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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          ARC THE LAD: TWILIGHT OF THE SPIRITS
                              FAQ/WALKTRHOUGH by GheddonLN
                            Started: around September 2-3, 2003
                             Last updated on October 26, 2003
                                     Version 1.00
    ==                        -- TABLE OF CONTENTS --                      ==
    Introduction/Version History
    Copyright Notice
    General pointers
    Item Listing
    Side Areas
    The Pyron & Big Owl
    ==                  -- INTRODUCTION/VERSION HISTORY --                 ==
    Well, this is my first Arc the Lad game. I had heard many great things 
    about the other game in the series, but had no chance to buy the 
    "Collection" package... I may do so sometime, but not now.
    Nevertheless, I decided to buy this game to get my RPG fix and a much 
    needed alternative from my overplayed Winning Eleven 6(which is starting 
    to become a drug, preventing me from playing other games such as Silent 
    Hill 3 and Splinter Cell...). It's become increasingly hard for me to 
    play games now, you know... but anyways, holiday is drawing near and I 
    know you don't care about this @_@.
    But anyway, you'll find here an extensive walkthrough as well as multiple 
    listings about the many things included in the game. I've tried to get 
    the most information, and I think this could be considered fairly 
    complete. Still, I'd appreciate if you sent me anything you feel it's 
    left out, needed, or required, as well as tips, tricks, hints, 
    strategies... in other words, whatever that'll make this FAQ better.
    Please enjoy the FAQ.
    Version 1.00(October 26/2003): well, the walkthrough is complete as well 
    as every other section of the guide. The equipment portion of it, though, 
    is missing perhaps three or four items... could be a bit more, I don't 
    know. I'm trusting in contributors to get this information.
    ==                         -- COPYRIGHT NOTICE --                      ==
    Well, you know the drill. This FAQ is mine, therefore, you must ask for 
    permission before doing anything with it(unless you're taking factual 
    game information, such as HP or weapons stats; then you're free to do 
    so), like posting it on a website or translating it into somewhere else. 
    That's about.
    Copyright (c) José Felipe Vargas Casadiego, alias, GheddonLN.
    ==                           -- CREDITS --                             ==
    O Cattle Call: for programming this great game.
    O Brady Games guide: I don't wish to be unthankful, but that guide 
    sucked... even then, helped me not to miss the Ancient Tables/Spirit 
    Dictionaries and provided me with info on items and some equipment.
    O EternalBlue: I checked his guide for some information regarding various 
    pieces of equipment I had missed. Thanks!
    O To me: for typing this FAQ.
    ==                        -- GENERAL POINTERS --                       ==
    O Save often. This is a "golden rule" for RPGs, as you'll usually go 
    about for long periods of time and could lose your progress by slipping 
    up in battle or because of a blackout... trust me, I know about the 
    O Attack from behind. When doing so, you'll exact more damage. Try not to 
    expose your rear to your enemies, too.
    O Be efficient: Look for chances to hit various enemies at a time with 
    one skill or attack, try to attack from behind(see above) and pick items 
    and spirit stones whenever it is possible(like, for example, when there 
    is only one enemy left behind). This should be always kept in mind.
    O Level up, when possible: You don't need to spend maddeningly long hours 
    of leveling up in this game, but you should try to do so when you feel 
    you have time and there is a good spot to do so. Your main worry is to 
    learn new skills, too.
    O Maintain a healthy supply of Spirit Stones. This is overly useful. You 
    need to have a good reserve of the stones, as your skills often spend a 
    lot of them and you have to, usually, battle through various battles in 
    series without having the chance to buy supplies.
    O Battle for the money. Self-explanatory.
    O Have extreme fun :)
    ==                          -- WALKTHROUGH --                          ==
    A few pointers: when in battle, you should always try to be as effective 
    as possible: hit various enemies with a skill, a normal attack, attack 
    from behind, heal when needed, pick items... I won't tell you these 
    things on the walkthrough.... you should do them because, it's, well, 
    common sense.
    Well, that's about it o_O. Pop in the CD, have a drink next to you and 
    select "Start Game" when possible. It's time for battle.
                         ---- KHARG: THE FIRST BATTLE ----
    After the nice introductory cutscene, you'll be in control of Kharg. Talk 
    with Lloyd for a bit and you'll take control soon enough. Move onward to 
    where Lloyd is talking to Banjo and talk with this last one, Banjo, as 
    Lloyd will simply ignore you. A short bit of dialogue will then take 
    place, and after it, you will have the mission to go to Scrappe Plateau 
    and investigate something about an old man. You will be given 200 Gold to 
    prepare yourself and you'll also be told that you should go and tell your 
    With the money, you should purchase healing items, and not worry about 
    the equipment. You might like to explore the town thoroughly. You will 
    find people who will ask for favors: for instance, a kid wants you to 
    talk to Duncan so he unlocks the castle gates and so he and his friends 
    can play there, and somebody wants you to look for Banjo. Now, because 
    you have to visit your mother, go toward the castle ruins door(the big 
    door near the area where the duel with Lloyd was held) and enter the 
    house to the right. A cutscene will ensue, and after it, you must go 
    inside Kharg's mom's room(the only room here).
    Lady Nafia won't be in there, but, strangely, there will be a shiny thing 
    on the bookcase. Approach it and examine it. A cutscene will follow, with 
    the Spirit of the Wind appearing and talk some gibberish. Watch the 
    scenes that follow, check out the spirit stone one more time, and then 
    leave Lady Nafia's room. Outside, endure through the dialogue, and go 
    back outside. Before leaving, I'd suggest doing a few things. Firstly, 
    head to the items/weapons shop, and talk with Banjo there. He'll remember 
    about going back to his shop(only if you've talked to the man in front of 
    it before, you know, the one who asks you to look for banjo) to get a 
    Knuckle Guard, which should be equipped on Kharg. You can talk to Duncan, 
    who's at the Tavern, to get the lowdown on the Castle Ruins closing, but 
    it's not necessary.
    Having done this, head to the southwestern portion of the town, a bit to 
    the left of the tavern, where the exit is.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Move your sword up and point the Scrappe Plateau. Go inside.
    As soon as you enter, you see an old man getting his ass kicked by some 
    Squirrels. Being the nice bastard you are, you decide to help him. 
    Suskle Squirrels(20-23 HP)
    The Squirrels are nicely spread throughout the field, so, basically, you 
    have some time to arrange yourself. It should be pointed that Kharg has a 
    relatively short attack range, so, during his first turn, you probably 
    won't be able to attack your foes, so just run up a bit, but don't get to 
    your movement radius' limit; stay a bit away from it. Paulette can hit 
    enemies from very afar, so, firstly, try not to put her too near Kharg, 
    and make sure she's at a safe distance of the enemies.
    By now, the enemies will probably make their first attack. Kharg can take 
    a lot of punishment, so whenever you see an enemy within your range, run 
    up to him and blast the hell out of him throughout your turns. If another 
    enemy joins, soup up the hits and blast them both. However, should a 
    third enemy add himself to the slugfest, you should try to move away a 
    bit, but not too far away, just enough so an enemy or two are within your 
    attacking range. You can kill a Squirrel in three/two of Kharg's attack, 
    so it shouldn't be too hard.
    Meanwhile, Paulette should do some hit and run. Hit from afar, and move a 
    few steps back, and let the enemy come at you before attacking. If you 
    move just enough, the enemy may end up wasting its turn moving and not be 
    able to attack, giving you the perfect chance to counter. Now that I talk 
    about counter, if you've equipped the Knuckle Guard on Kharg, he's bound 
    to counter most of the attacks done to him, which will help greatly. If 
    he finds himself clear sometime, move up to Paulette and aid her in her 
    battle. This shouldn't be too hard. Also, if your Tension Meter fills up, 
    you might want to unleash a joint skill(to do so, wait for one of the 
    character's TM to fill up, then attack an enemy inside the other 
    character's range to pull off such attack)
    A cutscene ensues where the old guy you just saved from being killed by 
    assassin Squirrels(...) will present himself and the predictable chit-
    chat will ensue. Right now, there is not a lot to do here. The red shiny 
    thing by the entrance(to the left) has a lever you can't use because of 
    the lack of batteries. Further to the left there is a bridge with a white 
    thing underneath it, but it can't be reached. So, without further 
    exploration to be done, leave the Plateau and go back to Yewbell(you will 
    notice you can go to a third destination, but for now it's not a 
    I suggest you to go to the tavern and heal there(talk with the Nurse by 
    the entrance) and save at the save beacon up the stairs. Talk with Duncan 
    and ask him "Where is Lloyd?" You're told he's at your house, so better 
    go there.
    Inside, blitz through the dialogue and then move up to where Lloyd and 
    Nafia are and talk with them. Long story made short, you're needing some 
    Spirit Stones to power up the town and the miners who went to look for 
    them ain't back. So, it's time to do a check out on what's left, to 
    evaluate the situation. Go out of your house and head down the path to 
    the right and make your way to the refinery, on the southwestern part of 
    the town, south of the tavern.
    Go inside and approach the workers to get a cutscene. Talk with them 
    after it to get some extra information on the matters of Spirit Stones 
    and their extraction. Having done that, make your way back to your hose. 
    As you go, you'll forcefully stop. When you do, you'll see Lloyd arriving 
    with a wounded soldier on his shoulders. 
    Morth, the wounded soldier, is cured at Nafia's. After the cutscene, 
    you'll be outside of your house. Do some shopping and talk with the 
    townsfolk if you wish to do so, and then head towards the town's exit. 
    When you approach it, you'll find the whole Defense Corps reunited. 
    You'll be forsaken to go along with them, but that's not enough for you 
    to give up! You must find an alternate way out of town, now that the path 
    is blocked for you.
    Head back to your house and talk with your mom again. Then, go into her 
    room and talk with Morth. Having talked to them both, go out and watch 
    the cutscene. Somebody is knocking on the castle ruin's door. You need 
    the Castle Ruins Gate Key to open the door for Zev(the eccentric old man 
    you found at S. Plateau).  Go back to the tavern and talk with Duncan 
    again and AGAIN ask him about the Castle Ruins. This time around, Kharg 
    will lengthen the conversation and, after many persuasive actions on 
    Kharg's part, you're given the key.
    Go back to the door and open it up. Then, go through the door.
    In the next area, go across the linear, yet wide, path, until you reach a 
    dried up fountain. If you go left, you'll reach a cemetery of sorts. The 
    appropriate path to take is up the staircase next to the fountain, that 
    goes round it. Above, simple go right and down the steps there, through 
    the door you come across and then outside.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Move east, to the Chaos Forest.
    As soon as you enter, you meet the King of the Chaos forest, some weird-
    ass kid with a mask. After much chit-chat, a bunch of monsters spurt out 
    of nowhere and you're forced to fight 'em(along with Maru, who's the 
    "King", of course!)
    Suskle Squirrels x 5(16-20 HP)
    Slothian(72 HP)
    There are a bunch of Suskle Squirrels and a Slothian for you to beat. The 
    squirrels are quite far away, and they're not that strong, so by now 
    they're not our priority. I'd suggest leaving Maru a bit behind and let 
    him handle them with his bow. Meanwhile, have Kharg run up to the 
    Slothian and use Fang-Breaker blade on it, twice(that should be enough to 
    kill it). Have Maru shoot down a few Squirrels nearby and move Kharg 
    around, hitting Squirrels(they die in two hits). If Kharg ever gets 
    surrounded, either back off or kick a Squirrel with Fang-Breaker blade, 
    to get some breathing space. Maru has a WIDE attacking range, so have him 
    snipe those annoying things. This should be easy. Oh, and the dry piece 
    of wood here can be destroyed, and it holds a healing item; you might 
    want to pick it up.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Move to The Edge of a Sea of Trees... after you heal yourself
    Suskle Squirrels(20 HP)
    Kuskle(50 HP)
    Four Suskle Squirrels roam the place. They're pretty far away, so I'd 
    suggest running up toward the northwestern corner with Kharg, so you're 
    near the group over there, and with Maru, head toward the southeastern 
    part of the field. Soon enough, they'll approach you. Have Maru snipe the 
    rats with his arrows. Back up if necessary and have the squirrels get 
    near each other so you can kill them both in one Venom Arrow. Meanwhile, 
    kill a Squirrel with Fang-breaker blade, up there with Kharg, and then 
    you'll be able to pick up items and such before tackling the final 
    Squirrel, who should be easy.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Simply head toward Plumb Canyon.
    After arriving, you see that Paulette is in trouble. So you go and aid 
    Wyvern x 2(44 HP)
    Drakyr x ?(47-54)
    There are a whole bunch of Deimos here, so you better start slaughtering 
    them! With Kharg and Maru, run up to the nearest Deimos(the green one) 
    and finish it off with Venom Arrow + Fang Breaker Blade. The other guys 
    are bound to use some spells, which are overly powerful(+30 PTS of DMG), 
    so be sure Paulette is ready to heal. Once the first Deimos is down, run 
    up to the second one(the green guys) and kill it with Venom Blade, plus 
    some normal attacks by Paulette and Kharg.
    Meanwhile, there is a great chance two of the human-looking Deimos will 
    be coming toward you from the right, while a third one comes from the 
    left. Have Maru set himself up a bit far away from the group of two and 
    aim at them with Venom Arrow. You're bound to hit them both with the 
    attack, while you poison them. Meanwhile, have Kharg run up to the lone 
    monster and blast him with Fang Breaker blade. Paulette should back off 
    and serve as a healer.
    If the monster don't attack in such fashion, be sure you spread attack. 
    Kharg should concentrate on just one monster, while Maru looks for good 
    vantage points while shooting off Venom Arrow. Try not to use it too 
    often, only when you're pretty sure you're going to hit two enemies with 
    it. Paulette should move around a lot, but always have a low background, 
    serving as a healer. 
    The enemies will probably move closer to Maru, so simply back off a few 
    steps and snipe again. Two Venow Arrows kills one of these humanoid-
    looking Demois, and if set up correctly, you can kill two with just two 
    hits(as Venom Arrow can hit 'em both). Should this happen, concentrate on 
    picking items for a bit, and then finish of the last Deimos with whomever 
    you want.
    After the usual cutscene, talk with Maru and tell him you're going back 
    to Yewbell. He joins you. Now, go and talk with every soldier around; 
    then you may leave.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You know where to go. However, you'll have to go across Garagne Hills to 
    get there -_-
    Just watch the cutscenes. Some interesting things take place.
    Paulette will cry her ass out, longing for her dead father. Afterward, 
    you'll be asked to save. Do so.
                             ---- DARC: AWAKENING ----
    Watch the long introductory cutscene.
    After it, you'll be in control of Darc. Save if you wish to do so, and 
    then go up the stairs. There is nothing worth seeing up here, so just 
    exit the house. Outside, run down the path until you're asked if you want 
    to go outside. Agree.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You will have to go to Orcoth. You will have, however, to run through 
    Sabnak Fortress before being able to go there.
    Laughrooms(20-25 HP)
    Laughrooms and other monster inhabit here. The Laughrooms are incredibly 
    weak monsters that can be killed in two of Darc's attack, so you should 
    not worry much about them. Most enemies here are quite weak, anyways, but 
    if you find yourself on a tight situation, don't be too scared to use 
    Darc's magic.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Now, move on to the church ruins.
    Run forward and up the steps there, toward the area where Windalf, your 
    father, was buried. Examine the stones there(they serve as a tomb). To 
    the left of the tomb there is a huge, dirt patch on the grass, which was 
    probably a nest. To the right of the tomb you'll find an open, raised 
    area, that overlooks the pearl-blue sea. Nothing else to do here, so just 
    go out the ruins and move on to Orcoth.
    Run across the linear path until you reach the area's plaza, where a pink 
    girl(who I guess should be a goddamn hottie to Deimos) "greets" you. Chat 
    with her.
    After the little talk, you are free to explore town. Near to you there is 
    a Quorup(almost-hidden in a corner), who'll heal you for 10 G. To the 
    right of the healer, there is a huge doorway; go through it and, in the 
    next area, bear through the cutscene. After it, talk with Densimo if you 
    please. There is a save beacon up there, at Densimo's throne room; use it 
    if you wish to do so. 
    Now that you've witnessed all of this, go back to the previous area and 
    run to the southern portion of the town, where you'll find Gorma's 
    place(his house looks like a trailer). Inside, Gorma will be talking to 
    himself. After the short discussion he has with his inner self, you're 
    free to talk with him. Do so.
    You'll be able to ask him a whole bunch of questions. Ask about 
    everything and about everybody on the list of possible selections. After 
    the interrogatory, go outside of Gorma's house and go up, past the light 
    pillar there. You should spot a shop of sorts to your left(a dilapidated 
    house), with a man with a red hat/head inside. Approach the shop and talk 
    with the "man"(a deimos), who's actually a red-hatted Quorup, the variety 
    that sells items.
    Purchase the Phoenix Blood you were asked to get, and then head toward 
    the town's exit. On your way, you'll bump with two deimos, who'll boss 
    you around, _trying_ to get the Phoenix Blood outta you. However, you 
    aren't that stupid, so, in the end, you end up being challenged into a 
    fight. You're taken to Densimo's place, where the fight will ensue.
    Zoram(67 HP)
    Zugalo(52 HP)
    It's pathetic how easy this battle is. Run up to the blue guy behind you 
    and attack him normally. Then, run away from him, just enough so you can 
    cast Wind Slasher on the bastard. If you get far enough, he won't be able 
    to get near you, as their movement-range is very tight. Cast the spell 
    twice and he'll die. With the other one, cast Wind Slasher from afar(the 
    spell's got a nice range), and when he gets near you, simply slash him 
    down. Easy as hell.
    After the cutscene, go back to Geedo's house.
    Talk with the fat, ugly, old hag to deliver the Phoenix Blood. Then, 
    you'll be given your next mission: go and look for Firbles. So, in order 
    to learn more about them, you should travel back to Orcoth.
    Talk with Gorma to learn more about where Firbles could be. Then, go 
    outside and you'll see a whole bunch of new areas have opened. Our 
    destination is Haystir Marsh, but you can go to the Varam Barrens and the 
    Tindalos Woods, too.
    Vipers(20 HP)
    Rhokes(15 or so HP)
    Big serpents called Vipers inhabit the area. They're quite strong, 
    delivering around 10-12 PTS of DMG per hit, and have great movement 
    range. You should try and take them out individually with physical 
    attacks, but if you ever find yourself weak, HP-wise, and cornered, don't 
    be afraid to use Wind Slasher. They fall prey to Darc's claw, but they're 
    strong enough to kill you, so don't get too cocky.
    There are also enemies called Rhokes here, who are far weaker.
    That'd be about it.
    Mandrakes and Funguses(enemies you find here) are very weak, doing little 
    damage and falling prey to Darc's physical strength -- two of his hits 
    and they're both down. The best way to work them out is to run up to one 
    of them, and attack him until he's dead. You're bound to be fenced by the 
    other battle members, but immediately after you kill your target, back 
    off and look for an enemy that's alone or a bit far from the fencing 
    group, kill him, move around, always looking to damage enemies while 
    forcing them to move. It should be easy.
    Move on to Haystir Marsh, now.
    Just as you enter, a Firble is seen running around! Now, you have to 
    catch him. As usual, if you run up to it, the firble will just run away, 
    so you have to creep up to him(Press O as you walk) and, when near 
    enough, press X to catch the little bastard. It should be easy, just stay 
    away from rocks, look around for the firble(it is usually camouflaged in 
    the grass, drinking water/eating plants, by the little ponds here) and 
    creep your way towards it, not stepping on rocks, only on grass. It 
    should be easy. After you catch him, a cutscene will take place. Bear 
    through it. After the first portion of it, you'll be taken to the Church 
    *tele-transports there*
    Darc finds a nice place for the Firble to rest, and Delma pops up out of 
    nowhere and has one of those chats where you can say "There is love 
    between them"... had they been, like, YEARS younger. Anyway, Delma will 
    run away to the eastern side of the ruins, so head there, up to the 
    raised overlook platform. Approach the Delma to get the rest of the 
    She says she'll keep the place secret, should you fulfill her dream of 
    flying. Being the nice guy you are(and because you're in love with that 
    damn firble), you'll grab her and give her a ride. Woo! Afterward, Delma 
    and Darc will talk a bit more, just as a Drakyr arrives and accuses you 
    of being the son of Windalf, the traitorous Drakyr...  and well, you're! 
    You're told why Windalf was considered a traitor(like if it wasn't 
    obvious...) and then you'll have to fight.
    Drakyr x 4(42 HP)
    Run up to the Drakyr nearest to you(the one you talked with) and with 
    both Delma and Darc, attack him from behind with physical attacks. Behind 
    because that way you'll be far away from the steps where the other two 
    Drakyr are(the third Drakyr, by the area's exit, shouldn't be a worry 
    now). That way, you'll be buying some time. A couple of turns and the 
    first Drakyr will be down. Afterward, tackle the two other Drakyrs, the 
    ones in the steps sharing them between Delma and Darc. Attack them with 
    physical attacks; they should go down soon, after a couple of hits. If 
    you feel they're blocking too much, or the battle is simply dragging on, 
    don't be afraid to use some magic. The last Drakyr is by the area's exit, 
    but by now he should be on you. Pick up any items left behind, and then 
    finish the monster off with magic.
    Some more cutscenes. Then, it's time to go back to Geedo's!
    Enter the house properly, where you'll find Geedo, very anxious at you 
    coming back with a firble... and because you didn't bring it with you... 
    well, you know what means o_O After the beat-up and Darc's prophetic 
    dream, save and go up. Geedo won't be around. Darc suggests going out and 
    seeing how the Firble's doing. When you go out of Geed's house, you bump 
    into Delma. Talk with her. Now, like Darc said, we must go to the church 
    ruins. Before going there, I suggest going to Orcoth, healing with 
    Quorup, buying some healing herbs, and talking with the people around. 
    There is a woman by the light pillar that'll tell you "she'll let you on 
    to something one of these days". Bah. Go to the Church Ruins.
    Run up to Windalf's tomb. A cutscene, and after it, go and check on the 
    firble. After some dialogue, a bunch of mercenaries appear and you will 
    have to fight them.
    Ludhi(50 HP)
    Rapier(64 HP)
    Shotgunners(40 HP)
    This battle is quite easy. The shotgunners here use very powerful 
    attacks(20+ PTS of DMG, and can hit you both), so cast Wind Slasher and 
    fire arrow on them to wipe them out quickly. A Wind Slasher/Fire Arrow is 
    not enough to kill them, so, cast Wind Slasher on one, Fire Arrow on the 
    other, and then, cast WS on the guy who was hit by Fire Arrow, and so 
    forth. They should fall after a bit, but not without being able to damage 
    you. Your attacking should be done from afar, given the spell's range. 
    Afterward, approach Ludhi and pummel him once or twice, and then, finish 
    him off with Wind Slasher. Rapier is far too easy to handle now that he's 
    outnumbered, so take your sweet time to pick items and then finish him 
    off with either magic or attacks.
    Sweet cutscene time! After them, exit the ruins and go to Orcoth(you 
    might want to save at Geedo's)
    Head toward Densimo's room. At the entrance of such area, you'll find two 
    deimos you probably know. Talk with them and they'll let you go inside. 
    Afterward, go up into Densimo's throne and talk with him. After much 
    persuasion, he'll agree to join you if you agree to slaughter the humans 
    at Zedora Abyss. Now, before heading out of Orcoth, go toward the light 
    pillar at the plaza and talk with the pink-purple woman there, who'll 
    tell you Densimo is one of the five orcothian wonders. Ask her about them 
    and when asked if you want to continue, say yes. After she finishes, 
    she'll ask you about how many words were in what she had spoken so far. 
    Say "Between 600 and 800" and earn 10 Healing Herbs. Now, heal with 
    Quorup, buy some Spirit Stones if needed, and then go out.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You could go to the church ruins for a short cutscene, but it's not 
    really necessary. Simply make your way to Zedora Abyss, which is south of 
    Haystir Marsh(you might have to fight on your way there)
    You will hear some peculiar sounds on the area... like if somebody was 
    mining the place. Trot across the path until you're stopped and Densimo 
    and Delma come "out of you" and start blabbering around. Darc analyzes 
    the situation and points out the fact humans work systematically, giving 
    each other roles and areas to patrol, thus increasing effectiveness and 
    ensuring maximum protection... Darc also says it's recommendable to 
    create a similar strategy, but the barbaric deimos you're with say "no" 
    and you're taken into the battlefield almost immediately.
    Spear Hunters x 2 (44 HP)
    Cathena Soldiers(32-35 HP)
    This battle is quite easy. There are two spearmen and three cathenian 
    shotgunners. The spearmen do a lot of damage with their special 
    skills(40+), and the cathenian soldiers can attack from afar with their 
    shotguns, each hit taking out 20+ PTS of your HP bar. The two spearmen 
    are very near to your starting point, so better engage them first. Darc 
    is a bit to far away, so have him walk a bit forward, and let him there. 
    Meanwhile, have both Densimo and Delma cast Flaming Arrow on a spearman 
    to kill him. 
    Afterward, have Darc run up to the shotgunners and take out one with Wind 
    Slasher(from afar). Move Delma and Densimo around and kill the other 
    spearman by casting Flaming Arrow with both of the deimos. There'll be 
    only two more enemies for you to beat. You can deal with them with 
    Flaming Arrow(two hits will kill them), or Wind Slasher; I wouldn't 
    suggest physical attacks, it's better to kill them soon. Be sure you look 
    for a chance to pick up the items left behind/destroy the crates 
    around(for items), and then finish the last enemy.
    After the battle, Densimo offers Darc the chance to join him AND get his 
    cut of the land he'll conquer. Woah! Whatever. Go towards the exit, 
    endure through the dialogue, then exit the area. Afterward, go toward 
    Watch the cutscene you're greeted with, heal at the Quorup, buy some 
    items... you know, the usual drill. Then, go outside and head toward 
    Varam Barrens.
    You arrive and see Geedo being hanged at a tree branch. Woah! Watch the 
    rest of the cutscene, and prepare for a battle.
    Wyvern x 4(48 HP)
    This is an easy battle. Have Darc and Delma run up to the area's 
    flanks(Delma left, Darc right) and Densimo follow one of them(preferably 
    Darc). The Wyverns will slither toward you, slowly, but surely. Delma's 
    side is the emptiest, so have her handle her Wyvern calmly, with physical 
    attacks. These guys fall down after three hits, but they can do 
    considerable damage with their fangs(20+ PTS of DMG a hit). 
    Meanwhile, Darc is bound to be attacked by two or three Wyvern around the 
    place, so have him and Densimo move around the monsters, trying to hit 
    them from behind and forcing them to move and waste time. Spread your 
    attack between both men, hitting the monsters and moving around, so 
    you're never cornered and "hitable" by two monsters at the same time. 
    Magic shouldn't be a worry here. If Delma's done with her guy, have her 
    run up to you and lend you a hand in the battle. 
    Be sure you pick up the items left behind, and break the trees here if 
    possible to get some more items.
    After the fight, you get your ass kicked, Darc his wings ripped away, 
    Delma raped... oh, wait, no. Anyhow, after you wake up,  leave the area. 
    It's your (obvious) job to go to the church ruins and check out on the 
    Drakyr, but first go to Orcoth and heal up. Save at Densimo's place, too, 
    and then go to the church ruins.
    Run up to Windalf's tomb, where you will find Geedo as well as the 
    Drakyr. Geedo admits she sold you up for the money, and then Densimo 
    appears out of nowhere and reveals the fact he too betrayed you! DIRTY 
    BASTARD! He also ate the firble! You'll be thrown away and you will 
    realize that when father told you to protect the deimos, those animals, 
    he was high on something... you will curse them, and then the battle will 
    Densimo(200~ HP)
    Geedo(120 HP)
    Drakyr x 2(54-61 HP)
    Densimo, Geedo and two Drakyr... Christ! You will have the breastplate 
    and the sword the humans left behind, so you'll also get some physical 
    skills. Start off by going up the stairs, just one or two steps, enough 
    so you're able to attack Densimo with Wind Slasher. After you hit him 
    once with him, soup up any attacks you have to. Densimo will probably run 
    toward you, so after you get your turn, back off a bit, and then attack 
    him with a physical attack. Do this once or twice more, until you're 
    almost at the base of the stairs. That way, the other three guys(Geedo 
    and the Drakyr) won't even consider attacking you; they'll just stay 
    there, and you'll have Densimo with you.
    So it'll be a fight between Densimo and you. Attack him physically, but 
    use an occasional Wind Slasher or even a Claws of Rage, which is very 
    powerful. You should not heal throughout your one-on-one fight with him; 
    simply keep pummeling him. Don't be afraid to use your spells; that way, 
    that yellow pig will fall down soon. He does considerable damage, but if 
    you arrived at the fight at full-health, it's nothing to worry about. 
    After he's down, pick the items he leaves behind and use Cure on 
    yourself. By now, the Drakyr will start moving toward where you are.
    The Drakyr still use their wind spells and physical attacks, but they're 
    not that strong. However, they're quite resistant to Wind Slasher and 
    Claws of Rage, so don't use them. Now, I recommend you to stay by the 
    stairs area, on the top step, so the Drakyr are not able to go down them. 
    The Drakyr will have to, sooner or later, put themselves in front of you, 
    and because the portion of the battlefield you're on is so thin, they'll 
    have to arrange themselves so they'll be side by side. Then, accommodate 
    yourself until you're shown you can hit them both with a sword slash. 
    Indeed! Hack at them like this, and soup up the hits. Don't worry, 
    they're not too damaging anymore. After some attacks, they'll both go 
    down(at the same time if you've been hitting the two of 'em with each 
    hit, like I told you). Pick whatever they've left behind, and heal.
    Geedo is far too easy. She'll now walk toward you. If you have some 
    spirit stones left, cast Wind Slasher on her. However, be sure you move 
    enough so she won't be able to get past the path between the walls here. 
    That way, if you don't have anymore spirit stones her, she'll be stuck 
    there. Should you have only physical attacks left, simply run up to the 
    b*itch and start attacking her physically, absorbing the weak damage she 
    does to you. It'll be a "I attack you, you attack me" game, but you have 
    the upper hand, due your strength and overall coolness/toughness. Each 
    hit of hers does like 8 PTS of DMG; nothing. So, just attack and attack 
    and you'll win.
    Watch how Darc goes batty. Then, save.
                          ---- KHARG: SETTING OUT ----
    Watch the introductory cutscene. After it, talk with your mother, and go 
    down the stairs nearby(you're at the castle ruins, by the way). At the 
    bottom, you'll bump into Maru and Paulette. Afterward, you'll have to go 
    to your mother's(and yours!) house. 
    In there, head into your mother's bedroom and talk with her there. Watch 
    the subsequent cutscenes, and then go out of your house. You can talk 
    with the townsfolk, but that's not our worry now. Head toward Banjo's 
    refinery and talk with Paulette there, who tells you Banjo's got an 
    assignment for you to do. Head into the refinery and chat with Banjo. 
    He'll tell you he wants you to check out on a friend of his at Plumb 
    Canyon. Agree to do so and leave Yewbell. Make your way to Plumb 
    Canyon(if you want to take Maru with you, talk with him by the tavern. 
    He'll tell you Duncan has a job for you to do, but ignore it for now)
    Run down and approach the man by the ramp. Talk with him to get the 
    lowdown on the situation. A bunch of Dancing Shells(snails) have invaded 
    the area, and is your job to clean the place up. Run into the 
    Dancing Shells x ?(27-29 HP)
    There are a lot of Dancing Shells here, and is your job to clear them 
    out. The barrels here are explosive, and after a hit or two they'll blow 
    up. The explosion will kill any Shell nearby, but it'll also damage you 
    if you're too near. Have Maru shoot them from afar(be sure the other two 
    characters aren't near), while the others tackle the snails on the right. 
    The idea is to go snail-killing in clockwise direction. Maru will be 
    ultra-good in this battle. The snails don't have a lot of space to move 
    around, so they'll often be near each other, giving our jungle prince the 
    chance to shoot down two snails in just one hit. Kharg and Paulette 
    should also use physical attacks, especially from behind, if possible, as 
    those hurt the most. Paulette should not hesitate to heal if the 
    situation arises, and if you're ever poisoned, be sure to use an 
    Antitoxic Nut, because the poison will wear you down. If you followed my 
    advice and went through the right-hand path, a bunch of snails will come 
    from behind soon enough. Have Maru deal with them, along with Paulette, 
    while Kharg kills the ones at the bottom, using his skills if 
    outnumbered. This shouldn't be too hard.
    After the battle, you're told it was oil what attracted the Dancing 
    Shells. Approach the machine butch was checking out(the big, blue, 
    cylindrical one) and examine the handle yourself. Tighten it. Your job 
    here is done, for now at least. Go back to Yewbell.
