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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neo_412

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 10/10/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       By Jason "neo_412" Reynolds {neo_412@hotmail.com}
        Ver. (2.5)
    Table of Contents:
    I.    Introduction - >I<
    II.   Walkthrough - >II<
            Prelude - +!+
            Moving the Rock - +@+
            Letter Incident Part 1: The Wooden Gong - +#+
            Letter Incident Part 2: Being the Boss - +$+
            Letter Incident Part 3: Contact - +%+ 
            The Home Stretch - +^+ 
    III.  DoA Quiz - >III<
    IV.   Kisses - >IV<
            Residents - +&+ 
            Underground Residents - +*+  
    V.    FAQs - >V<
    VI.   History/Credits/Legal - >VI<
                               \      '~>I<~'       /
                                \ ++Introduction++ /
    Chulip is a funny little game. If your a fan of the odd you will be right at
    home in Long Life Town. Your main objective is to get the kiss of your dream
    girl. She won't have just any old guy though. You need to raise your rep. if
    you want her kiss. You raise your reputation by kissing the various residents
    of town. Once you've kissed enough people your rep. will go up and you will 
    have more hearts at your disposal. This walkthrough is a step-by-step guide
    to the world of Chulip. In the walkthrough section I may say walk north-west 
    or to your upper-left. This just means walk to the upper-left of the screen.
    If I say walk south-east that would mean to walk to the lower-right of the
    screen. In the kiss section I've listed all the various people you can kiss
    in town. Starting with Residents then Underground Residents. Residents are the
    people that live above ground such as Michelle and Mr. Cheapot. The Undergro-
    und Residents are the residents of town that live in the holes all over. For
    the Residents I've listed their name and then how to get their kiss. In the UR
    section it lists their name then their location. Below location is the time
    of day they will emerge from their hole. The number in parenthesis next to
    the times is the number of hearts you risk in trying to kiss them. Below that
    is a description of the actual moment in which you can kiss them. I tried to 
    write this guide with as little spoilers as possible. There may be some minor
    spoilers. Use ctrl+f and type in the code next to the particular section to 
    jump to it. If your going to e-mail me about the game make sure you put 
    "Chulip" in the subject.
                                \     '~>II<~'      /
                                 \ ++Walkthrough++ /
    Give Lover's Tree your name, give your dream girl a name too. After the scene
    you will arrive at your new home. Speak with your father and tell him "bye".
    Once you gain control you can save by going in the restroom to the right. 
    When your ready head to the lower left near the shoes. Look for the
    "?" icon and press X. Exit your yard and walk out into the street, walk to
    the upper-left along the road. You will witness a scene with Dr. Dandy and
    Michelle. Speak to them after the scene, then walk south-west down the road.
    Head down the stairs and across the street. Walk down more stairs to the
    building with the "Cheapot" sign. Talk to the man in front of the building.
    That's Mr. Cheapot the owner of the store, and his dog Rocky. After speaking
    with Cheapot head back up the stairs. Walk across the street towards the
    green trailer. Speak with the man, that's Batayan, huge teeth with glasses.
    After speaking with Batayan walk back up the stairs on the way home. At the
    top of the stairs you will see your dream girl. Speak to her and answer her
    questions. She tells you, you can kiss using triangle, but people usually
    get mad. When you regain control go ahead and kiss her, she'll smack you.
    Now return home and speak with your father. After speaking with your father,
    leave and return to Cheapot's store. Speak to Mr. Cheapot and he'll tell you
    his dog is missing. After speaking with Cheapot go talk to Batayan. After 
    speaking with Batayan walk north-west along the road. You'll see Batayan and
    Cheapot's dog. Slightly tilt the left analog stick and tip-toe up to the dog-
    house. Press X and pick up the letter in front of the dog, then tip-toe away.
    Letter in hand head back home and give the letter to your dad. After writing
    your letter leave the house. Show the letter to all the Residents of Long
    Life Town. Show it to Dr. Dandy and Michelle, then your dream girl. Head down
    the stairs near dream girl and witness a scene. That telephone pole man is
    Dan Yamada. Yamada will clear a path under the tunnel, but don't go that way
    yet. Show the letter to Batayan and Mr. Cheapot then head through the tunnel.
    Exit the tunnel and immediately turn left. Initiate a scene with Goro and
    Julie. After, speak with them and show them the love letter. They sure don't
    like you. After speaking with them head north-west past the tunnel, towards
    the fountain. Speak with the old lady, show Mrs. Plum the letter. Walk south-
    west of your location and try to cross the small bridge. Yamada will stop you
    and not let you cross. Head back towards Mrs. Plum and up the stairs past her.
    At the top of the stairs walk left and witness a scene with Policeman and
    Conductor. After the scene speak with them and show them the letter. Walk
    back towards the stairs and try to mail the letter in the red mail box in
    front of the train station. After the scene with the voice head back home. On
    your way home you'll get another scene. Enter the manhole in the middle of 
    the four way intersection. Speak to the funny little man. His name is Suzuki.
