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    Ancient Tablet/Spirit Dictionary FAQ by EternalBlue

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    Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
    Ancient Tablet/Spirit Dictionary FAQ
    Version 1.12
    by: Ryan Mack
    Copyright 2003 Ryan Mack
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    I - Intro/Version History
    II - Spirit Dictionaries: Locations
    III - Spirit Dictionaries: Where to Bring Them
    IV - Spirit Dictionaries: Points of No Return
    V - Ancient Tablets: Locations
    VI - Ancient Tablets: Where to Bring Them
    VII - Ancient Tablets: Points of No Return
    VIII - Spirit Dictionaries: Text
    IX - Ancient Tablet Song Text
    X - Closing
    I - Intro/Version History
    This guide is a basic summarization of the game's two find all the pointless
    objects quests; Kharg's Dictionaries and Darc's Tablets. As such, it's not that
    complicated, so I'll just get on with it. Note that there are probably SPOILERS
    contained herein.
    Version 1.12 - Negligable correction. Go me. Thank you, reader persons.
    Version 1.11 - Negligable edit.
    Version 1.10 - Included point of no return, i.e., when you can't get particular
    dictionaries or tablets anymore.
    Version 1.01 - Fixed a few typos. Whoops.
    Version 1.00 - Original Version. All locations, rewards and texts posted.
    Should be complete unless something very interesting happens.
    II - Spirit Dictionaries: Locations
    There are five Spirit Dictionaries, and you can't get the last one until
    Kharg's Chapter 6. You should be able to go back for them if you miss one along
    the way, though I'm not entirely sure on that.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 1-
    Location: The Edge of a Sea of Trees, Ragnoth
    Sometime during Kharg's Chapter 2, return to the man on the second
    floor of the Yewbell Tavern and speak to him. He'll identify himself as Span,
    and tell you about something he hid in an old pot under a rock at The Edge of
    a Sea of Trees. Go there, and search under the rock closest to the top right
    corner of the map. You'll find the pot. Bring it back to Span. He'll pull the
    dictionary out of the pot, read it to you and tell you to find the other four
    volumes. You'll get a Stone Holder for your trouble.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 2-
    Location: The Republic of Cathena, Aldrow
    In Kharg's Chapter 3, after gaining entry to the rooms adjacent to
    the council chamber, check the right hand room. The book's on the lower edge
    of the table near the door to the elevator room. It's a little small, and
    thus easy to miss.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 3-
    Location: Sulfas, Epistia
    It's in the Main Plant at Sulfas. You should be a bit of a ways into
    Kharg's Chapter 4 before you're allowed in there. Once you are, however, head
    into the left-hand room. From the door, walk straight ahead along the large
    catwalk until you reach the opposite wall, and turn left. You'll find the book 
    on the floor in front of some barrels.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 4-
    Location: The Mountain Stronghold, Epistia
    After Tatjana joins Kharg's group, you're made to reenter the Stronghold to 
    find the radio. The fourth volume is on the floor a little ways to the left of
    where you find said radio.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 5-
    Location: Milmarna, Halshinne
    You can get it as soon as you get to Milmarna. It's on top of a barrel in the
    big stone building with all the fortune tellers. The barrel in question is a 
    little left and down from the appraiser's table.
    III - Spirit Dictionaries: Where to Bring Them
    Once you've gathered all five dictionaries, bring them to Span at Peisus on
    Milmarna. He's among the second set of stacks reading a book, you can't miss 
    him. Once you bring him all five dictionaries, he'll read any of them to you 
    whenever you wish, and gives you a Hero's Bandanna, an accessory for Kharg.
    IV - Spirit Dictionaries: Points of No Return
    Note that these are the points in the game whereafter certain tablets become
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 1: Entrance into Flying Castle, Kharg's party.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 2: End of Kharg Chapter 6.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 3: Entrance into Flying Castle, Kharg's party.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 4: Entrance into Flying Castle, Kharg's party.
    Spirit Dictionary Volume 5: Entrance into Flying Castle, Kharg's party.
