Revival Medicine
      - Revival Medicine
      - Wind Blade (Weapon Part for Ganz)
    Up, up, up... Battle! Down the path that branches off to the right is
    Another treasure chest:
      - Stun Unit (Weapon Part for Tatjana)
      - Light Shy
      - Light Shy
    Alllll the way left and outside... then back in! And... battle!
    <( Important battle note: in the FAR back box (the one you wouldn't get
    unless we told you to) is Snake Wire, a weapon part for Paulette that
    doubles her range! It's GOOD! Get it! )> Away and down is another
      - Frey's Hair Ornament (female party members only)
      - High Green Lens
    Then, a save point! You must be getting close! Outside, cut to Darkham
    and his little gang. Lilia's passed out on some altar-thing with the
    Great Spirit Stones nearby. Lilia is to act as a stimulus for the GSS
    to react. Darkham's going to open the "Restricted Dimension" and talks
    to the "noble Flying Castle". (Dude, it's the same crater from Arc 3
    0_0) The Flying Castle appears and... cutscene! The Flying Castle
    awakens! End cutscene- because the Artificial Wind Stone broke! (Haha!)
    Then the "mysterious man" appears, telling Darkham not to worry, the
    Restricted Dimension is broken, that's enough. Darkham now wants to
    test the power of the Flying Castle on... Cathena?! Cutscene where a
    giant beam from the Flying Castle annihilates Cathena. Wow. Back to you
    Up the stairs- it's showdown time.
    A little bit of talk, then... fight! (Note: What a stupid freaking
    looking hat! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!) The Royal Guards have mad game
    though, it's a good idea (if you want to) to group them together and
    make good use of Maru's Great Hunter (the UBER spell). Again, any
    problems with the battle, email us. We help.
    When you win, Darkham reveals his true intentions. He wants to
    annihilate the Deimos?! One day, when he was very young, Deimos invaded
    The Dilzweld Empire. Darkham was sent to Cathena to get help but, the
    Delegates being their usual selves, hemmed and hawed over it for so
    long that by the time Darkham returned, the Empire was in shambles.
    The Deimos had taken children as hostages, killed the people, then
    killed their hostages... Darkham asks Kharg to destroy the Deimos in
    his place, then, being ever-so weak, topples from the tower and is
    L. Darc's Story 6: The Final Battle
    Kharg and his group will discuss the Deimos, when suddenly... here comes
    Darc and his group! Kharg will wipe out the Deimos! Darc will wipe out
    the humans! Bebedora will feel Maru's pain, and then it's decided: the
    humans will fight the Deimos for the 5 GSS, winner takes all. You now
    will have a choice: will you fight on the human side or the Deimos side?
    It's really your choice. We suggest that if you have been pumping a
    particular team, pick that one. Be warned, though; the opposing team
    will have considerable game regardless. ((Sora: I didn't even know that
    I purchased Earthquake for Camellia...and there she was, pulling it out
    on my ass.))
    When you win, the opposing team will be quite wiped. You'll get ready to
    grab the GSS, when...what in the!? You're levitating! In fact, everybody
    is! (Note how the characters who "mirror" one another float the same
    way, such as Delma and Paulette, Volk and Ganz, etc.) Cutscene time. And
    who should appear but...Zev!? That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Our
    good, pub-loving friend is really "The Divine Ruler"! Muhahahaha...ha.
    Don't look into his eyes, kiddies. He's got none. ((Sora: I'm scared out
    of my mind! O_O *hides from nightmares with no-eyed Zev* *shudders*))
    <>Otaku: Yep, that was pretty freaky.<> He was the one that created the
    monsters, and he is... THE LORD OF THE BLACK ABYSS!! (sorry...it's that
    energy spurt thing again) "Zev" was just a temporary name, as well as
    his body. He was the first human to defy the gods, and was sealed away
    for thousands of years. He mentions the era of the "Twilight of the
    Spirits" (Ooh, title reference. You must be close to the game.) However,
    in order to achieve full resurrection, he must break the seal on the
    Ark! He was merely using Kharg to fight Darkham and to compete with
    Darc, as well as make Darkham create Droguza. After all, negative
    feelings really up his resurrection time. Lilia begins to levitate, then
    so do the 5 GSS and the Divine Ruler, and before you know it, they're
    So much happening in such a short time. Anyway, you need to rescue Lilia
    and get the 5 GSS back. (Deimos side) Darc will discuss how they were part of
    the Divine Ruler's plot before they were even born. Why? Because they are the
    descentants of monsters, the Divine Ruler's creations. That's why the Deimos
    have a natural battle instinct and a desire to fight; they were created as
    weapons by the Divine Ruler! The group will ponder if they could truly be pawns;
    Bebedora mentions how they are "all just like me" and that the Divine Ruler is
    the true father of all monsters. Darc suggests they head out for the Flying
    Castle and stop the Lord of the Black Abyss. Volk and Delma wonder if they
    should kill the humans, but Darc says they were manipulated "just like we were".
    He continues to say how they have proved who's stronger, and that the Deimos
    don't kill the weak for no reason... "unlike the 'civilized' humans". (Ouch)
    (Human side) Similar to the Deimos discussion, with the appropriate changes to
    make sense. Kharg will offer for Darc and his team to come with you, but they
    will decline. So, when that's over, head on back down through Maluise
    Tower, then head right and to the castle. Come on, hurry up! "Time is
    running out for the human race!" (Another obscure reference. Email us if
    you know it. We'll love you. Promise.) Wow, it's...big. When you
    enter, you'll be asked if you REALLY want to enter; after all, this is
    the last dungeon. Meaning that once you're in, there's no coming back
    out. But then again, it's not exactly like you have anything that you
    want to do beforehand. And if you do...well, it's sort of pointless now.
    In any case, head on in.
    Meanwhile, Kharg/Darc will ponder it all over and, for their own reasons, the
    group will decide to go after the LBA as well. Head on down and to the Flying
    Castle, where you will meet up with the humans/Deimos. Does this mean that
    they're joining forces? No way! They could never live in peace with each
    other. And suddenly, the castle takes off into the sky and the floor beneath
    everybody will drop out! Down they drop, and up the castle goes. Where will they
    land, nobody (except for us and other people who have beaten the game, or at
    least gotten to this part) knows.
    You'll awaken to find that only some of you are around. Kharg,
    Paulette, Ganz... and Volk and Delma!? Uh-oh, this doesn't look good.
    Kharg thinks they should fight together until they meet up with Darc and
    the others, but the others need some convincing. When monsters show up,
    they decide to put their quarrels aside for the moment. Fight them, win,
    and then the group will reluctantly join up. Cool. If you "touch" the
    stone in the corner of the room, a platform will start moving (which is
    good news for you). Ride the platform to the other side, where you'll
    find another stone- "touch" it and begin to cross the newly created
    bridge. Members of your team express concern of the lack of supports
    under the bridge. So, Kharg decides to look down and see if he can see
    if something is holding them up. Not surprisingly, Delma decides this
    would be a nice opportunity to push Kharg off into the dark depths
    below. She lunges forward, Kharg notices her and quickly moves, and she
    almost falls, barely holding on. And who should come to her rescue but
    good old... Ganz!? That's right, Ganz. Mr. "I-hate-Orcon-cuz-they-
    killed-my-war-buddy" Ganz. But...why? He says that when a "comrade" is
    in trouble, you should save them no matter what. Kharg also mentions
    that if Delma really wanted to push him off, she would have succeeded-
    guess she must have had some hesitation. Anyway, time to continue on.
    Cross, go into this next room, fight some more monsters. Go onto the
    elevator, and then walk up to the big wall. You'll wait there until Darc
    and the others arrive. Speaking of which...
    M. Kharg/ Darc: The Final Battle
    Time for us to see how the Deimos-Human team #2 is doing now. It seems
    all right until Tatjana and Camellia start arguing... again. Bebedora
    senses enemies approaching. Oops, no choice now but to join forces and
    fight. After the battle, you've got 4 ways to go: left, right, down,
    or up on the elevator- which is currently not working. So head left,
    just because. You'll encounter a fight, win. Then touch the cool-
    looking stone there. Ooh, I sense a pattern. Go back and head down.
    Fight, touch the stone. Patterns, yay. Back and to the right- fight,
    touchy stone. Now the elevator works! Huzzah! Save point! Bebedora gets
    "attacked" by "the darkness", seems a little odd and tells you which
    elevator to get on. Uh... ooookay... In the new room, Bebedora runs
    ahead. When Darc asks what this place is, she answers that it's a
    "monster box"- a place to get rid of intruders. Two giant dragons drop
    down, and Bebedora says that they're gifts to her from the Divine
    Ruler. She's gone psycho, controlled by the Divine Ruler. You're gonna
    have to fight her. (Note: The objective for this battle is "Destroy the
    Bebedora." Was there ever more than one? o_O) So long as you stay
    grouped enough so that the dragons can't land on the same platform
    as you, they'll only use their distance magic (which is powerful, but
    not overwhelmingly so). Every time you hit Bebedora, she'll transport
    to a different area of the stage. Once you completely kill her, you
    win the fight. Everybody's sad for her, even Tatjana, though Camellia
    refuses to believe that Tatjana could be sad for the death of a Deimos.
    The group starts to leave but- Bebedora's alive! She wants to know who
    her master is- Darc answers that she's her own master, they're just all
    her friends. Bebedora chooses to be free and be "like Maru", wants to
    have her own heart and feel every emotion. Yay. Go back down the
    elevator to the save point, then onto the other one. Hey, whaddya know,
    it's Kharg and company! There's a giant meet-up, in front of the big
    door of fate. Or something. Kharg asks Darc to join forces and fight
    the Lord of the Black Abyss... Darc initially refuses. After much more
    talk though, they both agree. You join up! And, with a nice screenshot,
    you're prompted to choose which character you'll run around as- Kharg
    or Darc? (This makes no difference, you have both parties to choose
    from in battle in any case.) The door opens, and in you go!
    Wait, Quorup in the Flying Castle? Apparently they snuck in, hoping
    to make some good sales or find treasure... man, they be screwed now.
    Anyway, you can conveniently heal, save, and buy items, weapon parts,
    accessories, airship parts, Pyron food, and everything else.
    Now then. To save space and trouble for you (lots of writing can get
    very confusing, we know. Believe us. Especially at 5:30 in the
    morning.) Sora's made pretty little maps, color-coded, of each floor of
    the Flying Castle. If for some reason these don't make sense, email
    us and we'll give you the "text-version" of it. For now, the only thing
    here is going to be the lists of what's inside various treasure chests.
    Water Floor Map: http://www.neo-dynasty.com/water_level.html
    Fire Floor Map: http://www.neo-dynasty.com/fire_level.html
    Wind Floor Map: http://www.neo-dynasty.com/wind_level.html
    Now then, treasure lists:
    Water Floor, top treasure room:
      - 1000 G
      - Steel Ripper (Accessory for Paulette)
      - Satan's Beads
      - Angel Statuette (male-only)
      - Ice Talisman
      - Rescue Kit
      - Rescue Kit
      - Rescue Kit
      - Satan's Ribbon (Choko only)
      - 180 SS
      - Life Tree Berry
      - Life Tree Berry
    Fire Floor, up elevator, first treasure room:
      - Blade of the Giants (Weapon Part for Volk)
      - 240 SS
      - Duel Spike (Weapon Part for Delma)
      - Light Talisman
      - White Charm
    Fire Floor, up elevator, second treasure room:
      - Superconductor Coil (Tatjana only)
      - Life Ring
      - Black Charm
      - 200 SS
      - Life Tree Berry
      - Life Tree Berry
    Fire Floor, to the left and then up:
      - Red Charm
      - Red Charm
      - Fire Talisman
      - Battle Jacket (Ganz Only)
      - Power Berry
      - 3600 G
      - Strongest Herb
      - Strongest Herb
      - Strongest Herb
      - Strongest Herb
      - 240 SS
      - Type 4 Ruby Lens Proto
    Wind Floor, right treasure room:
      - Green Charm
      - Green Charm
      - Storm Talisman
      - Sorcerer Mask (Maru Only)
      - Diamond Coating
    Wind Floor, on elevator, then up:
      - 280 SS
      - Life Tree Berry
      - Raging War God's Blade (Volk Only)
      - Reiki Leaf
      - Reiki Leaf
      - 360 SS
      - Land Talisman
    Once you get to the black hall, you'll be fighting the Dark One/
    Lord of the Black Abyss very soon. There are Quorup here to heal ya/
    sell stuff (just in case you always wanted some item and never bought
    it), etc. Save up, friends, and head in!