    He will explain the details of kissing Underground Residents. Once you gain
    control you will by trying to kiss Onion Lady. Refer to the Underground
    Resident kiss section for more details. After you give Onion Lady a kiss head
    +@+Moving the Rock+@+
    After the scene with your Father and Lover's Tree you'll be able to do some
    new things in your house. You can examine the alarm clock but you can't set
    it until you kiss Target. If you check to the far left corner of the house
    under the small tv you can look at the photo album. The photo album shows a
    picture of all the people you've kissed. If you speak to Dad from across the
    table you can read the newspaper. The first page reports on your main quest
    at that time. The third page reports on various UR you've yet to kiss. You
    can also sleep whenever you want now. Walk to the closet on the left wall
    and press X. Sleeping will refill your hearts and raise your reputation, If 
    you have enough kisses. When your ready leave your house. Staying within your 
    yard head to the left around your house. Read the graffiti on the fence and 
    examine the tree for 80z. Now exit your yard and check your mailbox, it's on 
    the fence in front of your house. Check your mailbox periodically after you've
    got some kisses. Some of the people you kiss will send you letters. Some of 
    the letters just say things, some of them hurt you, others will heal you. Now 
    head down past Batayan's to the right. Examine the button on the pole at the 
    crosswalk. It doesn't work you need to get it fixed. Go visit Suzuki in his 
    man-hole, ask him "How are you?". After Suzuki fixes the light tell him "good
    bye", and walk back to the crosswalk. Press the button on the pole. It will 
    work this time and you'll cross the street over to Undasura Park. Once you 
    enter the park you will see a scene with Suzuki and Yamada. After the scene 
    head home and go to sleep. When you wake up Dad will say he wants you to see
    something in the paper. After you've read the paper leave your house, walk
    through the tunnel Yamada cleared. Continue on straight after exiting the
    tunnel. Cross a small bridge and head up the stairs. You will see Policeman.
    Policeman can hold all your extra items. If your inventory is full give some
    stuff to Policeman. If you accidentally toss something important don't worry
    everything you toss goes right to Policeman. When your done head NW past him,
    head past the snack shop and bath house. At the intersection past the bath 
    house walk NW again. Walk along the road to a bridge where you'll witness more
    scenes with Yamada. After chatting with Yamada walk back to the train station.
    Don't enter the station but head right at the top of the stairs. Walk against
    the fence find the "?" icon and press X. You'll see a scene with Suzuki and
    Yamada. Yamada will take off clearing the rock in the process.
    +#+Letter Incident Part 1: The Wooden Gong+#+
    When you regain control leave your house for the train station. Go inside and
    buy a ticket to Worldly Desire Temple. Exit through the door to the right and
    give your ticket to Conductor. You may have to wait on the train, depending
    on the time of day. You can tell where the train is going by looking at the
    three letters on the front of the train. Once you arrive exit down the near
    by stairs. You will witness a scene with Yamada and his fellow teachers. After
    the scene if you head north-east you will find the restroom. You can't save
    there until you kiss Agony Man. You can however use the small water fountain
    on the side of the building to recover some hearts. When your ready head south
    -east across the train tracks. Cross the tracks and walk north-east along the
    path. Once you reach the large staircase head south-east away from them. Keep
    walking south-east until you trigger a scene with Mr. Inoue. After speaking
    with Inoue return to the large stairs and climb up. Walk up to the wooden box
    in front of the stairs leading into the temple. Donate 500z to the donation
    box. You may need to make some money. Either kiss some UR or rumage in some
    trash cans for stuff to sell at Cheapot's. After you've donated the 500z head
    inside the temple and speak with Monk Hoichi. He's the guy with the large
    white head playing the gong. Ask him "Where do you go?", then answer "yes I
    do". He'll tell you he's coming to your town for more donations. After your
    done speaking with him go back to the train stop and go back to Long Life
    Town. Back in Long Life Town go home and go to sleep. When you wake up Dad
    will ask you to look at the paper. After reading the paper leave your house
    and head towards Undasura Park. Stop at the crosswalk before the park.
    Depending on the time of day Hoichi should be standing there. He appears early
    in the morning around 9am. Speak with him and donate another 100z. For being
    so generous Hoichi will give you some incense. After you get the incense go
    ahead and cross over to the park for a scene with Yamada. Go to Cheapot's
    store and buy the magnifier. Magnifier and incense in hand ride the train to
    Worldly Desire Temple. Use the magnifier on Hoichi while inside the temple.
    The magnifier reveals a list of names on Hoichi's head. They are the names on 
    the gravestones down in the graveyard. Go to the graveyard and light the
    incense at the graves in the order they appeared on Hoichi's head: Takeda,
    Mouri, Uesugi, Oda, Toyotomi, and Tokugawa. Takeda's grave is by Tengu's hole 
    next to Houjo. Mouri is the only grave on the far side of the tracks next to 
    Sanada. Uesugi is near the "Criminal Grave-stone", or the prison, next to 
    Date. Oda is by Voodo Doll's hole and next to Shimazu. Toyotomi is near Agony 
    Man's hole and next to Chosokabe. Tokugawa is right beside Mr. Inoue. If you
    correctly lit the incense the last gravestone will be destroyed and you'll
    receive Dad's Wooden Gong. Take the gong to the temple and give it to Hoichi.
    After giving Hoichi the gong return to the graveyard and speak with Inoue.
    Mr. Inoue will give you the Love Ink, one third of the missing Letter Set.
    Take the ink back to Long Life Town and return it to Mr. Suzuki.