    V - Ancient Tablets: Locations
    There are seven Ancient Tablets, the last one being in Darc's Chapter 5. As
    with the Spirit Dictionaries, you can probably go back for the ones you miss,
    though I'm not 100% sure on that. Unlike the Dictionaries, you won't find the
    tablets in order if you find them all as soon as possible, so don't think
    you've missed one if the sequence is messed up. The only annoying thing about
    them is that they tend to look like rocks.
    Ancient Tablet 1-
    Location: Geedo's House, Aldrow
    You can't miss this. It's in Geedo's House, inside the same chest as the
    Phoenix Blood. When you pick it up, the ghost Kirjath shows up and asks you
    to find the other six. Oh boy.
    Ancient Tablet 2-
    Location: Drakyrnia, Ragnoth
    It's on the floor right inside the right hand door of the shop in Drakyrnia.
    Very difficult to miss this one, since it's partially obstructing the exit.
    Ancient Tablet 3-
    Location: Dragon Bone Valley, Ragnoth
    It's right outside the cave where Darc undergoes the Dragon Ordeal, on the
    ground. It stands out from the background, to boot.
    Ancient Tablet 4-
    Location: Coleopt Shrine, Adenade
    It's in Bebedora's Room (The Chamber of Sealing, IIRC), on the floor (again).
    It's on the side of the path that leads to the door to Selkis' Room, and the
    save point.
    Ancient Tablet 5-
    Location: Rueloon, Adenade
    This tablet is the only one that's at all hidden. Left of the stairs that lead
    to the courtyard in front of the Arena, there's a small path that leads to an
    alleyway behind the weapon and item shops. You'll find the tablet at the end of
    this alleyway.
    Ancient Tablet 6-
    Location: Pyramid Ruins, Halshinne
    On the floor, near the top of the stairs by the sealed door, in the first room
    of the actual Pyramid. It blends in with the rubble a bit, but it's not hard to
    Ancient Tablet 7-
    Location: Chaos Forest, Ragnoth
    When you gain control of Bebedora for a short time in the Chaos Forest, you'll
    find the tablet, again on the ground, near the left-hand exit she's forced to
    take to get to Yewbell.
    VI - Ancient Tablets: Where to Bring Them
    Kirjath inexplicably does not remain in Geedo's House. Once you get all seven
    tablets, you can find him in Barbadoth, in front of the large tower next to the
    shop. Upon giving them to him, he reads the text of the tablets, ascends, and
    leaves you a Goddess Statuette.
    VII - Ancient Tablets: Points of No Return
    Note that these are the points, in the game, whereafter certain tablets become
    Ancient Tablet 1: N/A
    Ancient Tablet 2: Entrance into the Flying Castle, Darc's party.
    Ancient Tablet 3: Dragon Bone Valley becomes a random battle map; should be
    any time after the Dragon Ordeal is completed and you leave the area, during
    Chapter 5.
    Ancient Tablet 4: Entrance into the Flying Castle, Darc's party.
    Ancient Tablet 5: Entrance into the Flying Castle, Darc's party.
    Ancient Tablet 6: Entrance into the Flying Castle, Darc's party.
    Ancient Tablet 7: Entrance into the Flying Castle, Darc's party.
    VIII - Spirit Dictionaries: Text
    Volume 1:
    "The Time Spirit...
    A Spirit that controls time and enjoys a bit of mischief. Can make the passage
    of time speed up or slow down. If time flies while you're having fun, it's
    probably the Spirit's doing."
    "The Dream Spirit...
    A Spirit that can enter one's dreams at will. Likes to enter the dreams of
    those in distress and know their true feelings. Said to ride on a cloud-like
    vapor which, if inhaled, causes strange dreams."
    "The Prayer Spirit...
    Also known as the Spirit of the Heart, as it connects people's hearts together.
    Prayers heard by this Spirit will be sure to find their destinations, wherever
    they may be."
    "The Slumber Spirit...
    Spirit that bestows slumber and rest. Its great power enables it to see into
    the future and predict that which will occur. However, this is rare, as the
    Spirit itself is often found in slumber."
    Volume 2:
    "The Learning Spirit...