    Cutscene where Lilia will "chant" to break the seal on the ark. Then
    she passes out. Thanks a lot, Lilia. Thanks a whole heap mon. (That's
    an indirect reference too. Betcha didn't think we'd throw one in right
    before the final battle, did you? ^_- As always, email us if you know
    it. The Cool List always wants more people.)
    Anyway, Zev gets "supercharged" and becomes the Lord of the Black Abyss
    once more. Ah, crap. He blasts ye all.
    Wait, Kharg's alone in... black? Run around to find everybody else,
    staring at a flame (Volk gets two, he's special). As you approach, the
    flames turn into insecurities and fears that their respective person
    holds... (note: if you talk to the "flame" people again, they talk
    backwards. Teehee ^_^)
    Here's the quick list of who-sees-who:
    Bebedora sees herself, who taunts her about being a puppet.
    Paulette sees Lloyd, who tells her she dragged Kharg into unnecessary
    Camellia sees her ugly self, who taunts her about beauty and fading.
    Delma sees Densimo, who yells at her for being weak and not killing
    Maru sees Foh, who tells him that he needs to come back and save
    Ganz sees Rapier, who tells him he can just go back to Isulo Forest-
    he doesn't really need to be here.
    Tatjana sees Darkham, who asks her if she's carrying out his wishes.
    Volk sees his wife and son, who accuse him of forgetting them.
    Darc sees Windalf, who says he made a mistake- he asked too much of
    Darc- "you'll never be a Deimos". (ouch.)
    Finally, Kharg has his own flame bottom center- Nafia. She tells him
    that he mustn't fight- go to her, you're so... sleepy...
    What, Lilia? Her voice comes outta nowhere, telling you all to wake up.
    Clear your hearts of darkness! It's all an illusion!
    Nafia turns into a "Meshimgen" demon-thing (that was wack), curses
    "meddling Lilia", and you get to fight.
    Ew, nasty setting. Here's the trick to this battle. Whoever you put in
    gets to fight their "flame" person. If someone attacks a Meshimgen that
    isn't "their" person, they'll do no damage and get turned into a
    Meshimgen NPC for a few turns. In addition, you can't use any Skills,
    Magic or items! Here's a hint: use someone in this battle who's
    relatively weak as your "tester". Basically, send them around to find
    out who's who. The reason for a weak person is that when they're NPC,
    they won't do much damage to the other party members! ^_^;
    When you win- earthquake! The Lord of the Black Abyss talks to you.
    Good job, says he... but I will now stain your hearts in darkness!
    Muahahahaha. You all disappear and reappear in a room where Lilia is in
    The middle of a freaky tentacle thing. You have to choose- if you
    kill it, she dies, too. Well, you have no choice... fight!
    Look out for the Meshimgens in this fight- it's not the same situation
    as last time. These mutha- er, little buggers will attack you of their
    own free will and do quite decent damage. We suggest holding them off
    with a few strong characters and having the rest kill off "Lilia
    Getman". The thing with Lilia can resurrect one Meshimgen at a time
    and can let loose magic on people grouped close together, but not much
    more than that. When it dies, you're "trapped". Crap. Lilia shows back
    up, claiming that the Hero and Holy Mother saved her and enlightened
    her. You all get in a big circle of friends and use the "hope for the
    future" to call Captain Planet... er, to escape. Now it's time to
    fight... that's right...
    The customary Dark One Eyeball of the Arc the Lad Series!!
    A few good quotes come in here... "He's a pretty one." - Darc, and, of
    course, "We're brothers! *Kharg and Darc draw swords simultaneously"
    - Kharg. w00t. All righty, final fight time!
    To actually do decent damage to the LBA (or Dark One, whatever you want
    to call it), you'll need to kill off the mini-eyes that it spawns.
    Doing this will slowly get rid of the black "cloud" that surrounds the
    LBA. Now then, the LBA has a few things it does:
    1) Spawn little eyes.
    2) Hurls ball of Dark magic at single/group that are within it's
    immediate range.
    3) Shoots deadly Dark beam straight down the middle of the stage.
    He'll only use this when the black cloud around him is gone.
    Now then, we hope you've been pumping up Maru, and that Paulette's
    at SOME decent level, because they've got the range that you'll need
    for our strategy.
    1st off, get your people to the sides. That way, once you've cleared
    the black cloud, the LBA won't use his beam attack. Second- See where
    the sides kind of "bend" in toward the LBA? DO NOT get any closer to
    him than behind these bends. This way he won't use his Dark magic ball
    Now the only thing he's got left to do is spawn little eyeballs, which
    Anywhere up to 5/6 of your party members can kill off. All you need
    is one person (for Sora it was Maru) attacking the LBA every chance he/
    she gets. You can also use distance magic if you don't want to use
    Maru. IMPORTANT: When taking out the mini-eyeballs, do NOT get any
    closer to the center than ABSOLUTE sides. We mean, touch the damn
    sides of the stage, and don't get any closer than that. If you do, LBA
    will release the beam on yo ass and he'll regenerate his black cloud.
    It's slow going, but you'll finally beat him... (email us with
    questions, by all means)!
    Once you win, he's still kind of living... Lilia begins to try and seal
    him away as Arc once did, by giving her life, then the Spirit of Hope
    (the baby-with-a-buttflap) shows up, along with the other Spirits-
    they are going to give up their existence on this world to seal away
    the Dark One for GOOD. Wow... the Era of the Twilight of the Spirits...
    *mood music plays* *mood music stops* On with the game, you ain't
    done yet.
    LBA gets locked away, the Spirits bade farewell...
    On Cragh Island...
    The Flying Fortress has crashed into the sea. Everyone's looking at it.
    (Except the Quorups! Whatever happened to the poor Quorups that were
    on board, huh? DID YOU LEAVE THEM THERE TO DIE?!) What now for the
    Deimos? Sure, humans relied on Spirit Stones and their energy for
    resources, but for Deimos, Spirit Stones were literally a life force.
    Lilia lets on that the Hero and Holy Mother told her that nobody needed
    supernatural powers at all...! Darc is looking straight out, into the
    future... it might just be ok.
    Up where the brothers once fought, they meet again. They talk for a
    bit, then realize there is no one there to stop them from fighting
    now... they draw swords, but Kharg puts his away, claiming they don't
    have to fight now. Maybe they'll clash in the future, but for now
    they don't have to.
    The brothers shake hands, one human, one Deimos, knowing that a
    difficult path lies in front of each of them. The future will not be
    without conflict, now that the era of the Twilight of the Spirits has
    come to pass...
    Peace, Sunset, FIN.
    ... or it would be, if Lilia's English dub didn't start humming. That
    gets rid of the peace, for one.
    We love you all. Thanks for sticking with us. The walkthrough part
    is done. For the love of Tosh. And Shu. Man, we love them.
    And Arc, Elk, Velhart... Lutz.
    Ah, Lutz...
    Sora and Otaku
    - ~ - * V . ARENA STRATEGIES * - ~ -
    Below are some examples of fights that you will encounter in the various arenas
    of Arc ToS. There will also be suggestions for who to use, levels, equipment,
    and other information to hopefully help make your arena experience a bit less
    I've listed as many fights I can remember; if you think of a fight that I don't
    have listed here, give us an e-mail and I'll try to put up a strategy as soon as
    I can. -_-; Also, I've tried to include the levels of each enemy for each
    possible fight. Aren't I helpful? Presuming that you said 'yes', thank you.
    *Some overall tips:
      -Try to buy at least one of every elemental weapon part that you can
    (Aquamarine, Gunpowder, Catfish Whiskers, etc.). There are MANY enemies in the
    arena that are weak against an element, and no matter how strong they are, a
    well placed elemental attack or two to their back should take them down.
      -Always have 999 (or close to) SS before starting the highest round challenge.
    Also, try to be sparing; if you are fighting easy enemies, don't use a powerful
    spell or special move to quickly take them out.
      -HEAL between fights. Even if you think that the next fight will be just as
    easy as the last, chances are that it won't. If you have lost 75-100 HP or more,
    you should definitely heal before entering the next fight no matter what. Also,
    (although it's more of a given) if you have any Romantic Earrings, make sure to
    equip them on whoever is healing!
    Cathena Arena
    Suggested fighters: Kharg, Maru
    Suggested levels: 20+ for 5-round, 25+ for 15 and 20-round
    Suggested equipment: Napping Bell for Maru (can be bought at the Cathena Weapon
    Part shop), one of the strongest armbands and coatings you can buy on each
    Suggested skills/magic: Maru's Great Hunter, Kharg's Windblade Fury and Healing
    Prizes for winning: Stone Bag (let's you carry 30 more SS) for 5-round (Bitter
    Leaf x5 after that), Angel Earrings (accessory that blocks
    Stickiness/Silence/Paralysis for females) for 15-round (Super-Duper Bomb x5
    after that), and Ancient Curiosity (secret character Diekbeck) for 20-round
    (Romantic Earrings after that)
    Maru is the star attraction here at the Cathena Arena; his attack range, his
    speed, and the ever-handy Great Hunter. Kharg is suggested for healing and
    fighting. Although the fights may be tough, this is the only Arena that has a
    20-round challenge as the highest rather than 30.
    *Note: You must complete all (or any that you want) of the Cathena Arena
    challenges before the end of Kharg's Story 6 (Rivalry).*
    Possible Fights-
    Ninja (x4), Spear Lady (x4) (all lvl 10)
    Thanks to Maru's mad range, he should be able to attack (or at least attempt to
    attack, in case one or two dodge) either of these pairs of four. Meanwhile, have
    Kharg slowly kill off the other group with standard attacks; although you can
    use a weak spell or special move to finish them off quickly, they're not worth
    Pugnacious (x2), Spear Lady (x2), Rhoke (x3) (all lvl 10)
    Stay back (down) and hope to lure a few to you. Take them out when they come to
    you, then head up and take out the rest.
    Shotgun Hunter (x4), Bandit (x2), Monk (x2) (all lvl 15)
    The Shotgun Hunters can raise their ATT and have a powerful special move. The
    Monks can heal. The Bandits...can shoot at you. Therefore, focus on the Shotgun
    Hunters first, then the Monks. These guys can be a pain, so if you need to, feel
    free to use some magic/special moves.
    Pugnacious (x4), Rhoke (x4) (all lvl 10)
    The Rhokes and Pugs should all be together in their respective group, with the
    exception of one Pug over to the left of the Rhokes. Have Maru attack one group
    (standard attacks or low SS costing group special moves will work), while Kharg
    can either attack the lone Pug or the other group.
    Whip Hunter (x6), Viper (x2) (WH all lvl 15) (one Viper lvl 12; other lvl 13)
    There's a whole lotta poison going around here. Try to hit as many as you can
    each turn, but make sure to keep your eye on your HP. If you have any
    accessories that block Poison, you may want to equip it one of your fighters to
    save you a little trouble.
    Viper (x8) (lvls vary between 10-15)
    There's a lot of them, but they aren't very hard. Not much more to say.
    Stone Tortoise (x6), Whip Hunter (x2) (all lvl 15)
    The Tortoises can raise their defense, but other that, it should be the same
    old, same old.
    Swordsman (x3), Whip Lady (x3) (all lvl 20)
    Okay, now the enemy levels start to rise noticeably. The Swordsmen can raise
    their attack, and the Whip Ladies have a special move that can hit a large area.
    Try to hit them while they're grouped together, whether it be with standard
    attacks or special moves/magic. Try to save enough SS for Maru, because if
    things get drastic, a Great Hunter may still obtain victory for you.
    Bandit (x8) (lvls vary between 15 and 16)
    The battle will start with them surrounding you, so unfortunately you can't use
    the "lure" method that I will mention many times. However, if you want, a well-
    placed Great Hunter should be able to take them all out in one swoop. And, even
    if it doesn't, good old Kharg can take out what's left.
    Lamda Monk (x3), Sword Lady (x3), Swordsman (x2) (all lvl 20)
    Another tough fight. The Lamda Monks can heal, although they will usually vouch
    for attacking you instead if you're close enough to them. This is another fight
    where you may want to solve your problem with a Great Hunter. Don't worry; you
    have plenty of party SS to give to Maru between fights. Right? Right?
    Lamda Monk (x2), Sword Lady (x2), Spear Hunter (x2), Swordsman (x2) (all lvl 20)
    This is just like the last fight, except that you take away a Lamda Monk and
    Sword Lady and add instead two Spear Hunters (aren't I just the 1337
    mathematician?). Once again, a Great Hunter will do well for you. If you can't
    hit everybody, you can always have Kharg do clean-up duty.