    +$+Letter Incident Part 2: Being the Boss+$+
    Hop out of bed and leave the house. Go to the train station and buy a ticket
    to Worldly Desire Temple. At the Worldly Desire Temple trainstop, buy a ticket
    to Funny Bone City from the blue ticket box next to the bench. The train to
    Funny Bone City wil appear north of the ticket box. Once you arrive at Funny
    Bone City, exit off the train platform to the north-east, to trigger a scene
    with Mr. Saito. After speaking with Saito walk left into the factory entrance
    area. Depending on the time of day, a factory chief will be standing next to
    the escalator. She shows up around 8am. Speak with her to get the Classified
    Ad. You can save in the large white apartment complex, to the left, after 
    you've kissed Ad Balloon. Once you have the Classified Ad ride the trains back
    to Long Life Town. Back in Long Life Town show the Classified Ad to Batayan.
    After giving Batayan the Ad, go home and sleep for the night. In the morning
    go outside and check your mailbox. You should get a 1-day Manager Pass. If
    you don't get the pass just go to sleep again. Once you receive the pass in 
    the mail, take the trains back to Funny Bone City. Be at the factory entrance
    early in the morning(8am) and show the chief your Manager Pass. Agree to take
    the tour and follow the chief into the factory. Once inside the factory press:
    X,tri,cir,X along with the music to complete the exercise. After the exercise
    speak with the employee that lead the exercise. You will receive the Funny
    Letter. After receiving the letter speak with the employees and finish out the
    tour. Once the tour is over ride the trains back to Long Life Town. If you
    catch the trains with Batayan you'll get to hear him complain the whole way.
    Back at the train station buy a ticket to Scarecrow Field. At Scarecrow Field
    exit the train platform for a scene with Mrs. Iwata. If you have previously
    visited Scarecrow Field you would have seen the scene then. The restroom is 
    there but you can't save there until you kiss Target. Look in the low lying
    field next to the restroom for a Scarecrow. If he's not there just search
    around for him, you can't miss him. If you speak with Scarecrow he'll say
    nothing. Give him the Funny Letter, after he reads it he'll kiss you. After 
    that head north-east and enter the small shack. Read the diary on the table
    in the right corner. After reading the diary head home and go to sleep. In
    the morning return to Scarecrow Field and read the diary again. There should
    be a new entry with a safe combination:123, 321, 444, 564. Now that you have
    the combination go back to the factory and take the tour again. This visit
    you have to hide inside the factory till everybody leaves. Once your on the 
    tour you need to speak to all the workers. One of the workers in the four
    areas of the factory tells you which guard is lazy. Once you arrive in the
    first area speak with all the workers if one worker tells you the lazy guard 
    is in that area you need to hide in that area. The hiding spot is under the
    large blue tarp. If none of the workers mention a lazy guard go to the next 
    area. In the second area the hiding spot is in the large rectangle containers.
    The third area's hiding spot is in the barrel on the ground. In the fourth
    area hide next to the outhouse. Once you've successfully eluded the guard
    board the train. Enter the numbers you got from the diary pulling the lever
    each time. Once you arrive at the first location return to the train and enter
    the next number. Repeat the process until you reach the final location. Once
    you arrive at the last stop you'll see a giant safe swing open. Run up to the
    safe and board the lift. Grab the Boss Card and you will automatically exit 
    the factory. Show the Boss Card to Saito to receive the Love Paper. Now you
    have two thirds of the missing Letter Set. Return to Long Life Town with the
    Love Paper and give it to Suzuki.
    +%+Letter Incident Part 3: Contact+%+
    In the morning go to Scarecrow Field. Speak with Mrs. Iwata and say "nope"
    you don't believe in aliens. If you pick "yes" she'll hurt you. After speaking
    with her head back to Long Life Town. Go to the empty lot with large pipes.
    You can actually enter the northern most pipe from the street. Stay in the
    empty lot till night. Your dream girl will show up with a telescope. Speak
    with her and agree to look through the telescope. You'll see a UFO make a
    crash landing. Once you've seen the UFO go back to Scarecrow Field. Go to the
    dumpsite and speak with the alien, pick "ohagi" when you get the chance. Refer
    to the FAQ section for the alien translations. Once you've agreed to help the
    alien head back to Long Life Town. It's time for a collectathon. In Long Life
    Town you need to buy the computer and an alien dictionary from Cheapot. You 
    also need a frying pan, you can get one from the trash next to the stairs near
    Batayan's. You need a can of Funny Cola so buy one from the machine near the
    bath house. For the last item you need to buy some Micro Gum from Mrs. Plum's
    snack shop. Once you've bought the gum find the small crack between the snack
    shop and the police station. You need to chew the Micro Gum at the crack at
    5pm as the chime rings. If done correctly you'll receive Alien Dictionary 4.
    After collecting all the items in Long Life Town head over to Worldly Desire
    Temple. Find Mr. Frog and kiss him for another alien dictionary. Now head to
    Funny Bone Factory take the tour and hide-out till everyone leaves. Go to the
    fourth area, the new factory, and kiss Jigsaw for the last dictionary. Once
    you kiss him leave the factory before the guards show up. Once you have the
    computer, Funny Cola, Frying Pan, and the four alien dictionaries head to
    Scarecrow Field. Once at Scarecrow Field there's two more items you need to
    get. Check in the low lying field next to the restroom for some Star Seeds.
