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    Trading Guide by blindchicken19

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                                  Trading FAQ
    By: blindchicken11  [blindchicken11@netscape.net]
    Created: October 26, 2003
    Table of Contents
    1.	About this Guide
    2.	Updates
    3.	Trading FAQ
    a.	Kite's Partners
    b.	Grunties
    c.	Player Characters
    d.	Special Player Characters
    4.	Credits/Contributions/Legal
    1.	About this guide
    Hi, this is my first guide so sorry if it is bad.  Well ok for this FAQ 
    I list the character's name and then the items that they have up for 
    trade.  Items marked with the *symbol means that that item can be 
    traded as many times as you want.  Well hope this helps you.
    2.	Updates
    Version 1.00 October 26, 2003:  I got Kite's Partners done and 1 part 
    of the Grunties section.
    Version 1.50 October 28, 2003:  I got the Grunties Section finished and 
    1 part of the Player Characters.
    3.	Trading FAQ
    a.	Kite's Partners
    BlackRose:  Speed Charm*, Fortune Wire(x10)*,  Shirogane,  Bat Earrings
    Elk:  Speed Charm*,  Pain Giver,  Quakebeast Fur,  Spirit Armor
    Gardenia:  Speed Charm*, Health Charm, Yosetu & Fuyou, Flaming Rod
    Marlo:  Speed Charm*, Silver Rod, Brook Axe, Bat Earrings
    Mia:  Speed Charm*, The Lovers
    Mistral:  Speed Charm*, Fairy's Orb (x5)*, Full Swing, Midnight Helm, 
    Bone Armor, Gloves of Dark
    Moonstone:  Speed Charm*, Ninja Anklet, Ninja Socks, Benkei's Guard
    Nuke Usagimaru:  Speed Charm*, Patriot, Blessed Blade, Handyman's Axe
    Piros:  Speed Charm*, Grunt Doll, Yellow Candy, Groovy Stick
    Rachel:  Speed Charm*, Enou, Shidan, Gold Spear, Cougar Bandana, Noble 
    Cloak, Silver Bracer, Snow Panther
    Sanjuro:  Speed Charm*, River Spear, Bubble Rod, Ice Strike
    Wiseman:  Speed Charm*, Homura, Flame Spear, Golden Turban, Samurai 
    Helm, Bandit Mail, Kris Armor
    b.	Grunties
    Noble Grunty (Theta Server):  Rainbow Card*, Yellow Candy*, Silver 
    Scarab*, Nomad's Hood, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Flame Sword, 
    Noble Grunty (Lambda Server):  Rainbow Card*, Yellow Candy*, Silver 
    Scarab*, Nomad's Hood, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Ivory Greaves, 
    War Headband, Protect Ring, Gold Necklace, Flaming Rod, Masamune Armor, 
    Tsumuji, Knight Glaive, Deluxe Boots, Spiked Guard
    Bony Grunty:  Devil Helm, Armor of Hell, Geist Ring, The Hanged Man*, 
    Aromatic Grass, Golden Grunty, War Headband, Bandit Mail, Vitality Axe, 
    Gold Necklace, Grobe Spear, Flame Sword, Bolt Rod, Tsumiji, Mikazuchi, 
    Spiked Guard, Greave Sticker, Stonecrusher
    Snakey Grunty:  Summon Earth*, Summon Water*, Summon Wood*, Summon 
    Thunder*, Summon Night*, Silver Grunty, Sinner's Axe, Darkness, 
    Overloaded, Greave Sticker, Deluxe Boots, New Scythe
    Iron Grunty:  Midnight Helm, Stormlord Helm, Forester Helm, Light 
    Giver, Aromatic Grass, Ivory Greaves, Brook Axe
    Poison Grunty:  Fire Tempest*, Stonebane*, Spiral Wand, Patriot, 
    Handyman's Axe, Flame Sword, Life Sword
    c.	Player Characters
    These are the characters who wander each Root Town.  Different
    characters populate a Root Town each time you leave the area and 
    return.  The characters can also move freely between servers.  Here's 
    what they have to offer.  I also put what class they are (Twin Blade, 
    Wavemaster, etc.) after there name, but keep in mind that some of them 
    don't have a class.  