    Sword Lady (x8) (all lvl 20)
    This should be the last fight you encounter during the 15-round challenge. If
    you can spare the SS, use another Great Hunter. If you can't target everyone,
    have Kharg attack the rest.
    Ninja Master (x8?) (unsure on lvls)
    This should be the last fight in the 20-round challenge, and also the toughest
    IMO. Unless you have serious pumped up Maru and his speed is surprisingly high,
    these guys will always attack first. And there's a good number of them. And they
    can do decent damage. They also have high AVD, so they will dodge most of your
    standard attacks. Therefore, pull out a Great Hunter on as many as you can and
    have Kharg Windblade Fury the rest. It's tough, but you should be able to pull
    through it.
    When you win the 20-round challenge, you'll watch a cutscene where Diekbeck
    emerges. He will explain how he was the leader of the Ultra-Mechs and companion
    to the 7 Great Heroes, then join up with your party.
    Lamda Arena
    Suggested fighters: Diekbeck
    Suggested levels: 37+ for all challenges
    Suggested equipment: Diamond Coating x3 (unless you can buy stronger coatings),
    Steel Armband x2, Diek Screw (can be obtained from Diekpeck in the Peisus
    library, sutra room)
    Suggested skills/magic: None necessary
    Prizes for winning: Star Wing Blade (weapon part for Paulette) for 5-round
    (Attack Bottle x5 after that), Life Ring (raises HP by 15% for males) for 15-
    round, Romantic Stone (reduces SS cost for all spells to zero) for 30-round
    (Bountiful Fruit after that)
    Thanks to the Diek Screw, Diekbeck can pump up his attack and defense with the
    Diamond Coatings and Steel Armbands without worry. This set of equipment should
    make the Lamda Arena surprisingly easy, having the strongest competitors only
    strike up around 50 damage or less to you, while you can easily blast back 120.
    Possible Fights-
    Shotgun Hunter, Bandit, Monk (x2) (all lvl 20)
    You can either hang back and take them out using the "lure" method, or move
    forward and attack the Shotgun Hunter first thing; the two Monks should move
    toward you, making for a nice line of three targets for you. And as for the
    Bandit...well, I'm sure you can handle him.
    Sword Lady (x2), Swordsman (x2) (all lvl 20)
    It's up to you whether or not to lure them away or charge them. Thanks to your
    equipment, they can't do much to you anyway.
    Whip Hunter (x3) (two at lvl 20; other at lvl 18)
    Ditto the above strategy. ^_^
    Lamda Monk (x3) (all lvl 20)
    This should be the last fight you encounter in the 5-round challenge (and
    randomly in the 15 or 30-rounds). They can heal and raise their attack, but a
    few blasts to the head will show them what good it did.
    Tin Golem (x3) (two at lvl 30; one at lvl 31)
    Now you see why having this set of equipment is good! Without it, these guys
    would do some nice damage to you. (They can deal 25-30 damage with regular
    attacks and 40-50 damage with special moves to my level 46 Diekbeck with 120
    defense...think how much they could do with worse defense -_-) And since they
    have poor movement, you can easily use the lure method to take them down.
    Spear Hunter (x2), Whip Lady, Shotgun Lady (all lvl 25)
    Uh-oh, they're at high(er) levels. See the "Sword Lady (x2), Swordsman (x2)" or
    "Whip Hunter (x3)" strategies for details.
    Spear Hunter (x2), Whip Lady (x2) (all lvl 25)
    A slight variation on the above fight. Despite that, use the same strategy.
    Monk (x3) (all lvl 20)
    FIGHT! ... Diekbeck wins! (Yes, another random reference. Yes, even in the Arena
    Strategies, we still have our random references. So, e-mail us if you know it.
    And if you do know it... Otaku commends you. Seriously.)
    Spear Hunter (x4) (all lvl 25)
    If these simple fights keep up, I'm going to start putting in random quotes and
    references as the "strategies". Oh wait... I already did that. Well, then I'll
    continue to.
    Wild Dog (x4) (all lvl 18)
    Watch out! These guys can raise their attack!
    Yeah, that's about it. Now, do what you've been doing for the other easy fights.
    Bandit, Monk (x2) (Bandit at lvl 10) (one Monk at lvl 10; other at lvl 11)
    I could probably do this all night, so I best move onto the next fight now.
    Bandit (x4) (all lvl 20)
    Another simple fight. They start out (and will usually travel around) in a small
    group, so lure them back slightly; if they stay in the same formation, you
    should be able to blast three of them with one attack. Heh, poor fools.
    PA-300 (x4) (unsure on lvl)
    These guys are not only strong, but have a mid-range special move that is also
    strong. The best strategy for this fight is to use the lure method; however,
    make sure to move ALL the way to the left, and either up or down to only attract
    one. Defeat that one, repeat this process and you should succeed.
    Lamda Priest (x4) (all lvl 25)
    This is one of those "last fights in *blah* challenge"; this happens to be the
    final battle for both the 15 and 30-round challenges. And your enemies are...
    what the hell!? Yes, it seems even the Lamda Priest will take to the ring if you
    do well enough. Well, whatever. The lure method is suggested, since the Priests
    can still do a good amount of damage to poor Diek. Note that only the 15-round
    Lamda Priests are level 25; I believe the 30-round Priests are either level 35
    or 40. -_-
    Orcoth Arena
    Suggested fighters: Darc or Choko
    Suggested levels: 32+ for Darc, doesn't matter for Choko
    Suggested equipment: None
    Suggested skills/magic: Dragon Fang Sword and Air Blade for Darc, any for Choko
    Prizes for winning: Guard Fang (weapon part for Darc) for 5-round, Leila's
    Mirror (accessory that blocks Poison/Sleep/Confusion for females) for 15-round,
    and King Statuette (doubles EXP earned in battle) for 30-round
    You can enter the Orcoth Arena anytime after Darc's Story 2 (Ambition). The
    Guard Fang is a particularly useful weapon part for Darc, so getting it as early
    as possible is suggested. You can put off the other two challenges until you
    pump Darc up some more... or until you get Choko.
    *Note: You must do all (or any that you want) of the Orcoth Arena challenges
    before the end of Darc's Story 5 (Evolution).*
    (Due to my position in my current game -about to enter the Flying Castle- I am
    unable to head back to the Orcoth Arena. I apologize for the inconvenience, and
    I will try my best to get at least SOME strategies up as soon as possible.)
    Rueloon Arena
    Suggested fighters: Darc, Volk
    Suggested levels: 36+ for Darc, 30+ for Volk
    Suggested equipment: Gale Headband x2 (can be bought on Cragh Island) for Volk
    Suggested skills/magic: None necessary
    Prizes for winning: Anti-Poison Ring (accessory that blocks Poison) for 5-round
    (Heart Seed x5 after that), Rainbow Charm (raises tolerance to all elements) for
    15-round (Monster Medal after that), and Ancient Treasure (secret character
    Choko) for 30-round (Deimos Medal after that).
    Since the Rueloon Arena doesn't allow any magic or special moves, you'll have to
    hack and slash your way through. Who better to do this than Darc and Volk. In
    case you're wondering about my suggested equipment... when I was entering the
    Arena to get Choko, I noticed that Volk had one slot open in his Accessories.
    So, wanting to put something in there that would aid me in my excursion, I put
    another Gale Headband on him. Thanks to that, his speed was pumped up to over
    50, allowing him to always attack first and often. It's up to you whether you
    want to follow my suggestion, but I must say that it worked in my favor.
    Possible Fights-
    Wild Slothian (x4) (three at lvl 26; one at lvl 24)
    They're at somewhat high levels, but they can't do much to you. Use the lure
    method, putting both of your fighters on one side to only attract one or two at
    a time.
    Lakelta (x4) (all lvl 25)
    It seems there really are quite a diverse population of Deimos here at Rueloon,
    including these Episitian natives. Have any Aquamarines? If so, equip, lure, and
    attack. If not, then just lure and attack.
    Wild Slothian (x4) (all lvl 20)
    Similar to the other Slothian fight, but easier. Use the same strategy, and
    you'll make it through.
    Ogre (x3) (two at lvl 16; one at lvl 18)
    Lure away the two lower leveled Ogres, and take them all out. And on a random
    note, I'd like to apologize for the vagueness of some of my strategies; in all
    honesty, some of these battles really are easier than others. I tend to write
    down simple strategies for the simple fights, and put a little more effort into
    the harder ones. Just so you know.
    Golem (x3) (two at lvl 21; one at lvl 22)
    Last fight in the 5-round challenge...I believe. Gang up on one at a time, and
    they should go down quite easily.
    Mummy (x4) (all lvl 26)
    Here we go, a tough fight. These guys are pretty much a stronger version of the
    fights with Coleopts you can encounter here. Their special attack works like the
    Coleopt Spheres (lowering your attack, defense, speed, etc.), but it also does
    high damage to whoever it hits. And this fight seems to be "popular" in the 15-
    round challenge, or at least it was the last time I played through that
    challenge (I encountered this same fight three times consecutively -_-). If one
    of your fighters can reach a Mummy that you know that your other fighter can
    most likely also reach, go for that one. If you can only reach a Mummy that your
    other fighter can't, then either move as far as you can towards your other
    fighter's target or have each fighter take on his own Mummy. Seeing as how they
    use the same status alteration as the Coleopts, I see no reason why the Coleopt
    Froth would not cure the effects of the Mummy's Kameha...er, energy ball.
    Ogre (x3), Lackey Demon (x2) (Ogre all lvl 22) (Lackey Demon all lvl 24)
    Okay, there should be three Ogres near the upper portion of the arena, and two
    Lackey Demons near the bottom. I suggest you send your fighters down to take out
    the Lackey Demons first; even though they are technically at higher levels than
    the Ogres, I've found that they generally do less damage and can be quickly
    taken out. Once they've been defeated, you can try to lure the Ogres into a
    group for hitting more enemies with attacks... or you could just rush them.
    Either way.
    Coleopt (x4) (all lvl 22)
    Hey, remember these guys? Well, if you don't, you'll most likely remember soon
    into the fight. The chances are high that at least one of the Coleopts will use
    a Coleopt Sphere once or twice during your fight... and that's if you get lucky,
    or are able to take them out quickly. Since the Coleopts can hit you with their
    spheres from a decent range, you should go for the two topmost ones first. The
    Coleopts also seem to prefer attacking you physically when up close, rather than
    using their spheres, so use that to your advantage to kill them off quickly.
    Once you have defeated the topmost enemies, try to lure the other two (if you
    can lure just one, do it) towards you so you can gang up on both of them. If you
    have Coleopt Froth, I suggest having one or two on each of your fighters before
    entering the Arena. If you don't... you may want to stock up before heading on
    Killer Gargoyle (x3) (all lvl 25)
    This fight can be tough or easy, depending on what happens and what you have.
    These guys are Dark-elemental. So, if you have a Luminous Moss, great! If you
    have two Luminous Moss, even better. Put them on, then head down to attack the
    lone Gargoyle first. Even if you don't have any Luminous Moss, just head down
    and you should be able to take out the Gargoyle between your two fighters pretty
    Reaper (x3) (all lvl 26)
    Yay, another Luminous Moss-made-easy fight! Lure them down one by one, then
    smack them around with some Light. Pain for them, joy for you.
    Zombie (x3), Ghoul (x2) (Zombie all lvl 22) (Ghoul all lvl 24)
    Sweet, more Luminous Moss goodness. Lure them down and off to either side, then
    wail on those decaying corpses.
    Or something of the like.
    Canidae (x4) (all lvl 24)
    Now, for starters, I think these guys are Water-elemental. THINK. They have a
    fire spell, if I'm not mistaken, but after attacking a few with an Aquamarine
    equipped, I noticed that I was doing a little less damage to them than usual.
    So, if you want to try it with Gunpowder, be my guest. Otherwise, just lure one
    or two down, then show them why they should go get drunk in the pub rather than
    fighting in here. Or something of the like.
    Dark Knight (x2) (all lvl 28)
    Wow, high levels. However, there ARE only two of them. Plus they happen to
    be...can you guess?...weak against Light! Mwahahaha, it's time for the Luminous
    Moss to shine yet again! (Oohh, bad pun...y'know, SHINE? Luminous Moss? It's
    LIGHT elemental? ... Meh) Even with the Luminous Moss, it will most likely take
    at least two attacks to take these guys down. So, the lure method is suggested.