    Go to the dumpsite and check the trash for the refrigerator. You may need to
    check multiple times for the frigerator. If it's not there read the GoGo Comic
    or leave Scarecrow Field and come back. When you get the refrigerator your
    ready. First off go to Monkey Rock and use the dictionaries so you can under-
    stand the alien, or check the FAQ section. After deciphering the alien langu-
    age speak with the alien. He shows up at the dumpsite around 3:30pm. Give him
    the computer, frying pan, and refrigerator. After the scene plant the Star
    Seeds in the field next to the vegetable stand. Plant the seeds to the upper-
    right of the middle fence. The seeds should sprout instantly revealing a
    pattern. Wait for night fall and follow the alien up the tower. Alien will be
    working at the console with no luck. Stick around and speak with him,
    eventually he'll ask you for help answer "ohagi". The alien will now give you
    access to the console. Use the Funny Cola and enter the Star Seed pattern(see
    FAQ section for correct pattern). If you entered the pattern correctly the
    tones will summon another ship to pick up their friend. Alien will give you a
    kiss and clear away Monkey Rock revealing a Space Banana. Go to Mrs. Iwata and
    tell her about your close encounter. Tell her you do believe in aliens and
    she'll hand over the Love Pen, completing the Letter Set. Take the pen back to
    Long Life Town and show it to Suzuki.
    +^+The Home Stretch+^+ 
    Wake up and speak with your Dad. After, leave your house and pay Suzuki a
    visit. Pick "write a love letter" to receive the Good Love Letter. With the
    Good Love Letter head to Undasura Park for a scene. After the scene you can
    speak with Dad but everyone else ignores you. Examine the hole and "Look in
    the hole", then "Look farther". That's a long fall without losing any hearts.
    After the fall exit through the door to the right. This area is very linear so
    just run down the stairs and through the next door. In this room you need to
    find Goro's real head. It will be the first head to speak with you. Goro's
    correct head has big lips, big nose, eyes closed, mole under his left eye, and
    he's bald. Pick the correct head and put it on Goro's body to move on. The
    next area run down the stairs and go through the door. In this room Julie will
    be on trial. Select "objection" when you get the chance. Your now acting as
    Julie's lawyer, so you need to have her be found innocent. Various Long Life
    Town residents will enter the court room. It's your job to decide who to
    dismiss and who you want to give testimony. Michelle and Mrs. Plum are the
    only ones you want to testify. If it's someone else pick "next please", if
    Michelle and Mrs. Plum have already testified select "no further questions".
    The next area run down the stairs and through the door. In this room you'll be
    asked the 20 Dead or Alive questions, see the DoA section for the answers.
    After answering, head through the door down the stairs and into the next room.
    Approach the mailbox and mail the Good Love Letter. After the scene give your
    dream girl a kiss.
                             | CONGRATS YOU BEAT CHULIP! |
                                  \   '~>III<~'    /
                                   \ ++DoA Quiz++ /
    Q: What is the Yabu Hospital phone number?
    A: 828-8282
    Q: How old is Julie?
    A: 41
    Q: Who goes to the midnight movie as an audience?
    A: Michelle
    Q: How old is Mr. Cheapot?
    A: 55
    Q: Mr. Saburomaru Inoue who lives in the cemetary is a teacher.
       What does he teach?
    A: Social Studies
    Q: What makes noise at 4 o'clock?
    A: Chicken
    Q: Long Life Train Co. celebrated its 100th anniversary.
       How long has Conductor been working?
    A: 20 Years
    Q: Mrs. Plum is the oldest person. Only Batayan knows how old
       she really is. So, how old is Mrs. Plum?
    A: 128
    Q: How old is Goro?
    A: 50
    Q: How old is Batayan?
    A: 30
    Q: Michelle doesn't like everyone. Except for...?
    A: Mr. Cheapot
    Q: What is the name of Mr. Cheapot's dog?
    A: Rocky
    Q: What is the title of the song played at the antique shop?
    A: Gold Fish Love
    Q: Who owns the empty lot in Long Life Town?
    A: Mr. Cheapot
    Q: How many chickens are there in the chicken coop?
    A: 11
    Q: What is the name of the Underground Resident who likes rotating?
    A: Chopper
    Q: How old is Policeman?
    A: 28
    Q: How old is Dr. Dandy?
    A: 37
    Q: Who was the chief of Julie's fan club when she was a singer?
    A: Mr. Cheapot
    Q: How much does (main character) weigh?
    A: 122 lbs.
    Q: Who wrote the movie script of "Summer Story"?
    A: Fujio Fujita
    Q: What is the name of the teacher who looks like a utility pole?
    A: Dan Yamada
    Q: How old is (dream girl)?
    A: 14
    Q: What time does the earliest train depart?
    A: 5:30 a.m.
    Q: What is the first thing Leo does in the morning?
    A: brush his teeth
    Q: The following four people are ill. Whose disease has the longest name?
    A: Policeman
    Q: How old is Leo?
    A: 41
    Q: How old is Michelle?
    A: 29
    Q: Policeman loves Funny Cola. How many cans does he drink a week?
    A: 13
    Q: Who is the fan of the director Arashiyama?