    Heal at the tavern's nurse, save, and talk with Duncan. You're introduced 
    to a woman who was just robbed at Scrappe Plateau. Your job is to recover 
    whatever she got stolen out of herself. So, please, leave Yewbell and 
    move up to the Scrappe Plateau.
    The gang of the thieves is here, as expected. And guess what? Yes...
    Pugnacious x 3(43-47 HP)
    Bandit(54 HP)
    Just at the start of the battle, you will have the chance to(with Maru) 
    shoot down two enemies at the same time. Do so; be sure to do it from a 
    considerable distance. Have Kharg run up to the Bandit leader and attack 
    him with Fang Breaker blade. Paulette should stay behind, for now at 
    Have Maru stay away from the main fray, sniping from a distance, and if 
    given the chance, attacking two enemies with one arrow(this will be quite 
    common throughout the battle). If an enemy runs up to Paulette, have her 
    circle him and whip him from behind; it's the best way to attack with the 
    woman, as her back-attacks do quite a bit of damage. Meanwhile, Kharg 
    should finish up the bandit leader with another Fang-Breaker blade, plus 
    a normal attack(perhaps two might be needed). If anybody is near, have 
    them lend Kharg a hand. After the leader is down, run around the field 
    and get behind the henchmen and hack them from there, to increase the 
    damage done. Maru should continue his sniping. Not too hard.
    After the fight, you'll be handed over the bracelet that was stolen. Soup 
    up the cutscene that follows, and run back to Yewbell.
    Go into the tavern, heal, save, and talk with the woman by Duncan's. 
    Enjoy the end of the cute scene(got it? cute-scene... mwahahahaha! O_O) 
    Afterward, run up to the tavern's second floor and into the room there. 
    Talk with the man inside and he'll tell you he's looking for a pot. Agree 
    to help him. Now, I suggest you to stock up on spirit stones(you're 
    probably a bit low on 'em) and then leaving. Go to "The Edge of a Sea of 
    The only information you have about what you're looking for is that it is 
    buried underneath a stone. Run down the grassy road until you can go 
    further, and then turn right(your right) towards a dead end with a big 
    rock, and a smaller rock, covered in moss. Examine the moss-covered rock 
    and you'll be told it looks like something is buried underneath it. Check 
    it out, and, tah-dah!, it's the pot we've been looking for. However, 
    don't expect to leave without a fight.
    Suskle Squirrels x ?)27 HP)
    Kuskles(36-40 HP)
    There'll be a huge bunch of Suskle Squirrels and Kuskles, so expect this 
    battle to drag on for a bit. Engage the three Squirrels next to you. Hack 
    away at them with your three characters; they should go down shortly 
    afterward. It doesn't matter if you're all too near each other. Not for 
    now, at least.
    The Squirrels were easy enough, but the Kuskles are far stronger, doing 
    almost 26+ PTS of DMG a-hit. When the only them Kuskles are left, spread 
    your attack. Have Kharg take the bottom portion of the group, Paulette 
    the top part, and Maru stay back and shoot from afar these guys. There 
    are two squirrels on the upper part of the field that start together and 
    near each other, making them easy prey to Paulette's whip, which can hit 
    them both in one hit. Have Paulette and Maru stay mobile, always being at 
    a prudent distance from the enemy and looking for good vantage points to 
    hit the enemies from.
    Kharg shouldn't have too much of a problem dealing with the Kuskles, as 
    he can absorb great damage, but if he finds himself cornered and 
    outnumbered, don't be afraid to kill the Kuskle with Fang-Breaker blade. 
    This also applies to other characters, especially Maru. If you find that 
    one of your allies is in a great predicament, have the jungle boy cast 
    Venom Arrow to lend a nice hand. Paulette shouldn't be hesitant to use 
    her healing spells, to ensure everybody makes it through the battle.
    Leave and go back to Yewbell.
    As usual, save/heal at the tavern, and meet the guy who gave you the 
    mission at the building's only enter-able room. After a long chat with 
    him, you'll have the Stone Holder in your possession. After this, you 
    might want to spend some serious dough on weapons part, or to explore the 
    town and have a nice time talking with people. If you decide not to, talk 
    with Zev at the tavern and let yourself be informed about the latest 
    airship-crashes that have been taking place. Once the talking ends, you 
    will have as a mission this: go to Dragon Bone Valley. You heard me.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Dragon Bone Valley is up north, and to get there, you'll have to cross 
    the Scrappe Plateau, Isluo Forest and the Punoir Ravine, all of them 
    Notes: I don't have any of information on them.
    Wolves and birds inhabit the area. The birds are very weak, strength-
    wise, doing almost no damage with their weak attacks(5 PTS of DMG). The 
    wolves do more damage, around 15, so better be careful with them. Both of 
    them, however, have decent defense. The come in big packs, so they'll 
    probably have to mush up together in order to attack, giving Maru and 
    Paulette the chance to attack various enemies at the same time, without 
    problems. Physical attacks should be enough to kill the monsters here, 
    but if you want to speed up things, use Venom Arrow, as it hits various 
    enemies at once, especially on the wolves, which have more HP than the 
    birds, but are weaker on the defense area. Overall, your pass through the 
    Plateau shouldn't be too complicated. 
    Dandelions(40-45 HP)
    Slimes(30?? HP)
    Dandelions and Slimes roam the place. The Slimes are quite weak and have 
    trouble moving around, and the Dandelions aren't much better. They have 
    decent HP, enough to maintain themselves complete after two hits, 
    perhaps, but with well-spread attacks, they're going to be killed before 
    even moving. Their attacks do what's by now standard damage, so it's 
    nothing to worry about. They, however, seem to be pretty evasive to 
    attacks, especially Maru's and Paulette's. As usual, be sure to look for 
    openings for Maru to use on multiple-hitting attacks, but don't rely on 
    them too much, because they will miss quite a lot. Kharg is bound to be 
    your main attacker, and he's strong, so it ain't a problem. Nothing too 
    bad here.
    Slothians(70-80 HP)
    Slothians own the area. They are strong, have a lot of HP, a high 
    counterattack rate, and high evasion... they're not as easy as everything 
    you've faced so far, but not too hard, anyways. They come in different 
    packs, and in all of them you can usually find a place or two where you 
    can hit various Slothians in just one hit. They like to evade/block this 
    kind of attack, but it's still good. Kharg should use his attacking 
    skills, as well as Maru and Paulette, if she's learned one. You gotta 
    kill this guys soon, and no better way to do so than with skills.
    --WORLD MAP--
    I suggest learning some new skills with Paulette and Kharg, namely, Sling 
    Knife and Power Shot, and perhaps Maru's Story Time. Afterward, heal up 
    and move on to Dragon Bone Valley.
    From afar, a girl can be seen on laying on the floor, dead, or perhaps 
    unconscious. Run up to her and "talk" with the woman to earn a cutscene. 
    She reveals she was going to Cathena on this, the Big Owl, her ship, when 
    she was shot down by a Dilzweldian ship. Just as you learn this, deimos 
    arrive. Time to battle!
    Drakyr x 6(47-61 HP)
    Your job here, unlike In other battles, is to protect Lilia from the 
    deimos, not to slaughter them. She'll move around the field, though, and 
    battle, but she only does so when the area is clear. In other words, 
    she's not a nuisance.
    There are six deimos for you to deal with. Three of them are near you, on 
    the left hand side, two more further down, a bit to the right, and the 
    last one on the very bottom, on the right hand side. Firstly, aim your 
    attacks at the group on the left hand side(the one nearest to you). Use 
    Sling Knife, Fang Breaker Blade and Venom Arrow on them, spreading your 
    attacks between the deimos. Don't overuse the skills, though. If you can 
    finish a monster with a physical attack, do so, but be sure you start off 
    with magic skills.
    After the first group is down, or almost down(just enough for one 
    character to deal with it), run up to the second group, the one made out 
    of two Drakyr. I suggest giving Maru this job. Have him use Venom Arrow 
    on the deimos there and then attack them with his arrows, while Paulette 
    joins him and uses some more physical attacks. After a drakyr goes down, 
    spread the attacking of the last two monsters between Paulette and Maru. 
    Paulette should use Sling Knife, Maru Venom Arrow, to finish the battle 
    as soon as possible. Meanwhile, have Kharg pick up any items left behind, 
    and add up some physical strength to your attacking.
    This shouldn't be hard.
    After the fight, head toward Yewbell. On your way, you'll stop at Isluo 
    Forest, though.
    After you regain control, run across the bridge. At the other side, a 
    cutscene will take place. This big, fat guy will come out of nowhere and 
    blabber about the forest being injured and what-have-you. Afterward, some 
    more dialogue will take place. As it flows, Dilzweldian soldiers appear 
    and shoot Lilia's legs so she can't move. Cowards! We now have to fight 
    Attack Dogs(41-44 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(44-52 HP)
    Riflmen(43-51 HP)
    Commander(55 HP)
    Your job here is also a bit different. You don't need to simply kill them 
    all, but to distract the soldiers while Ganz(the big buy), runs up to the 
    bridge's posts and destroys them. There are a lot of enemies to kill: a 
    small group of two guys on to the south of your starting point, another 
    semi-big group up north, and a third group is on the bridge area. It's 
    imperative that you divide your attacks for this battle.
    Have Maru run down and use Venom Arrow on the guys over there. Have Kharg 
    and Paulette run up, and make Ganz joun Maru. The guys by the bridge 
    won't be attacking right now, so don't worry too much about them right.
    Use Venom Arrow on the bottom group, while Ganz uses physical hits. Venom 
    Arrow is bound to hit both of the enemies here, and damage them enough so 
    a following attack will be enough to kill them. So, basically, after a 
    Venom Arrow and two of Ganz's attack, the monsters over there will be 
    done for. Once they're, turn right with the group(Maru and Ganz) and head 
    toward the bridge group. However, don't attack the guys there. Stay 
    put(don't get too near)
    Paulette and Kharg should use their skills on their group: have Kharg 
    attack the dogs that move around together, while Paulette deals with the 
    guard, plus his dog, effectively dividing the attack. Kharg's physical 
    strength is enough to kill these dogs, but Paulette should rely on her 
    Sling Knife to kill the guard first, and then use her physical 
    strength(and Kharg's, if possible) to finish the dog off. After 
    Paulette's job is done, have her join Kharg and pull off some multi-
    hitting attacks.
    After Paulette's and Khargh's job is done, have them run towards the 
    bridge group. Have them both attack the soldiers and lure them away from 
    the bridge, serving as a distraction, while Maru infiltrates through the 
    space given to him and starts sniping the bridgepost. Ganz should make 
    his way toward the post, too, along with Maru, and slice it down. Ganz's 
    bestial axe should be enough to cut down the bridge.
    Afterward, you just need to kill the soldiers that were left. Don't be 
    afraid to use skills on them, but physical strength should be more than 
    enough, especially now that you have Ganz. If you moved strategically, 
    this battle shouldn't be too hard.
    Watch the cutscenes. Then, run up, into Ganz's shack, and talk with him. 
    More cutscenes follow. If you want to hear Ganz's story, say so to him. 
    After the chatting, head out of the shack and run to the bottom of the 
    screen(south of the shack) to exit the place.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Yeah, your destination is Yewbell, but even if you decide to go there, 
    you'll forcefully make a pitstop at the Scrappe Plateau.
    Watch the cutscenes. And then, prepare for a battle.
    Attack dog x 2(41 HP)
    Riflmen(47 HP)
    Commander(59 HP)
    The frontlines are occupied by two attack dogs, while the back-lines are 
    conformed by soldiers.
    There are two dogs protecting the front lines, so spread your attack. 
    Paulette and Maru are the weakest of your group, so have them both tackle 
    the leftmost dog, while Kharg runs up to the rightmost one. Start off by 
    attacking the dogs with a skill(Sling Knife, Venom Arrow, FB Blade...) 
    and then finishing it off with a standard physical attack(or attacks, in 
    Paulette's/Maru's case) 
    After both doggies are dead, move toward the back-lines first portion(the 
    attacking line, if this were a football game ;)) Have Maru and Paulette 
    use skills on separate soldiers, as well as Kharg while he attacks by the 
    right hand side. Sling Knife, Power Shot and Venom Arrow are all attacks 
    strong enough to kill a soldier in one hit. Power Shot(a skill of Kharg) 
    is more than enough for a one-hit KO, but the other two may fail 
    sometimes. Fortunately, in that case, you'll have another character to 
    finish the job, because, as you know, Sling Knife/Venom Arrow are 
    Paulette's and Maru's, and they're attacking together.
    After the attacking line is done for, run up to the last line of 
    soldiers. Have Kharg tackle the boss(the one with a slightly different 
    uniform) with Power Shot, while Maru and Paulette use their 
    skills/physical attacks on the soldiers that are left(probably just one). 
    It should be very easy to kill the boss after he's hurt with Power Shot, 
    as that is an overly powerful skill.
    Not too hard of a fight, eh?
    Cutscene time! Bear through them until you take control back. Then, exit 
    the Plateau and go to Yewbell.
    Watch the scenes that greet you once you arrive here, and then, save/heal 
    at the tavern. Afterward, it'll be your job to go and report to Lady 
    Nafia. You probably have a lot of money right now, though, so it'd be a 
    wise idea to spend some of it in new weapons part. Afterward, head toward 
    your house. Inside, talk with your mom. Enjoy the cutscene.
    Once you take control, it'll be nighttime. Lilia is nowhere to be found, 
    and you must look for her. Leave your room, your house, and run toward 
    the castle ruins. In there, another cutscene will ensue. After it, run 
    across the path and toward where Lilia is. Once you approach her, some 
    dialogue will start between Kharg and our mysterious girl. Then, go back 
    to your house and talk with mom there.
    Next morning, exit your room and talk with Lilia and Lady Nafia. 
    Afterward, approach your house's exit and talk with Maru and Paulette 
    there. They suggest going out and fixing the Big Owl, as it'd be the only 
    way to fly to Cathena. But, who'll help you with this?  The answer is at 
    the tavern. Go inside it and talk with Zev by the bar.
    Ask him how to repair an airship, then ask him about Control Parts. He 
    says he saw a rotting airship at Scrappe Plateau that, even though 
    useless as a flying object, might have some control parts that can be 
    used. So, get your gears ready and exit town and run through the field 
    and into Scrappe Plateau.
    Approach the control panel nearby. This is what you need to manipulate in 
    order to get near the airship that needs to be looted. However, the panel 
    needs a battery to work with, and you don't have one. However, we know 
    exactly where to find one. Go to Plumb Canyon.
    Run toward the structure oil was leaking from and examine the big, orange 
    battery nearby. Take the battery with you and return back to Scrappe.
    Check out the slot next to the panel and insert the battery there. Then, 
    examine the panel and throw the lever there. Afterward, run to the left 
    and pick up the shiny, control parts that were (conveniently) put in 
    there. Now that you have them, go back to Yewbell.
    Head to your house and check out on how Lilia's doing. After the short 
    cutscene, leave Yewbell and run northward, toward Dragon Bone Valley. You 
    will, however, make an automatic pitstop at Isluo Forest.
    Run inside Ganz's shack to learn he ain't there. Then, approach the 
    bridge(south from Ganz's house, along the right-hand side of the field) 
    and it'll be fixed. Run across it and exit the area through the other 
    side. Now, please, advance to Dragon Bone Valley.
    Watch the introductory cutscene. Then, run forward, across the path, 
    toward the crashed ship. Talk with Ganz there. A short dialogue ensues 
    and then you'll be inside the Big Owl. Save and talk with your partners, 
    especially Ganz, to trigger a short dialogue. You'll be told your mom is 
    coming, so you better head off the ship and greet her. To exit the ship, 
    use the door on the eastern wall, up the steps; the one up north leads to 
    a resting area, where you can fully-heal yourself. Anyway, exit, and 
    watch the cutscenes. Back inside, talk with Ganz, who'll tell you he's 
    finished with the fixing he had been doing.
    The auto-pilot control panel will come to life, so run up to it and 
    examine it. Input your destination(Aldrow) and watch how the ship takes 
    off. You'll take control back of Kharg while inside the ship. Talk with 
    Lilia and she'll explain you how she got the light stone(something about 
    her village and that clichéd stuff)
    It seems it'll be a peaceful ride... you're flying around, without 
    problems, until a Dilzwldian(who else?) ship pops out of nowhere and guns 
    the hell out of you. You'll wake up later, inside your ship, just to 
    realize Lilia's gone. Rest at the ship's resting area, save, and then 
    Walk a few steps forward and the party will have a short dialogue. Just 
    then, a group of Orcons pop out of nowhere, and you'll be forced to fight 
    Orcon x 4(77-82 HP)
    There are two groups of Orcon. One of them is alone(first group), while 
    the other is made out of three deimos. Have Maru stay  back, while Ganz 
    and Kharg run to the biggest group, and Paulette runs toward the lone 
    Deimos. They'll probably spread and disengage their lines, but it's 
    nothing to worry about. They won't have too much of a chance to move 
    around, so it's good to attack a group from three sides: from far away, 
    with Venom Arrow, and from both flanks, with Paulette and Kharg who 
    should use their hard-hitting skills and physical strength afterward. 
    Ganz should run along the path, toward the deimos farther away, slicing 
    them down with his bestial axe. Once you have dispatched two deimos, have 
    Maru run up to the attacking lines and join Ganz in his attacked. The 
    last Deimos should be attacked form both behind and from the front side, 
    spreading your attack in two groups. 
    An easy battle.
    Heal at the Big Owl and then go back outside. Head toward the 
    southwestern portion of the area and run along the long path there until 
    you reach a bifurcation. You can go down, or take a right. Take a right 
    and follow the sinuous path until you reach another bifurcation, where 
    you can veer north or continue right. Continue right and into the next 
    Here, continue right along the bottom side of the tree-branch platform, 
    and then through the thin path that twists south and into another tree-
    branch platform. Run down this path until you hit another split-up, where 
    you can go right or left. Take a left and run along the platform there 
    and into another split-up, this one going north and south. Take the 
    northern road.
    In the next screen, a bunch of insects will be waiting for you. Time to 
    Armored Insects--"Beetle"-- x 3(79-87 HP) 
    Put all of your characters into the battle, don't leave anyone sitting 
    There are three, well-spread beetles, or Armored Insects, like the game 
    likes to call them. One is to the far right, two are on the upper side of 
    the battlefield, properly separated. Have Kharg head toward the beetle to 
    the right, the loner, and cast Power Shot upon him. Move Maru and Ganz 
    toward the upper group, but concentrate their attacks on the leftmost 
    beetle, while Paulette approaches the beetle to the right and uses up 
    Sling Knife on it, from afar.
    These guys have poor mobility, and even if you moved to your character's 
    range limit at the start, they probably will be unable to catch you up. 
    Kharg, who's against the lone beetle, will probably have a one-on-one 
    battle with the monster, although it should be pointed that the beetle 
    may go toward Paulette, if she's especially near(she should, given the 
    fact the beetle she's attacking is a bit near you), and, along with the 
    other beetle, fence her away. So, if you see Kharg's beetle running 
    toward petite Paulette, have him get into the monsters backside and slash 
    him with Fang Breaker Blade. Paulette should also attack that one, to 
    finish it off, and prevent her from getting fenced. It is very resistant 
    to physical hits, so better use Sling Knife to finish it off.
    The last beetle will come in for the kill, so make Paulette turn and face 
    it. Attack it with Sling Knife, while Kharg runs up behind it and uses up 
    Power Shot on it, from a considerable distance, if it hasn't been killed 
    by Paulette yet. Meanwhile, Ganz and Maru should use a skill or two on 
    their beetle, to finish it off with their physical attacks. Once they're 
    done, leave them there, and have Kharg and Paulette kill their respective 
    beetle. This battle can drag on for a bit(the beetles have a lot of 
    defense), and be sure to heal if necessary, because these guys can do up 
    to 50+ PTS of DMG if they want to.
    Now that the battle is over, run to the top-left side of the screen and 
    trot through the path there to get back to the airship area. Heal there, 
    and go back to where the beetles where. Head to the right-hand side of 
    such area and look for a path in there. Follow it and go up when 
    possible. At the top, head left and you'll be back at the airship area... 
    trust me, this is how it works(at least how it worked to me). Exit 
    through the southwestern side of the crash site, and continue south until 
    you reach a screen where you're ambushed by soldiers.
    Foot Soldiers(60 HP)
    Riflemen(54 HP)
    The soldiers are well-spread around the field, in three groups, all of 
    them of two. A group is to the right of your starting battle point, while 
    two more groups are south from where you start. The two groups on the 
    bottom side are spread like this: a group on the far left side, along the 
    road that goes back to the crash site, another a bit to the right, in the 
    middle of the battle platform.
    Have Ganz and Paulette run toward the bottom-left group, while Kharg runs 
    toward the top-right group. Maru should follow Kharg, but not too 
    closely. Have him stay between Kharg's group and the group right down the 
    middle, so he's able to snipe them both with his bow. Why? Because both 
    groups will slither toward you, and because they're so mushed up 
    together, you'll find chances to hit them with Venom Arrow and damage 
    various targets. Because Maru is in such a privileged point, he can use 
    Venom Arrow on whatever group he pleases, given the circumstances.
    Meanwhile, have Kharg serve as Maru's bodyguard. Have him constantly move 
    around and whenever somebody is getting a bit too near, let go of a Power 
    Shot/Fang Breaker Blade. However, Maru should be Kharg's bodyguard, too. 
    If he's getting fenced up, have Maru cast Venom Arrow on the offenders. 
    This attack is strong enough to leave them weak enough for you to kill 
    them in a subsequent physical hit, so, basically, Kharg and Maru will be 
    having a goddamn party up there, killing and killing without much 
    trouble. Whomever runs toward you, deal with them in the same fashion, or 
    better, if it is only one soldier, or two, take your sweet time and don't 
    use up too many spirit stones. However, keep in mind that these guys have 
    a nice defense, and do a lot of damage(30+ a hit), so don't get too 
    Ganz's /Paulette's side is probably the weakest, as not many enemies will 
    move toward there, and their group is quite weak. Have Paulette use her 
    Sling Knife skill, but sparingly, while Ganz axes down his foes with 
    physical hits, as they're strong enough. If somebody else moves toward 
    that group, deal with them accordingly.
    Easy spaghetti.
    I suggest going back to the Big Owl to heal. Afterward, go outside and 
    take the path to the right of the crash site. Continue right, right and 
    more right, following the path until you hit a screen where a bunch of 
    soldiers ambush you.
    Foot Soldiers(60 HP)
    Riflemen(54 HP)
    Commander(68 HP)
    You'll start very near to your enemies: there'll be an attacking line, 
    made out of four, in front of you, with a soldier on the back, serving as 
    some kind of overlooker. Move a group of two toward the upper side of the 
    attacking line(two soldiers), and another group toward the bottom 
    line(two soldiers). I recommend sending Kharg and Ganz to the bottom 
    side, and Paulette and Maru to the upper side. However, be sure Ganz is 
    considerably near the top group, as those might be attacked by the 
    "overlooker". So, have Kharg deal with the soldier at the very bottom(a 
    general), with Whirlwind Crusher(if you've learned it) and then, Fang 
    Breaker blade. Ganz should use his Rolling Axe on his soldier. Meanwhile, 
    do your best to waste a soldier up there with Maru and Paulette, because 
    it's probable the overlooker will start attacking them, so if there is a 
    soldier less, it'll be a less bothersome annoyance. Once Kharg's done 
    with the general, pick up the items left behind, and make Ganz run up. 
    Have Kharg attack the guy Ganz was dealing with, and team up with 
    Paulette/Maru/Ganz afterward to finish the last group. A simple fight.
    Watch the cutscenes, and enter Samson, the double-barreled, gun slinging, 
    hairy-chested, clad in blue, leader of the Moon Stone Gangs of Thieves. 
    Oh yeah!
    --WORLD MAP--
    You have to go to Wilbur Shore right now. You can, however, go to 
    Crossell Springs, too, but right now there is nothing there, so better go 
    to Wilbur's.
    Run across the path, towards the raised bridge, and talk with the man by 
    it. He'll ask for a password, but he's just joking, so you may as well 
    say "I have a squirrel trapped in my ass"... oh, wait, that's not an 
    option. Whatever you answer, the bridge will be lowered and you'll be 
    able to cross through it. Inside the ship, the "Fiona", go down the 
    stairs. Below, save up, and talk with Samson. After the cutscene, exit 
    the Fiona and then go out of Wilbur Shore. Outside, head to Cathena.
    Run along the road, heading west, talking with people as you go, as they 
    all have something interesting to say. You'll eventually reach a place 
    with two stores, one for items, one for weapons parts. If you have enough 
    money, stock up on what you think it's best for you. The Parts here are 
    not much better than Yewbell's, but the Accessories are much more varied. 
    Further to the left you'll find Hela, along the rail that overlooks the 
    water, who'll heal you for 40 G.
    You can go south at the plaza(further to the left of Hela) and into the 
    place's beach. Head toward the coast itself and talk with a girl with a 
    white shirt and a red skirt to learn she's been waiting there for a 
    friend of hers. Go back towards the plaza and head to the leftmost end of 
    it, where you'll spot a bridge over to the south, that crosses the lake 
    there, heading west, and a short flight of stairs up north. Further to 
    the south of the bridge there is another flight of stairs that goes down 
    and veers left as it goes.
    There is a guy by the lake's railing who'll ask you if you would feel if 
    your girlfriend was stronger than you. His reactions are quite 
    interesting, so spend a second or two talking to him. Should you cross 
    the bridge, you'll reach the Battle Arena, where a battle will be taking 
    place. You can sign up on the counter nearby, if you want to, but let's 
    not do that now. The path further to the south of the bridge leads 
    outside, so get your gears ready and trot upwards and up the steps over 
    there. Talk with the soldier blocking the way and he'll let you pass.
    Inside, there is a save point nearby. Head to the left and go up the 
    elevator you come across. It'll take you to the building's roof. There, 
    you can talk with a bunch of interesting people: a woman who spends her 
    day up here to make sure her hubby doesn't enter the arena if she's not 
    paying attention, kids(by the telescope) who trick foreign girls/boy into 
    going to the beach just to never show up and talk with them... well, a 
    nice cast of personalities. However, nothing really good is in here, so 
    better go back down. Afterward, go up the steps besides the elevator(not 
    the one to the far left) and head through the big doorway there.
    Inside, watch the  cutscene. Afterward, save.
                            ---- DARC: AMBITION ----
    Watch the introductory cutscenes.
    Exit your room afterward and explore the town. Talk with the townsfolk 
    and you'll learn they're all quite happy with you being the leader. Also, 
    if you check out the town's store, you'll learn Darc had ordered some 
    weapon parts to be put on stock. Go ahead and check out what they have, 
    which isn't much, sadly. Then, head upwards from the store and approach 
    the yellow Orcon there, protecting the entrance to the dungeon. The 
    entrance itself is right next to the Orcon, in-between the walls, with a 
    flight of stairs to be followed downward.
    Over there, Delma will be going insane. Head towards her "cell"(what a 
    lame cell that is!) and talk with the pink hottie. Not having anymore 
    else to do her at Orcoth, you may as well go out and visit some of the 
    areas we've been through before. Head towards the town's exit and talk 
    with the guy walking around it. He'll tell you he's found an egg at the 
    Church Ruins. No way! Go out and head toward that place.
    Check out the new firble egg! After the brief scene, go out and head into 
    Go into the house itself and check out the chest Geedo where Geedo hid 
    her Phoenix Blood, the only chest in the house, by the staircase that 
    leads down into Darc's former bedroom. Because that ugly, fat woman is 
    now dead, the spell that had been cast over the chest has been dispelled, 
    so you can open it up and check out its contents... well? Do so! You'll 
    acquire the Phoenix Blood, but you'll also find something else: ancient 
    writings, on a wooden table, something like a poem. Shortly afterward, a 
    spirit appears and a cutscene ensues.
    A spirit named Kirjath tells you he needs the words engraved on the table 
    in order to gain salvation -- after all, he's been cursed to eternal 
    suffering and never-ending pain. Apparently, the table you have is part 
    of a bigger story that should ease his pain and alleviate his soul. So, 
    after much pleading, you agree to look up for those tables and grant him 
    rest. You take the first table with you.
    Now, why don't you go to the Haystir Marsh? You've been told at Orcoth he 
    was there(if you've talked with people over there), so better pay him a 
    Run up to the northwestern portion of the area, past a destroyed truck, 
    to find Gorma. Talk to him and he'll tell you he's found an effective way 
    to raise Firble into Pyrons, thus getting the ability to fly.  Nothing 
    else worth hearing here, so go out and go back to Orcoth(you might want 
    to learn some new skils, like, Sword of Awakening)
    Here, run towards your throne room. As you approach its entrance, Zoram 
    pops out and warns you an incredibly strong Deimos who just showed up and 
    kicked ass, plus he also took names. He's from the Lupine kind, who's 
    come from Ragnoth, and was hunting humans on a forest further to the 
    west(Asheeda). Darc, who longs for people who are strong, so they can 
    join his cause and lead the Deimos through the right path, does not 
    hesitate when making the decision to meet such strong deimos. So, head 
    into the throne room and run up to the blue guy. Talk with him.
    Volk(100 or so HP)
    This guy seems easy, but if you distract yourself, he will kill you. He's 
    got great strength, so after three or four attacks, you're done for, 
    specially if he's cast a strengthening spell on himself. Because of this, 
    don't be afraid to use your strongest skills on him, so he goes down 
    soon: Sword of Awakening, Claws of Rage and Wind Slasher. If you finish 
    him fast, it should be easy.
    Watch the subsequent cutscenes. After them, Volk will join your party. Go 
    out of Darc's place and head toward where the dungeon's entrance is. 
    There, you'll find two deimos talking. Have a short chitchat with them 
    and then run down the stairs and into the dungeon. Approach her cell's 
    fence and talk with her. Afterward, she'll join you. Leave the dungeon 
    and head towards Orcoth's exit, where you'll find a green deimos. Talk 
    with him and ask him about the strange light he saw. He informs you he 
    saw something trailing smoke and falling into Asheeda a while ago. 
    Humans, they must be! Head out of Orcoth and head toward Asheeda. You'll 
    have to cross through a couple of places, though.
    Scorpions(36-44 HP)
    This place is riddled with Scorpions. These guys have nice defense, so 
    they'll fall after three or four physical attacks. They don't do a lot of 
    damage, though, but they are very swift, movement-wise. You can just run 
    up to them and attack them physically and soup up their weak hits, but 
    the battle will just drag on, so, if you want it to finish fast, use some 
    weak spells(that don't consume a lot of spirit stones) on them, combined 
    with your physical strength. Keep in mind that both Kharg and Volk will 
    have a very easy time hitting two of these guys at the same time, IF 
    they're close enough, of course, so use that to your advantage. Overall, 
    this place is quite easy to get through, and the enemies there give out 
    some nice EXP.
    Stone Tortoises(36 HP)
    Mandrakes(38 HP)
    Stone Tortoises and Mandrakes inhabit this place. These guys are quite 
    easy to defeat, especially the mandrakes: they have very little HP and do 
    like 3 PTS of DMG per hit. So, basically, deal with them first, with 
    physical attacks, mostly(Volk can kill them in two hits). Don't worry 
    about being damaged by them; they won't even scratch you. The Stone 
    Tortoises, however, are a different story. Even though they don't have a 
    lot of HP(Volk can finish them in one hit), they do have a lot of 
    physical strength. If you're attacked more than two times in a row by a 
    stone tortoise(or twice and finished with a mandrake whip), you're bound 
    to be left in critical status; they're that strong. So, try not to run up 
    to them and attack them with Delma or any other character, especially if 
    there are more than one of them. If you ever approach to one of them, be 
    sure to do it with Volk, who can finish them fast and is able to take the 
    damage, or with Darc, who should use a skill to kill the monster as soon 
    as possible. They're not too fierce, but can pose quite a bit of trouble.
    Foot Soldiers(56 HP)
    Riflemen(51 HP)
    Commander(64 HP)
    There are four soldiers for you to deal with. Three of them in the 
    frontlines(one of them is a general), and one in the backside. The three 
    up front are spread like this: the general in the center, two soldiers on 
    the flanks. 
    Have Darc and Delma run up to the center side of the frontline(where the 
    general is), so they're able to aim the general and the soldier on the 
    left flank. Be sure, however, that Delma and Darc are not too close to 
    each other, or else they'll both be hit in one sword-slash of the 
    general, so better be careful. I suggest killing that guy first, and 
    quick, with Sword of Awakening plus an attack of Delma's. Then, kill the 
    other soldier with Flaming Arrow and physical attacks. By now, the 
    soldier that was on the backside should be upon you, so run up to him and 
    kill him calmly, with physical attacks, from behind and all of the usual 
    jazz. Meanwhile, Volk should kill the lone soldier he was charged with, 
    something that should be extremely easy.
