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    Pyron FAQ by Layoneil

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
    Pyron FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Last Updated: 7/15/2003
    Written by Layoneil
    E-mail: Layoneil@hotmail.com
    I.    Updates
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Feeding the Pyron
    IV.   Pyron Foods
    V.    Attacks
    VI.   Learning Attacks
    VII.  Energy and Condition
    VIII. Legal
    XI.   Credits
    I.      UPDATES
    Version 1.0 (7/15/2003)
    - First version submitted.
    The Pyron is acquired at the end of Darc's second chapter: Ambition.
    After acquiring the Pyron, Darc can use it to attack enemies by
    selecting the Pyron command under his Magic list.  The Pyron can target
    ANY enemy on the stage regardless of distance from Darc.
    Kharg's airship is the equivalent of Darc's Pyron.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to help people raise their Pyrons.
    - Personal Note -
    For all color uncoordinated gamers out there, TEAL is a light blue.
    III.  Feeding the Pyron
    To feed the Pyron bring up the menu, select "Pyron" located on the
    bottom of the screen between "Party Items" and "Options".
    When the Pyron is fed a certain food, 4 things may happen.
    - The Energy Meter may change color.
    - The Inspiration Meter may increase or decrease.
    - The Condition may change.
    - An Attack is learned.
    IV.   Pyron Foods
    Pyron Foods can be purchased in every town (except maybe Orcoth).  At
    this point I will NOT do an indepth analysis on the Pyron Foods or list
    all the Pyron Foods.  If anyone else wants to make an Indepth Pyron
    Food FAQ or want to add to this section they are welcome to do so
    Please send me an e-mail.
    - Personal Note -
    The only Pyron Foods of significance are:
    Red, Green, Blue Food - Used to get the Energy to the right color
    Shiny Grass - Adds Inspiration
    Tumble Grass - Removes Inspiration
    Soft Grass - Increases Condition by 3 Levels
    Droopy Grass - Decreases Condition by 3 Levels
    V.    Attacks
    The Pyron can have a maximum of 3 attacks.  When Darc selects the Pyron
    command, one of the 3 attacks is randomly chosen.  As far as I know it
    is not possible to choose the specific attack.
    These are all the attacks that the Pyron can acquire:
    Blast Ball - Hurls a magic blast of Fire at enemy
    Cyclone Ball - Hurls a magic blast of Wind at enemy
    Aqua Ball - Hurls a magic blast of Water at enemy
    Quake Ball - Hurls a magic blast of Earth at enemy
    Sleep Ball - A magic blast that makes enemy sleepy
    Venom Ball - A magic blast that poisons enemy
    Demon Ball - A magic blast that kills enemy instantly
    VI.   Learning Attacks
    An attack is learned when the Inspiration meter maxes out.  The type of
    attacked learned depends on the color of the ENERGY meter.
    RED    - Blast Ball
    GREEN  - Cyclone Ball
    BLUE   - Aqua Ball
    YELLOW - Quake Ball
    TEAL   - Sleep Ball
    PURPLE - Venom Ball
    GREY   - Demon Ball
    Red + Red = Red
    Red + Green = Yellow
    Red + Blue = Purple
    Green + Red = Yellow
    Green + Green = Green
    Green + Blue = Teal
    Blue + Red = Purple
    Blue + Green = Teal
    Blue + Blue = Blue
    Teal + Red = Grey
    Teal + Green = Green
    Teal + Blue = Blue
    Yellow + Red = Red
    Yellow + Green = Green
    Yellow + Blue = Grey
    Purple + Red = Red
    Purple + Green = Grey
    Purple + Blue = Blue
    Grey + Red = Red
    Grey + Green = Green
    Grey + Blue = Blue
    - Personal Note -
    I think the 3 best attacks to have would be Demon Ball (Grey) and any
    two elemental ball attack, Poison (Purple) and Sleep (Teal) is not that
    My advice on learning attacks is to use any colored pyron food to get
    the energy meter to the desired color.  Than use Shiny Grass to max out
    the Inspiration meter (without changing the Energy Color or Condition).
    VII.  Energy and Condition
    Each attack by the Pyron takes up energy.  The energy of the Pyron can
    be refilled with Spirit Stones anytime outside of battle.  Each Energy
    point is worth 1 Spirit Stone.
    The Maximum Energy of the Pyron is 199.
    The amount of energy that the Pyron attack uses depends on the Pyron's
    Condition (or Mood).
    The Condition is indicated by a little face.  There are 7 different
    condition levels, each represented by a different color and facial
    The following is a list of all the condition levels, the color that
    represents the condition level and the amount of energy used PER
    attack on that condition level.
    Lv 1 - GREY   - 15
    Lv 2 - PURPLE - 25
    Lv 3 - BLUE   - 35
    Lv 4 - TEAL   - 50
    Lv 5 - GREEN  - 65
    Lv 6 - YELLOW - 85
    Lv 7 - RED    - 100
    The HIGHER the condition level the larger the area of effect of the
    Pyron Attack.  At condition Lv 1 - GREY, the Pyron can only attack 1
    enemy.  At condition Lv 7 - RED, the Pyron can attack a large area.
    Pyron foods can increase or decrease the condition level.  The range
    of Increase and Decrease can be as low as 0 and as high as 3.
    - Personal Note -
    Get your Pyron its 3 attacks first, than use Soft Grass, Droopy Grass
    and a low level colored pyron food to set the conditon level.  I think
    Lv 1 is the best, it's the most cost efficient and very rarely will
    the enemy position themselves so that you can hit a lot of them with a
    single high level Pyron attack.
    On one occasion, I was able to get 200 Energy Points out of the Pyron.
    I do not know exactly how that happened, but I was never able to use
    2 RED attacks.  If anyone has any ideas on how that happened please
    let me know.
    VIII. Legal
    This document is only to be found on www.gamefaqs.com.  I will not give 
    permission for any other site to host this document in whole or in part.  
    If you see this document anywhere do not bother to let me know.  I 
    don't actually care but it will tell you something about the person 
    hosting that site.
    XI.   Credits
    Thanks to CJayC for Gamefaqs.com in general and hosting this FAQ in 
    Thanks to MVK for lending me his Arc the Lad Collection, which got me 
    started on the series.
    Thanks to JC who made it possible for me to play this game.
    If you like you can visit my website the Ogre Battle Encyclopedia at 

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