    A: Batayan
                                   \   '~>IV<~'   /
                                    \ ++Kisses++ /
    ~Dr. Dandy~
    You need to make a heart potion to get him. The potion consists of three
    items: the rare frog, the rare cicada, and a popsicle. The frog you can
    get from the trash can behind Worldly Desire Temple. The cicada you can
    get from the trash can next to Batayan's place. The popsicle you buy from
    Mrs. Plum at the snack shop. You can check with Leo, Batayan, and Mrs. Plum
    to see if you have the proper rare frog and cicada. Once you have all the
    proper items go to the hospital and wait till night when Dr. Dandy comes out.
    Sneak past him into the hospital, use the three items on the machine you
    should get the Heart Potion. If you get the Heart Breaker you didn't have
    the proper items. With the Heart Potion go back outside and confront Dandy,
    let him take your blood then use the Heart Potion on him.
    ~Mr. Cheapot~
    Go talk to Cheapot when his dog is outside asleep and he is inside. Ask him
    "Destiny?". After speaking with him he'll give you a crane feather. Go to 
    Leo's tearoom and kick the furnace until it opens, enter the opening. Grab 
    the raccoon from the nest and return it to Cheapot.
    Give him the flier you get from the Funny Bone Factory chief, he then starts
    working there. Go and sleep at you house and in the morning check you mail-
    box, you should get the 1-Day Manager Pass. Return to the factory early with
    the pass and take the tour. Talk to all the workers in the first area and one
    will give you Scarecrow's letter. Take the letter to Scarecrow Field and give
    the letter to Scarecrow. Go into his house and read his diary for the safe
    combination. Return to the factory and take the tour again, this time hide
    in the area with the lazy guard. Now go to the subway and put in the combi-
    nation you got from Scarecrow's diary: 123, 321, 444, 564. Get the Boss Card
    from the safe. Take the tour again with the Boss Card and fire Batayan. Now
    return to Batayan's house and speak to him for his kiss.
    At night tip-toe into her yard to the left of her house. You'll see markings
    on the ground, dig it up and you'll be told that Michelle's favorite food is
    eggplant. Buy some Good Veggie Seeds from Cheapot and go to Scarecrow Field.
    Near the vegetable stand there's a small fenced in field with a piece of fence
    running down the middle. Plant the seeds to the left of the small fence in the
    middle. If they don't sprout instantly you planted them on the wrong side.
    When you get the Good Eggplant return to Michelle's house. Wait till after
    10pm and ring the intercom on the fence outside her house. She invites you in
    and after some talking she'll start thowing pots at you. Dodge the pots while
    approaching her and give her the eggplant.
    ~Mrs. Plum~
    Go visit her at the snack shop after she is mentioned on the third page of 
    the paper. When you speak to her she can't speak, so you need to get her
    dentures back. The Underground Resident Dr. Fill has her dentures. (see Dr.
    Fill) After you get Dr. Fill's kiss he'll give you the dentures, return them
    to Mrs. Plum for her kiss.
    After Goro's arrest Police man wants to make another arrest. To get arrested
    you need to get three crime stamps. Go and buy cigarettes from the small stand
    in front of the train station and smoke them in front of Policeman. For your
    next stamp go to the bathhouse get naked and sneak out, you may need to wait
    for morning when Policeman returns to his station. While naked speak to him
    for you second stamp. For the third stamp take the spare key you get from
    Thief Tip Toe IV and use it on the safe in Julie's Bar. Take the hair pin and
    show it to Policeman and tell him you stole it.
    Ride the train to every location. Ride from Long Life town to Worldly Desire
    Temple, from there ride to Funny Bone City. To get to Funny Bone City you 
    need to buy a ticket from the blue box at the Worldly Desire Temple stop.
    The Funny Bone train won't stop where the Worldly Desire Temple train stops,
    it will stop to the upper area of the train platform. Okay, when you get to
    Funny Bone City ride the train right back to Worldly Desire Temple, then
    from there back to Long Life Town. Buy a ticket to Scarecrow Field and ride
    there, then back to Long Life Town for the kiss.
    Give Leo a visit and show him a film can. Leo gives you an Old film. Take
    the Old film to Goro and show it to him. Goro will invite you to watch movies
    at Long Life Cinema. Very late at night, after Goro sells roasted potatoes, 
    and drinks at Julie's, he will stand at the corner of the buildings across
    from the fountain. When he's there talk to him and you'll watch the movie
    Evil Doll. After the movie give your opinion, he'll say he's retiring and
    gives you a kiss.
    When you get the Wine Coupon from Bell take it to Julie's after 12am, you
    will see a scene and Goro will be arrested. You need to bust Goro out of
    prison (see Policeman on how to get arrested). The combination to Goro's
    cell: tri, TRI, cir, cir, sqr, X, SQR, x. The caps represent the buttons you
    press only when the controller vibrates. After you rescue Goro and escape the
    prison Julie will be waiting.
    Talk to Leo at the Bath House and pay to take a bath. You must take a bath
    right to get the kiss, and wash behind your ears. After you've payed and 
    undressed behind the curtain, enter the bath. You need to open the faucets in 
    the right order: right, left, right, left. Now you need to go and stand on
    the bucket, then enter the tub. Wait in the tub until your eyes fully open
    then hop out and go see Leo.