    A Spirit that professes there is nothing it does not know. And in the unlikely
    event that there is, it hides itself away until it has mastered the subject."
    "The Book Spirit...
    A Spirit that exists in old books. Very wise, possessing all the knowledge that
    has ever been written. Hates the burning of books more than anything."
    "The Sound Spirit...
    A Spirit that controls voices, music and all noises. Of varied personality. At
    times, soft, at other times, surprisingly violent. Carries sound to living
    things with the help of the Wind Spirit."
    "The Song Spirit...
    Junior to the Sound Spirit. When happy people hum without realizing, it's said
    to be because this Spirit is singing in their ears."
    Volume 3:
    "The Sword Spirit...
    Exists in Swords. Rarely shows its form. Only those accepted by the Spirit can
    hear its voice. Like a brother to the Blade Spirit."
    "The Mirror Spirit...
    A Spirit expert in the art of imitation. Exposes the true appearance of those
    that try to disguise their looks. Mirrors that house this Spirit can reflect
    evil powers."
    "The Ring Spirit...
    A Spirit that exists in rings. Its strength and shape varies depending on the
    ring, but all Spirits look kindly on its owner. The Spirits will give advice
    and help to the one who has the ring."
    "The Liquor Spirit...
    A mysterious Spirit that may or may not exist. Some say they have seen it, but
    these claims may be reliable, as the witnesses are always inebriated."
    Volume 4:
    "The Path Spirit...
    A Spirit as numerous as the different paths a living creature can take. Helps
    those who have lost their way to remember the path they have chosen, but will
    never dictate which they should choose."
    "The Flower Spirit...
    A Spirit that presides over all flowers. Its charge is to remove all ills from
    flowers. But it seems that those it did not reach have become Deimos."
    "The Fountain Spirit...
    A calm and unassuming Spirit. Has the power to relax people and soothe away
    their anger. It's said that on occasion, it will be attracted by a beautiful
    singing voice and show its form."
    "The Well Spirit...
    A Spirit that lives inside wells. Imparts pure water for drinking and washing.
    A junior of the Water Spirit, and yet much less forgiving of those who pollute
    its essence."
    Volume 5:
    "The Cloud Spirit...
    Said to exist above the clouds, but no one has ever seen it. Junior of the Wind
    Spirit, it makes rain fall, obstructs even the strongest of the sun's rays, and
    sometimes causes snow."
    "The Moonlight Spirit...
    Junior of the Light Spirit. Very whimsical. Just when it seems the Spirit is
    deceiving and confusing people, it will shine a light to help them find their
    way in the dark."
    "The Mountain Spirit...
    A Spirit that exists in many mountains. Mountains which are worshipped as
    sacred places are sure to contain this Spirit. Its voice traverses the peaks
    as an echo."
    "The Soil Spirit...
    A junior of the Earth Spirit. Returns living things to the soil, from which it
    lets new life grow. Taciturn and calm, it detests disturbances of the peace and
    avoids contact with humans."
    IX - Ancient Tablet Song Text
    Over the Oceans from Long, Long ago
    Came a Voice in the Wind
    From An Ancient Soul
    Storm Clouds Break Away
    Revealing a Shining Sun
    Pouring Out the Light That Will Guide Me
    How Could You See And Not Believe?
    I Don't Know When I'll Leave This Life
    So If I'm Going To Be
    I Might As Well Be Flying High
    Maybe Soon Will Come A Day
    All Things Will Fall Into Place
    Holding And Trusting
    Miracles Teach Us To Believe
    Will There Be A Wind Strong Enough
    To Fly And To Carry Me?
    And Will There Be A Wave
    From Across The Sea To Cool Me?
    The Eyes Of Hope Shine Before Me
    In The Fire
    I Am Carrying The Torch Now
    With Love, I'll Light The Way
    From Where You Stand.
    Over The Mountains From Far, Far Away
    Came A Voice On The Wings
    Of A Bird So Brave Words To Carry Me
    When Nothing Is Really Sure
    There Will Come A Day
    You Find Peace
    A Thousand Years Pass And Even Then
    X - Closing
    Well, that's it. Direct any feedback to the email at the top of the file.

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