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Reviewed: 05/10/03 | Updated: 05/10/03

My Eyes Burn With Joy!!!!!

So far I have beaten both games and have been sitting in front of my T.V. for more then forty years. Some times eight or more straight, without getting up. Do you know why??? I will tell you why. .Hack//MUTATION is a good.....NO Great game. It, so far, is the best game out of the series. And I can't wait till the next one to find out what happens. No matter how you look at it Mutation is a great game for RPGers and anyone else.

First off is the Story. And as you know anyone that has played the first game get the story. And for those who haven't do SO! If you don't play the first game you will not understand the second. Mostly this game is a continue of the story and that is somewhat it. The story is great, the best one to date. To me anyway. But lets go on. Basically you are Kite and you are trying to find out what happened to your friend (Orca). He was put into a coma while playing the game and you go in trying to find out why. You meet up with some people and they help you. You get up to the person that but your friend in a coma. You beat him and then Something bug happens. You find out some more things that are in The World. Some thing that people shouldn't know but you do. In this one you fight more boss battles then the last game. The bosses are harder and longer. The game itself is about 15 hours longer then the first. And people have bigger roles in this game then the last. You meet some new people as well. Some that help and others that just want you gone and deleted. But other then that you do the basic RPG thing. up, getting weapons and making yourself stronger, and etc.

Graphics are much much better then the last games. They are sharper. They are better looking. And the cut-scene are more graphic then the last. Everything is balanced out perfectly. Playing the game after away you start to see some things that are a little out of place but rather then that they are good. Plus during the game you can unlock scene from the game. They are a little down graded from the main games graphics but rather then that the graphics in this game are top. Best so far.

Gameplay is simple, if you don't get it then you need some help....some major help. You press X when you are going to do something. You press X when you want to fight. You use the square button to use party commands. You use triangle to use some items and other menus. O does other things, it exits out menus and such. You must keep the camera on the enemy in order to attack it. You use the L1 and R1 to keep your camera in line whit you and your enemy. You move with the directional pad. See that not so bad is it??? NO!!!!

Overall this game is it for the kids to play with for awhile...even thou they will have no clue what they are doing but its good none the less. And there are more .hack things around the world. Watch .hack//Sign. Its the anime series about a boy who can't log out of the game of The World. Or if you can read Japanese you can read the .hack novel. Or if you just want to play the game go ahead I am not going to stop you. But you have to wait till September for the third game.

Have fun.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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