    Acerola/Long Arm:  Resurrect*, The Death*, Slayers, Full Swing, Kris 
    Armor, Deluxe Boots, Gold Necklace, Spiked Guard, Bouncer Gloves, 
    Bandit Mail, Blitz Spear
    A-Kichi/Wavemaster:  Beast Blood*, Plasma Gale*, Yosetu & Fuyou, Pain 
    Giver, Demon Cloak, Golden Turban, Life Sword, Siegfried, War Headband, 
    Side Blade (x6)
    Alpha Ichigoro/Long Arm:  Green Gale, Health Charm, Fire & Sky, Silver 
    Rod, Spiked Guard, Bouncer Gloves, Brook Axe, Deluxe Boots
    Alue/Wavemaster:  Inferno Strike, Nightbane, Lake & Sea, Spiral Wand, 
    Benkei's Guard, Bouncer Gloves, Spiked Guard, Flame Sword, Priest's 
    Stole, Revelation, Gold Necklace
    Bell/Twin Blade:  Fireball Storm, Treebane, Siegfried, Flaming Rod, 
    Deluxe Boots, Spiked Guard, Thunder Boots, Kurogane, Golden Helm, 
    Greave Sticker
    Benkei/Heavy Axeman:  Warrior Blood, Plasma Storm, Hell's Gate, Blessed 
    Blade, Stormlord Helm, Thunder Boots, Kikujyumonji, Golden Helm, 
    Vitality Axe, Ivory Greaves, Golden Mean
    BIG:  Ice Floe, Knight's Bane, Hell's Gate, TranquLance, Hands of 
    Ebony, Lightning Cap, Life Sword, Tsumuji
    Borscht:  Warrior Blood, The Hanged Man, Hell's Gate, Drought Axe, Jet 
    Bracer, Quakebeast Fur, Blood Suit, Blessed Blade
    Cima/Long Arm:  Cygnus, Hermit's Bane, Shirogane, Flame Spear, Hands of 
    Ronin, Golden Turban, Bandit Mail, Hands of Ebony
    Cleama/Long Arm:  Wizard Blood*, Nightblight*, Slayers, Horse-Killer, 
    Saint Cross, Golden Turban, Flame Sword, Earthian Sword, Bandit Mail, 
    Sinner's Axe, Revelation
    Cossack Leader/Wavemaster:  Hellstorm, Lightbane, Heaven & Earth, 
    Starstorm Wand, Benkei's Guard, Thunder Gloves, Flame Spear, Flaming 
    Rod, Dark Green Rod
    Crest/Heavy Axeman:  Permafrost, Wizard's Bane, Yosetu & Fuyou, Spiral 
    Wand, Ninja Anklet, Linen Cuirass, Flame Sword, Masamune Armor, Lake & 
    Grid/Long Arm:  Health Drink, Dark Night, Hell's Gate, Muddy Rod, 
    Quakebeast Fur, Bat Earrings, Bouncer Gloves, Golden Turban
    Gyokuro/Wavemaster:  Antidote, Nightfear, Kurogane, Devil's Axe, Ebony 
    Armor, Thunder Boots, Kikujyumonji, Earthian Sword, Priest's Stole
    Hayate/Twin Blade:  Knight Blood, Ion Strike, Dante's Blades, Soul 
    Linker, Midnight Helm, Demon Cloak, Deluxe Boots, Kikujyumonji, War 
    Headband, Heaven & Earth
    Heavy/Wavemaster:  Divine Cross, Lightning Bolt, Slayers, Horse-Killer, 
    Golden Turban, Kris Armor, storm Bracer, Blood Suit, Life Sword, Mukuro
    Henako:  Wizard Blood, Warrior's Bane, Slayers, Steel Spear, Bouncer 
    Gloves, Greave Sticker, Dark Green Rod
    Hinata/Blademaster:  Hermit Blood, Thunderbolt, Kurogane, Light Giver, 
    Demon Cloak, Lightning Cap, Deluxe Boots, TranquiLance
    Hirami/Heavy Blade:  Beast Blood, The Devil, Yosetu & Fuyou, Copper 
    Lance, Bouncer Gloves, Ninja Anklet
    Koji:  Absolute Zero, Beast's Bane, Kurogane, Starstorm Wand, Thunder 
    Anklet, Quakebeast Fur, War Headband
    M-78:  Knight Blood, The Lovers, Dante's Blades, Brook Axe, Jet Bracer, 
    Linen Cuirass, Kikujyumonji, Hands of Ebony
    Macky/Wavemaster:  Soul Charm*, Artisan's Soul*, Dante's Blades, Soul 