    After the battle, run north through the road on the left side of the 
    screen. In the next area, run northward too, so you reach the area where 
    the Big Owl crashed. There, there'll be some soldiers for you to deal 
    Foot Soldiers(56 HP)
    Riflemen(47 HP)
    Commander(64 HP)
    There are four soldiers, very close to each other, on a single, 
    horizontal line. This battle here could be a little complicated, because 
    you just went through a fight and are probably a bit weak(especially on 
    the area of spirit stones). Try to fight conservatively. Heal when 
    possible(with items, if needed), and attack only when you think you can 
    soup up a couple of hits(after all, you're bound to be hit while 
    attacking). Use physical attacks and get rid of the soldiers first -- 
    they're a lot weaker than the general, especially against physical hits, 
    so they're the best target, at first, anyways. If possible, use an skill 
    or two on the general from afar, but only if you have a nice batch of 
    spirit stones to work out with. The soldiers shouldn't be able to resist 
    more than four hits, but you're going to be damaged a lot, believe me, 
    especially because their so close together and they don't like to 
    disband. So, try to keep yourself healthy and kill everybody quickly. In 
    the end, get rid of the general. Try to do it quickly, with a skill of 
    Volk, if possible.
    After the cutscene, go to the southwestern side of the screen and run 
    down into the tree-branch platform we went across a while ago. This time 
    around, however, head to the right of it and look for a thin path over 
    there; cross it. Continue right and into the next screen. Here, run along 
    the only available road until you find some more soldiers, along with 
    Tatjana(120 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(52-56 HP)
    Riflemen(47 HP)
    Commander(59 HP)
    Before the battle, be sure to equip your characters with a lot of healing 
    items, like Healing Herbs and, AT LEAST, two Good Herbs(per character). 
    Also, let me tell you something. I've noticed(perhaps it's something of 
    the game) that if you press Square right before being hit, you're bound 
    to dodge the attack. Try to use this strategy a lot in the following 
    fight, which can be quite tough.
    There are soooooo many guys to be fought here, it's not even funny. All 
    of them surround that girl, Tatjana, who uses a lot of hard-hitting 
    attacks, such as her special skill, which does up to 70 PTS of DMG, and 
    her physical attacks, that do around 30 PTS of DMG. The soldiers have 
    their standard fare of attacks, that do 20-30 PTS of DMG. This strategy 
    is based off on a party that didn't have many spirit stones(only Volk had 
    a full batch of them) and that was severely wounded. I still managed to 
    win, think about it.
    Spread your attack, and try to stay as far away from the enemies as 
    possible. Send Darc up north, to the northwestern corner of the screen, 
    but be sure he doesn't move along the "coast" of the enemy's lines. Have 
    Delma and Volk run to the center, where Tatjana is, who should be your 
    first target. If Volk has some nice skills to share, have him use them on 
    Tatjana, while Delma attacks physically. Let the other guys attack you; 
    no prob. After a bit, you're bound to need a healing; do so with your 
    Herbs. Have Delma, then, attack any soldiers nearby(one of them should go 
    down, at least), while Volk slashes the hell out of our little blonde. 
    If you've been damaged enough, you should have your tension meter full by 
    now, with either Delma or Volk. If so, make good use of the combined 
    attack you're greeted with(when a character's tension meter is full, 
    he'll glow; have this character attack an enemy that's within an ally's 
    attacking range to unleash the special combo move): use it on Tatjana. It 
    should be more than enough to kill her. If you're not greeted with it, 
    have Delma keep attacking the soldiers nearby(not the general; be sure to 
    stay as far away from him as you can) while Volk attacks the girl. 
    Whenever given the chance, use the combo attack(it should be soon 
    enough). If Tatjana is already very weak, don't waste your combo on her 
    then, but rather on the general. Anyway, after the girl's out, pick the 
    Gorgeous ring she's left behind.
    Darc should pierce through the enemies up there, with physical attacks 
    only. Have him stay away, and let the enemies run up to him. Then, slash 
    them twice(absorbing the respective hits), and back away, letting them 
    come at you, again. Heal whenever it is needed. I should advise you that, 
    if you're with a nice amount of health, you should just stay there and 
    attack whatever soldier is near you until he dies, and then heal up. Up 
    to two soldiers should attack Darc up there, so it's not like he can't 
    deal with them.
    Afterward, just kill whatever's left behind with your physical attacks. 
    However, don't get too cocky now; heal if needed, because you could screw 
    out if you're not careful, especially if the general is still alive, 
    because he can do a lot of damage and has a lot of defense, so he won't 
    go down too fast. Try to attack him from behind, and with more than one 
    character at a time, to kill him soon and finish(hopefully) this 
    complicated fight.
    Watch the cutscenes. After them, you'll be at Crossell Springs and will 
    have to look around them for Lilia. Run north along the spring's 
    coastline until  a cutscene kicks in and you find Lilia. Once you do, 
    Delma will run up from behind and backstab you(bloody bitch). Enjoy the 
    rest of the cutscenes.
    Afterward, go back to Asheeda Forest to meet Volk. Then, go back to 
    Watch the cutscenes and approach the plaza. After the following scenes, 
    save, and go back to the plaza. In there, you'll see a cutscene involving 
    Lilia. After it, heal at the Quorup(you might want to purchase some 
    spirit stones, too. Don't purchase "just the right amount"; purchase a 
    lot more, so whenever you need to refill your characters, you have the 
    right materials to do so) and head into Gorma's place. Talk with the old 
    sage and he'll tell you he's found the materials needed to raise a firble 
    into a Pyron: Phoenix Blood(you have it), Rebound Fruit(nope) and Fire 
    Fragment(neither). Ask him about them and you're told that, for example, 
    the Rebound Fruit is bound to be dropped by Crimson Rhokes who inhabit 
    the Tindalos Woods. The Fire Fragment is easy to get: Gorma is able to 
    process a spirit stone into one, but he'll do so once you've gotten a 
    Firble. Lastly, we have the Phoenix Blood, but we already own such item, 
    therefore, whatever Gorma has to say about it does not interest us.
    With this information at hand, exit the sage's house. Right now, it'd be 
    a nice idea to go into the dungeon and pay a visit to Lilia. Do so(Volk 
    and Delma will wait behind, at the dungeon's entrance) and, in front of 
    the cell, you'll find Zoram and Zugalo doing nothing. After they leave, 
    talk with that pretty human lady you've captured to learn very little 
    information regarding the Great Spirit Stones. After an ambitious Darc 
    finishes talking with a surprised human girl, you're free to leave the 
    area. Back at Orcoth's plaza, rejoin with your party members and leave 
    the town.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You might want to level up/get some money/get spirit stones at the Befron 
    Mountain Pass. It's a nice place to do so, especially if you don't use(in 
    battle) too many characters at a time. Be sure to, however, equip the 
    Gorgeous Ring given to you by Tatjana, as it doubles the amount of money 
    dropped by an enemy who's been killed by a character equipped with such 
    accessory. Nice, eh? You'll level up here and gain class levels(be sure 
    to learn some new skills), but most importantly, you'll gain money. Spend 
    this money on weapons parts and accessories(and healing items, if you 
    want to). I highly recommend buying three Stone Holders(lets you carry 15 
    more spirit stones). Three of them cost 720 G, but it's very well worth 
    it. Also, some Leather Armbands and an accessory, or two, are good 
    purchases. Overall, you should be ready to fork over 1500-1800 G, less if 
    you're not interested on accessories/healing items. It's not impossible 
    to get this much, trust me. You just need a little bit of patience(and be 
    sure you use that Gorgeous Ring adequately). Be sure to save up some 
    money after the purchase-a-thon, perhaps 350 G, so you have something to 
    defend yourself with in the future.
    Go to the Church Ruins.
    As you enter, a strange sound is heard. Delma says it's a firble and Darc 
    confesses her he had been hiding a firble egg here for a lot of time, but 
    didn't tell her, because he did not want to be betrayed(Woah, Delma, soup 
    that up). Anyway, run up to the nest and check out the nice, little 
    monster. After the little dialogue, run back to Orcoth.
    Head inside Gorma's house and talk with him over there. Inform him about 
    your findings and then, if you want to and didn't do so earlier, ask him 
    about the ingredients needed to raise the firble into a full-fledged 
    Pyron. He'll say he'll take care of the Fire Fragment, so you better get 
    the rest of the items(the rebound fruit only, actually, because you 
    already have the phoenix blood). Leave Orcoth and head to Tindalos Woods.
    Crimson Rhokes(43-46 HP)
    When you arrive here, Crimson Rhokes(and only them) will attack you. 
    They're extremely easy. Two hits of any character will kill them on the 
    spot. Breeze through the battle. The problem here is getting the Rebound 
    Fruit. You'll have to battle quite a bit of times until an enemy drops it 
    on the battlefield, or you get it after the fight. I had to try around 
    four times before this happened, so be sure you have time to spare o_o.
    Go to the Church Ruins.
    Feed the Pyron with the Rebound Fruit and the Phoenix Blood(if you don't 
    have it, go to Geedo's and get it off her chest). Afterward, go back to 
    Talk with the people around to learn Gorma has gone somewhere. One of the 
    Orcon says that he's been spending a bit too much time inside of the 
    dungeon... well, that's the first place you ought to go. Effectively, 
    he'll be there, along with a plethora of Orcoth, listening to a lame song 
    Lilia's been singing. He scolds the Orcons and makes them leave. Oh, and 
    Gorma will inform you he's completed the Fire Fragment. Talk with Lilia 
    and head out of the dungeon. Head toward the Quorup market and ask for 
    the Fire Fragment... what!? 500 G!? Blast it. Buy the damn thing, then.
    Now, go to the Church Ruins.
    Feed the firble with the Fire Fragment. When you do, the Firble will flop 
    over. The party says it's all Gorma's fault, because he's never been good 
    in the stuff-making area. Angered, Darc decides to go back to Orcoth. 
    Leave the area and do as Darc says: head into Orcoth.
    Inside, watch the cutscene. Afterwards, head into the dungeon and talk 
    with Zugalo's by the cell's gate. You'll be told some humans have gotten 
    Lilia and slaughtered the whole town... well, most of it. Head into the 
    town's arena and approach the group there. After the cutscene, SAVE and 
    HEAL. Then, head out of the town and run towards Varam Barrens.
    Watch the cutscene. A humongous ship will be by the area, while some 
    soldiers have set up a camp on the area nearby. Darc and co run up to the 
    humans, but as they do, the big machine nearby, or the Argewalt, wakes 
    up. Time to fight!
    Argewalt(250 HP)
    The Argewalt will be surrounded by a lot of boxes, tree trunks and 
    whatnot. It'll also summon some monsters to attack you. As Volk will 
    suggest further into the battle, you should ignore those monsters. Keep 
    in mind that the Argewalt will ONLY summon monsters throughout the fight, 
    and will usually put them near it, for protection, of course. So, yeah, 
    ignore the monsters and run toward the Argewalt with all of your 
    characters. You might have to break some boxes and/or tree trunks. If you 
    don't want to(who wants to, really?), move along the leftmost flank, 
    toward the monster. Over there, there is a thin path between a tree trunk 
    and a big tree, a path that can be crossed without having to break 
    anything and that sends you right towards the Argewalt. Try to finish the 
    monster soon, to prevent being completely surrounded by monsters, using 
    skills such as Tornado, Fire Storm and Sword of Awakening. In other 
    words, the hardest-hitting skills you have. The Argewalt has plenty of 
    HP(around 300), but if you use the best in your repertoire, it should be 
    easy to kill it.
    Oh, and after it goes down, the battle will end, no matter if you haven't 
    killed the other enemies.
    Watch the subsequent cutscenes. Camellia, the Pianta Sage(the monster 
    that was inside the Argewalt) will join you, too. Now, head back to 
    Talk with Gorma at his place. He'll tell you it's normal for the firble 
    to fall asleep during its evolution. So, go back to The church ruins to 
    see what's been of the firble while it's been asleep.
    Watch the cutscenes. Then, head towards the lookout here to find the 
    Pyron. It'll take you to Adenade.
    The Pyron will wait here, ready to let you rest, fly away or to save. Our 
    businesses are to be taken care here at Adenade, so leave the area.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You can go directly to the Coleopt Shrine(our main destination) but I 
    highly suggest(as a matter of fact, I _obligate_ you) to go to Rueloon 
    first. You'll have to cross the Ngai Plains, though.
    Dragon Flies(37-40 HP)
    Hunter Flies(39-42 HP)
    Dragon Flies and Hunter flies inhabit the area. They are extremely weak 
    in every aspect, so simply slash the hell out of them; don't worry with 
    magical attacks. Also, note that Camellia has enough range to hit various 
    enemies in a straight line, just like Maru, making her quite useful(and 
    she's not THAT weak).
    Talk with the townsfolk here at the shopping plaza to learn a bit about 
    their lives and Rueloon in general. Also, visit the Quorups at the left-
    hand side of the screen. One of them sells fairly good weapons parts, 
    such as the Heavy Blade(for Darc) and the Steel Spike, for Delma, as well 
    as some other all-character parts. He also has a nice variety of 
    accessories. It should be noted that this guy will pay 12 000 G for your 
    Gorgeous Ring. You might want to sell it.
    Head towards the staircase here and take a left at the base of them, to 
    go around the corner of the Quorup's shops. Pick up the ancient table 
    that's on the top-left corner of the grassy floor and then run down the 
    alley to find a Coleopt woman crying. He'll sell you Coleopt Froth for 
    160 G. This item heals all abnormal status, so it'd be a nice idea to 
    purchase it.
    At the top level of the town(up the stairs), you'll find some Deimos with 
    nice information to share with you, but not only that. You'll also find 
    the arena(the northern exit), and an inn-tavern-memorial house(western 
    exit). In the inn-tavern-whatever, you'll find a Quorup who'll heal you, 
    as well as some pedestals with inscriptions on them, telling the stories 
    of fierce warriors all over the globe. The tavern is up the stairs here.
    After you've talked and explored enough, exit town and head toward the 
    Coleopt Shrine. You'll have to cross the Tsatuga Plateau.
    Hunter Flies(40 HP)
    Some overly weak Hunter Flies and Scorpions roam the area. Just kill 
    After the introductory cutscene, you're free to move around. Head across 
    the bridge that conforms the Coleopt Village and talk with the townsfolk. 
    Some of them warn you about the fearfulness of their army, others inform 
    you about their male-eating habits, while others will stay bitter and 
    damn their unhappy, workful lives. At any rate, just keep moving on until 
    you reach the base of the shrine. A soldier will try to push you away. If 
    you feel you're not ready, retreat, if not, force your way in. You know 
    that that means...
    Coleopt(48-51 HP)
    There are six Coleopt for you to fight. They are spread in two groups of 
    three, both of them standing on the sides of the shrine's entrance door. 
    They're very well separated, so spells such as Fire Storm and 
    Tornado(which are supposed to hit various enemies at once) won't hit them 
    all immediately. However, they're still very powerful. For instance, Fire 
    Storm is enough to kill one soldier in one hit. Therefore, use it. Spells 
    like Blizzard and Stone Rush won't kill a Coleopt in a single hit, but a 
    combination of them will. Tornado is also strong enough to kill a monster 
    in just one hit.
    Basically, begin your attacks with each of the spells I've told you 
    about. Fire Storm and Tornado will kill two enemies, while the 
    combination of Blizzard and Stone Rush will finish with a third Coleopt's 
    live. Afterward, there'll be only three of them left, which can be 
    handled easily. If they attack in a closed-up group(you know, all three 
    of them very close together), you could finish all three of them with a 
    single Fire Storm, or leave them weak enough to kill them with an extra 
    physical hit. If they disband and attack from different sides, try not to 
    use spells then, and spread your attack. In this case, use physical hits 
    to save up those Spirit Stones. Be aware that they(the Coleopt) use a 
    nasty skill that lowers all your parameters and can only be cured with 
    Coleopt Froth. 
    Now, if you don't have the spells mentioned above, it'll be tougher, of 
    course. In that case, send Darc and Delma to a group, while Volk and 
    Camellia attacks the other one. Stone Rush should still be available, so 
    use it along Volk's physical attacks, which are very powerful. Meanwhile, 
    have Kharg and Delma both attack a single enemy, to maximize damage and 
    kill it in two turns(hopefully). Otherwise(if you're not that strong), 
    use some of Delma's/Darc's simplest skills, to speed up the job. You can 
    still finish them soon.
    Be sure to pick the items left behind. This shouldn't be too hard. Too 
    much for a fearsome army.
    After the battle, go and talk with the townsfolk to learn they all fear 
    you know. They also inform you that Selkis, their "leader", ought to be 
    very angry. Bah, whatever. I recommend going back to the Pyron and 
    healing, saving and then coming back(skip all battles so you're at full 
    health). You could also spend some time leveling up and getting some 
    money, but I won't say it's "highly recommendable". Do it if you want to.
    Then, enter the shrine.
    Move across the bridge and it'll tremble. A tentacle will protrude from 
    the wall and warn you. After this, continue your way across the bridge 
    and go down the ramp at the other side. In the next screen, you'll find 
    some soldiers who talk about the Miracle Stone. Time to fight!
    Foot Soldiers(64-68 HP)
    Riflemen(62 HP)
    Commander(77 HP)
    There are a LOT of enemies to be fought here. Start by advancing towards 
    the first of them(the one on the thin passageway that leads into the 
    first big attacking line) and killing it with a spell, perhaps two, 
    depending on what you use -- it's just a lone soldier, after all. Be sure 
    you don't waste Darc's turn on him, though. 
    After he's done for, I highly recommend you to use the Pyron(with Darc) 
    on the next line of soldiers(four of them). The Pyron can target three of 
    them, and WILL kill them in just one hit. The last line of soldiers(the 
    ones with the officer) won't move for now, but the soldier that was left 
    behind on the first attacking line(if you used the Pyron) ought to move 
    toward you. If you've been moving along all of your characters, it'll be 
    him against all of you. Simply use physical attacks to deal with him.
    After this, move toward the exit of the thin passageway and spread your 
    four characters on a horizontal line that protects such passageway. By 
    now, the soldiers that were on the backside should be moving towards you. 
    If you put yourself like I told, separated enough so two characters won't 
    be hit in just one shot, you'll have a very easy time killing these guys. 
    They'll simply run toward you. Have Camellia snipe from afar, using the 
    different pit-like structures here as protection, while the other 
    characters use physical strength. Try not to kill the general last, 
    because he's carrying a Broken Sword. The other soldiers also have some 
    nice items. I suggest dealing with the general first(move forward if 
    necessary), by surrounding him and using physical attacks and Stone 
    Rush(with Camellia, because she's very weak against him), and then, deal 
    with the last two soldiers with normal attacks(who should be dead by 
    Very easy.
    After the battle, remove off Camellia everything that could of use to 
    you(Spirit Stones, equipment) and run across the doorway the general went 
    through just a bit ago(the northern exit of the room). In the next 
    screen, a cutscene will ensue. After it, run toward the place the 
    soldiers went, by taking the central path here(there are two staircases 
    on the flanks of the area). The officer approaches the coffin here, eager 
    to find the miracle stone, but instead, he triggers a switch that sinks 
    some bridges and raises some others.
    Camellia informs that you're not in the Throne Room, but rather at the 
    Sealed Chamber, where the most evil monster lies, created by the one who 
    tricked the gods. Bebedora is its name. Camellia has apparently betrayed 
    you! Anyway, Bebedora awakes and ends up being nothing short of a little, 
    cute, eye-less girl! She can control people's minds at her will, it 
    seems, and sends both soldiers to attack you.
    Commander(81 HP)
    Rifleman(66 HP)
    It couldn't be easier! The soldier is very weak. The general is a lot 
    stronger, but easy, too. They start very close together, meaning you'll 
    be able to target them both at the same time with all of your characters. 
    Do so and you'll kill the soldier. Afterward, continue hacking at the 
    general to finish it. Very easy, indeed.
    Bebedora will wake up the bone soldiers nearby.
    Skull Warriors(101 HP)
    These guys are a lot stronger than the soldiers and officers you've been 
    fighting. They're very resistant against magic and quite resistant 
    against physical hits. Volk won't do more than 20-22 PTS of DMG to one of 
    these guys. They have a lot of HP and do a lot of damage with their 
    attacks(40 PTS).
    I suggest killing one of them early. To do so, use Sword of Awakening, 
    which is still very useful against them, combined with a physical hit of 
    Delma(or perhaps two). I recommend doing this on the left soldier, while 
    Volk runs up to the one to the right. Pick the Amethyst Coating left 
    behind by the bone soldier(the one on the left, keep that in mind) and 
    run toward the other boney, to aid Volk. While Delma and Darc attack the 
    other boney, have Volk attack his guy face-to-face, souping up the hits 
    and attacking constantly, until the rest of co. joins him. 
    Nothing too hard, but Volk could end up very damaged. Nothing a Cure 
    spell can't heal after the fight.
    Bebedora informs you need to press a switch nearby to leave. She also 
    explores all of your souls and discovers many mysteries within Darc's. 
    After you take control, run to the left, toward a mysterious red symbol 
    that's been drawn on the floor. Examine the wall-switch there and agree 
    to press it. After this, cute lil' Bebedora will join. Now, head towards 
    the switch you just pressed and go down the stairs nearby. At the base of 
    them there'll be a chest containing 960 G, 100 Spirit Stones and a Black 
    Rose Thorn. Go back up and head to the right, toward Bebedora's coffin. 
    Head toward the top-right portion of the area and go across the small 
    pathway there and then, down the steps.
    Go up the steps nearby then, and you'll reach a big doorway with a save 
    beacon besides it. You can go through the doorway or across the path in 
    front of it(that goes southward, toward where Camellia left you), or, 
    perhaps, go down the steps in front of the beacon. Do this(go down the 
    steps) and open the chest at the base of them, which contains 160 Spirit 
    Stones, an Aquamarine and four Water Balms. You then can go further past 
    the chest and find an Ancient Table laying on the floor; do so and pick  
    up the table. Afterwards, go to the left of it; you'll be back at the 
    platform Camellia left you. Go down the steps on the leftmost side of it 
    to find another chest, containing a King Size Soap, 480 G, Life Tree 
    Berry and Water Shy.
    After doing all of this, go back to the save beacon and save/heal 
    yourself. Prepare yourself for a battle, of course, by equipping any good 
    accessories you might have, for example, the Amethyst Coating you got in 
    the battle against the bone soldiers. Also, I suggest healing the Pyron. 
    Once you feel you're ready, head through the doorway. 
    In the next room, you'll find Camellia surrounded by some Selkis 
    tentacles. Hmm... apparently her whole plan backfired. That's what you 
    get for trying to betray us, old hag. Anyway, it's time to fight(be sure 
    you refill Camellia and equip her before starting, though)
    Selkis(300 HP)
    Coleopt(57 HP)
    Tentacles(180 HP)
    Coleopt Larva(100 HP)
    Selkis and a whole bunch of Coleopt soldiers... not only there are four 
    of these guys, but she can make as many of them as she wants to. You can 
    kill her tentacles to prevent her from giving birth to any more soldiers 
    and/or Larave, but that would be too much time wasted. These guys(the 
    soldiers) are not too strong, but they have that attack that downgrades 
    you so much it's not even funny and can only be cured using Coleopt 
    Froth. The Larvae are just annoyances, even though they have 100 HP.
    You'll first have to move toward where Selkis is. She's a bit far from 
    where you are, so you have quite a bit of floor to walk. When you move 
    toward here, try to keep your party together. Move them tranquilly, but 
    when Darc turns comes, be sure to use the Pyron on Selkis to begin the 
    carnage. You're informed Bebedora can control two enemies at a time, but 
    only the soldiers -- not Selkis or the tentacles. The Larvae are far too 
    useless. It should be noted that when you possess an enemy, it'll be 
    attacked by any enemy that's not possessed. Possession could be useful 
    As you move, you'll have to deal with some enemies. I'd recommend killing 
    the Coleopt with spells, but don't "overkill", because you need those 
    spirit stones for Selkis. Also, as you go, try to stay away from the 
    tentacles, because they do a lot of damage per hit. Anyway, once you're 
    near enough the Coleopt and Selkis, the real thing will begin. Darc is by 
    far the best character in your group, so he has to go and attack Selkis 
    directly. To do so, you'll have to deal with the Coleopt protecting the 
    staircase that leads to the queen. Kill them fast and easily with Fire 
    Storm/Stone Rush, combined with a physical attack, if necessary. These 
    two guys are close enough together to be hit at the same time with a Fire 
    Storm. If they aren't, well, no problem. Kill one of them with the spell, 
    the other with the physical attack/Stone Rush combo.
    Pick what they leave behind and move toward the staircase's base, 
    further, if possible. Ignore the soldiers next to Selkis(kill one of them 
    if possible, just so you're not bothered by them when you attack the 
    mother) and move your lines toward the big, fat insect woman. Have 
    everybody surround her and start using their best skills, such as Sword 
    of Awakening, Blizzard and Fire Storm. Have Camellia heal, because 
    Selkis' attacks are quite powerful, doing around 65-70 PTS of DMG a-hit. 
    Her Healing Rain spell is overly useful, as it can heal various 
    characters at a time and for a lot of HP.
    The enemies the tentacles will sprout shouldn't be a problem now. 
    Bebedora is bound to be left behind, because her range is very limited, 
    so have her deal with those guys too. They will probably attack Bebedora 
    and ignore the group who's killing their queen. So, yeah, our pretty 
    little Bebedora makes for a good distraction. Selkis herself is not too 
    hard to defeat once fenced, because you just need to keep attacking her 
    and, if you heal properly, her attacks won't be too much of a problem. As 
    I said a bit ago, killing the two Coleopt that were next to her would be 
    a nice idea, because they could be quite bothersome as you attack her. 
    Killing just one(as I did) is enough, but killing them both, better. 
    Overall, this is a very easy fight. Once you fence her, she'll go down 
    easily and fast, especially if you have the best skills your characters 
    have to offer.
    Too much for the queen of the Coleopt(too much for the damn race, 
    Darc goes batty again. Save.
                             ---- KHARG: CONFLICT ----
    Kharg and co run towards the World Alliance and they'll talk with all of 
    the wise guys(ah, Max Payne, you own). Bear through the cutscenes.
    Once you take control, head to the left and up the steps there. 
    Afterward, go through the door on the leftmost corner of the area. In the 
    next screen, talk with the woman clad in green to begin a cutscene of 
    sorts. After it, exit Savina's room through the southern side of it. Go 
    back to where the World Alliance is and head towards the north 
    easternmost side of it, to find another doorway. Head through it and pick 
    up the Spirit Dictionary II at the bottom of the table.
    Having done this, exit the whole World Alliance building. As you do, a 
    soldier comes from behind and tells you the World Alliance are having a 
    heated discussion regarding Dilzweld, something that could be of your 
    interest. Savina says you should simply leave, that she'll handle the 
    whole thing. Follow her advice and leave the building. Outside, you'll 
    find good, ole' Ganz, who'll tell you he's repaired your ship. Afterward, 
    head to the arena and talk with the guys there to ask for information 
    about Ganz's friend, Rapier. After you're told he's dead, you may leave 
    --WORLD MAP--
    Head to the Big Owl.
    --BIG OWL--
    Examine the directions panel and head to Epistia.
    --WORLD MAP--
    To get to Sulfas, you'll have to cross through the Torey Hills as welll 
    as the Kassim Highway.
    Pugnacious(60-64 HP)
    Bandits(67 HP)
    Monks(68 HP)
    Some mercenaries inhabit this place. They're a bit tough(very resistant) 
    so don't be afraid to use your skills. This is a great place to level up 
    and gain money(use only two characters at a time). Heal at the Big Owl, 
    and, If necessary, go back to Cathena to re-stock on spirit stones. I 
    leveled to level 16 here and got 2200 G, which I spent on spirit stones 
    and equipment at Sulfas(and still had some money left). I didn't spend 
    much time here, really, so you should try and level up/gain money, too. I 
    also suggest learning some new skills here, mainly, Bone Crush and 
    healing spells with Maru and Kharg. Once you're ready, continue.
    As you enter, you discover it's a Dilzweldian checkpoint. Run across the 
    path toward the end of the area, which is barricaded and has only one 
    crossable path, guarded by a soldier. Talk with him. He'll ask you some 
    questions which, if answered correctly, will make the guard let you pass. 
    He'll ask: "Where have you come from?" and "Who are you?". Answer 
    whatever you want, you'll be lead to the third question, anyways. Here, 
    you'll be asked to tell them the name of a person on the Dilzweldian 
    blacklist.  Answer whatever you please. You'll be asked permission to 
    cross. As you do, you'll be asked one last question. Answer this one bad, 
    and you'll have to fight the soldiers here. You're asked the full name of 
    Darkham. It's Darkham Ekud no Bard. Answer correctly, and you'll be able 
    to cross without troubles. Mess up and...
    Foot Soldiers(64 HP)
    Riflemen(62 HP)
    Commander(80 HP)
    There are a lot of Scrap Mtn.'s here, as well as six soldiers, spread 
    behind the Scrap Mtn.'s. There is a lone soldier to the left, two 
    soldiers a bit to the right, and three soldiers on the far right, past 
    the Mtn's. I suggest sending Kharg toward the lone soldier and the rest 
    of the group up to the main fray. Kharg will probably have to handle with 
    two soldiers at most; deal with them with physical attacks, don't use 
    your skills right now. You're probably able to hit various enemies at a 
    time with Maru, Kharg and Paulette, because the enemies start very close 
    together and when they move, they stay like that, mostly. They don't have 
    a high defense, so physical attacks are more than enough. As usual, the 
    general is far stronger, and is carrying the best item(a Super Bomb). 
    It's not like it's a "tremendous" item, though, so kill him last, and 
    before doing so, destroy all of the Mtn.'s to get the items within 
    them(money, spirit stones, Super Bomb and Amethyst Coating) and pick up 
    all of the items left behind by the soldiers. The general should be 
    finished quickly, perhaps by using a skill, followed by the usual 
    physical attacks.
    Enter Sulfas.
    Regardless of whether you fought the guards or not, some soldiers will 
    run past you at the entrance of the town, heading toward the Kassim 
    Highway, because somebody's caused some ruckus over there. Run across the 
    path and you'll find a Hela standing by the upper side of the bridge. She 
    charges 60 G per healing(bloody blazes of hell!)
    Approach the store nearby, which has a soldier standing besides it. He'll 
    tell you that all economic actions of Sulfas are under Dilzweldian 
    control, and, therefore, you'll have to wait for your rations to come 
    before you're able to get any kind of items. Yeah, whatever. Inside the 
    store itself, you'll find the storekeeper being harassed by a soldier who 
    insists her husband is selling robbed goods on the black market. She 
    won't sell anything for now.
    Go south of the store(this place feels so much like Xenosaga's Dock 
    Colony... it's truly nostalgic) and talk with the townsfolk there. To the 
    left is an old man who confounds you for a young lady clad in blue, and, 
    after asked about Spencer, will answer with something totally unrelated. 
    The soldier nearby comments that if you're caught having private 
    conversations, you'll be accused of conspiracy against the government, 
    and thus, be captured.
    Farther to the left, you'll find a little boy by a enter-able house. 
    Enter such house and it turns out to be a pub. Talk with the owner(the 
    man in red, behind the counter) and he, mysteriously, doesn't know who 
    Spencer is, and is reluctant to talk about anything related to the 
    Resistance... hm, that's weird. Leave. Right besides the pub, there is a 
    fence that leads to a staircase. It won't open, though.
    Go north up the steps across the tavern, towards the last building of the 
    town. You'll find a Save Beacon there, but the store owner won't sell 
    anything. Head back to the tavern and check out on the boy hidden on the 
    upper side of the building(not the one next to the locked-off staircase), 
    on a nook by the ladder that hangs out of the adjacent building. Talk 
    with him and ask him if he's playing hide and seek.
    That's all about exploration here. Time to get on with the story. Trot 
    back to the first store you entered(the one with the storekeeper being 
    harassed by a soldier). The storekeeper(Leonora) does not tell the 
    soldier about her husband, but Kharg saves the day. Afterward, you're 
    told he's in town, but hiding and won't talk with you unless you know the 
    password("The Dolban delight in dealing") Now, head out of the store and 
    trot south of it and down the short flight of steps. You should spot a 
    man hiding on a corner on the bottom side of the area, behind a building. 
    Head towards him and ask him "are you Jaqual?". Kharg will tell him the 
    password. He'll then sell you items and spirit stones. It should be noted 
    that he charges _4 G_ for the stones(it's the black market, after all), 
    but the items are nicely priced. After you're done shopping, ask him 
    about the resistance.