    In fact, the lure method is suggested for almost all the fights. But that's
    okay, since it's a good method anyway.
    Mechanical Doll (x3), Doll Master (x2) (Mech Doll all lvl 24) (Doll Master all
    lvl 25)
    Final fight in the 15-round challenge. And they happen to be weak against a
    certain element. Now then class, can anybody guess what it is? Anyone? Anyone?
    Okay then, I'll just tell you: Light! Yes, you can use the Luminous Moss to help
    you out once again. The Mech Dolls have little HP, so you should be able to take
    them out easily. Once done with that, pound on the Doll Masters to secure your
    When you win the 30-round challenge, you'll watch a cutscene where Choko
    emerges. She will explain how she is 100% pure Deimos and wants to go have fun
    with your party. She will then "gate-crash" the party...and join up with you.
    Besides the nice addition to your party, it seems getting Choko unlocks
    something else. When you exit the Rueloon Arena with Choko in tow, you may
    notice something different: a Quorup merchant is sitting next to the entrance
    with a snake! Yes, he is a snake charmer. Go ahead and watch the humorous show.
    Does it do anything for you? No. It's just for fun. And if you come back later,
    he'll bring out three small snakes to add to his routine. He will also start
    asking for donations, but for such a great show, it's hard to say 'no'.
    I hope these strategies have proved useful to all you readers. If you'd like to
    comment on these strategies, ask for more help with a certain fight, or perhaps
    even requesting for me to put up a strategy not listed here, give us an e-mail
    and I'll try my best. Really.
    - ~ - * VI . THE ART OF THIEVERY * - ~ -
    Thanks to a rather kind donation from dbrandon, we started up a brand new
    section. In case you didn't already guess, this section is all about stealing.
    Know of something that can be stolen that isn't listed here? Send it on in, and
    we'll add it along with credit to you.
    - Regular Monsters -
    Alraune - Numbness Apple
    Bandit - Elixir, Evasion Leaf (after first steal)
    Bomber Fly - Super Bomb
    Cannon Trap - Dilz Bomb
    Cerberus - Gunpowder
    Cobra - Antitoxic Nut
    Coleopt - Coleopt Froth
    Commander - First Aid Kit (not counting plot fights)
    Commando - Rescue Kit
    Dandelion - Green Memory Grass
    Dark Dweller - Dark Balm
    Desert Devil - Critical Leaf
    Dragon Fly - Fire Balm
    Evil Eye - Dark Shy
    Foot Soldier - Bomb
    Ghoul - Anti-Reaper Cologne
    Gunner - Accuracy Leaf
    Hellhound - Blue Flower
    Hunter Fly - Red Berry
    Killer Gargoyle - Water Balm
    Lakelta - Water Shy
    Lackey Demon - Super Bomb
    Mage - Heart Seed
    Mandrake - Healing Herb
    Mer Apis - Revival Medicine
    Monk - Attack Leaf
    Ninja - Sleep Firecracker, Attack Leaf (after first steal)
    Ninja Master - Confusion Firecracker
    PA-200 - Super-Duper Bomb
    Poison Slime - Antitoxic Nut
    Reaper - Anti-Reaper Cologne
    Red Dragon - Gunpowder
    Reecher - Dark Balm
    Rhoke - Evasion Leaf
    Rifleman - Accuracy Leaf
    Rognas Gormon - Great Herb
    Royal Guard - Bewitching Beads
    SA-100 - Guard Support
    Scorpion - Nerve Stimulant
    Sidewinder - Strength Drain
    Skull Warrior - Water Balm
    Sleeping Gust - Mint
    Slime - Soap
    Stone Blob - Spiked Steel Ball
    Stone Tortoise - Guard Drain, Bitter Leaf (after first steal)
    Supreme Ninja - Evasion Leaf
    Swordsman - Attack Bottle
    Sword Master - Critical Leaf
    Thief - Good Herb
    Tin Golem - Spiked Steel Ball
    Toxic Ooze - Nervy Cologne
    Viper - Attack Bottle
    Warlock - Revival Medicine
    Wild Dog - Blabber Mouth Cologne
    Witch Plant - Antitoxic Nut
    Zombie - Guard Drain
    - Boss/Plot-line Fights -
    Altima (1) - Golem Mask
    Altima (2) - Bear Stuffed Animal
    Argewalt - Life Tree Berry
    Darkham - Burst Blade
    Drakyr (Lilia fight) - Green Charm
    Droguza (First time) - Swordsman's Blade
    Droguza (Second time) - Bountiful Fruit
    Droguza (Third time) - Mad Warrior's Skull
    Fulkrum - Fire Talisman
    Gold Dragon - Dragon's Wrath
    Mummy (Pyramid fight) - Lark Coat of Arms, Life Tree Berry
    Silver Dragon - Storm Talisman
    Skeleton (Mt. Lamda fight) - Shoulder Spikes, Broken Sword
    Skull Warrior (Coleopt Shrine fight) - Amethyst Coating
    Supreme Ninja (Parez Ruins fight) - Stone Crusher
    Tatjana - High Heels
    Tsaw - Silk Bowstring
    Tsee - Heat Blade
    Volk - Bolo Nut
    - ~ - * VII . SKILLS AND MAGIC * - ~ -
    A. Overview: Acquiring Skills and Magic
    Depending on the Skill or Spell, a character may start out with it. However, for
    those that are not already learned when you get a character, you need SP and
    Class. SP are gained in victorious battle and are used to "purchase", in a way,
    new Skills and Magic. Your character's Class also goes up (in the same way that
    characters' Levels go up) with repeated victories in battle. You can check how
    many more SP you need to "Class Up" on the status screen for a given character.
    Certain Skills and Spells go hand-in-hand with certain Classes: this means that
    you have to be at a certain Class to have the opportunity to learn the Skill or
    Spell. You can then spend SP to acquire the Skill or Spell.
    B. Skills (Humans, Darc, and Choko)
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Fang-Breaker Blade	Learned			*			14
    	One Last Chance		100			*			12
    	Power Shot		?			**			16
    	Mind-Scan		100			**			12
    	Whirlwind Crusher	200			***			18
    	Raise Spirits		500			*****			20
    	Windblade Waltz		1260			******			20
    	Power Wave		1600			*******			25
    	Windblade Fury		2200			********		?
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	First Aid		Learned			*			6
    	Sling Knife		?			*			10
    	Antidote Treatment	100			**			8
    	Sign of Silence		160			**			14
    	Stinging Rain		300			***			16
    	Mental Focus		400			***			14
    	Hypnotize		200			***			14
    	Fire Sling		400			****			20
    	Mind-Scan		380			****			12
    	Interceptor Stance	400			****			12
    	Heat Cannon		600			*****			20
    	Psyche Up Charge	600			*****			14
    	Steel Wall Guard	600			******			14
    	Defensive Stance	1600			******		12
    	Burning Rain	?			*******		25
    	Heat Cyclone	2500			********		30
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Venom Arrow		Learned			*			16
    	Antidote Treatment	100			*			8
    	Maru's Story Time	180			**			12
    	Steal			220			**			3
    	First Aid		280			***			6
    	Silent Arrow		420			***			20
    	Binding Arrow		760			****			24
    	Mind-Scan		450			****			12
    	Maru's Big News		550			*****			20
    	Defensive Stance	720			*****			12
    	Hunting Arrow		520			******			20
    	Setting Aim		560			******			10
    	Shuffle Shot		2000			*******			36
    	Steal Lv2		550			*******			8
    	Psyche Up Charge	450			********		14
    	Great Hunter		2200			********		40
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Rolling Axe		Learned			*			12
    	Interceptor Stance	40			*			12
    	Bone Crush		100			**			20
    	Steel Wall Guard	150			**			14
    	Power Charge		360			***			14
    	Psyche Up Charge	240			***			14
    	Speed Storm		100			****			24
    	Intimidation		400			****			10
    	Extreme Grenade		1600			*******			20
    	Antidote Treatment	500			*******			8
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Medical Machine		Learned			*			26
    	E Gale			Learned			**			?
    	E Revive		340			*****			20
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Big Shot		Learned			*			15
    	Sharp Shooter		Learned			**			30
    	Raise Spirits		Learned			***			20
    	Gattling Gun		100			****			20
    	Psyche Up Charge	200			*****			14
    	Intimidation		240			******			10
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Claws of Rage		Learned			*			12
    	Sword of Awakening	?			***			?
    	Intimidation		400			****			10
    	Vampire Fang		600			*****			26
    	Dragon Fang Sword	1800			*******			32
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Fire Blast		Learned		*			16
    	Happy Rays		650			****			26
    	Divine Judgement		700			*****			36
    	Diek-Break		1500				********		80
    	Skill			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Flare Up		Learned		*			20
    	Splash Splash		250		***			20
    	Swoosh		600			*****			20
    	Stone Skewer		1250		*******		20
    C. Magic (Deimos, Kharg, and Diek)
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Cure			Learned			*			8
    	Wind Slasher		Learned			*			10
    	Refresh			200			***			10
    	Slow Enemy		600			*****			12
    	Pure Silence		1200			*******			14
    	Air Blade		2400			********		36
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Flaming Arrow		Learned			*			10
    	Speed Up		Learned			*			12
    	Cure			150			**			8
    	Refresh			50			**			10
    	Wind Slasher		400			****			10
    	Healing Rain		600			*****			12
    	Stone Rush		600			*****			14
    	Explosion		1840			******			38
    	Guard Field		700			******			14
    	Earthquake		1200			*******			20
    	Resurrection		1200			*******			18
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Flaming Arrow		Learned			*			10
    	Guard Field		Learned			*			14
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Water Crash		Learned			*			12
    	Heated Soul		Learned			*			16
    	Guard Field		100			**			14
    	Power Loss		120			**			16
    	System Shock		260			***			14
    	Slow Enemy		400			****			12
    	Pure Silence		680			****			14
    	Cure			600			*****			8
    	Refresh			600			*****			10
    	Wind Slasher		740			******			10
    	Speed Up		800			******			12
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Cure			Learned			*			8
    	Healing Rain		Learned			*			12
    	Stone Rush		Learned			*			14
    	Pure Silence		100			**			14
    	Sleepy Wind		80			**			16
    	Refresh			240			***			10
    	Earthquake		200			****			20
    	Magic Shield		420			****			14
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Mind Control		Learned			*			?
    	Black Out		Learned			*			?
    	Resurrection		160			**			18
    	Inferno			420			***			16
    	Tornado			640			***			20
    	Pure Silence		600			****			14
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Wind Slasher		100			**			10
    	Cure			200			***			8
    	Refresh			400			***			10
    	Healing Rain		420			***			12
    	Tornado			580			*****			20
    	Resurrection		600			*****			18
    	Vital Energy		1600			*******			20
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Cure			50			**			8
    	Refresh		250			***			10
    	Healing Rain		600			******		12
    	Resurrection		1250			*******		18
    	Magic			SP			Class			SS Cost
    	Resurrection		50		**			18
    	Vital Energy		450		****			20
    	Thunder Storm		800		******		34
    	Dark Extreme		1600		********		36
    - ~ - * VIII . ITEMS ETC. * - ~ -
    Items can be purchased at stores and/or picked up during battle. Generally they
    serve to (a) heal, revive or refresh you or allies from a certain condition or
    (b) damage or alter an enemy's status in some way. Below is a list of Items and
    where they can be purchased in the game. This will be continually added to as
    we progress. Spirit Stones are always the same, everywhere that there's a
    Weapon parts assist in "upgrading" your weapons. Unlike many other RPGs and
    previous ATL games, you don't purchase new weapons to get stronger, you just
    make your weapon stronger using weapon parts. Below is a list of weapon parts
    and where you can buy them... and, like the others, it'll be added to as we
    progress. Shock.
    Accessories generally raise DEF or allow you to carry more of something (items,
    etc.). Some also allow you to add elements and "statuses" to your attack, e.g.
    Stickiness, Sloth, Sleep, etc.
    Select shops after certain points in both stories will also start selling
    Airship Parts (for Kharg) and Pyron Foods (for Darc). These serve to strengthen
    the Big Owl and the Pyron for when you may summon them in battle.