    Linker, Bat Earrings, Bouncer Gloves, Flaming Rod, Blood Suit, Demon 
    Mayunosuke/Heavy Blade:  Fire Tempest, Stonebane, Slayers, Silver Rod, 
    Greave Sticker, Linen Cuirass, Thunder Boots, Golden Turban, Mikazuchi
    Mutsuki:  Meteor Swarm, Waterbane, Seal Sword, Muddy Rod, Thunder 
    Boots, Benkei's Guard, Thunder Anklet, Able Ring, Blood Suit
    Neja/Twin Blade:  Hale Cross*, Forest of Fear*, Yosetu & Fuyou, Pain 
    Giver, Golden Turban, Ebony Armor, Sinner's Axe
    Nekoski/Heavy Axeman:  Healing Elixir, Chaos Spell, Shirogane, Flaming 
    Rod, Linen Cuirass, Gold Necklace, Quakebeast Fur, Golden Helm, Blitz 
    Nijukata:  Hermit Blood, The Fool, Kurogane, Fiend Spear, Thunder 
    Gloves, Ninja Anklet, Bandit Mail
    NOVA/Heavy Blade:  Speed Charm, Emperor's Soul, Shirogane, 
    Stonecrusher, Gold Necklace, Bouncer Gloves, Dryad's Sword, Golden 
    Oborozukiyo/Twin Blade:  Flame Blast, Firebane, Patriot, Bubble Rod, 
    Deluxe Boots, Benkei's Guard, Earthian Sword, Ivory Greaves
    Osugi:  Restorative, Nightshade, Yosetu & Fuyou, Handyman's Axe, Ebony 
    Armor, Deluxe Boots, Dark Green Rod, Golden Turban, Gold Necklace, Life 
    Sword, Priest's Stole
    Quess/Wavemaster:  Healing Potion, Dark Traitor, Dante's Blades, Bubble 
    Rod, Linen Cuirass, Bat Earrings, Blood Suit, Kurogane
    Sachiko/Wavemaster:  Light Cross, Noble Wine, Kurogane, Light Giver, 
    Lightning Cap, Ebony Armor, Green Guard, Bouncer Gloves, Blitz Spear
    Task/Long Arm:  Hunter Blood*, Raging Plasma*, Shirogane, Stonecrusher, 
    Golden Helm, Deluxe Boots, Flame Sword, War Headband, Masamune Armor, 
    Greave Sticker, Knight Glaive
    Wing:  Health Charm, Mage's Soul, Hell's Gate, Blessed Blade, Bat 
    Earrings, Thunder Gloves, Thunder Anklet, Deluxe Boots, Ivory Greaves
    Yuckey/Wavemaster:  Hunter Blood*, The Moon*, Shirogane, Vitality Axe, 
    Protect Ring, Linen Cuirass, Masamune Armor, Kikujyumonji, Hands of 
    Ebony, Golden Turban, Gold Necklace
    Yuji:  Ice Strike, Hunter's Bane, Dante's Blades, River Spear, Hands of 
    Ebony, Golden Turban, Priest's Stole
    4.	Credits/Contributions/Legal
    Well first off I have to thank Bandai for making such a great game.
    I have to thank Brady Games for making a strategy guide because I did 
    use a lot of the information in this FAQ from the strategy guide.
    I have to thank GameFAQs for letting me post this FAQ and for having 
    such a great site.
    I also give credit to me for taking time off the tight schedule I have 
    to make this FAQ.
    Well that's about it for the credits and if you have anything you want 
    to contribute or you see some kind of error in this FAQ just e-mail me, 
    tell me the problem, and I will put you In the Credits.  By the way my 
    e-mail address is at the top of this FAQ if you were wondering what my 
    e-mail address is.
    For the Legal stuff I am just asking of you people not to put this on 
    any other website or FAQ or anything else without asking.  Also don't 
    yell at me or anything if this is a bad FAQ because this is my first 

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