    He'll tell you the resistance is using the casino underneath the pub as a 
    hideout. With this information at hand, run back to the pub. Talk with 
    the owner and he'll tell you something about the casino: "The back and 
    the front together always come to the same number". The other man that 
    was inside the shop will leave when such information is told to you. 
    After he leaves, examine the paper on the wall that he was checking out: 
    the ten rules of a casino. Read all of them, starting by the first one, 
    of course. Once you hit the seventh rule, you're asked if you want to 
    press a switch that's sticking out. Do so and you'll find out the secret 
    entrance to the casino(the tip given to you had to do about dice, it 
    seems) Go down into the casino.
    A cutscene will ensue. Afterwards, run towards the backside of the casino 
    and talk with Zev there, who'll explain you what he was doing at Mt. 
    Quina, where he was captured. Kharg will then explain Darkham's motives 
    to building a stronghold at the base of Mt. Quina(that's what he's 
    doing). The only way to get to Mt. Quina is through the stronghold, and 
    it'd be quite tough to storm out such a big place with such a small 
    party, eh? Of course. It's logical thinking. Spencer says that it's 
    necessary to liberate Sulfas from the army, because they'd send 
    reinforcements toward the stronghold if we were to attack. Listen to what 
    he has to say.
    Your objective will be to storm the hell out of Viorav Mine and Parenz 
    Ruins. So, start off by heading out of Sulfas.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You have to go to the Viorav Mines and the Parenz Ruins. I suggest going 
    to the mines first. Any place you choose, you'll have to go through the 
    Kassim Highway(you're obligated to do so)
    Foot Soldiers(60-65 HP)
    Riflemen(62 HP)
    Commander(72 HP)
    MAN! Soooooo many soldiers to be fought. There are 12 soldiers, 11 of 
    them being your regular soldiers, one of them an officer. They're to the 
    right of your starting point, in a group that's very close together and 
    that looks like a small box.
    I suggest staying far away from the soldiers, with all of your 
    characters. Approach them, but not too much, especially with Kharg and 
    Ganz; leave them on the backside of your group. Move Maru and Paulette 
    forward, near enough the soldiers to use multiple-character spells such 
    as Slinging Rain(which can target up to four characters and kill them in 
    one turn) and Venom Arrow.
    Of course, these soldiers will move about, but when they do so, they'll 
    stay close together, mostly, allowing you to use the multiple-character 
    spell strategy for a couple of turns with success. Should any soldier get 
    into your lines, dispatch him with Kharg and Ganz, who should serve as 
    bodyguards for Maru and Paulette, killing anybody that gets too near and 
    compromises their safety.
    Sometimes the hard-hitting spells won't be enough to kill your foes in 
    just one hit; in that case, finish the weakened characters with physical 
    attacks. After the groups have been disbanded and you cannot use the 
    hard-hitting spells on more than one character, start spreading your 
    attack. Send your strong characters toward the officer(if he's not dead 
    yet), while the weakest(Paulette and Maru) take care of the other 
    soldiers. I suggest using physical attacks for this, but a skill or two 
    should be used if necessary, but try to save those Spirit Stones.
    Keep in mind that depending on how you move, you may force the soldiers 
    to move in such way you'll be able to target various of the guys at a 
    time. Make good use of such situations. This battle is very easy.
    After the battle, there'll be a short cutscene. Then, exit the area.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Head to the Viorav Mine.
    Gun Traps(47-50 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(68 HP)
    This is a small battlefield, riddled with drums and (obviously) enemies. 
    It starts with a line of four "Gun Traps", which are located on the upper 
    and bottom sides of the battlefield, leaving a gap through the middle. 
    Such line is followed by two lone "Gunners", and lastly, there are two 
    During your first turns, you'll be able to use your hard-hitting spells 
    on your foes. Start off by casting Venom Arrow on the group of Gun Traps, 
    because they start close together and so are able to be hit by Maru's 
    skill, which will kill them on the spot. Paulette will probably get her 
    turn after Kharg/Ganz, so don't use her skill. Why? Because 
    Kharg/Ganz(most likely to be Kharg) has a great movement range, and is 
    able to run toward the other group of Gun Traps and kill one of them with 
    a skill.
    But anyway, you can still attack any Gunner that (probably) moved forward 
    and into the Gun Trap's lines. These guys are also very weak, so if you 
    want to finish them fast, use a skill such as Sling Knife, which will 
    kill one of them fast. After you've weakened the machines lines, you can 
    finish the rest of them with physical attacks. They're not too much of a 
    trouble, you see. After this, the soldiers will be your main problem. 
    They're regular, weak soldiers; nothing too hard. Finish them with 
    physical attacks, too.
    You now have secured the Viorav Mines, effectively cutting off the 
    Dilzweld's army supply of fuel, plus preventing the place from sending 
    reinforcements towards Sulfas, should you try to liberate it. After this, 
    go back outside. You might want to heal at the Big owl. Once done, head 
    to the Parenz Ruins.
    Shotgun Traps(42 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(60-70 HP)
    Riflemen(58 HP)
    Commander(72 HP)
    There are nines enemies. They're all well located through the field, some 
    of them very far behind, protected by the sole distance that separates 
    them from you, while others are behind the Scrap Mtn's that, at first, 
    will block you and prevent you from walking too far away from where you 
    There is, still, a group nearby(a bit to the northeast of where you 
    start), between the area's upper wall and a bunch of Scrap Mtn's, that is 
    all mushed up and can be hit on its whole with a Venom Arrow or a 
    Slinging Rain. Perhaps not all of the group will be destroyed; in that 
    case, simply kill whomever was left behind. By doing this, you'll open 
    your way into the rest of the battlefield. Send the strong lads through 
    such path.
    There is a group south of where you start, and, if you want to get to it 
    fast, without having to go around the whole area, you'll have to break a 
    Scrap Mtn. However, with Paulette, you can target the enemy directly 
    behind the Scrap Mtn, with Sling Knife, effectively eliminating it. After 
    this, I suggest eliminating one of the Scrap Mtn's to the left(there are 
    two of them), to open the way into the main attacking group, conformed 
    mainly of soldiers. If you sent the lads through the upper path, and now 
    that you've send the "weak"(but terribly useful) lads and girls through 
    the flanks, you'll have the main attacking group covered on both areas.
    The enemy group will probably disband and attack both sides, too, but for 
    that you've spread your attack. Treat "nicely" whomever attacks you. The 
    "regular" soldiers and the Gunners are all very weak; treat them with 
    physical attacks. As usual, the officer is a lot stronger, therefore, try 
    to finish it soon(he can do plenty of damage). Use a skill on him, and 
    finish it with two or three physical attacks. Rinse and repeat, moving 
    around to kill whomever is a bit too far away(most likely a gunner and a 
    soldier) but be sure to clean off the area of items before finishing the 
    last enemy.
    After the battle, there'll be plenty to explore here at the Parenz Ruins. 
    You can check out the broken television nearby to get an image of a 
    previous Arc the Lad game -- well, actually, an image of Arc the Lad(the 
    guy) o_O Go right of the TV and examine the lit area on the scrap to find 
    a telephone. Continue along this path toward the dilapidated warehouse up 
    there. Examine the bunch of scrap next to a hole on the house to find a 
    radio. Go further up and examine the big, white thing by the pillar 
    here(also on a lit area) to find a refrigerator. Go left and walk along 
    the road, but be sure to check out the (also lit) microwave there. Head 
    past the microwave, toward the yellow balcony of sorts there, until you 
    bump into it and cannot see yourself. When this happens, push up and move 
    around pressing X until you find a guy named Diekbeck. Tell him you don't 
    believe him and you'll get a Shadow Talisman before he dies(he was a 
    robot, by the way, and seems to bee a replica of some old Arc the Lad 
    guy. I need to play those games).
    Leave the area and return back to Sulfas.
    Head toward the Main Plant area(run left from the entrance, past Hela, 
    until you find two big double doors wide open) and enter it.
    In there, you'll find a reunion and, as usual, will have to fight any 
    guys in there.
    Gun Traps(47 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(68-76 HP)
    Riflemen(70 HP)
    Commander(86 HP)
    There are nine enemies for you to fight, spread like this: two soldiers 
    and two Gun Traps on the first line. The soldiers in the middle, the 
    Traps on the sides. Further into the battlefield, a line of two well-
    separated soldiers, followed by a line of two soldiers(on the sides) and 
    an officer(on the center).
    Move toward the first line of enemies and engage them physically. You 
    Should you not be able to get near enough them to unleash a physically on 
    your first turn, due to the limitations of the movement range, so being 
    with skills that have great range and are powerful. Maru should use 
    physical attacks, though. The enemies on the very bottom are of the 
    battlefield won't be moving anytime soon, so forget about them for now 
    and concentrate on the first group. You should be able to finish two of 
    these guys with skills. When they start moving toward you, finish them 
    with physical attacks, as I suggested near the beginning. It shouldn't be 
    too problematic to do so.
    After the first group has been severely wounded(i.e. only one Gun Trap or 
    soldier is left behind) you can expect the next two soldiers to start 
    slithering toward you(the last three soldiers are still bound to stay 
    immobile). These guys are also very easy to deal with; just use physical 
    attacks, but, if you're too far away with one character, don't be afraid 
    to cast a spell/use a skill, especially those with great range such as 
    Sling Knife and Power Shot.
    The last group is not too complicated, either. Have Ganz and Kharg kill 
    the general(use Bone Crusher plus some physical attacks to do so, or 
    perhaps Power Shot and Ganz's strength), but be sure that your other two 
    characters aid them if they're nearby and are able to do so. After the 
    general is dead, the rest of the battle should be very easy. Spread your 
    attack on the soldiers that are left(two) and simply hack away. If you 
    spread your attack well, they should be easy to kill, and very quickly.
    After the battle, go through the door on the leftmost wall. It's actually 
    a doorway, halfway through the wall, next to a crate and surrounded by 
    two blue walls. It should be easy to spot it. In the next area, run 
    forward across the path, pass the war-tank there, until you reach a 
    bifurcation. Take the left choice and trot through the road. At the end, 
    by some barrels, you'll find another tome of the Spirit Dictionary. Now, 
    you can go back to the doorway you came through and go to ITS right(the 
    path that's not blocked off by some barrels). Run through and be watchful 
    for an electrified panel on the wall. Check it out thrice for some little 
    But anyway, Sulfas is free at last! The shops are back on(the Spirit 
    Stones are still a bit expensive, at 3 G apiece) The equipment shop as 
    tremendous merchandise to sell, such as the Sapphire Coating(which is a 
    bit expensive, btw) and things like the Guard Support and Traitor's Soul. 
    Among the accessories, we have the Steel Armband, the Jade Beads, the 
    Scroll of Evasion... most of these things are quite expensive, so you'll 
    have to fight a lot outside for the money, or buy some now and wait to 
    get the rest later. If you're to buy something now, I suggest the 
    Sapphire Coating, for Kharg/Maru, for now, at least. Also, if you have 
    any Broken Swords on your inventory, you can sell them for 1,200 G; quite 
    nice, eh? Anyway, you have to go back to the hideout(of the Resistance, 
    you know)
    So, go into the pub and head inside the secret casino. Head toward where 
    Spencer is and talk with him. After the short cutscene, go outside the 
    country. At the world map, head toward the Mountain Stronghold. You'll to 
    cross through one nice places, though(or two if you want to go to the 
    Greylia Plains, but for now, it's a place you can ignore)
    Slothians(126 HP)
    Slothians, of all things! These guys are getting weaker and weaker 
    already. However, that's defense-wise(and I'm talking about a party with 
    the appropriate equipment). They do have a lot of HP and do a lot of 
    damage with each hit(around 30) and come in big packs, meaning they won't 
    go down soon and will have plenty of chances to beat the hell out of you. 
    Kill them fast to prevent getting too damaged(use skills and don't rely 
    too much on regular attacks)
    As the party enters, they're shown a whole Dilzweldian army 
    slaughtered(by, of course, our  cocky resistance members). The resistance 
    is having a firefight with some soldiers when they're suddenly blown away 
    by the area's huge cannon. It's time to fight.
    Gun Traps(42-55 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(60-76 HP)
    Riflemen(70 HP)
    A battle with a twist, because the whole idea is to save the resistance 
    members, rather to kill them all in the battlefield.
    There are TONS of soldiers here(plus the cannons, which WILL attack you), 
    so expect this to be a bit complicated. Firstly, you're fenced by a line 
    of six enemies, which covers the steps that lead into a raised area. By 
    going up the middle flight of steps, you'll find the first resistance 
    member, surrounded by two soldiers. A bit behind him is the second 
    resistance member, and up the ramp behind this second guy, the third 
    resistance member.
    As Ganz suggests, it's imperative to spread your "attack". I put attack 
    within quotations because you should prevent all kind of unnecessary 
    attack, and just move as fast as possible toward the resistance guys, 
    given the fact you're always being menaced by those two giant cannons. I 
    suggest sending Ganz and Paulette toward the steps on the flanks, while 
    both Maru and Kharg go up the centermost staircase. These two guys(and 
    everybody else) will have to deal with soldiers who WILL put themselves 
    in the staircase and block your way. It's a great idea to kill them with 
    a skill IMMEDIATELY, because you need to move fast here. Your first 
    priority right now should be, of course, going up the steps.
    As told, ignore the line of enemies that are on the area below the steps 
    and just go up them, beating the hell out of anyone who dares to block 
    your path. Once both Kharg and Maru have gone up the their flight, have 
    them spread themselves. Maru, who has less movement range, should save up 
    the nearest resistance member(approach him and press X), while Kharg runs 
    up to the other one. As you do, have them attack anyone who's getting a 
    bit on your way if necessary.
    Ganz and Paulette should battle through their flanks, trying to get the 
    attention of the soldiers, so Maru and Kharg have a clean way through. 
    Keep in mind that the cannons will attack whomever they want, but Ganz 
    and Paulette can make a great distraction job over there, either by 
    killing the soldiers or by being a plain annoyance. Keep in mind that, if 
    necessary to do so, don't go completely up the stairs and stay by the 
    bottom of them, serving as a complete distraction, trying to take the 
    enemies away from the are Maru and Kharg are going through. This could 
    prove to be useful. Meanwhile, have Maru and Kharg deal with anybody 
    who's getting a little too problematic on the center area.
    After the first two resistance guys are saved, have Kharg run up the ramp 
    that leads into the last guy, and be sure to do it PRONTO. When you go up 
    such ramp, one of the cannons won't be able to attack Kharg, although the 
    other one will. But anyway, have Maru clean the way for Kharg(there are 
    some Gun traps nearby) and Paulette plus Ganz make sure Maru is not 
    bothered. I should also suggest you to heal constantly, because those 
    cannons do 80 PTS of DMG a hit, so better heal to prevent any nasty 
    surprises. Kharg should have an easy time after going up the ramp; just 
    save your friend and end the fight, without worrying about what might 
    happen to the others. Now, if you want them all to gain EXP, then be sure 
    to heal them thoroughly when needed.
    Go back to Sulfas.
    Heal at Hela and restore be sure to replenish your spirit stones stock. 
    Afterward, go back to the hideout. There, talk with Spencer and he'll 
    suggest you to go to the Main Plant and check on the Beam Cannon there, 
    to see if it is to be outfitted on your ship, to attack the stronghold, 
    you know. So, head to the main plant and toward the area where the Spirit 
    Dictionary is. Look for the war-tank-vehicle there and talk with Spencer. 
    You'll be told that, should you need to use the Big Owl remotely, you'd 
    need a Tele-OP, which is made out of an Antenna, a Magnetron and an 
    Integrated Circuit, which are gotten at Parenz Ruins. You'll also need 
    200 Spirit Stones, which you can get out of your stock, although that 
    would put a serious dent to your supplies, so I suggest going to the 
    Viorav Mines and getting the Stones there, rather than using the one's on 
    your supplies.
    Head out of Sulfas and head to the Mines.
    Run toward the end of the area, where there'll be an elevator. Use it to 
    go down. In the next screen, you will be greeted by some enemies.
    Stun Smogs(52-55 HP)
    These little flying orbs(Stun Smogs) have a respectable defense, little 
    HP, but not attacking power. Even then, there are a lot of them, so, 
    should you get a bit too dreamy, they'll beat a nice amount of HP out of 
    you(like the Slothians do), because even though they don't do a lot of 
    damage(20 per enemy), when combined, it's a lot, ain't it? So, try to 
    attack each enemy strongly, not necessarily with skills, but, for 
    example, by using two characters to attack one enemy. It ain't too hard, 
    It's obvious you need a tool to get the spirit stones out of the lot 
    here, so, head to the left and up the steps you will find. Afterward, 
    head toward the upper-left corner of the room where you'll find a catwalk 
    of sorts. Climb into it and check out the little crate there, which turns 
    out to be a detonator. Push it to generate an explosion which will 
    release 242 Spirit Stones, 42 more than you needed, which will go to you, 
    eh? Exit the area.
    Now, head to the Parenz Ruins.
    Run forward and look for the television nearby. From it, head to the left 
    and examine the microwave there(as before, all of these unusual items are 
    within an aura of light). Pick up what's inside it: the Magnetron. 
    Afterward, go up and then, after seeing the fridge, head to the right. 
    Look for the radio that's on the frontside of this dilapidated building, 
    on top of a drum and within an aura of light. Get the Antenna off it. 
    Afterward, head to the right and check out the computer that's by the 
    wall, laying atop a desk of sorts, to get the Integrated Circuit. After 
    this, try to leave the area. As you do, you're ambushed by some Ninjas. 
    Ninjas(54 HP)
    Supreme Ninjas(62 HP)
    These guys are a joke! You can start off by hitting them all with Venom 
    Arrow, if Maru's turn is the first, because they're al very close 
    together. If Maru has been properly leveled up(as suggested near the 
    start of the whole Episita thing), he should be able to kill the two 
    ninjas clad in blue. The other one ain't harder, anyways. Just kill it 
    with a skill if he's (or even if he hasn't) been severely wounded by 
    Venom Arrow, because these guys dodge physical attacks easily. Should the 
    ninjas survive Maru's arrow shot, then simply fence them and hack the 
    hell out of the bastards with skills, or you might want to try a physical 
    attack and see if it connects(the chances increase if you're a bit far 
    away and attack from behind)
    Trot back to Sulfas.
    Head toward where the Big Owl is and talk with Spencer there. After the 
    Big Owl has been properly outfitted, you're warned that you only have 
    three shots to deal with(two of which should be cast upon the cannons 
    you're going to face soon enough) After all of this, head out of Sulfas, 
    again, and head towards the stronghold.
    Gun Traps(47-50 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(64-72 HP)
    Riflemen(54 HP)
    Cannons(doesn't matter)
    Lots of enemies to be killed! Directly in front of you, there are six 
    enemies: three Gun Traps(easy) and three soldiers. Up the steps, five 
    enemies: a gun trap on the ramp the left; four soldiers spread across the 
    areas in front of the steps. Behind them, by the ramp leading into one of 
    the cannons, four Gun Traps.
    Start off by attacking the Gun Traps with anybody that's not Kharg. Once 
    his turn comes, use the Big Owl on one of the cannons to destroy it. I 
    suggest heading toward the rightmost cannon. Next to it, there is a group 
    of  four gun traps. Should you aim the bottom-right gun trap, you'll also 
    aim the cannon, a soldier, and another gun trap. Use the attack and 
    you'll kill them all in one shot. Nice, eh?
    After this, be sure to stay on the area you start at and don't go up the 
    steps. This way, the other cannon won't be able to attack you. Before 
    Kharg's turn comes, have your other characters attack the foes on the 
    area. If possible, use skills that hit various of them at a time. The 
    enemies all start a bit near to each other and will stay like 
    that(mostly) as they move, so you'll have the chance to make good use of 
    skills such as a Slinging Rain and Venom Arrow/Bone Crusher. You can also 
    finish off wounded enemies with Maru's normal attacks(as they hit various 
    Before Kharg's turn came, I had got rid of the six soldiers 
    here(actually, five of them, plus a Gun Trap that wandered into the 
    area), so you can tell I was doing things well. Blast off the last 
    cannon. Now that you've killed the cannons, you can safely go up the 
    steps. I suggest sending Ganz toward the ramp on the left, because a lot 
    of enemies like to gather there, where he'll have his slugfest. Have your 
    main party attack the enemies that are around the middle area, either 
    down or up the steps -- move accordingly. Once given the chance, move up 
    toward the Gun Traps that are(or were, depending on how they moved) up 
    the steps. Meanwhile, Ganz should kill whatever gets on his way(if there 
    is nobody, have him join the other group)
    Before you finish the battle, you might want to pick up a nice item. This 
    item is on the easternmost side of the battlefield, up a flight of stairs 
    into a dirt area that's besides where a cannon was and that serves of a 
    hall to a bunker. Here, there is a box that, when destroyed, will release 
    a Life Belt. Should you pick it, be sure to leave somebody behind that 
    takes care of the Gun Traps, but be sure you kill them after picking up 
    the belt.
    After the battle, go up the ramp to the left and ascend up some stairs 
    into the stronghold's upper area. In there, simply head through the door. 
    In the next screen, trot forward(it's a one way road, jeez) until you're 
    ambushed by a pile of soldiers.
    Foot Soldiers(68-72 HP)
    Riflemen(66 HP)
    Commander(86 HP)
    There are six soldiers on one side, four on the other side. Send Maru and 
    Paulette to the upper group(the one with six soldiers), because the guys 
    up there are a lot closer together and can be hit(easily) with Paulette's 
    and Maru's multi-enemy skills. You could also use the Big Owl on the 
    upper group and get rid of it immediately, thus liberating the Sapphire 
    Coating the General is carrying(a very useful item to get...)
    With Maru's group, I suggest you to concentrate your attacks on the 
    general so you can get the Coating. However, should you be given the 
    chance to target a huge group of enemies with, say, Venom Arrow, in favor 
    of sparing the General's live, be sure to do so. Just be sure you don't 
    kill the guy last, and, when you do, don't forget to pick up the Sapphire 
    Coating. Kill the rest of the soldiers with your skills and, if properly 
    put, with an arrow/whip-age that flies through more than one enemy and 
    damages them all.
    Ganz and Kharg will have it a lot easier. You can use weak skills there, 
    such as Fang-Breaker Blade, and then combine them with physical attacks. 
    It's still highly recommended to kill two of these guys quickly(with 
    skills), to prevent the group(which is a bit big) from fencing you and 
    punching off a lot of HP out of you. After there is only two or one 
    enemies left, then feel free to use your physical strength. 
    If possible, have both of your groups join forces. For instance, if Maru 
    and Paulette got rid of their foes, have them run down to Kharg's and 
    Ganz's area and aid them.
    Watch the short cutscene. Heal and use some spirit stones on yourself, to 
    replenish your character's stock. Before moving on, be sure to get some 
    skills, especially, Binding/Silent Arrow and Tornado.
    Then, head up the ramp to the left and use the elevator to head into the 
    Bear through the cutscene.
    --MT. QUINA--
    After the introductory chitchat, run forward until you reach a 
    bifurcation where you can go left and right. Take the right hand road and 
    open the chest at the end of the path(460 G, 220 Spirit Stones and a Red 
    Charm). Afterward, take the left hand road and trot along the sinuous 
    way. At its end you will find an elevator and on an offshoot to the 
    right, a chest holding 180 Spirit Stones, a Life Tree Berry and two Super 
    Bombs. Pick up such items and have the elevator take you up.
    As soon as you arrive on the upper floor, you're greeted by some enemies.
    Elementals(62 HP)
    Lakeltas(65 HP)
    Red Dragons(60 HP)
    There are two Elementals on a nook a bit to the northeast of where you 
    start. To the east, a square formed of two Red Dragons and three Lakelta.
    Start off by attacking the Elemental with Paulette and Maru, but with 
    long range attack such as Sling knife and Venom Arrow, so you always have 
    the possibility of moving toward the other group easily. Have Ganz and 
    Kharg attack this group. The Red Dragons are the most dangerous enemies 
    there, so better kill them soon. A Power Shot hit leaves them weakened 
    enough to be killed in a subsequent physical hit, so start off with that. 
    You can also blast off the red barrel next to a Lakelta, which ought to 
    damage it. I suggest doing this with Maru, effectively scarifying his 
    Damage both Red Dragons with Kharg so they're all weak and then 
    concentrate on the Lakelta, which are nearer to you. Use physical attacks 
    on any weakened guys there may be(for instance, the one hit by the 
    explosive barrel). If there are none, still use physical attacks, because 
    these guys aren't that strong, really. You can even sum Maru and Paulette 
    to the attack once they've killed their Elementals. When this happens, 
    the Lakelta won't stand a chance. For the Dragons, simply look for an 
    opening to hit them with a sword slash and they'll be killed on the 
    spot(if they were previously hit with Power Shot).
    Pick up the items, of course.
    After the battle, trot through the linear road until you reach a semi 
    open area past a wooden bridge.  Afterward, head down the sand ramp and 
    take the elevator down. In the next screen, trot through the only 
    available road. After some time, you'll reach a bifurcation, where you 
    can go up or take a path that goes left. Go up, toward another elevator, 
    but be sure to cross the wooden bridge nearby, to reach a chest with 2 
    Fire Shy's, a Power Berry and some Gundpowder. Afterward, board the 
    Immediately after you arrive, you'll have to fight.
    Lakeltas(65-69 HP)
    Great Phoenixes(57 HP)
    There is a square of four Lakelta in front of you. Go up from this group 
    and you'll find a straight line of four Great Phoenixes.
    As usual, the Lakelta will take quite a bit of punishment out of your 
    physical attacks, but they can also do a lot of damage(30 PTS per hit) so 
    they aren't too much of a pushovers when alive :) Even then, I still 
    suggest using standard attacks against them. People like Paulette and 
    Maru won't be as damaging as Ganz and Kharg, but they can still aid the 
    party. The Lakelta don't stand a chance against the men(Maru is still a 
    kide =))
    The Phoenixes have a strong fire spell(around 50 PTS of DMG) and their 
    normal attack, which does 28-32 PTS of DMG, usually. They're a lot better 
    at souping up physical hits, but still weak. Hit them twice with Kharg 
    and finish them with Maru. Or whatever. They ain't worth a skill. Use 
    your normal attacks, but be sure you concentrate it to finish the 
    monsters fast, or else, you could have to soup a bit of damage.
    After the fight, run forward from the elevator and turn right. Trot along 
    the road to find yet another elevator. Board it up.
    In the next screen, run forward from where you start. You are greeted 
    with a bifurcation. You can go further down the road, or veer to the left 
    and check out what's there. Go left. After some walking, you'll reach 
    another bifurcation. You can go towards a chest or check out the elevator 
    nearby. The lift ain't working, so head toward the chest and open it to 
    get 1,200 G, 2 Fire Balms and a Falcon Statuette. After this, go back to 
    first bifurcation and continue down the road. Once you find a save icon, 
    save and heal up(be sure to replenish your stock of Spirit Stones). As 
    told, be sure you have Binding/Silent Arrow(perhaps Hunting Arrow, too) 
    and Tornado, plus skills such as Healing Rain, Slining Rain, Bone Crusher 
    and perhaps Heat Cannon/Speed Storm. And try to be around level 17-20. 
    After making any necessary preparations, please continue. Go through the 
    doorway at the end.
    Run toward where Tatjana is(when possible to do so)
    Tsee(375 HP)
    Tsaw(340 HP)
    Fulkrum(380 HP)
    Tatjana will join you on this battle, but she'll be computer-controlled. 
    She can die for all we care. These three guys(Tsee, Tsaw and Fulkrum) are 
    very strong, doing around 30-50 PTS(Tsaw is especially damaging, doing up 
    to 63 Pts of DMG with his special arrow attack) of DMG per hit, and have 
    a lot of HP. It's highly recommended that you attack them mercilessly.
    Tsaw uses his bow from afar and does a lot of damage with it(skill-wise), 
    but can only target one enemy at a time. The other two brothers attack 
    from close quarters.
    They also have some very nice items: Tsee has a Heat Blade, Fulkrum a 
    Fire Talisman and Tsaw a Silk Bowstring.
    The strategy here is simple. Pick a Lakelta, surround it with your party 
    members, and use your best skills on him. That'd be, Binding Arrow, 
    Whirlwind Crusher, Heat Cannon and Speed Storm... if you don't have them, 
    use the skills the follow them, strength wise. Be sure to heal whenever 
    below 100 HP, because these guys do a lot of damage.
    As told twice, Tsaw does a lot of damage with his special arrow skill, 
    but you can fix that by silencing it with Silent Arrow. Then, he'll only 
    be able to use the regular attack, which does (almost) half the damage 
    the special arrow attack does. Anyway, as told, simply surround your 
    preferred Lakelta and blast the hell out of it. Repeat. By when the last 
    Lakelta's turn comes, you're bound to be weakened on the Spirit Stone 
    area. In that case, simply use skills with those who can =) The other 
    should use physical attacks(you can also make good use of the combination 
    attacks here)
    Incredibly easy.
    Run up the rocky steps here and follow the path into the shrine. Approach 
    Tatjana. After the short scene, go back the way you came. Once you hit 
    the hanging bridge, another scene will take place. After it, go back to 
    the shrine area and talk to Tatjana. After this, go toward the hanging 
    bridge area and talk to Ganz there.
    It's Samson time! He'll come blitzing through the skies on the Fiona. 
    After the party goes up, go back to where Tatjana is and have a short 
    chat with her. Then, go back to the rope ladder and climb it up. Watch 
    the subsequent cutscenes, save... you know the drill.
                          ---- DARC: LOVE AND HATE ----
    It's nighttime when you arrive. Camellie implores for indulgence on 
    Darc's part, but the Deimos adolescent does not answer. Instead, Delma 
    accuses the Pianta Priest of being nothing but a filthy traitor and 
    should be punished. Volk comments that the donkey does not have the right 
    to talk about long ears, considering that she(Delma) is also a traitorous 
    whore. But anyway, Darc dismisses them all and you'll take control.
    Head into the tavern-inn-memorial house and talk with the Balar by the 
    staircase. Tell him you want a place to rest on for the night. A cutscene 
    will take place. Camellia can't sleep due to Delma's awful snoring, and 
    Volk is feeling something wrong is going to happen soon. The Lupine 
    decides to have a drink while Camellia checks out on Darc. Volk is then 
    shown chatting with a Canidae. Afterward, Darc comes out of his room, the 
    Water Stone stolen. After you take control, exit the place.
    Outside, head into the arena. There, Camellia is using the power of the 
    water stone to heal her wounds. As she does so, some Drakyr and a weird 
    deimos arrive. They steal the stone from her(useless, weak, traitorous 
    hag. I HATE HER!) and the weird deimos presents himself as Droguza. After 
    the usual chitchat, you'll have to fight.
    Drakyr(97-105 HP)
    Droguza(430 HP)
    There are four Drakyr and Droguza. The hybrid deimos(Droguza) is quite 
    powerful(he can do 30/70 PTS of DMG with physical attacks, and up to 70 
    with spells), so better be careful.
    I recommend focusing Volk's, Darc's and Bebedora's strength on Droguza, 
    while Camellia and Delma deal with the Drakyr. The duo should use skills 
    that hit various enemies at a time, such as Fire Storm and Stone Rush. 
    The Drakyr will mostly move around mushed up, so you'll have an easy time 
    hitting them with these spells.
    Have Volk and Darc surround Droguza and use the best from their 
    repertoire. With any luck, Darc's Sword of Awakening is bound to hit not 
    only Droguza, but any Drakyr who's nearby. Volk should use regular 
    attacks, which do quite a bit of damage against the deimos hybrid(of 
    course, that's if he's been properly leveled up and is nicely equipped). 
    Bebedora should use Black Out, which causes a lot of damage to Droguza. 
    The combination of these attacks will put a serious dent to Drog's HP. 
    Keep on pounding the hell out of him, but be sure to heal people, 
    especially Camellia, because the combination of the Drakyr's wind spells 
    and Droguza's attack could be quite dangerous.
    After the subsequent scene, go into the inn-memorial house and chat with 
    the Balar again. Agree to have a rest. The next day, you'll have to see a 
    cutscene. After it, leave the town and head towards the Pyron. 
    Destination: Ragnoth.
    Here, head towards Drakyrnia. You'll have to fight through the Edge of a 
    Sea of Trees, though.
    Suskle Squirrels(51-66 HP)
    Wild Dogs(55 HP)
    Boring Suskle Squirrels inhabit the place. The occasional wolf may spurt 
    out if you're lucky. They're surprisingly strong, having a lot of HP and 
    great defense to boot, plus they can do a lot of damage(20 rto 40 PTS). 