    Also, the lists for the Flying Castle are listed under both parties for your
    A. Kharg's Party : Shop Information
    	Spirit Stones	2G each
    	Healing Herb  --  20G  --  Restores 50 HP
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Revival Medicine  --  160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Antitoxic Nut  --  30G  --  Cures Poison
    	Soap  --  40G  --  Cures Stickiness
    	Mint  --  30G  --  Cures Sleep
    	Painful Needle  --  40G  --  Cures Silence
    	Green Memory Grass  --  50G  --  Cures Confusion
    	Nerve Stimulant  --  50G  --  Cures Paralysis	
    	Energy Snack  --  40G  --  Cures Sloth
    	Energy Cologne  --  360G  --  Raises resistance to Sloth
    	Stone  --  	20G  --  Throw for minor damage to enemy
    	Bomb  --  120G  --  Explodes for enemy damage
    	Stone Coating  --  120G  --  Slightly strengthens weapon
    	Amethyst Coating  --  320G  --  Strengthens weapon well
    	Thorn of Revenge  --  240G  --  Raises CNT rate
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  Raises HIT rate
    	Gunpowder  --  240G  --  Adds Fire element
    	Leather Armband  --  120G  --  DEF band made from a beast's hide
    	Stone Holder  --  240G  --  Lets you carry 15 more SS
    	Spirit Stones	2G each
    	Healing Herb  --  20G  --  Restores 50 HP
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Antitoxic Nut  --  30G  --  Cures Poison
    	Soap  --  	40G  --  Cures Stickiness
    	Mint  --  	30G  --  Cures Sleep
    	Painful Needle  --  40G  --  Cures Silence
    	Memory Grass  --  50G  --  Cures Confusion
    	Nerve Stimulant  --  50G  --  Cures Paralysis	
    	Elixr  --  	120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Lamda's Wonder Cure  --  200G  --  Raises morale
    	Poison Drug  --  80G  --  Poison the enemy
    	Sleeping Pill  --  80G  --  Puts enemy to Sleep
    	Sticky Beans  --  60G  --  Makes enemy Sticky
    	Yellow Powder  --  100G  --  Makes enemy Silent
    	Poison Firecracker  --  360G  --  Poisons enemies in wide range
    	Sleep Firecracker  --  360G  --  Puts enemies in wide range to Sleep
    	Sticky Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Sticky
    	Silent Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Silent
    	Steel Ball  --  120G  --  Extensive enemy damage
    	Bomb  --  	120G  --  Explodes for enemy damage
    	Super Bomb  --  320G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Iron Arm  --  240G  --  Temporarily throw items farther
    	Full Sails Tonic  --  260G  --  Temporarily increase MOV
    	Stone Coating  --  120G  --  Slightly strengthens weapon
    	Amethyst Coating  --  320G  --  Strengthens weapon well
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Spirit Windmill  --  240G  --  Adds Wind element
    	Catfish Whiskers  --  240G  --  Adds Earth element
    	Poison Apple Essence  --  1200G  --  Adds Poison to Standard Attack
    	Napping Bell  --  1000G  --  Adds Sleep to Standard Attack
    	Putrefied Beans  --  1000G  --  Adds Stickiness to Standard Attack
    	Mute Stone  --  1600G  --  Adds Silence to Standard Attack
    	Leather Armband  --  120G  --  DEF band made from a beast's hide
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Crystal Beads  --  200G  --  MNT +5
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Yellow Charm	480G  --  Raises tolerance to Earth
    	Green Charm  --  480G  --  Raises tolerance to Wind
    	Spirit Stones -- 3G each
    	Healing Herb  --  20G  --  Restores 50 HP
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Lamda's Wonder Cure  --  200G  --  Raises morale
    	Poison Drug  --  80G  --  Poison the enemy
    	Sleeping Pill  --  80G  --  Puts enemy to Sleep
    	Sticky Beans  --  60G  --  Makes enemy Sticky
    	Yellow Powder  --  100G  --  Makes enemy Silent
    	Poison Firecracker  --  360G  --  Poisons enemies in wide range
    	Sleep Firecracker  --  360G  --  Puts enemies in wide range to Sleep
    	Sticky Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Sticky
    	Silent Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Silent
    	Steel Ball  --  120G  --  Extensive enemy damage
    	Spiked Steel Ball  --  350G  --  Lethal enemy damage
    	Bomb  --  	120G  --  Explodes for enemy damage
    	Super Bomb  --  320G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Amethyst Coating  --  320G  --  Strengthens weapon well (ATT +4)
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Critical Hit Support  --  320G  --  CRI +20
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Traitor's Soul  --  860G  --  ATT +6, CNT +50, AVD -8
    	Gunpowder  --  240G  --  Adds Fire element
    	Aquamarine  --  240G  --  Adds Water element
    	Spirit Windmill  --  240G  --  Adds Wind element
    	Catfish Whiskers  --  240G  --  Adds Earth element
    	Napping Bell  --  1000G  --  Adds Sleep to Standard Attack
    	Putrefied Beans  --  1000G  --  Adds Stickiness to Standard Attack
    	Mute Stone  --  1600G  --  Adds Silence to Standard Attack
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Crystal Beads  --  200G  --  MNT +5
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Scroll of Evasion  --  960G  --  AVD +8
    	Stone Holder  --  240G  --  Lets you carry 15 more SS
    	Type 1 Ruby Lens  --  200G
    	Low Green Lens  --  260G
    	Blue Beam Lens  --  150G
    	Star Variable Amplifier  --  2600G
    Slothian Village
    	Spirit Stones  --  3G each
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Accuracy Leaf  --  140G  --  Temporarily raises HIT
    	Evasion Leaf  --  140G  --  Temporarily raises dodge rate
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  HIT +22
    	Luminous Moss  --  360G  --  Adds Light element
    	Soot of Darkness  --  360G  --  Adds Dark element
    	Putrefied Beans  --  1000G  --  Adds Stickiness to standard attack
    	Mute Stone  --  1600G  --  Adds Silence to standard attack
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Gale Headband  --  1200G  --  SPD +8
    	White Charm  --  780G  --  Raises tolerance to Light
    	Black Charm  --  780G  --  Raises tolerance to Dark
    	Anti-Slothian  --  5600G  --  Prevents Slothian change
    	Spirit Stones  --  3G each
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Strongest Herb  --  150G  --  Restores all HP
    	Ancient Herb  --  240G  --  Restores a little HP to more than one person
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Attack Bottle  --  220G  --  Temporarily increases ATT
    	Blabbermouth Cologne  --  260G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Silence
    	Memory Cologne  --  320G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Confusion
    	Nervy Cologne  --  320G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Paralysis
    	Anti-Reaper Cologne  --  460G  --  Temp. up resist. to Instant Death
    	Strength Drain  --  120G  --  Temp. lower enemy ATT
    	Guard Drain  --  120G  --  Temp. lower enemy GRD
    	Mind Drain  --  120G  --  Temp. lower enemy MNT
    	Agility Drain  --  120G  --  Temp. lower enemy SPD
    	Lamda's Wonder Cure  --  200G  --  Temporarily raises morale
    	Iron Arm  --  240G  --  Temp. raises distance you can throw items
    	Full Sails Tonic  --  260G  --  Temp. increases MOV
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  HIT +22
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Traitor's Soul  --  860G  --  ATT +6, CNT +50, AVD -8
    	Luminous Moss  --  360G  --  Adds Light element
    	Soot of Darkness  --  360G  --  Adds Dark element
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Gale Headband  --  1200G  --  SPD +8
    	Stone Holder  --  240G  --  Lets you carry 15 more SS
    	Type 1 Ruby Lens  --  200G
    	Type 2 Ruby Lens  --  360G
    	Blue Power Lend  --  280G
    	Simple Booster  --  860G
    	Spirit Stones  --  3G each
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Strongest Herb  --  150G  --  Restores all HP
    	Ancient Herb  --  240G  --  Restores a little HP to more than one person
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Anti-Poison Cologne  --  260G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Poison
    	Mint Cologne  --  260G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Sleep
    	Smooth n' Dry Cologne  --  260G  -- Temp. increases resistance to Sticky
    	Poison Firecracker  --  360G  --  Poisons enemies in wide range
    	Sleep Firecracker  --  360G  --  Puts enemies in wide range to Sleep
    	Super Duper Bomb  --  680G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Poison Apple Essence  --  1200G  --  Adds Poison to Standard Attack
    	Napping Bell  --  1000G  --  Adds Sleep to Standard Attack
    	Putrefied Beans  --  1000G  --  Adds Stickiness to Standard Attack
    	Mute Stone  --  1600G  --  Adds Silence to Standard Attack
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Steel Turtle Armband  --  680G  --  DEF +20
    	Pitcher's Tale  --  740G  --  Throw items farther
    	Stone Bag  --  860G  --  Lets you carry 30 more SS
    Dilzweld City
    	Spirit Stones	4G each
    	First-Aid Kit  --  80G  --  Restores 80 HP to allies
    	Rescue Kit  --  240G  --  Restores 160 HP to allies
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Lamda's Wonder Cure  --  200G  --  Temporarily raises morale
    	Nervy Cologne  --  320G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Paralysis
    	Anti-Reaper Cologne  --  460G  --  Temp. up resist. to Instant Death
    	Purple Memory Grass  --  120G  --  Confuses enemy
    	Numbness Apple  --  140G  --  Paralyzes enemy
    	Assassin Ball  --  240G  --  Instantly kills enemy
    	Sticky Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Sticky
    	Silent Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Silent
    	Bomb  --  	120G  --  Explodes for enemy damage
    	Super Bomb  --  320G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Super-Duper Bomb  --  680G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Dilz Bomb  --  1200G  --  Dilzweld bomb
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  HIT +22
    	Luminous Moss  --  360G  --  Adds Light element
    	Soot of Darkness  --  360G  --  Adds Dark element
    	Putrefied Beans  --  1000G  --  Adds Stickiness to Standard Attack
    	Mute Stone  --  1600G  --  Adds Silence to Standard Attack
    	Unit 64 K  --  1000G  --  Optical gun for Tatjana
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Stone Bag  --  860G  --  Lets you carry 30 more SS
    	Scroll of Evasion  --  960G  --  AVD +8
    	Gale Headband  --  1200G  --  SPD +8
    	Pitcher's Tale  --  740G  --  Throw items farther
    	Type 3 Ruby Lens  --  680G
    	Medium Green Lens  --  460G
    	Max Blue Lens  --  560G
    	Noah- Double Amplifier  --  1200G
    Flying Castle
    	Spirit Stones  --  4G each
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Strongest Herb  --  150G  --  Restores all HP
    	Ancient Herb  --  240G  --  Restores a little HP to more than one person
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Dark Balm  --  80G  --  Raises tolerance to Dark
    	Silent Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Silent
    	Confusion Firecracker  --  420G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Confused
    	Paralysis Firecracker  --  560G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Paralyzed
    	Assassin Firecracker  --  860G  --  Instantly kills enemies in wide range
    	Super Bomb  --  320G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Super-Duper Bomb  --  680G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Witch Blood Flower  --  32G
    	Green Nettle  --  22G
    	Green Dahlia  --  34G
    	Blue Snake Ivy  --  200G
    	Tumble Grass  --  120G
    	Shiny Grass  --  200G
    	Soft Grass  --  240G
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Traitor's Soul  --  860G  --  ATT +6, CNT +50, AVD -8
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Critical Hit Support  --  320G  --  CRI +20
    	Titanium Armband  --  1200G  --  DEF +12
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Satan's Beads  --  1500G  --  MNT + 15
    	Gale Headband  --  1200G  --  SPD +8
    	Stone Bag  --  860G  --  Lets you carry 30 more SS
    	Blue Elec Giant Lens Mod  --  1400G
    	Neutrino Charge  --  3200G
    B. Darc's Party : Shop Info
    	Spirit Stones	2G each
    	Healing Herb  --  20G  --  Restores 50 HP
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Antitoxic Nut  --  30G  --  Cures Poison
    	Soap  --  	40G  --  Cures Stickiness
    	Attack Bottle  --  220G  --  Raises ATT Temporarily
    	Stone Coating  --  120G  --  Slightly strengthens weapon