    ~Monk Hoichi~
    Make a donation of 500z at the Worldly Desire Temple donation box. After
    making the donation go inside the temple and speak with Hoichi. He tells you
    he needs to go to Long Life Town and collect more donations. Go and visit him
    at Long Life Town, he'll be waiting at the cross walk on your way to the park.
    Give him another donation of 100z, and he'll give you Incense. Take the Ince-
    nse back to the graveyard at Worldly Desire Temple. Use the Incense at the
    graves in this order: Takeda, Mouri, Uesugi, Oda, Toyotomi, Tokugawa. The
    Takeda grave is by Tengu's hole next to Houjo. Mouri is the only grave on the
    far side of the tracks next to Sanada. Uesugi is behind the "Criminal Grave-
    stone", or the prison, next to Date. Oda is by Voodoo Doll's hole and next to
    Shimazu. Toyotomi is near Agony Man's hole and next to Chosokabe. Tokugawa is
    right beside Mr. Inoue. After lighting them all the grave is destroyed and
    reveals Dad's Wooden Gong. Take the gong to Hoichi to finally get his kiss.
    After you've kissed Hoichi, ring the temple bell. You need to wait till night-
    time when both Bell and Hoichi are inside the temple. After ringing the bell
    go inside the temple and Hoichi will be possessed by the bell spirit. Speak 
    with Bell and get the Wine Coupon. Take the Wine Coupon to Julie after 12am.
    Goro and Julie will begin to argue, Goro throws a bottle. Policeman arrives
    and arrests Goro. Grab the bottle Goro threw, and head back to Worldly Desire
    Temple. Show the Wine to Bell, she tells you to take it to a cave behind the
    waterfall. The cave is down the path to the right of the temple. Inside the 
    cave do as Bell asks and witness the duel. After Bell wins head back to the
    temple and speak with her. The sword doesn't work so head back to the cave.
    Examine the ashes to speak with Charcoal, answer "yes" to the question and
    win the duel. With the good sword head back to the temple and show it to Bell.
    After Hoichi is saved speak with Bell outside near the bell for your kiss.
    While getting Bell's kiss beat him in a duel. (see Bell ^_^)
    While your on the Funny Bone Factory tour. Speak with all the workers in the
    first area, one will give you a letter. Take the letter to Scarecrow Field,
    and give it to Scarecrow for his kiss. (see Batayan)
    ~Factory Worker~
    While on the factory tour with the Boss Card. Fire the worker helping the
    bulldozer in the New Factory Site. Then fire the bulldozer operator for his
    kiss. (see Batayan)
    You need to collect four alien dictionaries. The first dictionary is the
    reward for kissing Mr. Frog(see UR section). The second is the reward for
    kissing Jigsaw(see UR section). The third can be purchased from Mr. Cheapot's
    shop. The fourth dictionary is found by chewing micro gum at the small crack
    between the police station and the snack shop. More specifically you must
    chew micro gum at the crack at 5pm while the bell chimes. You also need a can
    of funny cola, so buy one from the machine near the bath house. More things
    you need to get in Long Life Town are the Computer and Frying Pan. You buy
    the computer from Cheapot's shop. You can get a frying pan from the trash can
    across from Batayan's. With all your stuff head to Scarecrow Field. Once you
    arrive there's another item you need, the Star Seeds. Check down in the low
    lying crop areas, eventually you'll find some Star Seeds, or some poopie.
    Take your seeds to the fenced off field left of the vegetable stand. Within
    the fence plant your seeds to the right or upper area of the middle fence.
    The seeds should sprout instantly and reveal a pattern. Now go speak with 
    the Alien, he'll ask you for a refrigerator, frying pan, and computer. You
    should have two of those items, the refrigerator can be found in the trash 
    can at the Scarecrow Field dumpsite. Once you have the three items he needs,
    speak with him and hand over the items. Follow him up the tower, he's made
    some sort of alien device. Use your Funny Cola can on the machine and input
    the Star Seed pattern. If you correctly input the Star Seed pattern tones will
    summon another ship to pick up their friend.
    ~Miss Zombie Mika~
    After kissing Leo and Voodoo Doll, go to the Worldly Desire Temple graveyard.
    Head to the back through the gravestones to where you get Voodoo Doll kiss.
    Wait near the tree till about 2am, a spirit will appear. Speak with the spirit
    and agree to drink some tea. You'll loose some hearts, but tell her, her tea
    is delicious. After your visit to the spirit world replenish your hearts and
    repeat the process three more times. After the third visit you'll receive an
    eyeball. Visit her and drink tea a fourth time for the Mamaryllis. Time for 
    more item collecting. First you'll need a Wilting Flower so head to Undasura
    Park. You can get the flower behind the slide. The Fresh Mint and La-Lavender
    can be found at Scarecrow Field. La-Lavender is near the tower, the Fresh Mint 
    is near the dumpsite. Once you have the four items visit Leo in the tea room. 
    Give the items to Leo and drink the tea he makes. After finishing tea give 
    Mika another visit and return the eye.
    +*+Underground Residents+*+
    ~Onion Lady~
    3 Long Life Town down the manhole near the hospital.
    The first time you visit Suzuki. Tip-toe up to her and wait for her to reveal
    her head.