    Even then, physical attacks should be a exclusive against them. Not worth 
    the waste of Spirit Stones, I says. Hell, you might want to escape. It's 
    Run forward, past a Drakyr up a pillar and into the house next to the 
    healing Quorup(who'll charge an scandalous 80 G for healing you). You'll 
    be inside the local store. To the right there is a save beacon, and right 
    in front of it, an ancient table. Pick it up. Now, at this place, there 
    are some nice new items, like the Sapphire Coating and a Rabbit Stuffed 
    Animal(for Bebedora), which are bloody expensive. The spirit stones are 
    also tremendously expensive, at 4 Gald apiece. 
    Exist the store through the healing Quorup's entrance and head to the 
    right until you find a pink Drakyr(a woman). Go south from there and head 
    right across the bridge over a waterfall. Ascend up the multiple 
    staircases there. At the top, there'll be an old Drakyr standing alone by 
    a bridge that goes left. You can ask him about a variety of things, but 
    he'll simply comment you look like "him". After the chat, try to cross 
    the bridge and you're called out by the old man. He presents himself as 
    Sagan, a former Windalf servant. 
    After the chat, cross the bridge and go up the short flight of steps. You 
    can talk to the Drakyr woman to the left to get her views on Drakyrnia, 
    or you can go up the staircase to the right. Do the latter action and go 
    through the doorway at the top. You'll hit the local Elder's room. Talk 
    with him(Williwo). After a bit, you're given a new mission: you must 
    complete the Dragon Ordeal, which is to be done inside the Dragon Bone 
    Valley cave. Save/heal/replenish your Spirit Stones and then, exit the 
    --WORLD MAP--
    Head toward the Dragon Bone Valley. You'll have to fight through Punoir 
    Ravine, though.
    Rognas Gormons(87-98 HP)
    Suskle Squirrels(50-60 HP)
    A new breed of enemies, Rognas Gormon, inhabit the place. They're big, 
    tree-like golems. There are also Suskle Squirrels, but the Gormons are 
    the main enemies here. They have a lot of HP and great resistance toward 
    physical attacks, so it wouldn't be too bad to use spells on them, 
    because these deplete a bunch of HP out of them. As before, the Squirrels 
    are  a lot stronger, doing plenty of damage with their hits(around 30)
    The place has been occupied by the Dilzweldian army, so before you even 
    think about heading into the local cave to complete the Dragon Ordeal, 
    you'll have to fight through some of these guys.
    Attack Dogs(65 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(92 HP)
    Riflemen(82 HP)
    Commander(95 HP)
    There are a lot of soldiers. There is a small group of dogs(plus a 
    soldier) on the leftmost side of the first line, and a carbon copy of 
    such group to the right. Further up, there are three soldiers, all of 
    them standing behind some sort of debris.
    You can begin attacking the dog groups with spells such as Fire Storm and 
    Stone Rush(and Blizzard, too) It's good to spread such spells between 
    both groups. These dogs nearly always move together, so you shouldn't 
    have too much of a problem hitting the (nearly) entire group, at first at 
    least. After some of them are dead, you'll have a pretty hard time 
    targeting them all with skills. In that case, still use some skills on 
    the bastards, although not was SS-consuming, because they're still a bit 
    resistant to physical attacks.
    Once the dog army is done for, move forward. The first of the last three 
    soldiers you'll get to aim are an officer and a regular soldier. I 
    suggest killing the regular soldier quickly with a spell such as 
    Tornado(plus an extra attack, if needed). The general should be treated 
    equally: use some strong spells on him, such as Black Out, Tornado and 
    Blizzard, to kill the guy soon and prevent any preoccupant damage. Pick 
    up the item he leaves behind(a Broken Sword) and, before going for the 
    last enemy, blast all of the boxes and crates here. They contain nice 
    money and items(like, for example, a Life Ring)
    After you've gotten the most out of the place, kill the last soldier. 
    Given the fact is five against one, you can just fence him and have 
    everybody use a physical attack and he'll go caput.
    Go down the snowy ramp behind you and run across the path toward the 
    cave's entrance. Before it, and to the right, there'll be an Ancient 
    Table for you to pick. After snagging it, heal Darc and approach the 
    cave's entrance. The party will wait behind as Darc goes inside to 
    fulfill his destiny. Go in, then. Blitz forward and up the shiny steps to 
    a reach a shrine of sorts. Check out the pedestal and pick the Dragon 
    Master Crown... and that's about it. That was pretty easy, eh? Anyway, 
    head out of the cave...
    Did you really think it was going to be so easy?
    Gold Dragon(150 HP)
    Silver Dragon(150 HP)
    Two huge dragons are to be fought by Darc alone... hm, can you say, 
    They don't do THAT much damage(I was expecting 100 per dragon), but, 
    still, they do approximately 50 PTS of DMG, and there are two of them... 
    You ought to start the battle off with the Pyron. It'll kill the dragon 
    you aim at in one hit... Let me tell you about it. These guys have around 
    160 HP. I hit one of them with Sword of Awakening, delivering 70 PTS of 
    DMG, and then cast Pyron on it... and it did 99 PTS of DMG. Get it? It's 
    a nice idea to use the former Firble immediately.
    After the first dragon is done for, the battle is obviously a lot easier.  
    The dragon will move around a lot and use its hard-hitting spells and 
    attacks, which will do from 50 to 75 PTS of DMG to you. It's highly 
    recommendable to heal before trying to attack, because you will need to 
    soup up a hit after delivering an attack, that's for sure. Because you 
    need the Spirit Stones, use items, preferably. As for the attacking, use 
    Sword of Awakening. Nothing comes even close to it on attacking power. 
    It's a tremendous skill here.
    If you used the Pyron and killed one of the dragons quickly, this 
    shouldn't be too tough. Just maintain yourself healthy and pummel away 
    with SoA.
    There'll be a cutscene. Afterward, leave. Outside, your party will 
    congratulate you. Leave the area and go back to Drakyrnia.
    Save/Heal and sell that Broken Sword you got at Dragon Bone Valley, for a 
    hefty 1,200 G. Purchase some new items(the Stuffed Rabbit for Bebedora is 
    a great option) and then head toward Williwo's. On your way, you'll have 
    to watch a short scene, about Darc wanting to go alone to Williwo's. Once 
    you take control, resume your way toward the elder's place. Once you 
    enter, talk with Williwo.
    He'll inform you Droguza is at Thunor Point. He'll also answer some of 
    your questions. After the whole thing, exit the room. Outside, Darc will 
    ponder about the information just provided to him. After his blabbling, 
    go towards the town's entrance to rejoin your party members. Darc will 
    fill them up on Droguza's whereabouts. Once you're ready, head out of 
    To get to Thunor Point, you'll have to cross through the Vayu Dam Ruins.
    When you enter the area, you're greeted by a bunch of Drakyr who're 
    apparently in good terms with the Dilzweldian soldiers... 
    disgusting(think like a deimos here, old chap). Obviously, there is no 
    other choice but to crush their skulls.
    Riflemen(70 HP)
    Drakyr(119 HP)
    Commander(86 HP)
    It's just a small group of enemies here. They start off with a line of 
    soldiers, followed by two Drakyr, and finished by an officer. At first, 
    they won't be close enough together to be able to be (all) targeted with 
    spells like Fire Storm, so use single-enemy spells at first, that consume 
    less SS. Once they start slithering toward you, they'll get a lot closer, 
    so make good use of those chances by casting Blizzard, Fire Storm, Stone 
    Rush... you know the drill. Bebedora should use Black Out on the strong 
    lads, such as the Drakyr and the officer(the soldiers are quite weak 
    compared to the deimos, although strong on their own right) As usual, 
    it'd be recommendable to kill the General first, as he's carrying a Super 
    Bomb. Some of the soldiers and the Drakyr also hold some nice items for 
    you to pick.
    Darc interrogates a wounded Drakyr, who dies after a bit. Some 
    Dilzweldian soldiers then appear.
    Gun Traps(55 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(80 HP)
    Riflemen(74-78 HP)
    There are a lot of enemies on this huge and complicated battlefield, and 
    they all do a lot of damage: the soldiers do around 30 PTS of DMG with 
    their hits, as well as the Gun Traps, and they can fence you up easily.
    There are a lot of ways to get to them, but they're very well spread, to, 
    so you're bound to be attacked from various sides easily. This battle is 
    really tiresome: I suggest starting off by killing the two nearby 
    soldiers(to your right) and any soldiers that move toward there(probably 
    a Gun Trap and a regular soldier). Use three of your characters to do so, 
    and send the other two forward. The trio should use their best skills on 
    these guys, because they can get a bit damaging. I suggest sending 
    Camellia there, too, so she can heal with Healing Rain. Be sure to kill 
    all of the monsters that you might have to deal with quickly, with the 
    strongest skills of them all, such as Stone Rush and Black Out. I sent 
    Volk, Bebedora and Camellia here and had them use such skills, with Volk 
    attacking physically.
    Meanwhile, have the other two guys kill the two or three guys they could 
    face as they move forward(or a gun trap, if you're lucky). They shouldn't 
    have many problems and could beat through with just physical attacks. 
    Eventually, they'll reach the place where the officer is. When they do, 
    the other group ought to be here, or at least on their way. That way, 
    you'll fence up the officer from two sides and with a huge group, so just 
    attack him physically with them all to end the fight quickly.
    After the fight, heal yourself up. At this point, you're probably very 
    weak on the Spirit Stones department. If that's the case, I suggest going 
    back to Orcoth(the cheapest place to buy them) and spending some serious 
    dough on them. Just escape any battles you could have to go through. 
    Then, come back and enter Thunor Point.
    A short scene takes place.
    Gun Traps(55 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(84-88 HP)
    Droguza(660 HP)
    The enemy group is spread like this: a line of three Gun Traps, further 
    to the back, three soldiers, and behind them, Droguza. There is also a 
    Gun Trap and a soldier to the right, each one of them protecting a 
    I suggest using Bebedora to destroy the guys on the staircases as you 
    advance forward, but only if Droguza is not on the range. Otherwise, have 
    her attack him. The first line of enemies(some Gun Traps) are quite easy 
    to deal with: just use physical attacks and they go down soon enough. The 
    soldiers that come afterward are, of course, a lot stronger and much more 
    damaging. I suggest using strong magic on them, but save the best of the 
    best for Droguza.  Fire Arrow and Blizzard all work well. Try to kill the 
    soldier on the staircase, too.
    I highly suggest having Camellia, Delma and perhaps Volk deal with the 
    soldiers. Darc and Bebedora should attack Droguza with Black Out and 
    Sword of Awakening, two skills that will do tremendous damage on the 
    deimos hybrid. Even though you're bound to be doing a lot of damage, be 
    careful around this guy, because his attacks do up to 70 PTS of DMG. 
    After the soldiers are dead(not necessarily the one on the staircase), 
    it's time to go town on Droguza. Add up Stone Rush, Fire Storm and 
    Blizzard to your attacking repertoire. Some of these spells won't do much 
    damage, but they're a lot better than the normal, physical attacks, which 
    don't seem to do much on the horse-like monster.
    Once his companions are all dead, Droguza ain't that complicated. He can 
    still deliver major damage, so please don't get too cocky and start 
    wandering around. Use your absolute best on him and HEAL if it is 
    necessary. Droguza is VERY strong, I am telling you. However, this 
    strength will also make your Tension Meters fill up fast, which will make 
    you able to cast Combination Attacks on the deimos hybrid, delivering 
    maximum damage. Overall, not a too complicated fight.
    Darc questions Droguza about his motives. He escapes shortly afterward, 
    but Darc manages to sneak into the Megist, and you'll take control.
    --THE MEGIST--
    Go up the ramp and head through the small door. In the next screen(a 
    warehouse of sorts), take the path that goes right(not the one that leads 
    towards a staircase) and head through the doorway at the end. At the next 
    area, blitz forward and you'll overhear a Dilzweldian conversation. After 
    it, go through the door in front of you and get 200 Spirit Stones, a 
    Bountiful Fruit and a Life Ring out of the treasure chest there. Go back 
    outside and head left. Run through the next door you come across and a 
    Sleepless Guard and Sparkly Eyebells out of the chest. Afterward, go back 
    outside and continue left. Check out the door there; it's locked.
    Darc spots a vent and decides is a nice way to head into the locked cell. 
    He'll bust in and find Lilia and Nafia. After the scene, save up and head 
    through the door. In the next screen, trot down the hallway and take the 
    adjacent road that goes back to the warehouse. In there, you'll find two 
    soldiers wandering around. Time to fight.
    Foot Soldiers(76 HP)
    One of these guys is carrying a Sapphire Coating, and the other a First 
    Aid Kit, both of which can only be gotten by using Steal. Anyways, just 
    use physical attacks to kill them.
    Watch the (somewhat funny, I don't know why) scene. After it, you'll be 
    on the world map. Simply go back to Yewbell. Should you need to fight, I 
    suggest escaping, unless you're well-healed and have a nice amount of SS.
    A scene will take place. After it, run towards Lady Nafia's house. 
    Inside, some more cutscenes will take place. These are probably the 
    suckiest scenes I've had to bear through. Anyway, save up.
                             ---- KHARG: RAGE ----
    Spencer comments he'd like to beat the juice out of Tatjana, for she's a 
    filthy villain. Kharg, however, has plans for her, so it cannot be 
    helped. Run downstairs, into the casino. There, you'll see a scene. Run 
    towards the end of the area to find Tatjana. Kharg talks with her.
    Go back upstairs and talk with Samson, who's about to leave. He'll ask 
    you to look for his men, Boomer and Booster, so go outside. It should be 
    noted that the equipment shop is now carrying Lenses for you ship, which 
    you can combine on it to gain access to new types of attacks for the Big 
    Owl. It's expensive stuff, though. As for the other equipment, there is 
    nothing new around here.
    Head toward where Jacqual used to be and talk with the man with a bandana 
    there, who's Buster. He'll run off to Samson. As for the other guy, he's 
    at the Main Plant. Head towards the upper-right corner of the room and 
    talk with the guy with a Bandana, who's Boomer. Kharg will inform him 
    about the situation and he'll head towards the pub immediately. You too 
    should follow him.
    At the pub, chat with Samson. Run towards the town's exit. As you try to 
    leave, you're stopped by General Spencer. Tatjana implores for indulgence 
    and is given some by Kharg. This maddens Spencer, who leaves immediately. 
    Seriously though, is there any RPG where a character who was a bad guy 
    asks for redemption and gets beheaded instead? That'd be too much good. 
    But anyway, leave town after puking at softie Kharg and run towards the 
    Mountain Stronghold.
    Go up the ramps into the inside of the stronghold. If you approach the 
    elevator that took you into Mt. Quina you'll learn it's been disabled. 
    But anyway, by the area's entrance, there is a glowing panel, next to a 
    pump. Check it out and operate it. Tatjana does the trick on it and 
    enables a nearby cargo lift. Board it and head down.
    Below, head to the left and inspect the glowing thing attached to the red 
    car you'll find. The party discovers something's going on at Ragnoth. 
    After the scene, head to the left of where the wireless radio was and 
    pick up the Spirit Dictionary off the floor(it's the yellow book there, 
    no way to miss it) Further to the left there is a chest containing 680 G, 
    a Fire Talisman and a Simple Booster. Pick them all up and exit the 
    At the outside area, you'll find no other than Zev. He'll say Yewbell's 
    been overrun by Deimos. We must hurry! Exit the place and head towards 
    the Big Owl, which is parked on the world map. Off to Ragnoth!(it could 
    be a good idea to buy some equipment for Tatjana)
    Once you arrive, immediately head inside Yewbell.
    Watch the introductory cutscene. Chat with the townsfolk and move towards 
    your house. As you approach it, two women appear of it and run away after 
    seeing you. Something's fishy around 'ere... Head into your house and 
    approach Paulette. She'll provide you with some misleading information: 
    the deimos killed Lady Nafia. Yeah, whatever. Kharg will be, obviously, 
    quite saddened.
    Go out of your house and go to the castle ruins. There, head into the 
    graveyard(run towards the dilapidated fountain and take a left). Approach 
    Lady Nafia's tomb(the patch of dirt on the grass) and examine it. Maru 
    comes after Kharg throws a tantrum and tells the son of Nafia something's 
    up with the Yewbellians, as they seem to be upset and looking for Kharg. 
    Run back to town. As you do, the whole place pops out of nowhere and 
    blocks your way.
    Talk about racism here... the town is disgusted for the mere fact Nafia 
    had sex(well, she did) with a deimos and got Kharg out of it(and Darc, of 
    course). They blame Kharg for the whole Yewbell incident. Yeah, whatever. 
    Drakyr wings spurt off Kharg's back and everybody runs away. Paulette 
    does not want him near, so the son of Nafia runs away. Watch how Kharg 
    has a bit of Darc within him.
    Save(yeah, this was a short chapter)
                               ---- DARC: REUNION ----
    You'll take control of the party, the leader being Delma. Run towards 
    Williwo's place and enter it. Talk with the good, old Elder and answer 
    his questions. After the scenes, you'll get the Dragonia Ring. Go out of 
    the elder's house and the party will chat further. They decide to go to 
    Yewbell. Exit town and head there. You'll make a mandatory pitstop at the 
    Chaos forest, though.
    The party decides Bebedora is the best person to go and spy Yewbell. 
    You'll take control of her. Run westward towards the  exit of the Chaos 
    forest. Pick up the Ancient Table that's around and leave. 
    You'll be at the Castle Ruins. Simply head into the main town. Talk with 
    the townsfolk, whom you can questions with the funniest things ever. 
    Bebedora is actually quite cute O_O Head into Nafia's house and then exit 
    it once you've endured through the cutscene there. Continue joyriding 
    around town, talking and having fun. You can find various of your human 
    party members: Tatjana is at the refinery and Ganz is at the weapons 
    shop. Paulette is at the tavern; talk to her there. She'll simply run 
    away. Talk with the bartender and you'll learn she blitzed away so 
    desperately because she learned there were deimos at Chaos Forest. Quick! 
    Return there! On your way, talk with Maru by Nafia's grave. You'll have 
    to endure through a long cutscene. Follow Maru and you'll be introduced 
    to Ganz and Tatjana. After this, you'll appear at Chaos Forest.
    Sword Lady(80 HP)
    Sword Hunter(85 HP)
    Spear Hunters(85-89 HP)
    Volk, Delma and Camellia will have to fight a group of five mercenaries. 
    They all start pretty near each other, so you can do them away with 
    spells like Fire Storm, Blizzard and Stone Rush, especially on the group 
    that's a bit to the left, as there are four guys there and all of them 
    very close together. You should be able to kill at least three guys in 
    two turns with your spells. As for the rest, you could use a spell or two 
    to speed things up(especially with Camellia, due to her weakness), but 
    physical attacks will do just fine. These guys can do a lot of damage 
    with their skills(up to 60), but their normal attacks are nothing to 
    worry about.
    The party feels confident about being able to kick human booty. Paulette 
    pops out of nowhere and goes directly for Volk, bowing to avenge her 
    father's death. Volk immediately recognizes her as the daughter of his 
    family's executor. Not only him is recognized, Ganz identifies Delma as 
    an Orcon, the assassins of his friend Rapier, while Camellia immediately 
    remembers Tatjana as the one who experimented on her. Everybody here is 
    thirsty for revenge, including Maru, who had befriended with Bebedora, 
    just to learn she's a deimos friend. Tatjana admits Bebedora is quite 
    dangerous, so it'd be a good idea to retreat. Paulette and Ganz are too 
    shaken up because they're finally near their revenge. The Dilzweldian 
    lieutenant throws a flash bomb and escapes along with the human party.
    Save(yet another short chapter, sadly)
                               ---- KHARG: TRUTH ----
    --THE FIONA--
    After the scenes, talk with Samson and exit the Fiona.
    Your destination is the Slothian village. You'll have to cross through 
    quite a bit of places, though.
    Witch Plants(61 HP)
    Alraunes(65-78 HP)
    There are Witch Plants and Alraunes. They're quite weak, defense and HP 
    wise, falling after just a few hits, although they can do considerable 
    damage with their attacks(30 or so PTS). Nothing too bad.
    --THE BEACH--
    You'll have to stop here, whether you want it or not. The party finds 
    some Slothians carving something on a stone. Samson and Kharg approach 
    them, and find out they don't even know they're there. Kharg discovers 
    that Slothians are actual Deimos, given the fact they can talk without 
    problems. Kharg and Samson will interrogate them, but will get nothing 
    too useful. Just leave the area through the path near to them.
    Continue on.
    Dandelions(79 HP)
    Rognas Gormons(98-194 HP)
    There are Dandelions and Rognas Gormons on this area. The Gormons are 
    pretty strong, but don't have a big movement range, plus they tend to 
    miss quite a bit. They can still do plenty of damage(around 60) with 
    their skills. A bit less with their physical attacks. You could deal with 
    them with weak skills(stuff like Sharp Shooter is overkill) and physical 
    attacks. These guys give out some nice EXP, so you might want to level up 
    a bit... but not now. Keep on to the Slothian Village.
    A very interesting place, as there are both humans and deimos living 
    peacefully. The merchant Quorup here has some nice new items, namely, the 
    Diamond Coating, which is expensive as hell @_@ There is also Luminous 
    Moss, which adds Light to your standard attack... this will be of great 
    use on the final fight of the game, so take good note of it. There are 
    also some nice new accessories, like the Steel Armband, the Bewitching 
    Beads, the Gale Headband and a Black Charm, which'll also come in handy 
    in the final fight. All of these is hideously expensive, but you could 
    buy it later.
    There is a healing Quorup who'll charge 80 G per healing. With this guy 
    nearby, you could go back to the Forest of the hidden Ship and start 
    spending some time there, getting levels and some dough to spend on the 
    stuff here(namely, the  Gale Headband, the  Bewitching Beads, the Steel 
    Armband and the Diamond Coating) It'll be a lot of money, but you don't 
    need to get them all now. I highly suggest getting a Coating for Samson 
    and one for Kharg, and perhaps buying some more of them for when you 
    rejoin with your other party members. I should note that Samson gains SP 
    levels like crazy here, so after a bit, you're bound to have all of bit 
    skills(and his 6 skill levels) The Dahmin Woods are also a nice place, 
    but to get money rather than levels. The beach also houses money-full 
    Enter the shack right next to the entrance to learn more about this 
    place's civilization. They'll be confused when you ask them about the 
    most basic of the things. Talk with the other townsfolk, too. There is a 
    Slothian on the dock(southern part of town) who'll inform you a deimos 
    and a girl passed a while ago and headed to elder hill. Next to the shack 
    where the bewildered slothian and human are, there is a path that goes 
    upwards, between such shack and a grassed field. Go up this road.
    --ELDER HILL--
    Check out the tombstones here to get somewhat vague descriptions of 
    characters that made part of previous Arc the Lad games. Talk with the 
    sleeping elders(only some will answer to your call) and ask them about 
    the New Hero and Holy Mother(they know squat about Darc and Lilia). After 
    browsing through them(they'll fall asleep as they talk to you, so you'll 
    have to go and look for another elder), you'll learn that the Cave of 
    Truth is up north. Head towards the world map and blitz towards the cave 
    we've been looking for.
    Darc and Lilia are having a pretty tough time with some monsters. The 
    party runs up to aid them.
    Evil Eyes(60-66 HP)
    Darc will be computer controlled.  He's encircled within Evil Eyes, who 
    have 66 HP apiece. They can do quite a bit of damage per hit(around 30-
    50), so better deal with them fast. Samson is very good here, with him 
    being able to hit various enemies with his normal attacks. Windblade 
    Waltz(if you followed my advice and spent a lot of time in the areas 
    around the Slothian village, you should have it) is quite useful here, 
    being able to hit various enemies for a lot of damage. I suggest trying 
    to aid Darc first, before he's alone and very heavily surrounded. Clean 
    up his area with some skills, and let him handle himself from then on. 
    This battle is quite easy, although Darc is bound to be quite damaged 
    after it.
    After the subsequent scene, heal up. Now, there are two ways to proceed 
    here. There as an exit to the left(the way back to the world map is 
    behind you) and another to the right. There is a mysterious wall in the 
    middle of both paths, with some things engraved on it. It is "locked". 
    Anyway, take the path to the left. In the next screen, proceed to the 
    right and check out the part of the wall that's painted in orange. Tell 
    "it" you're the one seeking the truth. You'll have to prove this, though, 
    by fighting some Spirit Things.
    Spirit's Servants(75 HP)
    Spirit's Servant have 75 HP apiece, and ain't exactly pushovers. They are 
    very effective when it comes to attacking, and have some nasty status 
    changing spells, plus their attacks do around 65 PTS of DMG(. If you have 
    Spirit Stones to boot, waste the hell out of them with the strongest 
    skills amongst your repertoire, such as Tornado and Sharpshooter, and 
    even Windblade Waltz. Don't goof around these guys, I tells ya. Kill them 
    as soon as possible, and make good use of your chances to hit various 
    enemies at a time. There is not a lot to be said, just stay fairly mobile 
    and cast your strongest stuff. Oh, and heal whenever it is needed. Don't 
    get cocky.
    Talk with the glowing orbs that come out of the wall to learn about the 
    ancient times of old. After this, heal yourself up and go back to the 
    previous screen. Take the path to the right this time around and, in the 
    next screen, head along upper right wall of the room, to find a red-
    colored patch on the wall, by a pool of thunder-painted water. You'll 
    have to fight more Spirit Servants. They're as dangerous as before, but 
    start off a lot closer together. Deal with them as before, although this 
    time, you'll get more chances to hit various of them at a time(not at the 
    very start, though, unless you use something like Windblade Waltz). Don't 
    hesitate to use uber strong skills on them if you're on a dead-or-alive 
    situation. This battle is a lot easier than the other one. You ought to 
    blitz through it easily.
    Talk with the glowing orbs to learn about the Lord of the Black Abyss, 
    who was sealed on an Ark after he tried to conquer the world. Anyway, you 
    can go back to the main area, where the locked door is, or head through 
    the door on the northern side of this room. In the next screen, look for 
    the orange-colored wall and tell it you're the one seeking the truth. 
    Again, you'll have to beat the snot out of some Spirit Servants. The 
    group is as big as before, don't get fooled, but are all very close 
    together, so expect to be able to hit them soon with skills like Tornado. 
    Not only with such skills, but physical attacks may also be able to hit 
    them all, depending on your situation. Samson is bound to have a feast 
    here, and the developers apparently thought that, because he appears away 
    from the main fray. Use the tired-and-true strategy and beat their asses 
    into submission(very easily, might I add)
    Heal and chat with the glowing orbs. After learning about the deimos' 
    origins, go back to the main area(where the locked door is) and approach 
    the door in the middle(not so locked anymore). After the dialogue, head 
    into the now unlocked chamber. Inside,  approach the "main pool" upstairs 
    and talk to Lilia. This is where the Spirit of Hope will finally spit out 
    the so-called "truth". Some gibberish about the spirits, humans, deimos, 
    the divine ruler, and a tooth the size of Mars(guess out which part is a 
    lame joke). Nothing really interesting here, I thought we were going to 
    learn a lot more about this folk, the Lord of the Dark Abyss. You'll be 
    taken back to the village.
    Some nice, refreshing cutscenes will take place here. After you wake up, 
    head towards the Dock area. Lilia will be singing there. Samson shows 
    himself pleased at the presentation. After the short scene, approach 
    Samson and chat with him. He admits he wouldn't go for such a young girl, 
    but he's still very interested in her... Kharg ties up some loose ropes 
    he's got around(information, memories) and uncovers the truth. Samson 
    admits it out. Yes, he's...
    He.... is.... Lilia's father. Sorry, I could not resist but to type it 
    He tells us further information about the subject. You can now talk with 
    Lilia, but the real thing is at the Elder's Hill. Head there and watch 
    the scene. It's a tremendous scene, really, I liked the overall insanity 
    of it. Anyway, after it, some boring dialogue with peacemaker Lilia will 
    come... argh, girl, why couldn't you let them rip their throats out!? 
    Watch the cutscenes.
    You'll now have to go to the beach. Save and head towards such place.
    --THE BEACH--
    Gunners(48 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(84 HP)
    Rifleman(74 HP)
    Commander(99 HP)
    There are some soldiers and Gunners, which are pretty weak. I suggest 
    killing the general first(use Sharp Shooter for this, or Windblade Waltz) 
    to get the Steel Armband he's carrying. If you don't use Sharp Shooter on 
    him, use it on one of the soldiers that's on the backside of the 
    battlefield. The Gunners here are very weak, so treat them last. The 
    soldiers aren't much of a threat, either, but are a bit dangerous if the 
    fence you up. Still, physical attacks should do the trick. Halfway 
    through the battle, both Samson and Kharg will fill up their tension 
    meters, giving you the chance to use two combination attacks. Make good 
    use of them.
    A small boy pops out of nowhere and informs the Dilzweld army is at town. 
    What a cheap trick, and yet we fell for it O_O Anyway, go out of the 
    beach, but be sure to read the carvings on the stone by the exit first.
    Go back to the village.
    Well, you knew what to expect. They've all been slaughtered(Slothians, at 
    least) Talk with the townsfolk. One of the commentaries they do(about the 
    Slothians being happy for having new people to deal with) made me almost 
    cry... it truly saddened me. I mean, those Slothians were all cute and 
    nice... anyway, you'll get sweet revenge soon. Go up into the Elder Hill.
    --ELDER HILL--
    Then elders are dead! After hearing a villager say "save the elders! 
    they're everything to us!" I could not help but to feel even sadder(yeah, 
    yeah, I'm a sentimental bastard). The revenge will be even sweeter...
    Gunners(54-56 HP)
    Foot Soldiers(88 HP)
    Commander(95 HP)
    Use your absolute best here, buddy. Have Samson kill/damage the general 
    first and fast with Sharp Shooter, while Kharg runs amok, delivering 
    doublehand slashes a-tutti-play. These soldiers cannot take a lot of 
    physical punishment, I tells ya. Even the general is weak. Besides, 
    you'll also get the chance to use some juicy combinations attacks here, 
    and near the start of the battle. I've also noticed there is also a 
    greater chance of critical hits here, as well as counterattacks. The 
    general is carrying a Dilzweld visor, which is an item you should pursue. 
    If you use Sharp Shooter adequately and Kharg has a nice strength value, 
    you'll boost through this battle in no time(it's very easy). Samson 
    should aid with his multi-hitting staight-line shots, which he'll be able 
    to use more than once throughout this fight, I'm sure of that, buddy.
    Further discussion about who's the best: deimos or humans. After you take 
    control, go back to the village and talk with Samson by the shore. Enjoy 
    the scene and save when prompted to do so.
                            ---- DARC: EVOLUTION ----
    Watch the scenes. After them, you'll take control. Head to your Pyron and 
    board it. To Halshinne we go!
    Once you arrive, enter the nearest town, Barbadoth.
    Talk with the folks around to learn about the town's nature. There is a 
    big line nearby that those who want water will have to make. You, 
    however, can cut through and drink the water without having to do the 
    line; this'll heal you up completely. You can do it as many times as you 
    There is a mummy to the right of the water pump. Surprisingly, it is 
    alive. Hm... go up the ramp to the left of the pump and head to the 
    cranny to the left where a blue being(hidden amongst the crates) can be 
    seen -- it's Kirjath. You still have a Ancient Table to find, so, for 
    now, don't expect any prizes. Enter the dilapidated building nearby to 
    find the local "store".
    There is a healing Quorup, as well as a merchant and some Mummys. Talk 
    with the deimos in front of the entrance and he'll ask for a 1,000 G 
    donation. Try to lower it down a bit(100 or 10) G and acquire the 
    Romantic Earrings. Immediately blitz towards the store and sell the 
    Earrings for a hefty 29,000 G! Of course, you could always keep the 
    item(it cut offs Spirit Stone usage in 1/3), but, oh, the money! Should 
    you sell it, be sure to outfit your party with the latest equipment.
    The guys over here have plenty to say about the local deimos as well as 
    the desert, the Saryu and the Niente. Talk with them all(THEM ALL) and 
    head outside. Look for the mummy to the right of the water pump and talk 
    with him. He tells you his lieder(Fuhstart) ought to know how to cross 
    the desert. Head into the store building and talk with a mummy that's 
    resting inside a tent of sorts. After much talking and asking, you're 
    told you need to find the Flutes of the Saryu Tribe, which are hidden on 
    the nearby Pyramid Ruins.
    So, head out.
    --WORLD MAP--
    The Melgor Mountains nearby is a nice place to level up and gain 
    money(especially if you have the Gorgeous Ring). There are several strong 
    enemies there, that can do plenty of damage(30 to 70), so use your best 
    skills and don't get cocky. I'd spend some time here mainly for the 
    skills. Anyways, head to the Pyramid Ruins.
    Hm... quite a big place, whaddaya think? Head up the stairs and into the 
    building itself. Move across the linear road until you reach a small 
    platform with a door surrounded by torches. Check out the door to learn 
    it is locked. Go up the stairs on the left and, on the upper floor, go up 
    again by ascending up the steps that are, too, on the left. Exit through 
    the door west of the stairs, and, in the next screen, ascend up the steps 
    nearby and go through the door at the top.