    	Iron Skewer  --  240G  --  Delma Only: ATT Up
    	Gunpowder  --  240G  --  Adds Fire element
    	Aquamarine  --  240G  --  Adds Water element
    	Leather Armband  --  120G  --  DEF band made from a beast's hide
    	Stone Holder  --  240G  --  Lets you carry 15 more SS
    	Spirit Stones  --  2G each
    	Healing Herb  --  20G  --  Restores 50 HP
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Antitoxic Nut  --  30G  --  Cures Poison
    	Mint  --  	30G  --  Cures Sleep
    	Green Memory Grass	50G  --  Cures Confusion
    	Nerve Stimulant  --  50G  --  Cures Paralysis	
    	Elixr  --  	120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Poison Drug  --  80G  --  Poison the enemy
    	Sleeping Pill  --  80G  --  Puts enemy to Sleep
    	Sticky Beans  --  60G  --  Makes enemy Sticky
    	Yellow Powder  --  100G  --  Makes enemy Silent
    	Red Berry  --  12G
    	Green Fruit  --  16G	
    	Deep Green Creeper  --  45G
    	Tumble Grass  --  120G
    	Stone Coating  --  120G  --  Slightly strengthens weapon
    	Amethyst Coating  --  320G  --  Strengthens weapon well
    	Heavy Blade  --  520G  --  Darc Only: Adds to weapon weight to up ATT
    	Steel Spike  --  460G  --  Delma Only: Very sharp spike (+ ATT)
    	Thorn of Revenge  --  240G  --  Raises CNT rate
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  Raises HIT rate
    	Aquamarine  --  240G  --  Adds Water element
    	Catfish Whiskers  --  240G  --  Adds Earth element
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Leather Armband  --  120G  --  DEF +3
    	Crystal Beads  --  200G  --  MNT +5
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Armored Swallowtail  --  520G  --  Camellia Only: + ATT
    	Stone Holder  --  240G  --  Lets you carry 15 more SS
    	Coleopt Froth  --  160G  --  Cures abnormal status [caused by Coleopts]
    Coleopt Shrine (after the Coleopt leaves the Back Alley in Rueloon)
    	Spirit Stones  --  2G each
    	Attack Leaf  --  160G  --  Temporarily raises CNT
    	Guard Leaf  --  160G  --  Temporarily raises GRD
    	Critical Leaf  --  160G  --  Temporarily raises CRI
    	Accuracy Leaf  --  140G  --  Temporarily raises HIT
    	Evasion Leaf  --  140G  --  Temporarily raises dodge rate
    	Coleopt Froth  --  160G  --  Eliminates abnormal status
    	Red Berry  --  12G
    	Green Nettle  --  22G
    	Soft Grass  --  240G
    	Gunpowder  --  240G  --  Adds Fire element
    	Aquamarine  --  240G  --  Adds Water element
    	Spirit Stones  --  4G each
    	Healing Herb  --  20G  --  Restores 50 HP
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Full Sails Tonic  --  260G  --  Temp. increases MOV
    	Poison Drug  --  80G  --  Poison the enemy
    	Sleeping Pill  --  80G  --  Puts enemy to Sleep
    	Sticky Beans  --  60G  --  Makes enemy Sticky
    	Yellow Powder  --  100G  --  Makes enemy Silent
    	Poison Firecracker  --  360G  --  Poisons enemies in wide range
    	Sleep Firecracker  --  360G  --  Puts enemies in wide range to Sleep
    	Sticky Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Sticky
    	Silent Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Silent
    	Witch Blood Flower  --  32G
    	Green Nettle  --  22G
    	Green Dahlia  --  34G
    	Blue Snake Ivy  --  200G
    	Soft Grass  --  240G
    	Amethyst Coating  --  320G  --  Strengthens weapon well (ATT +4)
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  Raises HIT rate
    	Heavy Blade  --  520G  --  Darc Only: Adds to weapon weight to up ATT
    	Steel Spike  --  460G  --  Delma Only: Very sharp spike (+ ATT)
    	Spirit Windmill  --  240G  --  Adds Wind element
    	Catfish Whiskers  --  240G  --  Adds Earth element
    	Sleep Bug Eggs  --  860G  --  Camellia Only: Adds sleep to standard attack
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Green Charm  --  480G  --  Raises tolerance to Wind
    	Stone Holder  --  240G  --  Lets you carry 15 more SS
    	Rabbit Stuffed Animal  --  1200G  --  Bebedora Only: SPD, MNT, and AVD +6
    	Spirit Stones  --  3G each
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Ancient Herb  --  240G  --  Restores a little HP to more than one person
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Accuracy Leaf  --  140G  --  Temporarily raises HIT
    	Evasion Leaf  --  140G  --  Temporarily raises dodge rate
    	Lamda's Wonder Cure  --  200G  --  Temporarily raises morale
    	Nervy Cologne  --  320G  --  Temp. increases resistance to Paralysis
    	Anti-Reaper Cologne  --  460G  --  Temp. up resist. to Instant Death
    	Iron Arm  --  240G  --  Temporarily throw items farther
    	Full Sails Tonic  --  260G  --  Temporarily increase MOV
    	Super Bomb  --  320G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Super-Duper Bomb  --  680G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Hungry Red Tendril  --  50G
    	Blue Fruit  --  30G
    	Blue Ice Waterweed  --  50G
    	Shiny Grass  --  200G
    	Soft Grass  --  240G
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  HIT +22
    	Traitor's Soul  --  860G  --  ATT +6, CNT +50, AVD -8
    	Spirit Windmill  --  240G  --  Adds Wind element
    	Catfish Whiskers  --  240G  --  Adds Earth element
    	Mouth-Sealing Needle  --  860G  --  Adds Silence to standard attack
    	Death Ant Nectar  --  3600G  --  Camellia: Inst. kill with standard attack
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Titanium Armband  --  1200G  --  DEF +12
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Stone Bag  --  860G  --  Lets you carry 30 more SS
    	Gale Headband  --  1200G  --  SPD +8
    	Armored Swallowtail  --  520G  --  Camellia Only: + ATT
    Azer Springs
    	Spirit Stones  --  3G each
    	Good Herb  --  50G  --  Restores 100 HP
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Strongest Herb  --  150G  --  Restores all HP
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Purple Memory Grass  --  120G  --  Confuses enemy
    	Numbness Apple  --  140G  --  Paralyzes enemy
    	Assassin Ball  --  240G  --  Instantly kills enemy
    	Poison Firecracker  --  360G  --  Poisons enemies in wide range
    	Sleep Firecracker  --  360G  --  Puts enemies in wide range to Sleep
    	Super-Duper Bomb  --  680G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Dilz Bomb  --  1200G  --  Dilzweld bomb
    	Witch Blood Flower  --  32G
    	Green Dahlia  --  34G
    	Blue Ice Waterweed  --  50G
    	Blue Flower  --  160G
    	Shiny Grass  --  200G
    	Soft Grass  --  240G
    	Droopy Grass  --  420G
    	Traitor's Soul  --  860G  --  ATT +6, CNT +50, AVD -8
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Sapphire Coating  --  860G  --  ATT +8
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Aiming Device  --  240G  --  HIT +22
    	Gunpowder  --  240G  --  Adds Fire element
    	Luminous Moss  --  360G  --  Adds Light element
    	Soot of Darkness  --  360G  --  Adds Dark element
    	Poison Apple Essence  --  1200G  --  Adds Poison to Standard Attack
    	Napping Bell  --  1000G  --  Adds Sleep to Standard Attack
    	Mute Stone  --  1600G  --  Adds Silence to Standard Attack
    	Bone Armband  --  320G  --  DEF +5
    	Steel Armband  --  750G  --  DEF +8
    	Jade Beads  --  420G  --  MNT +8
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	White Charm  --  780G  --  Raises tolerance to Light
    	Black Charm  --  780G  --  Raises tolerance to Dark
    	Stone Bag  --  860G  --  Lets you carry 30 more SS
    	Armored Swallowtail  --  520G  --  Camellia Only: + ATT
    Flying Castle
    	Spirit Stones  --  4G each
    	Great Herb  --  100G  --  Restores 200 HP
    	Strongest Herb  --  150G  --  Restores all HP
    	Ancient Herb  --  240G  --  Restores a little HP to more than one person
    	Revival Medicine	160G  --  Revives from Critical Condition
    	Elixir  --  120G  --  Cures abnormal status
    	Dark Balm  --  80G  --  Raises tolerance to Dark
    	Silent Firecracker  --  360G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Silent
    	Confusion Firecracker  --  420G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Confused
    	Paralysis Firecracker  --  560G  --  Makes enemies in wide range Paralyzed
    	Assassin Firecracker  --  860G  --  Instantly kills enemies in wide range
    	Super Bomb  --  320G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Super-Duper Bomb  --  680G  --  Wide range explosion
    	Witch Blood Flower  --  32G
    	Green Nettle  --  22G
    	Green Dahlia  --  34G
    	Blue Snake Ivy  --  200G
    	Tumble Grass  --  120G
    	Shiny Grass  --  200G
    	Soft Grass  --  240G
    	Diamond Coating   --  1200G  --  ATT +12
    	Traitor's Soul  --  860G  --  ATT +6, CNT +50, AVD -8
    	Guard Support  --  260G  --  Increases GRD (GRD +20)
    	Critical Hit Support  --  320G  --  CRI +20
    	Titanium Armband  --  1200G  --  DEF +12
    	Bewitching Beads  --  980G  --  MNT +12
    	Satan's Beads  --  1500G  --  MNT + 15
    	Gale Headband  --  1200G  --  SPD +8
    	Stone Bag  --  860G  --  Lets you carry 30 more SS
    	Blue Elec Giant Lens Mod  --  1400G
    	Neutrino Charge  --  3200G
    A. Ancient Tablets
    Kirjath, the undead, cursZd soul (ah, we're so Shakespearean) wants the
    Ancient Tablets so that he can finally be at peace. He can be found in Barbadoth
    on the continent of Halshinne, which you get to in Darc's Story 5, in the back
    left corner, near the building.
    The "prize" for returning all 7 Ancient Tablets to Kirjath is... his happiness!
    Oh yeah, and a Goddess Statuette (accessory, can only be equipped by females).
    - Ancient Tablet 1
      Found: Inside Geedo's chest (Aldrow) after her spell is broken (Darc's Story
      Says: "Over the oceans from long, long ago  Comes a voice in the wind from
    an ancient soul"
    - Ancient Tablet 2
      Found: Drakyrnia (Ragnoth), on the ground next to the Save Point inside near
    the merchants (Darc's Story 3).
      Says: "Storm clouds break away  Revealing a shining sun  pouring out the light
    that will guide me  How could you see and not believe?"
    - Ancient Tablet 3
      Found: Dragon Bone Valley (Ragnoth), directly outside on the right (Darc's
    Story 3).
      Says: "I don't know when I'll leave this life  So if I'm going to be I
    might as well be flying high  Maybe soon will come a day all things will fall
    into place  Holding and trusting miracles teach us to believe"
    - Ancient Tablet 4
      Found: Coleopt Shrine in Bebedora's room, on the floor. Down from the save
    point and slightly to the left (Darc's Story 2).
      Says: "Will there be a wind strong enough to fly and carry me?  And will there
    be a wave from across the sea to cool me?  The eyes of hope shine before me in
    the fire..."
    - Ancient Tablet 5
      Found: In the back alley of Rueloon (Adenade), to the immediate left of the
    stairs leading to the arena (Darc's Story 3).
      Says: "I am carrying the torch now  With love, I'll light the way from where
    you stand."
    - Ancient Tablet 6
    Found: Pyramid Ruins (Halshinne), straight up the first two staircase sets you
    come to, then right (Darc's Story 5).
      Says: "Words to carry me when nothing is really sure...  'There will come a
    day you will find peace'  A thousand years pass and even then..."
    - Ancient Tablet 7
      Found: Chaos Forest (Ragnoth), while controlling Bebedora, directly in the
    path as you move toward the Castle Ruins (Darc's Story 4).
      Says: "Over the mountains from far, far away  Came a voice on the wings of a
    bird so brave"
    B. Spirit Dictionaries
    Span, a scholar from Peisus (The Great Library! Waahoo!) wishes to have all 5
    Spirit Dictionaries, that he may learn about the lesser Spirits. He can be found
    in Peisus on the continent of Halshinne, which you get to in Kharg's Story 6.
    The "prize" for collecting all 5 Spirit Dictionaries is the Hero Bandanna
    (accessory, can only be equipped by Kharg (or Darc, later, but that's another
    story) ... ).
    - Spirit Dictionary 1
      Found: The Edge of the Sea of Trees (Ragnoth), in a pot that is under a
    smallish rock about midway into the forest: the rock is almost vertical, to the
    right of the entrance, near a mound of earth with bushes on it (Kharg's Story
      Contains Info On: Time Spirit, Dream Spirit, Prayer Spirit, Slumber Spirit
    - Spirit Dictionary 2
      Found: Cathena (Aldrow), in the rightmost room of the World Alliance's
    assembly hall building. Can be picked up any time after Kharg speaks with Savina
    (Kharg's Story 3).
