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"3 Months Made The DIfference"

After beating the first game in this series, .hack//INFECTION, I was a little skeptical of these games. The story was way too short, and the game play, while fun, was a bit repetitive. While I can't say the game play has changed much (though it SEEMS more fun), the story is much better. And, of course, there are lots of extras.

Story - 10
As I said before, it's much better. In fact, the first 20 minutes of the game have almost half the amount of story as INFECTION. It picks up right after INFECTION ends. As you continue your search for the cause of Orca's coma, you will come across new friends and foes, but it's really the old players who make this game great.
If you haven't played .hack//INFECTION, I suggest you do before playing this. It can be beaten in a single weekend, so look into renting it if you can't buy it.

Game play - 8
Unfortunately, it's nothing new. It's exactly the same as in INFECTION, except for a new Data Drain, keywords, and Viral Codes. It suffers, once again, from short length, and it gets repetitive, but will remain fun as long as you chalange yourself and not go to area's you are certain of beating.
Area's are determined be 3 keywords. You select different combinations of keywords from a list. This determines difficulty, element types, items, and monsters.

Music - 5
RPG's are generally known for their exceptional soundtracks. This game is not, which is surprising considering the quality of music in the show .hack//SIGN. It does fit the game at points, but overall it's just bland.

Extras/Replayablity - 10
As with INFECTION, after completing so many actions (open chests, area's visited, etc.), 3 kinds of extras are unlocked on the desktop: movies, Background Music (BGM), and images for the desktop. Also, the original Japanese voice track is available for both the game and LIMINALITY part 2 (see next paragraph). Some old friends are to be found in the game as well. Just be sure to revist some old areas.

.hack//LIMINALITY part 2 C.D. - 10
The story of .hack//LIMINALITY continues with ''In the case of Yuki Alhara. It's a 30 minute OVA that takes place in the real world and has no bearing on the game's story, so you don't need to be cautious of spoilers. Also available on the disk are interviews, promos, and original drawings of game characters.

Overall, the game is worth the buy. Usually you get the same game, time and all, for $50, but without the extras of OVA. It's very much worth the money. If you can't afford it or are skeptical, rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/03, Updated 05/12/03

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