    Approach the structure with the glowing pearl on it and push it up. This 
    will complete a path on the nearby area and allow you to cross it. Go 
    back to the previous screen, run down the stairs and through the door. 
    Back at the main room, run forward past the staircase and pick the 
    ancient table laying on the floor. Continue through the path and into the 
    next screen. Here, simply cross the stone bridge to the hit the other 
    wing of the Ruins.
    Move across the road until you reach a bifurcation. You can go right or 
    up. Go up and trot through the road, towards a short flight of steps. 
    Next to these steps(to the left) there'll be another structure with a 
    pearl on it -- a switch. Push it to complete a path on the area nearby. 
    Go down the short flight of steps to the right and head forward. You'll 
    hit a bifurcation -- you can go down a staircase, or go up another one. 
    Go up and, in the next screen, run forwards toward a chest at the end of 
    the thin "alley". Pick up the 240 Spirit Stones inside, as well as the 
    Life Tree Berry. There is also a switch on the wall here -- this one has 
    a blue pearl. Push it and go back.
    Backtrack to the short flight of steps and go up them. Turn right and 
    follow the path towards a staircase -- go up them. At the top, you'll be 
    able to go through a big doorway, or trot further down the road. Go 
    through the doorway first and, in the outside area, go down and then 
    left. You'll find another doorway -- hit the switch next to it and then 
    run through it. Open the chest you'll find to get 2,200 G and a Thorned 
    Ivy. Head out again and run back to the previous screen. This time 
    around, blitz further down the path. Follow it to the next screen. Here, 
    cross the stone bridge and back into the western wing.
    Blitz through the road and into the next area. Here, go right and then up 
    to find another switch. Hit it and trot down the staircase nearby. Check 
    out the hole there and decide to jump down. You'll be back on the main 
    area, where the once locked door's been unlocked. There are some more 
    items to be taken here, though. Head up the stairs to the right of the 
    once-locked door and head through the doorway to the right. In the next 
    screen, move forward and, in the subsequent area, trot through the path 
    to find three chests at the end of it. Item checklist: 100 Spirit Stones, 
    3 Earth Balms; Chattery Dentures, Magefoil; Great Sorcerer's Remains, 3 
    Earth Shys. With these items at hand, go back to the main area and, 
    finally, run through the door that was once locked(be sure to heal before 
    doing so, though)
    The music changes, the are is barely lit... something's going to happen 
    here, you can bet your underpants on that. At the end of the room there 
    is an altar with the flutes standing on top of it. Examine them to 
    trigger a cutscene. Decide to pick the flutes and the ten coffins on the 
    room will open up and let the mummies that were within them jump out. 
    It's time to battle.
    Mummies(70-76 HP)
    There are, as told, ten mummies on the area. They have a spell that downs 
    most of your parameters, so careful playing is the key to winning.
    There are five mummies on the left, five mummies on the right. Both 
    groups stretch down, so you'll have to run through quite a bit of 
    battlefield before winning the battle. These guys are weaklings, though. 
    I highly suggest sending Darc and Volk through a group, and the rest 
    through the other. Volk and Darc will finish a mummy easily with physical 
    attacks. The other group should have no major problems, as there are 
    plenty of them to fight. Here, however, I suggest spreading the attack a 
    bit. Have Camellia and Bebedora attack from one side with spells(their 
    movement range is a bit too limited, or are far too weak) while Delma 
    runs from another side and uses her sharp claws, which are powerful 
    enough to beat a mummy down in two hits. The other group should, if 
    possible, also spread the attack between Volk and Darc for maximum 
    effectiveness. However, try not to move a character too much forward to 
    do a lame attack and then, have the other one soup up hits from the two 
    mummies you left behind! Try to spread attack so each character will have 
    a mummy for himself(or, in the case of the Bebedora group, a mummy for 
    the Camellia/'Dora duo) and is not bound to be "ambushed" by another 
    mummy, because they're quite damaging(40 PTS of DMG in normal hits, a lot 
    more in backside shots) If necessary, use skills with the "strong" lads 
    such as Volk and Darc(if you cannot reach a mummy to attack it, or 
    anything similar)
    Head out of the Ruins and go back to Barbadoth. 
    The first place you should visit is Kirjath's corner. Hand over the 
    Tables and you'll get the Goddess Statuette, an item that increases your 
    Max HP by a 20%. Nothing else is left to be done here. Save inside the 
    dilapidated building and then head towards the Kanara Desert.
    This place is a bit complicated. Anyway, run forward into the next 
    screen. Here, trot forward again, until you can go further. When this 
    happens, turn right and blitz through the sand road. At the next area, 
    continue right to find a swirling hole of sand. Dive into it and you'll 
    appear on a different area. There is only one road here, to the right of 
    the sandstorm. Follow it and, in the next screen, continue until you 
    reach a somewhat open area. Go up and, in the next screen, head forward 
    to find another sandstorm. Dive in. At the place you appear on, head a 
    bit to the right to find yet another sandstorm; jump into and go left in 
    the next screen. You'll hit another sandstorm; move past it and you'll 
    hit another swirling hole of sand. From there, go up across the sand path 
    to find a third sandstorm. Jump into that one. At the next area, head 
    right and you'll be out.
    --WORLD MAP--
    So many places to be visited... the Maluise Tower, the Azer Springs, the 
    Western Fortress, the Flying Fortress Megist, the Gazlua Wastelands... 
    the destiny is the flying fortress Megist. You can take the Western 
    Fortress path, or the Gazlua Wasteland way. I'll cover both. For each one 
    of them, you'll have to hit the Maluise Tower.
    A mysterious place; silent, gloomy... hm. Watch the scenes. You'll take 
    control. Heal yourself up and run towards the tower's entrance door -- 
    but go right. Follow the linear path towards the back of the tower, where 
    a very interesting thing is to be found.
    Commandos(100 HP)
    Snipers(93 HP)
    Droguza(750 HP)
    Droguza is accompanied by a lot of soldiers. You start very near to him 
    and his three soldiers(upper area of the field), while there are three 
    more soldiers on the bottom area. I suggest sending Bebedora and Camellia 
    to the bottom area and having them kill the soldiers there with Black Out 
    and Stone Rush -- both of which will do a lot of damage. Volk, Darc and 
    Delma should attack Droguza. I suggest casting Heated Soul on both Volk 
    and Darc.
    Darc should use skills like Sword of Awakening while Volk uses his 
    physical attacks. As for Delma, I suggest having her attack the soldiers 
    behind Droguza, although she should also serve as a healer; you'll need 
    it, as Droguza is fast and hits hard -- 70 PTS of DMG with physical 
    attacks, around 90 with Black Out -- and constantly. Now, when the bottom 
    group has been destroyed, send both Camellia and Bebedora up there. Have 
    Camellia heal in that case. Delma should also heal, but attack if 
    necessary. I suggest using her spells when it comes to that.
    However, should the upper group be on a complicated situation, I highly 
    suggest sending Camellia up there(she has a nice movement range) and 
    casting a healing spell, even if the bottom group is yet to be beaten. 
    Both she and Delma should mostly heal on this fight; Droguza and his 
    soldiers do a lot of damage. I suggest concentrating on the deimos hybrid 
    mostly -- use up all of your arsenal on him. Surround him and have Volk 
    and Darc beat the crap out of him with their best skills and attacks, 
    while both Camellia and Delma heal. If you concentrate on him solely, 
    you'll have to soup up a lot of soldiers/Droguza hits -- heal, heal, and 
    The bottom group is not match for Bebedora alone(with her Black Out), but 
    if you're having a tough time on the upper group, don't hesitate on 
    sending her up there, too, or a controlled soldier, too(this could prove 
    useful, especially if Bebedora is far away from the group and there is a 
    soldier nearby). Droguza needs to be beaten fast, because he's the most 
    damaging of all of the enemies, and to do such a thing, you need a lot of 
    power, power Black Out grants. The upper group is bound to be mushed up 
    through the whole thing -- soldiers near to each other, near to Droguza, 
    and vice versa. Make good use of these situations by accommodating your 
    characters properly so they are able to hit Droguza and the commandos at 
    the same time. Such thing can be done quite well with Sword of Awakening, 
    Fire Storm and Blizzard... Blizzard and Sword of Awakening are the ones 
    you'll probably use, given the fact Fire Storm is Delma's and she's 
    probably healing.
    Droguza will begin absorbing your HP once he's near dead. When he starts 
    doing that, pummel him relentlessly with everybody, including Camellia 
    and Delma, to finish him soon. Once that happens, the commandos that are 
    left are no match for you. Even then, kick their asses hard with your 
    skills so they fall soon and are not able to kill you or something. They 
    have some nice skills, that don't go past the 50 limit, but still 
    something to watch out from.
    Enjoy the scenes.
    --WORLD MAP--
    As told, I'll cover both available paths to the Megist. Head to the 
    Gazlua Wastelands.
    Reapers(68 HP)
    Ghouls(63-66 HP)
    Skeletons(77-80 HP)
    Hellhounds(89 HP)
    There are Skeletons, Ghouls, Hellhounds and Reapers. They come in pretty 
    big groups. Physical attacks won't cut it, as there are (usually) way too 
    many monsters, and they have plenty of HP. They, however, seem to be 
    pretty bad at doing damage with attacks, so you COULD use those normal 
    attacks on them. Problem is, the battle will drag on for a bit too much. 
    Still, if you're going to use skills, don't overuse them -- kill one or 
    two monsters with such skills and then try to use physical attacks.
    There is plenty of Gald to be made here(and is also a very nice place to 
    restore one's Spirit Stone stock). This is a great place to level up at. 
    Try to get a lot of new skills(Dragon Fang Sword, Explosion and Dark 
    Extreme being the most important)
    I got Darc to level 26 here(equip the Dragon's Wrath on him and he'll -- 
    apparently -- get more EXP. It's weird) and maxed out his SP levels. 
    Still, I admit I did not learn Dark Extreme or Explosion -- a bit too 
    hard to do, I tells ya.
    Shotgun Traps(74-80 HP)
    Tin Golems(139-144 HP)
    The average Dilzwleld soldier is accompanied by Tin Golems, big 
    mammothical metal beasts. These guys pack quite a punch and have a ton of 
    HP. Not too good. I highly recommend going for them first and blasting 
    the beejezus out of them with special attacks and spells. They're fairly 
    immobile, so you should attack from afar to prevent damage. The soldiers 
    are no match for you.
    --THE MEGIST--
    As you enter, you're immediately challenged by a bunch of soldiers.
    Cannon Traps(94 HP)
    PA-200s(102 HP)
    Snipers(101 HP)
    Commander(121 HP)
    The enemy group starts off with two Cannon Traps, continues with two PA-
    200, is followed by three Snipers and finishes with an officer. The 
    Snipers are quite threatful, given the fact they're able to attack from 
    afar and deliver substantial damage. 
    You start a bit too far away from them, so your first priority should be 
    moving on(I don't suggest using the Pyron here) I suggest going for the 
    Gun Traps first and beating the crap out of them with magic and special 
    defense -- they have a lot of defense, and can also do plenty of damage. 
    Have the weak girls(Bebedora and Camellia) stay on the back lines and use 
    healing spells(Camellia -- if necessary) and attack with Inferno, Tornado 
    and/or Black Out/Dark Extreme(if you have it). I recommend Dark 
    Extreme/Inferno, because the enemy group is usually pretty close to each 
    The Gun Traps should go down first(and quickly), followed by the PA-
    200's. The PA-200's are also good against physical attacks, so casting 
    spells on them is the way to go. The soldiers(snipers) should be attacked 
    immediately afterward. These guys can get a bit too dangerous, so better 
    beat them soon. Again, skills are the way to go here, although physical 
    attacks could cut it if the situation is nice enough. 
    If possible, spread attack here and have the spell casters concentrate on 
    making good use of their hit-various-enemies chances and attack the 
    machines(as they're a bit too resistant), while the physical attackers 
    deal with lone enemies(mostly soldiers) that are bound to fall to their 
    Run forward and up the ramp. Head through the door at the top of it. At 
    the next screen, you'll see a cutscene(involving Lady Nafia's ghost). You 
    have to go up the ramp nearby, but head forward first and explore the 
    rooms at the next screen to find a save point. Save up/heal, and go back 
    to where you saw Nafia's ghost and there, head up the ramp and through 
    the door at the top. At the next area, trot through the path until you 
    find an enemy garrison.
    Gun Traps885 HP)
    Snipers(97-105 HP)
    Commander(126 HP)
    The enemy group is shaped like this: two Gun Traps, closely followed by 
    two snipers. The group continues with a sniper and an officer, and 
    finishes with two soldiers.
    Luckily, they are all pretty close together. You can move toward the Gun 
    Traps and damage them both notably with Sword of Awakening. For the other 
    enemies, you can cast spells such as Explosion, Diamond Dust and others 
    on them, to maximize damage and hit them all. Should you have less ranged 
    spells, such as Fire Storm and Inferno, you'd need to wait for the 
    soldiers to get a bit closer before being able to hit them. You can, 
    however, hit some of them right off the bat. At any rate, when they move, 
    you'll have plenty of chances to hit them all with your spells. They 
    should fall quickly. The farthest group(made out of snipers) is bound to 
    stay behind sniping the hell out of you, so you'll have to move forward a 
    bit more. Try to kill them soon, because they're very powerful.
    After the fight, head to the western corner of the area to find a door 
    you should go through. At the next screen, go up the first ramp you come 
    across(heal yourself before doing so). At the top of it, there'll be some 
    more Dilzweld. 
    Foot Soldiers8100-108 HP)
    Snipers(101 HP)
    Commandos(116 HP)
    Commander(135 HP)
    There are three enemies to the left(one of them an officer), two 
    snipers(followed by a soldier) up front, and two extra snipers to the 
    You can target the three enemies to the left with Tornado/Blizzard/Fire 
    Storm(aim for the officer and the whole group will be targeted), so move 
    at least two characters with finely ranged spells(and with good power) to 
    the area and blast that group. The soldiers will fall after two hits, but 
    the officer won't; he's far more resistant. Finish him with physical 
    attacks when given the chance.
    For the other soldiers, you'll have to advance forward towards them with 
    the rest of the folks. Take note of the thin path between both "sphere" 
    maps that are on the floor: should the soldiers try to get through it(or 
    at least get near, so they can proceed to cross it), they'll have to get 
    very close together -- make good use of these chances by using your hard-
    hitting spells(be sure some guys with such enchantments are over there)
    After the left-wing group is done, send all of your characters to the 
    middle are of the battlefield. The soldiers are, as usual, quite 
    powerful, so better kill them soon with your strongest skills. Make good 
    use of your chances.
    Heal up after the battle and then, head towards the northwestern corner 
    of the room. A machine with a glowing light on top of it will be there; 
    examine it and switch the elevator on. After doing so, go back down the 
    ramp you used to hit this place and go back to the previous screen. 
    There, run to the right. Once you hit the middle portion of the area, 
    you'll see some weird deimos coming off the elevator. There'll be not 
    only deimos, but humans and gun traps.
    Altered Deimos(76 HP)
    Cannon Traps(91 HP)
    Commandos(108-112 HP)
    There are two deimos to the left, three gun traps to the right(these are 
    in a horizontal line, well spread and all) and, on the back, two lame 
    Dilzweldian soldiers.
    All of the enemy's groups are well-spread. This, however, does not mean 
    you shouldn't use strong spells on individual enemies. The deimos are 
    quite weak to spells, so a Tornado and a physical attack will kill one of 
    them on the spot. I suggest sending Darc and Bebedora through the Deimos 
    path, while Volk and Delma blast through the Gun Traps. Camellia should 
    follow whomever you want, but be sure she's on the backlines.
    The Gun Traps are not that strong with their "shotgun" blasts: they do 
    around 30 PTS of DMG, only. They, as usual, have strong defense. This 
    doesn't mean your attacks will barely scratch them: actually, they do 
    good damage. Still, you could be tempted to use skills on them, rather 
    than physical attacks. If that's the case, use Delma's Flaming 
    Arrow(rather than Fire Storm), and have Volk attack physically. You 
    should be able to pierce through the Gun Traps with ease.
    Have Bebedora and Darc(on the upper group) shift between spells and 
    physical attacks. For instance, have Darc cast Tornado on one Deimos, 
    Bebedora cast Inferno on another, and then have them finish them with 
    their physical attacks. This group is bound to have to deal with the 
    soldiers. As usual, they're strong and have a lot of HP, so that means 
    killing them quickly is a priority. There are only two of them, though, 
    so if you concentrate your physical attacks appropriately(i.e. have your 
    available characters encircle a foe and beat the beejezus out of him), it 
    should be easy to deal with them.
    After the scene, run northward and board the elevator. At the next area, 
    enjoy the scenes and then, explore the area. There is a save point on the 
    southwestern point of the room; use it. Check out the various 
    inscriptions on the deimos tanks(some of these things are actually pretty 
    cruel O_O) and then, head to the western side of the room and look for a 
    door between two deimos tanks. Head through it.
    Run to the northern side of this room and check out the glowing panel 
    there. Press the switch on it. Once you do so, some Altered Deimos pop 
    out of nowhere and decide to have a bite at you.
    Altered Deimos(76 HP)
    There are four deimos. Two of them are on the path to the left, two more 
    on the path to the right. This is easy. As they're weak, you should rely 
    exclusively on physical attacks. Send Darc and Bebedora towards one 
    group, and the rest of your characters towards the other group. If needed 
    to do so(due to the lack of range) use a skill, but try it to be a skill 
    that does not consume a lot of SS. The guys near the bottom will slither 
    toward you, of course, and when they do, greet them with a nice slash to 
    the face.
    Head out of this room and hit the deimos tank room again. Head towards 
    the eastern corner of such area to find another door; head through it. In 
    this new room, you'll find some soldiers doing experiments on a Canidae 
    and an Orcon. You'll have to fight them.
    Altered Deimos(76 HP)
    Foot Soldier(116 HP)
    There are two Altered Deimos as well as a soldier; nothing too hard here. 
    You'll have to approach the enemies, though. Spread your attack between 
    both available paths. If limited by your movement ranges, use a spell on 
    an available foe. Otherwise, just keep moving until your enemies are at 
    your range; kill the deimos with physical attacks, and use some spells on 
    the soldier to kill him soon(he's the strongest lad here). 
    Camellia complains and complains... annoying hag. Anyway, head to the 
    back of the room and hit the lever there. Camellia will then transform in 
    one super-sexy flower girl... check out the lit mini-desk on the bottom-
    right corner of the platform Camellia transformed on to get a Card Key. 
    Heal yourself up and exit this room. At the deimos tank area, SAVE, and 
    go north and through the door there. (you'll have to use your card key on 
    the panel next to such door, though)
    A scene greets you.
    Shotgun Traps(88 HP)
    Gun Traps(98 HP)
    Towers(30 HP)
    Your objective is to destroy all of the towers here. Of course, this'd be 
    too easy if there weren't any enemies -- so there are some of them. I 
    don't recommend concentrating on them, though. Simply spread your party 
    around and blast the towers. Should there be an enemy pestering you, kill 
    it(quickly, with a strong spell) before destroying the tower, because as 
    you do such process, you may end up being hit from behind or, in some 
    cases, you're entirely disabled from approaching a tower before killing 
    an enemy near to it. These guys are very, very strong, so I recommend 
    that when you spread your party, you make sure you're able to heal 
    yourself up -- this'll be quite needed, trust me. You'll have to kill 
    plenty of enemies as you proceed through, count that in, so better have a 
    lot of SS to boot. I said that you shouldn't concentrate on your foes, 
    but I should say that you'll probably have to kill them all as you 
    destroy the towers, because these guys are an extreme annoyance. Still, 
    don't CONCENTRATE on them; rather, kill them as the opportunities arise.
    I suggest going for the pillar in the middle, then, the two pillars on 
    the bottom corners and finish with the upper pillars. It's recommendable 
    to beat down the pillar in the middle with Darc alone, while Bebedora 
    defends him from any enemy that are on the area. Then, send him, Bebedora 
    and Camellia to the bottom-right pillar and have Darc and Bebedora clean 
    the way. Destroy the pillar and go up to find their last pillar. As for 
    Volk and Delma, have them head left immediately and work as a group to 
    clean the path up. Destroy the bottom left pillar and then ascend towards 
    the upper pillar. As usual, clean the path as you go(unless this is your 
    last pillar. In that case, run up to it, soup the hits up and destroy 
    it). Don't be afraid to heal.
    After this fight, you'll get the chance to prepare yourself for the 
    showdown with Demon Droguza. Heal yourself up completely and fill out 
    your Spirit Stones bags. Learn some skills, if possible, and be sure you 
    have with yourself stuff like Raging Soul and Magic Shield. Also, be sure 
    to equip yourself with plenty Revival Medicines(THIS IS IMPORTANT).
    Droguza(1500 HP)
    Start off by casting Raging Soul on Bebedora, Darc and Volk, as well as 
    Speed up. Magic Shield should also be cast.
    Droguza is quite far away from you, so you'll have to advance forward, of 
    course. Try to stay away from the tower in the center. Droguza's laser 
    attack will draw a circular line that hits the tower and goes along it -- 
    so, as you move toward him, try to blitz past such tower. Be sure Delma 
    and Camellia stay close together to the group, as this attack, for 
    example, is able to deal 150 PTS of DMG(and I had Magic Shield!)
    Everytime you're hit by the laser attack, HEAL with Healing Rain. Make 
    your best to get past the damn tower, or else you'll have plenty of 
    trouble here. If you're within the laser's range,  Droguza will use the 
    laser attack only, although he may also use his other attacks, which all 
    do 100-150 PTS of DMG. 
    The key to winning here is to get past the tower, be sure you're at full 
    health and well-spread and have both Delma and Camellia in the center of 
    the group so they're able to heal up. As I said before the battle, it is 
    horribly important that you have plenty of Revival Medicine with you. 
    Some of your pals will get stuck on the laser attack's range, thanks to 
    their mediocre movement range(coughBebedoracough), so, once you're past 
    it, be sure to revive them IMMEDIATELY.
    Once you've done so, you may begin your attack. As I said, try to have 
    both Camellia and Delma well-placed so they're able to attack and to 
    heal. This will mean that all other party members will have to be quite 
    close together. This could prove dangerous, as Droguza uses plenty of 
    multiple-enemy attacks. He also has a claw attack, which deals around 90 
    PTS of DMG to various enemies. You'll have to heal constantly, mainly 
    with Camellia.
    Have Darc use up Dragon Fang Sword(an important skill to have here, 
    buddy) until his SS runs out. If he's at a very high level(i.e. you 
    followed my advice, equipped the Dragon's Wrath and fought a lot at the 
    world map and got him to level 26-27) his normal attack will do plenty of 
    damage(around 100) to Droguza. Even if he's not a high level, rely on 
    physical attacks once his SP has run out. Bebedora should cast Black Out 
    a lot(or her stronger spells, if you have them), while Volk and Delma 
    attack physically(although Delma shouldn't attack that much and, rather, 
    heal, along with Camellia).
    This guy does so much damage, you'll get plenty of chances to use 
    combination attacks. These are the key to winning! Whenever you get the 
    chance to use one, do so! You'll exact around 200-300 HPs off Droguza's 
    bar. It is imperative that you use them! At least three of your 
    characters should get the chance to use a Combination attack, which means 
    around 1,000+ PTS of DMG. See why I said that they're the key to winning? 
    After using a lot of 'em, Droguza will start attacking more often and hit 
    harder -- keep your healing up and smash him relentlessly.
    Save up.
                             ---- KHARG: RIVARLY ----
    Talk with the townsfolk and you'll notice they don't hate you anymore. Go 
    to the Castle Ruins and find Maru there. After the chitchat, head to Lady 
    Nafia's tomb and talk with Paulette. After the scene, you'll have to go 
    to Thunor Point.
    Do so.
    Move toward where Tatjana and Ganz are; watch the scene. Then, head to 
    the Big Owl.
    --BIG OWL--
    Heal up and check out the panel map. Destination: Halshinne. Once you hit 
    the continent, head towards Mt. Lamda(you'll have to cross through the 
    Lusah forest, though)
    Mages(87 HP)
    Monks(101 HP)
    There are mages and monks on the area. Mages are very weak and fall 
    easily to physical attacks, so use those on them. The Monks have a lot of 
    HP and a very high defense, but physical attacks are still more than 
    enough to deal with them.
    --MT. LAMDA--
    Cross the doors and head toward the northern point of the area to find 
    the Lamda Priest standing there. Tell him you're here not to train and 
    then, clarify that you're looking to get through Mt. Lamda. After the 
    chitchat, head towards the area's exit. Tatjana and Kharg have a talk. 
    You're free to leave then.
    At the world map, trot towards Peisus. You'll have to go through the 
    Romastle Plains.
    Swordsmen(106-1128 HP)
    Bandits(101 HP)
    There are Swordsmen and Bandits here. The Bandits are swift, but quite 
    weak and are clumsy when moving around, so you'll probably be able to use 
    your multiple-character spells and attacks on them. They can steal things 
    from you, so better be careful. The Swordsmen have a lot of defense and 
    are TREMENDOUSLY powerful, doing around 60-80(if powered up) PTS of DMG. 
    Given their defense, use skills on them so they fall fast and are not 
    able to damage you much.
    Go up the steps and have a talk with the Librarian, who says that if you 
    need something, you'll have to find it yourself! Go up the stairs and 
    check out the nice items on display. Then, head through the big doorway 
    nearby and, in the next screen, watch the scene. You'll have to look for 
    the Lamda Sutra.  Check out the shelves and you'll be able to read 
    various kinds of books about Diekbeck and other guys. Talk with the folks 
    around, too.
    As you move forward between shelves, you'll find Span, the guy who's 
    looking for the Spirit Dictionaries. You still have one to find, but hand 
    over the ones you already have. Anyway, head towards the northern side of 
    the room and check out the weird shelve there. Read the "poem" of 
    sorts... hm, interesting. Examine the golden dragons next to the shelve 
    and you'll learn they're completely eyeless. With this knowledge, go back 
    to the main room of the library(where all of the exposition items are).
    There, go to both wings(leftmost and rightmost) and check out the golden 
    dragons you'll find. Take the gemstones out of them and go back to where 
    the weird shelve is. Shove the gemstones into the golden dragons by the 
    shelve(blue gemstone on the right, red gemstone on the left). The weird 
    shelve will open itself up and uncover a secret path. Head into this new 
    room and there, run forward and check out the desk on the middle to find 
    a scroll. It's the Lamda Sutra. Unfortunately, it is written in an un-
    understandable language, so you must first get it deciphered.
    Head out of the room and you'll see a scene. Run back to the main room of 
    the library(you'll note that Maru ain't on the area) and head towards the 
    rightmost wing of it. Find Maru and an old man "chatting" at the bottom 
    of the wing. You'll be told that at Milmarna you might find someone who 
    can help you to translate the Lamda Sutra.
    To get to Milmarna, you'll have to cross through the Forest of Sorrw and 
    the Nien Forest. You can also go to the Malgor Mountains.
    Ninjas(82-98 HP)
    Supreme Ninjas(96 HP)
    This area is ridden by ninjas, who will often divide your party in two 
    groups. The ninjas are quite strong physically speaking, doing around 40-
    60 PTS of DMG to you, plus they also have a nice defense rating. Strong 
    lads such as Ganz and Kharg should use their physical attacks, while 
    Tatjana, Maru and Paulette use their skills(not necessarily their 
    strongest, but a good one that does consume a lot of SS)
    Deimos inhabit this place. They have a lot of HP and high defense, but 
    even then, you can deal with them with physical attacks if you have a lot 
    of characters on the battlefield. It could drag on, though.
    There are a lot of flies here. These things are quite weak, and when 
    moving around, they're bound to stay very close to each other. Blast the 
    hell out of them with regular attacks and the occasional magic.
    Explore the town and chat with the townsfolk. The store has a lot of nice 
    items, and a save point too. On the southwestern portion of the town 
    there is a mysterious shack with a chest within it, but such chest is 
    being guarded by a ferocious dog. Your destination is one the eastern 
    side of town. Head to the bottom portion of it and look for a path that 
    veers east. You'll find a huge stone building; head into it.
    You'll reach an interesting "plaza". Head forward and down the steps to 
    your right. Check out the barrels by the water on the bottom-right side, 
    next to the wooden planks, to get the fifth and last Spirit Dictionary. 
    To the right of the Dictionary there is a small appraisal office. Talk 
    with the leftmost member(it could be hard to do so. Press X in front of 
    the little box that's next to the appraiser) and have your scroll 
    She says they're forbidden from deciphering Sumlian, as it is a sacred 
    language to them(!?). Go north from the officer and approach the woman 
    guarding the top of the steps there. After the dialogue, head to the left 
    and up the stairs with a big line stretching across it. You'll see 
    another scene. Head back to where the woman blocked you off and go up the 
    steps(she's not there anymore). Run to the left toward where Maru, Foh 
    and Rosanna are; more dialogue will ensue, as usual.
    Run to the appraisal office and have a talk with Rossana and then have 
    the appraisal(the leftmost one) get your sutra deciphered. You'll be told 
    it'll need some time before it is done, so head toward the steps that 
    were once blocked off by the woman and run through the doorway there. At 
    the next screen, you'll see another scene. Talk with Foh and Rosanna for 
    further information regarding Maru's childhood and why he ended up in 
    Chaos Forest at Ragnoth o_O Anyways, go back to the appraisal office and 
    get your sutra back.
    You now need to look for Maru. He's on the top left side of the area, on 
    top of a crate by a fortune telling office. Talk with him and then exit 
    the castle. Outside, move down and approach Foh by the ocean. After the 
    nice scene, move along the path, heading back to "main" Milmarna. It 
    should be noted that on the grassy platform that connects main Milmarna 
    and the Milmarna "castle" there is an old man who'll tell you the story 
    of the country, but, most importantly, there are two stones next to him 
    that when examined will grant you a bone. Use this bone at the shack with 
    the dog to get the chance to open the chest hidden within it.
    There is beef jerky and a letter. After reading the letter, talk with the 
    boy by the shack and he'll agree to take care of Rover.
    It's now time to leave. Your destiny is Mt. Lamda, but you should first 
    head to Peisus to deliver the last Spirit Dictionary.
    Deliver the last spirit dictionary to get a Hero's Bandana. Also, pick up 
    the gems that are on the dragons at the entrance and open up the room 
    where the Lamda Sutra was. Inside you'll find Diekpeck(definitely not 
    Diekbeck). Tell him you don't believe his story and he'll ask you some 
    questions. Here are the answers:
    A cat
    Beautiful stones
    The entrants' lunches
    The Shinobi Gang
    Lakelta Deimos
    A pipe
    You'll get a Spirit Amulet. 'Peck will explode(not really).
    --MT LAMDA--
    Head towards where the priest is and enlighten the priest with the 
    sutra(clear your mind from distractions). You'll see a cutscene, through 
    which you'll be told you need to fight some of the local monks in order 
    to get authorization to go into Mt. Lamda.
    Lamda Monks(100-104 HP)
    There are five Lamda Monks here. I suggest using the Big Owl on them to 
    weaken them just enough so they're prone to fall after a subsequent 
    physical hit.
    After this, some funny gas will be released and you'll start to 
    hallucinate(heh heh). Another fight will ensue.
    Lamda Monks(97-104 HP)
    It's Maru against these monk guys. They're all well-spread, so you cannot 
    begin casting Venom Arrow or something similar in hopes of hitting them 
    all in one hit. Instead, you'll have to rely on physical hits for quite a 
    bit. Look for openings which you can use to hit a straight line of monks 
    with a lone arrow, and for chances to use venom/Hunting Arrow. Stay away 
    from any monk that powers himself up with a spell, as they're very 
    powerful, and try your best to kill that one first with your strongest 
    stuff. Stay mobile and away from those powered up guys, shift between 
    normal attacks and skills, and you should do good.
    The Lamda High Priest informs you the monsters at Mt. Lamda are emitting 
    a gas(hehhehe) that causes hallucinations to those who smell it -- 
    effectively losing their way and staying on the mount for the rest of 
    their lame lives. Woah! Anyway, head to the western end of the area, 
    through the cobbled road, to find the door that leads into Mt. Lamda.
    Run through.
    Go left and when you see a cave on the upper wall(around the area where 
    those strange patterns on the floor start appearing) head into it and 
    open the chest inside to get 180 Spirit Stones and a Bountiful Fruit. 
    Continue going left until you're (suddenly) surrounded by enemies.