      Contains Info On: Learning Spirit, Book Spirit, Sound Spirit, Song Spirit
    - Spirit Dictionary 3
      Found: Inside the hangar, inside the Main Plant in Sulfas (Epistia), in the
    farthest left corner from the door, near some barrels. Can be picked up during
    or after the Big Owl is "revamped" with weaponry (Kharg's Story 3).
      Contains Info On: Sword Spirit, Mirror Spirit, Ring Spirit, Liquor Spirit
    - Spirit Dictionary 4
      Found: Mountain Stronghold (Epistia), next to a crate near the wireless radio.
    Can be picked up any time after Tatjana joins Kharg's party (Kharg's Story 4).
      Contains Info On: Path Spirit, Flower Spirit, Fountain Spirit, Well Spirit
    - Spirit Dictionary 5
      Found: Milmarna (Halshinne), inside the "palace" (Fortune Hall), on top of
    a barrel next to the Artifact/Text Appraisal Center. Can be picked up after your
    first visit to Milmarna (Kharg's Story 6)
      Contains Info On: Cloud Spirit, Moonlight Spirit, Mountain Spirit, Soil Spirit
    - ~ - * X . BATTLE VOICES * - ~ -
    Below are various quotes you can overhear during battles. Whether you like or
    dislike the voice actors, there are some cool quotes for a lot of the
    characters. By the way, some of the quotes can be grouped together, such as
    "You, huh?" then "Come on!". However, since each of these can be said without
    the other (ex. just "You, huh?" or just "Come on!"), these will be considered
    separate quotes.
    Battle Voice Contributors:
    - shelley (^)
    (Thanks a lot to the only current contributor of battle quotes, with the
    exception of us authors. To all the rest of you: follow the example and send in
    some! ^_^ j/k But if you DO have some...well, as you can see from this little
    part, we'll be sure to give you credit)
    (If you have any quotes that we have not listed here, feel free to e-mail us
    (twilight_homies@yahoo.com, in case you forgot) and we'll put them up. With
    credit, of course. We're not the kind of people who would just not give credit.
    Because that's harsh. Anyway.)
    Disclaimer: The majority of these quotes are accurate. The others...aren't. For
    the quotes that we are not sure about, we have put down what we believe they
    say. The majority of those are humorous, so...laugh. And enjoy.
    (begin)- is said when the character begins his/her turn
    (attack)- is said when the character attacks an enemy
    (critical)- is said when the character deals a critical hit to an enemy
    (block)- is said when the character blocks an enemy attack
    (when blocked)- is said when an enemy blocks the character's attack
    (dodge)- is said when the character dodges an enemy attack
    (miss)- is said when the character misses an enemy
    (when attacked)- is said after the character is attacked by the enemy
    (after attack)- is said after the character attacks an enemy
    (kill)- is said when the character defeats an enemy
    (defeat)- is said when the character is defeated
    (weak after atk)- is said when the character receives an enemy attack that
    leaves them critically weak
    (weak begin)- is said when the character begins his/her turn while critically
    (weak attack)- is said when the character attacks an enemy while critically weak
    (pick up)- is said when the character picks up a item
    (magic/skill)- is said when the character uses magic or a skill
    (when healed)- is said when the character is healed by another character
    (dual)- is said when the character performs a dual attack
    (level up)- is said when the character levels up
    A. Kharg's Scenario
    Justice will prevail! (begin)
    You'll never defeat me! (begin)
    How's that? (attack)
    Justice wins again! (kill)
    Don't throw your life away! (kill... o.O)
    You never had a chance!^ (kill)
    Too slow! (dodge)
    Forget it! (dodge)
    Is that your best? (block)
    Don't get excited about THAT. (when attacked)
    Got it! (pick up)
    It's ours now! (pick up)
    Let the healing wind blow and rain down new strength! Cure! (magic/skill: Cure)
    May a blessed rain give us new power! Healing Rain! (magic/skill: Healing Rain)
    Take the windblade of fury! Power Shot! (magic/skill: Power Shot)
    Oh mighty wind, may you consume all! Windblade Fury! (magic/skill: Windblade
    Strike from above! Go for it, Big Owl! (magic/skill: Big Owl)
    Thanks, Paulette. (when healed...by Paulette, obviously)
    Let's go, Paulette! (dual w/ Paulette)
    Watch out for me! (level up)
    I feel the strength! (level up)
    All right, who's first? (begin)
    You, huh? (attack)
    Come on! (attack)
    Not so bad, am I? (kill)
    Too slow! (dodge)
    What the!? (when blocked)
    Felt good, huh? (after attack)
    Retreat while you can! (after attack)
    To heal your wounds... (magic/skill: First Aid)
    Back to your old self. (magic/skill: Antidote Treatment)
    Once I get you, you'll never escape! Sling Knife/Fire Sling! (magic/skill:
    Sling Knife/Fire Sling)
    Oh shooting stars, smash our enemies! Fire Sling! (magic/skill: Fire Sling)
    What's this? (pick up)
    I'll take that. (pick up)
    I'm trying my best.^ (dual)
    Better than ever. (level up)
    Have I surpassed my father? (level up)
    Touch me and you'll be sorry! (begin)
    All right! (attack)
    Go! (attack)
    That's right! (after attack)
    Another one down! (kill)
    Wanna be my servant? (kill)
    Heheheheheheheheh! (dodge)
    Tough break, huh? (dodge)
    Aw man! (when blocked)
    Come on! (miss)
    Is this edible? (pick up)
    Woohoo! (pick up)
    Let the arrows rain down! Venom Arrow/Silent Arrow/Binding Arrow! That's
    right/Let 'em fly! (magic/skill: Venom Arrow/Silent Arrow/Binding Arrow)
    This will fix you up! (magic/skill: First Aid)
    They can't keep you down! (magic/skill: Antidote Treatment)
    I feel like talking! Everybody, gather around! (magic/skill:
    Maru's Story Time)
    We've got a big one on our hands! Hunting Arrow/Great Hunter! Bullseye/Gotcha!
    (magic/skill: Hunting Arrow/Great Hunter)
    They got me...good... (weak after atk)
    I can still fight... (weak begin)
    What a pal! (when healed)
    Just trust your buds! (dual)
    Big game hunting! (dual)
    Woo, here I go! (dual)
    You giving the prince orders?^ (dual)
    I'm tough stuff! (level up)
    I'm back! New and improved! (level up)
    Here we go! (level up)
    I can't lose in a battle of strength! (begin)
    My strength is supreme! (begin)
    Out of the way! (attack)
    Take that! (attack)
    Retreat if you value your life! (after attack)
    Soul of the land, give me strength! Rolling Axe/Speed Storm!
    (magic/skill: Rolling Axe/Speed Storm)
    Too slow! (dodge)
    Quit playing around. (dodge)
    Hand that over. (pick up)
    Here's where it gets tough.^ (dual)
    Let's get this party started! (begin)
    Stay right there! (attack)
    OlZ olZ! (attack)
    Ready for a hole in your gut? (attack)
    Yahoo! (attack)
    Go go go! (attack)
    I'm on fire! (after attack)
    Never better, baby! (critical)
    Like the wind! (dodge)
    You'll have to better than that! (dodge)
    Heheheheh. (block)
    I've got room for more. (pick up)
    Gotcha. (dual)
    Can this get any better? (level up)
    Where's the enemy? (begin)
    It's my turn now. (begin)
    Here I go. (attack)
    Don't move. (attack)
    Whatcha doing? (when attacked)
    Knock it off! (when attacked)
    Weakling. (kill)
    Haha. (dodge)
    Yahoozor. (dodge)
    Get bent. (dodge)
    For me. (pick up)
    What's this? (pick up)
    Goody. (pick up)
    Focus on the enemy! (dual)
    What are you waiting for? (dual)
    B. Darc's Scenario
    Which path shall I walk? (begin)
    I will save the Deimos! (begin)
    Follow my lead! (begin)
    Must i fight?^ (begin)
    Deimos...only understand...power... (weak begin)
    Die! (attack)
    How's that? (attack)
    So you defy me? (attack)
    Still wanna fight?^ (after attack)
    Over all ready?^ (kill)
    Not worth my time!^ (kill)
    That's all?^ (kill)
    Too slow! (dodge)
    What was that? (dodge)
    Fool. (block)
    Not quite. (block)
    All mine. (pick up)
    Can I use this? (pick up)
    Thanks. (when healed)
    Soothing breeze, lend me your strength! Cure! (magic/skill: Cure)
    You shall know my fury! ... How's that? (magic/skill: Claws of Rage)
    Prepare to die! ... Sword of Awakening! (magic/skill: Sword of Awakening)
    I'll devour your soul! Vampire Fang! (magic/skill: Vampire Fang)
    Let's go, Volk! (dual w/ Volk)
    Volk, back me up! (dual w/ Volk)
    Back me up! (dual)
    Deimos only understand power! (level up)
    I need more power! (level up)
    My power increases! (level up)
    I'll slice ya' to pieces! (begin)
    I'm on the prowl. (begin)
    Special delivery! (attack)
    It's over for you! (attack)
    Hah, another weakling! (attack)
    I hate you! (after attack)
    Too bad for you! (kill)
    Another weakling!^ (kill)
    Nice try, bucko. (block)
    Wuss! (block)
    Quit playing around! (miss)
    Oh, it's on now!^ (miss)
    Nice shot. (when attacked)
    Dammit! (when attacked)
    Must be luck.^ (when attacked)
    Last chance! (dodge)
    Didn't even scratch me. (dodge)
    Lookie here. (pick up)
    I'll take that. (pick up)
    You looking for trouble? (when healed)
    I'm not done yet... (weak begin)
    Guess it's time for some healing. Cure! (magic/skill: Cure)
    You're about to die, y'know. Healing Rain! (magic/skill: Healing Rain)
    Feel my rage! Flaming Arrow/Fire Storm! (magic/skill: Flaming Arrow/Fire Storm)
    Watch yourself!^ (dual)
    Witness my power! (level up)
    Watch out for me! (level up)
    No one gets in my way!^ (level up)
    Nothing can stand up to me!^ (level up)
    Who wants some? (begin)
    Time for battle! (begin)
    Death is calling you. (attack)
    Witness the rage of a Lupine! (attack)
    No mercy! (attack)
    Hit harder!^ (when attacked)
    *howls* (critical)
    You're weak. Too weak. (kill)
    Nice try. (dodge)
    You need more practice. (dodge)
    I'll take that. (pick up)
    Thanks. (pick up)
    Hand that over. (pick up)
    Be strong! The battle rages on! Cure! (magic/skill: Cure)
    My hot blood and fighting spirit boils and burns! Heated Soul! (magic/skill:
    Heated Soul)
    Understood! (dual w/ Darc)
    One day, I will get revenge! (level up)
    Guardian stars, lend me your protection! (level up)
    Are you happy to face this pretty flower? (begin)
    It's my turn now. (begin)
    Prepare to meet your maker! (attack)
    What are you doing to me?^ (when attacked)
    May you rest in peace.^ (kill)
    Short is the life of a flower.^ (defeat)
    What a pity! (dodge)
    What a dimwit!^ (dodge)
    Sneaky little bugger!^ (miss)
    Running away are we?^ (miss)
    I've hit the jackpot, baby! (pick up)
    You shall feel the rage of the earth. Earthquake! (magic/skill: Earthquake)
    I am a blossoming flower of the most noble kind! (level up)
    I'm Bebedora. (begin)
    I must defeat the enemy. (begin)
    Are you the enemy?^ (begin)
    This is the end for you. (attack)
    I can see your despair.^ (after attack)
    Not broken yet?^ (after attack)
    I'm breaking little by little.^ (weak after attack)
    You must be embarrassed. (dodge)
    I can dodge anything. (dodge)
    I don't need this. (pick up)
    My puppets must weave a web of destruction. Mind Control! (magic/skill: Mind
    Everything returns to darkness. Black Out! (magic/skill: Black Out)
    I get it.^ (dual)
    I will soon control everything.^ (level up)
    -Choko (Choco)-
    Iiitttt's Cho-ko's turn! (begin)
    Wanna play with me? (begin)
    Taaaake THIS! (attack)
    Buuurn! (attack)
    Choko did it! (attack attack)
    Choko win! (kill)
    I'm mad now! (when attacked)
    Missed me! (dodge)
    I wonder how it tastes? (pick up)
    What is this? (pick up)
    Present? (pick up)
    Let's get 'em good! (dual)
    - ~ - * XI . ARC THE LAD REFERENCES * - ~ -
    Although we mention AtL references in the walkthrough, we thought it might be
    nice to have another section devoted to it. A section in which we could go a bit
    more in depth about each reference, and hopefully help you understand it a bit
    better. Y'know, stuff like that.