    ~Mr. Music Box~
    3 Long Life Town in the alley below the hospital. 
    5pm - 6:25pm (2)
    Wait for him to stand up against the wall with the posters. He'll play some
    music and when it stops you get the chance to kiss him.
    ~Miss Thick Glasses~
    3 Long Life Town in the empty lot with large cement pipes.
    2am - 3:30am (3)
    After two she'll come out, walk around, fall, and put on her glasses. You'll
    have the chance to kiss her after she stands, she may fall and get up a few
    times before you get the music notes.
    3 Long Life Town in the empty lot with large cement pipes.
    1pm - 2:55pm (1)
    Look in his hole and he'll start his countdown. Wait for him to launch out of
    the ground and land. If he lands upright you'll get to kiss him, if he doesn't
    you'll have to try again.
    ~Retired Bucket~
    3 Long Life Town across from Batayan's near the tunnel.
    9am - 11:15am (1)
    He'll come out of his hole and walk across the street and stop against the
    wall. Tip-toe next to him and wait for him to fully extend his head out of
    the trash can.
    3 Long Life Town between Batayan's and Undasura Park.
    2pm - 3:10pm (1)
    He'll start punching near the light pole. After a long punch combo near the
    light pole.
    3 Long Life Town inside Yabu Hospital.
    7:30pm - 8:30pm (4)
    Wait for him to walk in front of the poster. He'll stand there a bit, when
    he turns around you'll have the chance.
    Undasura Park next to the trash can.
    4pm - 5pm (7)
    You need to sneak up to him and get him to stop.
    Undasura Park next to the bench.
    4am - 6am (8,+12)
    Wait for him to exit his hole, then ride the globe. You'll loose 12 hearts on
    the ride. 
    ~Jamtrack 415~
    Undasura Park next to the swings.
    12:15pm - 2pm (8)
    When he comes out you must guide him to six train stops in order. Kobe you
    start at so go to Osaka. Osaka is next to the swings. Kyoto is between the
    bench and the large circle on the ground. Nagoya is to the right of Kyoto.
    In between the bench and the globe. Yokohama is to the right of Tokyo, just
    below the large circle. Tokyo is next to the park exit.
    ~Tin Signboard~
    9 Long Life Town against the bath house next to the soda machine.
    7:15am - 9:50am (3)
    He will come out and stand next to the soda machine. Tip-toe next to him
    and wait for him to run. When he's running is when you can kiss him.
    ~Hasty Wizard~
    Worldly Desire Temple along the path to the cave.
    3pm - 7:50pm (10)
    Slowly follow him up the path, when he falls you get the chance. You
    get the speedupple for his kiss. Eat the speedupple and you'll gain
    the run ability.
    ~Mr. Frog~
    Worldly Desire Temple down by the cave right next to the pond.
    4:30pm - 5:30pm (8)
    He'll come out of the hole and enter the pond. He then jumps out of the 
    pond and walks back down towards his hole. When he stops near his hole
    you'll have your chance.
    9 Long Life Town down the road to the right of Michelle's house.
    12pm - 1:30pm (4,+16)
    Jump off the ledge next to his hole. He'll follow you down, then do
    a flip and land. You get your chance after he lands the flip.
    ~Pinch Poncho~
    9 Long Life Town the road on the way to Lover's Tree near the tea room.
    2am - 5am (4)
    He runs up the road after exiting his hole. Follow him a bit and notice
    his back is turned to you. You must play red light, green light with him.
    When his back is turned walk towards him, when he is facing you stop and
    wait for him to turn back. After you've approached him without getting 
    caught you'll be able to kiss him.
    ~Turtle Boy~
    9 Long Life Town inside the Tea Room.
    9pm - 10:30pm (15)
    Leave the bath house with no clothes on. Head inside the tea room with
    no clothes and you'll have a chance of kissing him. There's a slight chance
    of kissing him so you may need to try it a few times.
    ~Agony Man~
    Worldly Desire Temple in the graveyard in front of the temple stairs.
    10am - 12pm (5)
    Wait for him to stop and spread his arms.
    ~Snobby Tengu~
    Worldly Desire Temple in the graveyard to the right of the temple stairs.
    6am - 8am (7)
    When he emerges from his hole he'll start to jump over graves. Keep watching
    him till he trips, that's your chance.
    ~Voodoo Doll~
    Worldly Desire Temple walk to the right of the graveyard then down through
    the gravestones.
    2am - 3am (10)
    When he emerges he'll start to circle the nearby tree. Stay close to him as
    he circles the tree and you'll get the chance.
    ~Miss Clam~
    Scarecrow Field to the far left of the area near the river.
    8pm - 11pm (20)
    She'll emerge and walk to the river, wait a bit and she'll calm. When she's
    calmed pick her up and carry her to the small fire pit next to the nearby
    building. Put her on the stove and let her cook, after she's done she'll fall
    off and you'll have the chance for a kiss.
    ~Man Spider~
    Scarecrow Field near the huge rock that looks like a face, Monkey Rock.
    3pm - 5pm (13)
    He'll hang from the tree and spin around. You get the chance after a few
    Scarecrow Field next to the manure container.