    Lackey Demons(82-84 HP)
    Ogres(111-116 HP)
    There'll be four enemies to the left and three to the right... not too 
    bad. I suggest sending your most useful and most versatile characters to 
    the leftmost group -- Kharg and Maru. You could add another fighter, but 
    that'd mean Tatjana and Ganz would have to deal with the other group all 
    alone -- most definitely not good. The Lackey Demons don't have a lot of 
    HP, so try to go for them first. Sigma Gale is very good against them, 
    killing them in one hit, as well as your other character's not-so-strong 
    skills(but not necessarily the weakest). Ganz is good against all of 
    these guys, even the ogres, especially if he attacks from behind. Even 
    then, the Ogres are quite resistant, so, if possible, use skills on them, 
    but try to save some SS. Kharg and Maru shouldn't have too many problems. 
    Fight physically until given the chance to lay waste on some deimos with 
    a Venom/Binding/Whatever arrow, or perhaps a Windblade Waltz, if you're 
    feeling like using up so many SSs. Finish the survivors(if there aren't 
    many) physically. If there are various(especially if they're ogres), use 
    weak/medium skills. Heal if needed.
    Heal up and proceed left. You'll be able to go down a slope or keep going 
    west on the upper path. Down the slope there is a chest with a 
    Weathercock, a Balo Nut and a Wind Shy. But anyways, keep going left 
    along the upper road. Along the way, you'll hit an offshoot on the bottom 
    portion of the road that contains a chest with 4 Great Herbs and a Life 
    Tree Berry. Further into the road, as it widens, you'll find another 
    offshoot, but this time around on the upper side of the path, this one 
    with a chest that holds Tanzanite and an Ice Blade. As you continue left 
    from this nook, you'll find some more enemies that are willing to fight 
    Ogres(110-118 HP)
    Lackey Demons(80-85 HP)
    There are three enemies to the left, two to the right. There are more 
    ogres than lackey demons this time around. Deal with the demon first with 
    physical attacks(although you could also attack the ogre, especially if 
    you're able to do so from behind) and do the same with the ogres if 
    you've plenty of field to move around(i.e. you're very able to run up to 
    them from behind and stab their backs) because although they have a lot 
    of HP, it'll wither down fast if you attack them appropriately(keep in 
    mind I'm talking about the strong lads here). As for the "weaker" 
    girls/guys(Ganz -- yeah Ganz --, Paulette and Tatjana), use up some 
    physical attacks, but useless people like Tatjana should cast their 
    skills(Sigma Gale). Paulette can attack physically, too.
    Keep going leftward until you reach some natural gas-pumping holes from 
    which spurts an hallucinogenic gas. Run into the gaseous path and you'll 
    suddenly appear at a blue-colored Yewbell. Some zombies will appear out 
    of nowhere.
    Ghouls(82 HP)
    Zombies(73 HP)
    There are five of these zombies. They're very weak against physical 
    attacks, so use them. They can do a lot of damage with their attacks, and 
    have great attacking range, which makes up for their limited movement 
    radius. Even then, physical hits from behind(there's plenty of field 
    here, trust me) should be more than enough.
    Heal up if needed and then head towards the south-easternmost portion of 
    town(the bottom area, where there is a bridge across a crevice and 
    Banjo's refinery) and, past a bridge, you'll find a house with the ring 
    of light in front of it. Head through it.
    You'll be at Plum Canyon. Go down the woody ramps in front of you and 
    head to the left, through a bridge, to find another ring of light. Trot 
    inside it, too, and you'll be at Asheeda Forest. Head to the right and go 
    south when possible(ignore the ring to the right here). At the bottom, go 
    left and step into the first ring of light you come across to be taken 
    into the Parenz Ruins.
    Here, go south from your starting point("random" battles might ensue 
    here) and, when possible, head left, going toward where the robot who 
    pretended to be Diekbeck was in the "real world", where you'll find the 
    infamous ring of light. Step into it and you'll hit the Scrappe Plateau, 
    our last destination before we're back at the "real world". Head towards 
    the northeastern corner of the area, where the last ring of light is...
    Reapers(84 HP)
    Skeletons(98 HP-101 HP)
    There are six enemies here: two Reapers and four Skeletons... ARGH! I'm 
    getting bored of this crap... You'll first have to move towards 
    them(these guys are pretty powerful; their attacks do around 50+ PTS of 
    DMG and their skills around 70+). Use your absolute best on these guys: 
    show no mercy. Windblade Waltz, Power Wave, Skull Crush, Heat Cannon... 
    EVERYTHING! You'll be out of this place in no time and you'll soon find a 
    place to heal your wounds. You should such skills appropriately so 
    they'll hit the maximum amount of enemies. I should note that Binding 
    Arrows proves to be extremely useful here, should you decide not use your 
    best skills, as it has a tremendous blast radius and is very successful 
    when it comes to freezing enemies, which is a great aid in this fight and 
    makes it a lot less complicated, as you can simply use physical attacks 
    for a bit, without worrying about being plundered down by too many 
    enemies. In that case, it wouldn't be too bad of an idea to kill all of 
    your enemies with regular attacks
    Do whatever you want, really.
    Step into the goddamned ring of light to appear outside Mt. Lamda! 
    Tatjana comments that Anti Aircraft Artillery(AAA) is weak against ground 
    warfare, so you mustn't worry about having to go through an AAA base 
    before hitting Dilzweld. Save up/heal your wounds after the scene and 
    then exit the area. 
    Move into the Eastern Fortress.
    Watch the scene. Once it is over, head to the western side of the area 
    and talk with the two guys you'll find -- Boomer and Buster, both of them 
    Samson's sidekicks. Boomer is the one who'll offer the most info. After 
    the talk, head out of the fortress and march into the Dilzweld empire.
    After the scene, head forward and up the first steps you find. Head to 
    the northwestern corner of the city to find an alley barricaded by some 
    soldiers. Approach them for a scene, through which they'll inform you 
    Darkham's en route to Maluise Tower. You can now explore town(talk with 
    the folks around to learn how the city works). It's suggested to go down 
    into the slums and check out the place. There is one house where two men 
    by a table will -- if you insult Darkham properly -- fill you in on what 
    Samson's being doing since he got gunned down. Once you've done enough 
    talking, exit town and head towards the Maluise Tower.
    You're greeted with a "heartbreaking" scene and then you'll be free to 
    blitz into the Maluise Tower. Do so, of course. Go up the steps to hit a 
    bifurcation. Head left and down the staircase to find a chest with 2 
    Super Duper Bombs and 200 Spirit Stones. Head right along the path to 
    eventually reach an open platform with a crapload of enemies on it.
    Intruders(95-99 HP)
    PA-200s(114 HP)
    Commandos(116 HP)
    There is a line of three PA-200s, three Intruders and lastly, three 
    commandos. The PA's have a lot of defense, so it's better to attack them 
    with skills. It should be noted that the Intruders have an amazingly 
    powerful shot skill that deals around 95 PTS of DMG, so better be fully 
    healed and ready to absorb such attacks. The Intruders also have plenty 
    of HP and are very dangerous. The commandos ain't a lot better. This 
    battle could prove to be a tough one. Don't be conservative here; use 
    your absolute best and finish these guys fast(Ganz could attack normally, 
    though) or you could end up with more than one character dead.
    After the fight, head to the upper left corner of the battlefield and go 
    up the short flight of steps there. Pick up the chest you see on the 
    horizon(Life Tree Berry, 2 Revival Medicines and a Wind Blade) and ascend 
    through the nearby staircase. You'll hit yet another split-up; you can go 
    up or veer to the right. Proceed upwards.
    At the next area, go up.
    Intruders(95 HP)
    Cannon Traps(98-101 HP)
    PA-200s(119 HP)
    There are two cannon traps followed by another duo of traps, which are 
    very closely followed by two intruders, who've got their backs covered by 
    two PA-200's.  I suggest moving your lines forward just enough so you're 
    able to attack the Traps. Attack them with GOOD skills(Power Wave, Heat 
    Cannon, Venom Arrow) and, if a Intruder ever pours in, be sure to blast 
    the hell out of it quickly. Once you've dealt with the first line of 
    Traps, move forward just enough to kill the second line, making sure to 
    prioritize the Intruders. As told, use skills that will kill the monsters 
    quickly. The PA's shouldn't be too much of a problem if they're pals are 
    all dead. You can deal with them with physical attacks(from behind), 
    especially if you attack with various characters at a time.
    Head to the end of the battlefield and look for a pathway that goes 
    down(the one to the right leads to a dead end). Head through it and 
    you'll eventually hit a bifurcation, where you can go left or proceed 
    down the staircase. Down the steps there is a long road that finishes 
    with a treasure chest containing 2 Light Shys and a Stun Unit. Pick both 
    items and take the other way at the bifurcation(continue further to the 
    left). It's a long road that eventually leads to the outside area of the 
    tower. There, continue your way up and through the doorway you'll find.
    At the next area, run along the only available road to reach another 
    battle area CRAMMED with enemies.
    Gun Traps(???)
    PA-200s(119 HP)
    A line of three Gun Traps followed by a line of three PA's, which is 
    bodyguarded by two more PA's. I'm seriously getting bored of this, as 
    there is not a lot to say. The Traps are less dangerous than the PA's, 
    but it's still advisable to kill them first, otherwise you'll have to 
    deal with their hits and the PA's. Kill them quickly with skills(try to 
    use those of the characters who still have plenty of SS) such as Heat 
    Cannon and Bone Crusher and do the same with the PA's. The latter should 
    be a lot easier to deal with, as they're bound to stay together, for you 
    to effectively hit them with multi-character spell.
    After the fight, take the road on the right-hand side of the 
    battleground. As you go along it, go down the steps you'll bump into and 
    snag the Frey's Hair Ornament and High Green Lens off a treasure chest. 
    Continue along the normal road to find a save point. It's quite obvious 
    that you need to save your game and heal your party up(and learn some 
    skills, such as Maru's Shuffle Shot). Exit through the path south from 
    the save point. A scene ensues.
    After it, run up the huge staircase and blast into the altar room where 
    Lilia and Darkham are having fun(not in that way). Another nice cutscene.
    Royal Guards x 4(179-185 HP)
    Darkham(1200 HP)
    Four Royal Guards and Darkham are to be fought by you. The Royal Guards 
    have a beam spell that does plenty of damage, around 85, to be exact(thye 
    also have punch-based skill that does 90+ PTS). I suggest moving around 
    swiftly, trying to keep a prudent distance from Darkham, and attacking 
    the guards. This battle is the last of this chapter, so don't be afraid 
    to use your absolute best. Kharg's Windblade Waltz is an excellent choice 
    for when there are various enemies close. It doesn't do astronomical 
    damage, but it's a rather good skill here, as well as Sigma Gale and Heat 
    Cannon. They won't do hundreds upon thousands of damage; they'll do 
    actually very little, but it's the best you'll get here(those guards have 
    plenty of defense). Sigma Gale is actually the best skill here.
    As told, concentrate yourself on the guards. Combination 
    attacks(especially if you can target various enemies with them) are 
    excellent here, so please make appropriate use of them. Heal whenever it 
    is needed to do so. Now, when the guards are there, it's obviously time 
    to plummet down into Darkham. He's got an attack that doesn't do much 
    damage(50+), but stuns you, and another combo that deals up 110+ PTS of 
    DMG!. His normal attack does around 50+ PTS. He doesn't have as much 
    defense as the guards, that's for bloody sure, but he's still good at 
    souping up hits. It's advisable to revive any fallen party members(heal, 
    too), cure any status aliments, all of this done while attacking.
    As for the attacking, Maru is a tremendous aid here. If he's got Shuffle 
    Shot, USE IT IMMEDIATELY ON DARKHAM! This attack does around 120+ PTS of 
    DMG to the Dilzweldian emperor. Maru ought to have some Stone Bags on him 
    so he's able to use it on Darkham various times(it's also good to have 
    Maru attack 'Ham exclusively through the whole fight, picking up any SS 
    left behind by the guards to refill himself and keep attacking). As for 
    the other guys, Sigma Gale and Windblade Waltz are another great choice 
    for attacking good old lord Darkham. It should be noted that he gets 
    increasingly weak as his HP withers away.
    Darkham, alone, isn't too hard. Keep up the attack(use physical hits once 
    SS start to run dry), heal if needed and cure status aliments.
    Scene time! Save.
                     ---- KHARG & DARC: FINAL BATTLE ----
    After the scene, you'll be able to pick a side to fight with. Pick 
    whomever you want. Let's start with the deimos:
    Kharg(325 HP)
    Paulette(275 HP)
    Maru(275 HP)
    Ganz(375 HP)
    Tatjan(225 HP)
    It's obviously against the humans :) These guys are strong, doing around 
    50 PTS of DMG per attack, VERY fast(they attack a lot of times per turn)  
    but use lame-ass skills(although they ought to use some good stuff 
    sometimes). They're also VERY weak against all of your repertoire: 
    Inferno does amazing damage here, as well as Dragon Fang Sword, which is 
    probably the best skill you'll access on this battle, as it hits hard and 
    can hit a lot of enemies at a time. It's imperative to deal with Kharg 
    and Maru first with your absolute best. Dragon Fang Sword + Inferno is a 
    good combination to get rid of these guys quickly and painlessly(you 
    should concentrate specially on Kharg, he's dangerous), so have Bebedora 
    and Darc roam around those two guys. Paulette, Ganz and Tatjana ain't 
    much of a threat. Ganz is probably they most dangerous, as he's quite 
    powerful. Concentrate your firepower on him(if possible, have Darc and 
    Bebedora join up to the attack, with the attacks they used on Kharg and 
    co). Skills such as Blizzard, Earthaquake and Fire Storm are nice, as 
    well as Darc's and Bebedora's. Once he's down, Paulette and Tatjana are 
    not match for you. Still, utilize skills on them. Once the group is 
    completely reduced to one, you may rely solely on physical strength.
    As for the humans:
    Darc(325 HP)
    Delma(275 HP)
    Volk(350 HP)
    Camellia(225 HP)
    Bebedora(225 HP)
    There is not a lot to be told here, as the battle is quite similar, 
    except you'll have to use different skills, of course. Concentrate on 
    Darc(duh), Bebedora and Volk. Darc should be punished the most with 
    Windblade Waltz, Maru's Arrow skills and your strongest 
    magic/attacks(Sigma Gale, for example). Bebedora should be your second 
    target, as she's also quite powerful and can inflict considerable damage. 
    Volk is pure physical strength, but not really that dangerous if he's 
    unable to attack from the back side. He's much stronger than Delma and 
    Camellia. Once he's down, you may spread your attack. Attack Camellia 
    physically and Delma with skills(the strongest to finish her quickly). 
    these guys are also fast and furious.
    NICE! it's scene time :) After it, the winning party will be able to exit 
    the Maluise Tower. Do so. Now, your destination is the Flying Castle. I 
    highly suggest you to buy plenty of Black Charms and Luminous Mosses, as 
    they'll be quite necessary for the final battle. It should be noted that 
    you need to buy enough so the humans and deimos can use them, as, when 
    you enter the Castle, both parties will meld. Also, keep in mind that 
    when you go into the flying castle, you cannot go out. To go inside the 
    flying castle, head into the Maluise Tower's entrance plaza and head to 
    the rightmost side of it(where you once fought DroguzA). There you'll 
    find the castle. Watch the scene and head inside. Once you do, you'll 
    take control of the losing party. Again, spend some dough on the Luminous 
    Mosses and Black Charms. Then, have them go into the castle, too.
    Eventually, when you get to use all ten characters, you'll have to go 
    through a whole bunch of colored levels. There are a lot of enemies 
    there, and you'll have to fight quite a lot. I'll give you a general tip 
    for those fights: use a lot of STRONG skills. You'll get plenty SS as you 
    progress, either on chests, fights, or by being able to buy them at some 
    After the introductory cutscene, your party will be split. You'll take 
    control of a party conformed by Delma, Volk, Kharg, Paulette and Ganz. 
    Immediately afterwards, you'll have to fight.
    Hell Kites(84-87 HP)
    Lackey Demons(25-26 HP)
    There are Hell Kites and Lackey Demons here. The Hell Kites are 
    outstandingly powerful with their physical attacks, so kill them 
    FAST!(use skills). The Lackey Demons should be finished physically; they 
    aren't much of a threat. But you should really kill those Kites fast, 
    otherwise you're done for.
    Exit through the area's only exit(through the northwest), and you'll be 
    forced to take place in another fight.
    Golems(153-161 HP)
    Rognas Gormons(164-169 HP)
    You'll have to fend off against a huge group of Golems and Rognas 
    Gormons. The Golems are, inexplicably, very weak, defense-wise. A strong 
    skill such as Power Wave will leave them with 4 or 5 HPs left -- although 
    you cannot use such kind of skills that much, due to the SS limits you 
    have. You can destroy the strange orbs nearby for some SSs, too. The 
    Golems have a lot of HP, so you cannot simply hope to beat them with 
    regular attacks. You'll have to use a combination of strong skills and 
    physical attacks, but, be intelligent -- this is a long dungeon, and 
    you'll need the SSs. If possible, attack from behind(physically) with 
    various characters at a time. It should be noted that these guys are 
    outstandingly weak against wind, so Power Shot and Wind Slasher are great 
    alternatives here.
    The Gormons are also huge and do considerable damage(50-70), but are a 
    lot less resistant to physical attacks, specially if hit from behind. 
    But, they have plenty of HP, and there are four of them... still, I 
    recommend spreading your characters and concentrating on getting chances 
    to attack the Gormons from behind... you'll do a lot of damage, and, if 
    you spread yourself appropriately(and if you have the right equipment), 
    you'll finish them soon and efficiently -- saving some SS on the go. You 
    could use skills if you want to.
    After the fight, head to the bottom of the area and take the path to the 
    left. Climb up it, and, at the top, head towards the corner across the 
    path you came across to find a panel with a pearl on it. Touch the stone 
    and you'll see a cinema. Afterwards, head to the right and go up when 
    possible to find a doorway. Head through it. At the next area, head 
    across the road and you'll see, up north, a bridge made of floating 
    platforms, with a platform still missing. On the bottom-left corner of 
    this area, you'll hit a path that veers down. Follow it to find another 
    panel with a pearl on it -- touch the pearl and the platform missing from 
    the floating bridge will appear. Go back to such bridge and try to cross 
    it -- you'll see some dialogue and some neat happenings. Cross the bridge 
    Dark Dwellers(82 HP)
    A huge group of Dark Dwellers is to be fought here. They don't have that 
    much HP, plus they're very susceptible to physical attacks from behind -- 
    in other words, start your slugfest with normal attacks. You'll get some 
    of these guys to slither towards you at the very beginning of the battle, 
    while the other ones(the ones behind the Strange orbs) wait up. If you 
    accommodate yourself adequately, you can finish these guys very quickly 
    and painlessly with pure physical strength. When you finish the first 
    group of Dwellers, move towards the other half of the team(4 dwellers). 
    As usual, it's a matter of spreading yourself appropriately here. Simply 
    send some characters towards a group of dwellers, and the other ones 
    towards the other group. That way, you can kill them with simple physical 
    hits. Should the dwellers attack together, then do the same yourself. All 
    in all, this is a fight you can beat without using a single skill.
    It should be noted that this guys tend to dodge frontal attacks, so it's 
    even more important to hit them from their rears.
    After the fight, you'll be in a huge area. However, there is nothing to 
    be seen here, so trot towards the northern end of it, where a gray 
    platform with a yellow symbol inscribed on it will be. Board the platform 
    and you'll be taken into the upper levels of the castle. Once you regain 
    control, go up the "staircase"(more like blockcase :)) to reach an area 
    that serves as a hall to the "big door". You'll be given the option to 
    save. I suggest doing so in an alternate file.
    You'll then be as Darc. His party is made out of Darc, Maru, Bebedora, 
    Tatjana and Camellia. You'll have to fight almost immediately.
    Gunners(76 HP)
    SA-100s(131-140 HP)
    There are a bunch of robotic things here(Gunners and SA-100's). I highly 
    suggest beating the Gunners first, as they're weak, and then going for 
    the SA's. The SA'S are nothing short of lame enemies. They like to 
    explode and do 60 PTS of DMG(the Gunners can do up to 70 with their 
    hits). This battle is not really that guard, simply move adequately(try 
    not to get too near the SA's) and hit the Gunners hard from the rear. The 
    SA'S should be dealt with regular attacks, too.
    After the battle, you'll take control. Heal and take good note of this 
    room, which I'll refer to as "hub". There are three available paths here 
    -- one to the right, one to the left, and one to the south. In all of 
    these areas, you'll have to fight some enemies and then activate the 
    respective pearl. Once they've all been activated, you need to go back to 
    the hub.
    Gun Traps(84 HP)
    Shotgun Traps894 HP)
    There are four Shotgun Traps and four Gun Traps(there are two up north, 
    two south; the Shotguns are pretty close together)... this is seriously 
    quite easy. Have Maru and Tatjana, who both start near the Gun Traps, 
    attack such enemies, while the others deal with the Shotguns. Tatjana and 
    Maru shouldn't be afraid to use some skills, as they'll be alone. The 
    group that attacks the Shotguns should do it physically, although a skill 
    or two to speed things up is nothing bad.
    PA-200s(119-135 HP)
    SA-100s(144 HP)
    There are PA-200s and SA-200s here. There is a PA that's surrounded by 
    strange orbs that's carrying a Unit 128K, that's of extreme use to 
    Tatjana, so you should attack that PA hard to get the item quickly. The 
    PAs are very strong when it comes to attacking, so I highly recommend 
    concentrating on them and using hard-hitting skills when it comes to 
    attacking those guys(don't use over-strong spells such as Air Blade, 
    because they don't do much damage). The SAs aren't that hard, and they 
    may kill themselves(self-destruct), although they'll damage you on the 
    way. Don't be afraid to use ample skills on this battle.
    Evil Eyes(84 HP)
    Dark Dwellers(87 HP)
    There are Evil Eyes and Dark Dwellers, both of which look strikingly 
    similar. There are TOO MANY of them, so, for instance, using the Pyron on 
    this battle could be of extreme usefulness. The physical-attack-only 
    formula you used with Kharg's co simply won't work here -- you'll have to 
    rely heavily on skills, otherwise don't expect to win. Given the fact 
    there are so many of those guys, you'll get plenty of chances to hit 
    various of them with skills and attacks -- make good use of such chances.
    After clearing each room and activating the pearls, go back to the hub 
    and use the elevator on the upper portion of it. At the next screen, 
    you'll see a scene, and Bebedora will board one of the room's two 
    elevators. Save on your alternate file and follow Bebedora. Go up.
    Treason time!
    Altimas x 2(900 HP)
    Bebedora(225 HP)
    There are two huge Altimas and Bebedora. It should be noted that the 
    Altimas can only move through the room's big, squared panels -- they 
    cannot cross through the thin paths that unite such panels. They can 
    attack from VERY afar with their breath attack, that has a huge range and 
    does a lot of damage(90-120). I suggest defending for a bit until one 
    Altima is considerably near you(on one of the panels that are either to 
    the right or to the left of your starting point) -- once it is, move your 
    party towards it, making sure the healers are on a favorable position, so 
    they can heal all of your party up. As for what to use on the Altimas, 
    Dragon Fang Sword and Shuffle Shot(skills used by Darc and Maru, 
    respectively) are the ways to go. 
    Like I said, when there is an Altima near, move your party towards it. 
    You'll probably have to heal more than once as you go, but when you're 
    nose to nose with the Altima, it won't be a problem anymore, as the 
    monster will be limited to physical attacks only, which are pretty 
    weak(30 or so). When this happens, attack the monster relentlessly with 
    all of your characters(except Camellia) and their best skills. 
    Combination attacks will probably become available as you fight.
    Once you beat one of the Altimas, the other one is bound to fly to the 
    area you beat his pal on. In that case, if you still have plenty of SS, 
    continue your attack. If Maru doesn't have enough to cast Shuffle Shot, 
    have him look around for a Strange Orb to destroy for a boost of SS. Darc 
    can attack physically the Altima and still do nice damage, so if he's 
    lacking on SS, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Have Camellia heal, 
    as usual, while you punish this second Altima relentlessly with Shuffle 
    Shot, Sigma Gale and Dragon Fang Sword/Regular attacks. If you heal 
    yourself adequately and keep the attacking up(even after depleting your 
    SS stock), this Altima won't stand much of a chance. Combination attacks 
    should become available.
    Pick the items left behind by the Altimas, heal, and try to restore your 
    Spirit Stones stock with the strange orbs around. Bebedora is on upper 
    end of the battlefield. Once you feel like you're ready, move toward the 
    puppeteer. She has VERY LITTLE HP and does almost NO DAMAGE. She's 
    pathetically weak... a combination attack will finish her good. Anyway, 
    simply fence her and beat the beejezus out of her physically. She really 
    doesn't stand a chance against you...
    ...or so you believe! After she's been killed once, she needs to be 
    killed again. Once killed, she'll reappear on another point of the 
    battlefield(normally near you). You have to kill her several times before 
    the battle's over. Keep in mind that she's still overly weak against 
    attacks and when using her stuffed bear, but she could also use Dark 
    Extreme, which is dangerously hard-hitting. You'll have to kill her a lot 
    of times, because she will die after one hit, and you'll probably won't 
    do a lot more than 20 PTS of DMG, unless you use a very powerful skill or 
    a combination attack. This battle could be quite annoying, too, as she 
    likes to heal herself up by sucking the life out of you with Divide.
    After the ultra-nice cutscene, heal, re-stock your SSs and get on the 
    elevator next to you. You'll be back to the area where Bebedora started 
    to act strange. Save and take the elevator across the save point, on the 
    right side of the area. In the next room, move forward and the whole team 
    will finally regroup. You'll then be able to decide which character to 
    use(don't worry, humans and deimos have already joined forces; choose 
    whomever). Cross through the newly opened door.
    At the next area, go along the road to find a healing Quroup as well as a 
    merchant Quorup. Healing is not an issue right now, as you're already at 
    full health. You should, however, stock up on healing items and Spirit 
    Stones. Save then and go up the elevator nearby(you can also ask the 
    Quorups how they got there)
    In the next room, there are three available paths(this room shall be 
    called "hub 2"). Take the upper one. You may have to fight enemies when 
    you enter. From now on, the battles will be randomized, as well as the 
    enemies. There is a huge selection of them, so better be ready for 
    anything! But anyway, in the room I told you to go, take the path to the 
    left and follow the road until you hit a room with some flying pods on 
    it. Examine them to discover they're chests! Inside this room, you'll 
    get: 3 Rescue Kits, Satan's Ribbon, 180 Spirit Stones, 2 Life Tree 
    Berries, Angel Statuette, Ice Talisman, Steel Ripper, Satan's Beads and 
    1000 G.
    After getting these items, go back to hub 2 and take the path to the 
    right. Again, simply blitz through numerous rooms until you find an 
    elevator. Board it, and, in the room you'll arrive on, go north and 
    follow the one-way road until you find another elevator, with a save 
    beacon next to it. You'll reach an area lit with a brown light(the 
    enemies around here are very dangerous). Move along the road and you'll 
    hit a room where there is an elevator on the southern end. Take it.
    Run down into the next screen and, here, loot all of the flying orbs for 
    a Blade of the Giants, 240 Spirit Stones, Duel Spikes, Light Talisman and 
    White Charm. Continue on until you hit a room with two more pods that 
    hold a Superconductor Coil, Life Ring, Black Charm, 200 Spirit Stones and 
    2 Life Tree Berry. Keep going to find an elevator that'll take you down. 
    In here(hub 3), there are three exits. Go through the upper one to find, 
    on floating chest-orbs, 2 Red Charms, a Fire Talisman, 240 Spirit Stones, 
    Type 4 Ruby Lens Proto, 4 Strongest Herbs, 3600 G, a Battle Jacket and a 
    Power Berry. Take the left road to progress.
    By taking the left road, you'll eventually reach a room with a save 
    point, a merchant Quorup and an elevator. Save, buy(I suggest getting a 
    Blue Lens for your Airship, as well as the Neutrino Charge. Combine them 
    with the Red Lens you got earlier, and a high-level Green Lens you got 
    previously in the game to get an ultra-destructive Hyper Laser) and go up 
    with the elevator.
    In the next area(lit in green) take the left path and go along the 
    multiple rooms until you reach an area with an elevator on it. Board it, 
    and, when you arrive at the next floor, go south into the next screen. 
    Here, continue along the only available path(my yawn could be called a 
    hurricane), until you hit a room with another elevator and two other 
    paths -- up, and to the right. Board the elevator and, in the next 
    screen, head forward to save a healing Quorup, a Merchant Quorup and a 
    save point. Save, heal and stock up on healing items, revival medicines 
    and Spirit Stones. Be sure you've got a Max-powered Hyper Laser with the 
    Airship(equip what I told you to a while ago). Go through the two huge 
    double doors.
    Scene time!
    After it, you'll be in the "Black Abyss". Your pals will be around, with 
    flames in front of them. Approach each one of your friends and you'll get 
    to see the things that they, eh, uh... resent(characters of the game). 
    This is important. Anyway, head to the lone flame at the northern side of 
    the room to proceed with the story.
    Meshimgens(3 hits kill them)
    You'll have to fight the somewhat tricky Meshimgens. When you attack one, 
    it'll transform into your characters' resentments. For instance, if you 
    hit a Meshimgens, it could transform into Nafia. The key here is to have 
    your characters attack their resentments. For instance, Kharg should 
    attack Nafia, Maru should attack Foh, and so on. It should be noted that 
    you won't see the illusions, but rather the monstrous Meshimgens. When 
    you attack one, the illusion is uncovered -- but if you attack the 
    illusion with the inappropriate resented character, you'll get turned 
    into a Meshimgen. This sounds complicated, but the key here is to attack 
    the monsters so you uncover the illusions behind them and then send the 
    appropriate characters to kill them. When you're turned into a 'gen, 
    you're turned back into a human after a couple of turns. This isn't hard 
    once you've uncovered the illusion behind each gen. Here is a handy table 
    if you don't know who should attack who:
    Paulette = Lloyd
    Delma = Densimo
    Volk = wife & son
    Ganz = Rapier
    Kharg = Nafia
    Darc = Windalf
    Maru = Foh
    Bebedora = Bebedora
    Camellia = old Camellia
    Tatjana = Darkham
    Lilia Getmann(1200 HP)
    Meshimgen(200 HP)
    THIS BATTLE can be HARD!
    There are various Meshmigens, who can now be hit normally, as well as a 
    monstrous structure amongst which is Lilia. You must start by clearing 
    the way into Lilia by beating the Meshmigens. They use a belly-flop 
    attack that does a lot of damage(150 or so), so when it comes to 
    attacking them, use your absolute best. Use Binding Arrow, Windblade 
    Fury, Dragon Fang Sword, Burning Rain... skills that have gigantic blast 
    radiuses and that can hit a  lot of foes with just one hit. You can kill 
    all of these monsters in no time by using these skills... but you 
    shouldn't. Lilia will generate more of them as you battle, so kill just 
    enough of them to be able to approach Lilia(you may be lucky and get the 
    chance to approach Lilia without having to kill a monster... make good 
    use of such opportunity).  I should say that, early into the battle, both 
    Kharg and Darc will get their Tension Meters completely filled up. Make 
    haste to Lilia so you're able to use both combinations attacks quickly 
    and deliver outstanding damage. As for other attacking choices, there is 
    Shuffle Shot, Windblade Fury, Dragon Fang Sword, Sigma Gale... the list 
    goes on, but could be summarized into : the strongest stuff you have. 
    Lilia has an ultra-powerful Dark Extreme spell that could be determining 
    in the battle if you ain't properly healed, so better try to restore your 
    health often. She also has a heaven beam attack, that does around as much 
    as Dark Extreme. As her HP starts to wither, she'll use DE a lot more 
    often, and the 'gens will also start to use their belly flop a lot more. 
    This is when the fight gets tough. Heal an attack conservatively, or 
    attack frontally and hard to finish the battle soon. It'll be hard, as 
    Lilia's attacks, that hit hard and various enemies at a time, combined 
    with her speed and Meshimgens attacks will equal a somewhat frustrating 
    You will get the chance to prepare yourself for the final battle. Be sure 
    to fully heal yourself and restore your SSs stock. Learn all of your 
    strongest skills: Great Hunter, Dark Extreme, Windblade Fury, Dragon Fang 
    Sword, Burning Rain, Explosion and all of that. Equip the party members 
    you're going to use with plenty of Strongest Herbs and Revival Medicine. 
    Make sure they have Luminous Moss and Black Charms equipped(a Crystal 
    Arrowhead for Maru). As for the party I recommend: Kharg, Darc, Delma, 
    Maru, Paulette and Volk.
    Lord of the Black Abyss(4500 HP)
    Brain Cells(130 HP)
    Another ULTRA TOUGH battle here.