      - There is a picture of the Silver Noah, Arc's ship from Arc 1 and 2 on
    Kharg's bedroom wall. The "king" of Palencia gives Arc the ship early on in Arc
    1. The Silver Noah is run by a chap named Chopin.
      - Butch in the Refinery mentions the fact that the machine they are using
    there was built by the "Academy" from Arc 3. The Academy is the main "enemy"
    force in Arc 3 and is run by the "Professor", the antagonist in the story who
    eventually reawakens the Dark One from his (its?) slumber.
      - "Prodias" in "West Aldia" is mentioned by Ludhi to Rapier (Darc's Story 1)
    before their... rather untimely deaths. Elk's apartment was located in Prodias
    in Arc 2. Elk was a main character in Arc 2 and helped greatly in Arc 3 thanks
    to "the Hien", his personal airship.
      - The man in the room upstairs in the pub (Kharg's Story 2) says he is from
    the east, a place called Peisus. This is different translation of Paysus, a town
    near Mt. Amaidar in Arc 1, 2, and 3. Iga and his monks live and train on Mt.
    Amaidar. Also nearby is Rushalt (in Arc 3), home to a Spell Institute and its
    top student, Marsia (Arc 3).
      - Spirit Dictionary #1 (given to Span in Kharg's Story 2) mentions the
    "Dream Spirit", who "likes to travel in gas and give those who breathe it
    strange dreams", a distant reference to a guild job in Arc 3. In this guild
    job, Alec's party is asked to aid in the investigation of a strange treasure
    chest. Lutz, of course, opens it, and this very "Dream Gas" comes out, causing
    each of the party members to have a strange (yet HILLARIOUS!) dream.
      - Dragon Bone Valley in Ragnoth may be a mistranslation (or different
    translation) of White Bone Forest in Ragnok (where you fought mainly... dragons)
    from Arc 3. Ragnok was the location of the Academy HQ, hence why the machine in
    the Refinery could have been "dug up" on "Ragnoth".
      - If Kharg talks to Zev in the middle of the night (when he is looking for
    Lilia), Zev will tell him about "Hunters" and the "Great Disaster", references
    to the event that occurred at the end of Arc 2 and that plays a large role
    in the lives of people and the storyline in general of Arc 3.
      - Boomer on Samson's ship (Kharg's Story 2) mentions the "3 great Hunters",
    Elk, Shu, and Alec. He talks about each one, giving a little background story.
    Shu is in Arc 2 and 3, Elk is the "hero" of Arc 2 and helps out in 3, and Alec
    is the "hero" in Arc 3.
      - The Resistance in Epistia shares several traits with the Resistance in
    Romalia from Arc 2 (including the name). Both were under pubs, which could be
    reached by finding a hidden switch. Both were attempting to overthrow the main
    force of "evil" for their respective game (Romalia in Arc 2 and Dilzweld in
    ToS). There is one thing that they don't share in common, though: The Resistance
    in Romalia was eventually found out and most of them were brutally murdered. -_-
    It was okay though, since the Resistance was able to reform...and because Shu
    and Tosh own. ^_^
      - We believe "Dolban", spoken of by Leonora in Sulfas, may be a
    different translation of "Dorvan", the father of the merchant family that causes
    the party many problems in Arc 3. Dorvan and his family traveled the world,
    looking for the perfect spot to set up their family shop, and Leonora mentions
    that Dolban traveled the world.
      - You can catch a glimpse of the ever-famous Arc on the TV set at the Parenz
    Ruins (Epistia). Arc was...well, the hero in Arc 1.
      - A man inside the Main Plant in Sulfas (Epistia) mentions that the plant is
    "Russ-Style", and will also explain a little about "Russ" himself. "Russ" is a
    mistranslation of Lutz. Lutz is the laughable, "ladies man", item-loving
    companion of Alec in Arc the Lad 3.
      - The former town of Paltos (Arc 3) has now become Rueloon (Adenade). The
    large Arena in the back, with the Pair Battles and No Ninja Rule, is one
    similarity. Also, in the Rueloon Inn, there are statues of Mattheus, Velhart,
    and Gruga (it's a mistranslation). There was also a statue of Mattheus in
    Paltos, not to mention that both Velhart and Gruga lived in Paltos in Arc 3.
    Velhart was one of the main characters in Arc the Lad 3, and Gruga was a main
    character in Arc 2. Also, the envious man who killed Mattheus (mentioned in the
    inscription on Mattheus' statue in Rueloon) served as a boss character in Arc 3;
    Velhart had to fight him by himself in order to get the Eternal Steel.
      - The stone monuments found on Elder Hill on Cragh Island each speak of a
    different Arc the Lad 1 character.
    	- "One wears a red headband; wields the power of the Spirits; searches for
    a box" = Arc
    	- "One possesses a long white beard; knows much; and can wield much magic"
    = Gogen
    	- "One is always striving to be strong; is tough on everyone; but is
    toughest on self" = Iga
    	- "One carries a pot; rules over the monsters; all hail the King the King"
    = Chongara
    	- "One has locks of red; angers easily; likes to drink; picks flowers" =
    	- "One did not visit here; but has a woman friend; that's what everyone
    thinks" = Kukuru?
    	- "One was small and round; wore a tall pointy hat; plays many sounds;
    makes things fun" = Poco
    	- "One rows a boat; is always in the boat; gives us food; and pets us" =
    On one monument, you can read a small testimony by Chopin:
                 In the year of....., the Silver Noah arrived on the shores of Cragh
    Island, with them aboard.
    The will of the darkness manipulates power and opinion, pursuing them
    tenaciously, without end.
    But they will never give in.
    Before long, they will surely shatter the darkness.
    And one day, they are sure to be called... "Heroes".
    However, when they become legends, who will even know?
    Who will know that, before they were heroes, they were regular people, faced
    with their own troubles, pains, and sometimes, even their own sins.
    Therefore, as a companion on their journey, I shall leave this record of their
    Until that day when we are able to return to our beautiful homeland,
    I shall do my best to aid them, any way I can.
                 Francois Eric Chopinne
      - Inside the battleship Megist, Darc's party encounters hybrid humans,
    Deimos, and monsters. There is a sign that says that this is continued
    research of the "Romalia Chimera Research Project". While Elk attended the
    White House (Arc 2), many Chimera projects occurred, including experiments
    on his two best friends, which he later was forced to kill.
      - The "Great Library" in "Peisus" Grand List -
        - "Images of Umen" (the big head in the artifact room) was "taken from
    Yagos Islands, where Elk originally found Diekbeck in Arc 2.
        - "The Songstresses' Music Boz" plays two songs- the first is Shante's
    Song from Arc 2/ Arc Arena, and the second is Raia's song ("Way of the Earth")
    and the closing theme to Arc 3.
        - The "Love and Lunah" gun is the Lunar Gun from Arc 3, created by Cheryl,
    the "genius of a 14 year old girl".
        - "Hero's Armor" is the best armor in Arc 3/
        - "Crimson Blaze" is Tosh's Sword, the Crimson Edge, from all three games.
        - "Princess Henrietta" is the rose bred specially for Anrietta (Arc 3) and
    is passed down through the family of butlers serving the Rochefort family-
    Sebastian! ^_^
        - "Monster Summon Trophy" is the trophy Chongara gets in "South Sraht"
    (a.k.a. South Sulatro, Arc 3) and "Pandilla's Casino House" (Pandira Casino,
    also Arc 3), was changed to Chongara's Casino House.
        - The young woman inside the library mentions a "school of magic" that used
    to be nearby- this school was Rushalt, where Marsia (Arc 3) once attended.
        - "Intro to Diekbeck Research" : Diekbeck (Arc 2, 3)
        - "Legend of Ultra-Mechs" : Diekbeck and "Grogalde", whom Diek had to fight
    in Arc 2.
        - "Tale of Mother Claire" : Mother Claire is from Arc 2- the book also
    mentions "beast-talkers and cardists"; beasttalkers are from Arc 2 (Lieza) and
    Cardists are from Arc 3 (Theo and his mother).
    - "The Wizard and the Mysterious Maze" : This is essentially the story of
    the guild job in Arc 3 where Alec must make his way in to see Gogen, the
    legendary master of magic. Gogen is in all three Arc games.
        - "Research on Magic by Marisa Aqui Qharts" : Marsia is a party member in
    Arc 3. The book mentions Rushalt, the school where Marsia studied, which was
    near Paysus in Arc 3.
        - "Illustrated Book of Monsters" : Mentions Lieza (Arc 2 and 3) and the
    Pyron card, a plot event in Arc 3.
        - "Writings of Merlinne" : Rainbow Bridge Gang (Arc 3)!! The leader, "Agite"
    (previously Aguito), leader of the "Rainbow Bridge Thieves" writes in this book.
    The RBG was a hillarious running gag in Arc 3 ^_^
        - "New Academy Manifesto" : Speaks about the Academy's goals. The Academy
    was the main, "evil-driven" force in Arc 3.
    - "How To Impress the Ladies (Self-Published)": Book by Spicy of Arc 3,the
    unluckiest man on earth when it came to love. "When the wind blows, I want you
    to remember me..." was his catch phrase, more or less, and he writes it again
    here. The book also mentions a specific guild job in Arc 3 (the one with
    triplets) ^_^ lol.
        - "Choko's Diary- The Manuscript" : Talks about Choko in general, mentions
    "Choko in pot for nap, waits for new friends", a reference to Arc 3 where Choko
    can only be found inside various pots when you wish to play her minigame.
        - "Spirit Faiths Around the World" : We believe "Aribasa" is a reference
    to Arc 2. This is the place where the people worship the Water Spirit. It also
    mentions North Aldrow, where they worship the Fire Spirit and learn to harness
    the power of Fire.
        - "Mts. of the World" : Mention Mt. Sion, which contained the ark.
        - "History of the Arena" : Mentions "Clenia", where Gruga was from, near
    Choko's hometown. Also mentions the Danger Dome in Gislem (Arc 3) and "Baltos",
    or Palatos, from Arc 3.
        - "Research on Choko's Diary" :  More on Choko.
        - "Lamda Scroll" :  Mentions "Grand Bishop Eaghar Lamdakia", which they
    somehow got translated- it's supposed to be Iga ^_^;
      - Mistranslations: Mt. Lamda is supposed to be Mt. Amidar, Peisus is Paysus,
    Milmarna is Milmana.
      - The old man in Milmarna who will tell you about its history mentions the
    "Great Disaster" (plot event just before Arc 3) and how Milmarna was rebuilt
    after this disaster by the "Royal Queen", Sania, and her "advisors", one of
    which is Yonan, an Arc 3 reference.
      - There is a poster of Choko in the alleyway in the Dilzweld Empire. ^_^
      - The Flying Castle (which has been in Arc 2 and 3), the Dark One (enemy in
    all Arc games!) and the crater made by the Flying Castle, which may or may not
    be the same crater as it was in Arc 3 ^_-
    - ~ - * XII . THE "COOL LIST" * - ~ -
    Congrats to the following people, who knew one or more of our random references.
    You guys are "teh cool". Seriously.
    (we don't know if you want us to post your emails or not. ^_^ heh.)
    - ScL
    - daamon
    - justin
    - david
    - mike
    - jmalacho
    - kyle
    - doug man
    - elliot
    - Eric
    - silverdragon
    - Roger
    - Shingilcari
    - shelley
    - Michael
    - Jared
    Rock on, guys. Teh coolzor. ^_^
    - ~ - * XIII . CREDITS AND THANKS * - ~ -
    This FAQ/Walkthrough (c) 2003 Otaku Gundam and Tora Sora. It may not be
    reproduced, copied, copied from or distributed in any way without explicit
    permission from both the authors.
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    GameFAQs junkies, darnit!
    Contact the authors at: twilight_homies@yahoo.com
    Credit to the Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits instruction manual for
    helpful advice and storyline information.
    Credit to SCEA for publishing the game.
    Credit to Working Designs for their translations. Period.
    Credit to Otaku for helping write the FAQ.
    Credit to Sora... for helping write the FAQ.
    Credit to all them "Credits" in the back of the instruction manual for...
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    Credit and Thanks to CJayC for starting, running, and everything else GameFAQs.
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