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It's not a new game it's a second installment 05/27/03 Algus
Fans of .hack rejoice 05/22/03 ATMCard
A four part game you'll never forget...so don't miss out on this one! 05/19/03 CastNuri
Th3 $t0ry c0nt*nu3$... (The story continues) 01/15/04 Chibiangel9
More of the same, but that's not really a bad thing..... 05/21/03 cimama
Part 2 of the Best story in RPG history! 05/10/03 Clowd
Lets go this way! Ok... Lets got that way. Hmm ok I think its this way now. 02/01/06 DarkCharly27
All the flavor of the first...which is a good AND bad thing 05/19/03 Devolution
My Eyes Burn With Joy!!!!! 05/10/03 FTheMan91
Part 2 is a Perfect way to continue the series! 11/08/03 HM Master
Not the best RPG but its still great! 05/25/03 kirbyispink
3 Months Made The DIfference 05/12/03 Kuja105 Reborn
Very much fun, but shorter and the same again 09/22/03 Lathander
Twice is sometimes, always nice... 05/19/03 Lil Lovely Lady
A sequal is always worse than the first 05/30/03 Link Strife leonhart
And .hack's back. 05/19/03 Lucidity02
An in-depth look at .hack MUTATION 05/19/03 Master Tony
A second installment in a great series 06/30/03 shadow of hackers
A game of wonder... Amazing 05/31/03 SpazzoidKlown
Great addition to the story line in this chapter 06/08/03 Sunrie
A great continuation for a great game 11/07/05 superevilperson
A commendable job...... Not Final Fantasy, but not bad 05/25/03 TheKeyblade
Fans of the anime will buy this, but most people should just rent it 05/30/03 Tragrox
More of the same 01/02/04 wolverinefan
A great time waster, as well as RPG 06/09/03 Xenom73

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