    9:30am - 1:30pm (20)
    When he emerges he'll move to his hiding spot under the tower. Follow him to
    the tower but don't follow too close, he'll shoot. When he's in position
    tip-toe up behind him for his kiss.
    Scarecrow Field near Scarecrow's shack.
    11am - 1pm (15)
    You must have Sniper's kiss first. He'll emerge from his hole and enter the
    restroom. When he comes out, that's your chance for a kiss. He fixes your
    alarm clock.
    ~20-Year-Old Guy~
    Scarecrow Field on the path near the dumpsite.
    9am - 4pm (10)
    Tip-toe past him and he'll click his counter. You need to get him to click
    his counter around fifty times. It may take several days for you to sneak by
    him enough. Eventually you'll sneak by him and he'll be ready for a kiss.
    ~Eggplant Boy~
    Worldly Desire Temple next to the temple in the area where Bell is chopping
    8pm - 9:30pm (10)
    Buy Good Veggie Seeds from Cheapot and take them to Scarecrow Field. Take them
    to the small fenced in field next to the vegetable stand. Plant the seeds in
    the lower left area of the middle fence. The seeds should sprout instantly and
    reveal an eggplant. Eggplant in hand head back to Worldly Desire Temple and
    eat the eggplant next to Eggplant Boy. 
    ~Ad Balloon~
    Funny Bone Factory in the factory entrance area.
    9:30am - 1:30pm (25)
    She'll emerge and fly around. Follow her shadow and wait for her to land. You
    will have the chance when she lands. You'll probably have to attempt this one
    more than once.
    ~Robot King~
    Funny Bone Factory the second area the operating factory.
    1am - 3:15am (20)
    He'll emerge and walk around a bit. Eventually his head will start shaking,
    and his eyes flashing. He'll then be ready for a kiss.
    ~Box Man~
    Funny Bone Factory the second area the operating factory.
    3:45am - 4:55am (20)
    When he emerges he'll stop next to the stack of boxes. Tip-toe next to him and
    wait for your chance.
    Funny Bone Factory the third area the destroyed factory.
    4am - 6am (30)
    He'll walk around a bit then roar. After he roars he'll start walking around
    faster, he'll then roar again. After the second roar is your chance.
    Funny Bone Factory the fourth area the new factory.
    2am - 3am (22)
    In his area there will be all kinds of puzzle pieces on the ground. You need
    to find the piece that matches up to his face. Locate the correct piece and
    give it to him for the kiss.
    Funny Bone Factory he's at the safe where you got the Boss Card.
    8pm - 11:50pm (25)
    Follow him around as he swims. When he pops out of the ground is your chance.
    ~Dr. Fill~
    9 Long Life Town near the corner of the bath house next to the sign.
    12am - 1:30am (4)
    He emerges and starts jumping around. When he lands after a jump that's your
    ~Thief Tip Toe IV~
    9 Long Life Town in the alley next to Julie's.
    8am - 11am (3)
    After Goro's arrest look inside Thief's hole. After go speak with Policeman.
    After speaking with Policeman speak with Julie. Check Thief's hole again.
    After Thief emerges his hole and enters Julie's wait for him to exit from
    Julie's. He'll get his bag stuck in the alley speak with him for his kiss.
                                   \  '~>V<~'   /
                                    \ ++FAQs++ /
    Q: How do I get so-and-so's kiss?
    A: Refer to the kiss section. Some of the kisses seem kinda random, so
       don't worry if you have to try some over.
    Q: How can I make some easy money?
    A: The trash can at the Scarecrow Field dumpsite has the best stuff for
       selling. Read the GoGo Comic twice to refresh the contents of the can.
       You need to read the comic on the bench at the train stop.
       The refrigerator, telescope, and tire sell for good amounts.
       Early on the Frying Pan is your friend, that and kissing URs. 
    Q: What is the correct Star Seed pattern?
    A: _______________________________
    Q: Do you have translations for all the alien dictionaries?
    A: ohagi - yes
       daifuku - no
       shibatte - thanks
       konbanwa - there is a problem
       kaiware - you
       kurumaisu - codes
       cream - refrigerator
       otottan - ship
       karasu - universe
       nikuman - umbrella
       pulin - teapot
       homerun - tomorrow
       soccer - canned juice
       udonsuki - fix
       chino - computer
       panda - telescope
       dropkick - ring
       olympic - crash
       kodakaru - morning
       dempou - insert
       agemasu - please, give me
       fever - terrible
       hashirmashita - I forgot
       chomerinko - I'm going home
       bakabahashii - help me
       romario - a frying pan
    Q: Do you need every kiss to beat the game?
    A: No, I've beat the game on level 6.
    Q: Who's the guy in the tunnel?
    A: He's a fortune teller. If you agree to have your fortune
       read, you will lose or gain hearts depending on your fortune.
    Q: Where's the Invisible Man?
    A: Scarecrow Field at 12am.
         Location: 1) On the path north-west of the restroom,
                      east corner of the intersection.
                   2) North-west up the same path, in front of
                      the stairs. 
                   3) Under the lamp post next to Monkey Rock.
                   4) North-east of the previous location, on
                      the corner.
                   5) Under the lamp post, south of the Manure
                   6) Down the nearby stairs next to the previous
    Q: How do I get the alarm clock fixed?
    A: You have to kiss the UR Target, at Scarecrow Field.
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