    Well, not really that hard, but not very easy, either. It's of extreme 
    importance to have the Black Charms and the Luminous Mosses on, as well 
    as the Strongest Herbs and Revive Medicines. At the start of the battle, 
    cast Magic Shield on all of your characters, as well as Heated Soul and 
    Speed up, if possible. Magic Shield is a must, though(thanks to 
    EternalBlue for noting this is in his FAQ; I'm not much of a fan of 
    status-altering spells and all of that, and I was seriously having 
    The Dark Lord has three moves: he spits out Brain Cells, absorbs the HP 
    out of a character that's very near to it(this attack does around 120 PTS 
    and heals him for around 60-120, depending on the number of characters 
    affected) and uses a cannon attack that hits everybody, and HARD. This 
    attack, without a Black Charm, does around 300 PTS of DMG. With a Black 
    Charm, 220 PTS. With the Charm and Magic Shield, 70 PTS -- see the 
    The Lord is surprisingly limited when it comes to its attacking. It can 
    only use the HP-absorbing attack when it has a character VERY near to it, 
    and can only use the cannon attack when the darkness around him is 
    dissipated. This brings on the next point: to be able to damage this guy 
    effectively, you need to take out the darkness around him. To do so, 
    constantly beat the brain cells he spits out(around 6). It should be 
    noted that the cannon attack replenishes the darkness.
    The key here is to maintain yourself healthy(and cast the protective 
    spells I mentioned) and start slaughtering the brain cells. Once you've 
    killed five/four, so the darkness is not completely dissipated but you're 
    able to damage the monster quite a bit, move forward and attack the lord.  
    Keep pummeling away and kill the last cell with your characters near the 
    monster so the darkness dissipates while your characters are near the 
    lord. You'll get a few turns before the lord gets his dark barrier again. 
    Once he does, back away and heal yourself while attacking the cells.
    When you attack the lord frontally, you'll probably have to get some of 
    your HP absorbed. If that's the case, simply back away and heal up. Be 
    sure that you're at full health before you even think about attacking the 
    lord or before completely dissipating the darkness.
    Basically, the key here is to attack constantly with the darkness barely-
    up and try to get a few cheap shots when it is down(this could be hard). 
    You won't get many chances, as, after a bit, you'll get your HP absorbed 
    and when that happens, immediately back up and heal, otherwise you simply 
    won't stand a chance. Combination attacks will be available a lot of 
    times throughout the fight, that's for sure. If you get one, and the 
    darkness has been dissipated quite a bit, risk your life and move your 
    lines forward so you can make good use of the combos... you must still 
    have a lot of HP, though. This battle is all about fighting 
    conservatively. Whenever you feel like it's time to stop the attack, back 
    up and heal up(use Strongest Herbs for this). Revive and re-cast Magic 
    Shield on murdered characters and keep the attacking up. Never be very 
    near the monster, unless attacking or absolutely necessary(combo 
    attacks), because you'll be easy prey to his absorb attack and will heal 
    the f'ing bastard.
    All in all, a long and frustrating challenge.
    Watch the lame-ass ending. Save your clearfile.
    ==                        --  ITEMS LISTING --                         ==
    Rotting Herb...........................restores 10 HP
    Healing Herb...........................restores 50 HP
    Good Herb..............................restores 100 HP
    Great Herb.............................restores 200 HP
    Strongest Herb.........................restores all HP
    Ancient Herb...........................restores little HP to allies
    First Aid Kit..........................restores 80 HP to allies
    Rescue Kit.............................restores 160 HP to allies
    Revival Medicine.......................revives from critical condition
    Antitoxic Nut..........................cures poison
    Mint...................................cures sleep
    Soap...................................cures stickiness
    Painful Needle.........................cures silence
    Green Memory Grass.....................cures confusion
    Nerve Stimulant........................cures paralysis
    Energy Snack...........................cures sloth
    Elixir.................................cures almost all abnormal statuses
    Coleopt Froth..........................cures all abnormal statuses
    Lamda's Wonder Cure....................raises morale
    Life Tree Berry........................increases Max HP
    Power Berry............................raises Attack
    Reiki Leaf.............................raises defense
    Magefoil...............................raises MNT
    Balo Nut...............................raises SPF
    Bountiful Fruit........................increases level by one
    Anti-Poison Cologne....................raises resistance to poison
    Mint Cologne...........................raises resistance to sleep
    Smooth 'n Dry Cologne..................raises resistance to stickiness
    Blabber Mouth Cologne..................raises resistance to Silence
    Memory Cologne.........................raises resistance to confusion
    Nervy Cologne..........................raises resistance to paralysis
    Energy Cologne.........................raises resistance to sloth
    Anti-reaper cologne....................raises resistance to instant-death
    NOTE: All of the effects are temporal. Don't get fooled.
    Attack Bottle..........................Raises ATT
    Bitter Leaf............................Raises DEF
    Heart Seed.............................Raises MNT
    Agility Bottle.........................Raises SPD
    Attack Leaf............................increases counterattack rate
    Guard Leaf.............................increases guard rate
    Critical Leaf..........................increases critical-hit rate
    Accuracy Leaf..........................increases accuracy of normal atk.
    Evasion Leaf...........................increases evasion rate
    Iron Arm...............................Increases item-throwing radius
    Full Sails Tonic.......................increases movement radius
    Fire Balm..............................increases tolerance to fire
    Water Balm.............................increases tolerance to water
    Earth Balm.............................increases tolerance to earth
    Wind Balm..............................increases tolerance to wind
    Light Balm.............................increases tolerance to light
    Dark Balm..............................increases tolerance to darkness.
    NOTE: All of these only affect enemies.
    Strength Drain.........................lowers Attack.
    Guard Drain............................lowers defense
    Mind Drain.............................lowers MNT
    Agility Drain..........................lowers SPD
    Fire Shy...............................lowers tolerance to fire
    Water Shy..............................lowers tolerance to water
    Earth Shy..............................lowers tolerance to earth
    Wind Shy...............................lowers tolerance to wind
    Light Shy..............................lowers tolerance to light
    Dark Shy...............................lowers tolerance to darkness
    Poison Drug............................poisons Enemy
    Sleeping Pill..........................puts enemy to sleep
    Sticky Beans...........................makes enemy sticky
    Yellow Powder..........................makes enemy silent
    Purple Memory Grass....................confuses enemy
    Numbness Apple.........................paralyzes enemy
    Poison Firecracker.....................poisons various enemies
    Sleep Firecracker......................sleeps various enemies
    Sticky firecracker.....................makes various enemies sticky
    Confusion Firecracker..................confuses various enemies
    Paralysis Firecracker..................paralyzes various enemies
    Assasin Firecracker....................instant-death to various enemies
    Stone..................................throw to enemy for minor damage
    Hard Stone.............................throw for moderate damage
    Steel Ball.............................throw for high damage
    Spiked Steel Ball......................throw to deliver a lethal blow
    Assassin Ball..........................throw to cause instant death
    Bomb...................................explodes and does low DMG
    Super Bomb.............................damages various enemies
    Super Duper Bomb.......................high damage to various enemies
    Dilz Bomb..............................destructive damage
    Monster Medal..........................Sell for 10,000 G
    Deimos Medal...........................Sell for 50,000 G
    ==                          --  EQUIPMENT --                           ==
    NOTE: This is what I have. I'm probably missing a lot of items... you can 
    contribute them if you wish to do so ;) use this addy: yggdrasil <at> 
    yahoo <dot> com. Excellent. 
    Oh, and I referred to EternalBlue's guides for various weapons, as I 
    didn't have them. Many thanks to him.
    AND... I didn't include Choko's and Diekbeck's equipment. Why? Because of 
    their secret character status... they get certain exclusivity, you know 
    ...AAAND... It should be noted that, when both deimos and humans meld in 
    the flying castle, you'll get many new options there. For instance, each 
    of the humans will be able to share equipment with their deimos nemesis. 
    For instance, Kharg will be able to use Darc's, and viceversa, and so on. 
    Quite nice, although this is not for everybody(Ganz and Delma are largely 
    incompatible, equipment-wise, for instance)
    Name; Stats; usable-by
    Hawk Eyes; MNT + 5, HIT + 9; Kharg
    Eyes of a Peregrine; MNT + 5, CRI + 20; Kharg
    Knuckle Guard; GRD + 10, CNT + 10; Kharg
    Traitor's Soul; ATT + 6, AVO - 8, CNT + 50; All
    Guard Support; GRD + 30; All
    Stone Coating; ATT + 2, SPD - 1; All
    Amethyst Coating; ATT + 4, SPD - 1; All
    Sapphire Coating; ATT + 8, SPD - 1; All
    Diamond Coating; ATT + 12, SPD - 1; All
    Gunpowder; Add fire element; All
    Aquamarine; Add water element; All
    Catfish Whiskers; Add earth element; All
    Luminous Moss; Add light element; all
    Skeleton Sticker; Add instant death; All
    Dynamo; Add Paralysis; All
    Cursed Doll; Add confusion; All
    Mute Stone; Add silence; All
    Putrefied Beans; Add stickiness; All
    Napping Bell; Add sleep; All
    Poison Apple Essence; Add poison; All
    Soot of Darkness; Add dark; All
    Spirit Windmill; Add wind; All
    Steel Ripper; ATT + 11; Paulette
    Stone Crusher; ATT + 3, HIT - 3; Paulette
    Snake Wire; Increases attacking radius; Paulette
    Star Wing Blade; ATT + 3, HIT + 1; Paulette
    Phoenix Tail Feather; ATT + 3, Add Fire Element; Maru
    Crystal Arrowhead; ATT + 10, Add Light element; Maru
    Silk Bowstring; Increases attacking radius; Maru
    Weathercock; MNT - 3, HIT + 72; Maru
    Heat Blade; ATT + 12, SPD - 3, MNT - 3, CRI + 12, Adds earth element;Ganz
    Ice Blade; ATT + 12, SPD - 3, MTN + 6, HIT - 4, Adds ice element; Ganz
    Wind Blade; ATT + 12, SPD + 3, AVO + 4, MNT - 6, CNT + 10, Adds wind;Ganz
    Earth Blade; ATK + 12, AVO - 4, GRD + 10, MNT + 3, HIT + 4, Adds earth;""
    Superconductor Coil; HIT - 4, CRI + 10, Extends range; Tatjana
    Unit 64K; ATT + 8, HIT - 2, CRI + 5; Tatjana
    Unit 128K; ATT + 12, HIT - 3, CRI + 5; Tatjana(a homage to the bits war?)
    Stun Unit; Adds paralysis; Tatjana
    Heavy Blade; ATT + 9, SPD - 2, AVO - 2, CRI + 3; Darc
    Thorned Ivy; Increases attack radius; Darc
    Barbed Wire; increases attack radius; Darc
    Guard Fang; ATT + 4, GRD + 20; Darc
    Iron Skewer; ATT + 3; Delma
    Steel Spikes; ATT + 5; Delma
    Duel Spikes; ATT + 12; Delma
    Blood-red Talons; --; Delma
    Blue Wolf Blade; MNT + 6, GRD + 10; Volk
    Blade of the Giants; ATT + 12, SPD - 4, HIT + 4; Volk
    Swordsman's Blade; ATT + 4, SPD - 2, CNT + 10; Volk
    Raging War God's Blade; ATT + 9, SPD - 4; Volk
    Black Rose Thorn; ATT + 3, HIT - 1, Add poison; Camellia
    Death Ant Nectar; ATT + 2, HIT - 1, Add instant death; Camellia
    Sleep Bug Eyes; ATT + 3, HIT - 1, Add sleep; Camellia
    Mouth sealing needles; ATT + 2, HIT - 1, Add silence; Camellia
    Toy Heart; HIT + 3, CNT + 15, CRI + 15; Bebedora
    Sparkly Eyeballs; AVO + 4, HIT + 3; Bebedora
    Clattery Dentures; ATT + 7, SPD - 4, CRI + 10; Bebedora
    Shiny Nose; MNT + 12; Bebedora
    Name; Stats; Usable-by
    Black Charm; Increases resistance to dark, SPD - 1; All
    Red Charm; Increases tolerance to fire, SPD - 1; All
    White Charm; Increases tolerance to light, SPD - 1; All
    Green Charm; Increases tolerance to wind, SPD - 1; All
    Yellow Charm; Increases tolerance to earth, SPD - 1; All
    Blue Charm; Increases tolerance to water, SPD - 1; All
    Rainbow Charm; Increases tolerance to all; All
    Fire Talisman; Renders fire attacks useless; All
    Ice Talisman; Renders water attacks useless; All
    Land Talisman; Renders earth attacks useless; All
    Storm Talisman; Renders wind attacks useless; All
    Light Talisman; Renders light attacks useless; All
    Shadow Talisman; Renders dark attacks useless; All
    Anti Poison Ring; Poison is useless against you; All
    Sleepless Guard; Sleep is useless against you; All
    King-size soap; Stickiness is useless against you; All
    Falcon Statuette; Silence is useless against you; All
    Tanzanite; Confusion is useless against you; All
    Lark Coat of Arms; Paralysis is useless against you; All
    Anti Slothian; Prevents change into slothian; All
    Clivis' Book; Renders all abnormal status ineffectual; All
    Angel Statuette; Protects against instant death; All males
    Substitute Johnny; Blocks all abnormal statuses, MNT - 10%; All girls
    Angel Earrings; Blocks Stickiness, Silence and Paralysis; All girls
    Leila's Mirror; Blocks Poison, Sleep and Confusion; All girls
    Frey's Hair Ornament; Halves all elemental damage; All girls
    Crystal Beads; SPD - 2, MNT + 5; All
    Jade Beads; SPD - 2, MNT + 8; All
    Bewitching Beads; SPD - 2, MNT + 12; All
    Satan's Beads; SPD - 2, MNT + 15; All
    Gorgeous Ring; Enemies drop twice as much money; All
    Life Ring; Max HP increases by 10%; All
    Goddess Statuette; Max HP increases b 20%; All
    Stone Bag; Lets you carry + 30 SS, SPD - 2; All
    Stone Holder; Lets you carry + 15 SS, SPD - 1; All
    Leather Armband; DEF + 3, SPD - 1, AVO - 2; All
    Bone Armband; DEF + 5, SPD - 1, AVO - 2; All
    Steel Armband; DEF + 8, SPD - 1, AVO - 2; All
    Titanium Armband; DEF + 12, AVO - 2, SPD - 1; All
    Rabbit Stuffed Animal; SPD + 6, MNT + 6, AVO + 6; Bebedora
    Bear Stuffed Animal; DEF + 10, GRD + 10; Bebedora
    Spirit Amulet; Stops FIRE, WATER, WIND, EARTH, LIGHT dmg, SPD - 1, 
                   AVO - 8; Kharg
    Hero Bandana; SPD + 10, AVO + 10, MNT + 6; Kharg
    Shoulder Spikes; DEF + 10, SPD - 1, CNT + 30; Paulette
    Fireproof Gloves; DEF + 7, SPD - 1, GRD + 12, renders fire attacks 
                      useless; Paulette
    Golem Mask; DEF + 10, SPD - 2, MNT - 7, AVO - 9, GRD + 8; Maru
    Sorcerer Mask; DEF + 2, SPD - 2, MNT + 8; Maru
    Battle Jacket; DEF + 10, SPD + 6, CNT + 10, MNT + 10, GRD + 10; Maru
    Life Belt; DEF + 2, SPD - 1, Increases HP; Ganz
    Dilzweld Visor; SPD - 1, AVO + 24, GRD + 25; Tatjana
    Steel Brassard; DEF + 3, SPD - 1, GRD + 10; Tatjana
    Dragon's Wrath; DEF + 5, SPD - 2, counters always to physical atks.; Darc
    Dragonia Ring; DEF + 8, SPD + 4, MNT + 8; Darc
    Blood Anklet; DEF + 8, SPD - 1, GRD + 15; Delma
    Blood Tears Earrings; SPD - 1, CNT + 16, AVO - 10, MNT + 10; Delma
    Great Sorcerer's Remains; DEF - 25, SPD -17, MNT + 46; Volk
    Armored Swallowtail; DEF + 8, SPD - 1, AVO - 3; Camellia
    Moonlight Bug; -------; Camellia
    Romantic Earrings; 1/3 less SS consumed on skills and spells; All
    Romantic Stones; No SS consumed on skills and spells; All
    ==                             -- SKILLS --                            ==
    NOTES: I didn't include Samson, nor Densimo, because you basically don't 
    get to use them...
    Name; # of SS required to learn it; cost; range/description(both or one 
    of them)
    Fang Breaker Blade; gotten at the beginning; 14 SS; on enemies
    Whirlwind Crusher; 200 SP; 18 SS; One enemy
    Power Shot; 160 SP; 16 SS; One enemy
    Power Wave; 1600 SP; 25 SS; Enemies in a small, forward arch.
    Windblade Waltz; 1200 SP; 20 SS; Enemies around you(small circle)
    Windblade Fury; 2200 SP; 30 SS; Enemies around you(huge circle)
    Raise Spirits; 500 SP; 12 SS; Raises Tension Gauge
    Mind Scan; 100 SP; 12 SS; Raises CRI
    One Last Chance; 100 SP; 12 SS; Raises ATT, Lowers DEF
    Cure; Learned automatically(S. Plateau fight; 8 SS; Heals 25% of HP
    Healing Rain; 540 SP; 12 SS; Heals 50% HP of various/all allies.
    Vital Energy; 1600 SP; 20 SS; Heals 75% HP of various/all allies.
    Wind Slasher; Learn automatically(S. Plateau battle); 10 SS; 1 enemy
    Tornado; 580 SP; 20 SS; Hits enemies in a circular radius(small)
    Refresh; 400 SP; 10 SS: Cures status aliments of various/all allies.
    Resurrection; 600 SP; 18 SS; Revives and fully heals a fallen character
    First Aid; gotten at the beginning; 6 SS; Heals one ally
    Sling Knife; 60 SP; 10 SS; Enormous attacking radius, hits 1 enemy.
    Fire Sling; 600 SP; 20 SS; Enemies in a forward arch
    Stinging Rain; 480 SP; 16 SS; Group of enemies(average range)
    Burning Rain; 1800 SP; 25 SS; HUGE circle of enemies/great damage.
    Heat Cannon; 600 SP; 20 SS; One enemy
    Heat Cyclone; 2500 SP; 30 SS; Enemies in a straight line
    Antidote Treatment; 100 SP; 8 SS; Cures bad statuses
    Psyche-Up Charge; 600 SP; 14 SS; Raises tension gauge
    Mental Focus; 400 SP; 14 SS; Increases MNT
    Mind Scan; 380 SP; 12 SS; Increases CRI
    Interceptor Stance; 400 SP; 12 SS; Increases CNT
    Defensive Stance; 1600 SP; 12 SS; Increases GRD
    Steel Wall Guard; 600 SP; 14 SS; Increases DEF
    Hypnotize; 200 SP; 14 SS; Adds sleep
    Sign of Silence; 160 SP; 14 SS; Adds silence
    First Aid; 280 SP; 6 SS; One ally
    Venom Arrow; Learned; 16 SS; Big blast radius/Poisons enemy
    Silent Arrow; 420 SP; 20 SS; Medium/small blast radius/silences enemy
    Binding Arrow; 680 SP; 24 SS; Medium/small blast radius/paralyzes enemy
    Hunting Arrow: 520 SP; 20 SS; Great range/great blast radius.
    Great Hunter; 2200 SP; 40 SS; Humongous blast radius/range.
    Shuffle Shot; 2000 SP; 36 SS; One enemy
    Maru Story's Time; 180 SP; 12 SS; Enemies around/puts them to sleep
    Maru's Big News; 550 SP; 20 SS; Confuses enemies around you.
    Antidote Treatment; 100 SP; 8 SS; One ally/cures statuses
    Mind Scan; 450 SP; 12 SS; Raises CRI
    Setting Aim; 580 SP; 10 SS; Increases HIT
    Defensive Stance; 720 SP; 12 SS; Increases GRD
    Psyche Up Charge; 450 SP; 12 SS; Fills up Tension Meter
    Steal; 220 SP; 3 SS; Steals from one enemy
    Steal Lv2; 550 SP; 8 SS; Higher success rate.
    First Aid; 600 SP; 6 SS; One ally
    Rolling Axe; the beginning; 12 SS; Around you
    Speed Storm; 480 SP; 24 SS; Enemies around Ganz
    Bone Crush; 100 SP; 20 SS; Enemies in a straight line
    Skull Crush; 600 SP; 25 SS; Enemies in a straight line
    Extreme Grenade; 1600 SP; 20 SS; Circular blast radius
    Titan Grenade; 2400 SP; 30 SS; Circular blast radius(and huge)
    Antidote Treatment; 500 SP; 8 SS; Cures statuses/one ally
    Power Charge; 240 SP; 14 SS; Increases ATT(self)
    Psyche Up Charge; 240 SP; 14 SS; Increases tension(self)
    Interceptor Stance; 40 SP; 12 SS; Raises CNT(self)
    Mind Scan; 800 SP; 12 SS; Raises CRI(self)
    Steel Wall Guard; 150 SP; 14 SS; Raises DEF(self)
    Defensive Stance; 700 SP; 12 SS; Raises GRD(self)
    Transfer; 600 SP; 10 SS; Transfers Ganz turn to another character
    Intimidation; 400 SP; 10 SS; Decreases SPD(one enemy)
    Medical Machine; starts with it; 24 SS; Various/all enemies
    Sigma Gale; starts with it; 16 SS; One enemy
    Sigma Storm; 800 SP; 32 SS; Group of enemies
    Sigma Revive; 320 SP; 20 SS; One ally
    Element Guard; 260 SP; 16 SS; 50% less elemental damage to 
                                  all/various enemies
    Mirage Field; starts with it; 16 SS; Self/cannot attack her for 3 turns
    Hypnotize; 600 SP; 14 SS; Puts one enemy to sleep
    Sign of Silence; 380 SP; 14 SS; Silences one enemy
    Claws of Rage; before 1st Church Ruins fight; 12 SS; One enemy
    Vampire Fang; 600 SP; 26 SS; Absorbs the hp out of an enemy and heals you
    Sword of Awakening; 270 SP; 24 SS; Enemies around him(small range)
    Dragon Fang Sword; 860 SP; 32 SS; Enemies around him(big range)
    Raise Spirits; 200 SP; 20 SS; Raises tension gauge(self)
    Steal; 120 SP; 3 SS; Steal item from one enemy
    Intimidation; 400 SP; 10 SS; Decreases SPD
    Cure; starts with it; 8 SS; Cures one enemy
    Wind Slasher; starts with it; 10 SS; Hits one enemy
    Tornado; 400 SP; 20 SS; A small group of enemies
    Air Blade; 2400 SP; 36 SS; HUGE range/around Darc
    Refresh; 200 SP; 10 SS; Cures statuses of one enemy
    Speed Up; 800 SP; 12 SS; Raises SPD/group of allies
    Raging Soul; 1000 SP; 16 SS; Raises ATT/group of allies
    Slow enemy; 600 SP; 12 SS; Decreases SPD/group of enemies
    Pure Silence; 1200 SP; 14 SS; Silences group of enemies
    Cure; 150 SP; 8 SS; Cures one enemy
    Healing Rain; 600 SP; 12 SS; Heals 50% of all/various allies
    Flaming Arrow; starts with; 10 SS; One enemy
    Fire Storm; 200 SP; 16 SS; Small group of enemies
    Explosion; 1840 SP; 38 SS; Huge group of enemies
    Wind Slasher; 400 SP; 10 SS; One enemy
    Tornado; 1000 SP; 20 SS; Group of enemies
    Stone Rush; 600 SP; 14 SS; Very small group of enemies
    Earthquake; 1200 SP; 20 SS; Average group of enemies
    Divide; 1200 SP; 16 SS; Absorbs HP of 1 enemy/heals Delma
    Refresh; 50 SP; 10 SS; Cures status aliments of various enemies
    Resurrection; 1200 SP; 18 SS; Resurrects/fully heals a fallen ally
    Magic Shield; 300 SP; 14 SS; Halves damage done by all enemies
                                 all/various allies
    Speed Up; starts with; 12 SS; all/various allies get "hasted"
    Guard Field; 700 SP; 14 SS; Raises DEF of all/various allies
    Raging Soul; 550 SP; 15 SS; Raises ATT of all/various allies
    Cure; 800 SP; 8 SS; Heals 25% of one ally HP
    Water Crash; starts with; 12 SS; One enemy
    Blizzard; 320 SP; 18 SS; Damages a small group of enemies
    Diamond Dust; 2400 SP; 34 SS; A big group of enemies gets hit
    Wind Slasher; 700 SP; 10 SS; One enemy
    Stone Rush; 860 SP; 14 SS; One enemy(or two, if VERY close together)
    Refresh; 320 SP; 10 SS; Cures status aliments of all/various enemies
    Speed Up; 800 SP; 12 SS; Group of allies
    Guard Field; 100 SP; 14 SS; Raises DEF of a group of allies
    Heated Soul; starts with it; 16 SS; Raises ATT of group of allies
    Slow enemy; 400 SP; 12 SS; Decreases SPD(group of enemies)
    System Shock; 260 SP; 14 SS; Decreases DEF off a group of enemies
    Power Loss, 120 SP; 12 SS; Decreases ATT
    Pure Silence; 680 SP; 14 SS; Silences a group of enemies
    Sleepy Wind; 860 SP; 16 SS; Group of enemies
    Paralyzing Wind; 1200 SP; 20 SS; Group of enemies
    Cure; starts with; 8 SS; Cures 25% of total wounds/one enemy
    Healing Rain; starts with; 12 SS; 50% of all/various allies
    Vital Energy; 640 SP; 20 SS; 75% of all/various allies
    Stone Rush; starts with; 14 SS; One/two enemies
    Earthquake; 560 SP; 20 SS; Group of enemies
    Meteor Fall; 1200 SP; 36 SS; Big group of enemies
    Divide; 1000 SP; 10 SS; Absorbs HP of enemy/cures yourself
    Refresh; 200 SP; 10 SS; Cures status aliments of all/various allies
    Magic Shield; 400 SP; 14 SS; Halves all elemental DMG-one/various allies
    Guard Field; 680 SP; 14 SS; Raises DEF of all/various allies
    Slow enemy; 720 SP; 12 SS; Decreases SPD(group of enemies)
    System Shock; 860 SP; 14 SS; Decreases DEF off a group of enemies
    Power Loss; 860 SP; 12 SS; Decreases ATT
    Pure Silence; 100 SP; 14 SS; Silences a group of enemies
    Sleepy Wind; 100 SP; 16 SS; Group of enemies
    Paralyzing Wind; 720 SP; 20 SS; Group of enemies
    Mind Control; starts with; 10 SS; Controls one enemy
    Black Out; starts with; 18 SS; One enemy
    Dark Extreme; 1200 SP; 36 SS; Hits a big group of enemies
    Divide; 960 SP; 16 SS; Absorbs HP of enemy and heals you
    Inferno; 580 SP; 16 SS; Small circular blast radius
    Tornado; 640 SP; 20 SS; Small circular blast radius
    Resurrection; 160 SP; 18 SS; Revives and fully heals one ally
    Pure Silence; 600 SP; 14 SS; Silences a group of enemies
    Sleepy Wind; 820 SP; 16 SS; Group of enemies
    Paralyzing Wind; 1100 SP; 20 SS; Group of enemies
    ==                           -- SIDE AREAS --                          ==
    Once you meet Span at Yewbell, you'll be given the job to look for the 
    Spirit Dictionaries the lost. Here are the locations(refer to the 
    walkthrough for more detailed information):
    - At the Garagne Hills.
    - The Republic of Cathena's "World Alliance", right before departing to 
    - Sulfas' Main Plant. Explore around the "darkened" area to find it on 
    the floor.
    - At Sulfas' Stronghold's underground area, by some barrels.
    - At Milmarna's "fortune telling building", on top some barrels by the 
    appraisal office.
    Once you meet Kirjath at Geedo's House, you'll be given the mission to 
    look for these ancient tables so Kirjath is able to get the gods' pardon 
    and rest in peace.
    - Geedo's house, inside the chest.
    - Inside Drakyrnia's shop floor(on the eastern wing of it)
    - At the Dragon Bone Valley, by the entrance of the Dragon Ordeal(to the 
    - At Bebedora's room(Coleopt Shrine), south of the door that goes into 
    Selkis' room.
    - Rueloon, on the alley that's behind the Quorup's shops.
    - At the Pyramids Ruins very first room, up the stairs by the sealed 
    door, and then to the right.
    - At the Chaos Forest's exit, once you get to use Bebedora(you can get it 
    later, though).
    This guy, who's apparently a powerhouse in previous AtL games(this is my 
    first, mind you), is gotten by beating the 20 match challenge at Cathena 
    Another character that's appeared in previous AtL games. To get here, 
    beat the 30-match challenge at the Rueloon Arena.
    ==                      -- THE PYRON & BIG OWL --                      ==
    After many things, you'll get the Pyron with Darc and will be able to use 
    it to fly around the world. Once you arrive at your destination, you can 
    use the pyron to keep flying, save, or heal yourself. Other than being a 
    useful way to transport yourself form place to place, the pyron is an 
    attacking spell that Darc can use. The Pyron has various kinds of 
    abilities, which are learned by "inspiriting" it. It also has its own 
    "HP", which is depleted as you use him.
    The HP bar is easily filled back up by spending Spirit Stones on the 
    Pyron(use the "Recover" button on the Pyron menu). To learn skills, as 
    told, you need to inspire the monster. To do so, you need to utilize 
    different kinds of food. These foods, which are differently colored, will 
    increase the inspiration of the Pyron, with a set color. So, when you use 
    a green colored food, you'll increment the inspiration, but will also 
    color it green, get it? When you reach the max inspiration with a set 
    color, you'll learn that color's skill. You can also use a special grass 
    to increase the inspiration by a lot and without affecting the color.
    It should be noted that, if you feed the pyron with something it 
    dislikes, it'll get sad. If you feed it again with such food while it is 
    sad, you're bound to lose inspiration. Also, the sadder the pyron is, the 
    smaller its attack's blast radius becomes.
    There are various grasses(the foods the pyron eats), and here is the 
    RED: Red Berry(smells good; nice grass), Red Flameweed(smells nice; good 
    grass), Witch Blood Flower(smells bad; not good), Hungry Red 
    Tendril(smells sour; sucks ass)
    GREEN: Green Fruit(sweet smelling; nice), Green Nettle(smells sour; bad), 
    Green Dahlia(Smells of sunshine; very good), Deep Green Creeper(Stinky, 
    dark and creepy; not good)
    BLUE: Blue Fruit(Smells bad; not good), Blue Ice Waterweed(sour 
    smelling), Blue Flower(Smells of sunshine; nice), Blue Snake Ivy(sky 
    blue, sweet smelling flower).
    MYSTERY(increases the inspiration meter w/out affecting the color): 
    Tumble Grass(very fragrant), Shiny Grass(fragrant, too), Soft 
    Grass(Pyron's favorite), Droopy Grass(Pyron's most detested grass)
    As for the skills... (the pyron will select a skill randomly when called)
    Red - Blast Ball
    Blue - Aqua Ball
    Green - Cyclone Ball
    Red + Green(yellow) - Quake Ball
    Red + Blue(purple) - Venom Ball
    Green + Blue(Light Blue) - Sleep Ball
    The Big Owl is quite simple to understand. You can check out the big owl 
    menu and will find you have four slots to equip things on. There are 
    three slots for lenses, and one for boosters. Lenses, like pyron food, 
    come in different colors, and levels. The combination of the colors will 
    earn you seven different kinds of attacks.
    As for the levels, they represent how pure the lenses area. The purer, 
    the most power you'll get out of it. Of course, higher level lenses = 
    purer. The boosters add up strength to the attack you'll get out of the 
    lens combinations you do, but they'll also increase the number of spirit 
    stones spent. 
    The Big Owl, which can be used on battle through Kharg's skill menu, uses 
    up energy when used. To replenish such energy, you need to utilize Spirit 
    Stones. Nothing too strange.
    Here are the lenses:
    RED: Type 1(low power), Type 2(average), Type 3(high precision), Type 
    4(super high precison).
    GREEN: Low, Medium, High, Max.
    BLUE: Blue Beam(low), Blue Power(average), Max Blue(high), Blue Elec 
    Giant Mod(super-high)
    BOOSTERS: Star Variable Amplifier(boosts normally), Neutrino 
    Charge(boosts the beam's power to its limits), Noah-Type Double 
    Amplifier(balances out the beam), Simple Booster(poor boost).
    As for the results...
    Red - Blast Laser
    Green - Tornado Laser
    Blue - Hydro Laser
    Red + Green - Rumble Laser
    Red + Blue - Paralyzer
    Green + Blue - Panic Laser
    Red + Green + Blue - Hyper Laser
    ==                               -- OUTRO --                           ==
    Well, this is it ;) Thanks for reading my guide and I seriously hope you 
    found it useful. See you later, bud.

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